Register of the Jules Feldmans Papers, 1919-1955

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Register of the Jules Feldmans Papers, 1919-1955

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Jules Feldmans Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1919-1955
Collection number: 73011
Creator: Feldmans, Jules, 1919-1955
Collection Size: 18 manuscript boxes, 1 envelope (7.6 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Correspondence, memoranda, and reports, relating to the Russian occupation of the Baltic states in 1940, displaced persons in Germany, immigration, and Latvian emigre organizations after World War II.
Language: English.

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Access Points

Latvians in foreign countries.
World War, 1939-1945.
World War, 1939-1945--Baltic States.
World War, 1939-1945--Refugees.
Baltic States.
Latvia--History--Soviet occupation, 1940-1941.
Soviet Union.

Biographical Note

1889, July 21 Born, Nigranda, Latvia
1915 Graduate, University of Moscow
1919-1921 Legal adviser, chief of Russian Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia
1921 Secretary, Latvian Legation in Paris
1923 Chief, League of Nations Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Riga
1925 Counselor, Latvian Legation, Paris
1925-1927 Charge d'Affaires ad interim
1928-1930 Chief, Eastern and Western Divisions, Riga
1930 Latvian permanent delegate to League of Nations, Geneva
1932 E.E. and M.P. to Switzerland
1939 Latvian envoy to King of Denmark
1949-1953 Minister Plenipotentiary, Charge d'Affaires of Latvia, Washington, D.C.
1953, August 16 Died

Series Description

Box No. 1-4.

Correspondence, 1929-1953.

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent.
Box No. 4-8.

Subject file, 1919-1951.

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, memoranda, manuscripts, notes, printed matter, etc. arranged alphabetically by subject.
Box No. 8.

Speeches & Writings.

Scope and Content Note

Speeches and writings arranged alphabetically by title of speech or article.
Box No. 8-18.


Scope and Content Note

Clippings arranged chronologically by year.

Container List



Box 1.

Agence Telegraphique Suisse. Societe anonyme, 1948


Alberts, Pols, 1945


Alksins, A., 1947


Alksins, Klara Maria, 1947


Ambassade de France, Berne, 1945


Aubert, M. Theodore, (President, Entente Internationale Anticommuniste), 1947


Balodis, P., 1943


Baltic Committee, Memmingen, 1948-1949


Baltic Welfare, Educational and Employment Organization, 1947-1949


Bankevics, Janis, 1947


Bardins, J., 1949


Berzins, L., 1946


Berzinsh, Alexander, 1948


Bidault, Georges, 1946


Biddle, Colonel Anthony J., 1948


Bilmanis, Alfred, 1946-1948


Bonna, P., 1941


Brazilian Latvian Aid Committee, 1948


Brunner, Dr., 1945


Burckhardt, Dr. K., 1945


Camans, J., 1946


Ceichners, A., 1944


Celma, J., 1948


Churchill, Winston, 1945


Clement, Lt., 1944


Comision De Cooperacion Baltica De Immigracion. Buenos Aires, 1948


Conseil Central de Lettonie, 1946


De Steiger, Ed, 1945


Dinbergs, Anatol, 1948


Don Suisse Pour les Victimes de la Guerre, 1945


D. P. Center "Valka", 1948


Dravnieks, Dr. Ing. Ernests, 1948


Du Bochet, P. (Tribune de Geneve), 1943-1944


Ducmans, K., 1929


Dzintars, Karlis-Karlo, 1947


Edgars, T., 1946


Etter, Dr. Ph. (Bundesprasident, Berne), 1946


Evaldson, O., 1946


Foreign Students Association in the British Zone of Germany, 1948


Fraivalds, Ev., 1947


Frey, Dr. S., 1948


Gayda, Virginio (Directeur du Giornale d'Italia), 1941


Golaz, Pilet (President de la Confederation, Berne), 1940-1941


Grava, V., 1948


Gorsvalds, O., 1946, 1953


Gulbis, Prof. F., 1952


Hambro, C. J., 1946-1947


Harrison, Leland, 1943, 1946


Hellstrom, Oscar, 1949


Hermanis, Fritz, 1946-1947


Institut Universaire du Hautes Etudes Internationales, 1940


International Committee, 1945


International Refugee Organization, 1948-1949


Jaundzems, S., 1948


Joelsons, N. R., 1951


Jones, John, 1947

Box 2.

Kacens, A., 1947


Kaliksons, 1948


Kalinina, Dr. Paul - FONDS, 1946, 1948


Kalnins, Bruno & P., 1945, 1947-1948


Kalnins, Dr. P., 1945


Kampus, R., 1953


Keller, Dr. A. ( Der Bund, Berne), 1944


Klarks, H., 1948


Klavins-Ellanski, J., 1944-1947


Klavsons, A., 1948


Kreenwinsch, Dr. Edgar, 1946


Kreicbergs, Valdemars, 1948


Kroders, A., 1945-1946


Kukainis, Robert, 1949


Kundzins, K., 1946


Laipniek, Jekabs, 1946


Lambergs, V. (Chairman, Latvian Central Committee), 1948-1949, 1952


Latvian Aid Committee, 1945-1947


Latvian Aid Committee in Denmark, 1945-1946


Latvian Association in Tyrol, 1946


Latvian Belgian Association, 1948


Latvian Central Committee, 1945, 1947-1949


Latvian Central Council, 1948


Latvian Committee, Ansbach/Hindenburg - Post, 1948


Latvian Consul General in Berne, 1945


Latvian Consul General in Czechoslovakia, 1930


Latvian District Committee in Austria, 1946-1948


Latvian District Committee of Bavaria, 1948


Latvian District Committee Wurttemberg-Baden, 1947-1948


Latvian Legation in Washington D.C., 1950


Latvian Medical Union, 1948


Latvian National Committee, 1940, 1947


Latvian National Council. Presidium, 1948


Latvian National Fund (Sweden), 1948-1949


Latvian News Bulletin, 1946


Latvian Republics Parliament. Presidium, 1948


Latvian Students Group at the University Bonn, 1947


Latvian Swedish Society, 1945-1946, 1948


"Latvju Zinu" 1945, 1949


Le Verrier, Madelein, 1939


Lie, Trygve (Secretary-General, UN), 1948


Ludi, M., 1941


Mac Kittrick, M. (President, Banque des Reglements Internationaux), 1940


Maeder, Dr., 1945


Maizite, V., 1946


Martin, Jean, 1943


Millers, V., 1946


Munters, V., 1939-1940

Box 3.

Nikurs, Robert, 1947-1949


Norton, Clifford John, 1943-1944


Ozolins, K., 1945-1947


Ozolins, P., 1948


Perkons, Janis, 1945


Petitpierre, Max, 1945


Pittard, M., 1945


Podniers, E., 1946


Prieditis, Dr. G., 1948


Prieditis, P., 1946


Rancanam, Biskapam J., 1948


Red Cross, 1944-1949

Box 4.

Reinfelds, Remans, 1945-1946, 1948


Reters, R., 1946


Roosevelt, Franklin D., 1943-1944


Roze, Dr. E., 1948


Salnais, V., 1945


Scavenius, E., 1940


Schwarz, Helena, 1948


Scottish League for European Freedom, 1948


Service Social des Personnes Deplacees en Vorarlberg, 1946


Siktara, O., 1948


Silis, O., 1948


Skulte, W., 1948


Sleire, Dagnija, 1953


Smallwood, J. R., 1948


Stadler, Monsieur, 1944


Stelling-Michaud, S. (Redaction, Journal de Geneve), 1943


Stepans, Janis, 1947


Sues, Marcel, 1946


Svabes, A., 1946


Tepfers, J., 1953


Terrise, R., 1943


Tivumnieks, P., 1948


Trapans, V., 1948-1949


Truman, Harry S., 1953


Turauskas, Edouard, 1944


Turks, Janis, 1948-1949


Unden, M., 1945


Union of Latvian People, 1948


United Kingdom. Foreign Office, 1946


U.S. Department of State, 1941, 1946, 1948


Upitis, Peteris, 1947


Valdmanis, Alfred, 1945, 1948


Valters, Mikelis, 1946


Varsbergs, J., 1945-1946


Veinbergs, Rev. A. (Pastor, Latvian Lutheran Church, Washington, D.C.), 1953


Vennera, J., 1948


Vitola, V., 1947-1948


Zadeikis, Povilas, 1948


Zarins, K., 1945-1948, 1953




SUBJECT FILE, 1919-1951

Box 4.

Agreement between Estonia and Svenska Tandsticks Aktienbolaget, 1928


Agreement between Estonia and Svenska Tandsticks Aktienbolaget, 1928


"Aicinajums", 1948


American Zone - Invalid Register


Baltic Central Council. Latvian Representative, 1949


Baltic D. P. Camp "Daugava" at Melle, 1948


Baltic Humanitarian Association, 1948


Baltic Independence

Box 5.

Baltic Independence


Baltic Women's Council, 1948


"Bankruptcy of the League of Nations", 1939


Bilmanis, Alfred


Biographical Data on the Leaders of the Contact Group in Sweden of the Underground National Guerilla and Resistance Movement in Latvia


Blaumanis, P., 1948


"Burtnieks Landekas Latviesu Laikrasts", 1945: #1, 2


Camp Fishbach, 1940


Council of the Latvian Assembly Center, Esslingen, 1948


Czechoslovakia, 1941


"Czechoslovakia" by Constantin Fotitch, 1948


Danish Red Cross, 1946, 1949


"Derriere Le Rideau de Fer"


Displaced Persons

Box 6.

Displaced Persons


"East Europe", August 14, 1946


"Entente Internationale Anticommuniste", June, 1946


Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian Refugee Committees in Germany, 1948


Food Rations of Refugees from the Baltic States, 1945


Germany: Criminal Punishment, 1946


Germany: Railroad Employees, 1943


Germany: Traveling Regulations, 1946


Government of India. Information Services, 1948


"Il ne faut pas oublier les etats Baltes" by Birger Newman


Intelligence Division. Frankfurt, 1947


International Conference of Social Democrat Parties. London, 1946


International Red Cross, 1946


International Refugee Organization


Jurevics, Professor P., 1949


Koppe, Wilhelm




Agrarian Reforms


Commerce Agreement with the Soviet Union, 1927


Diplomatic and Consular Representatives, List of, 1946


Economic Conditions, 1945





Box 7.

"Latvia Under Bolshevik Yoke"


Latvian Aid Committee in Austria, 1947


Latvian Alliance Organization, 1948


Latvian Assembly in Esslingen, 1949


Latvian Central Committee


Latvian Central Committee. Information Bulletin, 1949


Latvian Central Council, 1947-1949


Latvian Information Bulletin, July, 1946


Latvian National Committee


Latvian National Council


Latvian National Fund (Sweden)


Latvian Prisoners of War in Italy


Latvian Relief, Inc.


Latvian Resistance Against Russian Occupation


Latvian String Quartet, 1946


"Latvju Domas"- 1943-44: #1-12


Lazda, Zinaida, 1949


"Life in a Soviet Concentration Camp"


List of Latvian Persons Interned in Sweden and, on January 24, 1946, Surrendered to the USSR


Lithuanian Political Prisoners


Lithuanians in America




Meeting of Military Representatives of Central and Eastern European Nations, Resolutions. Paris, 1951


"Memorandum of Information on Foreign Affairs and the World Crisis", 1940


Organization Internationale Pour Les Refugees, 1949


Ozols, Nikoajs (Pastor for Latvian Refugees), 1949




"Polish Fortnightly Review", 1940: #9


"La Propriete Privee dans les Etats Baltes", 1943


"Protocols of the Elders of Zion", 1934-1935


"Questions Lithuaniennes Documentation Fascicule" - #11


Radio Broadcasts, 1948

Box 8.

Red Cross


Report by Albert Kalme, Representative in the USA of the Latvian Resistance Movement, to the CIA, regarding Latvian Anti-Soviet Organizations, etc., New York, 1949


"Report on Latvia"




"Riga, Decline of a City"


Siberian Army, 1919


Sikorski, General - Extracts from an address in London, March 30, 1943


"Situation in Latvia"


"Situation in the Baltic States in March 1943 According to Finnish Sources" by J. Valdmanis


"The Situation of Baltic Citizens in Danzig Poland", 1946


Skreenbers, Arnold


"Society, News and Information on Latvian Refugees in Sweden" by A. Kelderis


"Soviet Armed Forces Against Latvia in 1939-1940"


Soviet Union


Swedish Latvian Relief Committee


Trains on which Latvians were sent to the USSR, June 1941


Ulmanis, Karlis


Union De Banques Suisses, 1947


Union of Latvian Camps, Franken District, 1948


UN 3rd Assembly, Appeals from Baltic States, 1948


UNRRA U.S. Zone. Headquarters, Heidelberg


Waffen - Standartenfuhrer Lobe, 1944


"Where Are We Going?"


Zarins, K.


Zemskii Meeting, Irkutsk - Resolutions passed, July 9, 1919,


Miscellaneous documents



Box 8.

"International Situation", 1939


"Projet de Memorandum sur la Neutralite de la Suisse au sein de la Societe des Nations"


Miscellaneous drafts & notes



Box 8.




Box 9.


Box 10.


Box 11.


Box 12.


Box 13.


Box 14.


Box 15.

1950-1952, 1955

Box 16.

Various dates

Box 17.

Various dates

Box 18.

Various dates