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Finding aid to State Land Settlement, Delhi, California, 1920-1922
BANC PIC 1966.033--fALB  
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Album 1


No. 25. Plan of the Delhi townsite as layed out by Prof. John W. Gregg of the University of California. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:001--fALB


No. 17. Station, store and old ranch house on Delhi townsite when purchased by State. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:002--fALB


No. 55. Preparing the townsite land for planting. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:003--fALB


No. 50. Houses on the Delhi townsite. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:004--fALB


No. 29. View of warehouse, blacksmith shop and concrete pipe factory, Delhi townsite. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:005--fALB


No. 40. Delhi townsite warehouse and lumber yard. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:006--fALB


No. 10. Hollow tile walls of office building. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:007--fALB


No. 35. Staff house, Delhi townsite. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:008--fALB


No. 65. Group of farm laborers, Second Unit, Delhi. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:009--fALB


No. 54. Staff houses on Delhi townsite. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:010--fALB


No. 51. Living room and dining room in superintendent's house. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:011--fALB


No. 53. 30" cement pipe in the pipe yard. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:012--fALB


No. 34. The Brubaker pipe machine in operation. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:013--fALB


No. 32. General interior view of the concrete pipe factory. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:014--fALB


No. 33. Overhead carrier used to transport pipe from the pipe machine to the yards. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:015--fALB


No. 44. Blacksmith and carpenter shop. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:016--fALB


No. 43. Removing the inside core to 30" concrete pipe mold. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:017--fALB


No. 48. Air tamper at work in cement pipe factory. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:018--fALB


No. 46. Corner of colony warehouse, irrigation gates in the foreground. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:019--fALB


No. 49. Corner of colony warehouse, irrigation gates in the foreground. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:020--fALB


No. 45. Unloading gravel at Delhi for roads. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:021--fALB


No. 47. Leveling land on Delhi townsite. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:022--fALB


No. 1. Grape cuttings being unloaded in the field for planting in the nursery. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:023--fALB


No. 16. Planting cuttings in the nursery. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:024--fALB


No. 3. General View of vine nursery. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:025--fALB


No. 4. Best 75 tractor and Schmeiser Leveller at work on Allotment No. 120. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:026--fALB


No. 15. Force of men planting grape cuttings in the nursery. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:027--fALB


No. 19. Close up view of Nursery planting. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:028--fALB


No. 24. George Kreutzer and a group of prospective settlers looking over map of first opening. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:029--fALB


No. 9. Preparing the foundation of the warehouse. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:030--fALB


No. 7. General view of undeveloped land in its native state. (Poultry farms -- 129-130-131) BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:031--fALB


No. 39. Bean Crop, August, 1920. Delhi State Land Settlement. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:032--fALB


No. 20. Corn Crop, August, 1920. Delhi State Land Settlement. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:033--fALB


No. 18. Levelling land for grapes on Allotment 143. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:034--fALB


No. 22. Levelling land on Allotment No. 142. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:035--fALB


No. 23. Putting down a 12" cased wall on the nursery block. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:036--fALB


No. 12. Farm house and garage on Allotment 115. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:037--fALB


No. 2. Farm Laborer's house on Allotment No. 2. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:038--fALB


No. 13. Farm Laborer's house on Allotment No. 19. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:039--fALB


No. 21. Farm Laborer's house No. 21. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:040--fALB


No. 5. Farm Laborer's house on Allotment No. 17. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:041--fALB


No. 6. Farm Laborer's house on allotment No. 6. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:042--fALB


No. 14. Temporary House to be used as garage later on, Allotment No. 15. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:043--fALB


No. 8. Farm house on Allotment No. 114. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:044--fALB


No. 11. House on Farm Laborer's allotment No. 4. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:045--fALB


No. 27. Farm Laborer's house on Allotment No. 21. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:046--fALB


No. 28. Farm laborer's house on allotment No. 19. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:047--fALB


No. 30. House on Allotment No. 27. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:048--fALB


No. 36. House on Allotment No. 24. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:049--fALB


No. 31. House on Allotment No. 28. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:050--fALB


No. 42. General View of Farm laborer's allotments. Nos. 23, 24, and 25. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:051--fALB


[house and two men] BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:052--fALB


[house and windmill] BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:053--fALB


[building and two men] BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:054--fALB


[house and two men] BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:055--fALB


No. 59. Sheep feeding on rye stubble, Delhi Colony. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:056--fALB


No. 58. Putting in grain on 1000 acre tract not yet opened up. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:057--fALB


No. 60. Hog pen and chicken yard on Allotment #138 belonging to Fred Worthington. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:058--fALB


No. 61. Farm layout on Allotment #138, Fred Worthington. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:059--fALB


No. 57. Temporary shelter on Allotment 142, Mr. Lorang. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:060--fALB


No. 56. Professor F. T. Bioletti of the Univ. of California giving a vine pruning demonstration on Allotment #109, Delhi. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:061--fALB


No. 64. Group of farm laborers, Second Unit, Delhi. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:062--fALB


"Erected for Mr. Paul Dougherty, Allotment 229, Delhi State Land Settlement, 1920." BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:063--fALB


"Farmstead Layout for Mr. D. L. Shuman, Allotment 250, Delhi State Land Settlement, 1920, Scale 32'=1". " BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 1:064--fALB


Album 2


No. 67. Chief of the Division of Land Settlement with the superintendents of Durham & Delhi. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:001--fALB


No. 66. Members of the LAND SETTLEMENT DIVISION and visitors of the colony, August 1921. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:002--fALB


No. 85. Breaking ground for Community Hall, July 15, 1921. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:003--fALB


No. 92. Wilson Hall. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:004--fALB


No. 76. Laying foundation for Delhi Community Hall with Delhi Grammar School in distance. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:005--fALB


No. 73. Blacksmith shop, August 1921. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:006--fALB


No. 72. Office, State Land Settlement Board. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:007--fALB


No. 69. Delhi Lumber Yard, August 1921. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:008--fALB


No. 68. Blacksmith shop, Delhi, August 1921. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:009--fALB


No. 70. General View from Headquarters, Delhi. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:010--fALB


No. 88. Farm laborer's block half way between Delhi and Ballico, August 1921. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:011--fALB


No. 56 (also v. 1:61) BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:012--fALB


No. 89. Turning on the water, August 1921. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:013--fALB


No. 90. Entrance to home, Delhi. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:014--fALB


No. 98. Farm laborer's home, August 1921. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:015--fALB


No. 91. Farm home with area planted to vineyard, 1921. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:016--fALB


No. 96. Method of irrigation, August 1921. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:017--fALB


No. 94. Sweet potato patch, August 1921. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:018--fALB


No. 93. Allotment planted to peanuts, August 1921. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:019--fALB


No. 97. Farm laborer's block, crops--beans and sweet potatoes, August 1921. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:020--fALB


No. 86. Sweet potato patch, August 1921. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:021--fALB


No. 87. Farm laborer's allotment, August 1921. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:022--fALB


No. 71. Milo maize, August 1921. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:023--fALB


No. 75. Vacation time, Delhi. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:024--fALB


No. 79. Rabbits, Bailey allotment BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:025--fALB


No. 95. Toggenberg goats, August 1921. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:026--fALB


No. 83. Watermelon patch. August 1921. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:027--fALB


No. 84. Canal at heading, August 1921. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:028--fALB


No. 74. Rabbits, Bailey allotment. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:029--fALB


No. 80. Davis cow. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:030--fALB


No. 100. Officials at Dedication of Community Hall. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:031--fALB


No. 101. Interior view of Community Hall BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:032--fALB


No. 102. Fireplace in dining room of Wilson Hall. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:033--fALB


No. 103. Automobiles parked on townsite. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:034--fALB


No. 104. Another view of automobiles on townsite. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:035--fALB


No. 134. Wilson Hall, Delhi. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:036--fALB


No. 105. Watermelon feed at Delhi, Sept. 29, 1921. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:037--fALB


No. 106. Preparing sweet potatoes for barbecue. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:038--fALB


No. 107. Barbecuing meat for 2300 people. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:039--fALB


No. 108. Delhi Grocery Co. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:040--fALB


No. 109. Farm home, Delhi. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:041--fALB


No. 110. [No caption] BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:042--fALB


No. 111. Delhi Grammar School BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:043--fALB


No. 112. Sept. 29, 1921, Fourth cutting of alfalfa planted Feb 1., 1921. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:044--fALB


No. 113. Recess time, Delhi Grammar School BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:045--fALB


No. 114. First Grade, Delhi. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:046--fALB


No. 115. Exterior view of Wilson Hall. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:047--fALB


No. 116. Automobiles attending dedication of Wilson Hall, Sept. 29, 1921. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:048--fALB


No. 117. Crop of alfalfa on Delhi colony, Sept. 29, 1921. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:049--fALB


No. 118. Cutting alfalfa, Delhi. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:050--fALB


No. 119. Farm home under construction with alfalfa in the foreground. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:051--fALB


[men and mules in field] BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:052--fALB


[man in field] BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:053--fALB


[field] BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:054--fALB


No. 124. Phillips cling peaches 2 yrs. old, corn between rows. Allotment E. E. Wayman, Delhi, July 24, 1922. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:055--fALB


No. 135. Office of Vocational Training Board, Delhi. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:056--fALB


No. 125. Son of settler E. H. Lehman irrigation on allotment of E. E. Wayman, Delhi, July 24, 1922. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:057--fALB


No. 132. Tile Yard, Delhi. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:058--fALB


No. 150. Dwelling Ralph Doughty-- allot. 230--garage built 1 yr. ago--front unit just completed--July 1922. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:059--fALB


No. 136. Bulletins in Vocational Training Board Office. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:060--fALB


No. 120. Boys Club Calf--Richard Hull, Jr. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:061--fALB


No. 139. Community bull De Kol Patty BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:062--fALB


No. 82. Young bull. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:063--fALB


No. 127. Holsteins in barn yard - allot. M. Widener BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:064--fALB


No. 126. Corn grown for silage. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:065--fALB


No. 129. Poultry house R. M. Hocker, July 24, 1922. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:066--fALB


No. 153. Young bull - property of W. A. Waddelow. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:067--fALB


No. 121. Alfalfa and buildings of H. Leffler farm BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:068--fALB


No. 155. Temporary dwelling, W. W. Culbertson. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:069--fALB


No. 141. Temporary dwelling house, poultry house type--allotment F. Kretz BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:070--fALB


No. 128. Flower bed-- Home R. M. Hocker BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:071--fALB


No. 130. Two yr. old Thompson seedless grapes-- allot. J. P. Wymer BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:072--fALB


No. 122. Grape irrigation--1 yr. old Thompson seedless grapes on allotment E. E. Wayman BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:073--fALB


No. 145. General view looking north from Ballico townsite. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:074--fALB


No. 144. General view looking south from Ballico townsite. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:075--fALB


No. 143. Bellico station on Santa Fe BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:076--fALB


Overflow surge in Conway Ditch BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:077--fALB


Constructing capped Stands in Pipe Yard BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:078--fALB


Typical pumping plant - Turbine pumping from well BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:079--fALB


Laying 20" pipe--preparing to cover reinforced joint BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:080--fALB


One of 13 orchard stands running simultaneously, irrigating a young vineyard on Delhi Colony. Several of these have been installed BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:081--fALB


Installation of two overflow spills. Capped diversion chamber in foreground BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:082--fALB


Irrigation, Delhi BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:083--fALB


Young vineyard, Delhi BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 2:084--fALB


Album 3


No. 187 ["Wilson Hall - Gift of Edgar M. Wilson of San Francisco. Wilson Hall typifies the neighborhood spirit wherein ... BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:001--fALB

Full title

No. 187 ["Wilson Hall - Gift of Edgar M. Wilson of San Francisco. Wilson Hall typifies the neighborhood spirit wherein men are social beings rather than machines, dwell in homes not laboratories, and lead the old town meeting out into the service of the new economic democracy. From the beginnings of human civilization, the irrigation trench, in Egypt and Babylonia, taught men to work together. Today history is written in terms of such works as the hospital, the library, the church and the schools. Joint credit, security of life, and community health have laid the basis of a cooperation, rich in sympathy and keen to serve. For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul? -- Benj. [Benjamin] I. Wheeler, March, 1922."]

No. 163. Exhibit Model of Delhi State Land Settlement BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:002--fALB


No. 177. Irrigation Exhibit BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:003--fALB


No. 178. Land Settlement Board Exhibit BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:004--fALB


No. 174. Melon Feed, Delhi Fair, Sept. 1922 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:005--fALB


No. 182. Dahlia Exhibit, Delhi Fair, Sept. 1922. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:006--fALB


No. 179. Prize holstein dairy cow BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:007--fALB


No. 175. General Exterior view, Delhi Community Fair, Sept. 15, 1922 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:008--fALB


No. 167. A portion of the poultry exhibit, Delhi Fair BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:009--fALB


No. 171. Holstein calves BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:010--fALB


No. 168. Boys' Club Calves BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:011--fALB


No. 180. Dairy cows, first & second prize, Delhi Community Fair BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:012--fALB


No. 169. Young Community bull BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:013--fALB


No. 173. Calves BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:014--fALB


No. 176. Prof. True of the University judging horses,--Delhi BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:015--fALB


No. 183. Black stallion - 2nd prize Delhi Community Fair, Sept. 1922 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:016--fALB


No. 181. Horses, Delhi Fair BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:017--fALB


No. 161. Exhibit of Paul & May Dougherty BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:018--fALB


No. 160. Exhibit of peaches & grapes BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:019--fALB


No. 159. Exhibit--melons, pumpkins, squash, corn, Delhi Fair BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:020--fALB


No. 162. Exhibit melons & squash--the six watermelons on the right came from a single vine BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:021--fALB


No. 172. Tokay grapes from 1 yr. old vine. Wm. Girdwood. allot. 200 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:022--fALB


No. 170. Grape and peach exhibit BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:023--fALB


No. 165. Delhi Little Ones-- The pumpkin on the right weighs 111 lbs. The other, a "Crown", weighs 92 lbs. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:024--fALB


No. 158. Exhibit by Robert Berger, farm laborer, Delhi BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:025--fALB


No. 164. Farm laborers' exhibits. Delhi Fair BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:026--fALB


No. 186. Subdivisional plan of Delhi showing third and fourth units BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:027--fALB


No. 185. Ballico townsite BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:028--fALB


No. 184. Delhi Station, Southern Pacific Railway BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:029--fALB


No. 156. Dwelling and garden, Oscar A. Hill, July 1922 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:030--fALB


No. 154. Duroc Jersey boar, property W. A. Waddelow BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:031--fALB


No. 149. Allotment of S. G. Kerr, beans & corn BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:032--fALB


No. 142. Temporary dwelling and poultry house allot. Harry Kuhlman BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:033--fALB


No. 146. David C. Peters barn with D. L. Schuman barn wing in the distance BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:034--fALB


No. 166. Prof. True (second from left in foreground) judging livestock BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:035--fALB


No. 81. Heifers belong to Mr. Woods BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:036--fALB


No. 123. Apricot orchard 2 yrs. old--sweet potatoes between rows. Allotment E. E. Wayman BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:037--fALB


No. 131. Sweet potatoes on allot. A. Aguirre BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:038--fALB


No. 148. General view, University experimental farm orchard, July 1922 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:039--fALB


No. 137. General view of poultry farms, west townsite BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:040--fALB


No. 140. Brown Bros. Farmstead, Delhi BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:041--fALB


No. 151. Farmhouse allotment 235, O. W. Shattuck BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:042--fALB


No. 157. Group of visitors on hotel veranda at Ballico, July 1922 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:043--fALB


No. 133. Close-up of mantled and dismantled valves BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:044--fALB


No. 188. Photograph taken when exservice men from Rough and Ready Island visited the colony at Delhi. August 5, 1922 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:045--fALB


No. 189. Photograph taken when exservice men from Rough and Ready Island visited the colony at Delhi. August 5, 1922 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:046--fALB


No. 190. Photograph taken when exservice men from Rough and Ready Island visited the colony at Delhi. August 5, 1922 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:047--fALB


No. 191. Tree Planting along highway at Delhi - January, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:048--fALB


No. 192. Tree Planting along highway at Delhi - January 1923. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:049--fALB


Don Pedro Dam - General view from downstream BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:050--fALB


Don Pedro Dam - Upstream face from North - Nov. 14, 1922 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:051--fALB


No. 194. Headwaters of Merced river BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:052--fALB


No. 193. Flag raising by the American Legion at community Hall. Feb. 24, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:053--fALB


No. 195. Loading grapes from the Delhi state settlement, August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:054--fALB


No. 196. Peach orchard owned by Mr. Ruhl, allotment 227. Picture taken Aug. 14, 1923 - trees planted Jan. 1922 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:055--fALB


No. 197. Southern Pacific Train stopping at Delhi station, August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:056--fALB


No. 198. Making hay on allotment 214 owned by Mr. Hull, August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:057--fALB


No. 199. Mr. Batterman and two of his German police dogs, allot. 145. Mr. Batterman has 100 acres in fruit BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:058--fALB


No. 201. Alfalfa planted April 1923 - picture taken August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:059--fALB


No. 200. Blackeye beans on allotment 472 - August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:060--fALB


No. 202. Alfalfa on Mr. Miser's place, allotment 201. Farm adviser's records show yield of over 10 tons to the acre on demonstration plots on this place BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:061--fALB


No. 203. Mr. Sigel B. Warner's poultry farm, August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:062--fALB


No. 204. Lee boys, allotment 207, August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:063--fALB


No. 205. Loading car with grapes, August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:064--fALB


No. 206. Mrs. Paul Dougherty feeding a flock of turkeys on allotment 229. August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:065--fALB


No. 207. Entrance to superintendent's house, Delhi townsite. August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:066--fALB


No. 208. Some of Mr. Stoop's stock and uncompleted milk house on allotment 213, August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:067--fALB


No. 209. Sunflowers on allotment 430. August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:068--fALB


No. 210. Peach trees planted Jan. 1923. Picture taken August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:069--fALB


No. 211. Alfalfa on allotment 202 yields 10 tons to the acre. Picture taken August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:070--fALB


No. 212. Interplanting between young trees on 2 acre allotment belonging to Mr. Gaddy. August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:071--fALB


No. 213. Fishing is good in the Merced river adjoining the Delhi settlement. August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:072--fALB


No. 214. Packing grapes on allotment 119 belonging to Mr. Warner, August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:073--fALB


No. 215. Fishing in Merced river adjoining Delhi state settlement, August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:074--fALB


No. 216. 2-acre block owned by Mr. David Craig, August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:075--fALB


No. 217. Dr. Mead's portrait hanging in library room of community hall, August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:076--fALB


No. 218. Mr. Warner and some of his poultry, Aug. 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:077--fALB


No. 219. Packing grapes on the Harbin ranch, allotment 109, August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:078--fALB


No. 220. Mr. Warner and some of his poultry. Aug. 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:079--fALB


No. 221. Temporary packing house on allotment 109 owned by Mr. Harbin, August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:080--fALB


No. 222. 2-acre block owned by Mr. Berger, showing young trees interplanted with strawberries. Aug. 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:081--fALB


No. 223. River scene adjoining Delhi state settlement, August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:082--fALB


No. 224. Mrs. Matt Williams and her daughter, allot. 245, showing utilization of poultry house as temporary living quarters. August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:083--fALB


No. 225. Orchard planted Jan 1922 on allotment 336 owned by Mr. Yeager. Picture taken Aug 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:084--fALB


No. 227. Loading grapes out of the field, allotment 118, August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:085--fALB


No. 226. Purebred stock owned by Mr. Davies, allot. 237. August 14, 1923. March records of cow testing assns. reporting to Dept. of Agric. show one of Mr. Davies' cows as highest producing cow in state that month BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:086--fALB


No. 228. Rhode Island Reds owned by Mrs. Harbin, allot 109, August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:087--fALB


No. 229. Dairy herd owned by Jim Braden, allotment 238, August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:088--fALB


No. 230. Thompson Seedless grapes in vineyard at Delhi, August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:089--fALB


No. 231. Peach trees owned by Mr. Rohl, allotment 227. Trees planted Jan. 1922 - picture taken Aug. 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:090--fALB


No. 232. Flower garden on Mr. Hocker's place, allotment 118. August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:091--fALB


No. 233. Rhode Island Reds owned by Mrs. Harbin, allot. 109, August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:092--fALB


No. 234. Two-year old peach trees on allotment 226 owned by Mr. Bache, August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:093--fALB


No. 235. Mr. and Mrs. Shattuck in their home, allot, 235. August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:094--fALB


No. 236. Home of Mr. Hill, allotment 137. August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:095--fALB


No. 237. Southern Pacific Station at Delhi. Aug. 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:096--fALB


No. 238. Mr. Sawyer and his herd of cows, allotment 239, August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:097--fALB


No. 239. Cows on Mr. Stoop's allotment 213, Aug. 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:098--fALB


No. 240. Birdseye view of a portion of the second unit of the settlement taken from allotment 327. August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:099--fALB


No. 241. Young vineyard of Mr. Lindstrom on allotment 225, August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:100--fALB


No. 242. Birdseye view of portion of second unit taken from allotment 327, August 14, 1923. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:101--fALB


No. 243. Bldgs on allotment 214 owned by Brown Bros. August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:102--fALB


No. 244. Home belonging to Dan Miller, allotment 321, August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:103--fALB


No. 245. Front yard of superintendent's house on Delhi townsite, August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:104--fALB


No. 246. House belonging to Mr. Tyree, allotment 148, August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:105--fALB


No. 247. Blanche Protheroe and her farm bureau garden, August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:106--fALB


No. 248. Baling hay on Mr. Sawyer's allotment 239, August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:107--fALB


No. 249. Merced river scene adjoining settlement, August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:108--fALB


No. 250. Mr. Braden, Sr. and some of the Braden herd on allotment 238, August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:109--fALB


No. 251. Packing grapes on allotment 118 belonging to Mr. Hocker, August 14, 1923 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 3:110--fALB


Album 4


No. 37. Delhi Grammar School. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 4:001--fALB


No. 38. Office building, headquarters of Delhi Land Settlement BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 4:002--fALB


No. 41. Warehouse, Delhi townsite BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 4:003--fALB


No. 52. Delhi State Land Settlement BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 4:004--fALB


No. 75. Vacation time, Delhi. See also, v.2:24. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 4:005--fALB


No. 77. Young turkeys, Bailey allotment, Delhi BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 4:006--fALB


No. 78. Poultrey farm, Delhi BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 4:007--fALB


No. 101. Town Hall. See also v.2:32. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 4:008--fALB


No. 138. Residence of Farmstead engineer, Max E. Cook. Delhi State Land Settlement, July 24, 1922. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 4:009--fALB


No. 147. General view of river farms. July 24, 1922 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 4:010--fALB


No. 152. Home of allotment 262. E. H. Lane. July 24, 1922 BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 4:011--fALB


No. 180. Dairy cows. See also v.3:12. BANC PIC 1966.033:Album 4:012--fALB