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Preliminary Inventory to the Dumitru Danielopol Papers, 1940-1973
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General Topics

Box 1

After Paris (magazine clipping, October 18, 1946)


British Broadcasting Corporation


Conference de Paris. Palais du Luxembourg. 29 Juillet 1946.


Contre Offensive de Paix by Grigoire Gafencu, 1953


George Danielopol


Economic Development in S. E. Europe


England - war time press, 1940-44


England - war time press, King Michael's abdication, 1947


Malaxa group and King Michael's friends

Box 2

Malaxa group and King Michael's friends




Obervations Concerning the Draft Peace Treaty with Rumania


Peace Treaty manuscript


Pre-war material


Radio Free Europe, 1950-53

Box 3

Romanian News Survey, London, August 1943-August 1944


Romanii din Londra in al doilea rasboiu mondial


Roumania at the Peace Conference, Paris


War-time material


Draft Peace Treaty With Roumania, Paris, July 18, 1946

Increment 1975 (April): Articles Written for Copley Newspapers, 1964-1973

Box 4

Absent-Minded Prof, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), March 14, 1969


Actress Has Same Aim as McCarthy, Daily News-Post (Monrovia, Calif.), January 2, 1968


Administration Has Misjudged Nature Aims of Communists, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), September 11, 1968


Ambitious Publisher - Win Touches Off Alarm, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), July 20, 1970


America: Greatest Country - 'Delayed Pilgrim' Ashamed of Current Attitudes, The San Diego Union (Calif.), November 6, 1967


American Achievements Recognized World-Wide, The San Diego Union (Calif.), January 6, 1969


American People Are Entitled to Facts About Peace Marches, Aurora News (Illinois), December 5, 1967


Americans Are Beginning to Awaken, The San Diego Union (Calif.), July 22, 1964


Americans Find Friends in Tunisia, Joliet Herald-News (Illinois), June 27, 1967


Analyst Says Our Prestige at Record Low, Joliet Herald-News (Illinois), March 27, 1968


Angry Ethnic Rhetoric Expected, The San Diego Union (Calif.), May 7, 1972


Another Castro in South Viet Nam?, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), May 13, 1966


Another New Map of South Europe, Joliet Herald-News (Illinois), January 25, 1972


Another 'Nyet' From the Kremlin, San Pedro News-Pilot (Calif.), November 2, 1966


Answer to Agronsky's Blast, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), May 13, 1970


Anti-Communist Exiles Don't Feel Lonely Anymore, Aurora-Beacon-News (Illinois), June 16, 1969


Anti-Viet War Clamor Red Inspired - Validity of Demonstrations Questioned, Springfield State Journal (Illinois), May 5, 1967


Anti-War Sentiment in U.S. Troubles Britain, The San Diego Union (Calif.), July 7, 1970


Apathy of Their Victims is Key to Communist Success, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), February 20, 1968


Appeal to America's Silent, The Sacramento Union (Calif.), January 16, 1970


Appeasement Puzzles GI's, San Pedro News-Pilot (Calif.), February 22, 1967


Apollo Feat Blow to Reds, Illinois State Journal, August 9, 1969


Arms Limit Talks Rouse Optimism, The San Diego Union (Calif.), June 4, 1970


Army Goal of Warsaw Pact Chief, The San Diego Union (Calif.), February 26, 1970


As Others See Us - Even Our Friends Are Worried About Us, South Bay Daily Breeze (Torrance, Calif.), December 25, 1968


Ask Heath If Cold War Is Over, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), April 6, 1972


Aussie General Voices Concern, Joliet Herald-News (Illinois), April 14, 1972


Austria Neutral on West's Side, The San Diego Union (Calif.), June 29, 1969


Ballots to Select Italian Leader - President Owes Reds Nothing, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), January 7, 1972


Berlin Streets Stir Grim Memories, The San Diego Union (Calif.) July 28, 1970


Bible Stock Misused - Roumanians Propaganda Victims, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), April 3, 1972


Birthday Party Hints Communism Slipping, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), November 26, 1967


Bonn Pact Tramples on Rights, The San Diego Union (Calif.), June 4, 1972


Brainwashing Back in News, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), September 27, 1967


Brandts' Moves Worry Europe, The San Diego Union (Calif.), August 11, 1970


Brezhnev Doctrine Saps Czech Spirit, Economy, The San Diego Union (Calif.), January 20, 1970


Brezhnev's Theory Alarms World, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), December 11, 1968


Britain's Illusions on Reds Compared With U.S. Policy, The San Diego Union (Calif.), May 31, 1964


British Press Attacks on Goldwater Ironic, The San Diego Union (Calif.), July 8, 1964


British Reverse Attack Now Praise Goldwater, The San Diego Union (Calif.), September 5, 1964


British Tragedy in Last Act, Illinois State Journal, December 16, 1967


British Warn of Traps for Visitors in Red Lands, The San Diego Union (Calif.), April 17, 1969


Briton Gains Through Support of U.S. Policy, Illinois State Journal, July 10, 1965


Bulgaria Boasts of Aid to North Vietnamese, The San Diego Union (Calif.), September 12, 1966


Can Democracy Survive?, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), January 21, 1970


Can Nixon Ease Romania's Pain?, The San Diego Union (Calif.), July 27, 1969


Can Russian Regime Be Destroyed?, The San Diego Union (Calif.), May 23, 1966


Can We Afford Luxury of Olympic Games?, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), September 17, 1972


Captive Nations Week Has Become a Farce, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), June 29, 1972


Captive Nations Week Has Lessons for Us, Joliet Herald-News (Illinois), July 19, 1967


Captive Nations Parley Sees Little U.S. Help, The San Diego Union (Calif.), August 7, 1964


The Case of Romania - 'Bridges' Built on Shaky Spans, South Bay Daily Breeze (Torrance, Calif.), July 4, 1968


Castro Still Poses Threat to America, The San Diego Union (Calif.), June 7, 1964


Caveant Consules, Joliet Herald-News (Illinois), April 29, 1970


Caveat Emptor Still Timely, The Sacramento Union (Calif.), June 20, 1970


Ceausescu Has His Troubles, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), September 24, 1969


A Challenge Renewed - Exiles Refuse to Give Up, South Bay Daily Breeze (Torrance, Calif.), September 10, 1972


Charles De Gaulle Discovers France Has Short Memory, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), June 3, 1969


China Trip Worries Anti-Communist Group, Joliet Herald-News (Illinois), December 10, 1971


China's Cultural Revolution Has Spilled Over in Albania, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), April 8, 1968


Church a Tool of Government, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), July 23, 1972


Cold War Getting Colder, The Sacramento Union (Calif.), March 29, 1970


Coming Home to Roost, Joliet Herald-News (Illinois), April 21, 1970


Commentator Rips TV, The Sacramento Union (Calif.), March 24, 1970


Commies Still Break Promises, The San Diego Union (Calif.), May 5, 1972


Communism Attacked on Own Soil, San Pedro News-Pilot (Calif.), October 12, 1966


Communist Countries Have Youth Problems Too, The San Diego Union (Calif.), June 5, 1966


Communist Problems, Too - Alcoholism, Crime Rate Increasing in Russia, The San Diego Union (Calif.), January 8, 1967


Communist Propaganda Has Grip on Europeans, The San Diego Union (Calif.), July 9, 1970


Communist Propaganda Staggers Imagination, The San Diego Union (Calif.), September 8, 1965


Communist Romanian Economy Faces Crisis, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), June 27, 1968


Communist Will Be Next President of U.N. Assembly, The San Diego Union (Calif.), April 15, 1967


Communists: A Total Lack of Morality, The San Diego Union (Calif.), August 30, 1964


Communists Exploit Religion, Glendale News-Press (Calif.), November 22, 1967


Communists Stretch the Truth, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), January 24, 1967


Communists Work Hard to Discredit Capitalism, The San Diego Union (Calif.), January 7, 1970


Communists-on-Campus Seek Only to Brainwash, The San Diego Union (Calif.), July 3, 1964


Constantine Failed Because People Weren't Interested, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), December 27, 1967


Copper Scrap Shipment to Yugoslavia Protested, The San Diego Union (Calif.), March 12, 1968


A Correct Mao Thought, Illinois State Journal, September 13, 1969


Credentials Are Important, Joliet Herald-News (Illinois), September 29, 1966


The 'Crisis' in Confidence, The Sacramento Union (Calif.), October 28, 1967


Crisis in Soviet Agriculture, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), October 10, 1969


Croisette's Memorable Vignettes, The Sacramento Union (Calif.), June 6, 1970


Cuba Seeks to Discredit Church, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), September 8, 1966


Cultural Exchanges Just Won't Work, The San Diego Union (Calif.), January 27, 1965


Cultural Revolution Has Backfired on Mao, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), February 11, 1970


Czech Issue Puts Russia Over Barrel, Joliet Herald-News (Illinois), July 30, 1968


Czech Liberalization Ends With Soviet Liquidation Job, Illinois State Journal, October 11, 1968


Czechs' Tragic History, Illinois State Journal, August 30, 1969


Defend Europe? We Let Reds Take Over in Cuba., The San Diego Union (Calif.), November 30, 1964


De Gaulle Boosts French Reds, Burbank Daily Review (Calif.), March 28, 1967


De Gaulle Ignore Own Advice, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), December 7, 1967


De Gaulle Tries To Discredit Everything That Is American, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), March 12, 1968


De Gaulle's Decision on NATO Unpopular With Most French, Joliet Herald-News (Illinois), May 6, 1966


De Gaulle's Finest Hour Will Be Remembered Long, The San Diego Union (California), May 8, 1969


De Gaulle's Tactics Boomerang, Culver City Evening Vanguard (Calif.), November 22, 1966


Debt of Gratitude Owed Bob Hope, The San Diego Union (Calif.), March 16, 1966


Dej, Red Boss, Died a Christian, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), May 11, 1966


Demise of Novotny Was Overdue, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), January 17, 1968


Democrat Slogan Does Not Admit U.S. Failures, The San Diego Union (Calif.), August 29, 1964


Democrats Uneasy Despite Polls, The San Diego Union (Calif.), September 3, 1964


Derwinski Puts It Straight to Soviets, The San Diego Union (Calif.), December 6, 1971


Developing Nations - Financial Aid Fails to Help Countries, South Bay Daily Breeze (Torrance, Calif.), September 28, 1972


Devil's Children - When a Communist Isn't, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), February 18, 1969


Displays of Support Give GIs Their Due, Elgin Courier-News (Illinois), November 2, 1967


Dissent From Dissent Arouses Little Interest, The San Diego Union (Calif.), January 27, 1969


Dissent or Treason? Youth is Confused, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), November 5, 1969


Double Standard Seen on Communism, The San Diego Union (Calif.), November 16, 1966


Doves' Monster Will Haunt Us, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), February 15, 1972


Drawing Up Balance Sheet of 50 Years of Communism, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), September 28, 1967


Dubcek Seen As a Soviet Put Up Job, South Bay Daily Breeze (Torrance, Calif.), June 15, 1969


Dumitru Danielopol Attending Third Paris Peace Conference, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), June 4, 1968


Eartha Kitt Was Tactless, But She Did Have a Point, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), January 29, 1968


East Europe Looks to U.S., The Sacramento Union (Calif.), April 20, 1968


Echoes From Bay of Pigs, Illinois State Journal, May 6, 1969


Ending Vietnam War 'Simple' , San Pedro News-Pilot (Calif.), March 20, 1967


Enemy Can Win in Washington, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), April 1, 1968


Ethnic Groups Swinging to Republic Side, The San Diego Union (Calif.), July 31, 1972


Ethnics Won't Go For McGovern Line, Joliet Herald-News (Illinois), October 23, 1972


Europe Pleased With Nixon, Illinois State Journal, June 14, 1969


Europe, Too, Having Troubles Keeping Young People on Farms, Joliet Herald-News (Illinois), September 28, 1966


Europe's View of Kennedy, The Sacramento Union (Calif.), July 2, 1969


European Exile Leader Hits Western Aid to Red Nations, Evening Tribune (San Diego, Calif.), December 18, 1964


Europeans Are Puzzled by American Foreign Policy, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), September 21, 1966


Europeans Link Campus Riots With Communism, The San Diego Union (Calif.), May 7, 1970


Europeans Understand U.S. Move, The San Diego Union (Calif.), May 18, 1970


Everybody Thinks He's Expert in Field of Foreign Affairs, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), November 23, 1967


Evidence is There, But Fulbright Won't Listen, The San Diego Union (Calif.), August 21, 1969


Ex-King, Reds Irony Seen in Romanian U.S. Arrivals, The San Diego Union (Calif.), July 8, 1964


Exiles in Spain Show How To Carry On Propaganda Behind the Iron Curtain, Illinois State Register, September 19, 1969


Fact(?) Finding Missions - The Party Releases the News, South Bay Daily Breeze (Torrance, Calif.), January 10, 1967


Failure of Liberalism of 60's, The Sacramento Union (Calif.), April 14, 1970


Failure of Red Agriculture Adds to World Food Shortage, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), May 6, 1968


Fate Has Part in Friendly Handshake, The San Diego Union (Calif.), October 7, 1968


Financing Red Bankruptcies, Burbank Daily Review (Calif.), August 5, 1967


First Appraisal in 1969 Still Stands, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), October 29, 1972


Flood-Stricken Romania Needs Aid, The San Diego Union (Calif.), June 10, 1970


Foreign Allies Fear Democrat Nominee, The San Diego Union (Calif.), July 19, 1972


Foreign Diplomats Misinterpret America - Bad to Stay Too Long in East, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), April 26, 1965


Foreign Policy Gap Needs Attention, The San Diego Union (Calif.), November 7, 1968


Former French Official Says U.S. Soft on Hanoi, The San Diego Union (Calif.), February 16, 1972


Former Johnson Aide Debunks Some Myths About Communism, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), September 12, 1969


Fostering Appeasement Plays Into Red's Hands, The San Diego Union (Calif.), August 9, 1965


Free World Envoys Like GOP Ticket, The San Diego Union (Calif.), August 23, 1968


Freeing Reds' Captives Called Danger By Some, The San Diego Union (Calif.), December 4, 1964


French Business Being Hurt, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), July 14, 1966


French Stand Tests Patience, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), April 11, 1968


Frenchmen Also Irked By TV Bias - Not Only American Tempers Frayed, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), May 8, 1970


From Russian Side - Cold War Going Great, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), July 13, 1970

Box 5

Fulbright Not Loved Abroad, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), May 24, 1972


Fulbright Now After Voice of America, The San Diego Union (Calif.), April 27, 1972


Fulbright Recalls Muggeridge Theory, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), February 29, 1972


Fulbright Scare Tactics Long Used By Reds, The San Diego Union (Calif.), September 16, 1964


Giscardiens Back De Gaulle, Criticize Actions of U.S., Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), July 3, 1967


General Walt Says War Protests Delayed End, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), October 10, 1969


Glory That Was Greece, The Sacramento Union (Calif.), March 22, 1968


Goldwater Denounces Critics of President, The San Diego Union (Calif.), May 4, 1972


Goldwater is Newest Sensation in London, The San Diego Union (Calif.), August 15, 1964


Goldwaterites Still Determined - Liberal Republicans Could Be Wrong, The San Pedro News-Pilot (Calif.), December 7, 1964


GOP Dedication - Hope Offered Captive Nations, The San Diego Union (Calif.), July 17, 1964


GOP Guns Poised - Demo Foreign Policy Ammo Smolders, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), August 6, 1968


Greece - Friend In Need, The Sacramento Union (Calif.), April 25, 1968


Greek Colonels Impatient With United States Policy, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), June 18, 1969


Greek Government Takes Firmer Hold, Elgin Courier-News (Illinois), May 28, 1968


Greek Newsmen Cite Red Putsch Plan, Springfield State Journal (Illinois), May 12, 1967


Greek Official Says Greece Isn't Getting a Fair Shake, Joliet Herald-News (Illinois), May 30, 1968


Greek Students Go To School For Education, Not Politics, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), June 19, 1969


The Greeks Aren't Gullible, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), July 22, 1966


Greeks Fear That Washington May Forget 'Truman Doctrine' , Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), June 21, 1967


Greeks Misrepresented By the 'Liberal Pres' , The San Diego Union (Illinois), May 26, 1970


Grim Picture in Vietnam - Paper Debunks Peace Theory, Illinois State Journal, March 6, 1968


Grinding Heel of Communism, The San Diego Union (Calif.), July 18, 1984


Hanoi Could Say Thanks Once More, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), February 22, 1970


Hanoi's Line on the War, The Sacramento Union (Calif.), July 1, 1968


'Hashish Trail' on a Grim Road, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), November 9, 1972


Heavy Smog of Unreality Blankets Nation's Capital, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), July 28, 1969


He Does Moscow's Dirty Work, The San Diego Union (Illinois), June 12, 1972


Heard on Radio Liberty, Aurora Beacon-News (Illionis), April 14, 1972


Helsinki May Be Picked as Site For Arms Talk by U.S., Russia, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), September 25, 1969


Here Are Facts of Life About East-West Trade, Joliet Herald-News (Illinois), May 29, 1967


Here's a Study in Contrasts, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), June 15, 1966


Here's That Man Again - Tri Quang, the Red Buddhist, South Bay Daily Breeze (Torrance, Calif.), June 10, 1966


Hess Case Reveals Red Humanitarianism, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), February 6, 1970


Ho Won French War in Paris, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), October 22, 1967


The Hope For Meaningful Discussion - Nixon Holds Birds'-Eye View of Russian Confrontation, Illinois State Journal, February 8, 1968


Ho's Death Raises Vietnam Questions, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), September 9, 1969


Hospitable Swiss Have Immigration Worries, The San Diego Union (Calif.)


How Deep Is Rift Between Soviet Union and Romania, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), March 19, 1968


How Independent is Romanian Satellite?, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), March 31, 1972


How's Life Under Mao?, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), March 5, 1972


HHH Didn't Tell Whole Story, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), January 19, 1968


Humphrey Proposes End to U.S. Peace-Keeping, The San Diego Union (Calif), September 23, 1964


Hungary Committing Suicide as Nation, The San Diego Union November 9, 1966


If You're Tempted, Joliet Herald-News (Illinois), November 13, 1969


Ignored By West - Struggle Continues in Eastern Europe, Elgin Courier-News (Illinois), June 24, 1972


In Perilous Times Nation Needs Voice of Reason, The San Diego Union (Calif.), May 1, 1968


Indications Red China is Losing Some UN Backers of Last Year, Joliet Herald-News (Illinois), September 27, 1966


Indochina Record of Reds Alarming, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), March 13, 1972


Injustice Enforces Authority, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), May 18, 1966


Interesting Promises - Mr. Humphrey's Poor Arithmetic, The Post Advocate (Alhambra, Calif.), January 21, 1972


International Scene - America's Other Face, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), May 1, 1970


International Scene - Anti-Semitism on Rise, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), August 7, 1970


International Scene - Belgrade Lives It Up, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), May 22, 1970


International Scene - A Blush on Red Faces, Elgin Daily Courier- News (Illinois), March 8, 1965


International Scene - Another Red Hoax, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), August 5, 1967


International Scene - Bridge Building Delayed, Elgin Daily Courier- News (Illinois), October 24, 1968


International Scene - Calls for Peace Ignore Hard Facts, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), March 16, 1967


International Scene - Campaign Gets Sillier, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), October 28, 1968


International Scene - Can Russia Afford It?, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), July 8, 1967


International Scene - Case for United Nations, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), October 2, 1968


International Scene - Cheers For a Change, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), April 1, 1970


International Scene - China Jars Red World, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), January 28, 1967


International Scene - Choice of Nixon Cheered in Europe, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), August 27, 1968


International Scene - Communism Shows Its Fear of Change, Elgin Daily Courier News (Illinois), April 22, 1967


International Scene - Communism Won't Feed Hungry World, Elgin Daily Courier News (Illinois), May 1, 1967


International Scene - Communists Keep Trying, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), July 14, 1965


International Scene - Corner for the Kremlin, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), February 20, 1969


International Scene - Corruption Not nice, But it's Fact of Life, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), February 5, 1968


International Scene - Court Case Stirs Greece Elections, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), April 24, 1967


International Scene - Date: March 15, 1919, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), March 10, 1969


International Scene - De Gaulle Loses Grip, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), May 16, 1967


International Scene - Don't They Have Voice?, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), May 2, 1970


International Scene - East-West Trade Has Too Many Obstacles, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), May 5, 1967


International Scene - An Election Sidelight?, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), September 28, 1968


International Scene - European Journalist Want Trial of Reds, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), June 1, 1967


International Scene - Ex-Minister Views Sorbonne Turmoil, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), June 10, 1968


International Scene - Exiled Priest Says America Last Hope, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), August 21, 1967


International Scene - A Few Snags For Tito, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), February 24, 1970


International Scene - French Communists Become Ballot Issue, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), March 3, 1967


International Scene - Frustrated British Take It Out On U.S., Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), May 8, 1967


International Scene - Greek Denies Torture, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), March 6, 1970


International Scene - Greeks Grateful to Truman, U.S., Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), April 10, 1967


International Scene - Growing Crops Just One Russia Problem, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), October 16, 1966


International Scene - Hanoi Pushes Hard to Win the Peace, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), August 24, 1967


International Scene - How Vital Is Treaty?, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), October 25, 1968


International Scene - How Would You Like to Be a Vietnamese? Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), October 3, 1967


International Scene - Is This Trip Necessary?, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), December 18, 1968


International Scene - Is U.S. Hurting NATO?, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), July 13, 1967


International Scene - Just a Little More Rope, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), December 19, 1968


International Scene - Kremlin Plays Politics, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), December 13, 1967


International Scene - Lenin and Stalin Set Red Pattern, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), November 25, 1967


International Scene - A Look at Student Riots, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), December 17, 1968


International Scene - The March of Truth, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), December 3, 1968


International Scene - Marxism Record Reveals Little, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), January 3, 1967


International Scene - The Marxist Man Isn't, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), January 12, 1968


International Scene - A Message to Hanoi..., Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), December 23, 1969


International Scene - New Book Examines Cold War Strategy, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), March 27, 1965


International Scene - A New Look at Cuba, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), October 17, 1968


International Scene - Nixon Bring a Change, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), March 13, 1969


International Scene - Nuclear Pact May Need Closer Look, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), September 23, 1968


International Scene - On Propaganda Front, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), January 18, 1969


International Scene - One Plus for Romania, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), December 27, 1968


International Scene - One Woman's War, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), September 8, 1967


International Scene - 'Only Five Kings Left' , Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), December 27, 1967


International Scene - A Page Out of History, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), December 20, 1969


International Scene - Philosophy Has New Tune, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), November 15, 1969


International Scene - The President Was Right, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), May 15, 1970


International Scene - Propaganda Serves Red Line in France, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), May 22, 1967


International Scene - Question For Intellectuals, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), December 13, 1968


International Scene - Question in Britain: Can Wilson Go On?, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), July 8, 1969


International Scene - Red China Issue Fades, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), September 25, 1968


International Scene - Religion Remains Target in Russia, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), September 23, 1969


International Scene - Restless Hungarian Test Russian Bear, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), June 9, 1972


International Scene - Senator Brooke's First Worth Wait, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), April 5, 1967


International Scene - Small Nations Use Caution With Peking, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), December 11, 1967


International Scene - So Says Professor Toynbee, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), July 21, 1965


International Scene - Solace For the Enemy, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), February 20, 1968


International Scene - Soviet Massacre Recalled, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), March 24, 1970


International Scene - Spain Pays Dividend, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), June 19, 1967


International Scene - 'Talk to the People' , Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), June 16, 1967


International Scene - Talks Won't Alter U.S., French Views, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), May 16, 1968


International Scene - That's What She Said, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), January 16, 1970


International Scene - They Freely Advise But Stay 'Out of It' , Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), October 7, 1967


International Scene - Thoughts To Ponder From Tunisian Chief, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), September 15, 1967


International Scene - Trade With Enemy, However You Say It, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), January 20, 1967


International Scene - Trouble in the Family, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), July 15, 1965


International Scene - Trouble With Tourists, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), April 4, 1970


International Scene - Two Men and a Nation, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), May 14, 1970


International Scene - U.S. Silent On Czechs, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), August 7, 1968


International Scene - Veep and His Friends, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), February 19, 1970


International Scene - Viet Cong Running Down, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), February 26, 1969


International Scene - Vietnam: Testing Ground, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), January 29, 1970


International Scene - Vietnam Question Remains Pertinent, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), September 29, 1969


International Scene - War Over Cyprus Would Suit Kremlin, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), December 18, 1967


International Scene - Warsaw Pact Is Dead, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), January 3, 1969


International Scene - West German Air Smells Like Money, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), May 31, 1967


International Scene - What Is 'Neutrality' , Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), March 7, 1969


International Scene - What Is Soviet Goal?, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), November 19, 1969


International Scene - Where Was McCarthy, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), January 29, 1968


International Scene - Will Consular Treaty Soften Kremlin Line?, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), March 29, 1967


International Scene - 'With No Compassion' , Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), April 2, 1970


International Scene - Wolf at Kremlin Door?, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), July 17, 1967


International Scene - The Words Are Familiar, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), October 14, 1966


International Scene - Writers Defy Kremlin, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), February 24, 1968


International Scene - Yugoslavs Irk Kremlin, Elgin Daily Courier-News (Illinois), June 5, 1970


Iran Thrust Into Buffer Position in Middle East, The San Diego Union (Calif.), June 16, 1970


Iran's 'White' Solution, The Sacramento Union (Calif.), July 2, 1970


Iron Curtain Lands Keep Sense of Humor, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), February 3, 1970


Is Romania Independent of Moscow?, Aurora Beacon-News (Illinois), April 21, 1965


Is Russia Really Worker's Paradise?, Joliet Herald-News (Illinois), November 7, 1967


Is There Revolution in Russia?, The San Diego Union (Calif.), March 10, 1972


Is This a Sick Society?, The Sacramento Union (Calif.), November 1, 1968


Isn't It Time We Identify Our Enemy?, Joliet Herald-News (Illinois), April 29, 1968


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Box 6

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Box 7

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