Views of San Quentin Prison and Events, ca. 1925-1935

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Views of San Quentin Prison and Events, ca. 1925-1935

Collection number: BANC PIC 1905.11240--ALB

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Views of San Quentin Prison and Events
Date: ca. 1925-1935
Collection Number: BANC PIC 1905.11240--ALB
Collector: Mooney, Thomas J.
Extent: No. of photographs: 355 photographic prints, all measuring 10 x 14.5 cm.; collected in album measuring 28.5 x 38.5 cm. 355 digital objects
Repository: The Bancroft Library.
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-6000
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Languages Represented: Collection materials are in English

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Title: Thomas J. Mooney Papers, 1906-1942,
Identifier/Call Number: BANC MSS C-B 410

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

The Views of San Quentin Prison and Events album was transferred from the Thomas J. Mooney Papers, 1906-1942, BANC MSS C-B 410.

Scope and Content

The Views of San Quentin Prison and Events album contains 355 photographic prints taken circa 1925-1935. The album features views and scenes of the the prison grounds, interiors of many of the structures, and various recreational acitivities. Besides general grounds views, the album contains views of the large garden; scenes from the prisoners' yards; several guard stations; and exterior views of the cell blocks, officer residences, guard quarters, and the dairy and ranch. Interior views feature prisoners' cells, factories, shops, dining halls and guard quarters. Prisoner activities pictured in the album include entertainment events--featuring musicians, dancers, clowns, and female impersonators among the performers--and athletics. Also pictured in the album are views of the surrounding Marin County vicinty and scenes of the San Quentin Prison Quarry.
The album may have been compiled, if not photographed, by Tom Mooney, though this is not verified. The diversity of subjects pictured in the album suggest that the photographer had great access to many areas of the prison, while the caption information suggests a strong familiarity with everyday prison life.
Photographs of womens' cell blocks indicate that at least some of the photographs were taken prior to 1927, the last year women were housed at the prison.


General view of San Quentin Prison. BANC PIC 1905.11240:001--ALB


Prisoners marching in Front Gate. BANC PIC 1905.11240:002--ALB


Approaching Front Gate. BANC PIC 1905.11240:003--ALB


Entrance Front Gate. BANC PIC 1905.11240:004--ALB


End of Reservation. BANC PIC 1905.11240:005--ALB


Guards Recreation Hall. BANC PIC 1905.11240:006--ALB


Officer's Homes. BANC PIC 1905.11240:007--ALB


Fire House. BANC PIC 1905.11240:008--ALB


Garden Beautiful Views.


Garden Beautiful Views. BANC PIC 1905.11240:009--ALB


Garden Beautiful Views. BANC PIC 1905.11240:010--ALB


Garden Beautiful Views. BANC PIC 1905.11240:011--ALB


Garden Beautiful Views. BANC PIC 1905.11240:012--ALB


Garden Beautiful Views. BANC PIC 1905.11240:013--ALB


Garden Beautiful Views. BANC PIC 1905.11240:014--ALB


Garden Beautiful Views. BANC PIC 1905.11240:015--ALB


Garden Beautiful Views. BANC PIC 1905.11240:016--ALB


Garden Beautiful Views. BANC PIC 1905.11240:017--ALB


Main Yard.


Main Yard. BANC PIC 1905.11240:018--ALB


Main Yard. BANC PIC 1905.11240:019--ALB


Main Yard. BANC PIC 1905.11240:020--ALB


Main Yard. BANC PIC 1905.11240:021--ALB


More Main Yard Views.


More Main Yard Views. BANC PIC 1905.11240:022--ALB


More Main Yard Views. BANC PIC 1905.11240:023--ALB


More Main Yard Views. BANC PIC 1905.11240:024--ALB


More Main Yard Views. BANC PIC 1905.11240:025--ALB


Machine Gun Towers.


Machine Gun Towers. BANC PIC 1905.11240:026--ALB


Machine Gun Towers. BANC PIC 1905.11240:027--ALB


Arsenal. BANC PIC 1905.11240:028--ALB


Machine Gun Towers.


Machine Gun Towers. BANC PIC 1905.11240:029--ALB


Machine Gun Towers. BANC PIC 1905.11240:030--ALB


More Guard Towers.


More Guard Towers. BANC PIC 1905.11240:031--ALB


More Guard Towers. BANC PIC 1905.11240:032--ALB


More Guard Towers. BANC PIC 1905.11240:033--ALB


More Guard Towers. BANC PIC 1905.11240:034--ALB


More Guard Towers. BANC PIC 1905.11240:035--ALB


Nut Alley (on left). BANC PIC 1905.11240:036--ALB


Educational Building. BANC PIC 1905.11240:037--ALB


Furniture Factory. BANC PIC 1905.11240:038--ALB


Prison-made Furniture. BANC PIC 1905.11240:039--ALB


Cell Block Guard. BANC PIC 1905.11240:040--ALB


Wall Guard. BANC PIC 1905.11240:041--ALB


Tailor Shop. BANC PIC 1905.11240:042--ALB


West Wing Yard. BANC PIC 1905.11240:043--ALB


School House for Guard's Children.


School House for Guard's Children. BANC PIC 1905.11240:044--ALB


School House for Guard's Children. BANC PIC 1905.11240:045--ALB


School House for Guard's Children. BANC PIC 1905.11240:046--ALB


School House for Guard's Children. BANC PIC 1905.11240:047--ALB


Guards Children.


Guards Children. BANC PIC 1905.11240:048--ALB


Guards Children. BANC PIC 1905.11240:049--ALB


Administration Building. BANC PIC 1905.11240:050--ALB


Guard Residences. BANC PIC 1905.11240:051--ALB


Officers & Guards Dining Room. BANC PIC 1905.11240:052--ALB


Officers & Guards Mess Crew. BANC PIC 1905.11240:053--ALB


Pot Washers Corner. BANC PIC 1905.11240:054--ALB


Kitchen. BANC PIC 1905.11240:055--ALB


Married Guards Quarters. BANC PIC 1905.11240:056--ALB


Womens Department. BANC PIC 1905.11240:057--ALB


Outpost Guard. BANC PIC 1905.11240:058--ALB


Edge of Reservation. BANC PIC 1905.11240:059--ALB


Old Hospital in Background. BANC PIC 1905.11240:060--ALB


Old Cell Block. BANC PIC 1905.11240:061--ALB


Garden Beautiful. BANC PIC 1905.11240:062--ALB


"The Porch" BANC PIC 1905.11240:063--ALB


Mess Hall's [sic]. BANC PIC 1905.11240:064--ALB


Mess Hall's [sic]. BANC PIC 1905.11240:065--ALB


Jute Mill Road. BANC PIC 1905.11240:066--ALB


Mess Building. BANC PIC 1905.11240:067--ALB


Outpost Guard. BANC PIC 1905.11240:068--ALB


Wardens Private Garage. BANC PIC 1905.11240:069--ALB


Back Gate. BANC PIC 1905.11240:070--ALB


Machine Gun Tower. BANC PIC 1905.11240:071--ALB


Wardens Residence. BANC PIC 1905.11240:072--ALB


Women's Department. BANC PIC 1905.11240:073--ALB


Guard's Garage. BANC PIC 1905.11240:074--ALB


Guard Tower. BANC PIC 1905.11240:075--ALB


Back Entrance to Mess Hall. BANC PIC 1905.11240:076--ALB


Spud Locker. BANC PIC 1905.11240:077--ALB


Mess Hall Building. BANC PIC 1905.11240:078--ALB


Mess Hall. BANC PIC 1905.11240:079--ALB


Furniture Factory.


Furniture Factory. BANC PIC 1905.11240:080--ALB


Furniture Factory. BANC PIC 1905.11240:081--ALB


Furniture Factory. BANC PIC 1905.11240:082--ALB


Furniture Factory. BANC PIC 1905.11240:083--ALB


Ranch. BANC PIC 1905.11240:084--ALB


Mount Tamilpias [i.e. Tamalpais]. BANC PIC 1905.11240:085--ALB


Lumber Yard. BANC PIC 1905.11240:086--ALB


Quarry in Background. BANC PIC 1905.11240:087--ALB


Some Prison Gardens.


Some Prison Gardens. BANC PIC 1905.11240:088--ALB


Some Prison Gardens. BANC PIC 1905.11240:089--ALB


Some Prison Gardens. BANC PIC 1905.11240:090--ALB


Some Prison Gardens. BANC PIC 1905.11240:091--ALB


Head Gardner's Quarters. BANC PIC 1905.11240:092--ALB


His "Bonarue" Kitchen. BANC PIC 1905.11240:093--ALB


Dairy Building. BANC PIC 1905.11240:094--ALB


Hog Ranch. BANC PIC 1905.11240:095--ALB


Booster Pump House. BANC PIC 1905.11240:096--ALB


Booster Pump. BANC PIC 1905.11240:097--ALB


Pump House Quarters. BANC PIC 1905.11240:098--ALB


Chicken Ranch. BANC PIC 1905.11240:099--ALB


Ranch Activity.


Ranch Activity. BANC PIC 1905.11240:100--ALB


Ranch Activity. BANC PIC 1905.11240:101--ALB


Ranch Activity. BANC PIC 1905.11240:102--ALB


Ranch Activity. BANC PIC 1905.11240:103--ALB


Dairy Buildings.


Dairy Buildings. BANC PIC 1905.11240:104--ALB


Dairy Buildings. BANC PIC 1905.11240:105--ALB


Dairy Buildings. BANC PIC 1905.11240:106--ALB


Dairy Buildings. BANC PIC 1905.11240:107--ALB


Rock Crusher.


Rock Crusher. BANC PIC 1905.11240:108--ALB


Rock Crusher. BANC PIC 1905.11240:109--ALB


Taking it Easy. BANC PIC 1905.11240:110--ALB


Washing Clothes. BANC PIC 1905.11240:111--ALB


More Quarry Views.


More Quarry Views. BANC PIC 1905.11240:112--ALB


More Quarry Views. BANC PIC 1905.11240:113--ALB


More Quarry Views. BANC PIC 1905.11240:114--ALB


More Quarry Views. BANC PIC 1905.11240:115--ALB


At the Prison Quarry.


At the Prison Quarry. BANC PIC 1905.11240:116--ALB


At the Prison Quarry. BANC PIC 1905.11240:117--ALB


At the Prison Quarry. BANC PIC 1905.11240:118--ALB


At the Prison Quarry. BANC PIC 1905.11240:119--ALB


Steam Shovel. BANC PIC 1905.11240:120--ALB


Quarry Guard. BANC PIC 1905.11240:121--ALB


Rock Crusher. BANC PIC 1905.11240:122--ALB


Quarry Barber Shop. BANC PIC 1905.11240:123--ALB


Prisoners. BANC PIC 1905.11240:124--ALB


Booster Pump House. BANC PIC 1905.11240:125--ALB


Guard Tower. BANC PIC 1905.11240:126--ALB


General View San Quentin Prison. BANC PIC 1905.11240:127--ALB


Outside the Walls. BANC PIC 1905.11240:128--ALB


Women's Department. BANC PIC 1905.11240:129--ALB


Small Gardens. BANC PIC 1905.11240:130--ALB


Another General View. BANC PIC 1905.11240:131--ALB


Filling In. BANC PIC 1905.11240:132--ALB


Old Cell Blocks.


Old Cell Blocks. BANC PIC 1905.11240:133--ALB


Old Cell Blocks. BANC PIC 1905.11240:134--ALB


Old Cell Block. BANC PIC 1905.11240:135--ALB


Old Prison Cells. BANC PIC 1905.11240:136--ALB


Prison Construction.


Prison Construction. BANC PIC 1905.11240:137--ALB


Prison Construction. BANC PIC 1905.11240:138--ALB


More Prison Construction. BANC PIC 1905.11240:139--ALB


Old Cell Block. BANC PIC 1905.11240:140--ALB


On the Prison Waterfront.


On the Prison Waterfront. BANC PIC 1905.11240:141--ALB


On the Prison Waterfront. BANC PIC 1905.11240:142--ALB


On the Prison Waterfront. BANC PIC 1905.11240:143--ALB


On the Prison Waterfront. BANC PIC 1905.11240:144--ALB


General View of Prison. BANC PIC 1905.11240:145--ALB


Warden's Residence. BANC PIC 1905.11240:146--ALB


Ranch Buildings. BANC PIC 1905.11240:147--ALB


Rock Separator at Quarry. BANC PIC 1905.11240:148--ALB


Warden's House. BANC PIC 1905.11240:149--ALB


General View of San Quentin Prison. BANC PIC 1905.11240:150--ALB


The Porch. BANC PIC 1905.11240:151--ALB


Warden's Residence. BANC PIC 1905.11240:152--ALB


Prisoners Marching In. BANC PIC 1905.11240:153--ALB


More Waterfront Views.


More Waterfront Views. BANC PIC 1905.11240:154--ALB


More Waterfront Views. BANC PIC 1905.11240:155--ALB


More Waterfront Views. BANC PIC 1905.11240:156--ALB


More Waterfront Views. BANC PIC 1905.11240:157--ALB


Wall Guard. BANC PIC 1905.11240:158--ALB


Prison Construction. BANC PIC 1905.11240:159--ALB


New Mess Hall. BANC PIC 1905.11240:160--ALB


Jute Mill. BANC PIC 1905.11240:161--ALB


Old Prison Cells. BANC PIC 1905.11240:162--ALB


Shelter Shed. BANC PIC 1905.11240:163--ALB


Main Yard Again.


Main Yard Again. BANC PIC 1905.11240:164--ALB


Main Yard Again. BANC PIC 1905.11240:165--ALB


The Porch Again. BANC PIC 1905.11240:166--ALB


Wall Guard. BANC PIC 1905.11240:167--ALB


Officers & Guards Dining Room. BANC PIC 1905.11240:168--ALB


Old Cell Blocks. BANC PIC 1905.11240:169--ALB


General View of San Quentin Prison. BANC PIC 1905.11240:170--ALB


Alley Way. BANC PIC 1905.11240:171--ALB


Jute Mill Road. BANC PIC 1905.11240:172--ALB


Roof Tops. BANC PIC 1905.11240:173--ALB


Spud Locker. BANC PIC 1905.11240:174--ALB


Along the Waterfront.


Along the Waterfront. BANC PIC 1905.11240:175--ALB


Along the Waterfront. BANC PIC 1905.11240:176--ALB


Along the Waterfront. BANC PIC 1905.11240:177--ALB


Along the Waterfront. BANC PIC 1905.11240:178--ALB


More Waterfront Views.


More Waterfront Views. BANC PIC 1905.11240:179--ALB


More Waterfront Views. BANC PIC 1905.11240:180--ALB


More Waterfront Views. BANC PIC 1905.11240:181--ALB


More Waterfront Views. BANC PIC 1905.11240:182--ALB


Prison Laundry.


Prison Laundry. BANC PIC 1905.11240:183--ALB


Prison Laundry. BANC PIC 1905.11240:184--ALB


Prison Laundry. BANC PIC 1905.11240:185--ALB


Prison Laundry. BANC PIC 1905.11240:186--ALB


In the New Prison.


In the New Prison. BANC PIC 1905.11240:187--ALB


In the New Prison. BANC PIC 1905.11240:188--ALB


In the New Prison. BANC PIC 1905.11240:189--ALB


In the New Prison. BANC PIC 1905.11240:190--ALB


New Prison Cell Block. BANC PIC 1905.11240:191--ALB


Inside View. BANC PIC 1905.11240:192--ALB


Jute Mill. BANC PIC 1905.11240:193--ALB


Ball Diamond. BANC PIC 1905.11240:194--ALB


Overlooking Lower Yard. BANC PIC 1905.11240:195--ALB


Alley Way. BANC PIC 1905.11240:196--ALB


Road to Mess Hall. BANC PIC 1905.11240:197--ALB


Main Yard. BANC PIC 1905.11240:198--ALB


Blacksmith Shop. BANC PIC 1905.11240:199--ALB


Mess Hall Entrance. BANC PIC 1905.11240:200--ALB


New Prison Cells.


New Prison Cells. BANC PIC 1905.11240:201--ALB


New Prison Cells. BANC PIC 1905.11240:202--ALB


New Prison Cells. BANC PIC 1905.11240:203--ALB


Old Prison Cells. BANC PIC 1905.11240:204--ALB


Spud Shack. BANC PIC 1905.11240:205--ALB


Orchestra Pit. BANC PIC 1905.11240:206--ALB


Main Line Dining Hall. BANC PIC 1905.11240:207--ALB


Bars. BANC PIC 1905.11240:208--ALB


Main Line Kitchen. BANC PIC 1905.11240:209--ALB


Gun Rail.


Gun Rail. BANC PIC 1905.11240:210--ALB


Gun Rail. BANC PIC 1905.11240:211--ALB


Photo Gallery. BANC PIC 1905.11240:212--ALB


Old Cell Block. BANC PIC 1905.11240:213--ALB


West Wing Yard. BANC PIC 1905.11240:214--ALB


Wall Post. BANC PIC 1905.11240:215--ALB


Alley Stairway. BANC PIC 1905.11240:216--ALB


New Prison Cell Blocks. BANC PIC 1905.11240:217--ALB


Gun Rails.


Gun Rails. BANC PIC 1905.11240:218--ALB


Gun Rails. BANC PIC 1905.11240:219--ALB


Gun Rails. BANC PIC 1905.11240:220--ALB


Gun Rails. BANC PIC 1905.11240:221--ALB


Old Cell Block. BANC PIC 1905.11240:222--ALB


East Wing Entrance. BANC PIC 1905.11240:223--ALB


New Prison Entrance. BANC PIC 1905.11240:224--ALB


Crazy Alley on Left. BANC PIC 1905.11240:225--ALB


Wall Guard Towers.


Wall Guard Towers. BANC PIC 1905.11240:226--ALB


Wall Guard Towers. BANC PIC 1905.11240:227--ALB


Jute Mill Yard. BANC PIC 1905.11240:228--ALB


Jute Mill. BANC PIC 1905.11240:229--ALB


Guard Tower. BANC PIC 1905.11240:230--ALB


West Wing Yard. BANC PIC 1905.11240:231--ALB


"Crazy Alley". BANC PIC 1905.11240:232--ALB


Alley Way. BANC PIC 1905.11240:233--ALB


Laundry Washers. BANC PIC 1905.11240:234--ALB


Main Line Showers. BANC PIC 1905.11240:235--ALB


New Laundry. BANC PIC 1905.11240:236--ALB


Change Room. BANC PIC 1905.11240:237--ALB


Tiers of Cells.


Tiers of Cells. BANC PIC 1905.11240:238--ALB


Tiers of Cells. BANC PIC 1905.11240:239--ALB


Tiers of Cells. BANC PIC 1905.11240:240--ALB


Guard at New Prison. BANC PIC 1905.11240:241--ALB


New Prison Stairway. BANC PIC 1905.11240:242--ALB


Old Cell Blocks. BANC PIC 1905.11240:243--ALB


Bake Ovens. BANC PIC 1905.11240:244--ALB


Photo Gallery. BANC PIC 1905.11240:245--ALB


Run Way. BANC PIC 1905.11240:246--ALB


Prison Construction. BANC PIC 1905.11240:247--ALB


Alley Way. BANC PIC 1905.11240:248--ALB


New Prison Cells. BANC PIC 1905.11240:249--ALB


Open Air Lavatories. BANC PIC 1905.11240:250--ALB


Sunday in the Lower Yard. BANC PIC 1905.11240:251--ALB


4th. of July Lemonade. BANC PIC 1905.11240:252--ALB


Prisoner & Trained Cat. BANC PIC 1905.11240:253--ALB


Laundry Presses. BANC PIC 1905.11240:254--ALB


Laundry View. BANC PIC 1905.11240:255--ALB


Tin Shop.


Tin Shop. BANC PIC 1905.11240:256--ALB


Tin Shop. BANC PIC 1905.11240:257--ALB


Tailor Shop View. BANC PIC 1905.11240:258--ALB


Mexican Quartette. BANC PIC 1905.11240:259--ALB


San Quentin Band. BANC PIC 1905.11240:260--ALB


On the March. BANC PIC 1905.11240:261--ALB


Band Stand. BANC PIC 1905.11240:262--ALB


Contestants. BANC PIC 1905.11240:263--ALB


"Nuts". BANC PIC 1905.11240:264--ALB


Cutting Up. BANC PIC 1905.11240:265--ALB


Clowns. BANC PIC 1905.11240:266--ALB


Custard Pie. BANC PIC 1905.11240:267--ALB


Floor Show.


Floor Show. BANC PIC 1905.11240:268--ALB


Floor Show. BANC PIC 1905.11240:269--ALB


Floor Show. BANC PIC 1905.11240:270--ALB


Floor Show. BANC PIC 1905.11240:271--ALB




Dancers. BANC PIC 1905.11240:272--ALB


Dancers. BANC PIC 1905.11240:273--ALB


Dancers. BANC PIC 1905.11240:274--ALB


Dancers. BANC PIC 1905.11240:275--ALB


At Rehearsal.


At Rehearsal. BANC PIC 1905.11240:276--ALB


At Rehearsal. BANC PIC 1905.11240:277--ALB


At Rehearsal. BANC PIC 1905.11240:278--ALB


At Rehearsal. BANC PIC 1905.11240:279--ALB


Jap Tug-O-War. BANC PIC 1905.11240:280--ALB


Female Impersonator. BANC PIC 1905.11240:281--ALB


"Lifer". BANC PIC 1905.11240:282--ALB


Spectators. BANC PIC 1905.11240:283--ALB


Field View. BANC PIC 1905.11240:284--ALB


Finish of Mile Race. BANC PIC 1905.11240:285--ALB


Tug-O-War. BANC PIC 1905.11240:286--ALB


Pulling Hard. BANC PIC 1905.11240:287--ALB


Looking over Field. BANC PIC 1905.11240:288--ALB


Finish 880 Yard Dash. BANC PIC 1905.11240:289--ALB


Frank G. O'Kane. BANC PIC 1905.11240:290--ALB


Frank G. O'Kane Announcing. BANC PIC 1905.11240:291--ALB


Hammer Throw. BANC PIC 1905.11240:292--ALB


Spectators. BANC PIC 1905.11240:293--ALB


Mill Contestants. BANC PIC 1905.11240:294--ALB


Centepede [sic] Race. BANC PIC 1905.11240:295--ALB


Cup Presentation Warden Holohan Center. BANC PIC 1905.11240:296--ALB


Frank G. O'Kane Announcing. BANC PIC 1905.11240:297--ALB


Olympic Club Visitors. BANC PIC 1905.11240:298--ALB


"Outside" Singers. BANC PIC 1905.11240:299--ALB


Tug-O-War Judge. BANC PIC 1905.11240:300--ALB


Olympic Club Officials. BANC PIC 1905.11240:301--ALB


Frank G. O'Kane. BANC PIC 1905.11240:302--ALB


Announcing Events. BANC PIC 1905.11240:303--ALB




Tumblers. BANC PIC 1905.11240:304--ALB


Tumblers. BANC PIC 1905.11240:305--ALB


Tumblers. BANC PIC 1905.11240:306--ALB


Tumblers. BANC PIC 1905.11240:307--ALB


High Jump.


High Jump. BANC PIC 1905.11240:308--ALB


High Jump. BANC PIC 1905.11240:309--ALB


Pole Vault.


Pole Vault. BANC PIC 1905.11240:310--ALB


Pole Vault. BANC PIC 1905.11240:311--ALB


2 Mile Run. BANC PIC 1905.11240:312--ALB


2 Mile Run, Last Lap. BANC PIC 1905.11240:313--ALB


Pole Vault. BANC PIC 1905.11240:314--ALB


Hammer Throw. BANC PIC 1905.11240:315--ALB




Tumblers. BANC PIC 1905.11240:316--ALB


Tumblers. BANC PIC 1905.11240:317--ALB


Finish of Hundred Yard Dash. BANC PIC 1905.11240:318--ALB


Broad Jump. BANC PIC 1905.11240:319--ALB


At Rehearsal.


At Rehearsal. BANC PIC 1905.11240:320--ALB


At Rehearsal. BANC PIC 1905.11240:321--ALB


At Rehearsal. BANC PIC 1905.11240:322--ALB


At Rehearsal. BANC PIC 1905.11240:323--ALB


Announcing Events. BANC PIC 1905.11240:324--ALB


Rehearsal. BANC PIC 1905.11240:325--ALB


Tug-O-War. BANC PIC 1905.11240:326--ALB


More Nuts. BANC PIC 1905.11240:327--ALB


Obstacle Race and Winner.


Obstacle Race and Winner. BANC PIC 1905.11240:328--ALB


Obstacle Race and Winner. BANC PIC 1905.11240:329--ALB


Obstacle Race and Winner. BANC PIC 1905.11240:330--ALB


Obstacle Race and Winner. BANC PIC 1905.11240:331--ALB


Final. BANC PIC 1905.11240:332--ALB


Harmony Four. BANC PIC 1905.11240:333--ALB


Olympic Club Officials. BANC PIC 1905.11240:334--ALB


Orchestra. BANC PIC 1905.11240:335--ALB


A Gag. BANC PIC 1905.11240:336--ALB


Female Impersonators. BANC PIC 1905.11240:337--ALB


"Nuts". BANC PIC 1905.11240:338--ALB


Rehearsal Again. BANC PIC 1905.11240:339--ALB


Prison Baseball. Spectators. BANC PIC 1905.11240:340--ALB


Prison Baseball. Safe at First. BANC PIC 1905.11240:341--ALB


Prison Baseball. Score Keepers. BANC PIC 1905.11240:342--ALB


Prison Baseball. Guards and Visitors. BANC PIC 1905.11240:343--ALB


Prison Baseball. A Hit. BANC PIC 1905.11240:344--ALB


Prison Baseball. Talking it over. BANC PIC 1905.11240:345--ALB


Prison Baseball. Home Run. BANC PIC 1905.11240:346--ALB


Prison Baseball. Safe At First. BANC PIC 1905.11240:347--ALB


Prison Baseball. Action.


Prison Baseball. Action. BANC PIC 1905.11240:348--ALB


Prison Baseball. Action. BANC PIC 1905.11240:349--ALB


Prison Baseball. Action. BANC PIC 1905.11240:350--ALB


Prison Baseball. Action. BANC PIC 1905.11240:351--ALB


Prison Baseball. Substitutes. BANC PIC 1905.11240:352--ALB


Prison Baseball. Safe at First. BANC PIC 1905.11240:353--ALB


Prison Baseball. Walking Home. BANC PIC 1905.11240:354--ALB


Prison Baseball. A Wild Swing. BANC PIC 1905.11240:355--ALB