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Inventory of Henry L. Walsh, S. J. Papers

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Title: Inventory of Henry L. Walsh, S. J. Papers
Creator: Walsh, Henry L.
Repository: Santa Clara University Archives
Santa Clara, CA 95053
Language: English.

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Biographical Notes

Henry Walsh was born in San Francisco on November 21, 1879. Both his father, Edward, and his mother, Alice Carroll, were native Irish. His sister Edna was a singer in the San Francisco Light Opera, and his brother Charles became a teacher in public schools. Young Henry Walsh was enrolled at St. Ignatius College in San Francisco in 1893 and entered the Jesuit Order at Sacred Heart Novitiate in Los Gatos, CA, in 1895. As a Scholastic, he taught at Santa Clara College for a year in 1903, then left to complete his education. Walsh was ordained a priest at St. Louis University in 1912.
In 1913, Walsh returned to Santa Clara as an English teacher, and remained there until World War I. He became a chaplain in the U.S. Army in 1918 and served at Fort McArthur, San Pedro. He joined the American Legion and remained in the Reserve Corps until 1953. Between 1919 and 1932, Walsh was appointed Vice President of Loyola College and then Prefect of Discipline at St. Ignatius. In 1932, Walsh returned to Santa Clara and remained there until his death in 1956. As a faculty member, he taught English, religion, philosophy and history. His interest in the history of California, and Santa Clara in particular, manifested itself in his works, Hallowed Were the Gold Dust Trails,a history of the Catholic Church in the Mother Lode published in 1946, and "The History of the University of Santa Clara," which was never published.

Scope and Content Notes

The Walsh Papers contain personal notes, research material, correspondence, and photographs that reflect Walsh's work as poet, teacher, writer, lecturer and historian. His personal notes include clippings and souvenirs that give a general overview of Walsh's life; lecture notes, speeches and sermons covering such topics as Santa Clara history and the value of a Catholic education; and some of Walsh's poems, about fifty in number. The research material found in his papers comprise loose notes, bound notebooks, secondary source material, and drafts of his work on the history of Santa Clara. Walsh's research notes provide information about Mission Indians, missionary priests, and early Santa Clara families, among other aspects of Santa Clara history. Accompanying the complete copy of his first draft, "The History of Santa Clara," are the Jesuit censor's comments concerning the manuscript. Walsh's correspondence captures his communication with many people over the years including California historians and young writers seeking advice on their poems. Other correspondence regarding personal matters is also available in the Collection. The Walsh Photograph Collection includes photographs and postcards of California churches, places such as Columbia and Bodie, and copies of illustrations from his publication, Hallowed were the Gold Dust Trails.
Guide and collection organized by Gigia Bjorn, Jan. 1979. Updated by Anne McMahon, University Archivist, September, 1998.

Container List



Box Box 1, Folder Folder 1

Newspaper clippings on:


Edna Walsh in Light Opera (1912)


Walsh joins U.S. Army (1918)


Walsh publishes Santa Clara brochure (1941)


Walsh's 50th Jubilee (1945)


Honor received as chaplain (1952)


Announcement of Santa Clara history (1955); Walsh's death (1956);


"History of Santa Clara Under Way" San Francisco Examiner (no date)

Folder Folder 2

Outline of Walsh's life, rank and serial number in Army; Correspondence while chaplain

Folder Folder 3

Promise not to smoke during Lent (1909)

Folder Folder 4

Latin theme written by Walsh as class exercise, Third Grammar class, St. Ignatius College, San Francisco, (1894)

Folder Folder 5

Military Certificates:


* 16 April, 1918-entry into U.S. Army


October 18, 1919-officer in Reserve Corps


December 27, 1924-appointed chaplain


December 27, 1934-appointed chaplain


April 1, 1953-discharged from Army

Folder Folder 6

Certificate for membership in Edwin Markham Poetry Society

Folder Folder 7

Copyright registrations for Hallowed Were the Gold Dust Trails

Folder Folder 8

Page from diagnostic diary, November 11, 1954

Folder Folder 9

Miscellaneous Souvenirs:


Thank you note


Announcement of book Hallowed Were the Gold Dust Trails


"A Fortune in Two Old Trunks," a brochure on prunes (1947); News clipping on Walsh


60th year Anniversary Invitation, June 12, 1955

Folder Folder 10

Information of Rockwell Hunt:


"Starting Afresh at 80"- article


Book order form




Invitation to Walsh from Hunt, January 13, 1954, June 28, 1954, April 5, 1956

Folder Folder 11

Information on Edward "Deb" O'Connor:


Letter to Walsh from O'Connor during World War II


Poem to Walsh on Jubilee


Order for book


Article on O'Connor's life written by Walsh


Poem by Walsh about O'Connor

Folder -99

*Cartoon wishing Walsh Happy New Year by George Hartman (1930)

Folder Folder 12

Published copies of poems by Walsh:


"And Now Let's Forget the Whole Thing," The Santa Clara Owl, March 9, 1939


* "At Serra's Tomb," The Owl


"The Ballad of Gold," The Owl


"The Golden Gate," The Owl, May, 1937


* "The Last Shall Be First," The Owl, February 1935


"Noel," Western Jesuit, December, 1935

Folder 4IW8-13

"An Ode of Welcome," May 7, 1932


"The Prune, A Justification for Its Existence," (another copy oversize-4IW8-99)


"Santa Barbara," The Morning Press, August 18, 1932

Folder Folder 13

Typescript of poems by Walsh:


"Xavier," "The Snake," "Saratoga," "Of Thee I Sing," "No Death at Christmas" (not by Walsh), "To Mac," "St. Joseph's Shrine," "Robins and Worms," "A Valentine," "The Novice," "The Nurse's Dream," "The P.M. Nurse," "The Take of a Crab," "The Crab," "Imitation of Shakespeare," "San Diego Reverie," "McNanamy's Reply," "To Kate," "Birthday Sonnet," "St. Patrick's Child."

Folder Folder 14

Rough Drafts of Poems, A-H:


"And Now Let's Forget the Whole Things," "At Serra's Tomb," "Because," "Brother Benassy's Golden Jubilee," "Cherry Pie," "Fr. Semeria," "God Protect Our President," "The Golden Gate," "The Heart of a Jubilarian," "The Heart of Man," "The Hollywood Convention," "Horace I, 38."

Folder Folder 15

Rough Drafts of Poems, I-X:


"Imitation of Shakespeare," "A Jubilee Heart Song," "The Last Shall Be First," "The Name of Washington," "Noel," "The Nurse's Dream," "Santa Barbara," "The Search for Peace," "Spring Dawn," "The Story of the Horse," "To the Poet Seeking Beauty in California," "Xavier."

Folder Folder 16

Rough drafts of untitled poems on the following topics: Lake Chabot, Night of the Moon, Our little pouchlet, Goof, I'm only a pup from Angel's Camp, The old church bells, Man accused falsely, Robin summer, Under the misty Korean stars

Folder Folder 17

Speeches by Walsh:


Dedication of Serra Day


For 60th Jubilee


Eulogy for Fr. Paul Galtes

Folder Folder 18

Speech by Walsh about Sonora

Folder Folder 19

Sermons and prayers by Walsh:


Invocation at Review Ceremony for Order of the Purple Heart, July 4, 1943


Sermon to grammar school on Resurrection


Sermon to police (?)


Sermon on Memorial Day to American Legion

Folder Folder 20

Speeches concerning University of Santa Clara History:


"Novitiate Talk"


Lecture at Fremont School


History of Santa Clara University- brief outline


Graduation of St. Clare's Grammar School


Lecture to Out Door League on the Alameda

Folder Folder 21

Notes on Earthquakes from B. Hubbard

Folder Folder 21A

Correspondence from Edna (sister) re 1906 Earthquake, April 26, 1906

Folder Folder 22

Speech on Humanities emphasizing the importance of a liberal arts education: Notes on the Conference of Humanities; Speech on Humanities; Extra notes for Speech

Folder Folder 23

Notes on Civil War

Folder Folder 24

Notes for teaching English: Lecture on Poetry, Foolish Dictionary, update of Shakespeare, bits of poems, poetry notes for lectures, notes on Henry IV, poetry as expression

Folder Folder 25

Notes on Western Civilization- Draft of lecture (?)

Folder Folder 26

Philosophy Notes

Folder Folder 27

Religion Notes: Fragments of lectures, Catholic Humanism, test questions

Folder Folder 28

Article by Walsh: "The Santa Clara Centenary"

Folder Folder 29

Articles in The Legionnaire when Walsh was chaplain, eight articles, 1937

Folder Folder 30

Brochure by Walsh, "Mission Santa Clara"

Folder Folder 31

Short Stories by Walsh:


"Mortals Be Fools"


"Georgia Gallahad"


Skit on Negroes

Folder Folder 32

Articles on "The Town of Santa Clara" published in The Santa Clara Journal in 1955 and again in 1955 (photocopied) on the following subjects: The town of Santa Clara (April 4, 1955), California becomes a state (April 28), Mission Santa Clara (May 5), Santa Clara settlers (May 12), Marcello, the Indian (May 19), Indian life (June 2), Yoscolo, the Indian (June 16), Marcello (June 23), Alexander Forbes (June 30), Arguello family (July 7), Don Ygnacio Alviso (July 14), Santa Clara in 1881 (July 21), Bellamy (July 28), Mary Harlan Smith (August 4), Mrs. Vardaman Bennett (August 25), Olive Isbell (September 15 & 22), town fire department (November 3, 1955)

Folder Folder 33

Walsh's scrapbook with the articles on Santa Clara and pictures

Folder Folder 34

Notes on long retreat

Folder Folder 35

Poems written by other poets: O.P. Asham (student of Santa Clara), John Lee Sullivan

Folder Folder 36

Poems written about San Francisco by other authors: "City of Mists and Dreams," "The San Francisco Fog," "The Hyde Street Grip," "The Legend of Portsmouth Square," and Walsh's interpretations of the poems

Folder Folder 37

Poems by Fr. Francis Prelato of St. Ignatius College, San Francisco

Folder Folder 38

Composition by Tom Kenney, 1906



Box Box 2, Folder Folder 1

Interview of Fr. Santandreu, 1940-pastor of Spanish Church in San Francisco and former missionary in Mother Lode

Folder Folder 2

Notes on priests of the Mother Lode

Folder Folder 3

Articles and quotes from other authors "St. Anne's Church," "Sawyer's Bar" by Cecil Adair, "Sonora Trail," "Centenary of Pierson Barton Readings Settlement of Shasta County" by Peter Conmy

Folder Folder 4

Letters used by Walsh as sources on Mother Lode:


William Vaughan to Dr. Woodlock (May 9, 1861)


James Largan to Dr. Forde (November 1, 1858)


James Largan to Dr. Woodlock (November 5, 1858)


Rev. Eugene O'Connell to Fr. Richard O'Brien (February 1852)


James Callahan to Fr. Potter (October 30, 1863)


Patrick O'Reilley to Fr. Bennett (December 28, 1863, 2 copies)


Letters to P.A. Murphy from X.E. O'Connell, 1872

Folder Folder 5

Pamphlets & articles on Mother Lode:


William Upton, "A Bit of Little Known History"


Otheto, "The Story of Columbia"


Siskiyou County (3 Pamphlets)


Tuolumne County (2 Pamphlets)


Columbia State Park


"Along the Mother Lode"

Folder 4IW8-12

** Hallowed Were the Gold Dust Trails by Henry L. Walsh, S.J.



Box Box 2, Folder Folder 6

Notes on Indians: Descriptions of different tribes in California, Indian life in the missions (pp. 1-26)

Folder Folder 7

Notes on the history of Santa Clara Valley: General history and Spanish families in the valley (pp. 27-50)

Folder Folder 8

Notes on the history of Santa Clara city: Murphy family, Isbell family, early settlers, Mission San Jose, tannery (pp. 51-131)

Folder Folder 9

Notes on Santa Clara city continued: Fatjo family, James Alexander Forbes, Malarin family, St. Joseph's church (pp. 132-185)

Folder Folder 10

Notes on missions from other authors: "The Secularization of the California Missions," notes from Engelhardt, Spearman (pp. 186-195)

Folder Folder 11

Notes on Mission Santa Clara from other authors; Carrie Stevens Walter, Mary Holway, Engelhardt, Von Langsdorff, Rockwell Hunt, Fr. George O'Connell (pp. 196-246)

Folder Folder 12

Notes on mission life: Description of mission life, regulations for tour of missions, mission life after 1790 (pp. 247-262)

Folder Folder 13

Notes on the three sites of Mission Santa Clara (pp. 263-343)

Folder Folder 14

Notes on the history of Mission Santa Clara, everyday mission life (pp. 344-382)

Folder Folder 15

Notes on Mission property titles: Mission orchard, squatters, California Hotel (pp. 383-402)

Folder Folder 16

Notes on Santa Clara College 1850-1870 (pp. 403-425)

Folder Folder 17

Notes on Santa Clara College 1870-1900 (pp. 426-443)

Folder Folder 18

Notes on Santa Clara College from other authors: "The Saga of Santa Clara Light Infantry," by Culligan, Mars, McFadden, the Sisters of Notre Dame, Fr. O'Sullivan, Rendon, Spearman, Twohy, Vizzard, Wilson, and Zieman (pp. 444-475)

Folder Folder 19

Notes from interviews on Santa Clara (?): Andrew P. Hill, Fred Stern, Walter Johnsing, Mrs. McKee (pp. 476-479); 24 pages of notes re: Santa Clara students and student life ca. 1900.

Box Box 3, Folder Folder 1

Description of Palaeontological Museum, Mineral Cabinet, and Varsi Library (pp. 480-482)

Folder Folder 2

Maps of Santa Clara Campus & city:


Layout of Tom Heffron


Waddell's Diagram (1866)




* Map of city of Santa Clara by the American Red Cross (1941)-See Map Collection SC-008 with note on Santa Clara residents on reverse

Folder Folder 3

Notes on the history of Los Gatos, Villa Maria (pp. 483-492)

Folder Folder 4

Notes compiled by Walsh on the early settlers of Santa Clara- Judge Redman, the Alameda, the public school board, Santa Clara Faculty, Forbes (pp. 493-602)

Folder Folder 5

Notes of Santa Clara continued - James Lick, Fatjo, Murphy, Taaffe family, Stevens, Olive Isbell (pp. 603-681)

Folder Folder 6

First draft of Santa Clara History- early mission history

Folder Folder 7

First draft of Santa Clara History- pp. 8-77 (some pages missing)

Folder Folder 8

First draft of Santa Clara History- beginnings of the college, pp. 1-6

Folder Folder 9

Another version of history- pp. 1-39 (some pages missing)

Folder Folder 10

Rough Draft of Santa Clara History (1850-1858)-Introduction & pp. 1-50

Folder Folder 11

Rough Draft of Santa Clara History (1858-1867) pp. 51-99

Folder Folder 12

Rough Draft of Santa Clara History (1867-1877) pp. 100-155

Folder Folder 13

Rough Draft of Santa Clara History (1877-1888) pp. 156-205

Folder Folder 14

Rough Draft of Santa Clara History (1888-1897) pp. 206-251

Folder Folder 15

Rough Draft of Santa Clara History (1897-1903) pp. 252-289

Folder Folder 16

Rough Draft of Santa Clara History (1903-1906) pp. 290-337

Folder Folder 17

Rough Draft of Santa Clara History (1906-1907) pp. 338-371

Folder Folder 18

Rough Draft of Santa Clara History (1908-1914) pp. 372-423

Folder Folder 19

Rough Draft of Santa Clara History (1914-1924) pp. 424-488

Folder Folder 20

Rough Draft of Santa Clara History (1924-1927) pp. 489-538

Box Box 4, Folder Folder 1

Rough Draft of Santa Clara History (1927-1930) pp. 539-601

Folder Folder 2

Rough Draft of Santa Clara History (1930-1932) pp. 602-650

Folder Folder 3

Rough Draft of Santa Clara History (1932-1934) pp. 651-703

Folder Folder 4

Rough Draft of Santa Clara History (1934-1936) pp. 704-754

Folder Folder 5

Rough Draft of Santa Clara History (1936-1938) pp. 755-807

Folder Folder 6

Rough Draft of Santa Clara History (1938-1941 pp. 808-853

Folder Folder 7

Rough Draft of Santa Clara History (1941-1945) pp. 854-908

Folder Folder 8

Rough Draft of Santa Clara History (1945-1948) pp. 909-958

Folder Folder 9

Rough Draft of Santa Clara History (1948-1950) pp. 959-1005

Box Box 5, Folder Folder 1

Rough Draft of Santa Clara History- Extras 1-54

Folder Folder 2

Rough Draft of Santa Clara History- Extras 55-110

Folder Folder 3

Sample pages for Walsh's History of Santa Clara

Folder Folder 3

A "Mission Santa Clara Guide" By H.L. Walsh

Folder 4IW8-12

** Sample copy of book, first pages printed (2 copies)

Folder 4IW8-12

**Final copy of manuscript, "The History of the University of Santa Clara by Henry Walsh, S.J.



Box Box 5, Folder Folder 4

Notebook of mission history, early Santa Clara College, property rights, information of Santa Clara Families- Fatjo


Walsh, Rev. Henry L., S.J. The First Century, A History of the University of Santa Clara, University of Santa Clara, 1950


Walsh, Rev. Henry L., S.J. Annals of Santa Clara. Bound typescript. 2 volumes. Vol. 1: Part I (1851-1951) 371 pp. Part II (1909-1924). Vol. 2: Part III (1936-1951) 589 pp. Index. 1955.

Folder Folder 5

Notebook on Santa Clara families- Arguello, Fatjo, Graham


Santa Clara Board of Trustees

Folder Folder 6

Notebook on general history of Santa Clara Valley


Rough draft of Santa Clara History- early mission period

Folder Folder 7

Notebook on California missions, Fr. Serra

Folder Folder 8

Notebook on mission history and Santa Clara families

Folder Folder 9

Notebook on Santa Clara College: college accounts, students" and faculty's recollections, Jesuit missions in California, Mission Santa Clara

Folder Folder 10

Notebook on history of Mission Santa Clara

Folder Folder 11

Religious notes: Value of a Christian education, views on Hell, Pope's essay on Criticism, history, poetry

Folder Folder 12

Lists of photographs of Santa Clara and identification

Folder Folder 13

Notebook for English: Poetry notes on Shakespeare, Hopkins

Folder Folder 14

Miscellaneous notes: Religion notes, Sherman in California, notes from Retreat, history of Santa Clara Valley, California missions



Box Box 5, Folder Folder 15

D.H. Conway to Walsh- October 4, 1954


W. Schmidt to Walsh- no date

Folder Folder 16

John Burke to Walsh- April 29, 1938. Poems written by Burke sent to Walsh for criticism

Folder Folder 17

J. Glaser to Walsh- June 28, 1938. Song sent to Walsh

Folder Folder 18

J. Pasquay to Walsh- February 17, 1944. Songs sent to Walsh

Folder Folder 19

Charles Walsh to Walsh- April 12, 1954. Poems sent to Walsh for criticism

Folder Folder 20

Walsh to San Jose Mercury - no date


Walsh to Huberto-draft of telegram in Latin, no date

Folder Folder 21

Poems written to Walsh on his Golden Jubilee, 1945 by:


FMJ (?)


Chestor Herold


"Deb" O'Connor


William Shepherd


Edward Shipsey


Rev. Stack


Charles Walsh


B.Y. Williams

Folder Folder 22

Correspondence concerning Historical Landmarks Commission:


Minutes of meeting- July 28, 1952


Program from community dinner


A.S. Belick to Walsh- July 8, 1952 & October 10, 1952


Robley Morgan to Gladys Budde- August 13, 1952


Walsh to Gladys Budde- July 18, 1952 & October 10, 1953


Walsh to Joseph Base- November 21, 1952

Folder Folder 23

Correspondence not written directly to Walsh but concerning him:


J. "Sam" Dunne to Clay Bernard- June 16, 1937


Fred Wagner to Clay Bernard- June 21, 1937


Philomena Hagan to Lena Chisholm- August 16, 1939


James Stewart to George Duffy- October 12, 1940


Fr. Thomas to Mrs. Gallagher- February 26, 1946


Gertrude Steger to Francis Moore- February 25, 1942 (map & article included)


George Johnson to Claire Tinney- April 14, 1939



Box Box 6, Folder Folder 1

Correspondents A-B:


James M. Allen to Walsh- April 11, 1953


Clyde Arbuckle to Walsh- October 10, 1942


Bishop Armstrong to Walsh- February 23, 1945


Rosalind Boring to Walsh- June 16, 1954 & May 11, 1955


Eleanor Bancroft to Walsh- November 23, 1944

Folder Folder 2

Dolores Cadell to Walsh- October 22, 1942 & November 28, 1944

Folder Folder 3

Naomi Carey to Walsh- April 23, 1953 & Ella Caw to Walsh- March 26, 1941 (see photo # 24,472 A1, A2)

Folder Folder 4

Henry Collins to Walsh- December 16, 1949, July 16, 1951, August 3, 1951, November 11 and November 29, 1951, December 6, 1951, April 25, 1952, April 29, 1952, June 5, 1952, July 31, 1952, October 18, 1952, November 1952, November 19, 1952, November 28, 1952, December 1, 1952, December 10, 1952, December 22, 1952, January 16, 1953, October 22, 1953 (19 letters)

Folder Folder 5

Correspondents C-D:


W. H. Coffey to Walsh- January 13, 1940 & June 18, 1940


Copeland to Walsh- June 30, " (see photo # 24,472 A4, A5)


Walsh to Dermody- May 4, 1944


Dominican Fathers to Walsh- October 9, 1943


Aubrey Drury to Walsh- September 21, 1944

Folder Folder 6

John Dwyer to Walsh- February 6, 1942 & June 1, 1947 (manuscript MA thesis "The History of the Catholic Church in Grass Valley" J.T. Dwyer, 1942-Papers of Dwyer in Diocese of San Francisco Archives)

Folder Folder 7

Correspondents F-G:


John Farmer to Walsh- October 3, 1950


Fr. J.P. Farrell to Walsh- April 6, 1953


A.G. Feustal to Walsh- April 1, 1953


Fr. Maynard Geiger to Walsh- May 24, 1941, March 22, 1953, March 27, 1953


Walsh to Geiger- August 6, 1954

Folder Folder 8

Anne Fisher to Walsh- May 12, 1947 (Conlin letters, manuscript enclosed)

Folder Folder 9

Correspondents G-H:


Felix L. Geis to Walsh- May 27, 1942


Mabel Gillis to Walsh- September 1, 1943


Robert Graham to Walsh- May 19, 1946


J.P. Hall to Walsh- March 9, 1943

Folder Folder 10

Dorothy Gloster to Walsh- April 17, 1947 (manuscript enclosed)

Folder Folder 11

Correspondents H-J:


John Heffernan to Walsh- December 15, 1939 & April 2, 1940


Hartley Jackson to Walsh- November 4, 1946 & January 5, 1947


W. Hill to Walsh June 30, 1953, re: donation of 20 agates


Fr. Jacobson to Walsh- October 23, 1942


Chas Johnson to Walsh- May 5, 1953

Folder Folder 12

Rev. Paul Kenapke to Walsh- November 8, 1940 & January 18, 1941 (information requested by Walsh)

Folder Folder 13

Correspondents L-M:


Louise Litsch to Walsh- August 6, 1950


Frances McFeely to Walsh- June 15, 1952


John McGroarty to Walsh- September 29, 1943


Zacheus Maher to Walsh- October 27, 1939


Gabriel Menager to Walsh- August 24, 1954


James Miraglia to Walsh- December 18, 1945


J. P. Morgan to Walsh- November 28, 1942

Folder Folder 14

Correspondents N-P:


Ruth Newport to Walsh- November 14, 1939


T. Nugent to Walsh- August 28, 1939 & October 2, 1943


A.R. O'Brien to Walsh- September 25, 1944


Edwin O'Hara to Walsh- December 6, 1945


Percy Pettigrew to Walsh- September 12, 1953

Folder Folder 15

William O'Keefe to Walsh- December 2, 1939, January 22, 1940, March 12, 1940, February 28, 1942, March 5, 1942, March 17, 1942, July 8, 1942, September 11, 1945, April 10, 1947

Folder Folder 16

Correspondents R-S:


Julia Regan to Walsh- April 1, 1952


James Ryan to Walsh- April 1, 1940


Schrader to Walsh- September 1954, May 3, 1955


Joseph Scott to Walsh- April 23, 1943 & September 28, 1943

Folder Folder 17

Mrs. John Thomas to Walsh- March 21, 1943 & April 26, 1944

Folder Folder 18

Correspondents T-X:


Fr. Osmond Thorpe to Walsh- April 21, 1948


James Twohy to Walsh- May 15, 1953 & June 27, 1954 (article enclosed)


Fr. James White to Walsh- August 1, 1952, March 23, 1954, April 6, 1954


Jeanne Elizabeth Weir to Walsh- October 7, 1943


Thelma Zieman to Walsh- December 20, 1939

Folder Folder 19

Rudolph Van Norden to Walsh- October 3, 1948 & December 2, 1948 (manuscript enclosed)

Folder Folder 20

Correspondents A:


Hazel Adams to Walsh- June 14, 1955


James Addicott to Walsh- November 9, 1952 & April 12, 1953 (information on Santa Clara Valley enclosed)

Folder Folder 21

Correspondents B-C:


Scott Billyou to Walsh- January 18, 1955


J.N. Bowman to Walsh- November 15, 1946


Helen Bretnor to Walsh- January 29, 1953 (see photo #24,472 A50)


Thomas Bronne to Walsh- December 28, 1939


Annehel Covrado to Walsh- no date


Florence Cunningham to Walsh- January 30, 1950

Folder Folder 22

Correspondents D-H:


Catherine Dillon to Walsh- May 23, 1951


Jean Gordon to Walsh- September 22, 1952


Reyes Gutierrez to Walsh- April 20, 1948


Catherine Harroun to Walsh- August 7, 1948


Margaret Hawthorne to Walsh- June 13, 1955

Folder Folder 23

Correspondents K-M:


Louis E. Kern to Walsh- June 30, 1953


Evelyn Kruse to Walsh- April 4, 1955


Alick Leonard to Walsh- July 7, 1951


Dev Lomax to Walsh- June 30, 1953


Norman Martin to Walsh- August 22, 1954, November 19, 1952

Folder Folder 24

Correspondents O-S:


Umberto Olivieri to Walsh- August 20, 1955


William Ryan to Walsh- June 1953


Walsh to Ryan- June 2, 1953


J.M. Scammell to Walsh- July 6, 1949 (article on Santa Clara Light Infantry enclosed)


W.E. Smith to Walsh- September 5, 1952


T.J. O'Connell ('92) re: SCU colors and yells- May 13, 1947

Folder Folder 25

Correspondents S-W:


Arthur Spearman, S.J. to Walsh- August 29, 1946, September 3, 1946, April 25, 1955


R.S. Suielie (?) To Walsh- November 5, 1945


Will Sykes to Walsh- December 15, 1952 & April 26, 1955 (with reply from Frank Schneider)


Marilyn Tappa to Walsh- May 2, 1955


Carolyn Wood to Walsh- March 23, 1953

Folder Folder 26

Edith Webb to Walsh- May 10, 1945, June 5, 1945, March 19, 1946, March 26, 1946, July 22, 1946, July 8, 1947, August 11, 1947, May 26, 1948, October 24, 1948, August 10, 1949, August 14, 1950, November 18, 1952, December 30, 1952, December 1954, October 10, 1956 (15 letters)

Folder Folder 27

Draft of letter to Alumnus from Walsh announcing upcoming publication of history of Santa Clara

Folder Folder 28

Jesuit censor's comments on "The History of Santa Clara University"



Box Box 6, Folder Folder 29

Seventy-five Years of Catholic Life in Nevada by Thomas Gorman, 1935

Folder Folder 30

"The Good New Days" and "How Few the Things," two essays by Hartley Everet Jackson, 1940

Folder Folder 31

The Love Sonnets of a Hoodlum by Wallace Irwin, 1901

Folder Folder 32

The Love Sonnets of a Car Conductor by Wallace Irwin, 1908



Box Box 6, Folder Folder 33

Pageant for San Jose centennial celebration


2 letters; Marie Poche to Walsh- October 9, 1948, December 7, 1948 and 3 copies of Fabulous Calfia


Letter from Dale H. Fife to Walsh- May 30, 1949


Pageant of Mission Santa Clara; Newspaper clip re: Walsh & 1934 S.C. Pageant


"Spring Quarter Pageant Gives Promise of Being Sensation," The Night Letter, December 3, 1948

Folder Folder 34

A.J. Cody, S.J. to Walsh- July 20, 1949 with manuscript of pageant re history of the university

Folder Folder 35

Schneider, Samuel to Walsh- September 16, 1952 with copy of speech on mineralogy

Folder Folder 36

Curran, John T., S.J., to Walsh, September 8, 1942 regarding research on early California Bishops



Additional Note

Within the Walsh Photograph Collection, each image is uniquely identified by the numbers 24,472-A1 through -A50.
item A1

J.M. Cassin (removed from letter by Ella Caw to Walsh- March 26, 1941)

item A2

St. Rose Church, Santa Rosa (removed from letter by Ella Caw- March 26, 1941)

item A3

Main St., Shasta, CA, 1865 (removed from letter by Copeland to Walsh- June 30)

item A4

Fr. Michael Wallrath as German Soldier (removed from letter by Sr. Dolorosa- November 13, 1943)

item A5

Fr. Michael Wallrath on Silver Jubilee (removed from letter by Sr. Dolorosa- November 13, 1943)

item A6

Sawyer's Bar

item A7

Lee Vining Grade

item A8

Sawyer's Bar

item A9

Columbia from the East (original + 2 copies)

item A10

Columbia general view- from the public school (original + 2 copies)

item A11

Chinese miners, Columbia (original + 2 copies)

item A12

Columbia, the public school (original + 2 copies)

item A13

Sawyer's Bar (2 copies)

item A14

the Catholic church, Columbia (2 copies)

item A15

All that is left of Aurora

item A16


item A17


item A18


item A19

Bodie Hills

item A20

Fr. McNally (original)


Numbers A21-30 are postcards:

item A21

Ruins of Wells Fargo building, Virginia City

item A22

Freemont Hotel, Auburn

item A23

Main and High St., Shasta, 1850's

item A24

View of Shasta

item A25

Couterville, CA

item A26

St. Anne's Church, Columbia

item A27

St. Anne's Church, Columbia

item A28

Views of Columbia

item A29

Catholic church, Sonora

item A30

Notre Dame Convent, Marysville

item A31

Blessing of plaque attached to foundation of old church of 1857, Shasta

item A32

St. Patrick's Church, Murphy, Calaveros County (3 copies)

item A33


item A34

Opportunity Camp, Stanislaus County


Numbers A35-49 are copies of illustrations in Hallowed Were the Gold Dust Trails (in order of appearance)

item A35

Bishop Eugene O'Conell, DD

item A36

Archbishop Alemany, DD

item A37

Bishop Patrick Manogue, DD

item A38

St. Anne's Church, Columbia

item A39

St. Patrick's Church, Murphy

item A40

St. Andrew's Church, San Andreas

item A41

St. John's Church, Coloma

item A42

Bishop Thomas Grace, DD

item A43

The Ghost Town of Bodie

item A44

Bishop Patrick Keane, DD

item A45

St. Patrick's Church, Grass Valley

item A46

Church of the Immaculate Conception

item A47

St. Joseph's Church, Sawyer's Bar

item A48

St. Joseph's Church, Marysville

item A49

Church of St. John the Baptist, Folsom

item A50

San Miguel De Conca, Sierra Gorda (removed from the letter by Helen Bretnor to Walsh- January 29, 1953)