Register of the Smith Collection of Pacific Coast Newspaper Transcripts, 1856-1890

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Register of the Smith Collection of Pacific Coast Newspaper Transcripts, 1856-1890

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Title: Smith Collection of Pacific Coast Newspaper Transcripts,
Date (inclusive): 1856-1890
Collection number: Mss187
Creator: Leroy D. Smith
Extent: 5.5 linear ft.
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personal name

Smith, Reatha Parcell (1903-1976)
Smith, Leroy D. (1907-1979)
Barstow, F.O.
Smith, Homer

corporate name

Stockton and Copperopolis Railroad


Congregational churches -California
Congregational churches -Oregon
Copper mines and mining -California
Roads -California
Railroads -California
Calaveras County (Calif.) -Description and travel
Calaveras County (Calif.) -History
San Joaquin County (Calif.) -Description and travel
San Joaquin County (Calif.) -History
Humboldt County (Calif.) -Description and travel
Humboldt County (Calif.) -History
Modoc County (Calif.) -Description and travel
Modoc County (Calif.) -History
Nevada -History
Oregon -History
Calaveras County (Calif.) -Economic conditions
Calaveras County (Calif.) -Social conditions
San Joaquin County (Calif.) -Social conditions
Newspapers -Abstracting and indexing -California
Humboldt County (Calif.) -Social conditions


Reatha Parsell Smith (1903-1976), daughter of a Carnation Milk field manager in Forest Grove, Oregon, graduated from Pacific University in that city (c1924) and taught school at nearby Wilhelmina High School. Her husband, Leroy D. Smith (1907-after 1978), son of a Berkeley (Calif.) attorney and cattle rancher, graduated from Pacific University (1928) and later taught high school in Forest Grove, Oregon (c1930-43), where he eventually rose to the rank of Vice Principal. After 1943, the Smiths lived in Berkeley, California. Mr. Smith was a counselor at Alameda High School until his retirement (c1972). In his spare time, Mr. Smith made bows and arrows, taught archery, and worked with the Boy Scouts. The Smiths were also active members of the Berkeley First Congregational Church. Retha and Leroy Smith had two sons. The eldest, Roger, became a Congregationalist minister in northern California. Myron, the Smith's second son, taught high school chemistry in Washington state. During their California years, Mr. and Mrs. Smith spent many hours typing the contents of 19th c. California, Oregon and Nevada newspapers onto cards with the intention of publishing a book based upon their research on the history of the copper industry in California. They also volunteered their services as researchers to the historical societies of several northern California counties and spent time searching and copying documents and newspapers in the Calaveras County Recorder's Office, the California State Library, the Bancroft Library and the Stockton Public Library in the course of this work.

Scope and Content

The Smith Collection of newspaper transcripts focusses on the decade of the 1860s and is centered around those California counties which figured in the copper boomlet of that era: Calaveras, Humboldt, and Modoc. However, the material that the Smiths transcribed gives a reasonably broad social picture of those regions and is not confined to the "nuts and bolts" of copper mining alone. They have provided considerable tangential material on the transportation networks, politics, religion, and social life of the greater copper regions (notably that extending from Stockton and San Joaquin County into Calaveras County). Holt-Atherton has created a subject index to the newspaper transcripts which is available to the researcher on-site.

Additional collection guides

Container List


BOX 1: TRANSCRIPTS OF SPECIFIC NEWSPAPERS: ADIN ARGUS - FT. BIDWELL HERALD [N.B.--All newspapers are filed alphabetically by city of origin; all words like "daily," "evening" etc. are excluded from consideration in alphabetization]


1.1- Adin Argus 1888-1889.


1.2- Adin Hawkeye 1879-1880.


1.3- Pacific Cumberland Presbyter (Alamo) 1865.


1.4- Alturas Weekly Herald 1891.


1.5- Alturas Independent 1879.


1.6- Modoc Independent (Alturas) 1880-1889.


1.7- The New Era (Alturas) 1889-1890.


1.8- Placer Herald (Auburn) 1861.


1.9- Auburn Stars and Stripes 1867.


1.10- Weekly Courier (Bakersfield) 1865.


1.11- Chico Courant 1866-1867.


1.12- Columbia Citizen 1866-1867.


1.13- Columbia Times 1860-1861.


1.14- Columbia Tuolumne Courier 1860-1863.


1.15- Do. 1864


1.16- Copperopolis Courier April 1865.


1.17- Do. May-August 1865.


1.18- Do. Sept.-Oct. 1865.


1.19- Do. Nov.-Dec. 1865.


1.20- Do. Jan.-April 1866.


1.21- Do. May-June 1866.


1.22- Do. July-Sept. 1866.


1.23- Do. Oct.-Dec. 1866.


1.24- Do. Jan.-March 1867.


1.25- Do. April-June 1867.


1.26- Do. July-Sept. 1867.


1.27- The Modoc Independent (Dorris Bridge) 1879-1890.


1.28- Humboldt Standard (Eureka) 1901.


1.29- Humboldt Times (Eureka) 1858-1861.


1.30- Do. 1862.


1.31- Do. 1863.


1.32- Do. 1864;1890


1.33- Ft Bidwell Herald 1876.


1.34- Do. Jan.-Apr. 1877.


1.35- Do. Apr.-June 1877.




2.1- Amador Ledger (Jackson) 1863-1864,1865,1867


2.2- Amador County Dispatch and Ledger (Jackson) 1864-1869.


2.3- Mt. Messenger (LaPorte) 1864.


2.4- Mariposa Gazette 1864.


2.5- The Alpine Chronicle (Markleeville) 1866-1867.


2.6- Marysville Appeal 1860-1861.


2.7- Do. 1862-1864.


2.8- Marysville California Express July 1864.


2.9- Calaveras Chronicle (Mokelumne Hill) 1861-1862,1866-1870,1887.


2.10- Monitor Gazette (Monitor, Alpine Co.) July-Aug. 1864.


2.11- Nevada Daily Gazette (Nevada City) 1864.


2.12- Nevada City Hydraulic Press 1860-1861.


2.13- Nevada Journal 1860-1861.


2.14- North San Juan Hydraulic Press 1860-1861.


2.15- Weekly Butte Record (Oroville) 1861.


2.16- Union Record (Oroville) 1864.


2.17- Petaluma Argus 1864.


2.18- Red Bluff Weekly Tocsin 1883.


2.19- Shasta Courier (Redding) July 1860,1864


2.20- Shasta Herald (Redding) 1860.


2.21- Rohnerville Herald 1888.


2.22- Sacramento Bee 1861.


2.23- Sacramento News 1861.


2.24- Sacramento Union 1859-1860.


2.25- Do. Jan.-June 1861.


2.26- Do. July-Dec. 1861.


2.27- Do. Jan.-June 1862.


2.28- Do. July-Dec. 1862.


2.29- Do. Jan.-May 1863.


2.30- Do. June-Aug. 1863.


2.31- Do. Sept.-Dec. 1863.




3.1- Sacramento Union Jan.-June 1864.


3.2- Do. July 1864.


3.3- Do. August 1864.


3.4- Do. Sept., Nov.-Dec. 1865.


3.5- Do. Jan.-Feb. 1866.


3.6- Calaveras Citizen (San Andreas) 1872.


3.7- San Andreas Independent 1856.


3.8- Do. Jan.-March 1857.


3.9- Do. Apr.-June 1857.


3.10- Do. July-Sept. 1857.


3.11- Do. Oct.-Dec. 1857.


3.12- Do. Jan.-Mar. 1858.


3.13- Do. Apr.-Jun. 1858.


3.14- Do. July-Sept. 1858.


3.15- Do. Dec. 1858-June 1861


3.16- San Andreas Independent; San Andreas Mountain News 1860-1861.


3.17- San Andreas Register Jan.-June 1864.


3.18- Do. July-Dec. 1864.


3.19- Do. 1865-1868.


3.20- Alta California (San Francisco) 1860.


3.21- Do. Jan.-June 1861.


3.22- Do. July-Dec. 1861.


3.23- Do. Jan.-June 1862.


3.24- Do. July-Dec. 1862




4.1- Alta California (San Francisco)


4.2- Do. Jan.-June 1863.


4.3- Do. July-Dec. 1863.


4.4- Do. Jan.-Mar. 1864.


4.5- Do. Apr.-May 1864.


4.6- Do. Jun.-Dec. 1864,1866,1867.


4.7- S.F. Bulletin 1860.


4.8- Do. Jan.-Jun. 1861.


4.9- Do. July-Dec. 1861.


4.10- Do. 1862.


4.11- Do. Jan.-Jun. 1863.


4.12- Do. July-Dec. 1863.


4.13- Do. Jan.-Mar. 1864.


4.14- Do. Apr. 1864-1865.




5.1- California Farmer (SF) 1860-1861,1862-1863


5.2- S.F Call 1864, 1867.


5.3- S.F. Commercial Herald and Market Review 1867.


5.4- S.F. Daily Examiner 1867.


5.5- S.F. Daily Mirror 1860-1861.


5.6- S.F. Daily Times 1860.


5.7- S.F. Herald Jan.-Jun. 1861


5.8- Do. July-Dec. 1861


5.9- Do. Jan.,Aug. 1862


5.10- S.F. Mercantile Gazette 1860.


5.11- The Pacific (SF) 1860-1864,1885,1899


5.12- Scientific Press and Mining Advocate (SF) 1860-1864.


5.13- Marin Journal (San Rafael) 1861.


5.14- Pacific Sentinel (Santa Cruz) 1860-1861.


5.15- Sonora American Flag 1861-1863.


5.16- Sonora Union Democrat 1856-1870.


5.17- Sonora Democratic Age 1860.


5.18- Spirit of the Times (Sonora?) 1867.


5.19- Stockton Daily Argus 1862.


5.20- Stockton Weekly Democrat 1860-1862.


5.21- Stockton Weekly Gazette 1867-1872.


5.22- Stockton Daily Evening Herald 1866-1870.


5.23- Stockton Daily Independent 1861-1862.


5.24- Do. Jan.-Jun. 1863.


5.25- Do. July-Sept. 1863.


5.26- Do. Oct.-Dec. 1863.




6.1- Stockton Daily Independent Jan.-Apr. 1864.


6.2- Do. May-June 1864.


6.3- Do. July 1864.


6.4- Do. August 1864.


6.5- Do. Sept.-Dec. 1864.


6.6- Do. 1865.


6.7- Do. Jan.-June 1866.


6.8- Do. July 1866-July 1868.


6.9- Do. Aug. 1868-Dec. 1869.


6.10- Do. Jan. 1870-Feb. 1871.


6.11- Do. 1871,1874,1877,1890,1891.


6.12- Stockdon Weekly Independent 1861.


6.13- Do. 1862.


6.14- Do. 1863.


6.15- Stockton -San Joaquin Republican 1860, 1861-1870.


6.16- The Lassen Advocate (Susanville) 1878,1885,1887,1888.1889


6.17- Lassen Sage Brush (Susanville) 1868-1869.


6.18- Tuolumne City News 1868.


6.19- Trinity Journal (Weaverville) 1864.


6.20- Yreka Journal 1860-1869,1870,1880,1890.


6.21- Yreka Union 1864-1866.


6.22- Do. 1867-1870.


6.23-NEVADA: Daily Reese River Reveille (Austin) 1865.


6.24-NEVADA: Carson Daily Appeal (Carson City) 1865.


6.25-NEVADA: Gold Hill News July 1864.


6.26-NEVADA: Reno Evening Gazette 1877.


6.27-NEVADA: Humboldt Register (Unionville) 1863-1866.


6.28-NEVADA: The Daily Union (Virginia City) 1864.


6.29-NEVADA: Humboldt Register (Winemucca) 1863.


6.30-OREGON: Oregon Sentinel (Jacksonville) 1864.


6.31-OREGON: Lake County Examiner (Lakeview) 1884.


6.32-OREGON: Stateline Herald (Lakeview) 1879.


6.33-OREGON: Oregon City Weekly Enterprise 1868-1870.


6.34-OREGON: Daily Oregonian (Portland) 1868.




7.1-Misc. Bibliographical information: Newspapers on microfilm


7.2-Misc. U.C. Berkeley Archives & Bancroft Library holdings


7.3-Biographical Transcripts: Dr. F.O. Barstow, San Andreas


7.4-Biographical Transcripts: The Horace Smith case (1861)


7.5-Biographical Transcripts: Misc. Biographical Transcripts


7.6-Mary E. Ackley. "Crossing The Plains and Early Days in Calif."(1928)


7.7-H.M. Bruner. "California's Old Burying Grounds."(1945)


7.8-Walter M. Fisher. "The Californians." (1876)


7.9-John W. Powell. "Miwoks" in Contributions to North American Ethnology. Vol. 3 (1877)


7.10-Railroads - Misc. Transcripts


7.11-Stockton and Copperopolis Rail Road Co. Prospectus (1870)


7.12-Benjamin Webster."The Golden Farmer."n.d. (play)


7.13-Mrs. Lee Whipple-Haslam."Early Days in Calif."(1922-1923)


7.14-Brief Misc. Transcripts #1


7.15-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Alameda): "Berkeley; The First 75 Years"(1941)


7.16-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Calaveras): Henry S. Brooks. "Notes of a Trip Thru the State"(1861)


7.17-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Calaveras): Field Notes (1954)


7.18-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Calaveras): Historic Landmarks (1944)


7.19-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Calaveras): Homesteads


7.20-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Calaveras): Marriages, Great Register (1867);Census (1860)


7.21-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Calaveras): A. Knopf. "Notes on the Foothill Copper Belt" (1905)


7.22-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Calaveras): J.D. McPherson."Mining and Economic Geology at Copperopolis, Calif." (1922)


7.23-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Calaveras): Mining Corps. - Certificates of Incorp. (1860-1861)


7.24-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Calaveras): William Petherick. "Report on the Keystone Copper Mine." (1865)


7.25-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Calaveras): E.B. Preston. "Calaveras County." Calif. Division Mines Annual Report (1892)


7.26-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Calaveras): Salt Spring Valley


7.27-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Calaveras): B. Silliman and W.P. Blake. "Report on the Gold and Silver Deposits at Quail Hills, Calaveras County." (1867)


7.28-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Calaveras): G.W. Sullivan. "Early Days in California." (1888)


7.29-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Calaveras): Townships, Block and lot plot of Copperopolis


7.30-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Contra Costa): Mae J. Purcell. "History of Contra Costa County" (1940)


7.31-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Modoc): Surprise Valley; Methodist Marriage Records, Birth Records (1872-1904)


7.32-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Modoc): The Calif. Mountaineer 1:1 (Jan. 1861)


7.33-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Modoc): William S. Brown. "Arrivals of Modoc." (1951)


7.34-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Modoc): Surprise Valley-Great Register (1867)


7.35-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Modoc): Surprise Valley Church Historical Records


7.36-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Other Counties): Don M. Chase. "Sketches of Pioneer Days in Shasta, Tehama, Trinity and Siskiyou Counties...."(1945)


7.37-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Other Counties):Siskiyou County - Greater Register (1867)


7.38-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Other Counties): Del Norte County (1854-1954)


7.39-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Other Counties): J.A. Daly. "Character as Affected by City and Country Life." (1863)


7.40-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Religious History):"The Ferrier MS." (PSR)


7.41-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Religious History): D.O. Kelly. "History of the Diocese of Calif." (1914)


7.42-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Religious History): Chas. S. Nash. "Religious Progress on the Pacific Slope." (1917)


7.43-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Religious History): O.C. Wheeler. "Story of the Early Baptist Church in Calif." (1889)


7.44-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Religious History): Loyal L. Wirt. "The World is My Parish." (n.d.)


7.45-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Religious History): Oregon Congregationalists


7.46-Book and Periodical Transcripts by County (Other topics): W.E. Henry. "Some Elements of Indiana's Population" (1908)




8.1- Leroy Dee Smith--Biography


8.2- Leroy D. Smith. "The Berkeley Hills." (1966)


8.3- Reatha Smith--Biography


8.4- Reatha Parsell Smith--Biographical Writings


8.5- Reatha Parsell Smith--Writings on Calaveras County


8.6- CORRESPONDENCE: Reatha Parsell Smith to Leroy Dee Smith (1946)


8.7-CORRESPONDENCE: Myron G. Smith to Parents (1967); LDS to Myron G. Smith (1946)


8.8-CORRESPONDENCE: Roger Kennedy Smith to Parents (1946), (1958)


8.9-CORRESPONDENCE: LDS (Camp Wolfboro, Alpine County) to RPS, Berkeley, 6/26/46-8/8/46


8.10- Business Corresp.


8.11- CORRESPONDENCE: Misc. Family and Friends


8.12-NOTES: "Centennial Committee Notes" (1973)


8.13-NOTES: Congregationalist Memorabilia


8.14-NOTES: Cemeteries


8.15-NOTES: Copper Mines


8.16-NOTES: College of Calif.


8.17-NOTES: Miscellaneous Notes


8.18-NOTES: Copperopolis Newspapers (1866-1867) [ms. transcriptions]


8.19-NOTES: Misc. Newspapers (1867-1870) [ms. transcriptions]


8.20-NOTES: Berkeley Writing Conference (1960)


8.21- CLIPPINGS: Smith Family


8.22-CLIPPINGS: Archery (1930s)




9.1- Ebbets Pass Wonderland Weekly (1968)


9.2- Surprise Valley Journal (1956)


9.3- Wilson River, Washington County (Ore.) - History Clippings (1960s)


9.4- East Bay Flood - Clippings (1962)


9.5- Fremont High School Green & Gold (June 6, 1956)


9.6- Picture Postcards