Register of the Edward Eyre Hunt Papers, 1902-1953

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Register of the Edward Eyre Hunt Papers, 1902-1953

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Edward Eyre Hunt Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1902-1953
Collection number: 56008
Creator: Hunt, Edward E., 1885-1953
Extent: 104 manuscript boxes, 2 oversize boxes, 1 envelope, 3 maps. (44.5 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Reports, memoranda, correspondence, diaries, writings, printed matter, and photographs, relating to relief and reconstruction in Europe during and after World Wars I and II (especially in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, and Poland), the Commission for Relief in Belgium, the American Red Cross, Herbert Hoover and the presidential campaign of 1920, and American economic conditions between the two world wars.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Language: English.

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Access Points

Hoover, Herbert, 1874-1964.
American National Red Cross.
Commission for Relief in Belgium (1914-1930)
United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration.
United States. President's Emergency Committee for Employment.
International relief.
Presidents--United States--Election--1920.
Reconstruction (1914-1939)
Reconstruction (1939-1951)
Unemployed--United States.
World War, 1914-1918.
World War, 1914-1918--Belgium.
World War, 1914-1918--Civilian relief.
World War, 1939-1945.
World War, 1939-1945--Civilian relief.
World War, 1939-1945--Economic aspects.
United States--Foreign relations.
United States--Economic conditions.
United States--Politics and government.

Biographical Notes

1885, August 1 Born, Bellwood, Nebraska
1910 A.B., Harvard
1910 Author, Sir Orfeo
1910-1912 Secretary for appointments and assistant in English Department, Harvard
1912-1914 Editorial staff, American Magazine, New York
1914 War Correspondent, Europe
1914-1916 American delegate, Commission for Relief in Belgium in charge of Province of Antwerp
1916 Author, War Bread: A Personal Narrative of the War and Relief in Belgium
1916 Author, Haj
1917 Director of Publications, American Red Cross, Washington, D.C.
1917-1918 Head of Economic Rehabilitation work of Red Cross in France
1917 Director General of Civilian Relief, Red Cross, Italy
1918 Author, Tales from a Famished Land
1918 Author, The Red Cross on the Front Line in the Great Battle of 1918
1920 Labor Manager, Clothing Industry, New York
1920 Appointed by Herbert Hoover as member of the Committee on Elimination of Waste in Industry, Federated American Engineering Societies
1921 Secretary of Conference on Unemployment called by President Warren Harding
1921 Co-author, Waste in Industry
1922-1923 Secretary, U.S. Coal Commission
1923 Co-author, Business Cycles and Unemployment
1924 Co-author, Seasonal Operation in the Construction Industries
1924 Editor, Scientific Management Since Taylor
1925 Author, Conferences, Committees, Conventions, and How to Run Them
1925 Editor, What the Coal Commission Found
1927 American Expert on Scientific Management, League of Nations, World Economic Conference
1928 Member, Committee on Recent Economic Changes
1929 Editor, Recent Economic Changes in the United States
1930 Author, An Audit of America
1930-1931 Secretary, President's Emergency Committee for Employment
1930-1933 Member, President's Research Committee on Social Trends
1931 American member of World Economic Depression Inquiry
1937 Author, Greathouse
1939-1940 Engaged in economic and social surveys, Venezuela
1942-1943 Chief Industrial Economist, War Production Board
1943 Associate Director, Field Operations, Office of Foreign Relief and Rehabilitation, U.S. Department of State
1944 Chief of Italian Division, Foreign Economic Administration
1944 Editor, The Power Industry and the Public Interest
1945-1946 Director, Italian Division, U.S. Department of State

Series Description

Box: 1-8


Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent.
Box: 9-54

SUBJECT FILE, 1914-1946

Scope and Content Note

Reports, memoranda, printed material, correspondence, arranged alphabetically by title or subject.
Box: 55-62


Scope and Content Note

Handwritten and typewritten manuscripts and drafts of books, speeches and articles by Edward E. Hunt, arranged alphabetically by title or subject.



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Container List



Box 1

General, 1931-1945


Unidentified, 1930-1935


Abell, Earle I., 1945


Acheson, Dean, 1944-1945


Adams, Quincy, 1942


Adams, Samuel G., 1946


Adams, Warren, 1942


Adler, Laurence, 1943-1944


A'Hearn, L. W., 1944-1945


Alderson, Wroe, 1942-1943


Aldred, J. E., 1944


Alexander, Will W., 1943


Aley, Maxwell, 1943


Allbaugh, L. G., 1944-1945


Allen, Carolyn E., 1930-1934


Allen, Mrs. Francis K., 1943


Allen, G. F., 1943-1944


Altschul, Eugene, 1942


American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1929-1930


Andersen, Edythe V., 1943


Anderson, Dewey, 1943-1944


Anderson, Paul B., 1944


Andrews, Joseph A., 1945


Angell, James W., 1944


Antolini, A. G., 1943-1944


Applebee, Francis, 1943


Appleby, Paul, 1942


Arai, Yoneo, 1946


Archer, George, 1942


Archer, Laird, 1943-1944


Armstrong, Ian, 1945


Armstrong, Maj. T. P., 1942-1943


Arpan, Floyd G., 1942


Ascoli, Max, 1946


Atkinson, Geoffrey, 1943


Austen, David E., 1946


Austin, Mrs. C. B., 1943


Austin, Lt. Col. Jason McVay, 1943


Bailey, Samuel R., 1942


Baille, Mrs. Helen Tufts, 1943


Baker, Christina H., n.d.


Baker, Mrs. George Pierce, 1943


Baker, Newcombe C., 1945


Baldanzi, George, 1944


Baldwin and Mermey, 1944-1945


Baldwin, C. B., 1943


Baldwin Locomotive Works, 1944


Baldwin Ray, 1944


Baldwin, Roger, 1942


Bane, Suda L., 1934-1944


Barbato, Guy, 1944


Barbieri, Cesare, 1945


Barms, J. S., 1943


Barner, Blakeslee, 1944-1945


Barovetto, Silvio L., 1945


Barrett, Frank A., 1943


Bary, Constantine, 1942


Barzilai, Gemma, 1945


Bassie, Lewis, 1942


Bateson, Gregory, 1943


Baumgardner, Anne, 1943


Beebe, S. K., 1944


Belknap, Mrs. Carroll, 1942-1944


Bell, Claude C., 1933


Bell, John, 1942


Belmont, George L., 1945


Bement, Alon, 1942


Bennett, M. K., 1943-1944


Berriman, William, 1944


Bevan, Arthur, 1944


Bingham, Walter V., 1942-1944


Blackly, Louis, 1945


Blaisdell, Thomas C., Jr., 1942-1946


Blanchard, Fred M., 1944


Blandford, John B., Jr., 1942


Blau, Clarence, 1944


Bleick, Edgar C., 1944


Bohn, Frank, 1944


Bonnell, Allen T., 1943


Bouchard, George, 1943


Boudreau, Frank, 1942


Bovard, Alice M., 1943


Brandeis, Irma, 1943


Brecht, Arnold, 1942


Brenner, Ann Reed, 1936


Bricca, John Francis, 1944


Britt, Steuart H., 1942


Brown, C. Edgar, 1945


Brown, Nelson C., 1945-1946


Brown, Percy S., 1942


Browne, Gilbert G., 1934


Brunot, James, 1944-1945


Buck, Nina B., 1934


Bullard, Arthur, 1934


Burgess, E. W., 1943


Burns, Norman, 1943

Box 2

Cabot, Philip, 1922


California Economic Research Council, 1932


Calkins, Hugh, 1943


Cameron, Lt. Col. Ward M., 1945


Campbell, A. Bruce, 1945


Canepa, Avv. Antonio, 1945


Capital Transit Company, 1942


Carlucci, Leo, 1943


Carsel, Wilfred, 1944


Carson, William J., 1944


Carstens, Arthur, 1944


Carter, A. Aileen, 1944


Cassels, John, 1942-1945


Castle, Helen H., 1945


Cates, L., 1942


Cerruti and Cominelli, 1944


Chamberlain, Joseph B., 1944-1946


Chase, Fred H., 1944


Chatwood, Edward, 1943-1944


Chatwood, Millard, 1944


Christen, L. H., 1945-1946


Cigonani, A. G., 1945


Clapp, Paul S., 1944


Clark, Evans, 1943-1944


Clark, Victor S., 1942


Clark, Wallace, 1943


Clark, William M., Jr., 1944


Cleveland, Harlan, 1943-1946


Coates, Gerald, 1945


Cochrell, C. F., 1928


Coe, Frank, 1943-1946


Coffin, R. T. P., 1944


Cohen, Wally, 1944


Cole, Maj. S. J., 1942


Conant, James Bryant, 1943


Connell, Mrs. Richard, 1944


Constantine, Earl, 1942


Contini, Paolo, 1945


Cooke, Morris L., 1928-1944


Coolidge, President Calvin, 1924


Coolidge, Harold J., Jr., 1943


Copeland, Morris, 1942


Corrigan, Frank P., 1943-1945


Cosmos Club, 1942-1944


Cover, John, 1942-1943


Cowan, David, 1943


Cowell, Charles C., 1943


Cox, Oscar, 1945-1946


Crawford, David, 1935


Crellin, Curtis V., 1944


Crosetto, Michael G., 1945


Cuccomarino, Carlo, 1945


Culbertson, Mrs. T. M., 1945


Currie, Laughlin, 1945-1946


Dall, Marcus, 1943


Danielsan, N. R., 1944


D'Arienzo, Franco V., 1944


Darlington, Charles, 1942-1943


Davies, Clarence, 1944


Davis, Dwight F., 1942


Davis, Col. J. C., 1945


Davis, Joseph S., 1943


Davis, Norman H., 1942


Day, Edmund E., 1934


Dayton, Kenneth, 1943


Deal, E. L., 1945


Dean, Edward C., 1944


Dean, V. M., 1943


DeRosa, Michelangelo, 1944


DeSager, W. A., 1944


Devlin, Edmund J., 1929-1934


Dewart, F. W., 1945


Dewey, Edward R., 1942


Dewhurst, J. Frederic, 1942-1945


Dickinson, Catherine, 1934-1942


Dietrich, Ethel B., 1944


Dillencourt, J. B., 1943


Dinwiddie, Courtenay, 1934


Dirkson, Everett M., 1945


Dixon, P. H., 1942


Dodd, E. Merrick, 1935


Domeratzky, Louis, 1934


Dominick, Mrs. William F., 1935


Dorgin, A. L., 1945


Dort, Dallas, 1944-1945


Douglas, James H., Jr., 1946


Douglas, Richard, 1943


Dowling, Walter C., 1946


Doyle, Henry Grattan, 1943


Dudley, John G., 1933-1934


Dunn, Clyde, n.d.


Eakins, Martha St. John, 1937


Eastman, Lucius R., 1930-1942


Eaton, Amy, 1945


Edgerton, Maj. Gen. Glen E., n.d.


Ehlers, Mrs. E. G., 1945


Eliot, Charles, 1942-1944


Ellis, John H., 1943


Emerson, Rupert, 1944-1945


English, Maurice, 1945


Englund, Eric, 1944-1945


Epstein, Ralph C., 1932


Ericsson, Marjory, 1944


Errante, Guido, 1944


Erwin, Thomas, 1942


Estes, L. D., 1946


Evarts, Richard G., 1944

Box 3

Facci, Joseph E., 1944


Fahy, Charles, 1944


Fairchild, David, 1943


Faraone, Frederick, 1945


Feiker, Frederick M., 1934


Field, G. Lowell, 1944


Field, Louise, 1943-1944


Filbert, R. B., 1944


Fisher, Boyd, 1943


Fisher, H. H., 1933-1943


Fitzgerald, D. A., 1942


Fitzpatrick, F. Stewart, 1942


Flanders, Ralph E., 1935


Fleming, Harold, 1942


Fleming, John, 1943


Fleming, Maj. Gen. Philip, 1945


Flesh, Edward M., 1943


Foley, Col. Edward H., Jr., 1946


Forman, Henry James, 1943


Forrest, Lt. Col. Maulesby, 1945


Foss, Martin M., 1934


Foster, Lydia K., 1943


Fox, Frederika, 1943


Fox, Virginia, 1944


Frank, Glenn, 1934


Frank, Lawrence, 1942


Fraser, Frank W., 1944


Freet, H. M., 1935


Frey, Leslie L., 1942


Freyer, W. N., 1944


Friedman, Elisha M., 1944


Fritz, W. G., 1942


Frost, Wallace, 1943


Fryer, E. R., 1943-1944


Fuller, Marietta, 1934


Fuson, S. D., 1943


Galloway, George, 1942-1943


Galloway, Lee, 1932


Galpin, Perrin, 1932-1944


Gardner, George P., 1935-1943


Garret, Garet, 1932


Garver, R. L., 1943


Gasen, R. L., 1943


Gates, Moore, 1943


Gay, Edwin F., 1929-1933


Geist, Raymond H., 1944


George, E. B., 1944


George, Walter F., 1945


Gerhardt, Col. Harrison A., 1944


Gerish, E. F., 1932-1934


Gerli, Paolino, 1944


Gibboney, Carl N., 1944


Gibson, Hugh, 1934


Gilbert, H. L., Jr., 1944-1946


Gildersleeve, Roger, 1942-1946


GilFillan, S. C., 1931


Gill, Corrington, 1945


Gillen, Mrs. Hugh F., 1935


Gilpatric, Donald, 1945-1946


Ginzberg, Nicola, 1944


Glasser, Harold, 1944-1946


Gleason, John, 1944


Gnudi, Mrs. Dante, 1944


Goldstein, J. M., 1945


Goodell, Francis, 1932


Goodfellow, Col. M. Preston, 1942


Gordon, Lincoln, 1942-1943


Grady, Henry F., 1944-1945


Graf, Gertrude B., 1943


Grattan, Della M., 1945


Gray, George, 1932


Gray, Peter, 1943-1944


Grayson, Ferdinand V., 1945


Greater Clothing Contractors, 1944


Greeff, Rudolf, 1943


Greene, Mr. and Mrs. Henry C., 1942-1946


Greensfelder, A. P., 1928-1931


Gregg, Alan, 1942


Gregory, Louise W., 1943


Griffis, Col. L. E., 1942


Griffith, Ernest S., 1943


Griffith, Fay O., 1945


Griffiths, Laura, 1944


Griggs, Mrs. J. van B., 1943-1944


Grosvenor, Gilbert, 1943


Grosvenor, Melville, 1943


Grover, N. C., 1931


Gunn, Selskar M., 1943


Gurley, F. J., 1946

Box 4

Haddock, Lt. Col. Geo. H., 1945


Hagemann, Geo. E., 1932


Haley, William J., 1944


Hall, J. T., 1942


Hall, Ray O., 1943


Hallowell, Robert C., 1934-1935


Halstead, Paul K., 1944


Hammond, John Hays, 1923


Hanke, L. W., 1943


Hankin, Gregory, 1942


Hanna, Paul, 1942


Hansen, Alvin H., 1942


Hansl, Eva, 1942-1944


Harr, Luther, 1942


Harrison, Shelby, 1934


Harvard Alumni Bulletin, 1934


Harvard Trust Co., 1944


Haskell, Gen. William N., 1943-1944


Hawke, W. E., 1932-1933


Hawkins, Harry, 1942


Hayes, William, 1942-1946


Heck, Mrs. L. D., 1945


Hein, Lionel, 1945


Heizer, J., 1944


Helmer, Mrs. Borden, 1943


Helmer, Burd, 1943


Hendrickson, Roy F., 1944


Henry, Philip W., 1942


Hensel, Struve H., 1945


Herter, Christian, 1945


Herwitz, Harry K., 1943-1944


Hicks, Granville, 1935


Hill, F. E., 1944


Hill, T. Arnold, 1932


Hilldring, Maj. Gen. J. H., 1944-1946


Hinricks, A. F., 1942-1946


Hinshaw, David, 1942-1943


Hobson, Asher, 1943


Hodges, Margaret B., 1934


Hofstadter, Richard, 1943-1944


Holm, Marion, 1944


Holmes, Oliver W., 1944


Holstein, Elwood, 1945


Hooper, H. O., 1944-1945


Hoover, President Herbert, 1919-1933


Hoover Institution, 1933-1934


Hopgood, Jim, 1941


Howard, M. S., 1931


Huisking, Charles, 1944


Hull, Cordell, 1944


Hunt, Edward E., 1944


Hunt, Mrs. Frederick G., 1943


Hunt, Juliet D., 1935


Hunt, Laura S., 1934-1935


Hurlbutt, Isabelle B., 1942


Hyland, Joseph A., 1929


Isrin-Olwei Company, 1944


Italian Drugs Importing Company, 1945


Italo-American Radio Review, 1944


Jackling, Roger W., 1945


Jaffa, Alma, 1945


James, Concha Romero, 1942


James H. Rhodes and Company, 1944


James, John H., 1943-1944


Jamieson, Mabel A., 1943


Johnson, Alvin, 1942


Jones, Lt. Col. Harry P. 1944-1945


Jones, John W., 1944


Jones, Norman G., 1944


Jostes, Charles A., 1946


Justin, Joel D., 1944


Kadell, Harry, 1943


Kahn, Herman, 1942


Karl, William A., n.d.


Kaufman, H. M., 1942-1943


Keeny, S. M., 1943-1945


Keller, Joseph, 1944-1945


Kent, Sherman, 1945


Keppel, Frederick, 1943


Kerlin, Malcolm, 1943


Kerno, Ivan, 1945


Key, David, 1946


Kilday, Paul J., 1944


King, Clarence, 1942-1944


Kinney, Edward M., 1944


Kiplinger, Willard M., 1937-1943


Kirk, Alexander, 1945


Knauth, Arnold W., 1943


Knauth, Oswald, 1942-1944


Knebel, G. M., 1942


Kreps, Theodore, 1942-1943


Krould, H. J., n.d.


Kubowitzki, A. Leon, 1944


Kugel, Leonard, 1944-1945


Kuznets, Simon, 1931


Labouisse, Henry, 1945


Laidler, Harry, 1942


Land, Vice Adm., E. S., 1945


Lane, Mortimer, 1944


Larom, Irving H., 1943


Latimer, Lt. Col., Claude A., 1945


Latimer, Murray, 1943-1946


Laughlin, Gerald F., 1944


Lawler, J. J., 1945


Lee, Julie, 1944


Leffingwell, W. H., 1934


Lehman, Herbert H., 1943-1946


Leiserson, William, 1944


Lemmon, Walter, 1943-1944


Leven, Maurice, 1942

Box 5

Levy, Charles, 1944


Lewison, Samuel A., 1944


Library of Congress, 1933


Lincoln, Leroy A., 1944


Lindsay, Anatol, 1944


Lippman, Walter, 1935


Livingston, J. A., 1944


Lloyd, E. N. H., 1943


Loeb, Harold, 1942


Lopez, Elsa, 1944


Lorwin, Lewis L., 1946


Loveday, Alexander, 1942


Lowe, Adolph, 1942


Lubell, Samuel, 1942


Lucas, D. B., 1942


Lucas, Lt. Col. Otis P., 1943


Luchini, James, 1943


Lund, J. W., 1942


Lund, John, 1942


Lund, Marquard H., 1942


Luzardo, Rodolfo, 1942-1943


Luzzatto, Bruno, 1944-1946


Lynch, R. J., 1945


Mabrito, van Doale, 1944


MacBride, Burt, 1943


McCabe, Thomas B., 1945


McCamy, James L., 1946


McCarter, R. D., 1944


McCarthy, John T., 1943


McClenahan, Howard, 1928


McCloy, John J., 1945


McColl, Esten, 1942


McCown, Albert, 1942


McDonough, C., 1944


McFarling, J. R., 1935


McGhee, George, 1943


McGraw Hill Book Company, Inc., 1929-1934


Machold, W. M., 1942


McKewen, Sherlock, 1945


McKinley, Gen. E. B., 1945


McMullin, Dave, n.d.


Madden, James L., 1944


Maffry, August, 1945-1946


Magnusson, Leifur, 1943


Mahoney, Joseph C., 1944


Mallery, Otto T., 1936-1941


Mann, Elizabeth, 1943


Maphis, Alan, 1943


Marchisio, Juvenal, 1944-1946


Markham, Gen. E. M., 1944


Marquis, J. Clyde, 1943


Marshall, Gen. George C., 1944


Marshall, Lee, 1943


Martin, C. E., Jr., 1945


Martin, Robert F., 1942


Martin, William McC., Jr., 1946


Martinlizzi, Leo, 1944


Marvin, Donald M., 1942-1943


Matthews, John, 1943


Mattioli, Raffaele, 1945


Maurice, Frank J., 1944


Mayer, Raymond C., 1934


Mayword, L. A., 1944


Mead, James M., 1945


Meier, H., 1934


Menshikov, M., 1944


Merriam, Charles E., 1943


Merrill, M. C., 1942


Merritt, James M., 1945


Merz, Charles, 1944


Meyer, Eugene, 1930


Meyers, James F., 1944


Millard, J. W., 1942-1943


Miller, Adolph C., 1942


Miller, Bernice, 1944


Miller, Clayton, 1944


Miller, James C., 1944


Millis, H. A., 1930-1944


Mills, Frederick C., 1931-1932


Milton, George Fort., 1942-1946


Minor, Clark H., 1944


Mitchell, H. S., 1943


Mitchell, Sidney, 1944


Mitchell, Walter, Jr., 1942


Mitchell, Wesley C., 1931-1933


Moffett, Guy, 1942


Moore, William C., 1944


Morawetz, Otto, 1945


More, G. R., 1945


Morely, F. V., 1942


Morris, Henry Curtis, 1942


Morrison, C. E., Jr., 1944


Morse, Walter C. B., 1944


Mote, John R., 1942


Muller, Charles, G., 1943


Mulliken, Otis, 1944


Munn, John R., 1942


Murphey, G. D., 1945


Murphy, Mallie J., 1934


Murray, Henry A., 1943


Murray, Mrs. Leslie, 1944


Murtagh, Lt. Col. John M., 1945-1946


Myers, Paul, 1945


Myhre, C. B., 1945

Box 6

Nation, 1921-1923


National Catholic Welfare Conference, 1944


National Fuels Company, 1945


Nelson, Donald M., 1944


Nicotri, Franco, 1945


Noble, William H., 1942


Nolan, Louis C., 1943


Noland, Louis, 1944


O'Boyle, Rt. Rev. Monsignor P. A., 1944


Odum, Howard, 1934


O'Dwyer, Brig., Gen. William, 1944-1946


Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs, 1943


Ogburn, W. F., 1934


Ogden, William L., 1942


Ohio Edison Company, 1935


Ohrbach, Mrs. Jerome, 1944


Olds, Leland, 1942


Ortona, Egidio, 1945-1946


Osborne, Lithgow, 1943


Osborne, Maurice, 1943


Pace, Anderson, 1942


Pace, Antonio, 1945


Pacific Industrial Corporation, 1944


Page, W. H., n.d.


Palmer, Arthur E., 1944


Pappas, Thomas A., 1944


Paredi, John, 1944


Parisius, Herbert W., 1942-1946


Parran, Thomas, 1942


Pasch, J., 1946


Passerini, Lena, 1944


Paul, Arthur, 1945-1946


Pavia, Enrico L., 1945


Persons, W. Frank, 1942


Phelps, Reginald H., 1943


Phelps, Vernon L., 1944


Pickering, Gwendoline, 1928


Piggot, C. S., 1942


Place, David E., 1944


Poland, W. B., 1943


Poletti, Charles, 1945-1946


Potts, George, 1944


Poynter, Nelson T., n.d.


Preston, Jean I., 1943


Previtali, John, 1944-1945


Quaremba, John, 1944


Rapp, C. H., 1945


Rayner, Charles, 1943


Reed, Maj. F. C., 1942


Reid, T. Roy, 1942


Resnik, Reuben B., 1943


Ricci, Thomas A., 1944


Richards, Col. Artherton, 1942


Richardson, Mrs. Inez, 1933-1934


Richey, Lawrence, 1934


Richie, A. E., 1942


Richter, J. H., 1945-1946


Rickard, Edgar, 1933-1935


Robbins, Douglas, 1943


Robbins, William, 1942-1943


Roberts, M. A., 1934


Robinson, J., 1944


Rockefeller Foundation, 1927-1934


Rockwell, Berry, 1944


Roessle, R. L. B., 1942-1944


Rogers, James G., 1942


Rogers, Walter S., 1944-1945


Romano, Tullio, 1944


Roncallo, I. F., 1945


Roseman, Alvin, 1944


Rosenman, Samuel I., 1945


Rosenthal, Morris, 1945


Roth, Eleanor E., 1944


Rounds, Harold E., 1944


Russell, Francis, 1945


Rutledge, Wiley B., 1943


Ryan, Carson, 1942


Ryan, F. W., 1942


Ryan, Philip, 1944-1946


Sacerdoti, Cesare, 1945-1946


Sackett, R. L., 1944


Salter, Sir and Mme. Arthur, 1944


Sampson, Richard H., 1944


Sandvoss, H. G., 1942


Santillana, G., 1944


Sard, Edward L., 1946


Sarjeant, Jean J., 1942


Saxon, Glenn, 1936-1938


Sayler, C. O., 1945


Sayre, Francis B., 1943


Scaretti, Enrico, 1945


Schachtman, Miss, 1942


Scharff, Maurice, 1944


Scheuer, Sidney H., 1944-1945


Schmidt, Emerson P., 1943


Schmidt, Orvis A., 1944


Schroeder, W. C., 1944


Schultz, T. W., 1942-1943


Seabury, George T., 1944


Seaman, George, 1943


Securities and Exchange Commission, 1942


Seidelmann, Ernst, 1944


Seymour, Charles, 1933


Seymour, Edward P., 1944


Shaler, Millard K., 1934

Box 7

Shaw, Arch W., 1929-1942


Shaw, John I., 1943


Shepherd, Eugenia, 1945


Sheppard, S. S., 1946


Shingler, Brig., Gen. D. C., 1945


Shipley, Ruth B., 1945


Shotwell, James T., 1933


Sibley, Hiram, 1943-1946


Sigillito, Anthony, 1944


Sills, K. C. M., 1944


Slentz, Helen, 1942


Slettery, Harry, 1942


Slichter, Sumner H., 1942-1944


Smith, J. Russell, 1933-1943


Smith, L. M. C., 1943-1944


Smith, R. K., n.d.


Sozzie, E. L., 1944-1945


Spalding, Albert, 1945


Spencer, DeForest, 1944


Spitzer, H., 1943


Spofford, Brig., Gen., Charles, 1944-1945

Box 8

Stanley, Edward, n.d.


Steele, George S., 1944


Stefansson, Mrs. V., 1944


Stettinius, E. R., Jr., 1943


Stevenson, Adlai, 1943


Stewart, Charles L., 1944


Stewart, Stella, 1942


Stillwell, J. A., 1944-1946


Stimson, Julia C., 1937


Stinebower, Leroy D., 1944


Stockton, Gilchrist, 1944


Stone, N. I., 1942


Stratton, William C., 1944


Stritch, Samuel A., 1946


Struthers, Lester B., 1938


Stuart, John, 1934


Sturges, Wesley A., 1944


Sturzo, Don Luigi, 1944-1945


Sullivan, A. H., 1945


Sullivan, Gael, 1945-1946


Surface, Frank M., 1943-1944


Swanson, Edward B., 1942


Synan, Edward M., 1943


Szymczak, M. S., 1943


Tamagna, Frank M., 1945-1946


Tarchiani, Alberto, 1945-1946


Tarver, Malcolm C., 1945


Taylor, Amos, 1943


Taylor, Ann, 1942


Taylor, Horace, 1934


Taylor, James S., 1934


Taylor, M. H., 1944


Taylor, Myron C., 1946


Taylor, Thomas R., 1934


Tead, Ordway, 1942-1943


Tees, Jack M., 1944


Texas and Pacific Railway Company, 1945


Thibodeaux, Col. B. H., 1944


Thomas, M., 1942


Thompson, Sanford E., 1942-1946


Thomson, Charles M., 1942


Thorne, Florence, 1934-1942


Tirana, Rifat, 1943-1946


Tobin, Maurice C., 1944


Townsend, Mrs. H. H., 1945


Treasury Procurement Division, 1945


Treutle, Peter G., 1944-1946


Treves, Peter G., 1944-1946


Tuck, W. Hallam, 1934


Tunnell, James M., 1944


Turner, Donald D., 1942-1944


Turner, Ralph C., 1942


Ulich, Mrs. Robert, 1943


Unger, Leonard, 1945


Upman, Frank, Jr., 1946


Vail, Lloyd J., 1942-1944


Vaile, Roland S., 1942


Valk, Ivan, 1934


Vandellos, Jose A., 1942


Van Tress, Jane E., 1944


Van Zeeland, Paul, 1942


Vaughn, David B., 1946


Vaughn, W. S., 1944


Venneman, Mrs. Harry, 1943


Victory, John F., 1944


Vieg, John A., 1943


Vitale, E., 1945


Vogel, Harry A., 1942


Wadleigh, Mrs. H. Julian, 1944


Wadsworth, Eliot, 1943


Wall, Louise Herrick, 1942


Wallace, Lawrence, 1942


Walsh, Robert, 1943


Walter, Francis E., 1945


Walton, Frank, 1944


Wardwell, Charles A. R., 1942


Warren, George, 1942-1946


Waterhouse, G. B. 1942


Waukesha Motor Co., 1946


Wedgwood, Mrs. Ralph, 1944


Weindenhammer, Robert M., 1943-1944


Wervin, Charles W., 1945


Weston, Harold, 1946


Weston, S. Burns, 1942


Wheeler, Dan H., 1942


Wheeler, Frank, 1944


Wheeler, Leslie, 1943-1946


Wheeler, William H., 1935


White, Harry, 1944


Whitehead, Howard B., 1944-1945


Whitely, William N., 1943


Whitfield, William A., 1944


Wickard, Claude R., 1942


Wilcox, Walter, 1943


Wilhelm, Donald, 1943


Wilhelm, Edmund, 1942


Will, Mervin W., 1944


Willcox, Westmore, 1943


Williams, Charles H., 1944-1945


Williams, Whiting, 1934


Willits, Joseph H., 1943


Wilson, A. E., 1944


Wilson, J. T., 1941


Winant, John S., 1945


Wing, Andrew S., 1943


Wing, Mrs. David, 1943-1944


Winslow, Carlile P., 1944


Winton, David J., 1944


Wohlstetter, Albert, 1945


Wolfe, Harry C., 1943


Woodruff, Walter A., 1943


Woolley, Frank K., 1943


Worker's Education Bureau of America, 1929


Wright, Charles Will, 1944-1945


Wright, Robert C., 1943


Xanthaky, George, 1944-1945


You (Organization), 1944


Young, Donald, 1943


Young, Mrs. Trell, 1943


Zanca, Natal L., 1944


Zimmerman, Carrie M., 1943


SUBJECT FILE, 1914-1946

Box 9

Alfriend, James V., Jr.


Allied Control Commission (Italy)






Printed material

Box 10



American Chamber of Commerce for Trade with Italy


American Federation of Labor


American Food in the World War and Reconstruction Period, bibliography


American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee


American Management Association


American Society of Mechanical Engineers


Atlantic Charter, 1942


"The Bank of England and the Rationalization of the Basic Industries" Report by K. A. H. Egerton


Baruch, Bernard


Baruch, Ismar

Box 11

Belgian-American Associates


Belgian-American Educational Foundation


Belgium - Comite National de Secours et D'Alimentation (Committee on Relief and Food)


Biographical material

Box 12



Brookings Institution


Business Historical Society


Carnegie Endowment for International Peace




Collected letters, memoranda


Combined Boards




Combined Production and Resources Board


Combined Raw Materials Board


Commission for Relief in Belgium






Notes by E. E. Hunt


Educational Foundation, Inc.




Correspondence, 1934


Printed material

Box 13

Commission for Service in Czechoslovakia


Commission to Study the Organization of Peace


Committee on International Economic Policy


Committee on Supplies for Liberated and Conquered Territories


Common Council for American Unity - Interpreter Releases, 1949


Commonwealth Fund


Conference on Science, Philosophy and Religion, 1942


Cooke, Morris L.


Cosmos Club, Washington, D. C.


Depressions - 1929


Economic Club, Chicago


Economic Councils


Economic Research Institute




European Relief Council


European War, 1914-1918





Box 14

Federal World War Agencies and Their Records, 1917-1921 (Handbook)


Federated American Engineering Society - Committee on Elimination of Waste in Industry - Reports, 1921


Feis, Herbert


Food Research Institute


"Foreign Office Organization," (Booklet)




Conseil National Economique (National Economic Counsel)


Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Frey, John P.

Box 15





Economic conditions




George, David Lloyd


Great Britain


Mines Department


Parliamentary Debates


Hansen, Alvin H.


Harding, President Warren


Harvard Club


Herriot, Edouard


Hoover, President Herbert




Correspondence, 1915


Notes by E. E. Hunt


Speech to the Pittsburgh Press Club, April 18, 1918


Political campaign, 1920




Biographical material




Newspaper clippings




Hull, Cordell

Box 16

Hunt, Virginia L. (Mrs. E. E.)


Industrial Conference, 1919


Institute of World Policy


Institute on World Organization


Inter-Allied Committee on Post-War Requirements


Inter-American Statistical Institute


Inter-American Training Center


International Labour Office


John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation


Kiplinger Washington Letter


League of Nations






Notes by E. E. Hunt


World Economic Conference, 1927




Memoranda, reports




Printed material


Report by E. E. Hunt

Box 17

World Economic Depression Inquiry, 1931


Articles (translated from French publications)




Memoranda, reports


Notes, reports by E. E. Hunt


Printed material


Lewisohn, Sam A.




Mead, James M.

Box 18





Newspaper clippings


Printed material


National Association of Manufacturers


National Association of Retail Grocers


National Bureau of Economic Research


Correspondence, 1928-1931


Printed material



Box 19

National Economic Committee


National Education Association


National Food Conference, 1943


National Industrial Conference Board


National planning


Correspondence, 1931


Newspaper clippings


Notes, drafts by E. E. Hunt


Printed material




National Planning Association

Box 20

National Policy Committee


National Research Council


Petroleum products - Oil


Philosophy of standardization




Correspondence, Memoranda, 1928


Plywood industry




President's Research Committee on Social Trends






Newspaper clippings


Printed material


Business records

Box 21

Correspondence, 1929-1934


General, 1930-1934


Individual file, 1930-1934


Brunner, Edmund deS., 1931-1932


Hamilton, Alice, 1930-1932


Harrison, Shelby M., 1930-1931


Keppel, Frederick P., 1930-1932


Merriam, Charles E., 1930-1932


Mitchell, Wesley C., 1930-1931


Odum, Howard W., 1930-1932


Ogburn, William F., 1929-1930

Box 22

Ogburn, William F., 1931-1933


Strother, French, 1929-1932


Truesdell, Leon D.,


Venneman, Harry, 1932-1933


Von Huhn, R., 1932


Whelpton, P. K., 1930-1931


White, Leonard, 1930-1931


Wilson, Edwin B., 1930

Box 23

Criticism, 1931-1932


Monograph contributors, 1931-1933


Publishers, 1930-1934


Researchers, 1931-1932



Box 24

Minutes of meetings


Notes, drafts by E. E. Hunt


Printed material




December, 1931 - February, 1932

Box 25

March, 1932 - June, 1932

Box 26

June, 1932




Report summaries



Box 27





Red Cross - U.S.


Correspondence, 1917-1946




News releases

Box 28

Revue des Deux Mondes (Review of Two Worlds)


Roosevelt, President Franklin


St. Lawrence River


Salter, Sir Arthur


Shaw, Arch W.


Slichter, Sumner


Social Science Research Council


Society for the Advancement of Management


Society for the Prevention of World War III


Standardization Survey Committee


Stassen, Harold E.


Swope, Gerard


Technical Alliance


Twentieth Century Fund

Box 29

United Nations




Correspondence, 1943-1945


Notes by E. E. Hunt


Printed material


Conference on Food and Agriculture, 1943


Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization


Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA)








Newspaper clippings




Printed material



Box 30

United States


American Relief Administration




Bulletin, March, 1923


Executive Committee


European Children's Fund













Box 31

Armed forces


Bureau of the Budget


Civil Service Commission


Civilian Conservation Corps


Congressional Record


Department of Agriculture




Press releases


Printed material


Bureau of Agricultural Economics

Box 32

Farm relief


Food supply




Great Britain


United States




Correspondence, 1942-1943




Notes, reports by E. E. Hunt

Box 33

Printed material




Office for Agricultural War Relations


Office of Foreign Agricultural Relations


War Food Administration

Box 34

Department of Commerce




National Committee on the Utilization of Metals


National Committee on Wood Utilization

Box 35

National Conference of Banking and Industrial Committees


Correspondence, 1932






Section I - Background


Section II - The Conference


Section III - Organization for the Conference


Supplement 1


Supplement 2


Supplement 3

Box 36

President's Conference on Unemployment


Coal Committee


Business records


Correspondence, 1924-1926




Printed materials

Box 37

Committee on Business Cycles and Unemployment




Business records

Box 38

Committee on Recent Economic Changes




Business records


Correspondence, 1921-1942


General, 1923-1939


Carnegie Corporation, 1921-1930


Dennison Manufacturing Company, 1929


Duffield and Company, 1928


Gay, Edwin F., 1927-1939


Harcourt, Brace & Company, 1928


Harper & Brothers, 1928

Box 39

McGraw-Hill Company, 1924-1942


Mayer, Raymond C., 1929-1930


Mitchell, Wesley C., 1927-1931


National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc., 1928-1932


Shaw, Arch W., 1928-1942


Worker's Education Bureau Press, Inc., 1929-1930


Memoranda, reports


Notes by E. E. Hunt




Printed material

Box 40

Committee on Seasonal Operation in Construction


President's Emergency Committee for Employment

Box 41

Department of Labor




Bureau of Labor Statistics


Correspondence, 1942


Historical Study Number 78





Box 42





Children's Bureau


Committee on Technological Employment

Box 43

Department of State




Division of Cultural Relations


Foreign Economic Administration






Correspondence, 1943-1945






Press releases








Correspondence, 1944-1945

Box 44

Correspondence, 1946





Box 45

Intelligence memoranda


May - August, 1944


January - March, 1945

Box 46

April - December, 1945


January - June, 1946

Box 47

Newspaper clippings


Notes, drafts by E. E. Hunt




Policy documents




Staff meeting agenda



Box 48

Office of Foreign Relief and Rehabilitation




Correspondence, 1943




Printed material






Notes by E. E. Hunt




Department of the Interior


Department of the Treasury


Economic planning


Export-Import Bank


Federal Reserve System



Box 49

Weekly Review of Periodicals, 1942-1945 (incomplete)


Food Administration


National Archives


National Defense Program

Box 50

National Planning Board


National Resources Planning Board


National War Service Act, 1943


Office for Emergency Management


Office of Price Administration


Office of Production Management


Office of War Information


Office of War Mobilization and Reconversion


Political parties




War Department


War Manpower Commission

Box 51

War Production Board








Newspaper clippings


Printed material


Commodity control


European electric power


Foreign requirements

Box 52

Public utilities






Newspaper clippings


Printed material



Box 53

Board of Economic Warfare






Division Requirements Committee


Standard Products Committee


War Industrial Facilities

Box 54



Voorhis, Jerry


Wachtell, Sidney


Wagemann, Ernst


Wallace, Henry A.


War Agencies Employee's Protective Association


Whitney, Caspar


Williams, Nathan Boone


Wilson, President Woodrow


World War, 1939-1945 - Postwar planning


Writers' War Board



Box 55

"The American Committee," January 12, 1934.

Physical Description: 1 typewritten copy.

"Are We Safe for Leisure?" Two articles co-authored with Richard J. Walsh, n.d.

Physical Description: 1 carbon copy of each article.

Book review of Hollow Folk by Mandel Sherman, Thomas Y. Crowell Company, New York, 1933.

Physical Description: 1 carbon copy.

Drafts, notes

Box 56

Drafts, notes

Box 57

Drafts, notes

Box 58

Drafts, notes


"Economic Changes," speech to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, New York, December 3, 1929.

Physical Description: 6 copies (1 typewritten. 5 printed), speech, notes.

"Food," parts IV-IX, ca. 1934, draft.


"The Germans in Antwerp," n.d.

Physical Description: 1 typewritten copy.

"The Influence of Scientific Management in American Industry," Chapter III, 1929.

Physical Description: 4 carbon copies.

"A Letter to Laurence Stern," August, 1933.

Physical Description: 1 carbon copy.

Miscellaneous - untitled speech notes, draft of article.


"The National Commission on Law Observance and Enforcement," typewritten notes for article.


"Notes on Economic and Social Surveys," New York, December 8, 1927.

Physical Description: 2 printed copies.

"Our Changing America," speech to the New England Branch of the Worker's Education Bureau, Worcester, Mass., October, 1929.

Physical Description: 3 copies (1 typewritten, 2 carbons).

"Presidnet Hoover and Unemployment," 1930.

Physical Description: 1 carbon copy.

"Recent Economic Changes in the United States," article for the New York Times Current History Magazine, May 31, 1929.

Physical Description: 3 carbon copies.

"Scientific Management and World Economics," article in the Bulletin of the Taylor Society, June, 1927.

Physical Description: 1 printed copy.

"Sounding a New Keynote for Industry Today," n.d.

Physical Description: 1 carbon copy.

Speech to the Employing Printer's Association, New York, February 27, 1922.

Physical Description: 1 typewritten copy.

Speech to the Industrial Engineers, New York, October 25, 1921.

Physical Description: 1 typewritten copy.

Speech to the Industrial Engineers, Springfield, mass., October 7, 1921.

Physical Description: 2 copies (1 typewritten, 1 carbon).

Speech to the Taylor Society Meeting, New York, December, 4, 1929.

Physical Description: 1 carbon copy.

"Trade with Italy," speech to the American Chamber of Commerce for Trade with Italy, Inc., New York, May 22, 1945.

Physical Description: 1 carbon copy.

"Under the Microscope," article for The Forum, May 10, 1929.

Physical Description: 1 carbon copy.
Box 59

Untitled manuscript of a book on U.S. history, approximately 1915-1932.


Parts I, II

Box 60

Parts III, IV

Box 61

Parts V - XVII

Box 62

Book II, Parts I, II, III, V, VI


"The World Economic Conference at Geneva" article prepared for Nation's Business, June 27, 1927.

Physical Description: 1 carbon copy.



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