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Register of the Rom Landau Middle East Collection

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Title: Rom Landau Middle East Collection
Collection number: Mss68
Creator: Rom Landau
Extent: 66.8 linear ft.
Repository: University of the Pacific. Library. Holt-Atherton Department of Special Collections
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Rom Landau (1899-1974) was an author and professor of Islamic Studies. He studied philosophy, art, and religion at various European schools and universities--notably in Germany--taking no degrees and spending his early years traveling and working as a sculptor. During the late 1920s and early 1930s Landau established a minor reputation in Europe as a writer. His themes were art history, Polish biography, and comparative religion. Landau's best known book from these years bears the title God is my adventure (Knopf, 1935). He was a co-founder of the World Congress of Faiths, London (1936).
Rom Landau first visited Morocco in 1924. From that time he became a student of Islamic civilization. Landau taught himself Arabic and spent as much time as he could afford living and travelling in North Africa and the Middle East. In 1937 he visited King Ibn Saud, King Abdallah of Jordan, and other secular and religious leaders of the Middle East. Landau subsequently published a book, Arm the Apostles (1938), about this trip in which he advocates arming the Arabs so that they might aid the British and French in the coming war with Nazi Germany.
Landau served in the Royal Air Force (1939-41) and was a member of the Arab Committee of the Intelligence Department of the British Foreign Office (1941-45) during World War II. During this period he published (with A.J. Arberry) the standard work Islam Today (Cambridge, 1943). Following the War, Landau returned to North Africa where he established close personal ties with Sultan of Morocco and other Arab leaders of liberation movements. Landau discreetly supported these groups although his interest in the cause of Arab independence would seem to have been motivated more by a traditionalist's wish to slow the modernization and Europeanization of the region than to improve the living standards of the common people.
Beginning in 1948 Rom Landau devoted his writing skills exclusively to Morocco and Moroccan affairs. Over the subsequent five year period Landau published Invitation to Morocco (1950); Moroccan Journal (1951); The Beauty of Morocco (1951); The Sul-tan of Morocco (1952); Morocco (for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 1952); Portrait of Tangier (1953); and France and the Arabs (1953). Later he would publish a study of Moroccan drama (1956), biographies of King Mohammed V (1957) and Hassan II (1962), as well as a History of Morocco in the Twentieth Century (1963). Landau also wrote numerous essays and book reviews for The Reporter, The New Statesman, The Spectator, and other British and American periodicals of the day.
Following a lecture tour to the United States (1952-53) Landau settled in San Francisco where he was employed by Alan Watts' American Academy of Asian Studies. The Academy soon affiliated with the University of the Pacific, Stockton (1954), and Landau subsequently became a professor of Islamic Studies at the University (1956-68). In 1962-63 he supervised the Peace Corps training program that prepared volunteers for service in Morocco. Following his retirement (1968), Landau settled in Marrakesh, where he lived until his death.

Scope and Content

The Landau Collection consists chiefly of Rom Landau's personal library and other materials--notably clippings, periodicals and government documents--that he used in teaching coursework in Is-lamic Studies at the University of the Pacific. As might be ex-pected, the primary focus of these materials is Morocco. How-ever, the collection also contains considerable material on the other nations of French North Africa, Algeria and Tunisia, and, a smaller body of books, pamphlets, and documents on other Islamic nations and on Israel/Palestine. The time period of greatest em-phasis is the twenty-five years immediately following World War II (1945-1970).

Series Description


Series I: Manuscript Materials

Scope and Content Note


BOX 1: Personal Papers (biographies, corresp., etc.) BOX 2: Writings BOX 3: Book Drafts BOX 4: Morocco (clippings, notes, govt. papers, etc.) BOX 4a: Morocco--Newspaper Clippings (1951-62) BOX 5: Misc. Muslim Countries (clippings, notes, misc. govt. papers, etc.) BOX 6: Maps

Series IIa: Printed Matter on Morocco

Scope and Content Note


BOX 1: 19th Century Books BOX 2: Morocco--Description & Travel, A-L BOX 3: Morocco--Description & Travel, M-Z BOX 4: Morocco--Fine Arts BOX 5: Morocco--History, A-L BOX 6: Morocco--History, M-Z BOX 7: Morocco--Politics & Government BOX 8: Morocco--Other Topics BOX 9: Moroccan Periodicals BOX 10: Moroccan Govt. Publ.--French Protectorate BOX 11: Moroccan Govt. Publ.--Royal Decrees,etc. BOX 12: Moroccan Govt. Publ.--Embassy in France,1962-64 BOX 13: Moroccan Govt. Publ.--Embassy in France,1965-67 BOX 14: Moroccan Govt. Publ.--Embassy in Washington D.C. BOX 15: Moroccan Govt. Publ.--Ministere de l'Information BOX 16: Moroccan Govt. Publ.--Ministere de l'Information--Maroc Documents BOX 17: Moroccan Govt. Publ.--Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres BOX 18: Moroccan Govt. Publ.--Presidence du Conseil BOX 19: Misc. Moroccan Govt. Ministries BOX 20: Moroccan Govt. Publ.--Bibliographie Nationale du Maroc BOX 21: al-Istiqlal (newspaper) BOX 22: Moroccan Publications in Arabic

Series IIb: Printed matter on other Muslim lands

Scope and Content Note


BOX 1: 19th c. Books BOX 2: Islam, A-L BOX 3: Islam, M-Z BOX 4: Middle East--General Topics, A-L BOX 5: Middle East--General Topics, M-Z BOX 6: North Africa BOX 7: Sub-Saharan Africa BOX 8: Islamic Art BOX 9: T.E. Lawrence ("Lawrence of Arabia") BOX 10: Arab Countries--Algeria BOX 11: Arab Countries--Egypt BOX 12: Arab Countries--Tunisia BOX 13: Misc. Arab Countries(incl. Aden, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon,Mauritania, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Syria & Yemen) BOX 14: Non-Arab Countries--Iran BOX 15: Non-Arab Countries--Israel/Palestine BOX 16: Non-Arab Countries--Turkey BOX 17: Misc. Non-Arab Countries (incl. Kashmir, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan) BOX 18: Europ. & Amer. Periodicals on the Muslim World BOX 19: Europ. & Amer. Periodicals on the Muslim World--Realites BOX 20: Arab Periodicals in European Languages BOX 21: Arab Newspapers in European Languages BOX 22: el Moujahid, 1956-62 (Algerian newspaper) BOX 23: Resistance Algerienne, 1956-57 BOX 24: el-Amal, 1966-Mar 1967 (Tunisian newspaper) BOX 25: el-Amal, Apr-Jun 1967 BOX 26: el-Amal, Jul-Sep 1967 BOX 27: el-Amal, Oct-Dec 1967 BOX 28: Misc. Muslim Periodicals in Arabic BOX 29: Tunisian Periodicals in Arabic

Series III: Printed Matter unrelated to Islam or the Middle East

Scope and Content Note


Box 1: Philosophy, Psychology & Religion Box 2: Other Topics

Container List




BOX 1: Rom Landau's PersonalPapers


-Biographical materials


-Photo portraits


-Clippings on RL in Arabic


-RL activities--clippings scrapbook (1949-51)


-RL activities--clippings (1952-59)


-RL activities--clippings (1960s)


-RL activities--clippings (1970s)


-RL Moroccan correspondence (1949-67)


[many of these items are from:Allal el Fassi, Tangier; Ahmed Belafrej, Ministre des Affaires Etrangeres]N.B.--these are photocopies of items at Syracuse U. Library


-Misc. business & personal correspondence (1937-68)


-Corresp. re book review assignments


-RL correspondence w/ Robert Bahnsen, 1968-70


-Published book reviews by RL


-RL publisher's book announcements


-Reviews of RL books


-RL teaching materials:


-bibliography of books on Middle East used in RL course


-Moroccan chronology


-course outline for Peace Corps instruction (1962)


-bibliography of American books published in Arabic (1964)


-vocabulary commonly used Arabic words


-Misc. invitations


-Early inventory of periodicals in RL's library


BOX 2: Rom Landau's Writings


-Landau Bibliography compiled by RL, c1963


-Book review drafts


-Articles publ. in The Arab World:


-"Arab contribution to mathematics & astronomy"


-"Arab contribution to medicine"


-"Arab contribution to the arts"


-"Arab literature & the West"


-"How Arab learning reached the West"


-"Physical science & the Arabs"


-"Pioneers in travel & geography"


-"American sailors, members of a proud & victorious navy..." [RL flyer for distribution to US Fleet at Tangier, 1951]


-"The Contribution of Egypt," n.d. [3 pp., typescript]


-"Franco & his friends, the Moors," The Reporter (4/7/55)


-"The French conscience & Morocco: Christian morality challenges foreign policy," America: National Catholic Weekly Review 89:22 (8/29/53).


-In Memoriam: His Majesty King Mohammed V (10th August, 1909-26 February, 1961. [text taken from RL biography]


-Jo Jones, 1971. [text to exhibit catalog, works of artist active in Marrakesh]


-"Moroccan profiles: A Nationalist view," The Middle East Journal 7:1 (Win 1953).


-"Morocco: Another step nearer chaos," America: National Catholic Review (11/21/53)


-"Morocco, 1955," America: National Catholic Review 92:22(2/26/55)


-"Non-Soviet colonialism," America: National Catholic Review (6/4/55). [letter to editor]


-"North Africa: Friend or foe of the West?" Extension Publications, Brigham Young University, Provo UT, 1961. [a speech]


-"The role of the Maghreb in the present crisis." [apparently written as a speech, to be given ca. 1955]


-Unidentified article in Arabic on aspects Moroccan art publ. by Moroccan govt., 1965.


- "Morrish Morocco: Marrakech, Fez, Rabat" by Rom Landau. Final ms. 1966 [aka Afrique Mauresque: Marrakech, Fes, Rabat].


- "Morrish Morocco: Marrakech, Fez, Rabat" by Rom Landau. Draft ms. no date.


BOX 3: Book Drafts


-"First (of six) ms. versions of 'God is my adventure' by Rom Landau (1933/1934)" [typescript bound in red canvas]


-"Peace Corps in Morocco," c1963 [unpubl. diary of a year spent training volunteers and helping them in the field]


-"Morocco Independent," 1960 final ms.


-"The Kasbas of Southern Morocco," 1968 final ms.


-[96 b/w photos by Wim Swaan for "Morocco"]


-"Source material for Rom Landau's official Biography of H. M. King Hassan II published in an arabic translation by the Royal Palace," [chiefly govt. publ.; contains no notes or drafts by RL]


BOX 4: Morocco




-"Etablissment de l'Elevage de Sidi-Tabet"


-"L'Office de l'Irrigation aux Beni-Amir Beni-Moussa,Etude des Questions d'Ordre General"(1959)


-Description & Travel


-"Agadir--Ports du Grand Sud"


-"L'Activite Administrative Municipale de la ville de Casablanca" (c1959)


-"Marrakech--Execution depuis 1956"


-"Tetouan--July 7 & Jul 9, 1959"


-"Tioumliline" (1957)


-"Basic Facts on Morocco" (1953)


-"Camping Sites" [entire country]


-"CTM Casablanca: Tarifs au 15 Fevrier 1962" [train rates]


-"Customs regulations for visitors to Morocco"


-"Hotel List" [entire country; incl. prices]


-"List of travel agencies in Morocco"


-"Pour les touristes etrangeres qui veulent venir au Maroc"


-"Temperatures" [individual cities by month; fahrenheit]


-"Musee Alaoui--Le Bardo" [b/w photo postcard]


-Economic Conditions


-"Decree 1-58-263 (13 Sep 1958) instituting measures to encourage private investment"


-"Economic Survey, 4th Quarter of 1959"


-"Index of selected stock values at Casablanca" (1959)


-"Investments" (1960)


-"Moroccan Trade Balance, 1959"


-"Production Miniere du Maroc en 1956"


-"La Banque du Maroc--The Bank of Morocco" (1959)


-"United States Aid to Morocco" (1960)


-Istiqlal Party press releases, etc.


-"Un communique de l'Istiqlal apres la Conference de Rome"(1955)


-"Jewish Moroccans" (1955)


-"US Policy & Morocco" (1955)


-"General Resolution of the National Counsel of the Istiqlal Party..." (1956)


-"Resolutions du Conseil National du Parti de l'Istiqlal"(1956)


-"Traduction du discours de M. Ahmed Balafrej a l'ouverture du Conseil National du Parti del Istiqlal, le 19 Aout,1956"


-"Traduction du discours du Leader du Parti de l'Istiqlal,Si Allal el Fassi..." (1956)


-[Misc. resolutions of the Istiqlal Party at Marrakech Conference concerning Mauritania, Algeria, etc.] (1961)


-Laws, Statutes, etc.


-"Code du Statut Personnel et des Successions"


-"La dissolution du mariage et ses effets"


-"De la Filiation et de ses effets"


-"Des regles propres a l'Enfance Delinquante"


-Photos [all are b/w glossies]


-Man overseeing boy in inflatable raft [9.5 x 12"]


-Young men in crowded recreation room [9.5 x 12"]


-Young men in dormitory [9.5 x 12"]


-Boy painting row of stones [7.5 x 9.375"]


-Girl & boy shelling shrimp from a metal chest [7.5 x 9.375"]


-Classroom scene [7.5 x 9.375"]


-Exterior view of classroom building [7.5 x 9.375"]


-Boy w/ writing table [5 x 7"]


-Two boys painting wood carvings [5 x 7"]


-Boy searching type in printer's case [5 x 7"]


-Politics & Govt.


-General Touzet de Vigier to M. le Directeur of World Affairs magazine, Aug 8, 1951


-Francois Mauriac. "Le Sang Innocente" (1953)


-Robert Schuman. "Necessity for a policy" (1953)


-"Part II: Documents" (1953) [misc. stmts. pertaining to French deposition of Sultan]


-"The Mouvement Populaire" (n.d.)


-"Existing political institutions in French Morocco"(n.d.)


-UN General Assembly. "Communique from His Majesty the Sultan of Morocco" (10/16/52)


-Excerpts from press re Moroccan political situation in period immediately preceding independence (1953-55)


-Robert Verdier. "Report on the Parliamentary Mission to Morocco" (Mar 1954)


-UN General Assembly. "Information fro non-self-governing territories: Summary & analysis of information transmitted under Article 73e of Charter..." (9/1/54)


-UN General Assembly. "The Morocco Question" (12/10/54)


-UN General Assembly. "Draft Resolution" (10/13/54)


-Do. "First Committee--Take 1" (10/13/54)


-Do. "...Take 2" (10/13/54)


-Do. "...Take 4" (10/13/54)


-Do. "...Take 6" (10/13/54)


-Do. "...Take 6" (10/13/54)


-Do. "...Take 7" (10/13/54)


-Do. "First Committee--Take 8" (10/13/54)


-Do. "...Take 9" (10/13/54)


-Do. "First Committee--Take 11" (10/13/54)


-Do. "First Committee adopts resolution postponing consideration of Moroccan Question..."(10/13/54)


-Do. "Statement by Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr." (10/13/54)


-Do. "Statement made by Sheikh Asad al-Faqih, Chmn. Saudi Arabian delegation..." (10/13/54)


-"Note sur la situation au Maroc--Faite devant le Congres du Parti Gaulliste" (n.d., c1955)


-"Exchange of letters between H.E. Embarek Bekkai, President of the Moroccan Government and M. Christian Pineau, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chairman of the French Delegation (dated March 2, 1956)"


-Decree (dahir) leaving Prince Moulay Hassan in charge of country while King Mohammed V takes a cruise (Jan 1957)


-"Background events on Morocco" (1957)


-"La crise Marocaine: Ses causes, son developpement" (1957)


-"Mehdi Ben Barka" (c1957)


-"Au Maroc, deux grandes traditions separent, en quelque sorte, le regime du staut personnel..." (c1959)


-Pierre Chauvet. "Les relations americaine-marocaine que la rencontre Kennedy-Hassan II doit marquer..." (1963)


-Poster showing King Mohammed V speaking before UN (1958)


-Other topics


-[Excerpts from Consulate Dispatch Book, 1820-1832][re Moroccan-US relations]


-"Extracts from 'As He Saw It' by Elliott Roosevelt" (1946)


-"Hydraulic & hydroelectric developments" (c1952)


-Jean Scelles to "M. le Ministre," Sep 3, 1953[re prostitution reform in Morocco]


-"Universite du Maroc, Rabat. Faculte des Lettre et des Sciences Sociales" (1957-58)


-Morocco. Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Embassy of Morocco, Washington D.C. "Moroccan exhibits at the US World Trade Fair" (1958)


-H.R.B. Howell, Secty-Gen, Country Club Diplomatique, Tangier to M. le President ESSI de Casablanca, 3/3/58


-"Stage de Responsables d'Associations culturelles au Maroc-1958"


-"Le Chef d la Chambre Internationale de Commerce prone la lutte contre la pauvrete" (n.d.)


-Misc. typecript notes w/ ink annotations by RL on various aspects of Moroccan society, economy, etc. (n.d.)


-Controversy betw. USA & France vis a vis Moroccan trade (1953)


-King Mohammed V--Speeches (1955-61)


-Conseil National du P.D.I. (1956)


-Entr'aide National (1958)


-King Hassan II--Speeches (1961- )


-Assassination of Mehdi Ben Barka (1966)


-Ministere de la Defence Nationale


-"La Mission du Ministere..."


-Ministere de la Sante


-"Commission de la Sante Publique" (1958)[list of personnel; organizational charts]


-"Sous-Commission de l'Aide et de l'Assistance Sociales" (n.d. c1960)


-"Sous-Commission de la Sante" (c1964)


-"Rapport du Groupe de Travail de l'Infrastructure" (1965)


-"Rapport de Synthese de la Sous-Commission de la Prevention" (n.d.)


-"Loi descadres theorique des services de prevention" (n.d.)


-Ministere de l'Education Nationale. Div. de Jeunesse et du Sport


-"Repertoire des etablissements recevant des jeunes delinquants..." (1958)


-"Le Bureau de l'Enfance delaissee et de l'Education Surveillee" (c1958)


-"Action de la Section des Arts Plastiques dans le cadre du Mouvement d'Education Populaire au Maroc" (1958)


-Bureau des Activites Feminines. "Note d'Orientation; Realisations -- Projects" (1958)


-"Circulaire relatif aux Camps d'Ete..." (1959)


-"Concernant l'Organisation des Camps" (1959)


-"Pour une Politique de la Culture Populaire au Maroc" (1959)


-"Bureau de l'Education de Base Feminine" (n.d.)


-"La Division de la Jeunesse et des Sports" (n.d.)


-"Moroccan Ministry of Education, Youth & Sport Division-- Youth Hostels" (n.d.)


-Ministere de l'Education Nationale. Service des Arts et de la Folklore


-Ministere des Habous


-Morocco--Periodical Clippings


-V.C. Scott O'Connor. "Beyond the Grand Atlas" National Geographic 61:3 (Mar 1932)


-"In turbulent Morocco" New York Times Magazine (6/52)


-Theodore Draper. "The coming battle for Morocco" The Reporter (10/28/52)


-Peter Schmid. "Carpet bargaining in Morocco" The Freeman (12/28/53)


-Ernest O. Hauser. "Crisis in North Africa" Saturday Evening Post (5/28/53)


-William O. Douglas. "The French are facing disaster again in Morocco" Look (10/19/54)


-Jean & Franc Shor. "From sea to Sahara in French Morocco" National Geographic 107:2 (Feb 1955)


-"Morocco--The Dangerous Middle" Time (6/27/55)


-John K. Cooley. "Morocco: French vs. natives, and now French against French" The Reporter (8/11/55)


-"North Africa--Revolt of the Arabs" Time (8/29/55)


-"France--The tale of two sultans" Time (9/19/55)


-"France--Shambles" Time (10/3/55)


-"Morocco--Slow Exit" Time (10/10/55)


-"Morocco--The grovelling pasha" Time (11/21/55)


-Francois Pages. "Revolution: Les freres ennemis engagent"Paris Match No. 349 (12/17/55)


-"Morocco: A new nation on the world map" Life (n.d., c1956)


-"Morocco: Man of balances" Time (4/22/57)[King Mohammed V]


-David M. Hart. "Notes on the Rifian community of Tangier"The Middle East Journal (Spr 1957)


-Ernest Gellner. "Independence in the Central High Atlas"The Middle East Journal 11:3 (Sum 1957)


-"Morocco: Hope" Time (9/9/57)


-Nancy Dughi & Margaret Parton. "Daughter of the Sultan"Ladies' Home Journal (Dec 1957)


-"The very, very rich" The American Weekly (2/5/61)[Barbara Hutton]


-"Morocco: The way to the throne" Time (3/10/61)


-"La tragedie Marocaine" Paris Match No. 1159 (6/4/71)


-fragment of interview (in French) w/ Hassan II (n.d.)






















-no date


BOX 5: Misc. Middle Eastern Countries


-Algeria:National Liberation Front--Press Releases


-"Memorandum submitted by Algerian delegation to President of 11th Ordinary Session General Assembly UN"(11/12/56)


-"Memorandum on question of foreign aid in Algeria"(1/57)


-"War in Algeria" (1/57)


-"War in Algeria: An open letter from the Algerian Federation of Liberals" (1/57)


-"War in Algeria: Days of strife" (1/57)


-"War in Algeria: Persecution of Algerian workers & trade unions" (1/57)


-"War in Algeria: The Question of foreign aid" (1/57)


-"The treatment of prisoners of war by the Algerian Army of National Liberation" (n.d. c1/57)


-"War in Algeria: Moral Revolt in France" (n.d., c4/57)


-"War in Algeria: The 'Massacre' of Melouza" (n.d., c6/13/57)


-"A shocking document reveals how Hungarian refugees are forcibly enrolled in the French Foreign Legion.." (10/57)


-"Statement of the Exec. Comm. of the Genl. Union of Algerian Moslem Students (UGEMA)" (10/57)


-"Text of a communication transmitted by Mr. M'hammed Yazid on behalf of the FNLA" (1/58)


-"Oil in the Sahara" (n.d. c2/58)


-"The Algerian question: War in Algeria--The FLN carries the war to France" (n.d., c8/30/58)


-"Full text of policy declaration made on Sep 26, 1958 by Mr. Ferhat Abbas..."


-"Policy declaration made by Mr. Ferhat Abbas...on Sep 26,1958"


-"Declaration of Prime Minister Ferhat Abbas to 'El Moujahid'..." (10/10/58)


-"Final communique of meeting of permanent Secretariat of Tangier Conference" (10/15-17/58)


-"The Referendum in Algeria" (10/58)


-"Statement of the provisional govt. of the Algerian Republ. in answer to Genl. De Gaulle's press conference" (10/58)


-"French elections in Algeria" (12/58)


-"The Question of Algeria: The Debate at the UN" (n.d.,c12/15/58)


-"Statement of Belkacem Evian Talks" (6/14/61)


-"Lille Conference of French political & intellectual leaders condemns French policy at Evian peace talks" (6/30/61)


-"Statement of Belkacem Krim..." (7/31/61)


-"Statement by Mr. Benyoussef Benkhedda, Premier, Prov. Govt. Algerian Republic" (9-4-61)


-"The Belgrade Conf. of non-aligned countries" (9/1-5/61)


-"Interview w/ Said Dahlab, Min. For. Affairs, Prov. Govt.Algerian Republic" (11/1-6/61)


-"General declaration drawn up in common agreement by delegations of provisional govt. Algerian Republic & govt. French Republic" (3/18/62)


-"Statement by Mr. Benyoussef Benkhedda" (3-18-62)


-"The Pressing need for cooperation" (5/3/62)


-"Press conference by M'hammed Yazid" (5/4/62)


-"Statement by Mr. Benyoussef Benkhedda" (5/9/62)


-"After Hassi-Beida (One)" (1963)


-Algeria: United Nations, Official Records. General Assembly, 8th Sess.,Suppl. 17, "Self-government in Algeria" (n.d., c1954)


-Algeria: Le Code de la Nationalite Algerienne (1963)


-Algeria: Algerian conflict w/ Morocco


-Algeria, Republic of. Embassy of the Democratic & Popular Republic of Algeria, Washington D.C.. "The Algerian-Moroccan conflict" (10/29/63)


-Do. "Le Conflit frontalier Maroco-Algerien" (7/11/63)


-Algeria: Photographs


-Egypt: Essays on Cultural Life


-Kallafallah, M. "Literary life in modern Egypt" (n.d.)


-Mehrez, Gamal. "The Muslim art of Egypt" (n.d.; 14 pp.)


-Mones, Hussein. "Moslem Egypt" (n.d.; 31 pp.)


-"The Revolution of art in Egypt" (n.d.; 7 pp.)


-Egypt: Clippings


-Donald Peters. "The Moslem Brotherhood--Terrorists or just zealots?" The Reporter (3/17/53)


-Donald Robinson. "The blind man who brought light to Egypt" Reader's Digest (Jan 1954) [Taha Hussein]


-"Egypt: A young regime rebuilds an ancient land" Newsweek (10/25/54)


-Martin Flavin. "Egypt's liberation province, the beginning of a beginning" The Reporter (11/3/55)


-"Arab press backs Egypt's decision to nationalize Suez Canal Company" Arab Digest (8/2/56)


-"Text of a letter sent by Dr. Fayez A. Sayegh, Acting Director, Arab States Delegation Office, to editors of American papers" (8/2/56)


-Arab Information Center, NY. "Action in Suez: Facts & Figures" (n.d., c8/56)


-"Text of statement by Dr. Mohamed Abu Mosseir, Egyptian Minister of Commerce" (n.d., c1956)


-"Secretary Dulles tells what Suez crisis means" US News & World Report (8/10/56)


-Anwar G. Chejne. "Egyptian attitudes toward pan-Arabism" Middle East Journal (Sum? 1957)


-Egypt, Republic of. Egyptian Embassy, Washington D.C. The Suez Canal--Facts & Figures (8-11-56)


-"Epic of Man: Egypt" Life (10/1/56)


-Indonesia: Dvpmt. & influence of Islam


-Iran: Clippings


-Harland Cleveland. "Oil, blood, and politics: Our next move in Iran" The Reporter (11/10/53)


-Iraq: Miscellany


-Iraq. Embassy of Iraq, Washington D.C. "Iraq--Summary of basic information" (n.d., c1953)


-International Bank for Reconstruction & Development."Balance of loan to Iraq cancelled" (1/7/55)


-Ray Alan. "Iraq: Dilemma for the West" The Reporter (3/17/53)


-Palestine:Abdul Baha (1918)


-Israel/Palestine: Clippings


-Ernest Stock. "Frayed nerves in Israel" The Reporter (12/8/53)


-Israel Office of Information. "Egypt-Israel Relations" (1/55)


-Do. "Eight years of Israel independence, 1948-1956" (1/56)


-Fayez A. Sayegh. "The Arab viewpoint" Councilor (1/56)


-Arab Information Center. "The organized Israeli attack in the Gaza area on February 28th..." (n.d., c3/56)


-Alec S. Kirkbride. "Arab versus Israeli, 1948" Manchester Guardian Weekly (8/23/56)


-Israel: US Embassy press releases


-"Israel's request for defensive arms" (1956)


-"Israel bombs Sinai" (10/29/56)


-"Following renewed wave of attacks on Israel" (10/29/56)


-Summary of UN speech by Abba Eban (10/31/56)


-Text of UN Speech by Abba Eban (11/1/56)


-Tunisia: Miscellany


-Gerald H. Gerhard. "Tunisia: The bumpy road to self-government" The Reporter (7/7/53)


-France. Amabassade de France, New York. "The independence of Tunisia recognized by France: The Agreement of March 20, 1956"


-"Habib Bourguiba: A short biographical sketch" The Pakistan Review (10/60)


Tunisia: Photographs


-Portraits: Habib Bourguiba, President


-Portraits: Radhia Haddad, Pres. Union Natl. des Femmes


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BOX 21: AL-ISTIQLAL 1952-63


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-[1 v. (1967)] [color photo of King Hassan II of Morocco on cover]


-[1 v. No. 13 (1968)] [claret covers, 9.375" x 6.25"]


-[1 v. (1968)] [claret border, b/w photo of angry man {Hassan II?} in western dress]


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