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Guide to the Pacific Geograpic Society Records, 1927-1940
Special Collections M166  
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  • Descriptive Summary
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  • Descriptive Summary

    Title: Pacific Geograpic Society Records,
    Date (inclusive): 1927-1940
    Collection number: Special Collections M166
    Creator: Pacific Geographic Society
    Extent: 3 linear ft.
    Repository: Stanford University. Libraries. Dept. of Special Collections and University Archives.
    Language: English.

    Administrative Information

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    Publication Rights:

    Property rights reside with the repository. Literary rights reside with the creators of the documents or their heirs. To obtain permission to publish or reproduce, please contact the Public Services Librarian of the Dept. of Special Collections.


    Gift of N. A. Kovach.

    Preferred Citation:

    [Identification of item] Pacific Geograpic Society Records, M166, Dept. of Special Collections, Stanford University Libraries, Stanford, Calif.


    The Pacific Geographic Society was founded in 1926 by Humphrey Read, to be reorganized in 1929 by the president, Walter Gordon Clark, and other officers.
    According to the articles of incorporation (July 9, 1929) the following is an outline of the purposes and objectives of the Society:

    a) for educational and scientific research pertaining to boundaries of the Pacific Ocean,

    b) to promote interests of states and countries bordering on the Pacific Ocean through co-operative membership in education and scientific research,

    c) to give publicity to states and countries bordering on the Pacific Ocean, that a better understanding of statehood and citizenship may be realized,

    d) to enlighten the world through the publications by members of this corporation,

    e) to build, construct, purchase, lease, equip, or otherwise acquire.

    Los Angeles served as the center and principal area of business for the enterprise. The corporation there was to "exist fifty years from and after the date of incorporation." In 1932-33 the Globe-Trotter Series of illustrated (motion picture) lectures was initiated, an activity which provided the major source of income of the Society.
    Other activities included dinner meetings, often with entertainment for regents, etc., special dinners and receptions, exhibits in libraries and bookstores, selected tours (group and individual) to Mexico, South America, New Zealand and Hawaii. Mrs. Hughes (secretary and manager after the death of Mr. Palmer) often acted as a local booking agent for a number of lecturers, while the Society arranged programs for public schools and libraries, colleges and universities, and other interested organizations.
    Several attempts were made to publish a magazine in conjunction with the Society, with no degree of success. A Bulletin and a Newsletter were circulated periodically but the Pacific Geographic Magazine and its successor, Pacific Horizons, began and concluded with Volume I, Number 1.
    In 1936 a moratorium agreement with major creditors was effected and the Society is believed to have disbanded in 1940-4l.


    Materials in the collection date from 1927-1940, the bulk falling between the years 1933-1939. Included are correspondence, minutes, drafts, reports, statistics, bills, receipts, contracts, clippings, press releases, various lists, organizational papers, announcements, memos, printed brochures, legal papers, itineraries, notes, photos, diagrams, a few maps, pamphlets, some manuscript articles, programs, and invitations.



    (1) indicates only one letter

    (m) indicates mentioned in
    Aicher, John W.H. 1899-(Am. fin. corp. offl.) Folder 41
    Alexander, Hartley Burr 1873-(Am. univ. prof.) Folder 21,27
    Allen, Arthur Augustus 1885-(Am. ornithologist) Folder 3 (1)
    Andrews, Roy Chapman 1884-(zoologist, explorer) Folder 58
    Armitage, Merle 1893-(Am. impresario) Folder 27,65
    Arthur, James B. 1889-(sales mgr.) Folder 42 (1)
    Atherton, Frank Cooke 1877-(Am. fin. exec. -Hawaii) Folder 41 (1)
    Baird, William S. 1856-(mun. judge) Folder 42 (1)
    Balboa Day see Pacific Discovery Day
    Ballard, Russell Henry 1875-(uti. operator) Folder 76
    Bandini, Elliott 1894-(advertising man) Folder 42 (1)
    Barkam, Frank Forrest 1879-(Am. publisher) Folder 41,45
    Barker, George C. Folder 15,16
    Barrett, Samuel Alfred 1879-(Am. anthropologist) Folder 14,87
    Bartlett, Dana Webster 1860-(clergyman) Folder 42 (1)
    Baumgardt, B.R. 1862-(Am. scientist -astron. & math.) Folder 38
    Beach, Lansing Hoskins 1860-(army officer) Folder 63
    Beaman, Alexander Gaylord Emmons 1885-(insurance) Folder 42 (1)
    Bernard, Robert J. (Pomona College) Folder 15,16,20,22,61,87
    Blakeslee, Francis Durbin 1846-1942 (Am. educator, lecturer, newspaper corr.) Folder 37
    Bledsoe, Benjamin Franklin 1874-1938 (attorney) Folder 42 (1)
    Bloch, Claude Charles 1878-(Am. naval officer -admiral) Folder 7
    Booth, Franklin 1874-(Am. illustrator) Folder 16
    Bowen, William Miller 1862-(attorney) Folder 7 (1)
    Bowman, Edith M. (PGS Speaker's Agency) Folder 87
    Bowman, Michael L. (Pacific Geog. Soc. Speakers Agency) Folder 27,81,87
    Boys' Day see Sekku
    Braunschweiger, Walter J. (PGS director -bd.) Folder 52,82
    Brehm, James R. 1883-(investment broker) Folder 63
    Bronson, Dillon 1863-(clergyman) Folder 63
    Bryan, Julien (Am. [photographer-newsman?]) Folder 4,11,12,22
    Burdette, Clara Bradley 1855-(clubwoman) Folder 58
    Burg, Amos Folder (m) 11,13,24,32
    Byrd, Richard Evelyn 1888-(Am. polar explorer) Folder 5,6,7 (m)
    Carruthers, John Franklin Bruce 1889-(educator) Folder 8,57
    Chandler, Harry 1864-(newspaper pub.) Folder 8 (1)
    Chandler, Norman 1899-(newspaperman) Folder 52 (1)
    Clark, Vinnie B. Folder 8,57,76,78
    Clark, Walter Gordon (pres. PGS) Folder 8,74
    Clements, George P. 1867-(agri. economist) Folder 8,37,57,74,82
    Close, Upton 1894-(real name: Josef Washinton Hall) (author, lecturer) Folder 69, (m) 94
    Cluverius, Wat Tyler 1874-(naval officer) Folder 7 (1)
    Coffield, Kathryn Folder 14,15,27,29,87
    Cole, George Watson 1850-(bibliog. librarian) Folder 42
    Cookman, Alfred 1891-(educator, lecturer) Folder 8,53,57,76
    Corbin, William Lee 1872-(librarian) Folder 17
    Craig, John D. 10(m), 11(m), Folder 13 (m)
    Cravens, John Smith 1871-(banker) Folder 55,63
    Crawford, Will C. (school Supt.) Folder 27,79,80,87
    Crocker, Adelaide P. Folder 7,63
    Cruickshank, Lewis 1884-(attorney) Folder 57,74
    Davidson, Gilbert Aubrey 1868-(banker) Folder 7,76
    Davidson, Ray Folder 1 (m),21,28
    Day, Arthur Louis 1869-(physicist) Folder 76
    Doheny, Edward Lawrence 1856-(petroleum producer) Folder 8 (1)
    Earhart, Amelia 1898-1937 (aviation) Folder 13 (m), 71 (m)
    Early, Stephen 1889-(asst. to Pres. F.D.R.) Folder 54 (1)
    Edmunds, Charles Keyser 1876-(college pres.) Folder 8,21,27,52,57,68,87,99
    Elliott, H.W. (v.p. PGS) Folder 21,52,65
    Elliott, John B. 1878-(oil corp. offl.) Folder 63
    Emmons, Frederick E. Folder 14,19,28,44,45
    Emmons, George Edward 1857-(manufacturer) Folder 55,63 (1)
    Farrand, Max 1869-(library director) Folder 63
    Feakins, William B. (lecture Mgr.) Folder 11,12,14,22
    Firth, R.M. (New Zealand gov't. cmmr.) Folder 7,14,48,49
    Fleischman, Max C. 1877-(mfr.) Folder 8,57
    Forbes, Mrs. Armitage S.C. Folder 41,76
    Ford, Willard Stanley 1890-(educator) Folder 27
    Forman, Harrison Folder 11 (m), 13 (m), 25,87
    Fowler, William Eric 1875-(lawyer, statesman) Folder 8,76
    Gale, Edmund Waller 1884-(cartoonist) Folder 16 (1)
    Garland, William May 1866-(realtor) Folder 8,82
    Gaumer, Alfred Elliott [geol. or archeol.?] Folder 14,18,23
    Gause, M. Jeannette Folder 24,27
    Gessler , Clifford Franklin 1893-(writer, editor) Folder 21
    Ghetts, Clark H. Folder 11,20,25,27,31,87
    Gifford, Robert Ladd 1867-(consulting engr.) Folder 63
    Gillette, Edwin Fraser 1863-(architect) Folder 63
    Gingrich, Arnold 1903-(editor, author) Folder 16 (1)
    Globe-Trotter Series Folder 1,3,4,5,7,8,11,12,13,21,22,24,25,26,27,28,29,31,32,35,36,37,51,52,53,65,66,67,68,69,7O,71,75,79,80,81,85, 86,87,88,91,94,95,97,98
    Green, Edward Craft (sec. PGS) Folder 8,37,57,76
    Grosvenor, Melville Bell (Nat'l. Geographic) Folder 16,27 (copy)
    Hadley, Anna B. Folder 14 (1)
    Hall, Josef Washington see Close, Upton
    Hammond, Wilmer Mitchell 1877-(ins. gen. agent) Folder 19,42
    Hampton, Edgar Lloyd 1872-(writer) Folder 57,76
    Hancock, G(eorge) Allan 1875-(banker, oil operator) Folder 15 (1)
    Hanna, Byron Calvin 1887-(lawyer) Folder 7 (1)
    Harrington, Mark Raymond 1882-(anthropologist) Folder 34
    Harris, Frederic Robert 1875-(ret. rear adm.) Folder 7,63
    Harris, George Herbert (army officer) Folder 41
    Hartog, Adrian (Netherlands consul) Folder 7,54,88
    Harwood, Edward Charles 1872-(citrus grower) Folder 63
    Haymond, William H.B. 1897-(attorney) Folder 42
    Helms, Elmer Ellsworth 1863-(clergyman) Folder 7 (1)
    Hepburn, Arthur Japy 1877-(naval officer) Folder 7 (1)
    Hertzog, Walter Sylvester 1881-(historian, educator) Folder 57,76
    Hilton, William Atwood 1878-(zoologist) Folder 21
    Hodge, Frederick Webb 1864-(ethnologist) Folder 27
    Holmes, (Elias) Burton 1870-(travel-lecturer) Folder 27
    Holmes, Ralston Smith 1882-(naval officer) Folder 7 (1)
    Hoyt, Minerva Hamilton 1866-(conservationist) Folder 57 (1)
    Hubbard, Bernard Rosecrans 1888-(priest, explorer, author) Folder 12 (m),14,29, 62 (m)
    Hughes, Margaret E. (sec., mgr. PGS) almost all outgoing corresp. and specifically Folder 1,21,52
    Hughes, Rupert 1872-(author) Folder 55
    Hunt, Rockwell Dennis 1868-(univ. dean) Folder 7,8,42,57,89
    Husband, Wilfred L. Folder 10
    Hutter, John Folder 10,27
    Johnson, Milbank 1971-(physician, social economist) Folder 8,57,74,76
    Johnson, Osa (Mrs. Martin) Folder 25 (m),31 (m)
    Johnson, Paul Franklin Folder 9,15,16,55,74
    Jones, Mattison Boyd 1869-(attorney) Folder 41,42
    Jordan, David Starr (univ. pres.) Folder 8 (1)
    Keedick, Lee 1879-(lyceum mgr.) Folder 11,20,27,32
    Kellogg, Edward R. 1869-(surgeon) Folder 41 (1)
    Kiewit, Ralph W. Folder 6,7,44,52,82
    KleinSmid, Rufus Bernard von 1875-(psychologist, univ. press) Folder 7,8,15,19,82
    Knopf, Carl Sumer 1889-(educator, lecturer) Folder 19,21,42
    Koster, Frederick Jacob 1868-(barrel Mfgr.) Folder 41 (1)
    Kurtz, Edward M. 1872-(corpn. offl., engr.) Folder 7,63
    Lahey, May D. (municipal judge) Folder 41 (1)
    Lesser, Sol 1890-(theatre owner) Folder 41 (1)
    Lindbergh, Charles Augustus 1902-(aviator) Folder 41 (1)
    Lissauer, Herman Folder 65 (1)
    Lissner, Henry H. Folder 42 (1)
    Lloyd, Ralph B. 1875-(oil operator, realtor, banker) Folder 7 (1)
    Lockwood, Hanford Nicholas 1859-(lawyer) Folder 63
    Long Beach Chapter Folder 35,36
    Los Angeles Chapter Folder 37
    Macomber, Laurence 1885-(lawyer) Folder 63
    Mc Bride, George M. Folder 7,8,17
    Mc Curdy, Robert M. Folder 10,16,19,27,96
    Mc Fadden, H.M. Folder 10,13,14,62
    Mc Garry, Daniel Francis 1873-(realtor) Folder 42 (1)
    Martin, Harold H. 1879-(architect) Folder 7 (1),40
    Matson, Clarence H. 1872-(chamber commerce offl.) Folder l4
    Mattison, Fitch C.E. 1861-(physician, surgeon) Folder 8,57,74
    Merriam, Frank Finley 1865-(Gov. of Calif.) Folder 7 (1)
    Mexican Tours Folder 43,44,45
    Miller, Frank William (supt. instruction) Folder 41 (1)
    Monnette, Orra Eugene 1873-(banker, lawyer) Folder 8,76
    Monsen, Courtenay (sec. PGS) Folder 8,l4,20,28,52,60
    Moore, Charles Irwin Douglas 1865-(ins. offl.) Folder 42 (1)
    Moore, Robert Thomas 1882-(scientist) Folder l,l8,52,58
    Moss, John R. Folder 85,86
    Mudd, Harvey Seeley 1888-(mining engr.) Folder 21 (1)
    Mullendore, William Clinton 1892-(lawyer) Folder 42 (1)
    Munro, William Bennett 1875-(educator) Folder 21,63
    Newlin, Gurney Elwood 1880-(lawyer) Folder 8,74
    Newsletter Folder 47,48,49
    New Zealand Tour Folder 50
    Nicholson, Grace Folder 41,55,63
    O'Connor, Arthur H. (Australian Natl. Travel Assn.) Folder 7,14,38,48,51,58
    O'Melveny, Henry William 1859-(lawyer) Folder 76 (1)
    Orcutt, William Warren 1869-(oil exec.) Folder 7,8,57,89
    Ortiz, Rubio Pascual 1877-(Mex. politician) Folder 60 (tel.)
    Pacific Discovery Day Folder 51,54,55,56
    Pacific Geographic Publishing Co. Folder 1
    Pacific Magazine Folder 8,58
    Palmer, Carl P. (v.p., mg. dir. PGS) Folder 8,52,69
    Pan Pacific Progress Folder 57
    Pearson, Harry C. (lecturer) Folder 11,61
    Peat, Harold R. 1894-(writer, lecturer) Folder 14,27,10,62
    Pepperdine, George 1886-(Western Auto Supply of Calif., Pepperdine Foundation, Pepperdine College) Folder 52,64
    Philharmonic Auditorium Folder 65,66
    Pillsbury, Arthur C. (botanist, photographer?] Folder 27,67,94
    Plummer, George T. Folder 19,27
    Pollak, Katherine S. Folder 37,76
    Pomeroy, Hugh R. 1899-(city planner) Folder 41
    Pomona College Folder 68
    Pond James B(urton) 1889-(editor, head of lecture bureau) Folder 69
    Pottenger, Francis Marion 1869-(physician, surgeon) Folder 7,8,57,82
    Potter, Charles Franklin 1861-(attorney) Folder 14,15,55
    Prisk, Charles Henry 1875-(editor, publisher) Folder 55,56,63
    Prisk, William Frederick 1870-(publisher) Folder 35.57
    Putnam, George Palmer 1887-(publisher, author) Folder 71
    Read, Humphrey (founder PGS) Folder 57 (m),74,76
    Re-organization Folder 74
    Rice, George Folder 41,77
    Ripley, Robert Le Roy 1893-(artist, author) Folder 21 (m)
    Robinson, Edward G. (actor) Folder 19 (1)
    Sachse, Richard Folder 82
    San Diego Chapter Folder 78,79,80
    Sargent, Homer Earle 1875-(elec. engr.) Folder 20,63
    Sawders, James Caleb 1894-(lecturer) Folder 20,28,81,87
    Sawyer, Ernest Walker (U.S. Sec. of Interior) Folder 41 (1)
    Scherer, James Augustin Brown 1870-(educator) Folder 16,21,72 (m)
    Scott, James Brown 1866-(lawyer, educator) Folder 7 (1)
    Sekku (Boys' Day) Folder 82
    Sieg, Lee Paul 1879-(univ. pres.) Folder 7 (1)
    Siemel, Sasha Alejandro Folder 14,15,18
    Simpson, Anita Folder 13,19,20,27
    Smith, George Leslie 1873-(auditorium mgr.) Folder 66
    Smith, Nina Folder 14, 27
    Spaulding, Frank Ellsworth 1866-(educator) Folder 13
    Spencer, M(atthew) Lyle 1881 (univ. dean) Folder 8 (1)
    Sproul, Robert Gordon 1891-(pres. U.C.) Folder 7,8,63
    Stacy-Judd, Robert Benjamin 1884-(architect) Folder 88
    Starbuck, Edwin Diller 1866-(univ. Prof.) Folder 41,76
    Stefansson, Vilhjamur 1879-(artic explorer) Folder 19,27
    Stein, Jan J. (attorney) Folder 15,25
    Stevenson, Marcia Jacobs 1875-(lecturer) Folder 10,14,22,94
    Swaffield, Roland G. 1884-(attorney) Folder 34,36
    Taussig, Joseph Knefler 1877 (naval officer) Folder 7 (1)
    Tejada Sorzano, Jose Luis 1881-1938 (pres. Bolivia) Folder 8
    Terriss, Tom Folder 52,91
    Terwilliger, Ivan M. Folder 57
    Thomas, Lowell 1892-(author,lecturer) Folder 62 (m), 87
    Truman, Herbert Frederic (lecture Mgr.) Folder 22 (1)
    Walters, Theodore Augustus (asst. sec. Interior) Folder 23 (1)
    Ware, Carolyn E. Folder 69,94
    Wells, (Grant) Carveth 1887-(explorer, author) Folder 95
    Wilbur Ray Lyman Folder 7 (1)
    Wilson, Elmer Folder 25,98
    Winter, Alice Ames 1865-(author) Folder 8,82
    Young, Archibald B. Folder 55,63
    Young, George Gilray 1876-(newspaper publisher) Folder 7 (1)