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Register of the McGee Family Papers, 1893-1972
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a-Holt-Atherton Center Newsletter text announcing gift of the McGee Papers.


b-McGee Family Genealogy, General Information and Listing of Descendants


c-Genealogy Chart of the McGee Family, descendants of Archibald and Ellen Lowe McGee


1.2: WILL of RICHARD C. MCGEE, 1889 [photocopy, 2 pp.]




1.4: CORRESPONDENCE, 1890-1920


a-August 10, 1893. Austin [Ill.] "Mama" to Lewis Horton, Stockton, Cal.


b-Oct. 17, 1895 "To Mary" [with Oct. 22, 1895 letter]


c-Oct. 22, 1895. To Lew Horton from Maurina, Austin, Ill.


d-Sept. 26, 1897 To Lewis B. Horton from "Papa," Cincinnati, Ohio


e-March 20, 1910. To Mrs. Ed McFarland [with birth announcement of Joseph Gilbert]


f-Aug. 1, 1911 To Russell from George L. Richardson, County Surveyor's Office, Marin County, Calif.


g-July 11, 1912. To Miss Horton (envelope Santa Cruz) from "Nan"


h-July 24, 1912. To Miss Horton from "Nan"


i-Consignment Demand to E. McFarland. [form from Cook Co., Ill.]


j-March 7, 1913. To Miss Claire Horton, 45 West Oak St., Stockton from Luke W Peart, Heald's College


k-May 16, 1913. To Claire Horton from Wm.Biddick, Young Men's Christian Association, Stockton


1.5: CORRESPONDENCE 1920S-1930


a-Aug. 20, 1921. To Clair [Horton] from Russ [McGee], San Diego


b-July 31, 1923 To Claire (envelope Mrs. Russell McGee 522 No. Madison St., Stockton) From "Grandmother"


c-Aug. 15, 1921. To Clair Horton from Russell McGee, Venice, Calif.


d-Aug. 18, 1921. To Clair Horton from Mack [Russell Mcgee], Venice, Calif.


e-August. 24, 1921. To Claire from Mack, [Russell McGee], Venice, Calif.


f-August 26, 1921 To Claire from Russ, Venice, Cal.


g-July 4, 1922. To Claire Horton from Elsie Schaefer.


h-July 18, 1922. Telegram. to Mrs. R C. McGee from "Mama"


i-July 30, 1922. To Aunt Claire and Uncle Russ from Helen Moore.


j-Dec. 19, 1922. To Claire from Grandmother Horton


k-Dec. 27, 1922. To Claire from Gertie Moore.


l-December 28, 1922. Too Uncle Russell and Auntie Claire from Helen Moore.


m-Nov. 23, 1923 Telegram to Mrs. Russell McGee from Weymanns


n-Nov. 30, 1923. To "Little Mother" [Mrs. Russell McGee] from Eda Simon


o-Nov. 13, 1924. To Frances M. McGee from Great Grandmother Horton


p-Nov. 17, 1924. To Frances Marie McGee from Aunt Charlotte.


q-Jan. 11, 1930. To Claire from Grandmother B., Plainfield




a-June 27, 1942 To Russ McGee, Jr. c/o L.R. Moore Bolinas, Marin County, Cal. from Dad, Stockton, Cal.


b-July 5, 1942. To Russ[Jr.] from Dad [Russ McGee, Sr.]


c-Undated, page on boat idea.


d-June 14, 1944. Fathers' Day Card from Russ Jr. to Russ McGee Sr.


e-Jan. 8, 1945 p. 2 From Dad.


f-Sept. 25, 1945. To Russ from Mom, letter #215


g-July 5, 1946. Western Union. To R C McGee from Russ, Washington D.C.


h-July 7, 1946. Western Union. R.C. McGee 1470 West Walnut St. from Russ, Chicago


1.7: CORRESPONDENCE, 1950s [Russell McGee correspondence as City Manager]


a-Letters and cards congratulating McGee on appointment or retirement and responses


b-March 6, 1951. R.V. Carey, City Manager's Office to R.C. McGee, Oxnard, Cal.


c-March 11, 1952 W.B. Hogan, Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles


d-March 17, 1952. RCM response to Hogan


e-March 18, 1852 To F.M. Gauthier, in response to napkin with limerick, attached.


f-March 18, 1952. To Jerry Keithley, City Manager, Palo Alto


g-March 18, 1952. Stuart Gibbons


h-March 18, 1952. To Lloyd R. Fronefield, Cal State Auto Association, Stockton


i-March 18, 1952 To Edward H. Pilon, Stockton Musicians Association


j-March 18, 1952 E.C. Dutcher, J.I. Case Co., Stockton


k-March 18, 1952. J.A. Kasper, Stockton


l-March 18 P.H. Keller, Fireboard Products


m-March 18, 1952 Frank McKeegan


n-March 18, 1952 Lois Miller


o-March 18, 1952 Wesley G. Young, Stockton High School.


p-March 18, 1952 Albert E. Robinson


q-March 18, 1952 Mrs. B.L. Walker


r-March 18, 1952 Simpson Hornage, Austin Brothers


s-March 18, 1952. Chris Papas, Attorney


t-March 18, 1952 Edgar H. Whiteside, County Treasurer and Tax Collector


u-March 18, 1952 Dave S. Matthews


v-March 18, 1952 Mr. C.V. Wilbur, Stockton Division Manager


w-March 18, 1952 Mr. Angelo Sanguinetti, El Dorado Drug Store


x-March 18, 1952 George L. Avery, Oakland


y-March 18, 1952 Richard H. Towns, Dept of Employment


z-March 24, 1952 Dede and Leon Casson


aa-March 26, 1952. Telegram and response from RCM to Raymond V. Carey, Home Builders Institute, Los Angeles


bb-March 25, 1952 To D.A. Marino (card)


cc-March 28, 1952 To Nelson D. Holmes, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S.


dd-April 4, 1952 Robert O. Bailey, City Manager, Chico


ee-May 21, 1952 Louella


ff-March 23, 1953. John Joseph Fuhring to McGee


gg-Nov. 13, 1953. Olin F. Fulmer, Mayor, Savannah Georgia


hh-Nov. 20, 1953 George W. Young, Sioux City Council-Elect


ii-November 16, 1953 LeRoy Johnson, Congress, House of Rep.


jj-November 17, 1953. Note to Fellow employees about fishing gear gift


kk-Nov. 19 Ross Miller, City Manager of Modesto


ll-Nov. 19, 1953 Bruce Craver, Secretary-Manager Stockton Chamber of Commerce


mm-Nov. 24, 1953 Richard Graves, League of California Cities


nn-Nov. 24, 1953 N.S. DeMotte, Stockton Record




a-Littlejohn Creek and Calaveras River Stream Groups. Resolution of Board of Directors of Linden Irrigation District, Concerning Storage of Water in the Calaveras River, August, 5, 1940


b-April 17, 1952 To Felix Gauthier, Crescent Show Case and Fixture Co., Stockton thanks for photo of McGee Corner, attached


c-May 5, 1952 Sterling S. Winans, Director of Recreation, Sacramento congratulates him for hiring John Lilly as Assistant Manager.


d-May 7, 1952 From R.C. Mcgee to Sterling S. Winans, Director of Recreation, Sacramento.


e-May 23, 1952 Howard Gibson, Stockton Realty Board


f-June 1952 The Big Wheel. Rotary publication. McGee to talk in June.


g-June 11, 1952. Alonzo L. Baker, COP


h-Jan. 14,1953 Kiwanis Club of East Stockton, certificate of appreciation


I-Sept. 30, 1953 Western Union Telegram to R.C. McGee, Jr.


j-Sept. 30, 1953 From Nelma and Kids to Russ re new car


k-Feb. 16, 1972 To Mr. and Mrs. McGee. Wedding invitation to Hirai wedding




a-Feb. 3, 1953. California Central Valley's 20 Years of Progress Exposition. Program. [2 copies]


b-6th Annual General Hilario C. Moncado Stockton Goodwill Open, Swenson Park, Stockton, Cal., July 6-July 11, 1953.


c-Charter of the City of Stockton, Article IX The City Manager, 2 pp.


d-Sept. 28, 1953. To Our Consumers from California Water Service Co. to be sold to City.




a-Lists of friends and relatives with addresses. Crossed out as if for party invitations.


b-Drawing of Fjord by "Dad" [Russell McGee]


c-Numbered lists of letters by Dad and Mom with Date. (Does not relate to letters in collection, only one is numbered)




a-May 9, 1935. Dance Drama College of the Pacific


b-March 1, 1941. Spring Music Festival, Stockton High School


c-May 17-18, 1941 YMI and YLI I am an American Day.


d-May 22, 1941 11th Annual Concern of Stockton High School






a-Christmas 1909 card


b-Catalina Island, Summer Service, June 17, 1922


c-Catalina Island, via Steamship Avalon, July 1922


d-Wedding Announcement of Clarissa Taylor Horton, daughter of Marie McFarland to Russell Charles McGee. July 15, 1922, Stockton.


e-"Our Wedding Day" [marriage certificate of Russell and Claire, July 15, 1922]


f-Mrs. Marie McFarland announces the marriage of her daughter.


g-A.A.E. Organization Dinner Stockton, Feb. 2, 1924.


h-Cradle Roll Promotion Certificate of Frances Marie McGee, Congregational Church, Stockton, Sept 25, 1927.


i-Card, R.C. McGee City, Engineering Dept.


j-Let's Step On It! Menu and program


k-Identification Card (Picture I.D.) Russell C. McGee, Executive Assistant, 1951.


l-Flyer, Gates Hotel


m-Super "Express Steamers Yale and Harvard, Los Angeles Steamship Company. [color postcard]


n-June 12, 1941 Stockton High School Commencement Exercises [2 copies]


o-Fannie McGee. Remembrance by Reverend Ernest Bradley, Bolinas, California Sept. 1945. [3 copies]


p-Stockton Blue Print Co. advertising


q-Card to Mrs. McFarland


r-"Trouble Brewing," Chicago Daily News [poem]


s-Oct. 22, 1953. Dinner Menu and napkin, in form of Grant Deed, Stockton Legal Secretaries, grantors, to our bosses, grantees.


t-In remembrance of Meta Marie McFarland, passed away September 13, 1956. Floral Record, Funeral of Meta Marie McFarland, Sept 17, 1956.


u-"Irish Washerwoman."


v-Invitation to attend Retirement banquet Nov. 12,


w-February 26, 1974. In memory of Russell C. McGee, Services in the B.C. Wallace Chapel. Feb. 28, 1974. Register of Visitors, B.C. Wallace and sons.


Box 2: FAMILY DIARIES, 1920; 1954-1960


2.1: DIARY OF CLAIRE HORTON MCGEE, MAY-JUL 1920 [Travel diary from California to the East Coast and back. Clipping states that Miss Dora Ames and Miss Claire Horton traveled by train from Stockton, California to Washington D.C., Philadelphia and New York. Claire's diary concentrates on New York visit. Staying with relatives she uses New York City as a base to visit Newark, Boston, Bear Mountain, Albany, Niagara Falls. Activities include shopping, museums, libraries, and historical sites.]


2.2: DIARIES OF RUSSELL C. MCGEE, 1954, January 1-December 31


2.3: DIARIES OF RUSSELL C. MCGEE, 1954-1956. [entries for January 1-31, 1954; January 1-4, 1955; January 1-4; 1956]


2.4: DIARIES OF RUSSELL C. MCGEE, 1955 January to December


2.5: DIARIES OF RUSSELL C. MCGEE, 1956 January to December


2.6: DIARIES OF RUSSELL C. MCGEE, 1957 January 1 to December


2.7: DIARIES OF RUSSELL C. MCGEE, 1958 January 1 to December 31


2.8: DIARIES OF RUSSELL C. MCGEE, 1959, January 1 to December 31


2.9: DIARIES OF RUSSELL C. MCGEE, 1960 January 1 to December 31




3.1: DIARIES OF RUSSELL C. MCGEE, 1961, January 1 to December 31


3.2: DIARIES OF RUSSELL C. MCGEE, 1962. January 1 to December 31


3.3: DIARIES OF RUSSELL C. MCGEE, 1963. January 1 to December 31


3.4: DIARIES OF RUSSELL C. MCGEE, 1964 January 1 to December 31


3.5: DIARIES OF RUSSELL C. MCGEE, 1965. January 1 to December 31


3.6: DIARIES OF RUSSELL C. MCGEE, 1966 January 1 to December 31




4.1: DIARIES OF RUSSELL C. MCGEE, 1967 January 1 to December 31


4.2: DIARIES OF RUSSELL C. MCGEE, 1968 January 1 to December 31


4.3: DIARIES OF RUSSELL C. MCGEE, 1969-1970. January 1 to December 30, 1969 and January 1 to 10, 1970


4.4: DIARIES OF RUSSELL C. MCGEE, 1970. January 11 to December 31


4.5: DIARIES OF RUSSELL C. MCGEE, 1971 January 1 to December 25


4.6: DIARIES OF RUSSELL C. MCGEE, 1972 July 15 to December 26




5.1: Surveyor's Tables, being the tables from the manual of Land Surveying by F. Hodgman. Climax, Michigan, 1910. Signed R.C. McGee, Jan. 1, 1913. Notes and graphs on front and back graph paper. Sept. 15, -September 25, [1913?]


5.2: ca. 1915 to 1920s newspaper clippings (17) from black ledger, 1923. [family events and Stockton news; some duplicates of clippings found in above]


5.3: July 23, 1917 to May 12, 1942. Scrapbook of newspaper clippings pasted in Day book. [clippings note McGees wedding, birth of children, jobs, etc.]


5.4: 1922 Record of gifts and person given to [many to Alpha Omega members]


5.5: 1923 January 29 to April 16 {1923?} Record book of Claire McGee [Dues payments, April 18, 1923 to October 1923. Lists of groceries purchased and costs. At back 2 pages of notes on Eylet Embroidery Club dues Jan-Feb.]


5.6: Scrapbook of Newspaper clippings pasted in D.E. Ledger, previously used as McFarland's Store, Corner of Oak and El Dorado St., Stockton Cal. [List of customers' balances, clippings 1923 to 1952: social events, news of friends, crime in Stockton]


5.7: 1932. Robert Browning Birthday Book. [Lists birthdays of Alpha Omega Birthday Club members (see MSS 189), family members, and friends]


5.8: Oct 1, 1946 to Feb. 21, 1961. Financial Record Book for Stockton properties in brown D.E. Ledger book.


5.9: Daily Expenses, 1954-1971. [Lists dates, money spent, items, individual prices]




6.1: 1948 City Council


6.2: 1948 Misc. Topics


6.3: 1948 Sewage Service and Annexation


6.4: 1949 Elections


6.5: 1949 Miscellaneous Topics


6.6: 1949 Miscellaneous Topics


6.7: 1951 Sanitary Issue


6.8: 1951 Miscellaneous Topics


6.9: 1952 Miscellaneous Topics.




7.1: 1952 Miscellaneous Topics


7.2: 1952 City Council


7.3: 1953 City Council


7.4: 1953 Miscellaneous Topics


7.5: 1955 Miscellaneous Topics




8.1: CLAIRE HORTON MCGEE, 1890-1920 [info taken from notes on backs of photos]


a-Claire Horton McGee about 1900--my home at 236 N. American St- Stockton, Calif. and my new red chair.


b-Claire Horton McGee, 236 N. American St- Stockton, California. My new little piano! (faded)


c-Claire Horton McGee about 1900-- Do not remember name of this Doll


d-Claire Horton McGee at left about 2 1/2 years old- Eddie Stoetzer at right, Bob's cousin. This was taken at the old Stoetzer home- SW Corner of American and Fremont Sts. about 1896 or 97.


e-Group shot, 4 women and 6 men. Front Row (left) Claire Horton (McGee), Marie Horton (Claire's Mother) white blouse. Claire Horton; Ida Salbach


f-Claire Horton. Home at 45 W. Oak, northeast corner. 18 years old, about 1912.


8.2: KAPLAN FAMILY (Horton family friends?)


a-Frank Kaplan, Roussum photographer


b-Kaplan family- old family friends. Harry, "Auntie Maggie Kaplan, Frank Jr., "Uncle Frank Sr." (Hollis, Stockton Calif., studio).


c-Harry and Veda Kaplan (Logan studio, Stockton, Cal).


8.3: SCHAEFFER FAMILY (friends of Hortons?)


a-Schaeffer family Dvodov's friends. (F.L. Huff, Newark, N.J. photographer)


b-Mr. and Mrs. Schaeffer. People who had bakery in Orange N.J. where Doodoo worked for years. She loved them. "DooDoo" is Mary Wymann McFarland.




a-4 unidentified photographs (2 cyanotypes) taken from 1923 black ledger


b-Girl child, unidentified [cyanotype]


c-Two girl children, unidentified [cyanotype]


d-Unidentified woman


e-7 cyanotypes and one tintype in 1897 letter addressed to Mr. Louis B. Horton, 619 E. Fremont St., Cal.


f -? Whitehead, Beth, Edith and George


g-Beth, Gertrude Lee & Edith


h-Geraldine starting on a trip


i-Papa and Gerald


j- Papa, Gerald, Mamma, Isabel


k-Ella, Gerald and Isabel


l-Beth, Edith, Gertrude Loflin


m-Baby on studio chair. Mother's arm supporting [tintype]


n-Aunt Geraldine, Edith, Ella, Beth [Horton]


o-Lewis Bartlett Horton. [Elliott's Stockton Art Gallery]


p-Mrs. W.A. Weymann, wife of my Uncle Will-Dvodna's brother. This is his first wife, second wife, Elsie who later remarried Muth? of West Point, California


q-Covert Weyman, son of Wm. A. Weymann, Dovdov's brother, Covert, her nephew.


r-Freda Beckman Polenske (studio, Cutberth, San Francisco, Oakland)


s-Man in high collar shirt and jacket.


t-Grandma Horton (Mary E. Jessup)


u-Aunt Ella Horton Pither (Sister of Lewis B. Horton)


v-Great Aunt Ella Baker (Ella Jessup Wanda's Mother, Aunt of Lewis B. Horton) 1924


8.5: SUSAN PEARCE [ex-slave and friend of McGee family]


a-Susan Pearce, to all we McGees known as Aunt Susan, She was born June 13, 1827.


b-July 19, 1904 Photocopy of letter to Gertie L.R. Moore . Note on back that "Gertie Moore is sister of McGee. Susan Pearce is black ex-slave."


8.6: MCGEE, RUSSELL C.,SR., 1900-1920


a-Men in automobile. Dad and buddies, R.C. McGee


b-Two men playfully kicking at each other. Russell Charles McGee Sr., Radioing, Calif. 1913. [ 2 different views]


c-Two men at side of house. [2 views] One marked Russell Charles McGee, Sr., Redding, California, 1913. Other marked Ross Hotel Carpenter. E. Coverdale.


d-R.C. McGee May 26, 1918.


e-Al Fraira? Crippled Indian cook for road gang, survey crew, Edgewood, Siskyou Co., about 1912


f-3 men in front of tents. Dad's job near Weed Highway Commission, 1912-1913; another view labelled Hiway Construction Crew, 1913.


g-3 men. Surveyor view. Chief of party R.C. McGee, chainman, teamster-Dick, about 1912.


h-Russell C. McGee with surveyor's equipment,


i-4 men in snow in front of cabin, R.A. Trumper? T.A. Bedford head northern California Hiway Construction, 1913.


j-2 men in front of tent, labelled "about 1912."


k-Russell C. McGee (looks like magazine or book illustration)


8.7: MCGEE FAMILY, 1920's-1930's


a-Couple in redwood tree. Dad, Mom, Muir Woods, July 17, 1922.


b-Frances M. McGee (Atwood), Russell C. McGee, Jr., 1926.


c-2 views of Stockton Blueprint Co. [R.C. McGee, owner in both views] Laminated.




a-Photograph scrapbook, black. 34 snapshots. Primarily the McGee Children Frances and Russell, and their parents. [ca. 1933].


b-Men at site of Hogan Dam, Russell McGee


8.9: MCGEE/PEARCE FAMILY SCRAPBOOK, 1939-42 [Russell McGee's mother and siblings]


a-inside cover photos by Franklin Pearce, Riverside, Calif., 1942. "To my Aunt in Stockton, Cal. This little work is affectionately inscribed, F.P., Riverside, Calif, July 1942."


b-Photos identified at front, Pearce family


8.10: MCGEE FAMILY, 1940s-1950s


a-Russell C. McGee Jr. in uniform, with parents?


b-Russ's 24th birthday, Nov. 1949. Family members and friends labelled.


c-[Russell and Claire McGee] about 8:30 p.m. Portland, Ore, July 21, 1950


d-Two women at Redwood by car. "Yours Truly [Claire McGee?] and Mrs. Lawrence Moore


e-Camp photo [Russell McGee, Jr.?] (poor condition)


f-Gloss Prints photo booklet No. 1 Snapshots of children and McGees: Robin C. McGee, January 1950; Robin, Nelma McGee, Kathleen Atwood; R.C. McGee 1950


g-Gloss Prints photo booklet No. 2 Meta Marie McFarland, 1950 (Claire McGee's mother): Meta Marie MacFarland and Claire McGee, Lake Tahoe Mother's Day, 1950; Robin McGee, age 17 mo. (5 snapshots)


h-Gloss Prints photo booklet No. 3. Views at King's Canyon 1951.


8.11: MCGEE FAMILY, 1960's


a-3 snapshots of Russell and Claire McGee in front of house, 6/21/65


b-Russell McGee in garden.


8.12: MCGEES 1970'S


a-Color family portrait of 50th Wedding Anniversary, July 15, 1972 of Claire and Russell C. McGee. Family members labelled at back.


b-Grandpa [Russell] McGee, June 1968


c-Claire McGee, Grandma's teeth, June, 1968.




a-Paddleboat in Stockton Harbor. Masonic Temple at head of Stockton Channel west side of El Dorado St.,1915.


b-Photo illustration of Stockton, 1849.


c-Water Front, Stockton. Courthouse in background.


d-The Hatch-Armstrong Fruit and Nut Co., Acampo, Cal.




a-9 Photographs of Parade, ca 1920s


b- Elk Grove '41 NSGW


c-Caliz de Oro Parlor Float and women accompanying (7 photos) [San] Joaquin Par[k] float


d-2 8x 10 photos. Group shot of Caliz de Oro members. October 4, 1921, 7th anniversary. [Notes identify many individuals]




a-North Eldorado St., Stockton, Cal.


b-Fremont Park Stockton California, 1913


c-North San Joaquin St., cor Channel St., Stockton, Cal., color. July 25, 1915. To Miss Claire Horton, 22 Sycamore St., Santa Cruz.


d-S.P. Depot, Stockton, Cal. 1913


e-Western Pacific Depot, Stockton, California, 1913.


f-Main Street, Stockton, California, 1913.


g-Auditorium Hotel, LA, 1913. To Mrs. J.E. MacFarland from Claire McGee


h-Looking West on Sixth Street, Los Angeles, Cal. 1918. Mrs. J.E. MacFarland from Claire.


i-The Auditorium, Los Angeles, 1918. To R. J.E. McFarland from Claire.


j- New Southern Hotel. San Diego to Mr. J.E. MacFarland from Claire.


k-Christmas greeting, Dec. 23,1922


l-Lakewood, N.J. July 26, 1922