Finding Aid for the Henry E. Carter Papers, 1910-1940

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Finding Aid for the Henry E. Carter Papers, 1910-1940

Collection number: 661

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Henry E. Carter Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1910-1940
Collection number: 661
Creator: Carter, Henry E.
Extent: 134 boxes (67 linear ft.) 1 oversize box
Repository: University of California, Los Angeles. Library Special Collections.
Los Angeles, California 90095-1575
Abstract: Henry E. Carter served as deputy attorney general of California (1894-1899), was a California state assemblyman (1901-05, 1919-21, 1923, 1925, and 1927-28) and state senator (1905-09 and 1928). The collection consists of correspondence and papers of Carter's law practice in Los Angeles, material relating to his term as California state senator and as secretary of the Searchlight Nevada Mining Company.
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Language: English.

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Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Henry E. Carter Papers (Collection 661). UCLA Library Special Collections, Charles E. Young Research Library.

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UCLA Catalog Record ID: 709594 


Carter was born in Tuolomne County, California; he studied law in the offices of anderson, Fitzgerald and anderson in Los Angeles; admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of California in 1890, and later before the Bar of Federal Courts; he served as deputy attorney general of California, 1894-1899; he was a California state assemblyman, 1901-05, 1919-21, 1923, 1925, and 1927-28; state senator, 1905-09, and elected again in 1928; member, Wilmington Chamber of Commerce.

Scope and Content

Collection consists of correspondence and papers of Carter's law practice in Los Angeles. Also contains material relating to his term as California state senator and secretary of the Searchlight Nevada Mining Company.

Organization and Arrangement

Arranged in the following series:
  1. Legal cases (Boxes 1-129).
  2. Political matters and correspondence (Boxes 130-134).
  3. Ledgers and by-laws of Searchlight Nevada Mining Company (Box 135).

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.
Carter, Henry E.--Archives.
Searchlight Nevada Mining Company.
Lawyers--California--Los Angeles--Archival resources.
Legislators--California--Archival resources.

Box 1, Folder 1

Estate of William G. Adams, deceased, Tehama County. no.2668.

Box 1, Folder 2

Estate of Archibald Q. Bates. no.25484.

Box 1, Folder 3

Estate of Victorino M. Aguirre, deceased. no.9811.

Box 1, Folder 4

Estate of Hansine M. Bache, deceased. no 147409.

Box 1, Folder 5

Estate of Angelich Minors. no.123524.

Box 1, Folder 6

Estate of Effie V. Alexander. no.105036.

Box 1, Folder 7

Estate of Milovan Angelich, deceased. no.120234.

Box 1, Folder 8

Estate of Oliver H. Anderson.

Box 1, Folder 9

H. Campbell & Brown (Bankrupts), Bozo Angelich-Creditor. no.10527M.

Box 1, Folder 10

Candida Garbani vs. John & Emma Fay Brittain. no.210700 Municipal court.

Box 1, Folder 11

American Fishermen's Tuna Boat Association vs. Franco Italian Packing Company, San Diego. no.69990.

Box 1, Folder 12

Eugene H. Ames vs. F. Bribanti, et al. no.296068.

Box 1, Folder 13

Charles E. Stalie vs. Blue Diamond Corporation, Limited. no.349271.

Box 1, Folder 14

Mark Suglian vs. Anton Brajevich.

Box 1, Folder 15

Frederick W. Braubach vs. Vernon Hill.

Box 1, Folder 16

Arminta M. Breen vs. George Johnson, Sr. no.101364.

Box 1, Folder 17

Frederick W. Braubach vs. Isador Chess, et al. no.136,093.

Box 1, Folder 18

L.B. Brittain, Claims.

Box 1, Folder 19

Walter Crawford-Neal H. Anderson lease.

Box 2, Folder 1

Estate of Helena R. Solomon, deceased.

Box 2, Folder 2

Estate of John W. Welpton, deceased.

Box 2, Folder 3

Estate of Charles A. Wilson, deceased.

Box 2, Folder 4

Holiday Brothers Company, Incorporated.

Box 2, Folder 5

Charles F. Stern, In. Re. Italian Banks.

Box 2, Folder 6

Francisco Jimeniz, petition.

Box 2, Folder 7

Seaboard Company, Limited, Application for Incorporation.

Box 2, Folder 8

Mrs. Hattie Rosencrantz.

Box 2, Folder 9

Mrs. Hellie Phenal, Papers.

Box 2, Folder 10

Mr. Josey. Padilla, In. Re. Mr. C.A. Dixon.

Box 2, Folder 11

Kettleman Hills Corporation of California.

Box 2, Folder 12

Padula Papers and Claims.

Box 2, Folder 13

Estate of Jesse W. Puckett, bankrupt. no.13781-J.

Box 2, Folder 14

Estate of Walter A. Renn, deceased. no.81299.

Box 2, Folder 15

Estate of Anthony M. Medak, deceased, and the guardianship of Rosalene & Diane Medak. no.L.B. P10155. & no.L.B. P9810.

Box 3, Folder 1

Estate of Earhart Opp, deceased.

Box 3, Folder 2

Estate of Earhart Opp, sales & leases of property.

Box 3, Folder 3

Buckley Oil Corporation.

Box 3, Folder 4

Harbor Oil & Gas Corporation.

Box 3, Folder 5

John Thomas Poole, Adoption.

Box 3, Folder 6

Mr. Arthur N. Hansen, Papers.

Box 3, Folder 7

Estate of Elizabeth Potts.

Box 3, Folder 8

John Henry Wilson, Reports.

Box 3, Folder 9

Wilmington Transfer & Storage Company vs. B.M. Torrens.

Box 3, Folder 10

French Valley Oil Company.

Box 3, Folder 11

Wilmington Press vs. Wilmington Journal Publishing Company.

Box 4, Folder 1

Mary A. Jauch vs. Morris Jauch. no.151841.

Box 4, Folder 2

Dora Dillard Vaughan vs. Mary A. Jauch and Dr. J.W. Jauch. no.318,548.

Box 4, Folder 3

Board of Water and Power Commission. of the City of Los Angeles vs. Mary A. Jauch. no.479.

Box 4, Folder 4

Los Angeles Gas & Electric Corporation vs. Mary A. Jauch. no.6880.

Box 4, Folder 5

Mary A. Jauch vs. Harry Collins.

Box 4, Folder 6

Mary A. Jauch vs. J. Menend. no.82,430.

Box 4, Folder 7

B.O. Donaghe vs. M.C. Yurack, et al. no.142702.

Box 4, Folder 8

G.C. Douglas vs. California Bank, the First National Bank of Fantana. no.33989.

Box 4, Folder 9

Association Collectors Corporation Limited vs. Franco Italian Packing Company, et al. no.521569.

Box 4, Folder 10

Howard Francisco vs. Bond Oil Syndicate. no.121731.

Box 4, Folder 11

Herminia Diego, et al vs. J. Lawrence Hall, et al. no.L.B. C9141.

Box 4, Folder 12

Carl Clavin vs. Matt Marinkovich & Vincent De Meglio. no.396974.

Box 4, Folder 13

Phillip Hart Rowland vs. D. Tersholz, et al. no.L.B. C7381.

Box 4, Folder 14

Daniel T. Hanson vs. Suzana Anna Inglies, et al. no.38545.

Box 4, Folder 15

Mary A. Jauch, Spring Street and Fourth Street Property.

Box 4, Folder 16

Manly Earl Rowe, bankrupt. no.37444-M U.S. District Court.

Box 4, Folder 17

Jess Timoco Rosa, Establish Fact of Birth. L.B.C. 10728.

Box 4, Folder 18

William Morrow & Company.

Box 5, Folder 1

Harriet E. Bradley vs. Edward D. Smythe. no.B93929.

Box 5, Folder 2

Wren Burdick vs. Pete Bevelaque, et al. no.392534.

Box 5, Folder 3

Frederick V.C. Bryant, et al vs. Frank Hill, et al. no.L.B. C8314.

Box 5, Folder 4

Antone Brusek vs. Elizabeth and Joe Dohenetek. no.4733.

Box 5, Folder 5

Los Angeles City School District vs. Charles J. Brown and Martina R. Chamberlain. no.170937.

Box 5, Folder 6

Val Brown vs. G.H. Hoffman & C.E. Lawrence. no.G 604 & G 605.

Box 5, Folder 7

Alex Carrest vs. M. Shirley, et al. no.342561.

Box 5, Folder 8

Alex Carrest vs. J.H. Jones & ROY J. MYSE. no.302525.

Box 5, Folder 9

Angelo P. Mandia vs. Alex Carrest, et al. no.363097.

Box 5, Folder 10

B.W. Gorman vs. Mamie Cannes & Joe Cannes. no.150869.

Box 5, Folder 11

Mrs. Mamie Cannes vs. P.W. Gorman. no.153434.

Box 5, Folder 12

Henry E. Carter vs. Champion Distributing Company. no.582144.

Box 6, Folder 1

Giacomo Trani vs. Lewis Trani. no.L.B. C8323.

Box 6, Folder 2

Salvatore Trani vs. E.K. Wood Lumber Company. no.L.A. 28828.

Box 6, Folder 3

Medical Finance vs. Emma Travis. no.25738. Long Beach Municipal court.

Box 6, Folder 4

Roy Trent vs. Elelyn Fisher. no.191319.

Box 6, Folder 5

Franklyn A. Price vs. Roy Trent and Evelyn Fisher. no.314064.

Box 6, Folder 6

Mr. J.R. Trent vs. R.C.P. Gibson.

Box 6, Folder 7

Maude Beasley and J.G. Beasley vs. Peter Capriotti, et al. no.170414.

Box 6, Folder 8

Antonio Coce vs. John Vidovich. no.325219.

Box 6, Folder 9

John Vidovich vs. Launch Haruna. no.3675 H.

Box 6, Folder 10

Neilsen & Kittle Canning Compnay Limited vs. the Boat Sunrays.

Box 6, Folder 11

F.S. Reynolds vs. P. Vidovich.

Box 6, Folder 12

S. Vicinich, et al vs. Spasoje Glucevich, Attachment.

Box 6, Folder 13

H.A. Dutton vs. Vitogen Corporation, et al. no.117336.

Box 6, Folder 14

Johnson, Joseph & G.M. Josselyn & Company vs. Launch Vis IV.

Box 6, Folder 15

John E. O'Keeffe vs. Paul Vicrich. no.130480.

Box 6, Folder 16

Paul Vidovich vs. Mike Vidovich, et al. no.131478.

Box 6, Folder 17

W.E. Shaw vs. Mike & Paul Vidovich. no.29488.

Box 6, Folder 18

E.W. Wernli vs. Paul E. Vidovich, et al. no.118009.

Box 6, Folder 19

Nick Greget vs. Paul E. Vidovich, et al. no.271401.

Box 7, Folder 1

E.H. Breen and Myrtle M. Breen vs. Max Immergluck, et al. no.B 23548.

Box 7, Folder 2

Association Collectors Corporation Limited vs. W.M. Hiney, et al. no.489958.

Box 7, Folder 3

San Pedro Grocery and Supply Company vs. Gasoline Launch Omaha.

Box 7, Folder 4

San Pedro Grocery and Supply Company vs. Gasoline Launch Sockeye.

Box 7, Folder 5

Allen P. Sempers vs. J.P. McGowan. no.B 64983.

Box 7, Folder 6

Everett and Daily Wallace vs. Helene. Petersen.

Box 7, Folder 7

Daniel Van Duzer, deceased.

Box 7, Folder 8

Harbor Cafe and Bakery Corporation Application for Corporation.

Box 7, Folder 9

Mrs. Nellie Hanson, Papers.

Box 7, Folder 10

Mrs. Ethel Louise Hardman, Papers.

Box 7, Folder 11

Elva Hendrickson, Papers.

Box 7, Folder 12

Dr. and Mrs. G.C. Haffner & George E. Terwilliger, Agreement.

Box 7, Folder 13

People vs. James H. Brydson.

Box 7, Folder 14

People vs. Hurbert D. Case.

Box 7, Folder 15

Orris W. Chaffee vs. Margaret Wilcoxen Chaffee, Divorce. no.L.B. D5853.

Box 7, Folder 16

Fred W. Carter vs. Gladis A. Carter, Divorce. no.D107426.

Box 7, Folder 17

Peter Capriotti vs. Sal Na Capriotti, Divorce. no.D88318.

Box 7, Folder 18

Freddie Godwin Brown and Robert Mcdonald Brown, Adoption. no.2734.

Box 7, Folder 19

Miscellaneous Claims.

Box 8, Folder 1

Estate of Ida Maria Norman, deceased. no.83129.

Box 8, Folder 2

Estate of John P. Nuffer, deceased.

Box 8, Folder 3

Estate of William E. O'Hara, An Incompetent. no.L.B. P6081.

Box 8, Folder 4

Estate of Joseph Westley Oliver, deceased. no.82107.

Box 8, Folder 5

Estate of Bessie Risher Oliver, deceased.

Box 8, Folder 6

Estate of L. Adele Neitz, deceased. no.L.B. P6784.

Box 8, Folder 7

Estate of Mary J. Nicholsen, deceased.

Box 8, Folder 8

Lydia and Marie E. Pinckert vs. John C. Edwards and Jewel P. Edwards. no.587-294.

Box 8, Folder 9

Pitino Capasso Fruit Company vs. Joseph Padula.

Box 9, Folder 1

B.R. Garrett vs. Mrs. H.E.McClair, et al. no.438107.

Box 9, Folder 2

People vs. Leonard E. Mcgehee. no.77499.

Box 9, Folder 3

City of Los Angeles Petroleum Export Corporation, et al. no.256825.

Box 9, Folder 4

Frank Mckinnon vs. Los Angeles and San Pedro Transportation Company. no.266832.

Box 9, Folder 5

R.J. Brown vs. L. and J. Padula.

Box 9, Folder 6

Joseph Padula vs. Cesare Vozzoler, et al. no.B-90249.

Box 9, Folder 7

James C. Davis, etc. vs. J. Padula, et al. no.139-135.

Box 9, Folder 8

Joseph S.Campbell vs. Padula, et al. no.116188.

Box 9, Folder 9

Thompson, et al vs. J. Padula, et al. no.111511.

Box 9, Folder 10

Frank McGinley vs. Ben Al Hill. no.308988.

Box 9, Folder 11

Mabel McGuire vs. Edwin McGuire, Alimony. no.D91228.

Box 9, Folder 12

Michael T. McGuire vs. Mabel McGuire, Divorce. no.D 193939.

Box 10, Folder 1

Lillian C. Baker vs. E. forrest Mitchell. no.349944.

Box 10, Folder 2

Ysidora B. Couts, et al vs. Charlotta A. Simms, et al. no.180147.

Box 10, Folder 3

John H. Van Patten vs. Shannon- Sincos Company no.153955.

Box 10, Folder 4

A.J. Falder vs. L.W. Herman. no.176818.

Box 10, Folder 5

Sophie Failla vs. Mrs. D. Morse & C.A. Carter. no.267429.

Box 10, Folder 6

C.C. Fox vs. Balkan Gold Mining Company, etc., et al. no.8497.

Box 10, Folder 7

Hattie H. Rosencrantz vs. Fidelity Savings and Loan Association, et al.

Box 10, Folder 8

C.A. Hogland vs. C.S. Russell.

Box 10, Folder 9

John M. Scott and Manett Scott vs. Hattie Rosencrantz, et al. no.127169.

Box 10, Folder 10

Francis M. Shupe vs. F.G. & Ada G. Rodolf. no.B-74648.

Box 10, Folder 11

P.H. Rowland As Trustee for Veterans, Lomita Petitions for Probate.

Box 10, Folder 12

Gardner Property, In. Re. P.H. Rowland.

Box 11, Folder 1

Estate of Spiro Vucinich, deceased. no.5630.

Box 11, Folder 2

Estate of John Malcolm Waddell, deceased. no.122594.

Box 11, Folder 3

Estate of Howard Wattles, deceased. no.L.B. P6116.

Box 11, Folder 4

Estate of Lewis Tuttle Wells, deceased. no.A 7070.

Box 11, Folder 5

Estate of Anne E. Stoner, deceased. no.170747.

Box 11, Folder 6

Estate of John Patton, deceased. no.93,886.

Box 11, Folder 7

Estate of Jacob F. Patton, deceased. no.139344.

Box 11, Folder 8

Deary Stipanov vs. Frank Zanich. no.246747.

Box 11, Folder 9

William T. Cook vs. Lawrence Atwood, et al. no.544463.

Box 11, Folder 10

Arthur R. Hayes vs. Nina B. Bradley, et al. no.422466.

Box 11, Folder 11

Cincinnati Merchandise Warehouses, Incorporated vs. Coast Fishing Company, et al. no.562,183.

Box 12, Folder 1

Margaret Burns vs. Ercell Kelly. no.L.B. D20340.

Box 12, Folder 2

Toma Mosich & Nick Mosich vs. Joseph M. Mardesich, et al.

Box 12, Folder 3

Bert Mackley vs. Bank of America Trust and Savings Association. no.L.B. C9731.

Box 12, Folder 4

Bertha A.H. Martin vs. Main Oil Corporation, et al. no.L.B. C9380.

Box 12, Folder 5

Martin A. Medak vs. Gasoline Launch American Beauty.

Box 12, Folder 6

Anthony Jaconi and andrew Kurich vs. Paul A Marincovich. no.434678.

Box 12, Folder 7

Enoch Norman vs. Pearl Norman. no.L.B. D19062.

Box 12, Folder 8

Ordey M. Ortega vs. Antonio Ortega, Jr. no.L.B. D20893.

Box 12, Folder 9

H.C. Smith vs. Essie Smith. no.L.B. D24429.

Box 12, Folder 10

Beatrice R. Sandoval vs. Larry P. Sandoval. no.L.B. D21141.

Box 12, Folder 11

Brigida Zavala vs. Francisco Zavala. no.L.B. D18942.

Box 12, Folder 12

Georgia Bradshaw vs. Arthur C. Bradshaw. no.D 14534.

Box 12, Folder 13

Joseph C. Bryant vs. Margie Bryant. no.L.B. D15028.

Box 12, Folder 14

Margaret May vs. Daniel May. no.D 69965.

Box 13, Folder 1

LEW Moch V.S. C.A. Whitman & Edora Blue. no.1910-1940258.

Box 13, Folder 2

F.C. Walker vs. Cary Walsh, et al. no.25507.

Box 13, Folder 3

Betty L. Williams vs. E.P. Hill. no.363825.

Box 13, Folder 4

Grace Gould vs. Mrs. J.A. Parish. no.B-40381.

Box 13, Folder 5

O.C. Pettit vs. Wilmington Journal, et al. no.538021.

Box 13, Folder 6

United Press Association Corporation vs. Wilmington Journal Publishing Company, et al. no.349300.

Box 13, Folder 7

E. Opp vs. James R. Jamieson. no.140.

Box 13, Folder 8

Clara Ada Whitehouse vs. Frank Elmore Whitehouse. no.D 11423.

Box 13, Folder 9

Bessie L. Williams vs. Clarence J. Williams. no.D129693.

Box 13, Folder 10

Benton McCoy vs. Leonora McCoy. no.B-50545.

Box 13, Folder 11

People vs. Leander C. Wickman. no.C 12297.

Box 13, Folder 12

Wilmington Cemetery. no.98513.

Box 13, Folder 13

Marcus Jones-James A. Edmonds, Escrow.

Box 13, Folder 14

Marine Supply Company, Incorporated.

Box 14, Folder 1

O.N. Scott vs. Edwin A. Welty, et al. no.231422.

Box 14, Folder 2

Wilmington Hardware Company, Incorporated vs. O.N. Scott. no.86275.

Box 14, Folder 3

Clarenoe Schorr vs. Clark K. Cook Company.

Box 14, Folder 4

Lew Moch vs. H.A. Savoy. no.165398.

Box 14, Folder 5

People vs. H.A. Savoy.

Box 14, Folder 6

William J. Smart vs. H.A. Savoy. no.178159.

Box 14, Folder 7

Peoples' Finance and Thrift Company, et al vs. Henry A. Savly, et al. no.3079.

Box 14, Folder 8

Rex Schafer vs. Martin I. Smith, Jr. no.137308.

Box 14, Folder 9

Rex Schafer vs. Withers.

Box 14, Folder 10

D. Mulherron vs. Flint Land Company.

Box 14, Folder 11

Frances G. Knoll vs. Olaf N. Scott, et al. no.224102.

Box 14, Folder 12

O.N. Scott vs. Robett F. Knoll, & Frances Knoll. no.11527.

Box 14, Folder 13

O.N. Scott vs. Frances G. Knoll. no.228415.

Box 14, Folder 14

O.N. Scott vs. Robert F. Knoll, & Frances Knoll. no.7454.

Box 14, Folder 15

O.N. Scott vs. Miramonte Louedestel Company, et al. no.128857.

Box 14, Folder 16

O.N. Scott vs. Miramonte & Louedestel Company, Incorporated no.128857.

Box 14, Folder 17

Miramonte & Louedestel Company, Incorporated vs. Title Insurance & Trust Company, etc. no.130730.

Box 14, Folder 18

L.C. Needham vs. O.N. Scott. no.85629.

Box 14, Folder 19

David M. Ward vs. O.N. Scott, et al. no.B 98196.

Box 14, Folder 20

William Irving Schanen, Change of Name. no.L.B. C11403.

Box 15, Folder 1

William Elbert Phillips, et al vs. Theodore R. Helms, et al. no.298982.

Box 15, Folder 2

Fairbanks & Pearce vs. Nellie Phelan.

Box 15, Folder 3

C.S. Richardson vs. Ben A. Phelan, et al. no.115299.

Box 15, Folder 4

Bittleston Collection Agency, Incorporated vs. A.J. Still & J.W. Puckett. no.149-756.

Box 15, Folder 5

James P. Puckett, et al vs. Helen J. Leddy, et al. no.25904.

Box 15, Folder 6

William Cox vs. Marshall E. Wilcox, et al. no.C 162.

Box 15, Folder 7

James P. Puckett vs. Ruel R. Neiger, et al. no.413300.

Box 15, Folder 8

Portland Fish Company vs. Wilmington Fisheries, etc.

Box 15, Folder 9

Mike Popiela, et al vs. Department of Water and Power of the City of Los Angeles. no.184761.

Box 15, Folder 10

Coast Adjustment & Finance Corporation vs. George Ponce, et al. no.17336.

Box 15, Folder 11

L.M. Pollock vs. S.R. Williams & Grace Williams. no.124,368.

Box 15, Folder 12

Hynes Stockyards Company, et al vs. Arthur E. Plumb. no.115436.

Box 15, Folder 13

George H. Reed vs. John Fisher, et al. no.1986.

Box 15, Folder 14

Henry Hukriede vs. F.B. Rmasay. no.22395.

Box 15, Folder 15

Ralston Iron Works, Incorporated vs. W.W. Crosby. no.173347.

Box 15, Folder 16

N.F. Roesling vs. Ohtori Trading Company of Tokio. no.L.B. C9721.

Box 15, Folder 17

Ruth Pierce vs. Otis Pierce. no.L.B. C13125.

Box 15, Folder 18

Elsie Porterfield vs. Robert G. Porterfield. no.D 128614.

Box 15, Folder 19

Mildred Schedin vs. Chester H. Schendin. no.L.B. D16587.

Box 15, Folder 20

Julia H. Schedin vs. Eric Schedin. no.D-4274.

Box 15, Folder 21

Phelan Property Sale to Annabelle Salot.

Box 16, Folder 1

Belle E. Blenkiron vs. Harry Vernon Blenkiron, et al.

Box 16, Folder 2

Justin C. Dix vs. Olga G. Dix. no.D 58934.

Box 16, Folder 3

Mrs. Julia Dickson vs. Mr. Dickson.

Box 16, Folder 4

Edith G. Dewey vs. George C. Dewey. no.125508.

Box 16, Folder 5

Martha A. Dement vs. John Richard Dement. no.L.B. D17196.

Box 16, Folder 6

Eva Dearborn vs. Luther E. Dearborn. no.D78129.

Box 16, Folder 7

Anna Vivian Fox vs. William Johnson Fox. no.D82329.

Box 16, Folder 8

Camille J. Baster vs. Arthur W. Baxter. no.D 29424.

Box 16, Folder 9

Don F. Fohl, Trustee of Estate of Peter Carl Petersen vs. Mads Sorensen, et al. no.272077.

Box 16, Folder 10

E.M. Beattie vs. Harry Feigenbaum, et al. no.155369.

Box 16, Folder 11

Beverly Hills Investment and Loan Corporation vs. E.M. Beattie, et al. no.266923.

Box 16, Folder 12

Franco-Italian Packing Company, Corporation vs. J.C. Mullins. no.213791.

Box 16, Folder 13

Laura M. forsyth vs. Mrs. Alice Clausen. no.39434.

Box 16, Folder 14

George N. Foster vs. Herman Fisher, Kenneth H. Day, et al. no.437676.

Box 16, Folder 15

Vincent Dimaglio and Annie Dimaglio vs. John La Rosa. no.110157.

Box 16, Folder 16

Evelyn Dorothy Sterx, Establish Birth. no.202766.

Box 16, Folder 17

Guy E. Bates, Papers.

Box 17, Folder 1

Estate of Flora B. Carter, deceased. no.L.B. P6115.

Box 17, Folder 2

Estate of John Carr, deceased. no.86580.

Box 17, Folder 3

Estate of Bardomiano Montes, deceased. no.155601.

Box 17, Folder 4

J.V. Giaconi & Company.

Box 17, Folder 5

Howery Community Oil Lease, (Crooks, et al Lots 1 to 14, tract 1589 to Bachmann Petroleum Corporation).

Box 17, Folder 6

Joe Marzalis vs. M.H. Campbell.

Box 17, Folder 7

C.A. Barber vs. William Sommer, et al. no.165165.

Box 17, Folder 8

Mr. Sommer vs. Dr. Fred E. Abbott.

Box 17, Folder 9

J.W. Summerfield, etc. vs. Bernard J. Solomon, et al. no.138141.

Box 17, Folder 10

N.B. Smith vs. J.C. Crawford, et al. no.11320.

Box 17, Folder 11

F.M. Banks vs. U.G. Rogers. no.170340.

Box 17, Folder 12

Sylvia Madeline Lines Smith vs. Robert Richard Lines Smith. no.D75574.

Box 18, Folder 1

Estate of Gertrude J. Leon, deceased. no.74822.

Box 18, Folder 2

Estate of H.M. Long, deceased. no.93840.

Box 18, Folder 3

Estate of Joseph Boughton, deceased. no.64730.

Box 18, Folder 4

Estate of Hattie Bioes, deceased. no.92526.

Box 18, Folder 5

Estate of Albert E. Boies, deceased. no.85219.

Box 18, Folder 6

Evelyn Hoenstine vs. Zigler Hoenstine. no.D 23377.

Box 18, Folder 7

Charles J. Hegarty vs. Bridgetta Hegarty.

Box 18, Folder 8

Lula Henley vs. John Henley. no.D 62889.

Box 18, Folder 9

Anna Palmer Hefty vs. William Henry Hefty. no.D-58801.

Box 18, Folder 10

Mabel Harwood vs. Jess G. Harwood.

Box 18, Folder 11

Joseph Hart vs. Ella L. Hart. no.D-39808.

Box 18, Folder 12

Madeline Hallett vs. Lucius Hallett. no.D-39139.

Box 18, Folder 13

Harriet M. Hall vs. Floyd Hall. no.D-27861.

Box 18, Folder 14

Charles Oscar Husted vs. Eila A. Husted. no.D-16805.

Box 18, Folder 15

Josephine Hamilton vs. Jack T. Hamilton. no.D49160.

Box 18, Folder 16

Carrie Hallberg vs. Reuben Hallberg. no.D-23342.

Box 18, Folder 17

Constance M. Cunter vs. Max Gunter. no.D203-02.

Box 18, Folder 18

Donald Griffith vs. Mellabelle Griffith. no.D-41122.

Box 18, Folder 19

Albert E. Boies, request to terminate homestead interest of Hattie Boies, deceased.

Box 18, Folder 20

Visko Blagaich, bankrupt. no.5478-J.

Box 18, Folder 21

Gertrude C. Ill vs. Harold A. Ill. no.D-48503.

Box 19, Folder 1

Belle E. Blenkiron vs. Harry Vernon Blenkiron, et al. no.B25058.

Box 19, Folder 2

John Bidart vs. G.S. Blount. no.20249.

Box 19, Folder 3

Lottizia Bernardimo vs. Mike Fusano and Pasqa Fusano. no.B-66115.

Box 19, Folder 4

Leo H. Zide, etc. vs. Orville H. Lages, et al. no.51790.

Box 19, Folder 5

E.O. Bailey vs. Victor Smith. no.175.

Box 19, Folder 6

Alexander Poggi Sale.

Box 19, Folder 7

Estate of Robert R. Young, deceased.

Box 19, Folder 8

J. & T. Padula Papers.

Box 19, Folder 9

Dr. H.H. Slocumb, Papers.

Box 19, Folder 10

Horace G. Shekell Agreement.

Box 19, Folder 11

Stafford Packing Company.

Box 19, Folder 12

Scott & Company Assignment.

Box 19, Folder 13

Sid J. Spearin Papers.

Box 19, Folder 14

Mrs. Ahttie S. Merritt.

Box 19, Folder 15

Mr. M.A. McDenzie, Claims.

Box 19, Folder 16

Dr. A. Martins, In. Re.

Box 19, Folder 17

Joseph Messina-Frank L. Chabot Papers.

Box 19, Folder 18

C.M. Morse.

Box 19, Folder 19

Oren Orr. Protest.

Box 20, Folder 1

Minnie Hildebrat, et al vs. Frank Bryson, et al.

Box 20, Folder 2

Charlotte Hojnson vs. Clara Nelson, et al. no.B(?).

Box 20, Folder 3

Fred Klapperstick vs. B.F. Clark. no.62715.

Box 20, Folder 4

Los Angeles Trust & Savings Bank vs. Julia A. Parish. no.B52246.

Box 20, Folder 5

George Leome vs. Peter Mele, et al. no.B 68365.

Box 20, Folder 6

Charles A. Dickson V. Matthew Sulluvan.

Box 20, Folder 7

Brantley H. De Lapp, et al vs. Charles H. Duclos, et al. no.B 50781.

Box 20, Folder 8

The Flagler State Bank vs. Thomas O. Finson. no.97234.

Box 20, Folder 9

T.J. Dunn vs. Matthew Sullivan. no.67C.

Box 20, Folder 10

Essie Clark vs. David S. Clark. no.D 1888.

Box 20, Folder 11

Cora May Jordan vs. Jess E. Jordan.

Box 20, Folder 12

Genevieve Johnson vs. Aron Johnson.

Box 20, Folder 13

Henry L. Draper vs. Fredia Draper.

Box 20, Folder 14

Sarah Dorries vs. Charles F. Dorries. no.B 30637.

Box 20, Folder 15

Hervey Richard Jeroloman, Adoprion.

Box 20, Folder 16

Wilmington Department Store, Corporation. Decree of Dissolution.

Box 20, Folder 17

Peter Dragich, Writ of Habeas Corpus.

Box 21, Folder 1

Estate of Baptiste Diharce, deceased. no.L.B. P7558.

Box 21, Folder 2

Baptiste Diharce, deceased, Joint Tenancy-Mary Diharce, Joint Tenancy-Henry Dirarce. no.L.B. P7702 & no.L.B. P7701.

Box 21, Folder 3

Estate of John J. De Mattos, deceased. no.69741.

Box 21, Folder 4

Estate of Robert H. Davidson, deceased. no.138313.

Box 21, Folder 5

Guardianship of Estate of Jeannette B. Davison, An Incompetent. no.50524.

Box 21, Folder 6

Estate of John G. Damon, deceased.

Box 21, Folder 7

Guardianship of Estate of A.J. Daniels, an incompetent. no.87304.

Box 21, Folder 8

Estate of Anna M. Damon, an incompetent, guardianship. no.32663.

Box 21, Folder 9

Estate of Anna M. Damon, deceased.

Box 21, Folder 10

George Clarence Dolbier vs. Ruth Catherine Dolbier. no.D-24628.

Box 21, Folder 11

Annie Clara Dawson vs. R. Percy Dawson. no.D-40798.

Box 21, Folder 12

Anna Loretta Daley vs. Walter S. Daley. no.D53606.

Box 21, Folder 13

Oma Ruth Gill vs. Leonard D. Gill. no.D-39703.

Box 21, Folder 14

Helen Zupanovich vs. Margie Shulak, et al. no.392915.

Box 21, Folder 15

Helen Zupanovich, et al vs. Ana Krocofalo, et al. no.151-244.

Box 21, Folder 16

D.O. Snodgrass vs. Jerry Zankich, et al. no.279680.

Box 21, Folder 17

Vincent Zankich & Jerry Zankich vs. J.F. Marincovich. no.4009.

Box 21, Folder 18

Vincent Zankich & Jerry Zankich vs. E.T. Gibbons. no.290274.

Box 21, Folder 19

L.E. Dawson, Homestead.

Box 22, Folder 1

Louis Joncich vs. French Sardine Company. no.140360.

Box 22, Folder 2

Loren Johnsen, et al vs. Edware L. Bryant, et al. no.203788.

Box 22, Folder 3

G.D. Meldrim, et al vs. R.H. Hunstock, et al. no.131954.

Box 22, Folder 4

Frank J. Rickershauser, et al vs. Jacob Jauernig. no.196722.

Box 22, Folder 5

Carl E. Jones vs. John Landry.

Box 22, Folder 6

Margaret Elizabeth King vs. Pacific Electric Railway Company. no.229220.

Box 22, Folder 7

Kurtz Kauffman vs. Angelo Kirize. no.176403.

Box 22, Folder 8

Dova Lee Stokes & Glenn Stokes vs. Joe Green, Mary Kester, et al. no.369767.

Box 22, Folder 9

Josif Justijanovich vs. Tony Mason, a/k/a Tony Marincovich. no.372269.

Box 22, Folder 10

George W. Kitchen vs. Louise B. Grantham, et al. no.414233.

Box 22, Folder 11

George W. Kitchen-Grantham, Papers.

Box 22, Folder 12

George W. Kitchen vs. Bernard Le Mohn. no.174392.

Box 22, Folder 13

J.R. Irvine vs. F.E. Illis, George Kitchen, et al. no.174511.

Box 22, Folder 14

Colonial Mutual Compensation Insurance Company vs. George W. Kitchen, et al. no.560528.

Box 22, Folder 15

George W. Kitchen vs. Dorothy A. Kitchen, et al. no.421839.

Box 22, Folder 16

Myrtle E. Kirkpatrick vs. Walter L. Kirkpatrick. no.D137404.

Box 23, Folder 1

Florence Mae Spooner vs. Cornelius Ross Spooner. no.K191143.

Box 23, Folder 2

The People of California vs. Marion Spanjol. no.17106.

Box 23, Folder 3

Amelia M. Stalcup, petition to Terminate the Joint Tenancy of Samuel R. Stalcup. no.L.B. P6556.

Box 23, Folder 4

Jean Carol Spicer vs. Coy L. Spicer. no.L.B. C18233.

Box 23, Folder 5

August Felando and Paul Bogdanich vs. Boston Insurance Company. no.6301-M.

Box 23, Folder 6

August Felando, et al vs. Launch Pacific. no.5487-C.

Box 23, Folder 7

Sid J. Spearin vs. Mrs. Gladys B. Abrams. no.38273.

Box 23, Folder 8

Standard Glass and Mirror Company vs. Sid Spearin. no.40089.

Box 23, Folder 9

Opal E. Smith, et al vs. Shell Oil Company. no.L.A. 12631.

Box 23, Folder 10

J.S. Sleppy vs. Encinitas Land Company, et al. no.52968.

Box 23, Folder 11

Sleppy Correspondences.

Box 24, Folder 1

Estate of Winnie Marie Carlson, deceased. no.142671.

Box 24, Folder 2

Estate of William Perry Card, deceased. no.7611.

Box 24, Folder 3

Estate of John Campodonia, deceased.

Box 24, Folder 4

Emelio Capriotti, bankrupt. no.7754-M.

Box 24, Folder 5

Lew Moch vs. H. A. Savoy. no.160702.

Box 24, Folder 6

San Pedro Grocery and Supply Company vs. Gasoline Launch Maryland.

Box 24, Folder 7

Marine Hardware Company, Corporation vs. Gasoline Launch Hrvatska. no.1302-J.

Box 25, Folder 1

Ferrucuio Rossi vs. K.H. Day, et al. no.402964.

Box 25, Folder 2

Reuben L. Shadrach & B.K. Shadrach, vs. Vito D'acquisto, et al. no.121431.

Box 25, Folder 3

R.F. Darrling vs. Banning Company, et al. no.9637.

Box 25, Folder 4

G.H. Daniels vs. George C. Withers. no.L.B. 12373.

Box 25, Folder 5

Thos. M. Daniels vs. George C. Withers. no.81476 & L.B. 6538.

Box 25, Folder 6

K.H. Day vs. P.V. Collier, et al. no.L.B. C9094.

Box 25, Folder 7

K.H. Day, et al vs. Sol Oil Company, et al. no.L.B. 9908.

Box 25, Folder 8

P.W. Willett vs. Kenneth H. Day, et al. no.471482.

Box 25, Folder 9

K.H. Day, et al vs. P.V. Collier, Jr. no.35214.

Box 25, Folder 10

Jessie May Day vs. Mike Road, et al. no.L.B. C7527.

Box 25, Folder 11

Daniels Mines.

Box 25, Folder 12

A.J. Daniels vs. Anna M. Colkins. no.100390.

Box 25, Folder 13

People vs. Darling.

Box 25, Folder 14

Roberta Escobar vs. Valentine Escobar. no.L.B. D19547.

Box 26, Folder 1

Estate of Helen Baron, deceased. no.L.B. P10359.

Box 26, Folder 2

Estate of Morley S. Cladwell, deceased.

Box 26, Folder 3

W.H. Campbell, bankrupt. no.4315.

Box 26, Folder 4

Francisca Serrano, Adoption. no.AD 3666.

Box 26, Folder 5

Nancy Lee Sexton vs. Louis Thomas Sexton. no.D 124945.

Box 26, Folder 6

O.N. Scott vs. Robert F. Knoll, et al. no.197774.

Box 26, Folder 7

H.H. Heaton vs. O.N. Scott. no.7977.

Box 26, Folder 8

B.F. Sellers vs. D.M. Montgomery, et ux.

Box 26, Folder 9

Elmer Bright vs. B.F. Sellers, et ux. no.258493.

Box 26, Folder 10

R.D. Seden vs. U.S. Grant. no.314143.

Box 26, Folder 11

Security First National Bank As Executor of Sylva Estate vs. Ida V. Quakenbush, et al. no.L.B. C5951.

Box 26, Folder 12

Sea Coast Canning Company vs. Boat Killdeer.

Box 26, Folder 13

Security First National Bank As Trustee of Sylva Estate vs. Amos D. Coggswell, et al. no.L.B. C7832.

Box 26, Folder 14

Security First National Bank As Trustee of Sylva Estate vs. Helen Lees, et al. no.L.B. C7563.

Box 27, Folder 1

United States of America vs. Franko Italian Packing Company no.11479-J.

Box 27, Folder 2

Behrendt-Levy Insurance Agency vs. Franco Italian Packing Company no.227214.

Box 27, Folder 3

Cosimo Tedesco vs. Angelina Burbridge, et al. no.344023.

Box 27, Folder 4

C. Tedsco vs. C.I. Atkins, et al. no.137-379.

Box 27, Folder 5

Joseph J. Tavis vs. W.D. McCoy, et al.

Box 27, Folder 6

Bertha J. Jones vs. Security Amusement Engineering Company, et al. no.110383.

Box 27, Folder 7

James A. Thomas vs. Security Amusement Engineering Company, et al. no.110382.

Box 27, Folder 8

R. Tansley vs. H. Woten, J.C. Mcbride, et al. no.B 100431.

Box 27, Folder 9

Rosmeda L. Sylva vs. Thomas S. Clark, et al. no.327144.

Box 27, Folder 10

Polonia Sylva vs. N.E. Stacy, et al. no.91311.

Box 27, Folder 11

J.B. Sylva vs. Boyd Oswald. no.107409.

Box 27, Folder 12

Christina Sylva vs. Luther R. Book. no.177476.

Box 27, Folder 13

Henry W. Sutter, et al vs. Leslie Ray Allen, et al. no.40227.

Box 27, Folder 14

Kate L. Ashby vs. the Edison Electric Company, et al. no.151130.

Box 27, Folder 15

Verna L. Wellman vs. M.B. Webber, et al. no.L.B. C10523.

Box 27, Folder 16

Mildreo Ann Tellier vs. Emmett Joseph Tellier. no.D 128931.

Box 28, Folder 1

William A. Champlin vs. James Duncan.

Box 28, Folder 2

A.B. Carr vs. John T. Carr, et al. no.168617.

Box 28, Folder 3

George N. Shorey vs. Alex Carresi, et al. no.166384.

Box 28, Folder 4

Alex Carresi vs. Frank Pullese, et al. no.175045.

Box 28, Folder 5

The City of Los Angeles, A Municipal Corporation vs. Tubbs, et al. no.268902.

Box 28, Folder 6

Frank S. Duputy vs. Brooks Sewing Machine Company.

Box 28, Folder 7

Minnie I. Durham vs. Lang Transportation Company. no.347859.

Box 28, Folder 8

Martina R. Chamberlain vs. Frank L. Chamberlain. no.1765.

Box 28, Folder 9

Hazel Ebrite vs. Ernest N. Ebrite. no.D 14005.

Box 28, Folder 10

Dora Durham vs. Rufus N. Durham. no.D68466.

Box 28, Folder 11

Louis Duran vs. Virginai Duran. no.L.B. D12844.

Box 28, Folder 12

Barbarita Furan vs. Magdaleno Duran. no.D129526.

Box 29, Folder 1

Bess Anthony vs. Byron Anthony. no.L.B. D9586.

Box 29, Folder 2

Margaret Gretchen Allison vs. Leslie Allison. no.L.B. D11324.

Box 29, Folder 3

William O. Baker vs. Ruby L. Baker. no.D 202314.

Box 29, Folder 4

Lucille Slye vs. Leonard Slye. no.D 724587.

Box 29, Folder 5

Agnes M. Allen vs. Albert Allen. no.D 82023.

Box 29, Folder 6

R.S. Willard vs. Albert Allen. no.147159.

Box 29, Folder 7

Alice L. Allen vs. Shell Oil Company. no.L.A. 12534.

Box 29, Folder 8

K.H. Day & C.E. Dilley vs. Sol Oil Company, et al. no.L.B. C9570.

Box 29, Folder 9

Southern California Bond & Finance Corporation vs. Bozo Angelich, et al. no.141905.

Box 29, Folder 10

Anna F. Moffatt vs. Bozo Angelich, et al. no.265729.

Box 29, Folder 11

Coast Adjustment & Finance Corporation vs. Chris Angelich, et al. no.634670.

Box 29, Folder 12

Otis G. andrews, et al vs. Nelson Jensen Hansen, et al. no.309009.

Box 29, Folder 13

Marie Mastronianni vs. H. anderson. no.314786.

Box 29, Folder 14

Otto Mikelson vs. A.J. Alexander.

Box 29, Folder 15

Fannie H. Leland vs. Willaim T. Alexander. no.225811.

Box 29, Folder 16

Tsidora B. Couts vs. Charlotte A. Simms, et al. no.174699.

Box 29, Folder 17

Amelia Street Import Association.

Box 29, Folder 18

J.S. Sleppy, (Quiet Title).

Box 30, Folder 1

Leonora M. Jack vs. William B. Jack. no.D 171585.

Box 30, Folder 2

Agnes E. Jackson vs. George L. Jackson. no.D98582.

Box 30, Folder 3

Gladys Lillian Jaggers vs. Elijah Albert Jaggers. no.L.B. D13847.

Box 30, Folder 4

Hattie H. Rosencrantz vs. Charles C. Livengood, et al. no.153543.

Box 30, Folder 5

Stephen Romich vs. A.A. George. no.L.B. C10047.

Box 30, Folder 6

C. Roggero vs. Joseph Roggero. no.239845.

Box 30, Folder 7

California Machinery & Supply Company vs. Hugh Robeltson, et al. no.336725.

Box 30, Folder 8

Steven Romich vs. James Kirkovich, et al. no.242213.

Box 30, Folder 9

Charles Gilbert Jones, et al vs. A. Martin Archer, et al. no.L.B. 092(?).

Box 30, Folder 10

John Jane, et al vs. Nelson Jensen Hansen, et al. no.308533.

Box 30, Folder 11

Mary A. Jauch vs. Peter Manos. no.163355.

Box 30, Folder 12

Mary A. Jauch vs. T. Jeff White. no.182847.

Box 30, Folder 13

Mary A. Jauch vs. B. Singer, et al. no.1022.

Box 30, Folder 14

Beverly Door & Sash Company vs. Mary A. Jauch. no.1293.

Box 30, Folder 15

Mary A. Jauch, Papers.

Box 30, Folder 16

Riehle Lease, By Community Oil and Gas Company.

Box 30, Folder 17

W.G. Bradford, Option for A Lease By Community Oil and Gas Company.

Box 30, Folder 18

Wilmington Chamber of Commerce.

Box 31, Folder 1

Estate of Paul H. Button, deceased.

Box 31, Folder 2

Estate of Nellie Riley, deceased.

Box 31, Folder 3

ESTATE of ALTA PEARCE, deceased.

Box 31, Folder 4

Estate of Anna B. Thompson, deceased. no.L.B. P9056.

Box 31, Folder 5

Estate of Clifford Clinton Ervin, A Minor.

Box 31, Folder 6

Guardianship of Anna Frances Lane, et al. no.L.B. P11592.

Box 31, Folder 7

Wilmington Pastime Club, Papers.

Box 31, Folder 8

Wilmington Press Reporter.

Box 31, Folder 9

Wilmington Transfer and Storage Company, Incorporated.

Box 31, Folder 10

Wilmington Transfer and Storage Company, Incorporated, Increase of Stock. no.13418.

Box 32, Folder 1

Estate of George H. Winslow, deceased.

Box 32, Folder 2

Estate of Harold C. Neergaard, deceased. no.P 5450.

Box 32, Folder 3

Estate of Levi Blessing Mumma, deceased. no.22773.

Box 32, Folder 4

Estate of Lee Mcneil, deceased.

Box 32, Folder 5

Estate of Emma B. Mcdermott, deceased. no.25321.

Box 32, Folder 6

Estate of Alfred Moore Mcdonald, deceased. no.L.B. P9036.

Box 32, Folder 7

C.W. Pendleton vs. M.A. Beaver, et al. no.415, 368.

Box 32, Folder 8

Fred A. Poure vs. Los Angeles Railway Corporation no.B-90811.

Box 32, Folder 9

Clara Parsons, et al vs. Adelaide Poggi, et al. no.15457.

Box 32, Folder 10

Harry White vs. Roland Poggi, et al. no.126191.

Box 32, Folder 11

Roy Poyner vs. Ed Hale. no.112034.

Box 32, Folder 12

George E. Pinto, et al vs. J.C. Netz, et al. no.B-00428.

Box 32, Folder 13

Charles G. Kohler vs. H.L. Wise and Anna Wise. no.G 13.

Box 32, Folder 14

A.J. Crose vs. the City Council of the City of Los Angeles, et al.

Box 32, Folder 15

Maria Elena Pesqueira vs. Alfonso Trujillo Pesqueira. no.L.B. 218(?).

Box 32, Folder 16

EDWARD GEORGE Pennington vs. Eva May Pennington. no.L.B. D16488.

Box 32, Folder 17

Anna Kohler vs. Charles Kohler. no.D 104408.

Box 33, Folder 1

Wilma Grace Kesler vs. Frank Kesler. no.D-30113.

Box 33, Folder 2

Ruth Marion Kanaley vs. Robert P. Kanaley. no.D-32006.

Box 33, Folder 3

Robert F. Knoll vs. Frances G. Knoll & O.N. Scott. no.D-48496.

Box 33, Folder 4

Mary L. Knox vs. Freeman E. Knox. no.D-23803.

Box 33, Folder 5

Elizabeth Margaret King vs. Charles Frederick King. no.D-27607.

Box 33, Folder 6

Opal May Kessler vs. Harvey Kessler. no.L.B. D10847.

Box 33, Folder 7

Alice Elizabeth Kelley vs. John Thomas Kelley. no.D79021.

Box 33, Folder 8

John Normington vs. George W. Kitchen, et al. no.6718.

Box 33, Folder 9

George W. Kitchen vs. Bernard Le Mohn.No. 249017.

Box 33, Folder 10

George W. Kitchen vs. Bernard Le Mohn. no.256301.

Box 33, Folder 11

Laura R. Kitchen vs. Charles E. Earley, et al. no.300917.

Box 33, Folder 12

Laura R. Kitchen vs. C.H.S. Hunter, et al. no.8597.

Box 33, Folder 13

George W. Kitchen vs. J.V. Apablasa. no.83768.

Box 33, Folder 14

George W. Kitchen vs. J.V. Apablasa. no.B 83769.

Box 33, Folder 15

W.N. Stamps vs. R.H. Keye, et al.

Box 33, Folder 16

H.R. Keables vs. Edward Seward.

Box 33, Folder 17

Jules Kauffman vs. Los Nageles Harbor Warehouse Company, Corporation no.103397.

Box 33, Folder 18

Roy H. Kemper vs. Winifred A. Hovey, et al. no.182740.

Box 33, Folder 19

Charles E. Hueston vs. F.E. Ellis, George Kitchen, et al.

Box 33, Folder 20

Fred Palmer vs. George W. Kitchen, et al. no.715.

Box 33, Folder 21

Estate of Erhard Opp, Correspondence.

Box 33, Folder 22

Guardianship of the Estate of Clara Opp, A Minor.

Box 34, Folder 1

Estelle W. Lass Tter vs. Charles T. Lassetter. no.L.B. D1252.

Box 34, Folder 2

June E. Laski vs. Frank Laski. no.D 10562.

Box 34, Folder 3

Hazel Ann Lanz vs. Bert William Lanz. no.L.B. D13112.

Box 34, Folder 4

Georgia Harrison Lane vs. William Lane. no.D 56512.

Box 34, Folder 5

Gertrude Lunschen vs. Walter Lunschen. no.D 86318.

Box 34, Folder 6

Virginia Lowry vs. Clyde B. Lowry. no.D 72140.

Box 34, Folder 7

Josephing Lopez vs. Theadore Lopez. no.L.B. D9276.

Box 34, Folder 8

L. Johannah Kneen vs. J.O. Cobb, et al.

Box 34, Folder 9

Fred Klotz vs. A. Kluewer, et al. no.2074.

Box 34, Folder 10

Frank Laski, et al vs. Vena Birchfiels, et al. no.L.B. C8803.

Box 34, Folder 11

Ruth Labes vs. Orville Lage. no.L.B. D9487.

Box 34, Folder 12

Jean Labesque, et al vs. James L. Routh Jr., et al. no.L.B. C11344.

Box 34, Folder 13

Charles J. Kremer, et al vs. Theodore B. Mehlar. no.L.B. C9820.

Box 34, Folder 14

Edwin S. Douglas vs. P.S. Klopfer. no.81670.

Box 34, Folder 15

Anna Wise vs. Charles Kohler. no.369595.

Box 34, Folder 16

Steeve Sanders vs. F.A. Luenser. no.323368.

Box 34, Folder 17

H.S. Love, et al vs. J.T. Simons, et al.

Box 34, Folder 18

H.C. Lichtneberger, et al vs. Constant W. Booth. no.111310.

Box 34, Folder 19

Los Angeles Harbor Warehouse Comapny, Corporation vs. Huntington Beach Warehouse Company, etc.

Box 34, Folder 20

R.F. Davis vs. H.C. Lichtenberger.

Box 34, Folder 21

Albertson Motor Company vs. Mrs. Harry Lett, et al. no.151-143.

Box 35, Folder 1

Estate of Martha A. Morehouse, deceased. no.85888.

Box 35, Folder 2

Estate of Rolla E. Nonson, An Incompetent.

Box 35, Folder 3

Matter of Estate of James Moffatt, deceased, Joseph Moffatt, et al vs. Howard Fomatt(?) no.61, 587.

Box 35, Folder 4

Estate of Elizabeth Moore, deceased. no.L.B. P9437.

Box 35, Folder 5

Nellie Phelan, Complaint By the State Boary of Equalization. no.33158.

Box 35, Folder 6

Pete Petrovich vs. Manufactures and Merchants Underwriters, Corporation , et al. no.L.B. C8061.

Box 35, Folder 7

Nick Pericich vs. Anton Dragajicich.

Box 35, Folder 8

Simeon S. White vs. Flora Knighton.

Box 35, Folder 9

Medical Finance Association vs. D.A. Peterson, et al. no.11545.

Box 35, Folder 10

Mark Suglian vs. Joe Petrasich. no.162554.

Box 35, Folder 11

Frank D. Pennoyer vs. Riblet Manufacturing Company, et al. no.101831.

Box 35, Folder 12

Theodore Pfaff, et al vs. Franz M. Haushammer, et ux. no.288429.

Box 35, Folder 13

Nellei Phelan vs. Frank Lowe.

Box 35, Folder 14

J.M. Pittman vs. Poso Land Products Company, et al. no.52818.

Box 35, Folder 15

Faunt H. Monroe vs. Della Joe Monroe. no.L.B. C20710.

Box 35, Folder 16

Mary Jones vs. Raiford Jones. no.D 229829.

Box 35, Folder 17

Anna Johnson vs. Troy Johnson. no.L.B. D18378.

Box 35, Folder 18

Lucille E. Ingersoll vs. Gale W. Ingersoll. no.L.B. D19275.

Box 35, Folder 19

Hershel Gloyne vs. Effie Louise Gloyne. no.L.B. D14993.

Box 35, Folder 20

Queva R. Dial vs. James Toy Dial. no.L.B. D20844.

Box 35, Folder 21

Edwin Forbes vs. Mildred Forbes. no.L.B. D20175.

Box 35, Folder 22

Delia Knapp vs. Byron Knapp. no.L.B. D19310.

Box 35, Folder 23

T.J. Stevens, Correspondences.

Box 36, Folder 1

Ester M. Farmer vs. Sidney A. Farmer, Complaint for Divorce no.D 3051.

Box 36, Folder 2

Ester Farmer vs. Didney A. Farmer. no.D-22254.

Box 36, Folder 3

Josephine Fisher vs. Waeter F. Fisher. no.D-16890.

Box 36, Folder 4

Constance M. Gunthe vs. Max Gunther. no.D-25436.

Box 36, Folder 5

June E. Gard vs. William B. Gard. no.D11272.

Box 36, Folder 6

Frank R. Lowith vs. Margaret Lowith. no.B64751.

Box 36, Folder 7

Margaret Lowith vs. Frank R. Lowith no.L.A. 7464.

Box 36, Folder 8

Estate of Annie S. Wainright, deceased. no.62266.

Box 37, Folder 1

United States of America vs. Franco Ital An Packing Company, Incorporated no.12632 Y.

Box 37, Folder 2

Barbara Perez, et al vs. Panfilo Franco, et al. no.D156710.

Box 37, Folder 3

Franco Italian Packing Company, Incorporated vs. Lois M. Salszar, et al. no.343028.

Box 37, Folder 4

Southern California Japanese Fishermen's Association vs. Franco Italian Packing Company no.70386.

Box 37, Folder 5

Edward Silva, et al vs. Franco Italian Packing Company no.76511.

Box 37, Folder 6

W.P. Peacock vs. Franco Italian Packing Company no.16928.

Box 37, Folder 7

Franco Italian Packing Company vs. Fishing Vessel Dependable, et al. no.8303-H.

Box 37, Folder 8

August Felando & Paul Bogdanich vs. John Rodos, et al. no.284933.

Box 37, Folder 9

Italian Fishermen's Protective Association, et al vs. Franco Italian Packing Company, et al. no.407494.

Box 37, Folder 10

Van Camp Sea Food Company, Incorporated vs. August Felando, et al. no.288258.

Box 37, Folder 11

Vivan Ferguson, et al vs. Shell Oil Company. no.L.A. 12730.

Box 37, Folder 12

J.J. Fink vs. A.J. Bartlett. no.110405.

Box 37, Folder 13

August Felando & Paul Bogdanich vs. Boston Insurance Company no.6301-M.

Box 37, Folder 14

William C. Mcduffie vs. August Felando, et al. no.318643.

Box 37, Folder 15

People of State of California vs. Bob Felando.

Box 37, Folder 16

Tony Felando vs. Dea Food Exchange. no.33831.

Box 37, Folder 17

August Felando, et al vs. Gasoline Launch, San Juana. no.3076-J.

Box 37, Folder 18

Felando Claims.

Box 37, Folder 19

Franco Italian Packing Company, In. Re. Channel Packing Company.

Box 38, Folder 1

Estate of George Kontz, deceased.

Box 38, Folder 12

Estate of Angeline M. Sherlock, deceased. no.L.B. P6902.

Box 38, Folder 3

Estate of Annie M. Krause, deceased.

Box 38, Folder 4

Estate of Francisco Hernandez, deceased. no.P 8010.

Box 38, Folder 5

James David O'quin vs. Emma O'quinn. no.D-30485.

Box 38, Folder 6

John J. Pennington vs. Grace Mary Pennington, et al. no.D 11444.

Box 38, Folder 7

Alice M. Rhine vs. Charles Joseph Rhine. no.D6116.

Box 38, Folder 8

Minnie Richards vs. John F. Richards. no.D-29847.

Box 38, Folder 9

Earl Ward Pierce, Jr. vs. Dorothy Becker Pierce. no.D-51970.

Box 38, Folder 10

Carroll Miller Robinson vs. Walter J. Robinson.

Box 38, Folder 11

Last Wills and Testaments of Kenneth Henry Day, Minna Tunison, Joseph S. Mattos, et al.

Box 38, Folder 12a

Thomas J. Stevens, papers and correspondences.

Box 38, Folder 12b

Thomas J. Stevens, papers and correspondences.

Box 39, Folder 1

The People of the State of California vs. Felix Franco. no.62,509.

Box 39, Folder 2

A.H. Duffy vs. D.F. Fulkman, et al. no.18102.

Box 39, Folder 3

Martha Christensen vs. E.O. Lowien. no.B 194255.

Box 39, Folder 4

William Caudill vs. C.E. Abston.

Box 39, Folder 5

E.B. Chruch vs. Edna P. Simmons. no.486419.

Box 39, Folder 6

E.B. Church vs. J.B. Hale. no.189271.

Box 39, Folder 7

E.B. Church vs. Ronald Inglis. no.2197.

Box 39, Folder 8

E.B. Church vs. K.W. Munson. no.185120.

Box 39, Folder 9

B. Bartnicoff vs. Jane Doe DeCessna. no.1338691.

Box 39, Folder 10

People vs. W.W. Crosby. no.91365.

Box 39, Folder 11

W.W. Crosby vs. Southern Pacific Company, Corporation no.143313.

Box 39, Folder 12

W.W. Crosby vs. A.H.Mosre & T.A. Marlow. no.134598-J.

Box 39, Folder 13

W.E. Crowell vs. City Transfer & Storage Company, Incorporated no.61-835.

Box 39, Folder 14

F.B. Brummett vs. T.M. Daniels, et al. no.6681.

Box 39, Folder 15

Jack A. Brochiner vs. L.E. Dawson. no.178541.

Box 39, Folder 16

Ruth Dayton vs. Pickwick Storage Company.

Box 39, Folder 17

Gertrude S. Deahl vs. E.E. Jone. no.57505.

Box 39, Folder 18

Franco Italian Packing Company vs. C.H. Groat, et al. no.418029.

Box 39, Folder 19

In. Re. Franco Italian Packing Company E.C. Morre (Fish & Game() vs. Pusse Seine Net. no.11825.

Box 39, Folder 20

The People of the State of California vs. Fra Company Italian Packing Company.

Box 39, Folder 21

I. Tawa vs. Franco Italian Packing Company, et al. no.360961.

Box 39, Folder 22

Franco Italian Packign Company, In Re Injunction By the Fishermen's Union. no.No. 426,529.

Box 40, Folder 1

Estate of Sophia Mccoy Deceased. no.L.D. P 7694.

Box 40, Folder 2

Estate of Rachel Gibson, Debtor. no.32280-M.

Box 40, Folder 3

Estate of John Mccall, deceased.

Box 40, Folder 4

Estate of Henry R. Myles, deceased. no.14365.

Box 40, Folder 5

Estate of James Harry Murphy, deceased. no.139033.

Box 40, Folder 6

Estate of Lemuel A. Murphy, deceased. no.69181.

Box 40, Folder 7

Estate of Paul T. Moses, deceased. no.43047.

Box 40, Folder 8

Estate of Piedad Moreno, deceased. No.38511.

Box 40, Folder 9

Estate of Jessie A. Offerle, deceased.

Box 40, Folder 10

Estate & guardianship of John J. Onkey, an incompetent. no.17598.

Box 40, Folder 11

Estate of John J. Onkey, deceased. no.A 2590.

Box 40, Folder 12

Estate of Jacob Baker, deceased.

Box 40, Folder 13

Lorline W. Moses, to Terminate Tenancy of Paul T. Moses. no.43354.

Box 40, Folder 14

Manuel P. Morris, to terminate joint tenancy of Jesse Morris, deceased.

Box 41, Folder 1

John C. Soldau vs. Victoria Soldau. no.L.B. D21320.

Box 41, Folder 2

Elva Florence Smith vs. Charles Robert Smith. no.L.B. D15932.

Box 41, Folder 3

Alice Mae Stark vs. Charles R. Steak. no.D 79705.

Box 41, Folder 4

Kathryn Stamn vs. Oliver A. Stamn. no.D105437.

Box 41, Folder 5

Ada E. Ridley vs. Union Oil Company of California, Corporation no.B 80046.

Box 41, Folder 6

Isaac N. Robins, et al. vs. Maxine Mailman, et al. no.148-989.

Box 41, Folder 7

C.E. Babcock, etc. vs. Raymond Spatola, et al. no.474924.

Box 41, Folder 8

Stevens Davis Company vs. Richmaid Creamery Company.

Box 41, Folder 9

M. Berman vs. James Comstock. no.45315.0.

Box 41, Folder 10

Nellie L. Stephens vs. Morris Reichler, et al. no.158468.

Box 41, Folder 11

Lindsay & Brewster, Incorporated vs. Fred Stieve. no.18484.

Box 41, Folder 12

Thomas J. Stephens vs. Daniel Wilgus, et al. no.108602.

Box 41, Folder 13

Thomas J. Stephens vs. P.W. Quinby.

Box 41, Folder 14

Fred Steve vs. E.A. Mcmarlett.

Box 41, Folder 15

The City of Los Angeles vs. Edith S. Steele, et al. no.167366.

Box 41, Folder 16

V.W. Erickson, Trustee of John F. Stanford vs. John F. Stanford, et al. no.365534.

Box 41, Folder 17

Ben Standifred vs. Arthur J. Decker, et al. no.L.B. C6553.

Box 41, Folder 18

Lee F. Smith vs. Ruby E. Cosgrove. no.37247.

Box 42, Folder 1

Katherine Sturgeon vs. W.R. Sturgeon. no.D 59392.

Box 42, Folder 2

Gladys M. Hayes vs. Leonard E. Hayes. no.D143132.

Box 42, Folder 3

Wyoming E.H. Cook vs. J.A. Cook no.5414.

Box 42, Folder 4

Martha Cannon vs. Blaine Cannon. no.D-51533.

Box 42, Folder 5

Luther R. Book vs. Eugene Book. no.D 32414.

Box 42, Folder 6

Pauline Bush vs. Webster Walker Bush. no.D 807.

Box 42, Folder 7

Hattie Burns vs. William Paul Burns. no.D 37753.

Box 42, Folder 8

W.B. Edgerton vs. Adelaide J. Hawley, et al. no.250065.

Box 42, Folder 9

J.W. Moss, et al vs. Angeles Bag and Paper Company, Incorporated, et al. no.151440.

Box 42, Folder 10

A. Musolino vs. R. Fazzi. no.113182.

Box 42, Folder 11

H. CL Bittleston, Law and Collection Agency vs. Frank B. Murray, et al.

Box 42, Folder 12

F. Arthur Bunt., et al vs. Gustave Muly, et al. no.312878.

Box 42, Folder 13

Ernest A. Moulton, et al vs. Max Jenney, et al.

Box 42, Folder 14

Nelson Imel vs. T.V. Welt. no.653689.

Box 42, Folder 15

Mary D. Waite vs. Diana L. Bertrand. no.No. 4964.

Box 42, Folder 16

Luther W. Light, et al vs. Frank F. Wulf, et al. no.616436.

Box 42, Folder 17

Louise B. Grantham vs. George W. Kithcen. no.440076.

Box 42, Folder 18

Henry W.A. Fuhrmann, Light-House Camp lease.

Box 42, Folder 19

Guardianship of Voslave Vucinich, et al. no.42920.

Box 42, Folder 20

Ike Silverstein, Alleged Bankrupt. no.8259-J.

Box 42, Folder 21

Estate of George Sherlock, deceased. no.71548.

Box 42, Folder 22

Estate of Edwin A. Welty, deceased. no.99161.

Box 43, Folder 1

John H. Van Patten vs. Shannon-Sindos Company, Corporation no.147475.

Box 43, Folder 2

Pacific Factors, Incorporated vs. Shannon-Sindos Company, et al. no.203158.

Box 43, Folder 3

The City of Los Angeles vs. Jacob & Mary Shuey, et al. no.305258.

Box 43, Folder 4

Colonial Mutual Compensation Insurance Company vs. Jessie Shoebottom, et al. no.560528.

Box 43, Folder 5

The People of the State of California vs. Dick Sheets.

Box 43, Folder 6

George P. Millovich vs. Sprpski Dom. no.7939.

Box 43, Folder 7

N. Pobar, et al vs. Gasoline Launch Tolstoy. no.1013.

Box 43, Folder 8

N. Pobar, et al vs. Gasoline Launch Golden Gate of Seattle.

Box 43, Folder 9

United States Rubber Company, Incorporated vs. W.V. Sawrey Service Station, et al Nol 316359.

Box 43, Folder 10

A.L. Sanford, et al vs. Nelson Jensen Hansen, et al. no.308534.

Box 43, Folder 11

Walter F. Sammons, et al vs. Nelson Jensen Hansen, et al.

Box 43, Folder 12

Irene Sestrom vs. Bergard Sestrom. no.D 72626.

Box 43, Folder 13

Donna Storti vs. Edward Storti. no.D 112847.

Box 43, Folder 14

John Silva, Application to Change Name. no.L.B. C10159.

Box 43, Folder 15

Estate of Clara I. Dosch Bartel, deceased. no.43996.

Box 43, Folder 16

Shamberger Matter.

Box 44, Folder 1

C. Henry Olsen vs. W.E. Seney.

Box 44, Folder 2

C. Henry Olsen vs. R.M. Allen, et al. no.B 30105.

Box 44, Folder 3

William B. Oakes vs. R. McLeod.

Box 44, Folder 4

The People of the State of California vs. Louis Costa. no.8600.

Box 44, Folder 5

William W. Robbins vs. Frank E. Hartigan. no.B-75667.

Box 44, Folder 6

Rauer's Law & Collection Company vs. L. Ghio, et al. no.B 31048.

Box 44, Folder 7

Wilmington Transfer & Storage Company vs. Rogers Brown & Company no.B-83594.

Box 44, Folder 8

First Trust & Savings Bank of Pasadena vs. Clinton R. Douglas, et al. no.177153.

Box 44, Folder 9

Etta Bryan vs. Kenneth Bryan. no.D 8404.

Box 44, Folder 10

Rose Brown vs. A.J. Brown. no.D 8448.

Box 44, Folder 11

Alfred J. Crose, petition for Pension.

Box 44, Folder 12

Peter Rail, Change of Name.

Box 44, Folder 13

Henrietta A. Becker, bankrupt. no.1658.

Box 44, Folder 14

Jules Albert Faure, lease.

Box 44, Folder 15

Wilming On Chamber of Commerce, In. Re. Drawbridge.

Box 44, Folder 16

Constance Picherie, Sunset Blvd. Proceedings.

Box 44, Folder 17

Frances. T. Elmer, Papers.

Box 44, Folder 18

Margaret S. Bradley, Papers.

Box 44, Folder 19

Emogene Craig, Papers.

Box 44, Folder 20

Mrs. Riley Carter, Papers.

Box 45, Folder 1

Estate of Steve Burich, deceased. no.142127.

Box 45, Folder 2

Estate of J.C. Bufkhardt, deceased. no.64731.

Box 45, Folder 3

Estate of Scott Buckner, deceased. no.82643.

Box 45, Folder 4

Estate of William L. Brown, deceased.

Box 45, Folder 5

Estate of Joseph W. Hodge, deceased.

Box 45, Folder 6

Estate of Cointon B. Casler, deceased. no.44766.

Box 45, Folder 7

Estate of Frederick W. Carter, deceased. no.118342.

Box 45, Folder 8

Mrs. Wren Burdick, Estate of Lillie B. Brammell.

Box 45, Folder 9

Estate of Edith L. Carvill, An Incompetent.

Box 45, Folder 10

Guardianship of Glen, Carmyne, Erwin, & Haoron, Buckner.

Box 45, Folder 11

Alonzo G. Carwill, An Alleged Insane Person.

Box 45, Folder 12

Joseph Holody, bankrupt. no.9962-J.

Box 45, Folder 13

Josephine E. Holiday, matter of homestead.

Box 46, Folder 1

Charles Menveg vs. Andrew Jayich. no.30517.

Box 46, Folder 2

Lillian CI Baker vs. E. Forrest Mitchell, et al. no.349, 944.

Box 46, Folder 3

Julia A. Parish vs. W.B. Studebaker & Studebaker Quality Shop.

Box 46, Folder 4

Neko Petrovich & Mary Petrovich vs. Argonaut Mining Company, et al. no.7611.

Box 46, Folder 5

A.L. Van Valin vs. the Gas Screw Putnick. no.6352.

Box 46, Folder 6

James Michela, et al vs. the Principio, et al. no.1173.

Box 46, Folder 7

Pete Mele, application for reclassification and exemption.

Box 46, Folder 8

Angelo Mandia, application for exemption.

Box 46, Folder 9

Mercantile Agencies.

Box 46, Folder 10

Nevada-Searchlight Mining Company, matter.

Box 46, Folder 11

Madine and James Littlefield, adoption. J no.302527.

Box 46, Folder 12

Ronald Larry Lawrence, adoption. no.Ad 1745.

Box 47, Folder 1

Los Angeles First National Trust & Savings Bank vs. J. Joseph Kaveney. no.97015.

Box 47, Folder 2

Los Angeles First National Trust & Savings Bank vs. J.H. Rudorf.

Box 47, Folder 3

William J. Weiser vs. Lillian Smith, et al. no.49593.

Box 47, Folder 4

Broadway State Bank vs. Josephine Lauro. no.393370.

Box 47, Folder 5

E.B. Church vs. W.H. Larmouth.

Box 47, Folder 6

Arminta M. Breen, et al vs. Paul L. Larquier, et al. no.117861.

Box 47, Folder 7

The City of Los Angeles vs. William H. Murphy, et al. no.234323.

Box 47, Folder 8

Willie Lancaster vs. Joseph Kaveny.

Box 47, Folder 9

Eastern Outfitting Company vs. Paul L. Larquier, et al. no.153277.

Box 47, Folder 10

Lowith Iron Works vs. J.H. Southern, et al.

Box 47, Folder 11

Louis Pl Larquier vs. W.R. Darnerll, et al. no.139942.

Box 47, Folder 12

S. Muranga vs. Arthur Lapsley, et al. no.147658.

Box 47, Folder 13

Steve Sanders vs. F.A. Luenser. no.323368.

Box 47, Folder 14

Union Bank and Trust Company of L. A. vs. Charlotte McElvaine, et al. no.20963.

Box 47, Folder 15

The People of the State of California vs. Wesley C. Martin.

Box 47, Folder 16

Jerry Marincovich vs. B. Maruch, et al. no.184680.

Box 47, Folder 17

Paul Marincovich vs. B. Maruch, et al. no.184679.

Box 47, Folder 18

Frederick Ray vs. M. Marinkovich. no.114715.

Box 47, Folder 19

Jerry Marincovich vs. Peter A. Kuglis.

Box 47, Folder 20

Emily Josephine Leach vs. John Harling Leach. no.D111013.

Box 47, Folder 21

Marks vs. Marks.

Box 47, Folder 22

Estate of Milda F. Mardesich, deceased. no.L.B. P10709.

Box 48, Folder 1

Minnie Luce Reynolds vs. the Pillman Company, etc. no.139433.

Box 48, Folder 2

R. Bunnick vs. Phillip Trani, et al. no.648720.

Box 48, Folder 3

Queen City Drilling Company vs. Bernard Le Mohn, et al. no.164871.

Box 48, Folder 4

Estate of Ada Whitehouse, deceased. no.L.B. P10578.

Box 48, Folder 5

Estate of Wellington C. Wolfe, deceased. no.79906.

Box 48, Folder 6

Le Mohn Investment Company, Papers.

Box 48, Folder 7

Miscellaneous, 1921-1923.

Box 48, Folder 8

Miscellaneous, 1923.

Box 48, Folder 9

Miscellaneous, 1929.

Box 49, Folder 1

Estate of Antone Ugrin, deceased. no.59161.

Box 49, Folder 2

Estate of Harley L. Tibbetts, deceased. no.L.B. P4364.

Box 49, Folder 3

Estate of Jack Thompson, deceased. no.97209.

Box 49, Folder 4

Estate of Nathaniel R. Tevis, bankrupt. no.5568-J.

Box 49, Folder 5

Estate of Rosa Tedesco, deceased. no.98460.

Box 49, Folder 6

Estate of Charles Clayton Tate, deceased.

Box 49, Folder 7

Estate of Rosenda L. Sylva, deceased. no.L.B. P3686.

Box 49, Folder 8

Isabelly Whaley, to terminate joint tenancy. no.L.B. P7096.

Box 49, Folder 9

Elva Tibbetts, to terminate joint tenancy. no.L.B. B4617.

Box 49, Folder 10

J.C. Terry, bankrupt. no.9424-M.

Box 49, Folder 11

Geneva Tedesco, adoption.

Box 50, Folder 1

Kate Seman vs. John Seman. no.D-17189.

Box 50, Folder 2

Boyd Standley vs. Esther Standley. no.1 D-42071.

Box 50, Folder 3

Lucy W. Mosich vs. Toma Mosich. no.B 1332.

Box 50, Folder 4

Frank A. Mosich vs. Charles R. Maddox, et al. no.352920.

Box 50, Folder 5

Weston Investment Company vs. Thomas R. Clark, et al. no.L.B. C9097.

Box 50, Folder 6

H.M. West, et al vs. Jane Beauchamp. no.25206.

Box 50, Folder 7

Homer Morton vs. C.O. Henry, et al.

Box 50, Folder 8

Nick Mosich, et al vs. no.256 C.

Box 50, Folder 9

Moses*Starr Company vs. I.C. Freud. no.157194.

Box 51, Folder 1

Eugenia G. Schreiber vs. Charles F. Schreiber. no.D-32313.

Box 51, Folder 2

Frank Sackett vs. Rose Sackett. no.13758.

Box 51, Folder 3

Meri Mosich vs. Bene Mosich. no.L.B. D7012.

Box 51, Folder 4

Mayme L. Short vs. Edward F. Short. no.D 23685.

Box 51, Folder 5

Estate of Mamie Poggi, deceased. no.124421.

Box 51, Folder 6

George, Kenneth Abraham, & William James Pearce, matter of guardianship. no.51987.

Box 51, Folder 7

John Patton, petition to terminate joint tenancy. no.86,575.

Box 51, Folder 8

William L. Parker, bankrupt.

Box 51, Folder 9

Caroline W. Walton, et al vs. U.S. Flexible Metallic Tubing Company, et al. no.382868.

Box 52, Folder 1

Gertrude Gutierrez vs. A. Gonzales. no.525830.

Box 52, Folder 2

Nora Gundersen vs. May Wylie. no.145232.

Box 52, Folder 3

S.A. Grossi vs. T.C. Olstyn, et al. no.164441.

Box 52, Folder 4

M.L. Bonillas vs. S.A. Grossi, et al. no.112013.

Box 52, Folder 5

F.C. Walker vs. John Granoff, et al. no.28645.

Box 52, Folder 6

C.E. Groat, et al vs. Nelson Jensne Hansen, et al. no.308745.

Box 52, Folder 7

John Rados, et al vs. Boat Fernando. no.5004-C.

Box 52, Folder 8

Mary Elizabeth Griener vs. Frederick William Griener. no.D-57977.

Box 52, Folder 9

Blanche E. Grannis vs. Frank M. Grannis, et al. no.D106548.

Box 52, Folder 10

Hazel L. Grannis vs. Walter A. Grannis. no.D 99379.

Box 52, Folder 11

Louie Gomez vs. Irene Comez, et al. no.D-40515.

Box 52, Folder 12

Lula Belle Gorman vs. Charles Edward Gorman.

Box 52, Folder 13

Genevieve Mae Richardson, matter of guardianship.

Box 52, Folder 14

Donna Jean Riley, matter of guardianship. no.L.B. P9975.

Box 52, Folder 15

Charles, Joseph and Lawrence Redona, matter of guardianship. no.19946.

Box 52, Folder 16

Elizabeth Ann Gruner, adoption. no.Ad 2816.

Box 52, Folder 17

Last wills and testaments of 1930.

Box 52, Folder 18

R.L. Riley, petition to terminate joint tenancy. no.128243.

Box 52, Folder 19

Susie W. Renn, petition to terminate joint tenancy. no.83153.

Box 52, Folder 20

M.O. Graves, Proceedings for Disbarment. no.112002.

Box 53, Folder 1

Charles Peter anderson, et al vs. P.R. Gannam, et al. no.510109.

Box 53, Folder 2

Ruben Ochoa vs. Alvino Galvez. no.D 77954.

Box 53, Folder 3

Adelia Fuette vs. Gabrielle C. Kolher. no.25005.

Box 53, Folder 4

A.B. Gardner vs. R.P. Jones. no.383150.

Box 53, Folder 5

Pierce B. Vaughn vs. May Berman, etc. no.34752.

Box 53, Folder 6

The City of Los Angeles vs. Sadie D. Griffith Abbott, et al. no.132,710.

Box 53, Folder 7

Gussie F. Nasson, et al vs. Ina Burton. no.178823.

Box 53, Folder 8

Frances Mildred Biddle vs. Shell Oil Company no.12533.

Box 53, Folder 9

Adelia Fuette vs. Charles Emile Ruette. no.D56831.

Box 53, Folder 10

Meaomi Brookings vs. Francis M. Brookings.

Box 53, Folder 11

Walter Douglas Brown vs. Iva Muriel Brown. no.L.B. D11848.

Box 53, Folder 12

William L. Haugh vs. Inez Haugh. no.L.B. D18040.

Box 53, Folder 13

Earl S. Borwn vs. Kathryn H. Brown. no.D-46577.

Box 53, Folder 14

Myrtle Biblehouse vs. Ralph Biblehouse. no.D126398.

Box 53, Folder 15

Shannon-Sindos, bankruptcy.

Box 53, Folder 16

O.N. Scott, bankrupt. no.4350.

Box 53, Folder 17

John Brittain, bankrupt. no.15762J.

Box 53, Folder 18

Estate of Raymond T. Searl, An Incompetent. no.39269.

Box 53, Folder 19

Estate of Henry A. Savoy, deceased. no.115090.

Box 53, Folder 20

Estate of Martin Edgar Sawyer, deceased. no.46365.

Box 53, Folder 21

Estate of Tomo Seslia, deceased. no.58238.

Box 53, Folder 22

Estate of Raymond T. Searl, deceased. no.113680.

Box 53, Folder 23

Frank Hawk Matter.

Box 54, Folder 1

Jack M. Harris vs. Hazel A. Harris. no.3764.

Box 54, Folder 2

Gertrude B. Freshwater vs. Albert H. Freshwater. no.B-31190.

Box 54, Folder 3

Catherine Flores vs. Lorenzo Flores. no.D 10026.

Box 54, Folder 4

Domingo Cruiz vs. Nora Cruiz. no.D 6503.

Box 54, Folder 5

John L. Fouch, et al vs. Leona R. Trapp.

Box 54, Folder 6

J.J. Fink, et al vs. Adolph Ramish. no.96471-C.

Box 54, Folder 7

First National Bank of San Pedro vs. Edith B. Scott. no.B68775.

Box 54, Folder 8

Pete Fiamengo vs. Vincent Blagaich. no.B95533.

Box 54, Folder 9

Ruth Franklin vs. J.E. Wynn, etc. no.B-74537.

Box 54, Folder 10

Mik Fusano, et al vs. Ferdinando Berardino. no.B-73166.

Box 54, Folder 11

Joseph W. Gillespie vs. W.A. Garry. no.328.

Box 54, Folder 12

H.E. Gannaway, et al vs. S.A. Mason, et al. no.B-60585.

Box 54, Folder 13

H.E. Gannaway, et al vs. M. Marcias.

Box 54, Folder 14

J.E. Adams, et al vs. Delia Bergon, et al. no.B25621.

Box 54, Folder 15

W.W. Crosby vs. Charles E. Fulton. no.69898.

Box 54, Folder 16

Ira Cook vs. F.G. Kelsey, et al.

Box 54, Folder 17

Frederick T. Robbins, An Incompetent. no.84032.

Box 54, Folder 18

Estate and Guardianship of De Wight Colegrove. no.34364.

Box 55, Folder 1

Norma Virginia Golden vs. Earnest S. Golden. no.D130840.

Box 55, Folder 2

Esther Boots vs. John M. Boots. no.D85592.

Box 55, Folder 3

Berdena Le Mohn Boles vs. Wesley Goodwin Boles. no.D-43971.

Box 55, Folder 4

William C. Harper, et al vs. Norman H. Hoy, et al. no.32454.

Box 55, Folder 5

Jennie Hardy vs. R.J. Weston. no.201418.

Box 55, Folder 6

Alva C. Stone, et al V. Harry J. Keeley, et al. no.309499.

Box 55, Folder 7

Fred Young vs. the Harbor Oil & Gas Corporation no.185686.

Box 55, Folder 8

W.E. McKenzie vs. F.M. Rodolf, et al. no.178021.

Box 55, Folder 9

James E. Ahnnegan vs. Cane Building Supply Company, et al. no.L.A. 5852.

Box 55, Folder 10

Carrie Hallberg vs. W. Qu Lee, et al. no.126588.

Box 55, Folder 11

K.H. Day, et al vs. George Terry, et al. no.422501.

Box 55, Folder 12

Minnie Kimbrell vs. Roy Bowers, et al. no.L.B. C9511.

Box 55, Folder 13

R.F. Bowers, et al vs. Corporation of America, etc. no.384331.

Box 55, Folder 14

Cyrus E. Booth vs. County of Los Angeles, et al. no.267644.

Box 55, Folder 15

Martha J. Boies vs. Henry O. Wackerbarth. no.2141689.

Box 55, Folder 16

Estate of Frederick T. Robbins, deceased. no.97289.

Box 55, Folder 17

Anton Merwald vs. Stanley Blasczyh. no.50282.

Box 55, Folder 18

Joe Bogdanovich, et al vs. John Raljevich, et al. no.255740.

Box 56, Folder 1

J.P. Sylva, et al vs. Polonia Sylva. no.B 24650.

Box 56, Folder 2

Annie L. Garvin vs. John E. Garvin. no.D 82471.

Box 56, Folder 3

Dario L. Chio vs. John C. Cline, etc. no.B-35693.

Box 56, Folder 4

The People of the State of California vs. Glenn Charles Goslin. no.11914.

Box 56, Folder 5

Wilmington Press vs. Wilmington Journal Publishing Company no.443870.

Box 56, Folder 6

Estyn M. Chalmers vs. Wilmington Land Company no.B 8618.

Box 56, Folder 7

The People of the State of California vs. Paul Hamblin. no.34563.

Box 57, Folder 1

Estate of C.E. Smith, deceased. no.47715.

Box 57, Folder 2

Estate of Balilio Pena, deceased. no.99114.

Box 57, Folder 3

Security Trust and Savings Bank vs. W.K. Clayton, et al. no.16650.

Box 57, Folder 4

andrew Xitco vs. Franco Italian Packing Company. no.179028.

Box 57, Folder 5

W.K. Clayton vs. Security Trust and Savings Bank. no.17071.

Box 57, Folder 6

Henry Cleve vs. the Home Insurance Company of New York. no.173322.

Box 57, Folder 7

Security Trust and Savings Bank vs. W.K. Clayton, et al. no.16650.

Box 57, Folder 8

Mary A. Bronson vs. Henry Harding. no.81163.

Box 57, Folder 9

People vs. Don Brooks. no.13364-H.

Box 57, Folder 10

Erminigildo Beroiz vs. Robert Gomez, et al. no.627866.

Box 57, Folder 11

Theodore Williams vs. Los Angeles Railway Corporation, et al. no.B 7660.

Box 57, Folder 12

Hosegard Corporation of California, petition for Permit to Issue Stock.

Box 58, Folder 1

C. William Bachman vs. J.E. Jeter. no.267638.

Box 58, Folder 2

E.M. Chalmers vs. B.C. Nichols, et al.

Box 58, Folder 3

F.S. Cary vs. Hercules Steel Company, et al. no.B-68086.

Box 58, Folder 4

Frank Concas vs. Warren H. King. no.B 78172.

Box 58, Folder 5

John F. Connell vs. C.M. Whittick, et al. no.B 79326.

Box 58, Folder 6

Raurer's Law and Collection Company vs. L. Chio, et al. no.B-26842.

Box 58, Folder 7

Albert Countryman vs. A.R.G. Bus Company no.B 73764.

Box 58, Folder 8

Acme Brass Foundry Company vs. W.H. Campbell. no.B61476.

Box 58, Folder 9

F.S. Cary vs. J.M. Eisenhuth. no.62804.

Box 58, Folder 10

Alex Carresi, et al vs. W.F. Biby.

Box 58, Folder 11

F.S. Biby vs. Viola E. Sanford Wild, et al. no.B 68017.

Box 58, Folder 12

F.S. Cary vs. Frank D. McClure. no.B 68087.

Box 58, Folder 13

Anna Bell Campbell vs. Mark C. Campbell.

Box 58, Folder 14

Balnch Cordill vs. Floyd Cordill. no.D 46.

Box 58, Folder 15

Emily Flagler Matter.

Box 58, Folder 16

Fishermen's Provision and Supply Company.

Box 58, Folder 17

State Market Commission.

Box 58, Folder 18

William H. Campbell-W.E. Scott lease.

Box 58, Folder 19

Claims, 1919.

Box 58, Folder 20

Claims, February 1, 1916.

Box 59, Folder 1

William W. Crosby vs. William H. Lang, et al. no.169636.

Box 59, Folder 2

W.W. Crosby, et al vs. W.W. Attebury, et al. no.187825.

Box 59, Folder 3

F.C. Walker, etc. vs. Arthur S. Ducoing, et al. no.27560.

Box 59, Folder 4

Los Angeles City School District of Los Angeles County vs. O. Duclos, et al. no.163814.

Box 59, Folder 5

Continental Law & Adjustment Company vs. Mrs Mary Daquisto, et al. no.132941.

Box 59, Folder 6

K.H. Day, et al vs. Los Oil Company, et al. no.L.B. C9570.

Box 59, Folder 7

K.H. Day, et al vs. Lestor Horn, et al. no.432002.

Box 59, Folder 8

Bernice W. Drant vs. Chester John Drant. no.D 121971.

Box 59, Folder 9

Josephine Drant vs. Chester Drant. no.36195.

Box 59, Folder 10

Evelyn Hall Douthit vs. W. Marcus Douthit. no.D116304.

Box 59, Folder 11

Inez Cowan vs. Leo R. Cowan. no.D 63829.

Box 59, Folder 12

Wallace Anthony Dupeire, matter of adoption.

Box 60, Folder 1

Manuel Morris vs. Tony Puciio, et al. no.357690.

Box 60, Folder 2

Berniece Morse vs. Seabert Whittier Morse. no.L.B. D18604.

Box 60, Folder 3

Estate of Patrick Benson, deceased. no.46-271.

Box 60, Folder 4

Estate of James Craddock, deceased. no.L.B. P6814.

Box 60, Folder 5

Estate of Charles Edwin Holmes, deceased. no.L.B. P5893.

Box 60, Folder 6

Estate of Lou Wreatha Holmes, deceased. no.L.B. P6060.

Box 60, Folder 7

Estate and guardianship of Anna M. Holmes. no.L.B. P5925.

Box 60, Folder 8

Joseph Peter Morris and Manuel Joseph Morris, Applications to Establish Fact of Birth. no.L.B. C9922 & no.L.B. C9923.

Box 60, Folder 9

J.H. Holmes, petition to terminate joint tenancy. no.154531.

Box 60, Folder 10

Myrtle C. Howarth, petition to terminate joint tenancy. no.L.B. P7703.

Box 60, Folder 11

Mary S. Holliday, petition to terminate joint tenancy. no.71653.

Box 60, Folder 12

Estate of Josephine E. Holiday, bankrupt. no.12497-J.

Box 61, Folder 1

Jemina Lee Woodard vs. Ardell Woodward. no.L.B. D20167.

Box 61, Folder 2

Emma Lou Wood vs. Leonard L. Wood. no.L.B. D17738.

Box 61, Folder 3

Carrie P. Wolfe vs. Thomas D. Wolfe. no.D 72581.

Box 61, Folder 4

Gertrude Wisroth vs. Ernest Wisroth. no.D 27,534.

Box 61, Folder 5

Dick Wolfe vs. Roberta Nefong Wolfe.

Box 61, Folder 6

Florence Ceclia Winters vs. Bernard John Winters. no.D101522.

Box 61, Folder 7

Jennie Weston Wingard vs. Herbert N. Wingard. no.L.B. D20652.

Box 61, Folder 8

Verna Alice Westover vs. Gerald Hampton Westover. no.L.B. D12758.

Box 61, Folder 9

Oliver Clinton Thompson vs. Sybil May Thompson. no.D 26413.

Box 61, Folder 10

Mary H. Black vs. August H. Black. no.30376.

Box 61, Folder 11

Clara May Biscaliluz vs. Valentine A. Biscaliluz. no.L.B. D12093.

Box 61, Folder 12

Doris Lucille Winkler vs. Leslie O'Neal Winkler. no.D 197663.

Box 61, Folder 13

William B. Jolly vs. Wilmington Transfer and Storage Company no.258964.

Box 61, Folder 14

Jack Winchester vs. Benjamin F. Meyers. no.165677.

Box 61, Folder 15

F.G. Wilson, et al vs. Nelson Jensen Hansen, et al. no.308744.

Box 61, Folder 16

William Sanderson, et al vs. Howard L. Wise, et al. no.425582.

Box 61, Folder 17

H.M. West, et al vs. Jane Beauchamp. no.35919.

Box 61, Folder 18

A.G. Brown vs. Tonro Company, Incorporated no.396069.

Box 61, Folder 19

Arne P. Tonneson vs. Arthur Julian Gordon. no.321978.

Box 61, Folder 20

R.A. Gaertner vs. the Gasoline Launch S.M.S. Veribus Unitis. no.1055.

Box 61, Folder 21

Robert Millett vs. Burton L. Larson, In. Re. Lighthouse Camp Matter.

Box 61, Folder 22

Marguriette E. Winkler, matter of application for change of name. no.L.B. C11428.

Box 61, Folder 23

Carl H. Wilson, Citizenship Matter.

Box 62, Folder 1

V. Diveglio, et al vs. A. Tomich, et al. no.129299.

Box 62, Folder 2

J.V. Dorsey vs. Henry E. Tibbetts, et al. no.0-8705.

Box 62, Folder 3

Samuel Olan Thompson vs. K. R. Bradley Construction Company, et al. no.L.A. 20764(?).

Box 62, Folder 4

Evan Lewis vs. David B. Lyons, etc. no.109605.

Box 62, Folder 5

Joe A. Weldt, et al vs. the City of Los Angeles, et al. no.190604.

Box 62, Folder 6

Ursula De La Vega vs. George Weesner. no.117059.

Box 62, Folder 7

A.B. Gardner vs. W.E. Kelly vs. J. B. Owens vs. Walter Gilderson. no.No. 338027-28-29.

Box 62, Folder 8

A.B. Gardner vs. Veterans of foreign Wars, et al. no.335331.

Box 62, Folder 9

Anna Garvin vs. Christopher Johansen, et al. no.172494.

Box 62, Folder 10

People of the State of California vs. John G. Garcia.

Box 62, Folder 11

Virginia Garcia vs. John G. Garcia. no.L.B. D17509.

Box 62, Folder 12

Jane Garcia vs. Carlos Garcia. no.L.B. D19158.

Box 62, Folder 13

Estate of Clarence S. Simons, deceased.

Box 62, Folder 14

Wilmington Transfer & Storage Company, Application to Extend Storage Space. no.16303.

Box 62, Folder 15

Miscellaneous Claims, 1943.

Box 63, Folder 1

Tillie Patton vs. Mrs. Grace Henzi, et al. no.139148.

Box 63, Folder 2

L.E. Holdrige vs. G.E. Button. no.255604.

Box 63, Folder 3

Minnie J. Nelson vs. Winnie M. Carlson, et al. no.173000.

Box 63, Folder 4

L.W. Heston, et al vs. B.C. Nichols, et al.

Box 63, Folder 5

Charles Lund vs. Thomas Henry Watts, et al. no.B 39107.

Box 63, Folder 6

George W. Johnson vs. Hohn Bidart. no.46228.

Box 63, Folder 7

F.W. Haimes vs. A.A. Kenneky, et al. no.B21263.

Box 63, Folder 8

D.T. Hanson vs. Standard Construction & Development Company no.2192(?).

Box 63, Folder 9

Julia A. Holladay vs. D.L. Hansen, et al. no.B 66384.

Box 63, Folder 10

Florence Annie Nicholson vs. Benjamin Oliver Nicholson. no.D 8562.

Box 63, Folder 11

Rebecca A. Kitchen vs. William Kitchen. no.6123.

Box 63, Folder 12

George W. Kitchen vs. George Messner, et al. no.B 30048.

Box 63, Folder 13

Marguerite Louise Hill vs. Fred A. Hill.

Box 63, Folder 14

Harbor Truck Highway Association.

Box 63, Folder 15


Box 64, Folder 1

Winnie J. Nelson vs. David A. Carlson, et al. no.L.B. C8535.

Box 64, Folder 2

Lee Adams vs. Joe Holiday, et al. no.163188.

Box 64, Folder 3

People vs. Joe Holiday.

Box 64, Folder 4

Frank Homolka, et al vs. Severi Belatte, et al. no.217-620.

Box 64, Folder 5

Preston and Dorland, Incorporated vs. Harvey E. Hoar, et al. no.187371.

Box 64, Folder 6

People vs. Holiday Dairy Lunch. no.30726.

Box 64, Folder 7

People vs. Walter Holliday. no.78023.

Box 64, Folder 8

Los Angeles Gas & Electric Corporation vs. Holiday Brothers Company no.140285.

Box 64, Folder 9

Mike Papiella vs. Walter Halody, et al.

Box 64, Folder 10

A.L. Sikorski vs. Joseph H. Holody, et al. no.220420.

Box 64, Folder 11

Katherine Rousseau vs. Josephine E. Holiday. no.105562.

Box 64, Folder 12

G.C. Dodson vs. Charles E. Holmes, et al. no.105542.

Box 64, Folder 13

Carl Martin Josey vs. Guy F. Atkinson Company., et al. no.580970.

Box 64, Folder 14

Louise Just vs. Harold Just. no.L.B. D17408.

Box 64, Folder 15

George M. Jorgensen vs. Ruth Jorgensen. no.D118806.

Box 64, Folder 16

Ethel J. Holt vs. Arlie D. Holt. no.D-28321.

Box 64, Folder 17

Bessei Hoard vs. W.E. Hoard. no.D 58694.

Box 64, Folder 18

Nellie N. Hoffman vs. Joseph I. Hoffman. no.L.B. D11644.

Box 64, Folder 19

Wilma Grace Kesler vs. Frank Desler. no.D-30113.

Box 64, Folder 20

Margaret Lowith vs. Frank R. Sowith. no.D-24520.

Box 64, Folder 21

Mayme Keye vs. Raymond Harry Keye. no.D-23266.

Box 64, Folder 22

Mayme Keye vs. Raymond Keye, et al. no.D-32876.

Box 64, Folder 23

Mayme Keye vs. Raymond Keye. no.39417.

Box 64, Folder 24

Julia A. Parish Wood vs. William Walton Wood. no.D 91754.

Box 65, Folder 1

Frank S. Boggs vs. Frank C. Jordan. no.38940.

Box 65, Folder 2

Edith Crawford vs. Catharine Lefourcade, et al. no.91011.

Box 65, Folder 3

Mary Clendenen, et al vs. M.H. Shenitzer, et al. no.B 77957.

Box 65, Folder 4

Consolidated Lumber Company vs. Taylor Brothers of Los Angeles, et al. no.B-68035.

Box 65, Folder 5

A.J. Crose vs. C.S. Burbridge. no.114215.

Box 65, Folder 6

Collection Service Corporation vs. E.C. Lakin. no.63696.

Box 65, Folder 7

J. Sugan vs. Union Oil Company, et al. no.72516.

Box 65, Folder 8

B.K. Bloch vs.Pete Mele. no.3415.

Box 65, Folder 9

B.K. Bloch vs. Pete Mele. no.34615.

Box 65, Folder 10

Brooks Sewing Machine Company vs. Mrs. P.C. Gryalva, et al. no.141.

Box 65, Folder 11

Myrtle M. Breen, et al vs. Herbert Mulherron, et al. no.79198.

Box 65, Folder 12

Jennie Brady vs. Frank Kilbourne and Wife. no.91749-C.

Box 65, Folder 13

Myrtle M. Breen, et al vs. Fred Dambacher, et al. no.76328-B.

Box 65, Folder 14

Frank Bosnich vs. Frank Dragovich. no.B 97657.

Box 65, Folder 15

Bell Blenkiron vs. Harry Vernon Blenkiron. no.B25058.

Box 66, Folder 1

People of the State of California vs. George Benson. no.736.

Box 66, Folder 2

Cordelia forgette vs. Delia Bergon. no.2279.

Box 66, Folder 3

Delia Bergon vs. Harry McNab. no.64991.

Box 66, Folder 4

George Buccola vs. Joe Barca, et al. no.134794.

Box 66, Folder 5

Joe Barca, et al vs. J.O. Domenico, et al. no.113282.

Box 66, Folder 6

Joe Barca vs. Mike Bolizio, et al. no.113607.

Box 66, Folder 7

Delia Bergon vs. Raymond Moore, et al. no.235922.

Box 66, Folder 8

The City of Los Angeles vs. Edith Van Wormer, et al. no.180-661.

Box 66, Folder 9

Delia Bergon vs. Raymond Moore, et al. no.245873.

Box 66, Folder 10

John Beroiz vs. George J. Thghe, et al. no.L.B. C9031-A.

Box 66, Folder 11

John Beroiz vs. Mrs. Bertie Edwards, et al. no.243079.

Box 66, Folder 12

Bank of America National Trust and Savings Association vs. H. Sidney Mclaughlin, et al. no.L.B. C8019.

Box 66, Folder 13

William Boldt, et al vs. Lou Ethel Moon, et al. no.325201.

Box 66, Folder 14

H.M. Whisler vs. David M. Ward, et al. no.991.

Box 66, Folder 15

H.M. Whisler vs. J.J. Furlong, et al. no.102117.

Box 66, Folder 16

T.J. White vs. John A. Meyers, et al. no.115-509.

Box 66, Folder 17

Ben Weingart vs. T.J. White. no.116706.

Box 66, Folder 18

The People If the State of California vs. Jacob B. Whiteman.

Box 66, Folder 19

G.J. Anloff, et al vs. C.E. Whiteside. No; 161482.

Box 66, Folder 20

Wilmington Transfer & Storage Company vs. McCormick, McPherson & Lapham, Corporation no.133485.

Box 66, Folder 21

Miscellaneous Claims.

Box 67, Folder 1

Frank R. Nell vs. Lena G. Nell. no.B 60291.

Box 67, Folder 2

Mary Moena vs. Paul Moena. no.D-22471.

Box 67, Folder 3

Hubert C. Nead vs. Cara E. Nead. no.D-46970.

Box 67, Folder 4

Viva Faye Poole vs. Jake(?) Poole. no.D46162.

Box 67, Folder 5

Iva Carr vs. Charles M. Carr. no.D19100.

Box 67, Folder 6

Marian Castillo vs. Lambert Castillo. no.D-39265.

Box 67, Folder 7

Maudie Conatser vs. Astor H. Conatser. no.D-37302.

Box 67, Folder 8

Restituta Carresi vs. Alek Caresi. no.D20948.

Box 67, Folder 9

Anna E. Murphy vs. George H. Murphy. no.D31237.

Box 67, Folder 10

Jessie Meyers vs. George F. Meyers. no.D 63330.

Box 67, Folder 11

Mauricia Manriquez vs. Albert Manriquez. no.D15320.

Box 67, Folder 12

Sadie Varner Mihich vs. Duson Mihich. no.D-25854.

Box 67, Folder 13

Mary Jakasevich vs. andrew Jakasevich, et al. no.D16511.

Box 67, Folder 14

Angela Lopez vs. Tiburcio Lopez. no.D-41629.

Box 67, Folder 15

James Madison vs. Esther Madison. no.D55793.

Box 67, Folder 16

Letha Morrow vs. Benjamin F. Morrow. no.D 51128.

Box 67, Folder 17

Susie K. Briggs vs. Dwight L. Briggs. no.D-26209.

Box 67, Folder 18

Rose Winkler vs. Joseph Winkler. no.L.B. D12304.

Box 67, Folder 19

Albin G. Johnson vs. Mary Johnson. no.B-25920.

Box 67, Folder 20

Yetive Winifred Snedden vs. William Hunsley Sneeden. no.D-42845.

Box 67, Folder 21

Agnes Smith vs. William Smith. no.D-41500.

Box 67, Folder 22

Audrey Whipkey, etc. vs. Marlene H. Whipkey. no.L.B. D18444.

Box 67, Folder 23

Albert William White vs. Clara A. White. no.D62076.

Box 67, Folder 24

Guardianship of Voslave, Alexander, and Desanka Vucinich. no.4290.

Box 68, Folder 1

The City of Los Angeles vs. Charles Addison, et al. no.B-25, 026.

Box 68, Folder 2

J.V. Apapblasa vs. T.H. Tolle, et al. no.63756.

Box 68, Folder 3

R.C. Nicholson vs. Jackthompson, et al. no.71147.

Box 68, Folder 4

Pauline Lehman vs. Edith Schneider, et al. no.B 93928.

Box 68, Folder 5

Harry B. Washburn vs. D.B. Franklin. no.60207.

Box 68, Folder 6

Charles C. Manger vs. Delia Bergon, et al. no.92905.

Box 68, Folder 7

Fred Otto, et al vs. F.H. Gridley, etc. no.B17791.

Box 68, Folder 8

Charles A. Trowbridge vs. Sidney Lee, et al. no.B 95088.

Box 68, Folder 9

P. Wilson vs. Vitogen Company. no.91132.

Box 68, Folder 10

Wilmington Transfer & Storage Company vs. Southern California Fertilizer Company no.62600.

Box 68, Folder 11

Henry Dewitt Wallace vs. A.N. Thomas. no.503232.

Box 68, Folder 12

Edwin Baker, Papers.

Box 68, Folder 13

Miscellaneous Claims and Papers.

Box 69, Folder 1

Jasper Howard vs. Maezger & Son. no.PL-404.

Box 69, Folder 2

W.A. Renn, et al vs. Charles H. Clark, et al. no.177587.

Box 69, Folder 3

L.A. Wetzel vs. Susie W. Renn, et al. no.30474.

Box 69, Folder 4

Carolyne E. Williams vs. Eliza D. Coffin, et al. no.368299.

Box 69, Folder 5

Edward Howard vs. Paul Fields, etc. no.119026.

Box 69, Folder 6

Herriet E. House vs. Beverly W. House. no.D-57978.

Box 69, Folder 7

Beatrice Hostetter vs. Raymond Hostetter. no.D 83294.

Box 69, Folder 8

Pearl Rennebaum vs. Martin P. Rennebaum. no.D 70271.

Box 69, Folder 9

Adele Turner vs. Everett W. Turner. no.D 59595.

Box 69, Folder 10

Estate and Guardianship of Carrie Melvina Ellis. no.67824.

Box 69, Folder 11

Estate of andrew Engman, deceased. no.107557.

Box 69, Folder 12

Estate of Caroline Feetham, deceased. no.71510.

Box 69, Folder 13

Estate of Ralph Elmer, bankrupt. no.13884H.

Box 69, Folder 14

Estate of George Felando, bankrupt. no.148386.

Box 70, Folder 1

Ada E. Ridley vs. J.H. Ridley. no.D 2608.

Box 70, Folder 2

Hattie H. Rosencrantz vs. Hopper McFarland, et al. no.152541.

Box 70, Folder 3

Adela Riomas vs. Fred W. Drake.

Box 70, Folder 4

Biltmore Oil Company vs. Bonham Bohring, et al. no.168867.

Box 70, Folder 5

Addie V. Stewart, Application to terminate joint tenancy. no.66464.

Box 70, Folder 6

Ada Whitehouse, petition to Terminate Life Estate. no.L.B. P6984.

Box 70, Folder 7

Estate of Roger Whelan, deceased. no.L.B. P3661.

Box 70, Folder 8

Estate and Guardianship of Walter Papst Williams. no.99047.

Box 70, Folder 9

In. Re. Mary Jauch, Papers.

Box 71, Folder 1

I. X.L. Oil Company vs. G. Eriksson, California Bank. no.G-831.

Box 71, Folder 2

Mrs. Mamie Cannes vs. P.W. Gorman. no.153 434.

Box 71, Folder 3

Nick Luoio, et al vs. A.A. Irish, et al. no.30668.

Box 71, Folder 4

A.H. Jones vs. O.B. Bachman, et al. no.210796.

Box 71, Folder 5

H. Elmer Clinton vs. Merchants Security Company, et al. no.33988.

Box 71, Folder 6

E.B. Church vs. Yacht 2marian Alice. no.4292-M.

Box 71, Folder 7

E.B. Church vs. Yacht Centry. no.4289-M.

Box 71, Folder 8

Irma F. Caldwell vs. Kenneth L. Caldwell. no.L.B. D7888.

Box 71, Folder 9

Mae Lucile Irby vs. Ezra Scott Erby, et al. no.D 113897.

Box 71, Folder 10

Edith Irvine vs. Alex Irvine. no.D 89171.

Box 71, Folder 11

P.J. Horgan vs. Mary A. Horgan. no.D 89170.

Box 71, Folder 12

Pauline Chubbic vs. Earl F. Chubbic. no.D-44098.

Box 71, Folder 13

Selina Clothier vs. Bessie Gotterba, et al. no.16952.

Box 71, Folder 14

Stag Club, Incorporation Of.

Box 71, Folder 15

Kenneth E. Caldwell, bankrupt.

Box 72, Folder 1

Bess P. Buseman vs. Bert E. Cobb, et al. no.239573.

Box 72, Folder 2

Mary V. Hughes vs. Reberta E. Langley, et al. no.325400.

Box 72, Folder 3

John Hughes vs. Toyorchi Yanasaki, et al. no.361392.

Box 72, Folder 4

T.E. Thomas, et al vs. Papcific Southwest Trust & Savings Bank, et al. no.162242.

Box 72, Folder 5

Elizabeth Sturgill vs. Bob Rinaldo Dierks, et al. no.L.B. C9669.

Box 72, Folder 6

Richard Mahar, et al vs. Angelo Donatoni. no.G 859.

Box 72, Folder 7

Frank V. Vinatieri vs. Daniel Kolsky, et al. no.668-537.

Box 72, Folder 8

Giacomo Trani vs. Ray Healy. no.J-3501.

Box 72, Folder 9

People vs. Daniel Romero.

Box 72, Folder 10

People of the State of California vs. Christina Quesada. no.93723.

Box 72, Folder 11

James Claude Poole vs. Arden Dairy Company no.56-287.

Box 72, Folder 12

W.E. & Etta V. Phillips, Papers.

Box 72, Folder 13

Zanich Brothers, Papers.

Box 72, Folder 14

Zanich Brothers, In. Re. Board of Equalization.

Box 72, Folder 15

Estate of Julia Parish Wood, deceased.

Box 73, Folder 1

Sofie Hurwitz, et al vs. S.A. Stowell.

Box 73, Folder 2

Alex Carresi vs. Minnie Ashton. no.232433.

Box 73, Folder 3

M.H. Carpenter vs. A. Edison Carter, et al. no.257147.

Box 73, Folder 4

E. Campostrini vs. Ray Balmer, et al. no.465574.

Box 73, Folder 5

Weston Investmtnt Company, Papers.

Box 73, Folder 6

Community Oil and Gas lease.

Box 73, Folder 7

A.W. Chetsinger, In. Re. Harbor lease.

Box 73, Folder 8

Miscellaneous, 1924.

Box 73, Folder 9

Miscellaneous, 1925.

Box 74, Folder 1

J. Bridart vs. Pacific Copper and Brass Works.

Box 74, Folder 2

William Mann vs. P. Zecchini. no.10978.

Box 74, Folder 3

Francis M. Shupe vs. F.G. Rodolf, et al.

Box 74, Folder 4

The People of the State of California vs. John Henry Wilson. no.2822.

Box 74, Folder 5

Elizabeth Wickersham vs. Dr. J. Margared Roberts. no.B 84550.

Box 74, Folder 6

Joe Muehr vs. California Shipbuilding Corporation, et al. no.66-606.

Box 74, Folder 7

Belle E. Blenkiron vs. Harry Vernon Blenkiron, et al.

Box 74, Folder 8

Hosegard Company, Papers.

Box 74, Folder 9

Bear Valley Development Company lease.

Box 74, Folder 10

Miscellaneous, 1922.

Box 74, Folder 11

Miscellaneous, 1924.

Box 74, Folder 12


Box 75, Folder 1

Long Beach Milling Company vs. B.C. Nichols, et al. no.22653.

Box 75, Folder 2

P.L. Larquier vs. Paul Fog. no.54953.

Box 75, Folder 3

E.J. Lee vs. C.C. Tate. no.B 4568.

Box 75, Folder 4

George Ily vs. E.C. Eddie, et al.

Box 75, Folder 5

Mary A. Jauch vs. Alfred Garr. no.B-79468.

Box 75, Folder 6

R.F. MacKenzie vs. Southern Papivic Company, et al. no.B-79075.

Box 75, Folder 7

H.G. Bittleston Law and Collection Agency vs. W.H. Crosby, et al. no.82978.

Box 75, Folder 8

Martin H. Keysers vs. Flora Bell Keyzers. no.B-50599.

Box 75, Folder 9

Catherine Macdonald vs. Horace L. Macdonald, et al. no.D 1868.

Box 75, Folder 10

Freda McCall vs. Homer McCall.

Box 75, Folder 11

Charles S. Burton vs. Ella S. Burton. no.B 52979.

Box 75, Folder 12

Elizabeth Buelna vs. Leandro Buelna. no.D 4528.

Box 75, Folder 13

Mrs. Alberta Wilson, Papers.

Box 75, Folder 14

Verna Wistover, Papers.

Box 75, Folder 15

Wilmington Protective Improvement Association.

Box 75, Folder 16

Wilmington Salvage Company, Limited.

Box 75, Folder 17

Joe Weldt-Shipping Commission.

Box 75, Folder 18

Wilmington Mutual Building & Loan Association.

Box 76, Folder 1

Gertrude Hart vs. Earl N. Morre. no.328167.

Box 76, Folder 2

Gertrude Hart vs. John D. Smyth, et al. no.C-57.

Box 76, Folder 3

Harbor City Chamber of Commerce.

Box 76, Folder 4

Harbor City Protest. .

Box 76, Folder 5

Julia P. Wood, Papers.

Box 76, Folder 6

Gurnder Papers.

Box 76, Folder 7

Grossi-Buratovich Papers.

Box 76, Folder 8

Hattie Rosencrantz, Papers.

Box 76, Folder 9

Gertrude Hart, General File.

Box 76, Folder 10

Frank Romar Matter.

Box 76, Folder 11

Alex Carrese, Street Condemnation.

Box 76, Folder 12

Ben Standifird-Arizona Land Matter.

Box 76, Folder 13

Rent Control forms.

Box 76, Folder 14

Reed White Corporation Papers.

Box 76, Folder 15

John Major, Claim Against Paul West.

Box 77, Folder 1

Edward E. Schneider vs. Dorothy Schneider. no.B 504357.

Box 77, Folder 2

Mary J. Brewer vs. William W. Brewer. no.B-67090.

Box 77, Folder 3

Grace M. Boesch vs. Louis Boesch. no.D-1298.

Box 77, Folder 4

John B. Amiot vs. Verna Leonore Amiot, et al. no.D-1233.

Box 77, Folder 5

John B. Amiot, et al vs. J.H. Johnson. no.35412.

Box 77, Folder 6

Visko Blagaich vs. Halfhill Packing Corporation no.B-86617.

Box 77, Folder 7

Arthur B. Barringer vs. Wilmington Transfer and Storage Company, et al. no.92495.

Box 77, Folder 8

Brooks Sewing Machine Company vs. Mrs Harvey Winfiels, et al.

Box 77, Folder 9

Notman Barber V.S Robert J. Cope.

Box 77, Folder 10

E.H. Breen, et al vs. N. Yorba, et al. no.B 18456.

Box 77, Folder 11

G.E.F. anderson vs. C.C. Castillo. no.1 B 82493.

Box 77, Folder 12

Burkhart Franchise of Orange Company.

Box 78, Folder 1

Ernest O. Voight vs. Dan J. Moriarty, et al. no.261817.

Box 78, Folder 2

M. PM Morris vs. W.W. Thompson. no.197819.

Box 78, Folder 3

Etta O. Moore vs. Mildred Williams, et al. no.124191.

Box 78, Folder 4

Lazar Miladinovich vs. Domenick Jafraty, et al. no.1002.

Box 78, Folder 5

Jack E. Hollingshead vs. O.L. Miller. no.20363.

Box 78, Folder 6

Milvin Schaub vs. E. Miller, et al. no.103613.

Box 78, Folder 7

Julius A. Lorentzen vs. James B. Cochran, et al. no.16623.

Box 78, Folder 8

W.S. Martin vs. Nelson Jensen Hansen, et al. no.308532.

Box 78, Folder 9

Luke Moore vs. Anice C. Moore. no.L.B. D12902.

Box 78, Folder 10

Colon Mallette Moore vs. Della Anna Moore. no.L.B. D8800.

Box 78, Folder 11

Leonora Mora vs. Ramon Mora. no.L.B. D14263.

Box 78, Folder 12

Eleonora J. Monahan vs. Thomas William Mohahan. no.D 141184.

Box 78, Folder 13

Manuela Morales vs. Jesus Morales. no.L.B. D14264.

Box 78, Folder 14

Virgenia Miller vs. Jacob E. Miller. no.L.B. D10888/.

Box 78, Folder 15

Allan F. Gibbs, et al vs. Jack Davis. no.172495.

Box 79, Folder 1

C.O. Rowe vs. Frank Moniz, et al. no.140971.

Box 79, Folder 2

Stanley Coates vs. Mutt Brothers, Frank S. Moniz. no.116132.

Box 79, Folder 3

Anthony Martins, et al vs. Steams Ip Berben, etc. no.1372-T.

Box 79, Folder 4

Frank A. Violet, et al vs. Peter A. Mandie. no.6972.

Box 79, Folder 5

Claude S. Harrison vs. M.L. Hughes. no.143180.

Box 79, Folder 6

Charles F. Harrold vs. B.O. Miller, et al. no.268772.

Box 79, Folder 7

William Hasson, et al vs. Mrs. H.P. Jackman.

Box 79, Folder 8

O.J. Crow vs. Arthur M. Hansen, et al. no.114090.

Box 79, Folder 9

DeLapp vs. Jacob E. Miller.

Box 79, Folder 10

Mrs. Wanda Miller vs. Los Angeles Railway Corporation no.161492.

Box 79, Folder 11

Odele Townsend vs. Corwin A. Townsend, et al. no.317, 033.

Box 79, Folder 12

Odile E. Townsend vs. Corwin A. Townsend. no.D98897.

Box 79, Folder 13

Lou E. Moon vs. Frederick I. Moon. no.D-23380. & no.195051.

Box 79, Folder 14

Estate of Ada G. Rodolf, deceased. no.76069.

Box 79, Folder 15

Estate of Proforio Romero, deceased. no.L.B. P10561.

Box 80, Folder 1

Trindad Soliz, et al vs. Cresenciano Hernandez. no.B-69424.

Box 80, Folder 2

H. Yoshida, et al vs. Victory Canning and Packing Company no.B-77787.

Box 80, Folder 3

Pascual Soliz vs. Cresenciano Hernandez. no.633.

Box 80, Folder 4

Pacicic Rock and Gravel Company vs. City of Los Angeles, et al. no.B-4897.

Box 80, Folder 5

T.C. Thompson vs. J.B. Amiot, et al. no.37271.

Box 80, Folder 6

A.G. Voge vs. Manuel Morris, et al. no.64105.

Box 80, Folder 7

Amelia Werner vs. Ralphs Grocery Company. no.B-76497.

Box 80, Folder 8

Frank Harper vs. Axis Petroleum Company. no.L.B. C9417.

Box 80, Folder 9

Frank Neher vs. Mark L. Hart, et al. no.L.B. C9312.

Box 80, Folder 10

Jack Williams vs. Horace Harline. no.3201.

Box 80, Folder 11

W.C. Austin vs. Gertrude A. Hart, et al. no.C220.

Box 80, Folder 12

Olean Skinner vs. Frank M. Skinner. no.D 3776.

Box 80, Folder 13

George M. Towels vs. Fred J. Fujioka, et al.

Box 80, Folder 14

Tinserat Properties, Long Beach, California. no.622.

Box 80, Folder 15

Peter Zecchini, Papers.

Box 81, Folder 1

Frank Concas vs. Warren H. King.

Box 81, Folder 2

California Glass Company vs. Karl L. Mohler. no.184700.

Box 81, Folder 3

Wilmington Investment Company vs. Katie E. Hoffer, et al.

Box 81, Folder 4

A.G. Plumb vs. Washington Iron Works. no.63538.

Box 81, Folder 5

Western Loan & Building Company vs. William Martin Stanley, et al. no.179791.

Box 81, Folder 6

Kettleman Hills Corporation of California, Papers.

Box 81, Folder 7

Felicita R. Machado, petition to terminate joint tenancy. no.72305.

Box 81, Folder 8

Estate of John H. Hughes, deceased. no.148147.

Box 81, Folder 9

Estate of Shars Willis Hewitt, deceased. no.59771.

Box 81, Folder 10

Estate of Ginevra Rose L. Barder, deceased. no.L.B. P6760.

Box 81, Folder 11

Estate of Irene Aloha Marshall and William Earl Marshall, Minors. no.L.B. P (?).

Box 81, Folder 12

Estate and Guardianship of Luthera G. Bradley. no.82559.

Box 81, Folder 13

Last Wills and Testaments.

Box 81, Folder 14

Gladys Walker, Papers. No.

Box 81, Folder 15

Miscellaneous Claims.

Box 82, Folder 1

Hugh A. Mcnary vs. Odele Towns ND. no.219208.

Box 82, Folder 2

Melverton Witbeck vs. Bertha Thelin, et al. no.17006.

Box 82, Folder 3

S.H. Peters vs. Atehur B. Gardner. no.303895.

Box 82, Folder 4

A.B. Gardner vs. Walter Gilkerson. no.338029.

Box 82, Folder 5

A.B. Gardner vs. J.B. Owens. no.338028.

Box 82, Folder 6

Margie Thomas vs. Ray Thomas. no.L.B. D17544.

Box 82, Folder 7

Estate of Frank G. Penney, deceased. no.23446.

Box 82, Folder 8

Estate of Giovanni Giuseppe Pia, deceased. no.137363.

Box 82, Folder 9

Estate of Oliver Phillips, An Incompetent. no.89430.

Box 82, Folder 10

Alma B. Phillips, petition to terminate joint tenancy. no.127356.

Box 82, Folder 11

Mary Elizabeth Thomas, petition to Establish Birth of Vernon Malcolm, and Robert Leroy Thomas. no.L.B. C11225.

Box 82, Folder 12

Estate and Guardianship of Lois Rosher. no.L.B. P7557.

Box 83, Folder 1

George Reyes vs. Josephine Reyes. no.L.B. D8604.

Box 83, Folder 2

Esther Reyes vs. George Reyes. no.L.B. D19064.

Box 83, Folder 3

Mildred J. Walters vs. Clyde Edward Walters.

Box 83, Folder 4

Cornelia Walker vs. Robert Dale Walker. no.C-16109.

Box 83, Folder 5

Robert G. Stiewel vs. Romona Stiewel.

Box 83, Folder 6

Maude Ellen Stone vs. Nathan Frlaklin Stone. no.D-17606.

Box 83, Folder 7

Harold L. Stevenson vs. Laura Stevenson. no.D 46969.

Box 83, Folder 8

William Melville Spencer vs. Margaret Caldwell Spence. no.D-118 55.

Box 83, Folder 9

Dorothy Ragan vs. Lloyd Ragan. no.L.B. D14848.

Box 83, Folder 10

Charles Witzeman vs. Bessie Witzeman. no.B-68519.

Box 83, Folder 11

Helen B. Zupanovich vs. Mike Zupan Vich. no.D-48258.

Box 83, Folder 12

Ellen Higley Zemek vs. Stefan Zemek. no.D-46087.

Box 83, Folder 13

Lois Ethel Wonder vs. James Ross Wonder. no.D 1224.

Box 83, Folder 14

Charles R. Ward vs. Rachel M. Ward. no.D-42855.

Box 83, Folder 15

Salve Vlasich vs. Alga Vlasich.

Box 83, Folder 16

Ralph Ulmer vs. Luella H. Ulmer. no.D-11697.

Box 83, Folder 17

Hulda L. Tucker vs. William Francis Tucker. no.D 8698.

Box 83, Folder 18

M.W. Thielman vs. Maxine Thielman. no.D 44448.

Box 84, Folder 1

Frank Reile vs. Inez Reile. no.L.B. D17266.

Box 84, Folder 2

Ernest J. Brown vs. Wilmington Welding Works, & H.D. Wallace. no.5020.

Box 84, Folder 3

Julia Parish Wood vs. Maude Samuelson, et al. no.33744.

Box 84, Folder 4

Julia Parish Wood vs. Roy Lappin, et al. no.270880.

Box 84, Folder 5

Marion Welch vs. Mewell B. Bowden, et al. no.613-448.

Box 84, Folder 6

The People of the State of California vs. John Henry Wilson. no.61170.

Box 84, Folder 7

Harbor City Canning Company vs. H.D. Wallace, etc. no.554.

Box 84, Folder 8

H. D. Wallace vs. D. G. Macgregor, et al. no.167569.

Box 84, Folder 9

Mrs. Gladys Walker vs. Delano Fruit & Land Company, et al. no.L.A. 2156.

Box 84, Folder 10

Leo H. Zide vs. Fred P. Walters, et al. no.192806.

Box 84, Folder 11

M.A. Honeycott vs. Leo Webber. no.187050.

Box 84, Folder 12

Mary D. Waite vs. Diana L. Bertrand. no.4964.

Box 84, Folder 13

L. Peale vs. Henry D. Wallace. no.150562.

Box 84, Folder 14

P.F. Haskell vs. D. R. Wallace, et ux. no.1337.

Box 84, Folder 15

The City of Los Angeles vs. Harry Nash, et al. no.155,825.

Box 85, Folder 1

Hammond Lumber Company vs. Ira D. Van Giesen, et al. no.160224.

Box 85, Folder 2

Julia Parish Wood vs. Joe Matty, et al. no.322551.

Box 85, Folder 3

Earl A. Reynolds vs. Tavares Construction Company. no.L.A. 53-664.

Box 85, Folder 4

William T. Ramsay vs. Merritt, Chapman & Scott Travelers Insurance Company no.L.A. 35-945.

Box 85, Folder 5

Pacific-Southwest Trust & Savings Bank vs. James Felts. no.5201.

Box 85, Folder 6

The Frankilitte Company vs. W.L. Parker, et al. no.135505.

Box 85, Folder 7

Estate of Margaret Mills, deceased. no.L.B. P7345.

Box 85, Folder 8

Estate of Louis Milanovich, deceased. no.7152.

Box 85, Folder 9

Estate of Elizabeth E. Maxey, deceased. no.106091.

Box 85, Folder 10

Estate of James D. Machado, deceased. no.69940.

Box 85, Folder 11

Estate of Thomas Mcnicholas, deceased. no.74564.

Box 85, Folder 12

Estate of Henry E. Mason, deceased.

Box 85, Folder 13

Estate of George I. Meyers, deceased. no.78187.

Box 85, Folder 14

Estate of Julia Parish Wood, bankrupt. no.20024-C.

Box 85, Folder 15

Estate of Emil & Millie Miller, bankrupt. no.13374J & no.13375J.

Box 86, Folder 1

Estate of Ina E. Barker, bankrupt. no.21988-H.

Box 86, Folder 2

J.H. Rule vs. Louis Schiaffino, et al. no.B82890.

Box 86, Folder 3

P.C. Peterson vs. Myles Regan & John N. McLin. no.79657.

Box 86, Folder 4

Julia A. Parish vs. William Goldstein, et al. no.B67893.

Box 86, Folder 5

Marko Pivac vs. John Nizech, et al. no.

Box 86, Folder 6

James E. Barringer, et al vs. C.R. Butler, et al. no.33817.

Box 86, Folder 7

Oil and Gas Lease, In Re. Darnell-Caffey.

Box 86, Folder 8

Oil and Gas Lease, In. Re. Watson-Sperry.

Box 86, Folder 9

Oil and Gas Lease, In. Re. Keaveny-Olsen.

Box 86, Folder 10

Oil and Gas Lease, In. Re. Howarth.

Box 86, Folder 11

Oil and Gas Lease, In. Re. Arnold-Shea.

Box 86, Folder 12

Oil and Gas Lease, In. Re. Reiff-Arnold.

Box 86, Folder 13

Oil and Gas Lease, In. Re. Stalcup and Dunlap.

Box 86, Folder 14

Julia A. Parish, Pension.

Box 86, Folder 15

Charles Creig, Homestead.

Box 86, Folder 16

Seabord Savings Bank, matter of corporation.

Box 86, Folder 17

Bay View Supply Company, Papers.

Box 86, Folder 18

Hattie Townsend vs. C.A. Townsend, et al. no.228198.

Box 87, Folder 1

Estate of Frank E. Edbrooke, deceased. no.53139.

Box 87, Folder 2

Susei W. Renn vs. Hopper-Mac Farland-Duncan Company. no.L99169.

Box 87, Folder 3

Esther M.B. Rivelis vs. C.B. Tillotoson. no.114595.

Box 87, Folder 4

Adela Riojas vs. Fred W. Drake. no.B779591.

Box 87, Folder 5

Sam Rogow, et al vs. Sam Berko. no.633403.

Box 87, Folder 6

Vincent Di Meglio vs. Carl Clavin, etc. no.409012.

Box 87, Folder 7

Auguste Knickrehm vs. Herminia Diego, et al. no.416857.

Box 87, Folder 8

Commercial Jewerly Company vs. H. Rosenmeyer. no.125860.

Box 87, Folder 9

J.S. Mayer vs. H. Rosemayer no.713.

Box 87, Folder 10


Box 87, Folder 10

Aletha K. Roseberry, et al vs. N. E. Welschler.

Box 87, Folder 11

Irving Collober-Joseph Company vs. H. Rosenmayer, etc. no.176230.

Box 87, Folder 12

Aletha K. Roseberry, et al vs. E.H. Miller. no.149-171.

Box 87, Folder 13

Aletha K. Roseberry, et al vs. George L. Armstrong. no.167-9891.

Box 87, Folder 14

Sam Rose vs. Los Angeles Railway Corporation no.B. 77631.

Box 87, Folder 15

Edison Renaud vs. Edgar Laughdin no.287610.

Box 87, Folder 16

G.W. Towne vs. George W. Young. no.760.

Box 87, Folder 17

George W. Towne vs. Mabel Evans. no.759.

Box 87, Folder 18

Odele Townsend vs. Corvin A. Townsend, et al. no.317033.

Box 88, Folder 1

Estate of Rita Constance Sylva, deceased.

Box 88, Folder 2

Estate of J.P. Sylva, deceased.

Box 88, Folder 3

Estate and guardianship of Irene Riolet Sylva, Minor. no.30101.

Box 88, Folder 4

Estate of Henry J. Sutter, deceased. no.104252.

Box 88, Folder 5

Estate of George T. Stewart, deceased. no.68068.

Box 88, Folder 6

Estate of John Nathaniel Stone, deceased. no.P-202043.

Box 88, Folder 7

Estate of Walter E. Stanford, deceased. no.L.B. P110000.

Box 88, Folder 8

Estate of Teofilo Villagomez, deceased. no.L.B. P9444.

Box 88, Folder 9

Estate of Anna Adeline Vogt, deceased. no.L.B. P8556.

Box 88, Folder 10

Estate of Charles Clayton Tate, deceased. no.48560.

Box 88, Folder 11

Florine H. Wolfstein vs. G.H. Reed, et al. no.114216.

Box 88, Folder 12

Daisy Blake vs. Julia Woods, et al. no.220672.

Box 88, Folder 13

Julia Parish Wood vs. E.A. Dress, et al. no.2341.

Box 88, Folder 14

Julia Parish Wood vs. John Glick, et al. no.158079.

Box 88, Folder 15

Epifanio Mariani vs. French Sardine Company. no.143968.

Box 88, Folder 16

C.J. Hendry Company vs. French Sardine Company. no.2956.

Box 88, Folder 17

Jean Carol Fromm vs. George Garfield Fromm. no.L.B. D122121.

Box 88, Folder 18

Coast Fishing Company vs. Martin Bogdanovich and French Sardine Company. no.286159.

Box 89, Folder 1

Vera Woodbury vs. Walter W. Woodbury. no.D 78409.

Box 89, Folder 2

Elva Robbins vs. Charles E. Robbins. no.D 78890.

Box 89, Folder 3

Reid-Galleher Company vs. O.N. Scott. no.8724.

Box 89, Folder 4

Norman F. Barber vs. John F. Blee, et al. no.B-97062.

Box 89, Folder 5

Estate of Gerald S. Berry, bankrupt. no.28106M.

Box 89, Folder 6

Estate of Thaddeus J. Ryno, deceased. no.108993.

Box 89, Folder 7

Estate of Eva Keel Ryno, deceased. no.123142.

Box 89, Folder 8

Estate of Louisa M. Rose, deceased. no.105087.

Box 89, Folder 9

Estate of George H. Rose, deceased. no.L.B. P6384.

Box 90, Folder 1

Mary Yoamategui vs. Charles Yoamategui. no.D 17773.

Box 90, Folder 2

Katy Yankow vs. Joe Yandow. no.D5956.

Box 90, Folder 3

Esrael Ginden vs. andrew Young. no.177.

Box 90, Folder 4

A.H. Seccombe vs. Lizetta S. Worthington. no.29580.

Box 90, Folder 5

P.M. Hansen vs. E.K. Wood. no.125840.

Box 90, Folder 6

Albert Marvin Hall vs. Bettie Hall. no.D 99634.

Box 90, Folder 7

Estate of Anton Zankich, bankrupt. no.23815H.

Box 90, Folder 8

Estate of Pete O. Zechinni, bankrupt.

Box 90, Folder 9

Estate of Eliza C. Wolfe, Incompetent. no.63084.

Box 90, Folder 10

Estate of Adelaide Wells, Minor. no.124055.

Box 90, Folder 11

Estate of Lucy Ann Winslow, deceased. no.82699.

Box 90, Folder 12

Helen Ynch, Application to terminate joint tenancy. no.71302.

Box 91, Folder 1

Zilla M. Nicholson vs. John W. Nicholson. no.D 156906.

Box 91, Folder 2

Jessie Schroeder vs. Silvia A. Schroeder. no.L.B. C17120.

Box 91, Folder 3

Jenny Sandgren vs. Carl Richard Sandgren. no.L.B. D14651.

Box 91, Folder 4

Madelyn Irene Sadler vs. Thomas Sadler. no.D138537.

Box 91, Folder 5

San Pedro Grocery & Supply Company vs. Gasoline Launch Albany. no.937.

Box 91, Folder 6

Frank St. Clair vs. W.E. Thomson. no.159225.

Box 91, Folder 7

San Pedro Lumber Company vs. C.P. Mallory, et al. no.136,274.

Box 91, Folder 8

N. Pobar, et al vs. Mrs. V. Thomas.

Box 91, Folder 9

N. Pobar, et al vs. Gasoline Launch Mountaineer.

Box 91, Folder 10

Neilsen & Kittle Canning Company vs. Gasoling Launch Sunrays. no.1056.

Box 91, Folder 11

M. Pobar, et al vs. Frank Mariani, et al. no.100388.

Box 91, Folder 12

N. Pobar, et al vs. John Frankovich, et al. no.101107.

Box 91, Folder 13

Jameson Oil Company vs. H.A. Savoy. no.134725.

Box 91, Folder 14

Fletcher Corporation vs. H.A. Savoy. no.61273.

Box 91, Folder 15

H.A. Savoy vs. S.H. Bailey.

Box 91, Folder 16

Reliable Collection and Adjustment Company vs. H.A. Savoy. no.125045.

Box 91, Folder 17

Hellman Commercial Trust & Savings Bank, Corporation vs. Gasoline Launch Traveller. no.1126.

Box 91, Folder 18

Robert D. Churchill, et al vs. Filipe Inchausti. no.84369.

Box 91, Folder 19

People vs. Frank W. Newman. no.1713.

Box 91, Folder 20

People vs. Enrique Saenz, et al.

Box 91, Folder 21

People vs. Jose Sanchez. no.5745.

Box 91, Folder 22

Hugh Robertson, Oil lease.

Box 91, Folder 23

San Pedro Grocery & Supply Company, Papers.

Box 91, Folder 24

Aileen Mae Newman, Establish Birth. no.L.B. C10695.

Box 92, Folder 1

Walter C. Johnson vs. P.E. Railway Company.

Box 92, Folder 2

Iris T. Johnson vs. Los Angeles Steamship Company. no.5637-H.

Box 92, Folder 3

Thomas L. Johnson, et al vs. Los Angeles Steamship Company, et al. no.341336.

Box 92, Folder 4

Julia M. Johnson vs. Rudolph C. Johnson. no.D76494.

Box 92, Folder 5

Arthur I. Johnson, et al vs. Symbol Oil Company, et al. no.B749.

Box 92, Folder 6

Henry Johnson vs. Fay Johnson. no.L.B. C8145.

Box 92, Folder 7

Estate of Mary & Eldridge Stout, Minors. no.143680 & no.143678.

Box 92, Folder 8

Estate of Calvin E. & Alvin E. Vandevort, Minors. no.104250.

Box 92, Folder 9

Estate of Rasmus Stenner, deceased. no.79368.

Box 92, Folder 10

Estate of Mads Sorensen, deceased. no.L.B. P5432.

Box 92, Folder 11

Estate of Rosenda L. Sylva, deceased. no.L.B. P3686.

Box 92, Folder 12

Estate of Jules Van, deceased. no.L.B. P6557.

Box 92, Folder 13

Estate of Mathias Wirtz, deceased. no.43977.

Box 92, Folder 14

Estate of Mathan O. Stephenson, deceased. no.62914.

Box 92, Folder 15

Dr. Walter A. Bayley, Claim.

Box 93, Folder 1

People vs. Leroy Norton. no.10402.

Box 93, Folder 2

People vs. Martin Nick Jonich, et al. no.27197.

Box 93, Folder 3

Ella H. Potts, et al vs. Hammond Lumber Company, et al. no.B-76206.

Box 93, Folder 4

P.J. Picherie, et al vs. Theresa Thomas. no.29738.

Box 93, Folder 5

Angelich Martin Syndicate Company, Papers.

Box 93, Folder 6

Angelich-Martin Syndicate no.1, Application for Dissolution. no.159815.

Box 93, Folder 7

Banner Play Bureau Incorporated, Application to Issue Securities. no.128478.

Box 93, Folder 8

Atlantis Photo Play Company.

Box 93, Folder 9

S. Brice Cowan, Application to Operate Freight Line. no.17476.

Box 93, Folder 10

George Ankers, matter of shares.

Box 93, Folder 11

Mrs. Edwin C. Baker, Papers.

Box 93, Folder 12

Southern California Fish Canning Association. Assesments.

Box 94, Folder 1

Virgil D. Brown vs. R.E. Corcoran, et al. no.272863.

Box 94, Folder 2

E.S. Douglas vs. R.E. Corcoran, et al. no.104656.

Box 94, Folder 3

Ruth Sage vs. Robert E. Corcoran, et al. no.215733.

Box 94, Folder 4

James Cook vs. Nannie E. Cook. no.D. 100270.

Box 94, Folder 5

Kris Cook vs. Felix De Sensi. no.84994.

Box 94, Folder 6

R.H. Connally vs. Ruth Marian Connally. no.L.B. D18288.

Box 94, Folder 7

Ralston Iron Works vs. W.W. Crosby. no.173347(?).

Box 94, Folder 8

Charles L. Brockheim, etc. vs. W.W. Crosby, etc. no.137783.

Box 94, Folder 9

Peoples Outfitting Company vs. M.F. Cralle, et al. no.145738.

Box 94, Folder 10

Thomas A. Berkebile vs. Searchlight Mining & Milling Company, et al. no.B 11879.

Box 94, Folder 11

Anglo-California Securities Company vs. W.A. Scott, et al. no.248453.

Box 94, Folder 12

Frank Schweda vs. Joseph W. Rodgers, et al. no.368313.

Box 94, Folder 13

Security -First National Bank of Los Angeles vs. Walter Nott, et al. no.425564.

Box 94, Folder 14

Anna M. Schulenberg vs. William H. Lees. no.245183.

Box 94, Folder 15

C.W. Schroeder vs. W.W. Knight, et al. no.79925.

Box 94, Folder 16

Edith M.T. Schneider, et al vs. Joseph A. Caminati. no.L.B. C9053.

Box 94, Folder 17

Petition to Abate Nuisance, In. Re. Corcoran.

Box 94, Folder 18

Estate of Ella May King, et al Minors.

Box 95, Folder 1

G.S. De Garmo, et al vs. Mrs. D. Bertrand, et al. no.117405.

Box 95, Folder 2

H.R. Armstrong vs. George Gobolos. no.70311.

Box 95, Folder 3

Claudia L. Banning vs. W.S. Neilass, et al. no.134517.

Box 95, Folder 4

The City of Glendale vs. Gertrude M. Bachmann, et al. no.105839.

Box 95, Folder 5

Walter A. Bailey, M.D. vs. Percy Gibson. no.183945.

Box 95, Folder 6

Olinda G. Barnum vs. Charles F. Barnum. no.L.B. D12518.

Box 95, Folder 7

Anton Elich vs. S.H. Barnett, et al. no.655993.

Box 95, Folder 8

Edith Barnes vs. William M. Banres. no.D 82122.

Box 95, Folder 9

Notman F. Barber vs. George F. Barber. no.B-86563.

Box 95, Folder 10

Norman F. Barber vs. George F. Barber. no.B-86564.

Box 95, Folder 11

Claudia Banning vs. H.A. Wallin. no.162962.

Box 95, Folder 12

Lillian C. Baker vs. E. forrest Mitchell, et al. no.349944.

Box 95, Folder 13

Pierre J. Picherie vs. Constance Picherie. no.B 51116.

Box 95, Folder 14

Grace Gould vs. Mrs. J.A. Parish. no.B - 40381.

Box 95, Folder 15

Joseph A. Erlinger, et al vs. J. Lawrence Hall, et al. no.L.B. C9219.

Box 96, Folder 1

Marietta V. Barber vs. Charles Raymond Barber. no.L.B. D 17883.

Box 96, Folder 2

Tom Marinos vs. Frank A. Bethas., et al. no.C 2122.

Box 96, Folder 3

E.M. Beattie vs. A.T. Mayer. no.133264.

Box 96, Folder 4

Estate of Warner James Hurst, deceased. no.L.B. P8322.

Box 96, Folder 5

Estate of Robert A. Kennedy, deceased. no.45239.

Box 96, Folder 6

Estate of Alexander P. Fleming, deceased. no.49682.

Box 96, Folder 7

Estate of Mary A. Jauch, deceased. no.143072.

Box 96, Folder 8

Estate of Lida Fossett, deceased. no.183447.

Box 96, Folder 9

Estate of Herman Janetsky, Incompetent. no.51558.

Box 97


Box 97, Folder 1

Katherine Goldie Bloom vs. James L. Bloom. no.D-40278.

Box 97, Folder 2

Margaret Baker vs. William David Baker.

Box 97, Folder 3

Myrtle Virginia Bauer vs. Carl Robert Bauer. no.D 14593.

Box 97, Folder 4

Felix T. Butner vs. Elizabeth Butner. no.D 17320.

Box 97, Folder 5

Aura B. Bachmann vs. Leon A. Bachmann. no.D 55120.

Box 97, Folder 6

Irene F. Bowen vs. Henry E. Bowen. no.D 51954.

Box 97, Folder 7

Cy Adams vs. Ida Adams. no.D 34310.

Box 97, Folder 8

Adelinda B. Adami vs. Massinio Adami. no.D 19957.

Box 97, Folder 9

Nettie Armstrong vs. John Armstrong. no.D 24395.

Box 97, Folder 10

Aurelia Jacobson vs. Elmer B. Jacobson. no.D 47698.

Box 97, Folder 11

C.J. Hendry Company vs. Gasoline Launch Welcome. no.1024.

Box 97, Folder 12

Mary F. Benere, et al vs. Shell Oil Company, et al. no.12585.

Box 97, Folder 13

Julia Parish Wood vs. William Walter Wood. no.D 91754.

Box 97, Folder 14

William B. Jolly vs. Wilmington Transfer & Storage Company.

Box 97, Folder 15

T.J. Stevens, Papers.

Box 97, Folder 16

J.B. Carter, Papers.

Box 97, Folder 17


Box 97, Folder 18

Charles Manvig, Claim for Damages.

Box 98, Folder 1

People vs. Pablo Negrette. no.83101.

Box 98, Folder 2

Wilmington Transfer & Storage Company vs. Albert P. Campbell, et al. no.79199.

Box 98, Folder 3

People vs. Henry L. Wilson.

Box 98, Folder 4

Wilmington Journal Publishing Company vs. J.W. Byrnes, et al. no.263854.

Box 98, Folder 5

People vs. John Henry Wilson. no.1154.

Box 98, Folder 6

City of Los Angeles vs. Lee Hunt, et al. no.243-557.

Box 98, Folder 7

M. Kessler vs. Ad Ie vs. Trewart, et al. no.100302.

Box 98, Folder 8

Wayne C. Stewart vs. Angela L. Stewart. no.35053.

Box 98, Folder 9

Addie vs. Stewart vs. S.S. Sandberg.

Box 98, Folder 10

Diana L. Bertrand vs. F.W. Strickert, et al. no.3243.

Box 98, Folder 11

Fred W. Long vs. Frank W. Long. no.109201.

Box 98, Folder 12

Glen R. Rogers vs. R.G. Stockman, et al. no.170923.

Box 98, Folder 13

Bittleston Collection Agency vs. Ralph G. Stockman, et al. no.140421.

Box 98, Folder 14

Hendrie Rubber Tire Company vs. Edna C. Sims. no.199170.

Box 98, Folder 15

Amelia Stalcup vs. City of Los Angeles, etc., et al. no.319295.

Box 98, Folder 16

J.R. Stroud vs. Cauthier Oil Company, et al. no.L.A. 35-214.

Box 98, Folder 17

Lee A. Parry, et al vs. Carl Strong. no.211644.

Box 98, Folder 18

People vs. Carl Strong. no.28419.

Box 99, Folder 1

Estate of Elmer James Wise, deceased.

Box 99, Folder 2

Estate of Mathias Wirtz, deceased. no.43977.

Box 99, Folder 3

James D. Phalen, Sub-Lease.

Box 99, Folder 4

Masonic Temple Association of Wilmington, Papers.

Box 99, Folder 5

Lomita County Water District, Territory Boundaries.

Box 99, Folder 6

Al Lermens, Oil lease.

Box 99, Folder 7

Mable Lamb-Frank Zywichiel. Contract.

Box 99, Folder 8

Los Angeles Harbor Warehouse Company, Application.

Box 99, Folder 9

Norbone Ranch Water Company no.2, Application.

Box 99, Folder 10

Jessie May Day Linn vs. Homer A. Smith, et al. no.849.

Box 99, Folder 11

Enriqueta M. De Armendariz vs. I. Macmanus. no.2123W.

Box 99, Folder 12

Anna Mcmahon vs. W.H. Campbell, et al. no.74359.

Box 100, Folder 1

Estate of Evangeline M. Bickford, deceased. no.119485.

Box 100, Folder 2

Estate of Patrick Benson, deceased. no.46271.

Box 100, Folder 3

Estate of Frank Brown, deceased. no.53683.

Box 100, Folder 4

Estate of John Monje, deceased.

Box 100, Folder 5

Estate of Clara I. Dosch Bartel, deceased. no.43996.

Box 100, Folder 6

Estate of Arthur Day, deceased. no.L.B. 5572.

Box 100, Folder 7

Freda McCall vs. Homer McCall.

Box 100, Folder 8

W.L. DeWolf vs. W.A. Hammel, et al. no.D 13454.

Box 100, Folder 9

Moses & Starr Company vs. H.M. Allen. no.291.

Box 100, Folder 10

J.E. Davidson vs. Ella A. Burton, et al. no.B-52178.

Box 100, Folder 11

Los Angeles Trust & Savings Bank vs. A. W. Bonycastle, Et Al. no.B-49855.

Box 100, Folder 12

Los Angeles Trust & Savings Bank vs. Julia A. Parish. no.B-52194.

Box 100, Folder 13

Lillisn Maybee vs. Dr. Ellis Jones, et al. no.B-62128.

Box 100, Folder 14

Theodore M. Metzger vs. Los Angeles Railway Corporation. no.B-1564.

Box 100, Folder 15

Moses-Starr Company vs. Peter G. Mohr.

Box 100, Folder 16

D.P. Commings vs. Pacific Electric Railway Company. no.B-79024.

Box 100, Folder 17

Calvary Presbyterian Church of Wilmington, Application to Mortgage Real Estate.

Box 100, Folder 18

Mrs. Delia Bergon, Papers.

Box 100, Folder 19

Joe Barca, Papers.

Box 100, Folder 20

Application of Lease of Tide Lands.

Box 100, Folder 21

United States of America vs. Six Hundred Bags of Horse Beans.

Box 101, Folder 1

W.S. Martin vs. California Woolen Manufacturing Company, et al.

Box 101, Folder 2

Wilmington Transfer & Storage Company vs. B.C. Michols, et al. no.B-4252.

Box 101, Folder 3

Thomas J. White vs. Stella White. no.B-35537.

Box 101, Folder 4

P.B. Yates Machine Company vs. Wilmington Transfer & Storage Company, et al. no.85883.

Box 101, Folder 5

S.R. Miller vs. J.T. McClelland, et al. no.B 76084.

Box 101, Folder 6

Tisnerat Building Lines, Papers.

Box 101, Folder 7

West Coast Gas Company, Papers.

Box 101, Folder 8

Musalino & Berger, Papers.

Box 101, Folder 9

Moses-Starr Company, Papers.

Box 101, Folder 10

Latina Productions, Application to Sell Securities.

Box 101, Folder 11

Larquier Matter.

Box 101, Folder 12

Leaycraft Matter.

Box 101, Folder 13

Mary Hull, Quiet Title.

Box 101, Folder 14

Matter of the Dissolution of Wilmington Investment Company.

Box 101, Folder 15

Matter of Application of Carle H. Wilson for Change of Name. no.198455.

Box 101, Folder 16

Estate of Leonidas Holladay, deceased. no.65583.

Box 101, Folder 17

Estate & Guardingship of Eva Mavel Sleppy.

Box 101, Folder 18

Railroad Commission of the State of California, In Re Pacific Electric Railway.

Box 102, Folder 1

P.T. Moses, et al vs. C.A. Abrams. no.B 6129.

Box 102, Folder 2

Linnie S. Moohr vs. Ralph B. Moohr. no.B 63423.

Box 102, Folder 3

Freda Mccall vs. Homer McCcall.

Box 102, Folder 4

James Moffat vs. D.J. Woods, et al. no.97708.

Box 102, Folder 5

California Oil Tool Company vs. Bernard Le Mohn. no.161514.

Box 102, Folder 6

Julia A. Parish vs. W.B. Studebaker, et al. no.B 39484.

Box 102, Folder 7

French Sardine Company, Application to Modify Permit.

Box 102, Folder 8

Free Press Publishing Company, Application to Incorporate. no.125866.

Box 102, Folder 9

Elizabeth J. & A.H. Clark, In Re Oil lease.

Box 102, Folder 10

Olsen Well no.2, Apex Oil Company.

Box 102, Folder 11

R.T. Colter, In Re Oil lease.

Box 102, Folder 12

Christensen-O'donnell Lease, Lots 1 to 14 Including block 14. TR. 1589.

Box 102, Folder 13

Day-Woodruff Lease--Pollock-O'meill, Sub-Lease.

Box 102, Folder 14

Howarth, Oil Lease no.1, Lots 257-267, etc.

Box 102, Folder 15

Jones Oil lease.

Box 103, Folder 1

H.E. Gannaway, et al vs. William L. Sassaman, et al. no.47729.

Box 103, Folder 2

Elmer Gorsuch vs. E. Tisnerat, et al.

Box 103, Folder 3

H.E. Gannaway, et al vs. James Childers. no.57690.

Box 103, Folder 4

Max Harris, vs. Morris Berger.

Box 103, Folder 5

James Cook, et al vs. W.W. Orcutt, et al.

Box 103, Folder 6

Hinz & Landt, et al vs. Henrietta A, Becker, et al. no.B 13165.

Box 103, Folder 7

Dario L. Ghio, vs. John C. Cline no.B 39292.

Box 103, Folder 8

H.E. Gannaway, et al vs. S.A. Mason, et al.

Box 103, Folder 9

James Cook, Terminate Joint Tenancy.

Box 103, Folder 10

Estate of Catherine Hughes.

Box 103, Folder 11

Estate of Chester John Drant.

Box 103, Folder 12

Disabled Veterans of World War Claim Abainst Estate of Jennie J. Wild. no.138,269.

Box 103, Folder 13

Estate of David Chichton. no.L.B. P4830.

Box 103, Folder 14

Estate of James E. Conley. no.L.B. P6451.

Box 103, Folder 15

ESTATE of ANNA E. CONWAY. no.53283.

Box 103, Folder 16

Estate of Luthera Cliff.

Box 103, Folder 17

Estate and Guardianship of Esterlee Cobb, et al.

Box 103, Folder 18

F.W. Colegrove, bankrupt. no.5933-B.

Box 104, Folder 1

Gill vs. Gill.

Box 104, Folder 2

William H. Dunn, vs. Nettie J. Fearing, et al.

Box 104, Folder 3

B. Urbi, vs. R. Gonzoles, et al. no.247407.

Box 104, Folder 4

Harver L. Underhill, vs. Los Angeles Railway Corporation and Pacific Electric Railway.

Box 104, Folder 5

Hugh A. McNary vs. Odele Townsend. no.219208.

Box 104, Folder 6

John Harvey, vs. A.E. Clarke, Grace B. Clarke, et al.

Box 104, Folder 7

Alfonzina Mele vs. Peter Mele, Ralph Mele, et al.

Box 104, Folder 8

Sophia E. Kolkhorst, vs. Henry E. Carter. no.304944.

Box 104, Folder 9

William W. Crosby Papers.

Box 104, Folder 10

Gay Land Company, Limited.

Box 104, Folder 11

Gillons Oil Corporation.

Box 104, Folder 12

Clark Oil & Royalties Company Kent-Roland Well no.2.

Box 105, Folder 1

Lenora V. Turnbaugh, vs. Palo Verde Vineyard Association and Southern California Edison Company.

Box 105, Folder 2

Charles A Trowbridge, et al vs. Inyo County Bank. no.556708.

Box 105, Folder 3

Earle B. Trigg, vs. Charles E. Stalie, et al. no.309058.

Box 105, Folder 4

C.W. Bachmann, vs. Weymour L. Watts, et al. no.434346.

Box 105, Folder 5

E. Langston, vs. Vern Elliott, C.W. Bachmann, et al. no.195717.

Box 105, Folder 6

People, vs. O.B. Bachman.

Box 105, Folder 7

Adele Turner, vs. Everett W. Turner. no.293109.

Box 105, Folder 8

Carrie Turley, vs. Fred Turley. no.L.B. D7967.

Box 105, Folder 9

Lois Turknett, vs. Lewis Turknett &, et al. no.D8638.

Box 105, Folder 10

Sylvia Tukuloff, vs. Dan Tukuloff. no.L.B. D18695.

Box 105, Folder 11

Minna Tunison, vs. Arthur L. Tunison. no.D84044.

Box 105, Folder 12

Mrs. Karlluludolph Papers.

Box 105, Folder 13

Jacoba Urrea to Establish the Fact of Birth of Frederico Paulo Urrea. no.L.B. C9780.

Box 105, Folder 14

Le Donne Minors, Estate and Guardianship. no.96831.

Box 105, Folder 15

Lomita City Papers.

Box 106, Folder 1

I. X.L. Oil Company vs. Margaret Ogden, et al. no.L.B. C9377.

Box 106, Folder 2

Heiss and Linda Beglinger, vs. Floyd E. Wright, et al. no.L.B. C10142.

Box 106, Folder 3

Harold Irbing Heisinger, et al vs. Rugy E. Cosgrove. no.L.B. C8574.

Box 106, Folder 4

District Bond Company, vs. William M. Hilliker, et al. no.374824.

Box 106, Folder 5

Alice Hildebrande, vs. E.A. Littlefield, et al. no.9405.

Box 106, Folder 6

William J. Honan, et al vs. Fred C. Simmons, et al. no.332444.

Box 106, Folder 7

Odessie Henry, vs. James W. Henry. no.D100269.

Box 106, Folder 8

Eleanor Henderson, vs. Edward N. Henderson. no.L B D 9962.

Box 106, Folder 9

Thomas Lee Hoab, vs. Margaret Hoag. no.D 176728.

Box 106, Folder 10

Bonita E. Hilligas, vs. Fred Hilligas. no.L.B. D12858.

Box 106, Folder 11

Hellie Mae Herchelroth, vs. Albon R. Herchelroth. no.D 69404.

Box 106, Folder 12

Tommy Hentilla, Establish Fact of Birth. no.L.B. C10888.

Box 107, Folder 1

Biacamo Trani vs. Leon R. Eyles, et al. no.G-164.

Box 107, Folder 2

Anna M. Baer vs. Robert Tracy. no.129059.

Box 107, Folder 3

W.H. Sneed vs. A. Trapani, et al. no.227325.

Box 107, Folder 4

Ernest M. Torchia vs. Philip Lorenzo. no.B-91233.

Box 107, Folder 5

Nick Swartendyk vs. H.B. Gilbert, et al.

Box 107, Folder 6

Estate of Drew Minors.

Box 107, Folder 7

Estate of Charles Lewis.

Box 107, Folder 8

Estate of Joseph Litovich and Sima Litovich. no.137577 & 137379.

Box 107, Folder 9

Estate of Candido Lase. no.66188.

Box 107, Folder 10

Estate of Christina Lembke. no.54835.

Box 107, Folder 11

In the Matter of Adoption of Lora Bernice Daly (Salm).

Box 107, Folder 12

Nettie Tennant vs. Willard Leo Tennant. no.D 235462.

Box 107, Folder 13

Box 108, Folder 1

Estate of David S. Johnston.

Box 108, Folder 2

Estate of Mary R. Hasson. no.67823.

Box 108, Folder 3

Estate of William Knox. no.93858 & 131436.

Box 108, Folder 4

Estate of Elmer M. Gamble. no.L.B. P2080.

Box 108, Folder 5

Estate of Harriet E. Jessop. no.82171.

Box 108, Folder 6

Termination of Joint Tenancy of Lizzie Jessop. no.69756.

Box 109, Folder 1

Estate of Ida V. Fleming. no.52539.

Box 109, Folder 2

Estate of George S. E. Jorgensen. no.L.B. P6953.

Box 109, Folder 3

Estate and Guardianship of Walter G. Kimball. no.104878.

Box 109, Folder 4

Estate of Elizabeth Margaret King. no.L.B. P10969.

Box 109, Folder 5

Estate of Mary M. King.

Box 109, Folder 6

E. Smith, vs. J. Marincovich, et al. no.207384.

Box 109, Folder 7

Standard Oil Company of Claif, vs. Nick Mardesich (Westerner).

Box 109, Folder 8

George Stanovich, vs. Joseph M. Mardesich and, et al.

Box 109, Folder 9

Robert J. Mccook, et al vs. Charles C.H. Brashier, et al.

Box 109, Folder 10

Warren M. Mcgill Et Ux vs. James M. Grigsby, et al. no.L.B. C8553.

Box 109, Folder 11

Estate of George Johnson. no.88548.

Box 109, Folder 12

Estate of Jesse E. Jordan no.153495.

Box 109, Folder 13

Robert B. Manahan vs. Chal Shannon, et al. no.L.B. C6604.

Box 109, Folder 14

Vincent Marinkovich vs. Tom Mason. no.371192.

Box 109, Folder 15

Arleen D. Mallory vs. Charles P. Mallory. no.D 108136.

Box 110, Folder 1

Estate of John Brittain. no.15762 j.

Box 110, Folder 2

Estate of Carmelo Brocato. no.126125.

Box 110, Folder 3

Brooks Quality Markets, Incorporated Bankrupt. no.7918 j.

Box 110, Folder 4

Estate of Margaret E. Brown. no.L.B. P8271.

Box 110, Folder 5

Estate of William F. Doran. no.L.B. P8100.

Box 110, Folder 6

Estate of Jennie Floyd. no.146488.

Box 110, Folder 7

Estate of Jennie Floyd. no.146488.

Box 110, Folder 8

Estate of John Y Biddle. no.197712.

Box 110, Folder 9

Estate of Mary T. Fitzgerald. no.L.B. P8260.

Box 110, Folder 10

Estate and Guardianship of Harvey and Samuel Buckley. no.23128.

Box 110, Folder 11

Hugh Robertson and S.W. Senhouse Securities. no.51429LA.

Box 110, Folder 12

Sears C. Marshall, bankrupt. no.21738 j.

Box 111, Folder 1

D.E. Wynkopp vs. H. Wada. no.323558.

Box 111, Folder 2

Joseph F. Wagner, et al vs. County of Los Angeles. no.424489.

Box 111, Folder 3

Nettie F. Wackenbarth vs. B.H. Dyas Company, et al. no.315472.

Box 111, Folder 4

Ettei M. Waddell vs. R.S. Bedell et ux. no.450964.

Box 111, Folder 5

O.C. Pettit vs. Charles Wagner, et al. no.S.M. C777.

Box 111, Folder 6

Van Leunen vs. Van Leunen no.DL. B11368.

Box 111, Folder 7

Adoption of Jose Venegas. no.2641.

Box 111, Folder 8

Abandonment and Adoption of Anton Von Bunk. no.AD 1548 & AD 3481.

Box 111, Folder 9

Porfiria Vancil vs. Leslie L. Vancil. no.L.B. D9681.

Box 111, Folder 10

Van Duser vs. Jurich, et al.

Box 111, Folder 11

Marie Van vs. Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, et al. no.449051.

Box 111, Folder 12

Lillian A. Van Deventer vs. John S. Van Deventer. no.D 66012.

Box 111, Folder 13

Gardner vs. Gardner. no.D 107427.

Box 111, Folder 14

Ramierez Estate.

Box 111, Folder 15

Estate of Ronald, Frede. no.38384.

Box 111, Folder 16

L.J. Rogers Papers.

Box 111, Folder 17

Estate of Louisa M. Rose. no.105087.

Box 111, Folder 18

Estate and Guardianship of Elizabeth Rosella McCaleb. no.145097.

Box 112, Folder 1

Luthera L. Cliff, Administration of Orlando S. Hathaway Estate vs. O.F. Brand, Executor of Mary Hathaway Estate.

Box 112, Folder 2

Arseino Gonzalez Estate.

Box 112, Folder 3

Estate of Dean L. Gray. no.L.B. P5547.

Box 112, Folder 4

Katie Groce, bankrupt.

Box 112, Folder 5

Estate of Jose Butierrez. no.83867.

Box 112, Folder 6

Estate of John E. Hallett.

Box 112, Folder 7

Estate of Annise Harris. no.96125.

Box 112, Folder 8

Estate of Martha Ellen Harrison. no.83867.

Box 112, Folder 9

Estate of Erhard Opp. no.107270.

Box 112, Folder 10

Estate of Eddie May Wooten. no.P 7460.

Box 112, Folder 11

H.E. Gannaway and V. Garcia vs. A Moralles.

Box 112, Folder 12

Mrs. J.M. Fursee vs. M. Bezayiff.

Box 113, Folder 1

Peter Dragich, Habeas Corpus. no.725.

Box 113, Folder 2

Pete Mele, Liquor License.

Box 113, Folder 3

Fishermen of Southern California. no.31578.

Box 113, Folder 4

Shannon-Sindos Company, Issue Stock.

Box 113, Folder 5

Anna Baumann vs. H.O. Haprison, et al. no.413398.

Box 113, Folder 6

L.A., S.P. & Wilmington Harbor Company for Disincorporation. no.139292.

Box 113, Folder 7

Southwest Topics Publishing Company, Incorporation.

Box 113, Folder 8

Seaboard Savings Bank.

Box 113, Folder 9

Serbian Home, Incorporation.

Box 113, Folder 10

Southern California Collei Club, Incorporation.

Box 113, Folder 11

People of the State of California vs. Wallace Packwood. no.48020.

Box 113, Folder 12

Toley vs. Toley. no.D 2170.

Box 113, Folder 13

Clarence H. Voris vs. Albert Johansen.

Box 113, Folder 14

W.I. Travis and Emma C. Travis vs. A.H. Rude, et al.

Box 113, Folder 15

Mrs. Louise Fleming vs. Southern Pacific Company, et al. no.B-78459.

Box 114, Folder 1

Bert Cobb vs. W. Grimmer. no.534785.

Box 114, Folder 2

Colgrove vs. Fellowship Club.

Box 114, Folder 3

George F. Hopkins vs. F.W. Colegrove. no.134570.

Box 114, Folder 4

Francis Colletti vs. Carmelo Colletti. no.38571.

Box 114, Folder 5

Colletti vs. Colletti.

Box 114, Folder 6

Shell Company vs. Connelly.

Box 114, Folder 7

Ruth Marian Connally vs. Robert. H. Connally. no.D7456.

Box 114, Folder 8

Election Contest Matter,South Gate. no.m251387.

Box 114, Folder 9

Isabella Erickson vs. George W. Erickson. no.L.B. D15458.

Box 114, Folder 10

Wanda Tipping Table Corporation.

Box 114, Folder 11

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company vs. Vito Catella, Antonia M. Salas, et al. no.412336.

Box 114, Folder 12

S.B.W. May vs. Vito Catelia, Alice Catella. no.560,597.

Box 114, Folder 13

Bank of America National Trust Saving Association vs. Susie W. Buchanan, et al. no.418201.

Box 114, Folder 14

Catherin S. Champlin vs. Joseph Hoelscher.

Box 114, Folder 15

Jane Charlton vs. E.J. Rule. no.311737.

Box 114, Folder 16

William J. Ellis vs. Mary Rehal & Inter Insurance Exchange. no.127143.

Box 114, Folder 17

Carrie Melvina Ellis (Infant) vs. Mary Rehal.

Box 114, Folder 18

Western Press Reporter.

Box 114, Folder 19

Wilmington Investment Company.

Box 114, Folder 20

Walteria Community Church.

Box 114, Folder 21

Wilmington Investment Company.

Box 115, Folder 1

Estate of James B. Horner. no.139410.

Box 115, Folder 2

Lewis Ets-Hokin, et al vs. John Brajcich, et al. no.264778.

Box 115, Folder 3

The City of Los Angeles vs. Sophia L. Blesett, et al. no.176754.

Box 115, Folder 4

Community Oil and Gas Lease (Mora Lease).

Box 115, Folder 5

Security Trust and Savings Bank vs. W.K. Clayton, et al. no.16195.

Box 115, Folder 6

Walter Adams vs. Joseph Carressi. no.596226.

Box 115, Folder 7

Julia Parish Leases.

Box 115, Folder 8

Julia Parish Wood Papers.

Box 116, Folder 1

Community Oil Leases, 1940.

Box 116, Folder 2

Johnson-Olsen Oil Leases.

Box 116, Folder 3

Elizabeth Storm, vs. Clenn Eugene Storm. no.L.B. D17409.

Box 116, Folder 4

O.N. Scott, vs. John Burton, et al. no.173530.

Box 116, Folder 5

O.N. Scott vs. Katherine Dewdeny, et al. no.211874.

Box 116, Folder 6

O.N. Scott vs. E.S. Douglas. no.250065.

Box 116, Folder 7

Harry Evans, et al vs. On. Scott. no.236393.

Box 116, Folder 8

Puckett Freight Lines, Limited.

Box 116, Folder 9

Pacific Freight Lines & Puckett Lines.

Box 116, Folder 10

Victory Canning Company, (Name Change).

Box 116, Folder 11

Santa Paula Mineral Springs Investment Company.

Box 116, Folder 12

John Scheider (City Council Matter).

Box 116, Folder 13

John Scheider (City of Los Angeles).

Box 116, Folder 14

A.O. Sanden, M.D.

Box 116, Folder 15

Simmons-Arrow Cafe Escrow.

Box 117, Folder 1

Security Trust & Savings Bank, vs. John William Burton, et al. no.242232.

Box 117, Folder 2

Estate of Melisa Barker. no.90172.

Box 117, Folder 3

Estate of Nellie C. Baldwin. no.62965.

Box 117, Folder 4

Estate and Adoption of Marguerite Baron. no.299539.

Box 117, Folder 5

Estate of William H. Baker. no.109289.

Box 117, Folder 6

Estate of Melisa Barker, Eatate of Washington Barker. no.91073.

Box 117, Folder 7

Harry Barndollar Estate. no.64912.

Box 117, Folder 8

Joseph Padula, vs. T.W. Herron. no.B91816.

Box 117, Folder 9

Penn. R.R. Company vs. J. Padula and Son. no.139135.

Box 117, Folder 10

County of Los Angeles vs. A. Otis Birch, et al. no.149835.

Box 117, Folder 11

Parish vs. Dyer.

Box 117, Folder 12

Parish vs. W.B. Studebaker. no.B 52901.

Box 117, Folder 13

Estate of Anne Mackey. no.102372.

Box 117, Folder 14

Gilbert B. Pearson vs. Anice C. Pearson. no.D 75785.

Box 117, Folder 15

Estate of Gertrude M. Cachman. no.98656.

Box 118, Folder 1

Port Los Angeles Laundry.

Box 118, Folder 2

Lawyers League of Los Angeles County.

Box 118, Folder 3

Moses-Starr Company vs. Clara E. Holt.

Box 118, Folder 4

Earl R. Taber vs. Henry E. Carter, et al.

Box 118, Folder 5

Robert Tasker, vs. M.D. Cessne, et al. no.B-56433.

Box 118, Folder 6

E.M. Chaimers vs. Wilmington Land Company, et al.

Box 118, Folder 7

Samuel F. Thompson, et al vs. Jahn Holbough.

Box 118, Folder 8

Wilmington Mill & Contracting Company vs. W.J. King, & California Home Investment Company.

Box 118, Folder 9

Universal College of Drugless Therapeutics.

Box 118, Folder 10

Seacoast Canning Company vs. Southern California Fish Company.

Box 118, Folder 11

Simmons Papers.

Box 118, Folder 12

Louis Shiaffino, San Quintin.

Box 118, Folder 13

Melissa J. Scott vs. H.G. Hoeck, et al.

Box 118, Folder 14

Maria E. Simpson vs. National Auto Sales Corporation. no.B-76403.

Box 118, Folder 15

E.F. Smith vs. H.V. Blenkiron.

Box 118, Folder 16

Standard American Dredging Company.

Box 118, Folder 17

Virginia Swindle vs. Richard Swindle.

Box 118, Folder 18

Vucinich vs. King.

Box 118, Folder 19

Volk vs. Taylor Brothers.

Box 118, Folder 20

Rauer's Law and Collection Company vs. L. Chio, et al.

Box 118, Folder 21

Rauer's Law & Collection Company vs. L. Chio.

Box 118, Folder 22

Michael Evert vs. Fred L. Boruff, et al.

Box 118, Folder 23

H.E. Gannaway, et al vs. Fred Sparks. no.62599.

Box 118, Folder 24

Benton McCoy Papers.

Box 118, Folder 25

Estate of Mathias Wirtz.

Box 118, Folder 26

Susie Gioia vs. Frank Gioia.

Box 118, Folder 27

L.J. Harris vs. Paul Eubank.

Box 118, Folder 28

Oliver Davison vs. Pete Zecchini.

Box 118, Folder 29

E.A.H. Cole vs. D.T. Hanson, et al.

Box 118, Folder 30

Southwest Womens Republican Club.

Box 119, Folder 1

City of Los Angeles vs. David H. McCartney, et al. no.232033.

Box 119, Folder 2

Wellington Realty and Investment Company.

Box 119, Folder 3

George R. Welsh, et al vs. William H. Edwards, et al. no.187153.

Box 119, Folder 4

Maria E. Webster, vs. G.C. Riffe, et al. no.B 92104.

Box 119, Folder 5

Anna R. Wesson, et al vs. Lester Wallick, et al. no.133302.

Box 119, Folder 6

The City of Los Angeles vs. Annie B. Thompaon, et al. no.132-710.

Box 119, Folder 7

Marjorie Claire Wendell vs. Charles Joseph Wendell. no.D154657.

Box 119, Folder 8

Gardner vs. Crescent Creamery Company.

Box 119, Folder 9

Clarence H. Voris vs. Albert Johansen no.B 77956.

Box 119, Folder 10

Ellen I. Gardner vs. Arther B. Gardner. no.D107427.

Box 119, Folder 11

Clarence H. Voris vs. Albert Johansen (New Trial).

Box 119, Folder 12

Hosegard Corporation of California vs. Theodore Repay, et al. no.213039.

Box 120, Folder 1

El Nido Poultry Ranch.

Box 120, Folder 2

El Nido Poultry Ranch (Dissolution).

Box 120, Folder 3

Eagle Cap Manufacturing Company.

Box 120, Folder 4

American Church of Christian Healing and Philosophy.

Box 120, Folder 5

Capital Envelope Company (Issue Stock).

Box 120, Folder 6

Clem S. Clarke, Sheveport, Louisiana.

Box 120, Folder 7

Amelia M. Stalcup.

Box 120, Folder 8

Nellie L. Stephens.

Box 120, Folder 9

TONRO Company Incorporated.

Box 120, Folder 10

Terparten Papers.

Box 120, Folder 11

Vitogen Corporation.

Box 120, Folder 12

Vertical Rising Airplane Company.

Box 121, Folder 1

Estate of Alrik H. Larson. no.L.B. P11022.

Box 121, Folder 2

Estate of Pasquale Lauro. no.150661.

Box 121, Folder 3

Los Angeles, San Pedro & Wilmington Harbor Company (Dissolution) no.139292.

Box 121, Folder 4

Estate of John J. Luikhart. no.88812.

Box 121, Folder 5

Estate of James Mackie & Christina E. Mackie, Joint Tenancy. no.126569.

Box 121, Folder 6

Virginia Elizabeth Flinn, Guardianship. no.83778.

Box 121, Folder 7

Estate of Foster.

Box 121, Folder 8

Adoption of Beverly Francina Follis. no.civil 356160.

Box 121, Folder 9

Estate of Fred R. Fossett. no.183449.

Box 121, Folder 10

Estate of Oliver L. Galbreth.

Box 121, Folder 11

Samuel Galbraith, Decree Terminating the Joint Tenancy of Dora Galbraith. no.137733.

Box 121, Folder 12

Mable Lamb, Terminating Joint Tenancy of Erie Lamb. no.111996.

Box 121, Folder 13

Estate of Erie Lamb. no.111916.

Box 121, Folder 14

Harry Smeltzer vs. Fred L. Boruff. no.B 36442.

Box 121, Folder 15

George Stewart vs. Roy A. Vinton, et al.

Box 121, Folder 16

Paloma M. Sylva vs. A.J. Crose, et al. no.B 43029.

Box 121, Folder 17

Paloma M. Sylva vs. E.O. Bailey. no.B 6825.

Box 121, Folder 18

Thomas J. Stephens vs. Thomas Darmody, et al.

Box 121, Folder 19

Marine Hardware Company vs. Gasoline Launch, Mountaineer, George Percich, Intervenor.

Box 121, Folder 20

Benton McCoy vs. Sare J. Radcliffe.

Box 121, Folder 21

Jessie S. Meyers vs. George Francis Meyers. no.B-71532.

Box 121, Folder 22

Benton McCoy vs. S.C. Sault.

Box 121, Folder 23

Edith B. Scott, bankrupt.

Box 121, Folder 24

Miscellaneous, 1928.

Box 122, Folder 1

Don C. Fohl, et al vs. Ruth A. Braden, et al. no.355409.

Box 122, Folder 2

Ruth Foley vs. Carrell E. Foley. no.L.B. D20694.

Box 122, Folder 3

Monroe L. foreman vs. E.H. Foly, et al.

Box 122, Folder 4

Florence Drought, vs. Ira foreman, et al. no.C3217.

Box 122, Folder 5

Nelson Jensen Hansen vs. Ira foreman, et al. no.289093.

Box 122, Folder 6

Daura vs. Los Angeles Motor Bus Company.

Box 122, Folder 7

Ira foreman, bankrupt.

Box 122, Folder 8

Davis vs. Stephens.

Box 122, Folder 9

G.S. De Garmo, vs. M.A. Fleming, et al. no.133,829.

Box 122, Folder 10

Calvin R. Dewberry vs. Lora M. Dewberry. no.D 84818.

Box 122, Folder 11

A.J. Daniels vs. Anna M. Colkins. no.100390.

Box 122, Folder 12

Estate of Laura Rails. no.L.B. P5977.

Box 122, Folder 13

Estate of Samuel T. Russell.

Box 122, Folder 14

Estate of Anna T. Roques. no.94482.

Box 122, Folder 15

Joseph Rousseau, Estate. no.L.B. P8033.

Box 122, Folder 16


Box 123, Folder 1

Estate of Horace T. Haworth.

Box 123, Folder 2

Christine Medak vs. Anthony Medak. no.L.B. 12018.

Box 123, Folder 3

Adoption of Rosalene Leanne Medak & Diane Louise Medak. no.AD 2649.

Box 123, Folder 4

Gordon-Harrison-Russell, Incorporated vs. W.A. Scott, et al.

Box 123, Folder 5

John W. Gibson, et al vs. M.E. Scott, et al. no.171-103.

Box 123, Folder 6

Jacob Feuerman vs. O.N. Scott. no.107552.

Box 123, Folder 7

O.N. Scott vs. C.A. Burr, et al. no.266267.

Box 123, Folder 8

Dorothea Evelyn Mee vs. James Eliott Mee. no.L.B. D14041.

Box 123, Folder 9

John Gray vs. Amelia L. Meyers, et al. no.184581.

Box 123, Folder 10

Charles Menveg, et al vs. Tony Machado. no.395915.

Box 123, Folder 11

Charles Menveg, Carl Moser, et al.

Box 123, Folder 12

R.A. Caertner vs. Gasoline Launch Sockeye, French Sardine Company.

Box 123, Folder 13

Angie Meyers vs. Mathew Charles Meyers. no.D 130570.

Box 123, Folder 14

Estate of C. Garat. no.3863.

Box 123, Folder 15

Estate of John Edgar Gillingham.

Box 123, Folder 16

Estate of Idell Gilstead.

Box 123, Folder 17

Estate and Guardianship of Albert Gonazlez & Clementine Gonazlez. no.80690.

Box 123, Folder 18

Estate and Guardianship of Idell Gilstead. no.104534.

Box 124, Folder 1

The Estate of T Omas A. Yorba. no.L.B. P6916.

Box 124, Folder 2

Black Papers.

Box 124, Folder 3

August Felando, et al vs. Visco Blagaich, et al.

Box 124, Folder 4

Grace Blanton vs. andrew Blanton. no.D 77947.

Box 124, Folder 5

M. Barcia vs. G.N. Rose., et al.

Box 124, Folder 6

Tony Barcot vs. Don Shortz.

Box 124, Folder 7

Barcot vs. Barcot.

Box 124, Folder 8

Charles Clayton Tate, Estate.

Box 124, Folder 9

Carrie Hallberg, vs. Arthur R. Hallock. no.126589.

Box 124, Folder 10

J.A. Parish vs. Studebaker.

Box 124, Folder 11

Minnie E. Parr vs. John A. Parr.

Box 124, Folder 12

P.J. Picherie vs. Frank Shaw, et al.

Box 124, Folder 13

Lillian Pollock vs. D.L. Di Vecchio.

Box 124, Folder 14

Anna L. Prittie vs. C.F. Norton, et al.

Box 124, Folder 15

Pacific Rock and Gravel Company vs. City of Los Angeles. no.99876.

Box 124, Folder 16

Estate of Domenica Zecchini.

Box 124, Folder 17

Wilmington Transfer & Storage Company vs. Arthur B. Barringer, et al.

Box 124, Folder 18

French Valley Oil Company.

Box 125, Folder 1

Fletcher & Steel vs. Margaret forrester. no.135636.

Box 125, Folder 2

People of California vs. Frank Newman. no.1797.

Box 125, Folder 3

Reginald Juniper, et al vs. George Newmyer. no.3911531.

Box 125, Folder 4

Dorothy Mae Nielsen vs. Harry G. Nielsen. no.134467.

Box 125, Folder 5

Walter P. Nott, vs. John Williams. no.L.B. C8837.

Box 125, Folder 6

Lillie Elnora Nystrom vs. Jacob Nystrom. no.L.B. D10192.

Box 125, Folder 7

People of California vs. Rafael Ochoa, et al.

Box 125, Folder 8

C. Henry Olsen vs. C.G. De Planty.

Box 125, Folder 9

People vs. O'Quinn.

Box 125, Folder 10

City of Los Angeles vs. Erhard Opp, et al. no.167288.

Box 125, Folder 11

Clara Opp vs. George C. Flint, et al. no.145-451.

Box 125, Folder 12

City of Los Angeles vs. Charles Addison, et al. no.B 25026.

Box 125, Folder 13

O.N. Scott vs. Miramontellouedstel Company.

Box 125, Folder 14

Miramonte & Louedestel Company vs. National Surety Company. no.2250.

Box 125, Folder 15

People of California vs. Charles Herbert Osmun.

Box 126, Folder 1

Ida Bueoy vs. John Bueoy. no.D 71356.

Box 126, Folder 2

Buy Calvin Burnham vs. Betty Ann Burnham. no.L.B. D18432.

Box 126, Folder 3

Thorwald Christensen vs. Dathryn Christensen. no.L.B. D12147.

Box 126, Folder 4

Thorwald Christensen vs. Ida Christensen. no.D 91321.

Box 126, Folder 5

Edward H. Alexander vs. Myrtle Alexander. no.D 63951.

Box 126, Folder 6

Elmer K. Alexander vs. Edna Alexander. no.D 73948.

Box 126, Folder 7

Mildred Alexander vs. Alvin E. Alexander. no.D 89860.

Box 126, Folder 8

Dora B. Auen vs. Jens C. Auen. no.D. 76033.

Box 126, Folder 9

Olana Ekdahl vs. August Ekdahl. no.D 11903.

Box 126, Folder 10

Gloria Edkelberry vs. Vere Eckelberry. no.106140.

Box 126, Folder 11

Hattie B. Eckler vs. Henry Eckler. no.D 79892.

Box 126, Folder 12

Reba M. Edmonds vs. James Arthur Edmonds. no.L.B. D12116.

Box 126, Folder 13

Rosslyn Clifford Ehle vs. Jessie Cloe Ehle. no.D 85715.

Box 126, Folder 14

Mary Egnatoff vs. John Egnatoff. .

Box 126, Folder 15

Agreement, Re. Corrigan Petroleum Corporation and Zenda Oil & Refining Corporation.

Box 126, Folder 16

Riehle Community Oil lease.

Box 127, Folder 1

Nick Louko and Oscar Hendrickson vs. A.A. Irish, Ob. Bachman, et al. no.30668.

Box 127, Folder 2

Jules Faure, et al vs. C.M. Coelho. no.127065.

Box 127, Folder 3

People of the State of California vs. Jules Faure.

Box 127, Folder 4

Jules Faure vs. Joseph J. Tavis. no.113859.

Box 127, Folder 5

Jules Laure, et al vs. E.J. Jasper, et al. no.130241.

Box 127, Folder 6

Joe Faisetta vs. Outer Harbor and Warf Company, Corporation. no.LA 40-640.

Box 127, Folder 7

Franko Italian Packing Company vs. J.C. Mullins.

Box 127, Folder 8

K. Hovden Company vs. Franko Italian Packing Company. no.13662.

Box 127, Folder 9

John Fink vs. Thomas F. Daniels, et al. no.111253.

Box 127, Folder 10

L.B. Brittain vs. Gasoline Launch Narragansett. no.1074.

Box 127, Folder 11

County of Los Angeles vs. A.H. anderson, et al. no.175840.

Box 127, Folder 12

City of Los Angeles vs. Adamson, Restituta Carresi, et al. no.B 96075.

Box 127, Folder 13

John Berry vs. Jules Faure. no.118-575.

Box 127, Folder 14

Sale of Ocean Queen to Paul Greget.

Box 127, Folder 15


Box 128, Folder 1

Inex Pedersen, et al vs. Nellie I. Adams. no.266503.

Box 128, Folder 2

Nora Actkinson vs. M.H. Farrin, et al. no.24042.

Box 128, Folder 3

People of the State of California vs. H.C. Atkinson. no.616.

Box 128, Folder 4

City of Los Angeles vs. Albert Acosta, et al. no.B 85,938.

Box 128, Folder 5

Paul Burns vs. H.P.J. McDonald.

Box 128, Folder 6

People of the State of California vs. Kris Christoff. no.1004.

Box 128, Folder 7

John Simpson vs. Harry S. Alden, et al. no.148,214.

Box 128, Folder 8

United States Credit Bureau vs. Edmond A. Agan, et al. no.31536.

Box 128, Folder 9

Annie I. Whitney vs. Joseph Adair, et al. no.B93666.

Box 128, Folder 10

A.H. Jones vs. O.B. Bachman, et al. no.210796.

Box 128, Folder 11

Arthur J. Falder vs. Mildred Allen, Administrater of Estate of C.A. Falder. no.160217.

Box 128, Folder 12

Wren Burdick vs. Annie R. Gooding, et al. no.443090.

Box 128, Folder 13

Jennie Hooper Arnold vs. Dr. P.A. Foster, et al. no.L.B. C8827.

Box 128, Folder 14

Juan Avila vs. J.K. Suki, et al.

Box 128, Folder 15

C.W. Bachman, et al vs. Nathan Woody, et al. no.B98596.

Box 129, Folder 1

Henry E. Carter vs. Nick Mauzakis.

Box 129, Folder 2

Henry E. Carter, Re. Property Matter With J. Pl Wood.

Box 129, Folder 3

Henry E. Carter, et al vs. Ira Roreman, et al. no.364686.

Box 129, Folder 4

Henry E. Carter vs. Ray A. Minkler. no.4163.

Box 129, Folder 5

Henry E. Carter vs. J.M. Westphal, et al. no.364587.

Box 129, Folder 6

Henry E. Carter vs. Agnes Gunder. no.72784.

Box 129, Folder 7

Henry E. Carter, et al vs. C.C. Julian, and Julian Petroleum Company no.173529.

Box 129, Folder 8

Clyde Rippey vs. Henry E. Carter. no.119721.

Box 129, Folder 9

Henry E. Carter vs. D.T. Hanson.

Box 129, Folder 10

Henry E. Carter vs. W.D. Clayton. no.147451.

Box 129, Folder 11

Addie V. Stewart vs. Henry E. Carter, et al. no.145-239.

Box 129, Folder 12

Henry E. Carter and Alice Carter, Deed for Property.

Box 129, Folder 13

Henry E. Carter, Re. La Fiesta Committee.

Box 129, Folder 14

Henry E. Carter, Re. Committee of Demurrers.

Box 130, Folder 1

Henry E. Carter, Financial Matters (Bills, Receipts, Checks, Ledgers, etc.).

Box 130, Folder 2

Henry E. Carter, Political Matters.

Box 130, Folder 3

Henry E. Carter, Correspondence and Personal Items.

Box 130, Folder 4

Henry E. Carter, News Items.

Box 130, Folder 5

Henry E. Carter, Examples of Various forms (Court, Stationary, etc.).

Box 131

Files of Correspondences During Henry E. Carter's Senate Term.

Box 132

Files of Correspondences During Henry E. Carter's Senate Term.

Boxes 133, 134

Ledgers and By Laws of the Searchlight Nevada Mining Company, Henry E. Carter, Secretary.