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Register of the Gonzales (Nathan) Stockton Electric Railroad Collection, 1900-1997
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a-Ordinance #391--------Granting Stockton Electric Railroad Co. franchise (3-14- 05)


b-Ordinance #561--------Granting SER franchise to build on Center (11-25-12)


c-Ordinance #564--------Granting SER franchise to build line on Yosemite (12- 23-12)


d-Ordinance C-14-104---Requires SER to pay city 2% of rcpts (1914)




a-Ordinance #908--------Granting SER franchise to build on E. Main (11-3-24)


b-Ordinance #960--------Granting SER franchise to build on Kensington (6-1-25)


c-Statement of operating revenues, expenses & taxes...for yr ending 12-31-26


d-Application to State RR Commission to raise fares (3-4-27)


e-Valuation of physical property as of June 30, 1927


f-J. Leroy Johnson, Cty. Atty. to Stktn Cty Council (10-24-27) [re fare increase]


g-Calif. RR Comm. "Results of studies relating to various forms of fares on the Stockton Electric Railroad Company's system," (11-10-27)


h-Ordinance #1156-------Granting SER franchise to operate a bus line (8-12-29)




a-Calif. RR Comm. Decision #26781 authorizing SER to discontinue service on Center & Pilgrim Street lines (2-5-34)


b-Map showing lines to be abandoned (n.d.)


c-Ordinance C-35-7------Abandonment contract inventory (1935)


d-Agmt. betw. SER & City re track removal & street repaving (6-3-35)


e-Res. #11580a---Specification for improvement of Center Street (8-2-37)


f-Removal of street railroad facilities: Comparison of cost betw. method proposed by Pacific Lines Co. & that proposed by City Manager, W.B. Hogan (10-21-39)




a-Ordinance #1571--------Granting SER right to substitute buses for electric rr cars (9-3-40)


b-Ordinance #1581--------defining routes referred to in #1571


c-Agmt. betw. SER & City of Stockton re track removal & street repaving (n.d., 1941)


d-Tom B. Guinn, atty. to Stockton City Council (3-17-41) [re bus line application]


e-SER application to City of Stockton for bus line franchise (3-17-41)


f-M.B. Hogan, City Mgr. to Stockton City Council (3-22-41) [re bus line application]


g-Res. #12857---Bus line franchise granted SER (3-24-41)


h-Helen D. Ringer to Stockton City Council (5-12-41) [citizen reaction to bus line]


i-Byron A. Bearce, West American Finance Co. to Stktn Cty Council (5-23-41) [detailed recommendations re bus line franchise]


j-J.O. Stemmler, Pres. Stkn. Muni. Ownership League to Stkn. City Council (5- 29-41) [request for two wk. delay re bus line franchise]


k-Proposal submitted to City Council by Stkn. Muni. Ownership League (n.d.; c5- 29-41) [proposes that City of Stkn. take over municipal transit]


l-Res. #12991---Authorizes Mayor to execute agmt. w/ SER m (6-23-41)


m-Ordinance #1615----------Grants SER bus franchise (6-23-41)


n-Specifications for pvmt. of street car right of ways...(6-23-41)


o-State RR Comm. Decision #34573: Granting SER right to operate motor bus line (9-10-41)


p-Res. #13171---Permits SER to withdraw electric street car bonds & substitute bus bonds (11-24-41)


q-Res. #13535---Granting permission to re-route buses while streets are repaired (4-13-42)


1.5-CLIPPINGS & CLIPPINGS INDEX [Stkn Pub. Libr. Index to Stockton newspaper articles on street railroads, 1869-1942]


a-"James W. Smith expired today," Mail (11-26-04)


b-"To string the rails," Record (12-26-04)


c-"Central California Traction Company," Independent (11-22-31)


d-"From horse cars tomodern eqpt.," Independent (11-22-31)


e-"Two street cars robbed here," Record (11-8-37)


f-"Mayor demands street car company repair pavement," Record (11-30-37)


g-"Electric RR is mending street," Record (12-6-37)


h-"Busses for street cars?" Record (2-17-39)


i-"Bus service plan gains support," Record (2-17-39)


j-"Club votes favor of bus service," Record (2-18-39)


k-"Bus hearing is slated here," Record (2-20-39)


l-"Passenger bus service hearing put off...," Record (2-21-39)


m-"New street car company owners in meet here," Record (3-31-39)


n-"Six veteran street car men dismissed by Pacific Lines," Record (5-5-39)


o-"Retired street car men pensioned," Record (5-27-39)


p-"Traction Co. in move to take up rails," Record (7-15-39)


q-"WPA removal of rails hit," Record (12-12-39)


r-"Street car union has closed shop," Record (1-11-40)


s-"Pacific City Lines buys four systems," Record (6-6-40)


t-"Traction Co. to remove rails," Record (7-12-40)


u-"Traction Co. rails will come up," Record (11-8-40)


v-"Notice is hereby given of public hearing...," Record (4-4-41)


w-"Street cars near final runs as bus act goes to print," Record (6-24-41)


x-"Their days numbered," Record (6-25-41)


y-"Cars doomed as Council approves bus franchise," Record (7-1-41)


z-"Regular bus service for SE, SW parts of city," Record (8-28-41)


aa-"Electric car lines pass into oblivion Sunday," Record (9-25-41)


bb-"Notice to bus patrons, map showing bus routes...," Record (9-21-41)


cc-"Crew removes trolley wires in city," Record (10-15-41)


dd-"St. car rails being torn from base," Record (11-13-41)


ee-"City lines to pave over holes," Record (4-6-42)


ff-"Stockton's well wishes go with them," Record (7-1-45)


gg-"Bus line officials indicate desire to keep operating," Record (5-17-57)




a-pp. 148-149 from unident. source providing summary histories of SER & Calif. Tract. Co.


b-"Streetcar Barns historical site" [brief Recorder's Office descr. of location]


c-Index pages citing SER from County Clerk's Office [?]


d-WPA. "History of Stockton & San Joaquin County" (1938), pp. 226-227


e-John W. Dodge. "Electric Railroading in Central California," Pacific Railway Journal 1:12 (Dec 1956)


f-"Stockton Electric Railway," The Western Railroader 20:6 (Apr 1957), pp. 2- 13


g-Glenn Kennedy. "Street Cars" from "It Happened in Stockton, 1900-1925," Vol. 2 (1964), pp. 278-281


h-Roger Barnett. "Suburban Subdivision: The morphogenesis of housing in Stockton, 1850-1950" (1973), pp. 79-85


i-James Burks. Ch. 4 from "The history of the Stockton streetcar" (1975), pp. 4- 11


j-Bibliography [from James Burks. "The history of the Stockton streetcar" (1975) San Joaquin County Historical Society Bulletin], p. 32


k-Mark Stewart Foster. "Delivering the masses," Journal of Urban History 7:3 (May 1981), pp. 381-389


l-Michael F. Sheehan. "Land speculation in Southern California: The roles of railroads, trolley lines and autos," American Journal of Economics & Sociology 41:2 (Apr 1982), pp. 197-209


m-Do. Pt. 2, American Journal of Economics & Sociology 42:1 (Jan 1983), pp. 67-74




a-California State RR Museum Collection: #14082B---"Birney Safety Car No. 50" (n.d.)


b-California State RR Museum Collection: #14084B---"Birney Safety Car No. 54" (n.d.) [in front of Hotel Stockton]


c-California State RR Museum Collection: #20025-----"Birney Safety Car No. 44" (n.d.)


d-Holt Atherton Special Collections, UOP: #P77-2496---San Joaquin St. Car (n.d.)


e-Holt Atherton Special Collections, UOP: #P80-666----Car w/ unident. conductors (n.d.; ca. 1915)