Register of the Vacaville Oral History Collection, 1976-1978

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Register of the Vacaville Oral History Collection, 1976-1978

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Title: Vacaville Oral History Collection,
Date (inclusive): 1976-1978
Collection number: Mss195
Creator: Ronald H. Limbaugh
Extent: 3 linear ft.
Repository: University of the Pacific. Library. Holt-Atherton Department of Special Collections
Stockton, CA 95211
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personal name

Limbaugh, Ronald H. (b. 1938)


Agriculture -California -Vacaville -History
Ranch life -California -Vacaville
Chinese Americans -California -Vacaville
Japanese Americans -California -Vacaville
Vacaville (Calif.) -Social life and customs
Vacaville (Calif.) -Social conditions
Vacaville (Calif.) -Politics and government


Ronald H. Limbaugh, history professor at the University of the Pacific and co-author of Vacaville: The heritage of a California community (1978), was commissioned---as part of local United States Bicentennial celebrations---by the Vacaville City Council to interview Vacaville "old-timers" and to write a history of Vacaville. Limbaugh conducted the interviews between fall 1976 and spring 1978 in the preparation of Vacaville. The Vacaville Heritage Council helped initiate the project with suggestions about local resources and persons to interview. Council member, Eleanor Nelson, contacted interviewees and arranged most of the interviews. The interviews describe conditions in Vacaville betwen 1880 and 1976. They contain information about the growth of the fruit cultivation, packing and processing industries which typified the region during those years. They reveal much about the contributions of Chinese and Japanese settlers to these enterprises. The tapes also contain information about race and labor relations and many other local and regional activities.

Scope and Content

The Vacaville Collection consists of: Ronald Limbaugh's research notes; book drafts; photographs; project correspondence and reports; and, fifty-nine taped interviews with long-time residents of Vacaville, California conducted by Limbaugh, together with miscellaneous documentation pertaining to these interviews (1976-78). A few of the interviews have been transcribed.

Container List




1.1: Index


1.2: Marie Cox interview transcript (1-5-77)


1.3: Rudolph Riehl interview transcript (12-17, 21-76; 3-5-77)


1.4: Yee Ah Chong interview transcript (2-4, 12-77)


1.5: Permission forms for interviews


1.6: Vacaville Bibliography


BOX 2: LIMBAUGH NOTES [on 5x7 index cards; some derived from interviews, others from printed sources]


2.1: Economic history---business


2.2: Economic history---transportation


2.3: Economic history---labor


BOX 3: LIMBAUGH NOTES [as in Box 2]


3.1: Politics






c-bibliographic references




e-govt. and services


3.2: Geography


a-physical environment


b-areas---Solano Co.


c-areas---Vaca Valley






f-areas---Lagoon Valley


g-urban growth


3.3: Agricultural statistics


BOX 4: LIMBAUGH NOTES [as in Box 2]


4.1: Economic history---agriculture


4.2: Economic history---agriculture---fruit


4.3: Immigrants & ethnic groups---Chinese


4.4: Do.---Indians


4.5: Do.---Japanese


4.6: Do.---"Spanish"


4.7: Social ills---vice & crime


4.8: Social ills---oher


4.9: Social welfare


4.10: Education


4.11: Demographics & social stratification---fraternal & service orgnizations


4.12: Literature


4.13: Military history; national issues


4.14: Religion


4.15: Personal history---general


4.16: The arts


4.17: Parks


4.18: Recreation


4.19: Travel


4.20: Outline




5.1: Book outline


5.2: Book drafts


5.3: Vacaville Project---correspondence


5.4: Vacaville Project---reports


5.5: Book reviews


5.6: Photographs




6.1- Bebel Alonzo (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.2- Russ Beelard (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.3- Sal Bloise [11/27/76] (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.4- Sal Bloise [2/12/77] Unavailable for copying [broken tape]


6.5- Brazzelton Unavailable for copying [broken tape]


6.6- Georgia (Mix) Burton (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.7- Burton Bros. (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.8- Lloyd Chandler/Sal Bloise


6.9- Bill Churchill (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.10-Marie Cox (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.11-Helen Davis Unavailable for copying [broken tape]


6.12-Helen Davis Unavailable for copying [broken tape]


6.13-Arthur Dietz (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.14-Esther (Sharp) Eldredge (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.15-Clyde & Vera Fadley (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.16-C.M. Hartley Unavailable for copying [broken tape]


6.17-Robert J. Hawkins (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.18-Richard Hayashi (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.19-Pat Heffernan/John Rico (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.20-Warren Hughes (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.21-Leona Johnson/Margaret (Steiger) McIntyre (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.22-Douglas Killingsworth (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.23-Madson/Desimone Unavailable for copying [broken tape]


6.24-John McBride Unavailable for copying [broken tape]


6.25-Beulah McCrory (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.26-Henry McFadden Unavailable for copying [broken tape]


6.27-F.B. McKevitt (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.28-Phil & Katherine Mowers (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.29-Carroll Mundy [early city govt.; recreation] (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.30-Carroll Mundy [7/26/77] (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.31-Carroll Mundy Unavailable for copying [broken tape]


6.32-Y. & T. Nakatani/Juishi Hayashi (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.33-Eleanor Nelson Unavailable for copying [broken tape]


6.34-Clyde Penaluna (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.35-Paul Pippo (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.36-Albert Porter


6.37-Robert Power (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.38-John Rico [1/27/77] (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.39-Rico/Powell etc. Unavailable for copying [broken tape]


6.40-Rudolph Riehl [12/17/76] (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.41-Rudolph Riehl [12/21/76] (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.42-Rudolph Riehl [12/21/76 cont.] (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.43-Rudolph Riehl Unavailable for copying [broken tape]


6.44-Henry Rogers (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.45-Howard Rogers (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.46-Helen McCrory Shipp/Ruth McCrory Storm (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.47-Frank Thompson [2/18/77] (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.48-Frank Thompson [3/18/77] (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.49-Walter Weir (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.50-Mary Burton Bird/Marion Weir Vaile (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.51-Clyde Weldon (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.52-Rudy Werner (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.53-Bert Wykoff (see BOX 7 CD available)


6.54-Yee Ah Chong [2-4-77]


6.55-Yee Ah Chong [2-12-77]


6.56-Muk (Mac) Zupo (see BOX 7 CD available)