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Call Number: SC0029A
Creator: Stanford University. Department of History.
Title: Stanford University, Department of History, records
Dates: 1903-1974
Physical Description: 18 Linear feet
Language(s): The materials are in English.
Repository: Department of Special Collections and University Archives
Green Library
557 Escondido Mall
Stanford, CA 94305-6064
Phone: (650) 725-1022

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Boxes 16 through 21 are restricted; consult the University Archivist for access.

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Scope and Content

The files of the History Department are diverse and fairly complete and include correspondence, minutes, memoranda, course materials, enrollment records, and reports. A few of the subjects covered by the records are: establishment of the Political Science Department; report on the four-quarter system; History Club minutes; course offerings including those taught in both World Wars; the Army Specialized Training Program of 1941-1945; Independent Study; Problems of Citizenship; Western Civilization; international relations committees; and university-wide committees on faculty self-discipline and general studies. There is also a manuscript History of the History Department.
Boxes 1 through 9 were transferred to the Archives in 1966; a folder by folder survey of the papers was made but only names of important personalities were recorded. Boxes 10 through 21 were transferred to the Archives in August 1975. Boxes 10-15 contain the files of Prof. Gordon Craig; in boxes 16-21 the name of the department chairman or faculty member who created the file, where it can be determined, has been included in brackets after the folder title. Boxes 16 through 21 are restricted; please consult the University Archivist for access. Two letters dated 1903 from Max Farrand (then Dept. head) to Henry Cannon, describing the methods of running classes and department affairs, were given to the Archives in November 1970 by Mrs. Leland Brown.
This collection complements the Edgar E. Robinson Papers which were received in 1964. For a complete history of the History Department of Leland Stanford Junior University consultation of the Robinson Papers is essential.

Collection Contents


General Correspondence 1903-1961

Box 1, Folder A

2 letters. Max Farrand to Henry Cannon 1903

Box 1, Folder 1

A 1908-09,

Scope and Content Note

H. Cannon, H.E. Bolton, D.S. Jordan, E.D. Adams F.P. Reppel (of the Association for International Conciliation).
Correspondence is primarily between Adams and Bolton and deals with Stanford's hiring of the latter.
Box 1, Folder 2

B 1908-09,

Scope and Content Note

H. Cannon, H. Bolton, J. Branner, John Baer, J. Bowman (of U.C.), George Burr, John Blair, James Breakey.
Box 1, Folder 3

C 1908-09,

Scope and Content Note

G.E. Clark (Univ. librarian), chiefly concerning acquisition of books.
Box 1, Folder 4

D 1908-09,

Scope and Content Note

C.A. Duniway (concerning Pacific Coast Branch of the AHA), W. Dunning (of Columbia Univ.), Harvey Dorr (grad ass't).
Box 1, Folder 5

E 1908-09,

Scope and Content Note

O.L. Elliott (Univ. Registrar).
Box 1, Folder 6

F 1908-09,

Scope and Content Note

G.F. Foster, Max Farrand, H. Fairclough.
Box 1, Folder 7

G-H 1908-09,

Scope and Content Note

H.C. Hoover, sheet giving information about men in the History Department, list of history courses and attendence 1907-08, Charles Hull.
Box 1, Folder 8

I-J 1908-09,

Scope and Content Note

D.S. Jordan (Chiefly business letters between Jordan and Adams. Topics include recommendation of E.B. Krehbiel, Dr. Treat's behavior, J.F. Jameson, book import tax, S.L. Ware, Committee on Athletics, P. Martin, E.B. Krehbiel, George A. Burr, H.E. Bolton, Library).
Box 1, Folder 9

K 1908-09,

Scope and Content Note

E.B. Krehbiel, J.F. Kenney.
Box 1, Folder 10

L 1908-09,

Scope and Content Note

Charles Lathrop
Box 1, Folder 11

M 1908-09,

Scope and Content Note

J.E. Matzke, S.T. Murray, J. Macy (extensive correspondence dealing with hiring), Percy Martin, W.E. Martin.
Box 1, Folder 12

N-O 1908-09,

Scope and Content Note

H.W. Ostroski.
Box 1, Folder 13

P-Q 1908-09,

Scope and Content Note

Fredrick L. Paxson, material dealing with preliminary papers.
Box 1, Folder 14

R 1908-09,

Scope and Content Note

John J. Ryan.
Box 1, Folder 15

S 1908-09,

Scope and Content Note

John Stillman, Donald Smith (U.C.), Theodore C. Smith, H.M. Stephens.
Box 1, Folder 16

T 1908-09,

Scope and Content Note

P.J. Treat, F.J. Turner, F.J. Teggart, number of telegrams dealing specially with the hiring of H.E. Bolton.
Box 1, Folder 17

U-V-W 1908-09,

Scope and Content Note

J.A. Woodburn, Jeanne E. Wier.
Box 1, Folder 18

X-Z 1908-09,

Scope and Content Note

A.A. Young.
Box 1, Folder 19

A-B 1909-10,

Scope and Content Note

C.M. Andrews, J.N. Bowman.
Box 1, Folder 20

C 1909-10,

Scope and Content Note

H.L. Cannon, G.T. Clark, G.A. Clark, G.E. Crothers.
Box 1, Folder 21

D 1909-10,

Scope and Content Note

C.A. Duniway.
Box 1, Folder 22

E-G 1909-10,

Scope and Content Note

O.L. Elliott, degree requirements for economics/sociology.
Box 1, Folder 23

H-J 1909-10,

Scope and Content Note

Charles H. Hull, D.S. Jordan, J.F. Jameson, J.P. Hemphill, Jarboe Collection (acquisition).
Box 1, Folder 24

K-M 1909-10,

Scope and Content Note

Burt O. Kinney, A.C. McLaughlin, A.T. Murray, Jesse Macy.
Box 1, Folder 25

N-R 1909-10,

Scope and Content Note

F.L. Paxson, library business, programs for meeting of Pacific Coast Branch of AHA.
Box 1, Folder 26

S-V 1909-10,

Scope and Content Note

Don E. Smith, F.J. Teggart.
Box 1, Folder 27

W-Z 1909-10,

Scope and Content Note

Woodrow Wilson, numerous letters concerning S.L. Ware, extensive correspondence between Adams and Mary Williams, J.A. Woodburn.
Box 1, Folder 28

A-B 1910-11,

Scope and Content Note

John Branner, J. Bowman.
Box 1, Folder 29

C 1910-11,

Scope and Content Note

H.L. Cannon, recommendations for E.E. Robinson, I.J. Cox (especially dealing with American invasion of West Florida), E.P. Cubberley, G.A. Clark, G.T. Clark.
Box 1, Folder 30

D-G 1910-11,

Scope and Content Note

W.A. Dunning, Max Farrand, Edw. Elliott's recommendation of E.E. Robinson, E.C. Franklin, A.L. Guerard, F.A. Golder.
Box 1, Folder 31

H-J 1910-11,

Scope and Content Note

D.S. Jordan, letters concerning acquisition of Archives Parlementaires, letter concerning the hiring of E.E. Robinson, British Sessional Papers.
Box 1, Folder 32

K-M 1910-11,

Scope and Content Note

Letters about E.E. Robinson.
Box 1, Folder 33

N-R 1910-11,

Scope and Content Note

F. Paxson, E.E. Robinson.
Box 1, Folder 34

S-V 1910-11,

Scope and Content Note

F.J. Turner, acquisition of Reichstag reports from Germany.
Box 1, Folder 35

W-Z 1910-11,

Scope and Content Note

G. Hempl, R. Wenley, J.E. Wier, Mary Williams.
Box 1, Folder 36

A-B 1911-12,

Scope and Content Note

John Branner, H.E. Bolton.
Box 1, Folder 37

C 1911-12,

Scope and Content Note

Smyth Collection, I.J. Cox.
Box 1, Folder 38

D-F 1911-12,

Scope and Content Note

Max Farrand.
Box 1, Folder 39

G-J 1911-12,

Scope and Content Note

D.S. Jordan, acquisition of H.C. Hoover's Chinese Collection, H.C. Hoover, J.F. Jameson, A.B. Hurlburt.
Box 1, Folder 40

K-L 1911-12,

Box 1, Folder 41

M-Q 1911-12,

Box 1, Folder 42

R-V 1911-12,

Scope and Content Note

J.M. Vincent.
Box 1, Folder 43

W-Z 1911-12,

Scope and Content Note

Mary Williams, R. Wenley.
Box 1, Folder 44

A-B 1912-13,

Box 1, Folder 45

C-D 1912-13,

Scope and Content Note

H.C. Cannon, C.A. Duniway.
Box 1, Folder 46

E-G 1912-13,

Scope and Content Note

H.R. Fairclough, O.L. Elliott.
Box 1, Folder 47

H 1912-13,

Scope and Content Note

Annual report (essentially same as in the President's Report, but includes items such as gift sources and several minor items not included in the Report), D.S. Jordan, AHA, letters concerning Adams' leave of absence, R.F. Howes, V.L. Kellogg, letters resulting from visit of Oliviera Lima.
Box 1, Folder 48

N-Z 1912-13,

Scope and Content Note

A.B. Show, letters dealing with interdepartmental theses, R.L. Wilbur, Mary Williams.
Box 1, Folder 49

A-J (from this point on, folders are sorted roughly by alphabetical groups and chronologically within these) 1913-14,

Scope and Content Note

Mary Williams, rough draft of material for presidential report, E.B. Krehbiel, John Branner (especially with regard to establishment of a political science department), Adams' leave of absence, G.T. Clark, Max Farrand, P.J. Treat, Yamato Ichihashi (and letters concerning him).
Box 1, Folder 50

K-Z 1913-14,

Scope and Content Note

P.A. Martin, E.E. Robinson, H.M. Stephens, P.J. Treat (including letters concerning Ichihashi), M.S. Wildman, F.C. Woodward.
Box 1, Folder 51

A-Z 1914-15,

Scope and Content Note

Comments on Vega collection of letters and documents, Preparation for Journalism, A.C. Coolidge, G.S. Ford (letters concerning E.E. Robinson), W.S. Ferguson (letters concerning F.A. Golder F.H. Hodder, C.T. Lapsley, I.F. Lange, Ralph Lutz, C.H. Levermore (World Peace Foundation), A. Kline, T.M. Marshall, T.P. Martin, P.A. Martin, T.R. Root, American Society of International Law, J.E. Wier, formation of History Club, History Club minutes.
Box 1, Folder 52

A-Z 1915-16,

Scope and Content Note

John Branner, preliminary material for presidential report, J.W. Baer, G.T. Robinson, death of Dr. Blair, E.C. Franklin, Y. Ichihashi, T.S. Kuykendall E.B. Krehbiel, W.A. Morris, AHA business, letters (to C.E. Nelson) on consular and diplomatic training, I.M. Patrick (son of Gen. Patrick), E. E. Robinson, Spalding Collection of baseball, History Club, letters concerning French War cartoons, R.L. Wilbur (especially concerning Ichihashi), Plan for Limitation of Students and Stanford University, establishment of political science department, Committee on Vocational Guidance, J.H. Meyer endowment, letter concerning Mary Williams, History Club minutes.
Box 1, Folder 53


Scope and Content Note

H.E. Bolton, Committee on Vocational Guidance, J.H. Meyer endowment, letter concerning Mary Williams, Dr. F.A. Hassler's maps, Report of the Department Committee on the Four-Quarter System, E.B. Krehbiel, W.G. Leland, R. Lutz, William MacDonald, W.A. Morris, Professor Emerton's proposed visit, Geroid Robinson, A.B. Show, J.M. Stillman, H. Suzzallo, J.B. Scott (Director, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace), Sutro Branch (Calif. State Library), preliminary material for the presidential report, R.L. Wilbur, Seabury Fellowship, material concerning Y. Ichihashi, letters concerning re-appointment of H. Cannon and E.E. Robinson.
Box 1, Folder 54

10/1917 - 4/1919

Scope and Content Note

Letters seeking replacement for Cannon, American Peace Society, Jens Bugge, Vocational Guidance Committee, NAACP, W.A. Dunning (especially with regard to establishment of political science department), C.A. Fryer, E.M. Hulme, British Documents, Charles W. Hackett, A.M. Kline, E.B. Krehbiel, Seaman's Church Institute (solicitations), World Peace Foundation pamphlet mailing list, P.A. Martin (also concerning Doheny Research Foundation), War History Committee, T.M. Marshall, William A. Morris, C.D. Marx, W. Notestein, I.M. Patrick, plans for Stanford War History, E.E. Robinson, Borel Fund, A.B. Show, J.M. Stillman, H.M. Stephens, P.J. Treat, R.L. Wilbur (also concerning establishment of political science department), Committee of 15.
Box 1, Folder 55

4/1919 - 12/1919

Scope and Content Note

Brazilian Library, Y. Ichihashi, P.A. Martin, R. Lutz, E.E. Robinson, J.F. Jameson, T.M. Marshall W.A. Morris, F.M. Russell, E. Krehbiel, Committees for Educational Preparation for Foreign Service, Joseph Schafer, J.W. Swain, P.J. Treat, R.G. Trotte R.L. Wilbur.
Box 1, Folder 56


Scope and Content Note

A.H. Abbott, E.F. Albertsworth, Walter Barnes, E.S. Brown, G. Burr, H.E. Bolton, J.A. Blaisdell, C.J. Brosnan, sabbatical leave, M.W. Graham, F.A. Golder, C.H. Haskins, E.M. Hulme, H.B. Learned, K.C. Leebrick, R.H. Lutz, E. Krehbiel, E.E. Robinson, C. Robinson, A.B. Show, J. Van Nostrand, W. Westergaard, Seabury Scholarship, A.C. Olney (recommendation for W. Westergaard).
Box 2, Folder 57


Scope and Content Note

Edward Beach (proposed American naval history lectures), Sydney M. Brown, F.A. Golder, E.A. Horne E.M. Hulme, E.E. Robinson, H.B. Learned, A.M. Kline T.M. Marshall, M.W. Graham, C.H. Van Tyne, H.E. Wildes, W. Westergaard, establishment of Mabel H. Cory Scholarship.
Box 2, Folder 58

1/1922 - 9/1922

Scope and Content Note

Adams Private Lecture Series, F.L. Beach, W.C. Barnes, E.S. Brown, H. Hoover (Secretary of Commerce), D.S. Jordan, R.H. Leach, Charles R. Hicks, L.V. Koos, H.B. Learned, T.P. Martin, New York Council for Limitation of Armaments, Data for presidential report, I.M. Patrick, G.T. Robinson, F.M. Russell, B. E. Schmitt, C. Seymour, H.E. Wildes, R.L. Wilbur, Brazilian Library.
Box 2, Folder 59


Scope and Content Note

Carnegie Institute of Washington (Department of Historical Research), A.M. Kline, C.A. Duniway, H.C. Crockett, Independent Study Plan, P.J. Treat, H.G. Warren, W.C. Barnes, P.A. Martin (acting executive head), Institute of International Education, C.W. Hackett, R. Lutz, H. Temperley, R.L. Wilbur, C.E.E.B., T. Bailey.
Box 2, Folder 60

Professor Robinson's File 1929-30

Scope and Content Note

J.E.W. Sterling, H.G. Warren, E.D. Adams, R.C. Binkley, W.C. Barnes, C.R. Fish, J. Ellison, H.H. Fisher, L.A. Harper, D. Harris, C.W. Hackett, C.B. Malone, P.A. Martin, Wallace Notestein, Frederick Moore, W.H. Robson, AHA, J.W. Thompson, Ray Turner.
Box 2, Folder 61

F.A. Golder's Correspondence

Scope and Content Note

R.F. Arragon, Albert Guerard (involved with international language), R.H. Lord, O.H. Wedel.
Box 2, Folder 62


Scope and Content Note

E.D. Adams, Robert Binkley; also includes one or two items from 1926.
Box 2, Folder 63


Scope and Content Note

Death of E.D. Adams, P.B. Albright, C.B. Malone material for presidential report, appointment of Thomas Bailey, Oregon Trail Memorial Association, G. Vernadsky.
Box 2, Folder 64

10/1931 - 10/1932

Scope and Content Note

W.F. Adams, independent study, material for President's Report, J.E.W. Sterling, Max Savelle, P. J. Treat.
Box 2, Folder 65

9/1932 - 8/1933

Scope and Content Note

Letters discussing organization of history courses, material for President's Report, J.A. Barnes, R.H. Lutz, Max Savelle.
Box 2, Folder 66


Scope and Content Note

Memoranda (etc.) from E.E. Robinson, faculty research projects, History Club constitution, material for President's Report.
Box 2, Folder 67


Scope and Content Note

H.A. DeWeerd, C.N. Spinks, H.N.M. Winton, E.M. Hulme, material for President's Report, Emergency Relief Administration (especially with regard to student employment), question of preregistration.
Box 2, Folder 68



General, 1935-36

Scope and Content Note

Max Savelle (conflict with Van Patten), Calif. Youth Administration (student employment), P.A. Martin, H.F. Taggart, H.W. Temperley.

E.E. Robinson 1935-36

Scope and Content Note

R.C. Binkley, Leonard Ferguson, Ralph Gabriel, Gordon Wright, J.P. Moore, W. Westergaard.

General (1), 1936-37

Scope and Content Note

T.A. Bailey, F.G. Graham, Lynn White.

General (2), 1936-37

Scope and Content Note

Max Savelle (Western Civilization questionnaire and extensive report), Henry M. Madden, assorted departmental information regarding enrollment, independent study and interdepartmental majors (Harris-Robinson), Harold Temperley, H.H. Fisher (Hoover Institute policies), comments on Far Eastern history program, Ernest C. Arbuckle (value of history major), Memorandum on the Work of the Department of History, P.A. Martin, committee considering departmental offerings and schedule.

Lynn White Correspondence 1936-37


E.E. Robinson 1936-37

Scope and Content Note

T.A. Bailey, S.F. Bemis, Paul Eckel, W.S. Thompson, John Gange, P.A. Martin, R.E. Albright, C.M. Spinks, Tokyo meeting of World Federation of Education Associations, H.G. Warren, R.L. Wilbur, Harry Winton, Gordon Wright.
Box 2, Folder 69




Scope and Content Note

C.A. Barker, Charles Scott, E.A. Cottrell (with regard to certain department policies concerning graduate students, etc.), letter to Mrs. Benjamin Harrison, E.R. Hilgard, Ralph Lutz, P.A. Martin, P.J. Treat.


Scope and Content Note

AHA, S.F. Bemis, D.H. Burney, M. Cardozo, G.W. Cottrell, English-Speaking Union, A.C.Krey, C.F. Brand, Beverly McAnear, F.L. Paxson, AHA, C.N. Spinks, Dr. Pardee's California Papers, Lynn White, Dorothea Wyatt.


Scope and Content Note

T.A. Bailey, H.K. Beale, Max Savelle, H.H. Fisher, P.A. Martin, T. Mitchell, H.M. Smith, Nelson Spinks, H.G. Warren.
Box 2, Folder 70



General, 1940-41

Scope and Content Note

C.F. Brand, T.A. Bailey, Chester Davis (old Calif. letters), John Gange, David Harris, E.M. Hulme, R. Lutz, P.A. Martin, D.T. Moorhead, M. Spalding, Establishment of the School of Humanities

General, 1941-42

Scope and Content Note

David Harris, E.M. Hulme, R. Lutz, W.H. Dusenberry, death of P.A. Martin.

Selective Service correspondence, 1941-45

Box 2, Folder 71




Scope and Content Note

R. Lutz, H.H. Fisher, T.A. Bailey, B. Schilling of Grinnell College, C.F. Brand, A.D. Mazour, letters containing suggestions for departmental policies (by Bailey, Savelle and others).


Scope and Content Note

T.A. Bailey, George Knoles, Donald B. Tresidder, H.H. Fisher.


Scope and Content Note

M. Cameron (problem of disciplining Army trainees), C.C. Griffen, D. Harris, R. Lutz, M. Savelle, R.K. Snyder, M. Spalding, Shelby F. Strother, John Vanderburgh.
Box 2, Folder 72


Scope and Content Note

(autumn): C. Barker, Harlan R. Crippen, R.J. Kerner, A.C. Krey, H.F. McCreery, Harlan Notter (Rosenberg Foundation), Max Savelle, R.K. Snyder, H.F. Taggart Borel Collection, H.N.M. Winton.
(winter, spring, summer): William D. Beatty, Carl F. Brand, T.A. Bailey, H.H. Fisher, Norman A. Graebner, Norman S. Kelley, R. Lutz, B. McAnear, C.E. Nowell, M. Savelle, E.D. Sohm, W.W. Tinsley, P.J. Treat, Owen Ulph, John A. White.
Box 2, Folder 73


Scope and Content Note

A. Bestor, M. Cameron, E.M. Hulme, Bruce Mazlish A. Mazour, Fredrick Merk, D. Moorhead, F.L. Paxson.
Box 2, Folder 74


Scope and Content Note

(summer): T.A. Bailey, W.C. Bark, C.A. Buss, A. Guerard, D. Phillips.
(autumn, winter): T.A. Bailey, T.C. Smith, H. Holloorn, A. Hyma, L.K. Koontz, R.R. Palmer, D. Phillips, M. Spalding.
(spring, summer):George Knoles, J.J. Johnson, D. Phillips, H.G. Warren.
Box 2, Folder 75


Scope and Content Note

(autumn, winter): Pacific Coast Branch (AHA), Phillip W. Buck, Claude A. Buss, T.C. Smith, R.H. Gabriel, G.H. Knoles, R. Lutz, L.C. MacKinney, C.C. Scott, Dorothea K. Thompson, A.P. Whitaker, Lottie Woods (Colonial Dames Scholarship Fund), Gordon Wright.
(spring, summer): M. Cardozo, Merrill Jensen, J.J. Johnson, C.F. Brand, Kazuo Kawai, C. Buss, G.H. Kerr, John C. Miller, Harley Notter, T.C. Smith, A.P. Whitaker.
Box 2, Folder 76


Scope and Content Note

(autumn, winter): John J. Johnson, A.C./Krey, A.A. Lobanov-Rostovsky, Ralph Lutz, T.C. Smith, A.P. Whitaker, statements by staff members in reference to research activities, O.O. Winther.
(spring, summer): Distribution of grades, L.K. Loontz, A. Lobanov-Rostovsky, microfilming of German documents, O.O. Winther.
Box 2, Folder 77


Scope and Content Note

Claude A. Buss, C. Hodges.
Box 2a, Folder 77a-77d


Box 2a, Folder 78


Scope and Content Note

(winter): Alexander DeConde, Donald E. Fehrenbacher, F. Freidel, problem of chair in Japanese history.
(spring): A. Cranston, N. Graebner, L.B. Schmidt, B.H. Swig (mentions Prof. Nasatir), J.P. Weter Scholarships.
Box 2a, Folder 79


Scope and Content Note

(autumn): Letter to Dean R.N. Faulkner concerning dept. business, memorandum discussing aims, functions, needs, etc. of history dept.
(winter): Controversy over review in Pacific Historical Review of book by W. Williams, letter to Sterling on condition of library, also on D. Fahrenbacher, endowment for chair in Japanese history, J.P. Weter Scholarships, Arthur Wright.
(spring): L.W. Dinkelspiel, E.E. Robinson, Endowed Chair in History, problems concerning assistants, Foreign Ministers' meeting in Berlin, Woodrow Wilson Foundation, graduate exams.
(summer): Letter to Dean Acheson, Dryden Press, Gordon Craig, H.C. Jones' papers, R.R. Palmer, F.A. Shannon Gordon Wright.
Box 3, Folder 80A


Scope and Content Note

(autumn): Dean Acheson (with regard to Bailey's inquiry about his defense perimeter speech), C.A. Buss, A. DeConde, Franklin Hichborn, H.C. Jones (concerning his papers), A.G. Mazour, Alan Nevinx, W. Philipp, R.C. Swank, Office of Undergraduate Education.
(winter): Jones Papers, C.B. Burdick, W.R. Coe, Anita Whitney Papers, A. Nevins, J.E.W. Sterling.
Box 3, Folder 80B


Scope and Content Note

(spring): History of the History Department, H.C. Meyer, R.C. Swank.
(summer): Committee on Undergraduate Education, A. DeConde H. Stuart Hughes, W. Johnson, E. Pomeroy.
Box 3, Folder 81


Scope and Content Note

(autumn): History of Western Civilization (hereafter abbreviated Western Civ), D. O'Malley, W.B. Ready (library acquisitions), first inquiry about Otis Pease.
(winter): H.S. Hughes (concerning Western Civ instructor policies), Pacific Coast Branch of AHA, correspondence concerning the coming of Prof. P. Geyl of Utrecht, E. M. Green, Thomas Hall (seeking to parsuade Hughes to come to Washington University in St. Louis), H.C. Meyer, Otis Pease, April 15 fellowship reply date.
(spring): Letter to K.J. Arrow briefly discussing History Department research needs, K.R. Greenfield, letter to John F. Kennedy from Bailey, Otis Pease, Gordon Wright.
(summer): F. Freidel, H.J. Tobias, Wayne Vucinich (trip to Europe and problems with Russian visa), Gordon Wright.
Box 3, Folder 82


Scope and Content Note

(autumn): B. Colby Papers, E. Cochrane, P. Geyl, F. Gilbert (AHA), H.K. Gunther, A. Mazour, D.M. Potter, P. Rhinelander (Dean), C.E. Schorske, requests for more money, J.W. Swain, Gordon Wright.
(winter): F.C. Bellquist, A. DeConde, T. Edison (photos for Hoover Library), O.J. Falnes, D.H. Gabrielson (Civil War Diary of a Capt. Melhorn), J.F. Kennedy, A.R. Lewis, Coe Fund, Department self-examination (to Rhinelander), Fahrenbacher's promotion, other correspondence with Rhinelander regarding Departmental and University personal policies, problem of discussion groups in upper-division courses, R. Walker (senior colloquia), Gordon Wright.
Box 3, Folder 83


Scope and Content Note

(spring): Letters supporting J. Donohoe (Wester Civ instructor), H. Bateman (death of Prof. Wedel), W.N. Melhorn (concerning Melhorn diary), problem of office space, A. DeConde, Norman Graebner, Henry C. Meyer, P. Rhinelander (History Department business, especially personal), T.A. Bailey's correspondence with his publishers, Gordon Wright.
(summer): C.F. Brand, H.E. Cutler, W.T. Hutchinson, R.G. O'Conner, H. Quint, Gordon Wright.
Box 3, Folder 84


Scope and Content Note

(autumn): J.R. Alden, William Armstrong, A. DeConde, H.H. Fisher, W.H. Kuhn, H.F. McCreery, H.C. Meyer, Bailey and his work in Washington (D.C.) on Advisory Committee on U.S. Foreign Relations, R.F. West Memorial Lectures, H. Quint, P. Rhinelander (money for teaching assistant, Western Civ), Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. D.C. Heath & Co., Fair Oaks Foundation, Foreign Campuses.
(winter): J. Weter Scholarship, Bailey's publishers (Appleton-Century-Crofts), E.E. Lampard, R.W. Lyman, H.F. McCreery, J.C. Miller, G.B. Noble, D. Perkins, H. Quint, J. Ragland, P. Rhinelander (Department business: includes advocation for promotions for J. Johnson and Arthur Wright, material on Coe bequest and letter about H.S. Hughes), letters to J.E.W. Sterling, R.C. Swank.
Box 3, Folder 85


Scope and Content Note

(spring): H. Aitken, C.A. Barker, H.E. Cutler, A. DeConde, J. Joll, G.I. Langmuir, R. Lyman, G.B. Noble, David Potter, H. Quint, J. Raglund, P. Rhinelander.
(summer): A. DeConde, Norman Graebner, David Harris, J. Joll, G.I. Langmuir, J.A. Monroe, G.B. Noble, H. Quint.
Box 3, Folder 86

1958 (autumn)

Scope and Content Note

H.M. Cutler Fund, A. DeConde, B.G. Noble (dealing chiefly with T.A. Bailey's work on foreign relations advisory committee), David M. Potter, P. Rhinelander, National defense training act (as regards the Ph.D. in history), letter to F.G. Terman outlining Department needs, Hispanic-America Studies, O.O. Winther.
Box 3, Folder 87

1959 (winter)

Scope and Content Note

A. DeConde, J.A. Hawgood, H.B. Melandy (concerning rumor that Stanford did not recommend best Ph.D.'s to San Jose State), history/classics major, David Potter, H. Quint, P. Rhinelander, F.D. Scott, History Department outline.
Box 3, Folder 88


Scope and Content Note

(spring): C.F. Brand, combined majors, proposed library survey, H. Quint, P. Rhinelander, undesirability of D students as history majors.
(summer): Death of H.E. Cutler, A. DeConde, D. Fahrenbache E.A. Schaper correspondence, E.W. Lyon, report for accreditation committee of Western College Association, P. Rhinelander.
Box 3, Folder 89

1959 (autumn)

Scope and Content Note

Bailey Book Fund, C.A. Buss, NATO professorship, transfer of credits from Vienna, PCB program for Sept. (1960), K. Von Klemperer, P. Rhinelander (directorship of Hoover Institute, promotion of T. C. Smith, W.L. Langer), F.E. Terman (need for more history staff, report on A.B. in history).
Box 3, Folder 90

1960 (winter)

Scope and Content Note

A New History of the Paris Peace Conference (letter to W.G. Campbell), considerable correspondence of J.J. Johnson concerning his research is scattered throughout this folder, George F. Kennan, course for overseas campuses, J.T.C. Liu, T.W. Lyman, comments on midterms (Bailey to McCord), J.G. Oswald, fellowship funds (Wright to Otis), The Ugly American (Buss to Pomeroy), P. Rhinelander (appointment of Spitz and Liu), H. Ross, L. Spitz, C.W. Gaylord Foundation Grant, F.E. Terman (Pease, Coe Grant), University of the Seven Seas.


(NOTE: In folders 91-94 often the correspondence of several of the Department's senior men [especially Johnson and Buss, with regard to their travels and research] is scattered, being filed under the name of the corresponding party rather than that of the Department member).
Box 3, Folder 91


Scope and Content Note

(spring): Field project in Yugoslavia (Vucinich to Burkhardt), A. DeConde, T. Hammond (bibliography on books about Soviet foreign relations), Hilgard (Committee on Hoover Institute), J.J. Johnson's opinions on several (political) issues (Johnson to Hornig), J. Kuehl, J.T.C. Liu, H. Lutz (papers of Sudeten Germans), David Potter, P. Rhinelander (chair in Armenian Studies, Russian exchange), justification of History Department expansion (Wright to Ryan), J.L. Snell (Committee on Graduate Study in History), J.E.W. Sterling (Coe Professorship), F.E. Terman (hiring of Potter), M.S. Young (Armenian Studies).
(summer): Comments on high school history (Bailey to Braden), David Potter, P. Rhinelander (appointment of Potter).
Box 3, Folder 92

1960 (autumn)

Scope and Content Note

Gordon Craig, Scottish History Collection (Lyman to Gorham), G.F. Kennan, George Knoles, Rollie E. Poppino, David Potter, James Ragland, P. Rhinelande (recommendations of Gordon Craig).
Box 4, Folder 93


Scope and Content Note

(winter): A. Bowker (scholarships, elimination of M.A. thesis), H. Maki (member of Japanese Diet; exchange of letters with C.A. Buss), R. Poppino. Also, much assorted J.J. Johnson correspondence.
(spring): John M. Allison & C.A. Buss, American Friends Service Committee, Proposed Coe American History Studies program, Robert Blum to C.A. Buss (Asia Foundation, Department of State), Library microfilm acquisitions (Bailey to Brooks), Wallace E. Davies, A. DeConde, Gene Dulin (concern over right-wingers) History Department European offerings (Wright to E.M. Grieder), J. Ragland, P. Rhinelander (Department business), Wright to Terman (improving large classes).
Box 4, Folder 94


Scope and Content Note

(summer): Overseas study of Ph.D. candidates (Wright to Brooks), C.A. Buss (materials obtained in the Orient), A. DeConde, History Department's application for inclusion in the National Defense Act Fellowship Program, possible endowed chair in History of Science and Technology (Wright to Dornbusch), History Department honors, A. Nevins, W. Vucinich (report on research), P. Rhinelander (need for more Western Civ. instructors), Library microfilm acquisitions.
(autumn): J.H. Meyer Fund (Barclay to White), G.C. Boyce, C.A. Buss, W. Davies, J. Raglund (first to read Cordell Hull Papers), Department fellowships (Wright to Suppes), D. Thompson, J.F. Tierney (Ford Foundation), letter to H.S. Truman, undergraduate education (Pease to Wert), European Studies at Stanford.

Correspondence pertaining to the placement of academic personnel, 1906-1947

Box 4, Folder 95

Correspondents A-H


A H.B. Adams (re R.D. Hunt). Pre-1906:


A E.D. Adams, George B. Adams (re S.L. Mims and Robert K. Richardson), Charles Andrews (re S.L. Ware), Charles Ambler, Herman V. Ames (re Eugene C. Barker). 1906-16:


A Thomas P. Abernathy. Post 1916:


B S.G.W. Benjamin, Mary T. Blauvelt, J. Bowman, Edward Bonner. Pre-1906:


B Walter G. Beach, H.E. Bolton, Beverly Bond, Gilbert G. Benjamin, request for recommendations about E.C. Barker. 1906-16:


B George Burr (re C.C. Eckhardt), George H. Blakeslee (re L.H. Jenks), Samuel F. Bemis. Post 1916:


C I.J. Cox, E.M. Clish (re R.D. Hunt), Heber D. Curtis (re R.D. Hunt), Archibald Coolidge (re W. Lichtenstein). Pre-1906:


C R.C. Clark, Carl Christophelsmeir, Frank W. Chandler (re E.C. Griffith). 1906-1916:


D G. Deutsch. Pre-1906:


D John C. Dunning (including recommendations of him), M.E. Dailey (re S.B. Harding), Alfred L.P. Dennis (re W.E. Lunt and others). 1906-16:


D William A. Dunning (re L.H. Jenks), Charles W. Dabney (re E.C. Griffith). Post 1916:


E C.C. Eckhardt. 1920:


F John A. Fairlie. Pre-1906:


F J.W. Fertig, F.G. Franklin, R.B. Fulton (re B. Bond). 1906-16:


G E.F. Gay (re W. Lichtenstein), F.A. Golder. 1906-16:


G Elmer C. Griffith. 1920:


H R.D. Hunt, Charles Haskins, E.D. Henderson. Pre-1906:


H A.B. Hart (re W.E. Dodd and F.E. Riley D.F. Houstin (?) (re E.C. Barker), A.E. Harvey, Charles Haskins (re E.C. Barker and C.E. Fryer), E. M. Hulme. 1906-16:


H H.S. Hadley (re C.C. Eckhardt), Carl ton Mayer (re L.H. Jenks), Charles Haskins (re C.W. David, R.A. Newhall and C.F. Brand), C.R. Hicks. Post 1916:

Box 4, Folder 96

Correspondents J-Z


J D.S. Jordan (re E.L. Hood). Pre-1906:


J D.S. Jordan (re Dr. Fryer, S.B. Harding), J.F. Jameson. 1906-16:


J Leland H. Jenks, Marcus W. Jernegan (re A.E. Harvey). Post 1916:


K L.K. Koontz, Frank J. Klingberg, A. C. Krey (re L.H. Jenks). Post 1916:


L Walter Lichtenstein. 1907:


M C.H. McIlwain. Pre-1906:


M A.C. McLaughlin (re several men), William MacDonald (re L.B. Shippee), Raymond McFarland, J.F. Millspaugh (re G.O. Virtue). 1906-16:


M T.M. Marshall (re C.C. Eckhardt), H.P. McClintic (?) (re E.C. Griffith), Phillip Meyers (re E.C. Griffith). Post 1916:


N J.B. Newell. 1902:


N Thomas Newlin (re P.A. Martin). 1908:


N Wallace Notestein. 1920:


P J.W. Park (with recommendations, including one by Woodrow Wilson), F.W. Putnam (re Mr. Brandelier). Pre-1906:


P F.L. Paxson. 1908:


R Recommendations for B. Bond by I. Remsen and F.L. Riley. 1906:


R Adolf Rein. 1912:


S E.E. Sperry, G.L. Sherger, J.O. Sumner (re E.F. Henderson). Pre-1906:


S Lester B. Shippee, Bernard C. Steiner (re B. Bond). 1906-16:


S H.M. Stephens (re W.C. Barnes), B.E. Schmidt. Post 1916:


T F.J. Turner (re R.C. Clark and Willard), Francis N. Thorpe, Everett L. Thorndike. Pre-1906:


T F.J. Turner (re Pahlow), J.W. Thompson, Lynn Thorndike. 1906-16:


T P.J. Treat. 1919:


V J.M. Vincent (re B. Bond and S.L. Ware). 1908 & 1909:


W J.E. Winston. 1908:


W H.E. Wildes, James Willard (re C.C. Eckhardt). 1920-21:


Z George F. Zook. 1920:

Box 4, Folder 97

Correspondents A - Z, (names in parentheses are those of person considered for positions in the Department) 1946-47

Scope and Content Note

(Willard F. Bliss), Carl Bridenbaugh (re R .E. Smith) Verner W. Crane (re Sam C. McCullough), (Eart Cranston), Ralph Gabriel (suggestions), (John Duffy), Thomas H. Greer, (Paul L. Hanna), (Merrill Jensen), Louis K. Koontz, A.C. Krey, John A. Krout, (William H. Maehl), (Gordon H. McNeil), Franklin C. Palm (re R. Brace), (Stanley M. Page), Fred Paxson, Rockefeller Foundation, Tracy E. Strevey, (Gordon Wright).
(The following persons were considered for position in the Department; recommendations are included in the folder but not listed here).
Far Eastern: Hugh Borton, D.N. Rowe, Knight Biggerstaff, C. Martin Wilbur, Richard D. Weigle, Charles C. Stelle, Chester A. Bain.
Russian: Ronald Thompson, Albert Parry, Sydney S. Harcave, Gustav F. Johnson, M.I. Finley, Robert S. Eccles, Joel G. Colton, James E. King.

History Club

Box 4, Folder 98

Minutes, 1914-16


Minutes and Other Records 1905-1962

Box 4, Folder 99

History Department Minutes, (for special items incorporated in the minutes see 99A) 1905-15

Box 4, Folder 99A

Additional Documents, 1905-15


Suggested courses for 1st year history majors. Aug 1905


Suggested courses for 1st year history majors. Aug 1907


Letter from Prof. Fairclough requesting library funds for Roman history. Oct 1907


Statement of the Requirements of the Department of History in regard to Examination and Thesis for the Master's Degree. Apr 1909


Recommended list of serial publications, 1909-10. Dec 1909


Clerical assistants for instructors. Sep 1910


Library Funds Committee Sep 1911


Book Fund, 1913-14. May 1913:


History Club, Departmental Library, vocational aims of the history major. Oct 1913


More on Departmental Library. Jan 1914


More on Departmental Library. Feb 1914


History Department M.A. requirements. Apr 1915


History Library rules, report on library sets. Sep 1915


Proposals for rules in History Library Oct 1915

Box 4, Folder 100

History Department Minutes, (for special items incorporated in the minutes see 100A) 1916-22

Box 4, Folder 100A

Additional Documents, 1916-22


Requirements of the History Department for M.A. degree. Mar 1916


Memo from R.L. Wilbur dealing with department organization. 18 May 1916:


Report of Departmental Committee on the 4 quarter system. Nov 1916


Requirements for a minor in history Dec 1917


High school teachers' minor in history. Dec 1918


Report of the Departmental Committee on the disposal of the Library Fund. Feb 1920


Ex-members of the deaprtment. Mar 1921


Committee on Lower Division. Mar 1922


Summer Quarter Graduate Students. Summer 1922:


Degree Requirement Committee report, M.A. Examinations Committee. Oct 1922

Box 4, Folder 101

History Department Minutes, (For special items incorporated in the minutes see 101A) 1923-29

Box 4, Folder 101A

Additional Documents, 1923-29


Graduate students. Summer 1923:


Enrollment in courses. June 1923:


Jewel Fund distribution. Dec 1923


School of Social Sciences. Jan 1924


Canadian materials for R.G. Trotter. Feb 1924


Questions Propounded by Committee on Lower Division. Mar 1925


Report on Department Requirements for Ph.D. Degree. Apr 1925


Requirements for M.A. Oct 1926

Box 4

History Department Minutes, 1929-34

Box 4

History Department Minutes, 1934-39

Box 4, Folder 102

History Department Minutes of Special Meetings to Consider Policy and Program, 7-28 Feb 1938

Scope and Content Note

Also includes reports of several committees, as well as minor and supplementary reports:
1. Committee on M.A. Requirements.
2. Committee to Consider Revision of Department Ph.D. Requirements.
3. Proposed Honors Course in History.
4. Committee on Undergraduate Requirements.
Box 4, Folder 103

History Department Meetings, Agenda and Documents of Topics to be Considered. 1937-38:

Box 4, Folder 104

History Department Meetings, Agenda and Topics for Meetings. 1939-41:

Box 4, Folder 105

History Department Meetings, Agenda and Topics for Meetings. Spring 1941:

Box 4, Folder 106

History Department Meetings, Material for Meetings. Summer 1941:

Box 4, Folder 107

History Department Meetings, Material for Meetings. Summer and Autumn 1942:

Box 4, Folder 108

History Department Meetings, Material for Meetings. 1943:

Box 4, Folder 109

History Department Meetings, Material for Meetings. 1944-45:

Box 4, Folder 110

History Department Meetings, Material for Meetings. Winter 1947:

Box 4, Folder 111

History Department Meetings, Material for Meetings. 1948-49:

Box 5, Folder 112

National University Proposal, (E.J. McDermott, E.D. Adams et. al.). 1916

Box 5, Folder 113

Washington (D.C.) University Center

Box 5, Folder 114

Honor System

Box 5, Folder 115

Committee on Educational Preparation for Foreign Service, 1915-18

Scope and Content Note

G.L. Swiggett, P.P. Claxton, Wilbur Carr (Head of Consular Service), John Clausen.
Box 5, Folder 116

History Text Controversy, 1918-23

Scope and Content Note

(Adams was on Calif. History Textbook Committee).
Box 5, Folder 117

California Committee on History Texts, A.C. Olney. 1918-23

Box 5, Folder 118

California Committee on History Texts, 1918

Box 5, Folder 119

E.D. Adams: War Issues Course, 1918

Box 5, Folder 120

E.D. Adams: AHA Committee of Nine, 1915-16

Box 5, Folder 121

E.D. Adams: California Teachers' Association History Section, 1909-10

Box 5, Folder 122

Independent Study, 1931

Box 5, Folder 123

Independent Study, 1934-35

Box 5, Folder 124

History of Western Civilization, 1937 and 1941

Box 5, Folder 125

History of Western Civilization, 1938

Box 5, Folder 126

History of Western Civilization, 1935 (?)

Box 5, Folder 127

History of Western Civilization, 1935-38

Scope and Content Note

Documents pertaining to the transfer of Citizenship to Western Civ.; Various reports on Western Civ. courses.
Box 5, Folder 128

History of Western Civilization, 1944

Box 5, Folder 129

History of Western Civilization, 1944-45

Box 5, Folder 130

Liberal Arts - History of Western Civilization, 1945-46

Box 5, Folder 131

History of Western Civilization, 1949

Box 5, Folder 132

Lecture to Prospective History Majors, 1934 (?)

Box 5, Folder 133

History Department Annual Reports to the President: 1917-18; 1919-20; 1937-38; 1938-39; 1939-40

Box 5, Folder 134

History Department and the President, (Notes of meetings with E.E.R.). 1945

Box 5, Folder 135

Elementary History, 1931-32

Box 5, Folder 136

Proposed School of Social Sciences, 1934-35

Box 5, Folder 137

Departmental Philosophy and Plans, 1929-44

Box 5, Folder 138

Department Plans, Staff biographies; recommendations for salary increases. Autumn 1949:

Box 5, Folder 139

Course Contents, Enrollments, Requirements Mainly 1929 and 1934-35

Box 5, Folder 140

Content of Courses, Revisions 1930

Box 5, Folder 141

History Department, Miscellaneous


Syllabus Fund, 1905-40


Jewel Fund Appropriation, 1908-40


Enrollment in Syllabus-Paying Classes, 1930-31-1939-40


Teaching Load, 1939-40

Box 5, Folder 142

Miscellaneous, 1937-39

Scope and Content Note

Some important papers about the department at this time; evaluations of the department by members
Box 5, Folder 143

Independent Study, Graduate Study, Ordering Library Books

Box 5, Folder 144

Papers Concerning Department Location, (i.e., in Social Science or Humanities or as a separate school). 1944

Box 5, Folder 145

General Memoranda, Autumn 1945

Scope and Content Note

Includes reports of members' activities.
Box 5, Folder 146

Leaves of Absence, New Courses, Time Schedule for Ph. D. Candidates 1947:

Box 5, Folder 147

Problems of Leaves of Absence 1948:

Box 5, Folder 148

War Council/Military Pre-Induction Course 1941-42:

Box 5, Folder 149

Stanford University War Council 1942:

Box 5, Folder 150

Miscellaneous 1949:

Box 5, Folder 151

Staff Suggestions 1949:

Box 5, Folder 152

Faculty Material for President's Report, 1949-50

Box 5, Folder 153

New Courses, 1944

Box 5, Folder 154

Edgar E. Robinson Chair, 1948-49

Box 5, Folder 155

Gifts Committee; Expansion in the Department, Summer 1945

Box 5, Folder 156

History Department Annual Budgets, 1908-09 to 1920-21

Box 5, Folder 157

History Department Annual Budgets, 1929-30 to 1944-45

Scope and Content Note

Includes evaluation of the staff, letters of resignation, recommendations for promotion, etc.
Box 5, Folder 158

History Department Annual Budgets, 1945-46 to 1951-52

Scope and Content Note

Includes evaluation of the staff, letters of resignation, recommendations for promotion, etc.
Box 6, Folder 159

History Department Appointments, 1936

Box 6, Folder 160

History Department Joint Chair in Economics and History, 1957-59

Scope and Content Note

Includes candidates Douglas North and Eric C. Lampard.
Box 6, Folder 161

Appointments Some Miscellany, 1929-31; 1931-35

Box 6, Folder 162

Arthur Bestor appointment in History-Humanities, 1945

Box 6, Folder 163

P.A. Martin Material

Box 6, Folder 164

Deferments & Criteria; History Courses; Fellowships 1941-42:

Box 6, Folder 165

Replacement for Arthur Wright 1959-60

Scope and Content Note

List of suggested names, suggestions by Wright. Correspondence among T.A. Bailey, G. Wright, P. Rhinelander, James Liu. Suggestions from John Fairbank and Charles O. Hucker.
Box 6, Folder 166

German Appointment. Autumn 1960:

Box 6, Folder 167

Potter Appointment

Box 6, Folder 168

Headship File 1956:

Box 6, Folder 169

Freidel Replacement File 1955-56:

Scope and Content Note

Barker, Beale, Bemis, Craven, DeConde, Deutch, Ehrmann, Gabriel, Gates, Goldmann, Green, Handlin, Harrington, Hill, Holt, Hutchinson, Johnson, Leopold, Link, Lively, Merk, Morris, Palmer, Rudin, Watson.
Box 6, Folder 170

R.W. Lyman File 1957-58:

Box 6, Folder 171

G.I. Langmuir File 1957-58:

Box 6, Folder 172

John Teall File 1957-58:

Box 6, Folder 173

Medieval English History File 1957-58:

Box 6, Folder 174

English History Replacement File 1957-58:

Box 6, Folder 175

Don E. Fehrenbacher - summer appointment Autumn 1958:

Box 6, Folder 176

O'Malley Replacement 1959-60:

Box 6, Folder 177

History Department Placement Correspondence (Stanford Ph.D.'s). 1959-61:

Box 6, Folder 178

Placement Correspondence 1961-62:

Box 6, Folder 179

Ph.D. Minors' File

Scope and Content Note

Includes Mark Hatfield.

Problems of Citizenship 1920-1935

Box 6, Folder 180

Problems of Citizenship as taught at other institutions: Columbia, Dartmouth, Harvard, Iowa, Minnesota.

Box 6

Special Courses for Freshman (put out in 1922 by American Association of University Professors); Education for Citizenship Bulletin of the National Research Council: Honors Courses in American Colleges and Universities, Orientation Courses, the Construction of Orientation Courses fo College Freshmen. (1923);

Box 6, Folder 181

Citizenship Advisory Committee, 1924-29

Box 6, Folder 182

Problems of Citizenship, Miscellaneous:

Scope and Content Note

Course origins; 1924-25 outline; outline for discussion sections; study aids, Personal Reflections on Citizenship (by an instructor), 1934; evaluation by a committee for the School of Social Sciences.
Box 6, Folder 183

Problems of Citizenship: Early

Scope and Content Note

Working papers (ca. 1925). Plans, problems, approach, method, aims, etc.
Box 6, Folder 184

Problems in Citizenship: Minutes of Staff Conferences, 1923-26

Box 6, Folder 185

Problems in Citizenship: Minutes of Staff Conferences, 1929-33

Box 7, Folder 186

Assembly Bill 307: Would require a course in constitutional citizenship

Box 7, Folder 187

Instructors, 1931 & 1933

Box 7, Folder 188

Report to the President, 1933-34

Box 7, Folder 189

Points of View

Scope and Content Note

Contains correspondence between E.E. Robinson and R.L. Wilbur on a School of Public Affairs at Stanford. (Possible origin of Citizenship course).
Box 7, Folder 190

Grading System, 1923

Box 7, Folder 191

Problems of Citizenship Examination, 1935

Box 7, Folder 192

Lower Division Committee on Citizenship, 1920-24

Box 7, Folder 193

Plans for Books on Orientation

Box 7, Folder 194

Publicity, 1923

Box 7, Folder 195

Revision of the Plan for Citizenship and History, 1932-34

Box 7, Folder 196

Problems of Citizenship, 1933-35

Scope and Content Note

Also includes Danner's speed reading and study research.

Problems of Citizenship Correspondence

Box 7, Folder 197

A-F. Includes Luther Evans. 1935-20,

Box 7, Folder 198

K-Q. Includes letters of 1920 exploring idea of citizenship course; letter to Howard Meneely explaining end of course and a new approach. 1935-20,

Box 7, Folder 199

R-Z. Includes Mayo Newhall, Henry R. Luce, J.E.Wallace Sterling application, C.E. Rothwell, C.N. Reynolds, Chester Rowell. 1935-23,

Box 7, Folder 200

Syllabus Books, Autumn 1932

Box 7, Folder 201

Problems of Citizenship, Syllabus Reorganization 1931-32

Box 7, Folder 202

Problems of Citizenship, Syllabus Reorganization 1933-34, 1934-35


Problems of Citizenship, Transcription of Lectures

Box 7, Folder 203

Autumn 1923

Box 7, Folder 204

Autumn 1924

Box 7, Folder 205

Autumn 1926-27

Box 7, Folder 206


Box 7, Folder 207


Box 7, Folder 208


Box 7, Folder 209


Box 7, Folder 210

1930-31, 1931-32

Box 7, Folder 211


Box 7, Folder 212



Army Specialized Training Program 1943-1945

Box 8, Folder 213

History 133 Tests (120a)


1. Memo to Dept. Heads from Classification Officer, 29-Sep-43


2. Typed & holograph letter from [Bob] to Charles, undated


3. Part I examination from Savelle.


4. Part I examination from Bailey.


5. Basic Phase Curriculum BE-1, 1st term.


6. Letter to Messrs. Robinson, Bailey, Bradley Barker, Knoles & White from M.S. [Max Savelle], 6-Oct-43


7. List of subject objectives, Parts I, II & III.


8. Holograph notes.


9. Items from memorandum from War Dept.


10. Letter to Charlie from no sig., undated


11. Memo to Savelle re Proposed Contracts with War Department fro Test Construction and Standardization for ASTP.

Box 8, Folder 214

Item Analysis & Explanation of Program Reports, 1944


1. Report on Item Analysis for Terms I & II, 1944


2. Purpose & Content of #133 Program - report.


3. Basic Phase Curriculum B-1 - report.


4. What the Teachers Say of American History in the California Public High Schools - report.


5. Letter to University & College Heads from the Director of AST Division re purposes & procedures of ASTP, 5-Mar-43

Box 8, Folder 215

U.S. History Tests - Reports, etc. Summer 1943


1. History 133 grade sheets from 2 classes.


2. Summary of grade distribution, medians, etc. between Bailey and Parker's classes.


3. Analysis of how questions answered, Parts I, II and III.


4. History 133, Term I examination - Includes a page on purposes of the course & examination. Sep-43


5. History 133, Term II examination - Sep-43


6. History 133, Term III examination - Sep-43


7. Time Schedule for Reports.


8. Analysis of the Characteristics of the Test in History 133.


9. History 120a examination questions, 26 Jul, 6 Aug, 23 Aug 1943


10. U.S. History test questions.


11. Holograph page of numbers and grades.

Box 8, Folder 216

U.S. History Tests - Part II


1. 2 rough drafts of part of history examination, Sep-43


2. Examination from History 120a, 10-Sep-43


3. Various test questions for make-up of Part II with holograph corrections, revisions & statements.

Box 8, Folder 217

U.S. History Tests - Part IV


1. Rough drafts of examination - holograph revisions by [Parker & Bailey].

Box 8, Folder 218

Army Reports


1. Director's Reports on Instructional Time in Army Program, 23 Oct 1944-27 Aug 1945


2. Weekly Reports on Instruction in AST Units 3905. Form B & some Form C's. (1 report per month saved). 19 Jul 1943-14 Aug 1944

Box 8, Folder 219

Army Tests - History 133


1. List of Raw Scores & Distribution of Raw Scores for Preprofessional Term 3, 26-Jun-44


2. Basic Phase Curriculum BE-1 grade sheets for Terms I-III - includes precentile conversion tables


3. Achievement Test scores.


4. Absence reports & list of trainees of Jewish faith.

Box 8, Folder 220

Assistants - Communication


1. Correspondence with instructions on various matters on ASTP assistants from [Savelle], 1 Nov 1943-23 Mar 1944

Box 8, Folder 221

Comments on ASTP History course & Army Achievement Test


1. Criticism reports on History 31 - 71, exams, etc., 1944-45

Box 8, Folder 222

Coordinator's Office - Messrs. Harriman, Sensabaugh, Johnson


1. Schedule of exams, 13-Dec-45


2. Memo to ASTP instructors re time schedule for reports, scheduling of exams, etc., 1944-45

Box 8, Folder 223

Correspondence - General


1. Mainly correspondence with book companies, 28 Sep 1943-17 Jul 1945

Box 8, Folder 224

Correspondence - University


1. Basic Curriculum B-65 as a replacement.


2. ASTP prospects for summer quarter.


3. Memo to Miss Gay, History Dept. from M.J. Cody, Registrar's Office.


4. Memo to Curricula Directors & Dept. Heads from Alvin C. Eurich with report on time devoted to ADTP.


5. Memo from Edgar E. Robinson re memo concerning instructional costs of program & report on instruction time in program, 18-Oct-44


6. History Inter-Dept. correspondence. Includes names of Gay, Sensabaugh, W.H. Johnson, Mitchel, Bailey, Robinson, Savelle. All pertaining to ASTP sections & courses. Includes some statistics & list of some of the professors & their educational background. Also memo on tentative training strength & procedures for Basic I,II & III, 31 Aug 1943-11 Sep 1944

Box 8, Folder 225

Curriculum, Basic Phase


1. History 73 Course Objectives, Contents & Procedures.


2. Basic Curriculum B-65.


3. History 72 - summer schedule 1945


4. History 72 Course Objectives, Contents & Procedures.


5. History 31 - 71, course outline.


6. College Training Program (Aircrew).


7. Outline for History 133.


8. Reserve Curricula Introduction Report (Georg Knoles), 25-Apr-44


9. Curricula N-10, N-20, B-60 - 25-Apr-44


10. Introductory Curriculum N-30, 8-Aug-44


11. List of textbooks & instructional meterial used in ASTP.


12. Memorandum - Evaluation of Curricula.


13. History 11-61 - Selection of paper topics for the course.


14. Teacher's Manual for Higher American Citizen ship Charts, A Teacher's Manual for the Sanford-Grady American History Maps, Both for History 133. 1930, 1942

Box 8, Folder 226

History for the Army


1. Objectives & procedures & content of History 11-61 (America in World Affairs).


2. Circular on Curricula N-10, N-20 & B-60, 25-Apr-44

Box 8, Folder 227

Miscellaneous - ASTP


1. Corrected rosters for Cycle I, 14-Dec-45


2. Report on Time Devoted to ASTP by Gay & Bouret.


3. Spring quarter & winter quarter scheduling sheets.


4. Brief outline of History 31a.


5. History 133 schedule of sections, 2-Feb-44


6. Scheduling plans for M. Savelle: 14 Dec 1943, 22, 25, 27 Mar 1944, 4, & Apr 1944


7. Memo re receipt of maps.


8. Revised University calendar to co-ordinate University & ASTP, autumn-summer, 1944


9. Autumn schedule for Bailey.


10. Various schedules for sections including schedules for Moule & Gay.


11. Quarterly budgets for instruction of AST units: (7) (4) 1 Oct 1943, 29 Jan 1944, 8 May 1944


12. Holograph page of supplies & time list, winter 1944


13. Summer quarter 1943 list of assistants & instructors & costs.


14. Cost analysis for History 133, 28-Sep-43


15. Forms for additional requirements of AST textbooks, 10 Jan-30 Jun 1944


16. Holograph notes.


17. Report on ASTP 705 - Historical Geography of France.


18. Suggestions for using AST achievement test results.

Box 9, Folder 228

Examinations, History 11-61, 121a, 133 Summer 1944 -

Box 9, Folder 229

Examinations, History 31-71 Winter 1944-45 -

Box 9, Folder 230

Examinations, History 31-71 Autumn 1943-44 -

Box 9, Folder 231

Examinations, History 72, Term I Summer 1945 -

Box 9, Folder 232

Examinations, History 73, Term II Autumn 1945 -

Box 9, Folder 233

Examinations, History 133, Terms I-III. Examination Schedules, Preprofessional Unit. Spring 1944 -

Box 9, Folder 234

Examinations, History 133, Terms I-III Winter 1944 -

Box 9, Folder 235

Examinations, Autumn 1943

Scope and Content Note

Review questions for History 133.
Box 9, Folder 236

Instructors - Communications

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence to and between instructors, 4 Oct. 1943 - 6 July 1945.
Box 9, Folder 237

Answer Keys (could not be matched with exams in folders 228-235)

Box 9, Folder 238



1. 1 detailed questionnaire Information on Courses in American History & Civics in California 4 year & Senior High Schools.


2. Ca. 60 questionnaires re educational background of the trainees, U.S. History courses taken in high school & what aspects of American history before 1900 they wish to have reviewed.


3. Questionnaires for the trainees asking educational background, history courses taken, history books read.

Box 9, Folder 239



1. History 11-61 - Summer 1944


2. History 31-71 - Winter 1945


3. History 31-71 - Autumn 1944


4. History 72 - Summer 1945


5. History 73 - Autumn 1945


6. History 133 - (Terms II & III); (Terms I-III); (Terms I-III); and (Term II). Summer 1944 Spring 1944 Winter 1944 Autumn 1943

Box 9, Folder 240

Trainee - Authorized Absence Reports

Scope and Content Note

Contents of folder destroyed - remainder kept as sample.
Box 9, Folder 241

Grade Sheets, Summer 1943 - Autumn 1945

Scope and Content Note

Representative grade sheets from each quarter between above dates. Includes 8 weeks reports & end quarter reports. Mainly History 133, some Curriculum BE-1, History 31 & History 73.
Box 9, Folder 242

Class Roll Books, Summer 1943-Autumn 1945

Scope and Content Note

Representatives kept from each quarter

Files of Prof. Gordon Craig 1962-1974


Arms Control

Box 10, Folder 243

Lectures (4), 1970-71

Box 10, Folder 244

Text, interim 1974 edition, for winter 1975 course.

Box 10, Folder 245

Legislative history of the Jackson amendment, 1972

Box 10, Folder 246

Textbook, Ch. I-IX. [for the Stanford Materials, Aug 1974, Aug 26-30, 1974

Box 10, Folder 247

Textbook, Ch. X-XV. [see explanation, Folder 246.] Aug 1974

Box 11, Folder 248

Lectures (3), 1971

Box 11, Folder 249

Lectures (2), 1971

Box 11, Folder 250

Lectures (1), 1971

Box 11, Folder 251

Armaments, NATO, Helsinki, Vienna, etc., 1973

Box 11, Folder 252

Text: Draft, Ch. I, 1972

Box 11, Folder 253

Text: Prelim. draft, Ch. I, 1973

Box 11, Folder 254

Text: Prelim. draft, Ch. II, 1973

Box 11, Folder 255

Text: Prelim. draft, Ch. III, 1973

Box 11, Folder 256

Text: Prelim, draft, Ch. IV, 1974

Box 11, Folder 257

Ford Foundation Proposal, 1972



Box 11, Folder 258

Committee on Relations Among Nations, 1965

Box 11, Folder 259

Committee on Relations Among Nations, 1966

Box 11, Folder 260

Committees on International Relations, (incl. material re. various international relations committees, 1968 1964-69

Box 12, Folder 261

International Relations Committee: Course and reading lists, 1969

Box 12, Folder 262a

International Relations Committee: 1969

Box 12, Folder 262b

International Relations Committee: 1969

Box 12, Folder 262c

International Relations Committee: 1969

Box 12, Folder 263

International Relations Committee: Report, May-69

Box 12, Folder 264

International Relations Committee: 1972-74

Box 12, Folder 265

CRIS (Center for Research in International Studies): Search Committee, 1972-73

Box 13, Folder 266

CIR/CRIS, (Committee on International Relations/Center for Research in International Studies) 1970-71

Box 13, Folder 267

CRIS, Jan-Jun 1972

Box 13, Folder 268

CRIS, Jun 1972-Feb 1974

Box 13, Folder 269

General Studies, Comm. on, [incl. minutes] 1966

Box 13, Folder 270

General Studies, Comm. on, [incl. minutes] 1964-65

Box 14, Folder 271

General Studies, Comm. on, [incl. minutes] 1962-63

Box 13, Folder 272

General Studies, Comm. on, [incl. minutes] 1963-64

Box 13, Folder 273

Faculty Self-Discipline, Floor Management Committee, 1970-72

Box 13, Folder 274

Faculty Self-Discipline, 1972

Box 13, Folder 275

Faculty Self-Discipline Code, 1972

Box 15, Folder 276

AAUP (American Association of University Professors): Commission on Faculty Self-Discipline, 1969-70

Box 15, Folder 277

AAUP Report on Government of University, 1968


General Departmental Files 1952-1974


Boxes 16 through 21 are restricted; consult the University Archivist for access.
Box 16, Folder 278

Adams, James D. [Knoles] 1971-72

Box 16, Folder 279

Advisees, [Craig] 1972-74

Box 16, Folder 280

Africa - History; Joint Appointment, [Wright, Knoles] 1963-65

Box 16, Folder 281

African Studies, [Potter] 1967-68

Box 16, Folder 282

Afro-American History, [Knoles] 1968-70

Box 16, Folder 283

Afro-American Studies, [Knoles] 1968-69

Box 16, Folder 284

AHA Meeting (American Historical Assn.), [Potter] 1966

Box 16, Folder 285

Americanist, [Potter, Knoles] 1971-72

Box 16, Folder 286

Americanist - Diplomatic, [Potter] 1966

Box 16, Folder 287

Americanist - General, [Potter] 1966-67

Box 16, Folder 288

Americanist - Inactive, [Potter] 1966-67

Box 16, Folder 289

Americanist - Kennedy, [Potter] 1966-67

Box 16, Folder 290

Americanist - Pomeroy, [Potter] 1966-67

Box 16, Folder 291

BAP (Budget Adjustment Program), [General] 1970-71

Box 16, Folder 292

[File returned to History Department 10/75.]

Box 16, Folder 293

China Prospects, [Smith, Knoles] 1968-69

Box 16, Folder 294

Committee on International Studies, [Potter] 1965-67

Box 16, Folder 295

Communications to Staff, [Potter] 1965-67

Box 16, Folder 296

Comparative History, [Potter] 1966-67

Box 17, Folder 297

Courses and Degrees, [Potter] 1967-68

Box 17, Folder 298

Course Schedule, [General] 1962-65

Box 17, Folder 299

Courses Scheduled, [General] 1965-68

Box 17, Folder 300

Course Syllabuses, [General] 1965-66

Box 17, Folder 301

Dawson, Philip, [Knoles] Includes articles. 1969-70

Box 17, Folder 302

Dean, Benjamin Douglass, Fund (Institute of American History), [Knoles] 1966-72

Box 17, Folder 303

Degree Requirements, [Knoles] 1952-69

Box 17, Folder 304

Dept. Meetings, [Knoles] Includes minutes. 1968-69

Box 17, Folder 305

Dept. organization, [Knoles] 1968-72

Box 17, Folder 306

Departmental Rosters, [Potter] 1967-68

Box 17, Folder 307

East Asia, [General] 1960-65

Box 17, Folder 308

East Asian Appointment, [General] 1966-69

Box 17, Folder 309

East Asian Studies, [General] 1966-69

Box 17, Folder 310

East European Studies, [General] 1968

Box 17, Folder 311

European Appt., [General] 1966-67

Box 18, Folder 312

Fellowship Committee Files [General]

Box 18, Folder 313

Fellowships, [General] 1962-65

Box 18, Folder 314

Freshman Seminars, [Potter] 1965-68

Box 18, Folder 315

General Studies, [Potter] 1966-68

Box 18, Folder 316

Gifts, [Potter-Knoles] 1966-72

Box 18, Folder 317

Graduate Admissions, [Knoles] 1965-69

Box 18, Folder 318

Grad. Admissions, [Potter-Knoles] 1967-68

Box 18, Folder 319

Grad. Admissions - Support, [Knoles] 1968-72

Box 19, Folder 320

Guest Lecturers, [Knoles] 1968-71

Box 19, Folder 321

History 200 (D. Kennedy), [Knoles] 1968-69

Box 19, Folder 322

[File returned to History Department 10/75.]

Box 19, Folder 323

[File returned to History Department 10/75.]

Box 19, Folder 324

[File returned to History Department 10/75.]

Box 19, Folder 325

[File returned to History Department 10/75.]

Box 19, Folder 326

Honors Program, [Potter] 1966-70

Box 19, Folder 327

Hoover Institute, [Potter-Knoles] 1966-70

Box 19, Folder 328

Housekeeping Items, [General] 1959-69

Box 19, Folder 329

[File returned to History Department 10/75.]

Box 19, Folder 330

Humanities and Sciences, [Potter] 1965-68

Box 19, Folder 331

Institute of American History - Budget, [General] 1961-70

Box 19, Folder 332

Instructional Costs, [General] 1962-67

Box 19, Folder 333

Johnson, Wesley, [Knoles] 1968-71

Box 19, Folder 334

[File returned to History Department 10/75.]

Box 20, Folder 335

Grad. Admissions and Fellowships, Assistantships, [Wright] 1958-64

Box 20, Folder 336

Grad. Assistants, T.A.S., and Work-Study, [Potter-Knoles] 1966-69

Box 20, Folder 337

Graduate Curriculum, [Potter] 1966

Box 20, Folder 338

Graduate Students, [Knoles-Wright] 1962-65

Box 20, Folder 339

Graduate Students. Teaching, [Knoles] 1968

Box 20, Folder 340

Latin America, [Wright-Knoles] 1962-64

Box 20, Folder 341

[File returned to History Department 10/75.]

Box 20, Folder 342

Library, [General] 1962-65

Box 20, Folder 343

Library: Old File, [General] 1957-63

Box 20, Folder 344

Mexican-American Studies, [Knoles] 1969-70

Box 20, Folder 345

Modern France, [Knoles] 1970

Box 20, Folder 346

New Appointments, General, [General] 1958-65

Box 20, Folder 347

Potter, David, [Knoles] Includes memorial resolution, obituaries. 1970-72

Box 21, Folder 348

Rhodes James, Robert, [Potter] 1966-68

Box 21, Folder 349

Rosenberg, John, [Potter] 1968

Box 21, Folder 350

Sabbaticals and Leaves, [Wright] 1960-65

Box 21, Folder 351

[File returned to History Department 10/75.]

Box 21, Folder 352

[File returned to History Department 10/75.]

Box 21, Folder 353

Spingarn, Stephen, [Potter] 1966-68

Box 21, Folder 354

Summer School - old file, [Wright] 1958-63

Box 21, Folder 355

Summer Session, [Potter] 1966

Box 21, Folder 356

Telephone, [Potter] 1967

Box 21, Folder 357

[File returned to History Department 10/75.]

Box 21, Folder 358

Toynbee, Arnold, [Potter] 1967

Box 21, Folder 359

Travel, [Wright] 1961-65

Box 21, Folder 360

Western Civilization, [Knoles] 1963-69

Box 21, Folder 361

Western Civilization, [Knoles] 1968-71

Box 21, Folder 362

Woodrow Wilsons, [Knoles] 1965-70