Finding Aid to Views from a Trip to California, ca. 1887-1889, ca. 1887-1889

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Finding Aid to Views from a Trip to California, ca. 1887-1889, ca. 1887-1889

Collection number: BANC PIC 1905.06484-.06485--PIC

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Views from a Trip to California
Date: ca. 1887-1889
Collection Number: BANC PIC 1905.06484-.06485--PIC
Collector: Harriet S. Tolman
Extent: 217 photographic prints, albumen, various sizes. 207 digital objects
Repository: The Bancroft Library.
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-6000
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Scope and Content

The Views from a Trip to California collection contains 217 photographic prints collected by Harriet S. Tolman during a trip to California from 1888 to 1889. The dated prints range from 1887 to 1889, though many undated prints are likely to have been published earlier. The prints are primarily commercial views by popular photographers of the time depicting locales which Tolman presumably visited. California regions featured in the collection include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Pasadena, Santa Barbara, Ventura County, Monterey, and the Mojave Desert. Many California Missions are featured, including San Gabriel, San Diego, San Luis Rey, San Fernando, San Juan Capistrano, San Buenaventura, Santa Barbara, La Purisima, San Carlos de Borromeo, and Dolores. Several well-captioned prints picture California flora such as palms, cacti, pampas grass, grape vines, and oaks, as well as pepper, persimmon, oleander, banana, orange, lemon and fig trees. Other notable California subjects include the Raymond Hotel, the residence of Jason and Owen Brown (sons of the abolitionist John Brown), the Hotel Del Coronado, the Mexico-California boundary monument, Sweet Water Dam, Rancho Camulos, Matilija Canyon, the De la Guerra residence, the Hotel Del Monte, Yosemite Valley, and San Francisco's Palace Hotel and Chinatown.
Non-California subjects pictured in the collection include Utah, featuring Salt Lake City, Price Canyon and Sierra La Sal; Colorado, featuring the Marshall Pass, Georgetown and the Georgetown Loop of the Union Pacific Railroad, the Curecanti Needle, the Garden of the Gods, Cheyenne Mountain, Williams Canyon and the Manitou Grand Caverns; Indian scenes of Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Arizona flora.
The collection includes the work of many noteworthy photographers, including William H. Jackson, Charles R. Savage, Isaiah W. Taber, F.H. Rogers, and J.C. Brewster.
The prints are still affixed to the loose, captioned pages of what was presumably their original album. Viewing prints are provided for 10 oversize photographs which are shelved separately.
The collection contains no information regarding the identity of Harriet S. Tolman.

Container Listing


Volume 1 BANC PIC 1905.06484:1-126


Pueblo of Santo Domingo, N M [New Mexico]. "On the journey out. Santa Fe etc." BANC PIC 1905.06484:001--PIC


Street in Santa Fe NM [New Mexico]. BANC PIC 1905.06484:002--PIC


Water Baskets Made By The Indians. 203. BANC PIC 1905.06484:003--PIC


Mexican Adobe House and Oven. BANC PIC 1905.06484:004--PIC


View from the Raymond Veranda. "Las Casitas over top of electric pole". 82. BANC PIC 1905.06484:005--PIC


View from the Raymond Veranda. "The Sierra Madre Range. `Old Baldy' or San Antonio. San Bernardino. San Jacinto." 83. BANC PIC 1905.06484:006--PIC


"Las Casitas." BANC PIC 1905.06484:007--PIC


"House of Dr. Adele Gleason." BANC PIC 1905.06484:008--PIC


Las Casitas from Brown's Trail. R.H. Rogers, Photo. L.A. Cal'a. "Las Casitas. Millard's Canon with road leading up to Las Casitas Plain. The Arroya Seco beyond the promontory of Las Casitas. Slope of `2nd Hill' which hides `1st Hill' & also the site of house” BANC PIC 1905.06484:009--PIC


Eatons Canyon from Painter's Hill. "Las Casitas." B44. BANC PIC 1905.06484:010--PIC


Birds Eye View of Brown Boys Rancho. "Home of Owen & Jason Brown -- Rear View. Slopes into Millard's Canon." 165. BANC PIC 1905.06484:011--PIC


Birds Eye View of Brown Boys Rancho. "Home of Owen & Jason Brown. Front View. Plain of Las Casitas. `2nd Hill' with pine tree where Owen Brown is buried. `Brown's Trail.' In foreground `grease wood -- our only fuel... [Illegible]." 165. BANC PIC 1905.06484:012--PIC


1. John Brown Jr. 2. Jayson Brown. 3. Owen Brown. "Cabin of Owen and Jason Brown. John Brown Jr. on a visit to them." BANC PIC 1905.06484:013--PIC


Las Casitas Views -- All Aboard for Brown's Peak. "View from rear of plateau of Las Casitas. `1st Hill.' `2nd Hill.' `Browns Peak.' White spots are site Brown's cabin." 178. BANC PIC 1905.06484:014--PIC


Funeral of Owen Brown, at M.E. Tabernacle, Jan. 10, 1889. Owen Brown. John Brown's Son's Mountain Home. [Composite print.] "A present to me from Mr. Jason Brown." BANC PIC 1905.06484:015--PIC


Las Casitas Views -- John Brown's Sons and a Cabin on Brown's Trail. "Owen Brown. Jason Brown. The Cabin used for camping by their sister Mrs. Thompson." BANC PIC 1905.06484:016--PIC


"Jason Brown. Owen Brown. These cracks were never filled until done as a Christmas present by Dr. Adele Gleason. But it was too late to save Owen Brown who died of fever the result of cold and improper food, or lack of food. He had been mentally astray for some time.” BANC PIC 1905.06484:017--PIC


Las Casitas Views. Awaiting the arrival of the Raymond Coach. F.H. Rogers, Photo, L.A. Cal'a. "Our Donkeys on the Plateau of Las Casitas. `Pinkey.' `Juanita.' `Barney.'" BANC PIC 1905.06484:018--PIC


I stop at the Raymond Hotel. "A Raymond Donkey." 172. BANC PIC 1905.06484:019--PIC


The Trail near Switzer Camp. "On the Heights above Las Casitas." B 91. BANC PIC 1905.06484:020--PIC


Switzer Camp. "On the Heights above Las Casitas." B 89. BANC PIC 1905.06484:021--PIC


"In the Arroya Canon. Devil's Gate.'" BANC PIC 1905.06484:022--PIC


"In Millard's Canon." BANC PIC 1905.06484:023--PIC


The Devil's Gate. "Where the Arroya Canon opens into the Arroya Seco. Arroya means “river”, & seco means “dry”. So named from the broad, dry bed of the river leaving the canon. The pipes belong to two companies who supply Pasadena." B 46. BANC PIC 1905.06484:024--PIC


"In the Arroya Canon. Where we used to ford on the donkeys." BANC PIC 1905.06484:025--PIC


Maiden Hair Falls. "In Prieto Canon. Pipe bringing water supply to Dr. Gleason's Sanitarium. Prieto means dark. This canon so named because too narrow for sunshine." BANC PIC 1905.06484:026--PIC


Beach and Bath Houses. Santa Monica, Cal. "Santa Monica near Los Angeles." 93. BANC PIC 1905.06484:027--PIC


San Gabriel, "Mission". "San Gabriel Mission." BANC PIC 1905.06484:028--PIC


Old Mission San Gabriel. 62. BANC PIC 1905.06484:029--PIC


Chimes Old Mission San Gabriel. 207. BANC PIC 1905.06484:030--PIC


Galley Stairs of Old San Gabriel Mission. 89. BANC PIC 1905.06484:031--PIC


Riverside From Pachappa Mt. "Riverside. Aquaduct [sic] taking water for irrigation." BANC PIC 1905.06484:032--PIC


"Riverside. Method of irrigation." BANC PIC 1905.06484:033--PIC


Riverside Orange Grove. "Riverside. A typical orange grove." BANC PIC 1905.06484:034--PIC


"Riverside. Canal for irrigation." BANC PIC 1905.06484:035--PIC


Hotel Del Coronado from E.S.E. "The Coronado Hotel -- San Diego." BANC PIC 1905.06484:036--PIC


Hotel Del Coronado. Porch of Main Entrance. No. 144. BANC PIC 1905.06484:037--PIC


Hotel Del Coronado from N.W. 111. BANC PIC 1905.06484:038--PIC


"Hotel Del Coronado." Court. No. 99. BANC PIC 1905.06484:039--PIC


Dining Room. "Coronado Hotel, San Diego." 108. BANC PIC 1905.06484:040--PIC


Coronado Hotel. Ladies' Billiard Room. "The Coronado Hotel -- San Diego." No. 146. BANC PIC 1905.06484:041--PIC


[Bay scene. From Coronado Hotel?] BANC PIC 1905.06484:042--PIC


Hotel Del Coronado. Veranda facing the Ocean. No. 135. BANC PIC 1905.06484:043--PIC


San Diego Mission. "The San Diego Mission. 1769." 2. BANC PIC 1905.06484:044--PIC


[San Diego Mission.] BANC PIC 1905.06484:045--PIC


San Diego Mission. 1. BANC PIC 1905.06484:046--PIC


San Diego "Mission Bells." 396. BANC PIC 1905.06484:047--PIC


"Valley of the San Diego Mission." BANC PIC 1905.06484:048--PIC


Boundry [sic] Monument. "Boundary between United States and Mexico." 3. BANC PIC 1905.06484:049--PIC


"Palm Trees in old San Diego." BANC PIC 1905.06484:050--PIC


"House in old San Diego. Ramona's Marriage Place.'" BANC PIC 1905.06484:051--PIC


"San Diego." [Sweet Water Dam.] BANC PIC 1905.06484:052--PIC


Sweet Water Dam, From North Side. "The Boston Water Co. of San Diego, Cal." 629. BANC PIC 1905.06484:053--PIC


"El Cajon." BANC PIC 1905.06484:054--PIC


"Lakeside." BANC PIC 1905.06484:055--PIC


San Jacinto. J.T. Kerr's Rancho. No. 28. BANC PIC 1905.06484:056--PIC


[Unidentified women on horses. Unidentified location.] BANC PIC 1905.06484:057--PIC


San Jacinto. McAllister's Ranch. No. 2. BANC PIC 1905.06484:058--PIC


Temecula Canon on line of C.S.R.R. “The Temecula Canon -- mentioned in `Ramona.'” No. 5. BANC PIC 1905.06484:059--PIC


"San Louis [i.e. Luis] Rey Mission." BANC PIC 1905.06484:060--PIC


San Louis [i.e. Luis] Rey Mission looking S.S.W. No. 187. BANC PIC 1905.06484:061--PIC


San Louis [i.e. Luis] Rey Mission Bell. No. 184. BANC PIC 1905.06484:062--PIC


San Louis [i.e. Luis] Rey Mission from Bellfrey. No. 185. BANC PIC 1905.06484:063--PIC


[Interior. San Luis Rey Mission?] BANC PIC 1905.06484:064--PIC


[Interior. San Luis Rey Mission?] BANC PIC 1905.06484:065--PIC


San Louis [Luis] Rey Mission Garden Gate. No. 190. BANC PIC 1905.06484:066--PIC


"San Fernando Mission." BANC PIC 1905.06484:067--PIC


"Pala Mission, in San Louis [i.e. Luis] Rey Valley." No. 4. BANC PIC 1905.06484:068--PIC


[Pala Mission, San Luis Rey Valley.] BANC PIC 1905.06484:069--PIC


[Pala Mission, San Luis Rey Valley.] BANC PIC 1905.06484:070--PIC


Remains of Mission Church, Santa Isabel. "Santa Isabel Mission -- In Julian District 60 miles from San Diego." No. 118. BANC PIC 1905.06484:071--PIC


[Santa Isabel Mission.] BANC PIC 1905.06484:072--PIC


Old Mission San Juan Capistrano, Founded 1776, Destroyed by earthquake in 1812. "San Juan Capistrano Mission." 124. BANC PIC 1905.06484:073--PIC


Ruins of Old San Juan Mission, Founded 1776, Destroyed by earthquake 1812. 125. BANC PIC 1905.06484:074--PIC


Mission Church Capistrano Inside of Alter [sic]. No. 244. BANC PIC 1905.06484:075--PIC


Mission Church Capistrano looking E. No. 246. BANC PIC 1905.06484:076--PIC


Mission Church Capistrano looking E. No. 251. BANC PIC 1905.06484:077--PIC


Mission Church Capistrano looking N.E. No. 254. BANC PIC 1905.06484:078--PIC


Mission Church Capistrano Bells. No. 247. BANC PIC 1905.06484:079--PIC


Capistrano Valley from Mission looking N.W. No. 259. BANC PIC 1905.06484:080--PIC


[San Juan Capistrano Mission.] BANC PIC 1905.06484:081--PIC


Capistrano Valley from Mission looking S. No. 261. BANC PIC 1905.06484:082--PIC


"Los Angeles -- Mrs. Severance's home -- Red Roof." BANC PIC 1905.06484:083--PIC


"Mrs. Severance's Dining Room." BANC PIC 1905.06484:084--PIC


"Los Angeles -- Miss Carrie Seymour's home -- The Pepper Box.'" BANC PIC 1905.06484:085--PIC


"Mrs. Severance's Parlor." BANC PIC 1905.06484:086--PIC


"Los Angeles -- Our Lady of the Angels.'" BANC PIC 1905.06484:087--PIC


"Ventura -- Old San Buenaventura Mission." BANC PIC 1905.06484:088--PIC


"Camulos -- The Home of Ramona." BANC PIC 1905.06484:089--PIC


J.C. Brewster. Copyrighted 1887. [Camulos Ranch?] BANC PIC 1905.06484:090--PIC


J.C. Brewster. [Camulos Ranch?] BANC PIC 1905.06484:091--PIC


Copyrighted 1887. J.C. Brewster. [Camulos Ranch?] BANC PIC 1905.06484:092--PIC


Copyright 1887. J.C. Brewster. [Camulos Ranch?] BANC PIC 1905.06484:093--PIC


J.C. Brewster. Copyright 1887. "Camulos -- The Old Chapel Bells brought from Spain." BANC PIC 1905.06484:094--PIC


"Ojai Valley -- Oak Glen Cottages." BANC PIC 1905.06484:095--PIC


"Matilija Canon. Boulder Cave." BANC PIC 1905.06484:096--PIC


"Ojai Valley. Matilija Canon." BANC PIC 1905.06484:097--PIC


"Matilija Canon, near Matilija Hot Springs." BANC PIC 1905.06484:098--PIC


"The Devil's Slide -- Matilija Canon -- Ojai Valley." BANC PIC 1905.06484:099--PIC


"Santa Barbara. Old Home of the De la Garras -- Formerly the wealthiest of the Spanish-Mexican families of California." BANC PIC 1905.06484:100--PIC


"Home of the Misses [Moor?]. Miss Rebecca in the carriage drawn by `Don' the Bronco. Miss Hannah behind a post on the piazza. `Chum' near the fence." BANC PIC 1905.06484:101--PIC


"The Santa Barbara Mission." BANC PIC 1905.06484:102--PIC


[Santa Barbara Mission.] BANC PIC 1905.06484:103--PIC


"Franciscan Friars at the Santa Barbara Mission. All that are left in California of the order which founded the Missions." BANC PIC 1905.06484:104--PIC


[Santa Barbara Mission.] BANC PIC 1905.06484:105--PIC


"The Santa Barbara Mission." BANC PIC 1905.06484:106--PIC


"Rear of the De la Garra Mansion." BANC PIC 1905.06484:107--PIC


"Maria -- Madame Rodriguez -- 115 years old in 1889. She remembers the [building?] of the Santa Barbara Mission." BANC PIC 1905.06484:108--PIC


[Chinese boy. Unidentified location.] BANC PIC 1905.06484:108a--PIC


"At Montecito -- near Santa Barbara." BANC PIC 1905.06484:109--PIC


"Santa Ynez Mission." BANC PIC 1905.06484:110--PIC


"The San Marcos Pass." BANC PIC 1905.06484:111--PIC


"The Santa Ynez River." BANC PIC 1905.06484:112--PIC


"The Gaviota Pass, near Santa Barbara." BANC PIC 1905.06484:113--PIC


Hotel del Monte. Taber Photo. B 2267. [Original in AX.] BANC PIC 1905.06484:114--PIC


Interior of Bath House, Hotel del Monte. Taber Photo. B 2258. [Original in AX.] BANC PIC 1905.06484:115--PIC


Hotel del Monte, carpet gardening. Taber Photo. B 4367. [Original in AX.] BANC PIC 1905.06484:116--PIC


Arizona Garden, Hotel del Monte. Taber Photo. [Cropped]... 2300. [Original in AX.] BANC PIC 1905.06484:117--PIC


Old Custom House, Monterey, built by Spain, Mexico and United States. Taber Photo. [Cropped]...12. [Original in AX.] BANC PIC 1905.06484:118--PIC


Mission Church, Town of Monterey. Taber Photo. B 2231. [Original in AX.] BANC PIC 1905.06484:119--PIC


Carmel Mission, Established 1770. Taber Photo. [Original in AX.] BANC PIC 1905.06484:120--PIC


The Cross, Marking Landing-Place of Junipero Serra, 1770, Monterey. Taber Photo. [Original in AX.] BANC PIC 1905.06484:121--PIC


"Monterey." BANC PIC 1905.06484:122--PIC


Cypress Tree near Cypress Drive. Taber Photo. "Monterey." B 2236. [Original in AX.] BANC PIC 1905.06484:123--PIC


"Monterey." BANC PIC 1905.06484:124--PIC


Midway Point. Taber Photo. "Monterey." B 2263. [Original in AX.] BANC PIC 1905.06484:125--PIC


"The Yosemite Valley." 6238. BANC PIC 1905.06484:126--PIC


"The Yosemite Valley." 6238. BANC PIC 1905.06484:126--PIC


"Fan Palm." BANC PIC 1905.06485:001--PIC


Fan Leaf Palm Trees. "Very old Fan Palms -- quite rare. The Fan Palm is much used for decoration. Generally ... BANC PIC 1905.06485:002--PIC

Full title

Fan Leaf Palm Trees. "Very old Fan Palms -- quite rare. The Fan Palm is much used for decoration. Generally the lower leaves are trimmed off as they die, leaving the trunk jagged -- as in the first picture [i.e. 6485:1.]. But occasionally they are allowed to stay & droop as in this picture. After the tree reaches a certain age, a smooth section appears & grows taller, carrying the plume of leaves higher as in this picture.” B 14.

Date Palm. "Date Palm -- in the garden of the San Gabriel Mission. One of the oldest palms in the ... BANC PIC 1905.06485:003--PIC

Full title

Date Palm. "Date Palm -- in the garden of the San Gabriel Mission. One of the oldest palms in the country -- planted by the early fathers. No single tree ever gave me such a thrill as this solitary palm standing erect & graceful, like a strange being in an atmosphere of its own — a goddess with the serenity, grace & dignity of the Venus de Milo. About a hundred years old or more.” 202.

"Date Palms. Larger than those generally found in gardens because they are of such slow growth. Used frequently for decoration, ... BANC PIC 1905.06485:004--PIC

Full title

"Date Palms. Larger than those generally found in gardens because they are of such slow growth. Used frequently for decoration, but not so commonly as the Fan Palm. Sage Palms are also seen; & Yucca Palms. Dragon Palms are occasionally seen, & a few others are cultivated; but not many although the Encyclopedia says there are over 1000 species in the group of [Palmaceae?].”

"Dragon Palm -- Looks somewhat like the Yucca Palm, but is very much larger & coarser. A row of these is on an avenue in Los Angeles; & there seemed something really weird about them, like aged Eastern magicians." BANC PIC 1905.06485:005--PIC


"Forest of Fan Palms -- More than two hundred miles from Los Angeles, beyond San Bernardino, on the edge of what is called the Great Colorado Desert. This is said to be the only natural grove of Palms within the United States -- although of course there are many in Mexico.” BANC PIC 1905.06485:006--PIC


Floral Scene at Residence of C.B. Adams, Alhambra, Cal. “Yucca Palm with double stem, not so common as the single stem. Also Fan Palms, Century Plant Cactus etc.” 45. BANC PIC 1905.06485:007--PIC


Lucky Baldwin's Cottage. "Palmetto Palms, similar to Fan Palms, but without the hairy threads. Eucalyptus trees. The leaves are round when young & stand upright. When older they are long, & droop, seeming quite different." 189. BANC PIC 1905.06485:008--PIC


The Twin Century Plants in Bloom. “`Century Plant' Cactus. So called, but, often blossoming within a few years. After blossoming the leaves wilt, & the plant dies, though the stalk stands a long time with dried flowers, about thirty or forty feet high.” B 77 BANC PIC 1905.06485:009--PIC


Yucca or Spanish Bayonet. W.H. J [Jackson] & Co. "Yucca Cactus -- or `Spanish Bayonet'. Seen in great numbers on ... BANC PIC 1905.06485:010--PIC

Full title

Yucca or Spanish Bayonet. W.H. J [Jackson] & Co. "Yucca Cactus -- or `Spanish Bayonet'. Seen in great numbers on the hill slopes -- & not very high. There are hundreds of Cacti, although only a few are cultivated, & it is the thing to have Cactus Gardens at the hotels. I counted ten varieties at the Del Coronado, & there are many at the Del Monte.” 445.

Spanish Bayonet (cactus) in bloom, height, 20 ft., S. Cal. Taber Photo. "A gentleman brought a head of blossoms similar to this into the car, & as I stood near it I came less than three fourths of the height." B 4246. BANC PIC 1905.06485:011--PIC


Yucca, or Spanish Bayonet. "This variety of Yucca is much larger than that of previous pictures [i.e. 6485:10-11.]; but it is not so tall as the `Century Plant'. The foliage seems to resemble that when young, but the leaves are much slighter, & very sharp.” B 11. BANC PIC 1905.06485:012--PIC


Cactus Tree, Arizona. Taber Photo. B 175. BANC PIC 1905.06485:013--PIC


Royal Arch Yucca of the Mojave Desert, Cal. "I crossed the Mojave Desert at sunset, & saw these strange shapes against a dull red sunset sky. Cacti." BANC PIC 1905.06485:014--PIC


Cactus Bed, San Gabriel, Cal. "The `Prickly Pear' Cactus, planted by the fathers of San Gabriel as a [hedge?] around ... BANC PIC 1905.06485:015--PIC

Full title

Cactus Bed, San Gabriel, Cal. "The `Prickly Pear' Cactus, planted by the fathers of San Gabriel as a [hedge?] around their garden, & said to have been cultivated at San Diego for ...[text lost]... from the fruit. Most formidable monsters 12 to 15 feet high. Has ...[(text lost)...llow] blossom. Grows wild [in?] the Arroyo Seco, as does the Yucca & another [ca...(text lost)].” 156.

Scene at Glen Rosa. Orange Grove Avenue. "Century Plant Cactus as generally seen in gardens. Its pale, blue-green, strongly pronounced spines grow five or six feet long." 39. BANC PIC 1905.06485:016--PIC


Pasadena Ostrich Farm. "An imported tropical growth although not of the Vegetable Kingdom. There are at least three Ostrich Farms in Southern California, & they promise to be very profitable." 199. BANC PIC 1905.06485:017--PIC


Pampass Grass in Full Plume. "A clump of Pampass Grass gleaming in the sunshine is like a great floral fountain." B 79. BANC PIC 1905.06485:018--PIC


Oleander in Bloom. "Early in February Mr. Jason Brown gave a pink rose from his upland garden, of which the petals were 2 3/4 & 3 inches long. He also had a fine deep red rose very like a `Jack' which he said was a native California rose he had transplanted from `up on the mountains'.” B 78. BANC PIC 1905.06485:019--PIC


Gold of Ophir Roses at Major Skillen place. 142. BANC PIC 1905.06485:020--PIC


Calla Lillies. B 16. BANC PIC 1905.06485:021--PIC


Orange Tree with Fruit and Flowers. "Not an unusual sight in January & February. But there should be the color ... BANC PIC 1905.06485:015--PIC

Full title

Orange Tree with Fruit and Flowers. "Not an unusual sight in January & February. But there should be the color -- the white flowers, the green foliage, the golden balls of fruit against the intense blue sky. The first orange trees in America are said to have been planted in the San Gabriel Mission garden about 1820, & the originals of the famous `Mission Oranges'. Here also stood the Date Palm whose only rival in age is at San Diego.” B 1.

Lemon Tree. "There are fine lemon orchards in Riverside & San Diego. At the latter place a gentleman pointed out some lemon trees from which he last year realized forty dollars apiece for the fruit." 2. BANC PIC 1905.06485:023--PIC


Fig Tree. "There are a great many fig trees here, but during the winter they are bare, showing smooth, tight grey branches." 99. BANC PIC 1905.06485:024--PIC


Persimon [sic] Tree. "The Persimmon needs the contrast of the bright red fruit & green leaves to show its beauty. In winter one sometimes sees the fruit left on after the leaves have all fallen." 135. BANC PIC 1905.06485:025--PIC


Banana Plant. "1 -- Yucca Palm. 2 -- Fan Palm. 3 -- Banana Plant. 4 -- Pampass Grass. The Banana is easily torn by the wind & often is even more ragged than in the next picture [i.e. 6485:27]." 9. BANC PIC 1905.06485:026--PIC


Banana Tree. B 7. BANC PIC 1905.06485:027--PIC


Old Vineyard of Rose's Ranche. "The vineyards are a strange sight. Instead of training the vines upon poles or trellises, ... BANC PIC 1905.06485:028--PIC

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Old Vineyard of Rose's Ranche. "The vineyards are a strange sight. Instead of training the vines upon poles or trellises, they are cut down every winter leaving only stumps such as these which show by their size that they are old. The new shoots bear all the fruit, & the sun is so hot that the leaves do not shelter them too much. The stumps look like uncanny imps in grotesque postures. San Gabriel Mission is the source of the grape culture of Southern California. Its vineyard is called the `Mother Vineyard,' & `Mission Grapes' originated there. Next to the orange, the olive is most important in Southern California. The first olive trees in the state were planted at the San Diego Mission, & all others said to have been propagated from them. Those of which there are still about 300, are the only ones old enough to resemble the olives of Italy. I could not find any good picture of olive trees.” 75.

Live Oak, Orange Grove Ave. & Cal. St. "It is unusual to see live Oaks in city streets, but they are common on the lower hillsides, & in canons. They are the most picturesque tree in the region. Unfortunately the large ones were cut down years ago by the Mexicans for firewood.” 29. BANC PIC 1905.06485:029--PIC


Marengo Avenue near California St. "Pepper Trees as they often grow along the streets, & are used for shade trees, as the Elms in the East." 22. BANC PIC 1905.06485:030--PIC


Palace Hotel Court. Taber Photo. "San Francisco." B 2192. BANC PIC 1905.06485:031--PIC


Upper Corridor, Palace Hotel, S F [San Francisco], Cal. Taber Photo. B 26. BANC PIC 1905.06485:032--PIC


Market Street. Taber Photo. 2341. BANC PIC 1905.06485:033--PIC


California Street from Sansome Street, San Francisco. "San Francisco." B 517. BANC PIC 1905.06485:034--PIC


The Seal Rocks near Cliff House, San Francisco. Taber Photo. B 2191. BANC PIC 1905.06485:035--PIC


The Golden Gate, and Black Point, San Francisco, Cal. Taber Photo. B 1166. BANC PIC 1905.06485:036--PIC


View of San Francisco Bay and Alcatraz Island. Taber Photo. B 844. BANC PIC 1905.06485:037--PIC


Mission Dolores, San Francisco. Established 1776. Taber Photo. B 513. BANC PIC 1905.06485:038--PIC


“The Entry" -- Chinese Theatre, San Francisco. Taber Photo. 1708. [Reproduction of painting.] BANC PIC 1905.06485:039--PIC


Balcony of the Chinese Restaurant, Dupont Street, San Francisco. Taber Photo. 3004. BANC PIC 1905.06485:040--PIC


Chinatown, S F [San Francisco], Cal., The Joss Temple. Taber Photo. B 2694. BANC PIC 1905.06485:041--PIC


Chinatown, S.F. Cal. The Five Idols in the Holy of Holies in the Joss Temple of Lung Gong. Copyright 1887 by I.W. Taber, Pho. B 2699. BANC PIC 1905.06485:042--PIC


Chinatown, S F Cal. [San Francisco, California] The incense table in the Joss Temple of Lung Gong. Copyright 1887 by I.W. Taber, Pho. B 2698. BANC PIC 1905.06485:043--PIC


Dupont Street, Chinatown, San Francisco. Taber Photo. 3012. BANC PIC 1905.06485:044--PIC


Chinese Butcher and Grocery Shop, Chinatown, S.F. Taber Photo. 2936. BANC PIC 1905.06485:045--PIC


Grand Dining Room of the Chinese Restaurant, Dupont Street, San Francisco. Taber Photo. 3003. BANC PIC 1905.06485:046--PIC


Temple Block, Salt Lake City. BANC PIC 1905.06485:047--PIC


Salt Lake City, from Prospect Hill. C.R. Savage Photo. BANC PIC 1905.06485:048--PIC


Eagle Gate, Salt Lake City. C.R. Savage Photo. BANC PIC 1905.06485:049--PIC


Deseret News and Tithing Office Buildings, Salt Lake. C.R. Savage Photo. BANC PIC 1905.06485:050--PIC


The Sierra La Sal, Utah. "On the Journey Home." 4426. BANC PIC 1905.06485:051--PIC


Green River Butte [Utah?]. 4613. BANC PIC 1905.06485:052--PIC


Castle Rock. Price Canon, Utah. 4428-A. BANC PIC 1905.06485:053--PIC


Castle Gate [Utah?]. 4429. BANC PIC 1905.06485:054--PIC


Marshall Pass and Mt. Ouray [Colorado]. 1009. BANC PIC 1905.06485:055--PIC


Summit of Marshall Pass [Colorado]. 1006. BANC PIC 1905.06485:056--PIC


High Bridge in Loop [Union Pacific Railway, near George Town Colorado]. W.H. J [Jackson] & Co. BANC PIC 1905.06485:057--PIC


The Loop. Union Pacific Ry. near George Town, Colorado. W.H. Jackson & Co., Phot. 54. BANC PIC 1905.06485:058--PIC


Currecanti Needle [Colorado?]. 4403. BANC PIC 1905.06485:059--PIC


Black Canon of the Gunnison Bridge "B" [Colorado]. 4402. BANC PIC 1905.06485:060--PIC


The Portals of Grand River Canon [Colorado]. D. & R.G.R.R. 840. BANC PIC 1905.06485:061--PIC


George Town from Griffith Mt. [Colorado]. 1810. BANC PIC 1905.06485:062--PIC


The Royal Gorge [Colorado]. W.H. J [Jackson] & Co. 804. BANC PIC 1905.06485:063--PIC


Hanging Rock, Clear Creek Canon [Colorado]. W.H. J [Jackson] & Co. 182. BANC PIC 1905.06485:064--PIC


Manitou, Colorado. W.H. J [Jackson] & Co. "The Garden of the Gods -- Manitou Springs, Colorado." 424. BANC PIC 1905.06485:065--PIC


The Gateway and Pike's Peak [Colorado]. 609. BANC PIC 1905.06485:066--PIC


Pike's Peak [Colorado]. 608. BANC PIC 1905.06485:067--PIC


Siamese Twins [Garden of the Gods, Colorado]. 603. BANC PIC 1905.06485:068--PIC


The Out...[illegible] Wedding Monument Park [Colorado?]. [631?] BANC PIC 1905.06485:069--PIC


Mushroom Rocks [Colorado?]. W.H. J [Jackson] & Co. 638. BANC PIC 1905.06485:070--PIC


Tower of Babel. Garden of the Gods [Colorado]. 607. BANC PIC 1905.06485:071--PIC


Within the Gates. Garden of the Gods [Colorado]. 650. BANC PIC 1905.06485:072--PIC


The Three Graces [Colorado]. 646. BANC PIC 1905.06485:073--PIC


Cheyenne Falls [Colorado?]. 417. BANC PIC 1905.06485:074--PIC


Grave of "H.H." on Cheyenne Mountain [Colorado]. 431. BANC PIC 1905.06485:075--PIC


Pike's Peak [Colorado]. BANC PIC 1905.06485:076--PIC


On the Way to the Garden of the Gods [Colorado]. 640. BANC PIC 1905.06485:077--PIC


William's Canon [Colorado?]. 460. BANC PIC 1905.06485:078--PIC


Cameron's Cone from Williams' Canon [Colorado?]. 415. BANC PIC 1905.06485:079--PIC


[Illegible]... Organ, Manitou Grand Caverns [Colorado]. BANC PIC 1905.06485:080--PIC


Williams' Canon, Near the Cave [Colorado?]. 412. BANC PIC 1905.06485:081--PIC