Guide to the England : Documents, 1461-1871

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Guide to the England : Documents, 1461-1871

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Title: England : Documents,
Date (inclusive): 1461-1871
Collection number: Special Collections M0415
Creator: Various
Extent: 28 items
Repository: Stanford University. Libraries. Dept. of Special Collections and University Archives.
Language: English.

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Scope and Content

Summary: A miscellaneous collection of English documents form many sources, arranged in chronological order according to the dates of the documents.
Primarily in English; some in Latin.


Item 1 Deed of approximately 9 acres of land in Dodyngton, from Thomas Ady of Dodyngton to Robert John. In Latin, with seal. Melease, Kent county. 10 October 1461.


Item 2 Legal document, with names of Margaret Barnes and John Cooke in text. In Latin, with 3 seals. Kent. 4 July 1560.


Item 3 Indenture between George Peryont, Phillip Peryont and Edward Cason. The sum of 5,000 pounds is paid in exchange for lands. With 2 seals. 30 September 1606.


Item 4 Indenture between Anne and Phillip Spurlinge of Edworth and William Affrynson, involves periodic payments for lands. With seal. 30 April 1609.


Item 5 Indenture of Edward Thurston of Edworth farms, a mortgage of lands. 20 March 1610.


Item 6 Indenture between Thomas Turner and Edward Thurston of Edworth in Bedford county. Turner is to pay 100 pounds for the administration of lands. 7 December 1615.


Item 7 Indenture between Thomas Turner and John Amys. In Latin, on vellum. 1 June 1619.


Item 8 Signed receipt acknowledging full repayment of a loan of 300 pounds, repaid by Richard Peter of Luton to Henry Denham of London. With seal. 23 October 1623.


Item 9 Indenture of Richard Shiydham [?] to Thomas Snelling. 22 March 1625.


Item 10 Final agreement. 1628.


Item 11 Indenture. Assignment of estate by Nicholas Baron of Tidworth in Wiltshire county and Thomas [Sterkeley?]. With seal. 16 November 1631.


Item 12 Mortgage between Thomas [Weeth?] student at Pembrook Hall, University of Cambridge, and John Leming. 25 October 1653.


Item 13 Assignment of an annuity of 25 pounds from George Hoster of Gillingham in Suffolk county, yeoman, to Mr. Sandcroft and George Barrett. With seal. 10 May 1661.


Item 14 Indenture. Transfer of lands in Denford, Northamptonshire, from William Mace alias Mason, citizen and turner of London, to William Pufford, father of Mace's wife Anne. 19 September 1662.


Item 15 Deed between Richard Rowley of Priddy in Somerset county, yeoman, and James Tucker of Shepton Mallet, clothier. With seal. Somerset. 23 March 1666.


Item 16 [Possibly] appointments of attorney. In English, German and Latin. One leaf, series of statements dated 1694-1712.


Item 17 * Indenture between James Shade, cooper, of Newmarket in Cambridge county and William Mayor the Elder of Soham in Cambridge county. Sale of land and buildings in Newmarket by Mayor to Shade. 20 November 1709.Endorsement on verso by James Shade. 22 November 1709.Notes of receipt of interest. November, 1712.


Item 18 Foot of fine. In Latin, Bastarda Anglicana script on vellum. Ca. 1714-1729.


Item 19 British legal document. In Latin, bearing stamp. 1725.


Item 20 Deed of land by William Amory, signed by H.M. Dolphin Howard, of the Manor of Longdon. Bearing stamp. 15 October 1741.


Item 21 Marriage license, with seal, parish of Highgate in Middlesex county, signed by George Gibson and Tho. Potter. With seal. 19 February 1749.


Item 22 Indenture exchange deed of lands in Alno, Yorkshire, by Richard Flawith to Thomas Mason. With seal and tax stamps. 19 October 1756.


Item 23 Memorial of an indenture. William Lyster of the parish of St. George Bloomsbury, carpenter, grants lands at Paddington to Frederick Atherton Hindley of the parish of St. James Westminster, esquire, for a term of 99 years. With seal. 3 January 1763.


Item 24 Indenture. Sale of lands in Cambridge county by John Edwards of Newmarket in Suffolk county, stone mason, to John Chambers of Soham in Cambridge county, shopkeeper, and Christopher Kent, victualler. With seal. 21 April 1766.


Item 25 Announcement of an inquisition of Thomas Wigan, Jr., found to be in arrears for his debt of 50,000 pounds to Robert Albion Cox and William Merle, fraudulently promised. Guildhall, Westminster in Middlesex. 8 June 1787.An attached document shows settlement of the suit for 900 pounds. With tax stamps.


Item 26 Indenture. John Harding of Weston in Chester county, miller, and Thomas Joynson of Balterley in Stafford county, butcher, sell to Obadiah Brandreth of Middlewich in Chester county a farm in Balterley, in the parish of Barthemley, county of Stafford. With seal and tax stamps. 2 August 1799.


Item 27 Indenture. Assignment of the lease of a house and premises situated at No. 2 Hanway Street, Oxford in Middlesex county, by Harriet Draper to Sarah Helen Sherrin. 23 Oct. 1871.


Item 28 Indenture. Two fragments. n.d.