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Guide to the James Angus Jenkins Papers, 1930-1965
BANC MSS C-B 996  
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Key to Arrangement

Carton 1



The correspondence is filed alphabetically, both incoming and outgoing correspondence in the same folder. There are usually two miscellanies for each letter of the alphabet, one for general correspondence and the other for correspondence relating to tomatoes. Occasionally correspondence discussing a third person has been filed under that person's name. A partial list of correspondents will be found at the end of this report.
Carton 2

Dept. of Genetics; College of Agriculture; University of California; Academic Senate; Grants


Dept. of Genetics




Group major in Letters and Science


Genetics Library


History of the department


Genetics departments at other universities - rating sheet


National Institutes of Health training grants


Department Capital Improvements Needs


Genetics Research Unit - capital improvements


Department resources


Departmental Expectations, Five and Ten Year Plan, Dept. of Statistics, Jan. 4, 1956


Graduate admissions


Program for the Ph.D. degree in Genetics


Graduate Students in Genetics, 1959-1965


Graduate Students - space (room assignments)


Misc.: correspondence and announcements, 1963-1961




Research and Teaching Assistantships


Graduate Fellowships and Scholarships: misc. information re awards, and some rating sheets of prospective applicants in the department of Genetics


John Belling Prize


Misc.: 2 folders, one containing budget estimates, etc.


College of Agriculture


Dean - memoranda, etc., mainly from K. A. Ryerson


Chairmen and Vice Chairmen, Conferences


Curriculum (2 folders)


Special committee on curricula, 1962


Agricultural Experiment Station


Publication report to the Dean


Faculty and Staff


Executive Committee: minutes of meetings, 1952


Educational Committee: report, 1950-1951


Agricultural Buildings Space Committee, 1958-1959


Agricultural Sciences Conference, Asilomar, 1961


University of California


Statewide University (newsletter): Feb. 1954, Jan. 1955, Mar. 1956


University Press


Academic Plan for the Berkeley Campus, 1957


Berkeley Campus: guides, map, etc.


All-Faculty Conference, Davis, 1961


Lectureships (Hitchcock and Faculty Lectureships): misc. programs


Graduate Division - Northern Section


Graduate Group in Botany: announcements, meetings, etc., 1955-1959


College of Letters and Science: misc. meetings, 1951-1957 (2 folders)


Faculty Committee on Financial Assistance, 1951-1957


Committee on Fellowships and Graduate Scholarships; list of nominees and alternates, 1965-1966 -[N. B. CONFIDENTIAL PERMISSION OF DIRECTOR NECESSARY FOR USE]


Academic Senate


Meetings, notices, etc.


Berkeley Division: misc., 1958-1965


Davis Division, 1957-1958


Misc.: petitions, form letters, list of members of Berkeley Division, 1964-1965, etc.


See also: Committees, Carton 3




Cancer Research Coordinating Committee, 1960-1964 (4 folders): contains application for grant and renewal applications by Jenkins


National Institutes of Health, 1963-1969 (2 folders): applications for grants (in 3 year periods)


National Science Foundation, 1963-1966: contains A Morphogenetic Study of Leaf Shape Mutation in the Tomato, by Jenkins


Rockefeller Foundation Rice Research Proposal, 1956


Grants: notes, 1963


Grants: misc. notices of available grants, etc.

Carton 3

Current files; Committees; Meetings; Students; Genetics Group; Societies and Journals


Current files


Books: misc. book lists


Books ordered: orders and invoices, 1965


Library: two announcements, 1964-1965


Courses in the department: misc. announcements of courses


Registration, Calendars, etc., 1963-1965




Committees (current): misc. committee lists


American Institute of Biological Sciences: misc. pamphlets and envelopes


California. University. Academic Senate. Committee on Educational Policy, Northern Section, 1956-1958


Agriculture, College of, and the University of Concepción (Chile:)


Business Administration


Ceramic Arts (Dept. of Decorative Arts)


Comparative Literature


Compulsory Military Service (ROTC)


Criminology and Social Welfare




Fybate Notes


Governmental Research, Bureau of


Higher Education, Institute of


Human Biology, Dept. of


Human Development, Institute of


Institute of Child Welfare


International Studies, Institute of


Center for Japanese Studies


Center for Modern China Studies


Center for Slavic Studies - Teacher Training Program


Center for South Asian Studies


Insitute of Slavic Studies

See: International Studies, Institute of


La Jolla Campus Expansion


Minerals Research


Naval Architecture


Nuclear Research


Nursing, Undergraduate Curriculum


Organized Research Units, Policy on


Physical Education Requirements


Policy on Institutes, Bureaus and Other Organized Research Units

See: Organized Research Units


Prose Improvement


Psychology - UCLA


Radio Astronomy Laboratory




San Francisco Campus


Santa Barbara Campus


Size of Classes


Social Sciences, Insitute of


Social Welfare

See: Criminology and Social Welfare


Social Welfare Centers


Subject A as entrance requirement


Summer Session Abroad


Teacher Credential Requirements


University Extension




Vocational Education


California. University. Academic Senate. Committee on Membership, 1964


California. University. Academic Senate. Committee on Research, 1955


California. University. Academic Senate. Library Committee. Subcommittee on Biology Library, 1951-53


California. University, Berkeley. Buildings and Campus Development Committee


Agriculture Land and Facilities Committee, 1963-1965


Subcommittee on Public Service Factors Conditioning Space Needs


California. University, Berkeley. Dept. of Agricultural Economics. Natural Resources Committee


California. University, Berkeley. Faculty Administrative Committee on the Scientific Photographic Laboratory, 1952-1958




American Association of University Professors. Berkeley Chapter, 1964


American Institute of Biological Sciences. Genetics Society Annual Meeting, 1964


Biosystematics, 1955-1965


Kosmos Club, 1964


Congresses and Symposia: misc. announcements, programs, etc., 1960-1965




Berlowitz, Laurence Jack


Caruso, John


Church, Kathleen Kay


Eldredge, Colleen


Franklin, Edward Carlyle


Franklin, Ian


Gupta, Shri Bhagawan


Imber, Dorot


Mertes, David Hugh


Murphy, Collin Grisseau


Ota, Asher Kenhachiro


Toschi, Catherine Ann


Whissell, Dorothy Yvonne Eugenie


Wick, Alan


Wills, Christopher


Genetics Group


Current: misc. meetings, announcements, 1959-1964


Dissertation: mis. re dissertations, 1961


Regulations, 1958-1959


Societies and Journals


Academic Freedom Fund


American Association for the Advancement of Science


American Association for the Advancement of Science. Pacific Division


American Genetics Association


American Institute for Biological Sciences. National Register of Scientific and Technical Personnel


American Institute for Biological Sciences. Quarterly Review of Biology


American Men of Science


American Society of Human Genetics


American Society of Naturalists


Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communicatlons


Biological Abstracts


Biometric Society


Botanical Society of America


Botanical Society of America. Developmental Section


Brookhaven Symposium in Biology


Chronica Botanica


Gamma Alpha


Genetics Colloquium


Genetics, Inc.


Genetics Society of America


Handbook of Genetics


Institute of Mathematical Statistics


International Congress of Genetics


Kimber Genetics Award


National Science Foundation - Grants


Northern California Association of Scientists


The Nucleus


Phi Beta Kappa


Physiological Genetics Discussion Group




Scientific American


Sigmi Xi


Society for Economic Botany


Society for the Study of Evolution


Symposium on Quantitative Biology


Tomato Genetics Cooperative


University of California Cancer Research Coordinating Committee


University of California Faculty Club (Berkeley)


University of California Miller Institute for Basic Research in Science


University of Saskatchewan Alumni Association


Western Society of Naturalists


Misc.: misc. announcements, etc., 1959-1964

Carton 4

Binders: College of Agriculture; Agriculture Land and Facilities; Genetics Research Unit; Staff Meetings; Genetics Group


Report of the Committee to Consider the Place of the College of Agriculture on the Berkeley Campus, 1956


Agriculture Land and Facilities


Subcommittee on Agriculture Land and Facilities (Buildings and Campus Development Committee): meetings, reports, etc., 1953-1958 (2 binders)


Genetics Research Unit misc. re present and proposed Research Units, 1952-1961


Staff Meetings, Dept. of Genetics, 1948-1959


Genetics Group: meetings, announcements, etc., 1952-1958

Carton 5

Lecture Binders: Gen. 100


Genetics 100: 12 binders including some marked outline, physical basis (of heredity), chromosome theory, mutation, the gene, gene function, gene mutation, human genetics, and misc.

Carton 6

Lecture Binders: Gen. 100 (contd.), 100C, 102


Genetics 100: 2 binders marked quiz and exams


Genetics 100C: 3 binders and portfolio


Genetics 102: 4 binders

Carton 7

Lecture Binders: Gen. 102 (contd.)


Genetics 102: 10 binders, some marked laboratory, lab exercises, exams, biometrical genetics

Carton 8

Lecture Binders: Gen. 103, 201, 206, 280


Genetics 103: 1 binder, tentative course outline for Population Genetics, Spring, 1940


Genetics 201: 1 binder, re quantitative inheritance, apomixis, mutations, cytogenetics of species hybrids


Genetics 206: 3 binders and portfolio, proposed course in developmental genetics to have started Sept. 1965


Genetics 280: 2 binders, on history of genetics

Carton 9

Teaching notes: Gen. 100


Teaching (general)




Prose improvement


San Diego State College: joint Ph.D. program with Berkeley in Genetics


Biology Council: misc. recommendations, reports, 1965


Contemporary Natural Science: recommendations concerning a proposed unified course in natural science


Teaching aids


Teaching misc.: misc. reprints, articles, etc.


Genetics 100




Babcock (E. B.) questionnaire re course, 1920




Recommendations of students


Class slides






1958-1964 (4 folders)


Lecture topics for 1963


Organization (misc. notes)






1958-1965 (7 folders); misc. class lists, lab assignments, etc.




Bibliographies for students, 1939-1963


Reserve book lists


Misc.: misc. lists and notes






Discarded lecture notes (2 folders)


History of Genetics






Mendelian Inheritance (Segregation)


Testing Hypotheses (Chi square)


Independent Assortment




The Cytological School






General cytology


Chromosomes cycles


Gene Action


The Genetic Material


Metabolism (3 folder, one of reprints)




Gene-character relationships










Development (2 folders)


Protein Synthesis (2 folders reprints)


Chromosome theory




Sex-linked inheritance




Crossing over


Mapping of chromosomes






Chromosome mutation


Gene mutation


Reprints (2 folders)


Biometrical Genetics


Biometry (misc. mimeographed notes)


Continuous variability




Multiple genes


Discarded lecture notes


Extranuclear inheritance




Transfer of DNA




Genetic Systems




Notes (discarded)


Population Genetics




Evolution: notes


Notes (discarded)


Nature of the Gene


Lecture notes






Plant and animal breeding


Improving and developing plants


Human genetics


Mimeographed sheets (handouts)


The Mendelian School


The Physical Basis of Heredity


I - Mitosis


II - Meiosis


III - Life cycles




I- Probability


II - Testing Hypotheses


III - Continuous variability




Problem sets; 1949, 1951, 1965 (3 folders)


Problem sets: misc.


Problems: notes


Answers to selected problems in Srb and Owen, General Genetics, 1952

Carton 10

Lecture notes: Gen. 100 (contd.) 100C, 10, 199, 201, 206, 280, Seminars


Genetics 100






Examination dates, regulations, etc., (2 folders)


Answer book to The Principles of Heredity, by Snyder and David (5th ed.)


Quizzes: misc. quizzes, 1962-1963




Review I: 1947-1948


Review II: 1948-1950


Midterm I: 1939-1963


Midterm II


Midterm II, 1937-1963


Midterm IIa, 1951 and 1958


Final Exam 1941-1964




Special exams


Examinations bibliography


Examinations - other courses


Misc. past exams


Genetics 100C




Mendelian Method


Physical Basis of Heredity


I - Mitosis


II - Meiosis


III - Life cycles




I - Probability


II - Testing hypotheses


III - Continuous variability


Misc. mimeographed sheets (handouts)


Evaluations: comments by students


Pool Microscopes: requisition and servicing


Lab schedule sheets


Drosophila data sheets


Walters, James: Lab exercises for genetics course given at University of California, Santa Barbara, 1962


Misc. notes etc.


Misc. discarded notes




Lab syllabus, 1955, 1963-1964


Lab exercises


1 - monohybrid segregation


2 - mitosis


3 - sex-linked inheritance


4 - meiosis


5 - megasporagenesis


6 - tetrad analysis


7 - three point linkage


9 - dihybrid ratios (8 is missing)


10 - sex-linked lethai


11 - chromosome mutation


12 - genetic equilibrium


12(?) - selection


13 - translocation


14 - quantitative inheritance




1 - testing homogeneity


2 - backcross


3 - attached-X crosses


4 - locating a lethal


5 - locating a mutant




1 - drosophila


3 - writing papers (2 is missing)




Drosophila melanogaster




Previous labs: misc. notes, tentative schedules, etc.


Misc. notes, experiments, etc.


Genetics 10


Schedules, reading lists, exams, descriptions of slides, and misc. lecture notes (1 folder only)


Genetics 199


Drosophila methods: course outline


Genetics 201


Graduate seminar: course outline, 1940-1941, and study outline, n.d.


Genetics 202: Origin of cultivated plants, 1953








Beginnings of agriculture


De Candolle, Alphonse


Cytogenetic analysis


Centers of origin


Dispersals (migration)
















Genetics 202: Quantitative character, 1941, 1949-1950


Notes and bibliography, 1941 (complete course)


[N. B. The rest of the folders in this section are for 1949-1950 course]


List of topics


Selected bibliography


Pleiotropy and linkage


Means and variances of generations


Number of segregating loci


Dominance - Effects on means, variance and symmetry of different generations


Environmental contribution to variability




Consequences of inbreeding


Heterosis - dominance hypothesis and physiological factors


Epistatic interaction - metrical bias


Genetics 202B: 1950


Abstract of discussions on Biometrical Genetics by K. Mather


Genetics 206


Seminar in developmental genetics request for approval of new course


Bibliography: leaflets on related books


Botany Society of America. Developmental section. Newsletter, Spring 1964


Genetics 280


Class list only, 1961-1962




Staff seminars, 1961-1965 (3 folders)


Staff seminars, notices


Staff seminars, correspondence, 1962-1963


Seminars, miscellany

Carton 11

Teaching notes; Notes


Genetics 102 [N. B. Each subject group usually contains folders on notes, lab exercises and answers]


Elementary biometry


Normal distribution


Poisson distribution


Binominal distribution


Estimation and reliability


Moments and cumulants


Probability and statistical reliability


Permutations and combinations


Tests of significance


Significance of a difference


Analysis of a variance


I - Randomized plot


II - Randomized block


III - Latin square


Chi square


Finger length exercise (lab)


Hand size exercise (lab)


Misc., including final exam, 1957, and symbols


Genetics 105


Population genetics: notes, exams, etc. (1 folder only)






Mitosis and Meiosis


Chromosome pairing as criterion on genetic homology


Crossing over and linkage


Chromosomes: matrix and sheath


Heteroploidy and polyploidy


Segregation: color inheritance


Sex: apomixis (2 folders)


Cytogenetics of natural populations: evolutionary consequences of particulate inheritance










Cytological techniques




Microscope and equipment


Care of microscope




Standard error


Genetic application


Linkage calculations (2 folders)




Jenkins, J. A., The Cytogenetic Relationships of Four Species of Crepis, 1939, typescript


Jenkins, J. A., Karyotype Evolution of Crepis, 1942, typescript


Chromosome measurements


Chromosome morphology


Morphological analysis of American Species


Root tip color


Hybrids, 1937


Crosses, 1940, summary




Reprints of papers of J. A. Jenkins (in binder)


Neyman, Jerzy, First Course in Probability and Statistics, 1948 (2 binders)

Carton 12

Tomato notes


Experimental Station Reports, 1956-1964 (6 folders)


Leaf shape


Leaf shape differences in the tomato, 1963


Lanceolate: Mathan (D. S.) reports, 1955-1963 (2 folders)


Mathan, D. S. and Cole, R. D., Comparative Biochemical Study of Two Allelic Forms of a Gene Affecting Leaf Shape In the Tomato, 196[?]


Stettler, R. F., Dosage effects of the lanceolate gene in tomatoes, 1963


Leaf shape: potato leaf


Mathan and Jenkins, A Morphogenetic study of lanceolate, a leaf shape mutant in the tomato, 1961


Lanceolate, discarded tables, 1961


Mathan and Jenkins, A Chemically induced phenocopy of a tomato mutant, 1959


Leaf shape misc.




Tomato nomenclature: mainly correspondence with Tomato Genetics Cooperative (q. v.)


Size and Shape




Locule number testers 1, 2, and 3 (3 folders)


Locule number genes


Locule number determinations


Jenkins and Bergh (B. O.), Inheritance of fruit size and shape in the tomato, 1958


Bergh, B. O., Thesis excerpts




Large Pale Yellow


Blue sheets, not planted: misc. data sheets




Graft hybrids




Lycopersicum (2 folder)




Species hybrids


Species misc.


Varieties: Mexican


Varieties: Misc.


Haploid Pimpinellifolium




Crosses: 4 folders of data sheets


Crosses to be made


Crosses, misc.


Backcross, 170, 181, 232, 233, 234, 378


Backcross, misc.




Records, 1945-1952 (8 folders)


Field plans of plantings, 1948-1950


Blank field plans


Tomato culture (3 folders)


Calendar and notes




Studies on the Origin of the Tomato: notes, etc.


Reports: mainly reports re his Studies on the Origin of the Tomato (in binder)


Misc. material from field books

Carton 13

Tomato binders






Tomato taxonomy and morphology


Tomato in America


Tomato names




Origin of the Tomato - seminars


Tomato of Latin America


Tomato of Mexico


Mexican geography


Green house book


Early hybrids - summary




19 notebooks, diaries, etc., mainly of data gathered in Central and South America

Carton 14

Genetics in relation to agriculture, binders.

Additional Note

This was a project to revise text of that name by E. B. Babcock and R. E. Clausen, 1918. It was undertaken by Jenkins, E. R. Dempster and I. M. Lerner during the 1940's but was finally dropped ca. 1955.

8 binders, including four marked outline and bibliography

Carton 15

Genetics in Relation to Agriculture, notes; Misc. notes


Genetics in Relation to Agriculture




Development of Plant breeding




Beginnings of plant breeding


Development of modern methods


The science of plant breeding


Methods - modern breeding




Genetic Analysis of variability in crop plants


Genetic variability (mutation)




Plant introduction


Mutations (general)


Gene mutations


Chromosome mutations


Somatic segregation


Induced mutations




General outline




Choice of parents


Direct use of first generation hybrids


Selection within hybrid progenies




Interspecific hybridization


Inbreeding and heterosis






Superior varieties




Misc. illustrations and data




Miscellaneous notes




Preparation of manuscript for experiment station publication, 1934


Notes on German papers for Biological Abstracts


Entomology notes taken by Jenkins (Ent. 130)


Statistics notes taken by Jenkins (folder marked Hygiene 103)


Taxonomy (2 folders)


Zhukovsky, P. M., A Critical Systematic Survey of the Specie of the Genus Aegilops L.


Delphinium accessions list




Pelargonium - a study by H. W. Siegelman


Vicia faba - data on seed size (by J. L. Collins?)


Calculating machines, instructions for use


Slide rule instructions




Jane Ulrich: misc. report marked with her name


Kushner affair: re bringing H. F. Kushner, a Russian scientist, to the University of California as a visiting professor



Carton 16

Theses and texts




Bergh, Berthold Orphie, The Inheritance of Fruit-size Differences in a Tomato Hybrid, 1956


Ahuja, Yog Raj, Genetic Analysis Locule Number in the Tomato by Means of Diallel X Crosses, 1959 [N. B. These two theses are in one binder]


El-Sahrigy, Mohamed Ahmed, A Morphogenetic Study of Jointless Mutations in Tomato, n.d.


Material re Bergh theses, 3 binders




Wright notes: binder of notes taken by Jenkins from a text by S. Wright


Lush, Jay L., The Genetics of Population, 1948 (2 binders)


Cornstock, Ralph E., Statistical Concepts in Genetics, 1946


Miscellany (in binders)


Taxonomic indexes


Bibliography general


Misc. notes

Carton 17

Card files


Bibliography of Lycopersicum




Notes, species


Duplicates (journal and author index)

Carton 18

Card files




Gene action


History 111 (?)


Courses 100, 100C, 206



Carton 19

Card files


Biometry (2 boxes)


Genetics in Relation to Agriculture (2 boxes)



Partial List of Correspondents


A - tomato


Adelberg, Edward A.


Letter, Mar. 24, 1952


Alvarez-Luna, Eduardo


3 letters, 1953-1961


Anderson, Edgar


9 letters, 2 postcards, 1943-1949. Also included are some photographs.


B - tomato


Bohn, G. W.


Letter, Mar. 21, 1951


Babcock, Ernest Brown, 1877-1954


11 letters, 1945-1954. Also included: notes believed to be in Babcock's handwriting.


Barton, Donald W.


5 letters, 1949-1950


Boswell, Victor R.


3 letters, 1945-1959


Brown, Spencer W.


11 letters, 1952-1958. (2 undated)


C - tomato


Casseres, Ernest H.


2 letters, 1953


Clausen, Roy Elwood, 1891-1956


Letter, Jan. 15, 1932. Also included: a separate folder containing a biography written by Jenkins and misc. notes re Clausen.


Collins, Lloyd


Letter, Apr. 26, 1961


Currence, T. M.


3 letters, 1950-1958


Cutler, Hugh C.


2 letters, 1949-1955


Dempster, Everett R.


13 letters, 1946-1960. (1 undated)


E - tomato


Essig E. O.


Letter, July 31, 1946


Edwardson, John R.


2 letters, 1961


F - general


Forbes, Oliver Clifford


Letter, Apr. 15, 1960


G - general


Grashoff, Jerold


Letter, May 1, 1964


G - tomato


Grant, Ulysses J.


2 letters, 1954


Galleghy, M. E.


Letter, Aug. 6, 1953


Gattoni, Louis A.


9 letters, 1953


Gerstel, Dan[iel?] U.


5 letters, 1945-1959. (1 undated)


Goodspeed, T. H.


2 letters, 1949


Green, Melvin M.


10 letters, 1952-1965


H - tomato


Hardin, M.


3 letters, 1952-1955


Haase, Ynez


Letter, Mar. 21, 1958


Harte, Cornelia


9 letters and card, 1956-1960


Hernandez Xolocotzi, Efraím


6 letters, 1946-1952


J - general


Johansen, Donald A.


Letter, Feb. 11, 1963


John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation


28 letters, 1943-1963, written by Henry Allen Moe, Josephine Leighton, James F. Mathias, Gordon N. Roy. Also included: many form letters, Jenkin's application for fellowship, bulletins, etc.


Jund, Ernest


3 letters, 1946


Kelly, Isabel


16 letters, 1943-1959. (1 undated)


L - general


Ledingham, George F.


3 letters, 1960-1965


Landauer, Walter


Letter, Jan. 4, 1960


Langham, D. G.


4 letters, 1946-1947


Lerner, I. Michael


13 letters, 2 cards, 1945-1960 (5 undated)


Lesley, J. W.


2 cards and letter, 1943-1948


Love, R. Merton


Letter and card, 1940-1945


MacArthur, John W.


2 letters, 1943-1946


McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc.


18 letters, 1940-1962, by C. G. Benjamin, K. B. Demaree, G. K Tolles, H. W. Hansfield, S. C. Dorman, H. P. Graves, and J. W. Taylor


Mainland, G. B.


3 letters, 1950-1951


Mehiquist, Gustav A. L.


7 letters, 1940-1946. (2 undated)


Meyer, James R.


6 letters, 1944


Moe, Henry Allen

See John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation


N - general


Neyman, J[erzy?]


Letter, Jan. 23, 1953


National Academy of Sciences


5 letters, 1956-1964. Written by H. L. Dryden, Home Secretary


Nilan, R. A.


2 letters, 1957


Olmo, Harold P.


19 letters, 1941-1950. 2 originally sent to R. E. Clausen.


Porter, John W.


4 letters, 1951-1955


Reynaud, George G.


Letter and card, 1944


Rick, Charles M.


46 letters and 2 cards, 1946-1960. Second folder contains miscellaneous notes on tomatoes.

See also: Tomato Genetics Cooperative


Sauer, Carl


4 letters, 1945


Stebbins, G. Ledyard


4 letters, 1952-1960


Tomato Genetics Cooperative


Miscellaneous correspondence and some reviews


Tomes, Mark L.


6 letters, 1954-1961


Torrey, John G.


6 letters, 1963-1965. Also included: correspondence with Lee M. Parker, research assistant for Torrey.


Went, F. W.


6 letters, 1943-1945


Whitaker, Thomas W.


7 letters, 1948-1959


Zielinski, Quentin


6 letters, 1943-1950


X file


Miscellaneous correspondence (unanswered), notices, etc.


Mailing list


Miscellaneous requests to be put on Jenkins mailing list