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Guide to the Douglas Tilden Papers, 1860-1970

Collection number: BANC MSS 89/124 c

The Bancroft Library

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Douglas Tilden Papers,
Date: 1860-1970
Collection Number: BANC MSS 89/124 c
Collector: Tilden, Douglas, 1860-1935
Extent: Number of containers: 11 boxes, 4 cartons, 6 oversize volumes, 1 oversize folder Linear feet: 11.6
Repository: The Bancroft Library
Berkeley, California 94720-6000
Physical Location: For current information on the location of these materials, please consult the Library's online catalog.
Abstract: Collection includes personal and professional correspondence (chiefly incoming), contracts, sketches, diaries, scrapbooks, manuscripts of published and unpublished writings, and "written" conversations between Tilden, who was deaf, and others. Also includes medals, other personal memora bilia. Principal correspondents are his daughter, Gladys Tilden, James D. Phelan & Alexander Stirling Calder.
Languages Represented: English

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Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

The Douglas Tilden Papers were given to The Bancroft Library at the bequest of the estate of Gladys Tilden.

Biographical Chronology

[Excerpted from Douglas Tilden: Portrait of a Deaf Sculptor by Mildred Albronda, (T. J. Publishers: Silver Spring, Maryland / 1980)]
1860 Born May 1 in Chico, California to Dr. William Peregrine Tilden and Catherine Maria Hecox Tilden.
1861 Moved to Stockton where Dr. Tilden became resident physician of what is now the Stockton State Hospital.
1864 or 1865 Lost hearing and speech due to scarlet fever.
1866 January 25 entered the California Institution for the Education of the Indigent Deaf and Dumb, and the Blind in San Francisco, which later moved to Berkeley and then, Fremont, and became known as the California School for the Deaf.
1869 California School for the Deaf relocated to Berkeley.
1873 Dr. William P. Tilden died in May.
1879 Graduated from the California School for the Deaf and takes position as teacher there.
1883 Became interested in sculpture.
1885 Wrote Deaf Mutes and Their Education, published in the Overland Monthly. Modeled small statuette, Tired Wrestler. When this came to the attention of California School for the Deaf's board, they offered him the opportunity to study in New York and Paris.
1887 Spent eight months in New York studying art.
1888 Arrived in Paris; studied under deaf sculptor Paul Choppin, among others.
1889 The Baseball Player (plaster) accepted in the Salon. Assisted in inaugurating the first International Congress of the Deaf, in Paris.
1891 The Baseball Player (bronze) unveiled in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.
1892 Tired Boxer purchased by subscription of individual members of the Olympic Club, San Francisco.
1894 Exhibited Football Players (plaster) in Salon. Returned to the United States and accepted a position to develop the first Department of Modeling at the Mark Hopkins Institute of Art. Elected a member of the Bohemian Club.
1895 Bronze, Bear Hunt, arrived at the California School for the Deaf from the Chicago World's Fair.
1896 Married Elizabeth Delano Cole, also deaf, June 6, in her Oakland home.
1897 Admission Day monument unveiled in San Francisco.
1900 Daughter Gladys born, January 5. Football Players installed at the University of California, Berkeley.
1901 Resigned teaching position to set up his own studio in Oakland. The Mechanics unveiled in San Francisco.
1903 Received the commission in a national competition for a monument to the California Spanish-American War volunteer infantrymen. Son Willoughby born September 4.
1904 Received the commission for Oregon Volunteers.
1905 Spearheaded the organization of the California Association of the Deaf.
1906 California Volunteers unveiled. San Francisco earthquake and fire. Tilden temporarily in Portland, Oregon.
1907 Senator White statue completed. Junipero Serra monument installed in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.
1910 Elected president of the California Association of the Deaf.
1912 Twelve Stages of Man (bronze) bas-reliefs placed on McElroy Fountain in Lakeside Park, Oakland.
1914 Worked on model, Modern Civilization, for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition.
1915 - 1916 Wrote novel, The Autobiography of a Dummy, later renamed The Gap.
1918 Moved his studio to 314 Hobart, Oakland.
1920 Became a machinist.
1924 Elizabeth filed for divorce. Went to Hollywood to work in the Hal Roach Studio fabricating animals for movie sets. Built new studio at 834 Channing Way, Berkeley.
1926 Divorce final. Finished The Bridge.
1929 - 1930 Assisted Brother Cornelius in the Art Department at St. Mary's College, Moraga, California.
1931 Created plaster bust of painter William Keith for the opening of the Keith Gallery at St. Mary's College.
1934 Mother, Catherine Maria Hecox Tilden Brown, died.
1935 Found dead in his studio, August 6.

Scope and Content

Principal correspondents are nearly equally divided among deaf activists, artists and art world figures, and personal friends and business associates. Among deaf activists are Olof Hanson, a Washington state architect; Jaye Cooke Howard, a Minnesota printer, at various times an elected official of the National Association of the Deaf; George S. Porter, of the New Jersey School for the Deaf and editor of the Silent Worker; Oscar Regensburg, a National Association of the Deaf official; and George Veditz, a Colorado poultry publisher, also active in the NAD. Among art world figures are Karl Bitter, a sculptor and professional art administrator; A. Stirling Calder, Panama-Pacific International Exposition; Eugene Gruet, Jeune, his French founder; Col. James Jackson, the director of the Oregon Volunteers effort; Willis Polk, San Francisco architect; and Lorado Taft, art historian. Among his personal friends are two deaf artists, Theophilus d'Estrella and Granville S. Redmond. Ella Sterling Mighels, who first approached him about a pioneer mother sculpture, became a personal friend and served to critique his literary efforts. There are also a number of correspondents who were in some way connected with the California School for the Deaf. Among these are A. William Caldwell, L. E. Milligan, Elwood A. Stevenson, and Warring Wilkinson. Due to the solicitation of Wilkinson, W. E. Brown became a patron of Tilden's, purchasing The Baseball Player.
Title: outgoing correspondence
will have to be found in the collections of the persons to whom he wrote, as he made very few copies of his outgoing letters. In this collection there are only four principal recipients: Brother Cornelius of St. Mary's College, Jack and Charmian London, and Mrs. Wildey Meyers, a friend and booster of his literary efforts. Brother Cornelius' letters are entirely transcripts, prepared by Tilden's daughter Gladys; the location of these originals is not known. The letters to Jack London are also transcripts, made by Miss Tilden from originals in the Huntington Library.
Because of Tilden's deafness, there is a box of written conversations, mostly undated, encompassing various topics relating to his art and interests. Once again, Miss Tilden prepared transcripts for some of the conversations.
Title: Personal and family papers
contains biographical information, newspaper clippings, articles about Tilden, his marriage license and divorce Papers, and bills and receipts (one folder from his years in Paris), as well as a file of writings by his mother Catherine Maria Hecox Tilden Brown.
Material from organizations and associations in which Tilden was interested or active is found in
Title: Series 4, Associations, 1876-1968.
These are primarily organizations devoted to deaf interests. As a graduate of the California School for the Deaf he was intensely interested in the welfare of the school and in education for the deaf. He was a strong advocate in the separation of the educational facilities of the deaf and the blind, as well as opposing the relocation of the school from Berkeley. He was opposed to the method of education known as oralism and quarreled with the school authorities over the issue. Another squabble with the school erupted over his alleged indebtedness to them. The school's Board of Trustees had extended funds to Tilden to further his education and development as a sculptor abroad. Tilden was under the impression that the money advanced was a scholarship, but the Board considered it a loan. The Bear Hunt, after its exhibit at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893, was shipped to the school. Tilden requested it's removal to an exhibit at the Mark Hopkins Institute of Art which was denied, pending payment of the debt. The group still stands on the grounds of the California School for the Deaf, now in Fremont. Miss Tilden continued to clip newspaper articles concerning some of these organizations long after her father's death.
Tilden was a founding member of the California Association of the Deaf, an organization designed to advance the moral, social, and intellectual standing of the deaf in California. About the same time, he became involved in a bitter and long-lasting dispute with the National Association of the Deaf, involving, among other things, the relationship of state associations to the N.A.D. The 13 folders concerning the "Tilden Plan in this series contain clippings relating to this controversy. In addition, one folder in the
Title: Writings series
(carton 4, folder 26) also pertains to the Tilden Plan.
Title: Sculpture and Sketches, 1889-1970, (Series 5),
contains a miscellany of contracts, specifications, newspaper clippings, insurance papers, notes, and the like, relating to particular sculptures, whether or not actually cast. The Bear Hunt folders contain a manuscript titled The Amazing History of the Bear Hunt, in which Tilden details his perception of the dispute. Miss Tilden typed and annotated this manuscript as she continued the fight on into the 1950s. The sketches are preliminary works and portray particular sculptures such as The Bridge or ideas such as serpents or architectural ornamentation. Only those titles actually cast into sculpture are italicized.
Title: Writings, 1884-1935,
does not contain all of Tilden's published work. Tilden did not always retain copies for himself, or even if he did, he often used the reverse side as writing paper for other purposes. Where it was possible to identify the writing on the reverse, photocopies were made and placed in the appropriate series. Tilden used several pseudonyms, chief among them Zeno. Much of the Zeno writings were mere paragraphs, which appear in a scrapbook and several folders at the end of the published subseries. In the unpublished works there are several drafts of his autobiographical novel, The Autobiography of a Dummy, later titled The Gap, at the urging of Ella Sterling Mighels. In addition there is a Russian novel, Bread Upon the Waters, which, in correspondence to various publishers, he requested be reviewed by a male reader, as a woman reader would probably take offence at his portrayal of women. At the end of the writings series are two folders which contain unidentified fragments.
Title: Five scrapbooks, 1860-1935
were assembled by Tilden's daughter, Gladys, after his death. They give an overview of Tilden's life, and contain photographs, newspaper clippings, bills and receipts, mementos, and other such material. All of the identifications and annotations in the albums were done by Miss Tilden, who continued to add newspaper clippings concerning Tilden and/or his interests to these albums into the 1970s. Correspondence has been removed from the albums and placed in the appropriate correspondence series.
Researchers should be aware that Miss Tilden's papers, also owned by The Bancroft Library, contains correspondence from her father as well as the notes of her own research into Tilden genealogy.

Boxes 1-10.

Series 1: Correspondence, 1867-1956.

Scope and Content Note

Personal and professional correspondence, including letters, cards, post cards, and telegrams, which have been divided into three subseries: and
Letters written to Tilden by family members are arranged alphabetically by name of writer, and chronologically where appropriate. The is arranged alphabetically by name of recipient and chronologically where appropriate. The remaining family correspondence is arranged immediate family before extended family. Principal correspondents (those who wrote seven or more letters) file before those who wrote lesser amounts. At the end of the are three folders containing letters not written by nor to Tilden. These are arranged alphabetically by the name of the writer.
Tilden's is arranged alphabetically by name of recipient, and chronologically where appropriate.

Incoming Family Correspondence, 1887-1935.

Box 1, folder 1-2

Brown, Aaron Hamer 1893-1934

folder 3-4

Brown, Albert W. 1893-1901

folder 5-26

Brown, Catherine Maria Tilden 1887-1934

folder 27-28

Gradick, Dale ca. 1932

folder 29-30

Ferrelet, Anne 1899-1902

folder 31

Morton, Mary 1927-1928

folder 32

Peyton, Anne DuPont 1901

folder 33

Ridgely, Mary Tilden 1893-1894

folder 34-35

Tilden, Augustus C. 1889-1931

folder 36-37

Tilden, Charles A. 1898

folder 38-42

Tilden, Elizabeth Delano Cole 1905-1934

Box 2, folder 1-9

Tilden, Gladys, 1900- 1905-1935

folder 10

Tilden, Willoughby Lee [n.d.]

folder 11-14

Townsend, Helen Tilden 1889-1934

folder 15-16

Tilden, William P., II 1894


Outgoing Family Correspondence, 1867-1922.

Box 2, folder 17

Tilden, Elizabeth Delano Cole 1905-1922

folder 18

Tilden, William P. and Catherine Maria 1867


Other Family Correspondence, 1886-1956.

Box 2, folder 19-20

Miscellaneous letters to Catherine Maria Hecox Tilden Brown 1888-1893

folder 21-22

Catherine Maria Hecox Tilden Brown to William P. Tilden, II 1897

folder 23

Letters from Aaron Hamer Brown 1930-1935

folder 24

Letters from Augustus C. Tilden 1897

folder 25-26

Charles A. Tilden to Catherine Maria Hecox Tilden Brown 1889-1891

folder 27-28

Charles A. Tilden to William P. Tilden, II 1891

folder 29-30

William P. Tilden II to Catherine Maria Hecox Tilden Brown 1893

folder 31

Miscellaneous letters to Helen Tilden Townsend 1917

folder 32

Gladys Tilden to Dale Gradick 1956

folder 33

Letter from Dale Gradick to unidentified family member n.d.

folder 34

Transcripts of excerpts from family letters 1886-1899


Incoming Correspondence, 1881-1935.

Box 3, folder 1

American Bronze Company 1892-1905

folder 2

Barr, James Adam, 1863- 1912-1913

folder 3

Bitter, Karl 1900-1931

folder 4-7

Brown, W. E. 1889-1895

folder 8-9

Calder, Alexander Stirling, 1870-1945 1912-1914

folder 10

Caldwell, William A. 1912-1917

folder 11

Cloud, James H. 1908-1917

folder 12

Comstock, Sophia P. 1912-1915

folder 13

Cornelius, Brother, b. 1877 1929-1935

folder 14

Dallin, C. E. 1892

folder 15

Daum, Hebe 1929-1933

folder 16

Deering, F. P. (Frank P.) 1901-1916

folder 17

d'Estrella, Theophilus Hope, 1851-1929 1908-1923

folder 18

Dougherty, George 1892-1893

folder 19

Dusuzeau, Ernest 1894-1905

folder 20

Fay, Edward Allen, 1843-1923 1885-1912

folder 21

Fletcher, Robert Howe, 1850-1936 1900-1912

folder 22

Fox, Thomas Francis 1889-1935

folder 23

Frankenheim, Samuel 1912-1928

folder 24

Froehlich, Theo. A. 1884-1886

Box 4, folder 1

Gallaudet, Edwin Miner, 1837-1917 1894-1902

folder 2

Gruet, Eugene, Jeune 1889-1910

folder 3

Hanson, Olof 1905-1928

folder 4

Hilton, Betty 1929-1930

folder 5

Hodgson, Edwin A. 1906-1928

folder 6

Houghton, Edward T. 1930-1933

folder 7

Howard, Jaye Cooke 1910-1928

folder 8

Jackson, James 1898-1907

folder 9

London, Charmian Kittredge 1916-1921

folder 10

London, Jack, 1876-1916 1916

folder 11

Merriman School 1915-1916

folder 12-13

Meyers, Wildey, Mrs. 1934

folder 14

Mighels, Ella Sterling, 1853-1934 1908-1916

folder 15

Milligan, L. E. 1912-1919

folder 16

Olney, Warren, 1870-1939 1895-1910

folder 17-23

Phelan, James D. (James Duval), 1861-1930 1895-1931

Box 5, folder 1

Poland, Reginald 1935

folder 2

Polk, Willis, 1867-1924 1898-1920

folder 3

Porter, George S. 1910-1925

folder 4

Rand, Howard F. 1909

folder 5

Regensberg, Oscar 1892-1913

folder 6

Roberts, Arthur L. 1910-1928

folder 7

Ruckstuhl, F. Wellington 1895-1919

folder 8

Runde, Winfield S. 1908-1917

folder 9-12

Redmond, Granville, 1871-1935 1900-1935

folder 13

Stevenson, Elwood A. 1928-1935

folder 14

Taft, Lorado, 1860-1936 1902-1931

folder 15

Town & Country Review 1934-1935

folder 16

Troy, Edward E. P. 1903-1906

folder 17

Veditz, George W. 1905-1928

folder 18-24

Wilkinson, Warring 1884-1907

Box 6, folder 1

Aitken - Allen 1902-1932


Aitken, Robert Ingersoll, 1878-


Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition


Alexander, Jacques


Allabough, B. R.


Allbert, Frederick


Allen, D.


Allen, Frank P.


Allen, Henry


Allen, Mark P.


Allen, Stanley P.

folder 2

Anderson - Austin 1881-1934


Anderson, G. Walfrid


Anderson, Tom L.


Anger, Lou


Appleton & Company


Arnot, Raymond H.


Ashworth, George W.


Atkinson, F. F.


Atkinson, M. E.


Atlantic Monthly Press


Austin, George W.

folder 3

Baeheberle - Bartholomew 1894-1935


Baeheberle, L. J.


Balis, Sylvia Chapin


Ballin, Albert


Banks, Edgar James, 1866-


Banks, May L.


Bard, Thomas R.


Barrett, Augusta K.


Barrett, Fernand


Bartlett, Paul Wayland


Bartnett, Francis


Bartholomew, Bruce

folder 4

Beard - Benedict 1893-1933


Beard, Harrington


Beatty, John Wesley, 1851-1924


Beaumont, Gerald P.


Beck, James M. (James Montgomery), 1861-1936


Beck, Joseph A.


Be ll, Alexander Graham, 1847-1922


Bell, Theodore A.


Benedict, W. F.

folder 5

Benjamin - Bingham 1893-1928


Benjamin, Edward H.


Berry, Fred L.


Berry, George W.


Betts, O. A., Mrs.


Beymer, Lottie


Bigelow, C. B.


Bingham, Theodore A.

folder 6

Black - Bruns 1890-1935


B lack, Joseph F.


Blake, Thomas J.




Blodgett, Glen Walton


Bolles, Frank, 1856-1894


Bonnard (Henry) Bronze Company


Brandenstein, N. W.


Breck, M. B.


Briggs, William Ellery


Bright, Emily


Bruns, Margaret

folder 7

Budd - Buxton 1894-1912


Budd, James H.


Burke, Bart


Burke, M. A.


Burkhardt, W. N.


Butet, Paul


Button, Fred L.


Buxton, A. C.

folder 8

Caldwell - Century 1885-1935


Caldwell, George


Cambridge University Press


Campbell, Agnes Jean


Campbell, Edwin C.


Campbell, Ruth E.


Campbell, W. W.


Capelli, Anthony


Carelli, L. John


Carigan, John


Carpenter, N. H.


Century Company

folder 9

Chandler - Cline 1901 -1935


Chandler, W. F.


Chapman, C. W.


Charles Scribners' Sons


Chicago Daily News


Choppin, P.


Christmas, Earle


Clapp, William H.


Clark, O. M.


Cline, Josephine

folder 10

Coffin - Cole 1901-1935


Coffin, William A.


Cohn, Sam H.


Cokefair, Leo L.


Colburn, F. H.


Colby, Collins C.


Cole, ?


Cole, Walter D.

folder 11

Connelly - Coolidge 1893-1928


Connelly, John, Jr.


Connick, Harris D. H. (De Haven), b. 1873


Cook, Ina L.


Coolbrith, Ina Donna, 1842-1928


Coolidge, Calvin, 1872-1933


Coolidge, Jefferson

folder 12

Cosgrave - Cramer 1896-1927


Cosgrave, J. H.


Cox, Elmer H.


Coxhead, Ernest, 1863-1933


Crafts, F. N.


Craig, H. S.


Cramer, A. E. H.

folder 13

Creeden - Currier 1908-1931


Creeden, John B.


Crent, Sarah E.


Cross, L. T.


Crouter, A. L. E.


Cumming, J. M.


Currier, Charles C.


Currier, Enoch Henry

folder 14

Daley - Day 1908-1931


Daley, James J.


Davidson, S. G.


Davis, John F. (John Francis), 1859-1930


Davis, May Belle T.


Davis, Robert H.


Davison's (Joseph K.) Sons


Day, Herbert E.

folder 15

Dean - DeYoung 1893-1930


Dean, W. E.


Deem, Charles B.


DeMille, Cecil B. (Cecil Blount), 1881-1959


Desperriers, Rene


DeLand, Fred


Dethlefsen, Carlton D.


Devoe, F. W.


DeYoung, M. H. (Michael Harry), 1849-1925

folder 16

Dill - Downtown 1919-1931


Dill, Marshall


Dinning, Hector William, 1877-


Doane, C. H.


Donahue, Hynes & Hamlin


Doty, Douglas Z.


Doubleday, Page & Company


Downtown Association

folder 17

Drake - Dutton 1891-1921


Drake, Frank B.


Drake, H. D.


Driggs, Frank M.


Duffield & Company


Durand, William Frederick, 1859-1958


Dutton, Arthur H.


Dwight, Timothy

folder 18

Earle - Ewer 1910-1933


Earle, Lillie


Edgerton, Jane


Edloff, James P.


Edwards, John Paul


Egan, W. B.


Eggers, George William, 1883-


Elder (Paul) & Company




Evans, F. N.


Ewer, Evelyn Story

folder 19

Farley - Foulkes 1885-1935


Farley, I. E.


Fence, Samuel T.


Field, Charles K. (Charles Kellogg), 1873-


Flanagan, Anna E.


Foulkes, Edward T.

folder 20

French - Fuller 1885-1927


French, Daniel Chester, 1850-1931


French, Richard Slayton, 1883-


French, W. M. R.


Freud, J. Richard


Fuller (W. P.) & Company

folder 21

Gale - Gauterau 1900-1922


Gale, W. S.


Gallway, John


Gantenbein, C. U. (Calvin U.)


Gardiner, Henry


Gardner, Isaac B.


Garratt, W. T.


Gaskill, Varney W.


Gauterau, Standley

folder 22

Gibson - Gilman 1891-1925


Gibson, F. P.


Gifford, C. T.


Gillemeau, Kate


Gillett, Philip G.


Gillis, Kenneth C.


Gilliams, E. Leslie


Gilman, Daniel Coit, 1831-1908

folder 23

Globe - Goodall 1896-1933


Globe Brass & Bell Foundry


Goldberg, Isaac


Goldstone, M. A.


Goodall, George B., Mrs.

folder 24

Grady - Gray 1900-1908


Grady, Theodore


Grafly, Charles


Gray, F. R.

folder 25

Green - Gump 1894-1935


Green & Wickes


Green, S. D.


Greene, Charles S., 1859-1930


Greene, Francis Melbourne, 1867-


Gregory, Elizabeth


Gregory, Ernest


Grignola, John


Gump (S. & G.) Company

Box 7, folder 1

Haight - Hannan 1898-1933


Haight, James A.


Hale, Edith A.


Hall, Percival


Hall, William


Handley, R. P.


Hannan, E. E.

folder 2

Harbour -Hays 1902-1933


Harbour, J. L.


Harris, H. B.


Harrison, Alexander


Hartley, J. Scott


Hartman, Edwin P.


Hartwell, Marian


Haskins, ?


Hass, Andrew


Hay, John, 1838-1905


folder 3

Healy - Heyman 1898-1934


Healy, Timothy


Hearst, Phoebe Apperson, 1842-1919


Heil, Walter


Henderson, Olive E.


Henderson, W. Brooks


Heppe, Ralph H.


Heyman, Henry

folder 4

Hicks - Hinman 1896-1935


Hicks, Gilbert


Hill, Amos D.


Hill, George M.


Hill, Joseph


Hill, M. E.


Hirsch, R.


Hinman, Gladys

folder 5

Hopkins - Hoy 1889-1919


Hopkins, Timothy, 1859-1937


Houghton, Mifflin Company


Howard, Charles Webb, 1831-1908


Howard, D. H.


Howard, John Galen, 1864-1931


Howard, Sidney Herbert


Howe, Frank M.


Howson, James W.


Hoy, William E.

folder 6

Huddleston - Hutchinson 1905-1933


Huddleston, Robert B.


Hudspeth, B. F.


Humphrey, William F.


Hunt, Lyman M.


Huntington, Clara


Hurley, Edgar S.


Huron, Philip


Hurt, Alvin E.


Hutchinson, Hardy C.

folder 7

Ingolls - Ives 1892-1933


Ingolls, Reba A.


Irby, Jonathon S.


Ives, Halsey C.

folder 8

Jackson - Jenks 1892-1933


Jackson, C. A.


Jackson, W. F.


James, Juliet Helena Lumbard, 1864-


James, Laurence


Jenkin, Joseph H.


Jenkins, Maston


Jenks, Livingston

folder 9

Jerome - Jung 1888-1926


Jerome, Eugene M.


Jewett, Josephine A.


Johnson, Hiram, 1866-1945


Jones, C. P.


Jung, Fred H.

folder 10

Kaufman - Kenner 1903-1931


Kaufman, A.


Kaufmann, S. H.


Kays, James C.


Keaney, William


Keith, Mary McHenry


Keller, Helen, 1880-1968


Kelly, W. A.


Kelsey, H. C.


Kemp, Charles B.


Kenner, Marcus L.

folder 11

Kent - Kyne


Kent, Alfred L.


Kerry, Charles


Kersey, Vierling, 1890-


Kieve, Arnold


Kilgarif & Beaver


King, Henry Safford


Kitchner, R. S.


Kyne, Peter B.

folder 12

Lacer - Lawson 1901-1933


Lacer, E. B.


Lafayette-Savay, N.


Lamar, Thomas


Lane, Franklin K.


Larkey, A. S.


Larson, George C.


Latimer, L. P.


Lavenson, A. S.


Lawson, Andrew C. (Andrew Cowper), 1861-1952

folder 13

Leake - Lohmeyer


Leake, W. S.


Leonau, A.


Lester, Isabel M.


Lester, William M.


Lewis, Beatrice


Lewis, John M.


Lewis, Phillips Frisbee


Lewis, ?


Limerick, J. Arthur


Literary Digest


Lockie, Henry


Lohmeyer, Edw.

folder 14

Long - Luddy 1906-1928


Long, J. Schuyler


Lounsbury, Theodore I.


Lowe, Theo.


Lucas, D. A.


Luddy, D. S.

folder 15

Mackey - Marquis 1901-1929


Mackey, E. Spencer


Maginnity, H. J.


Manning, J. F.


Markham, Edwin, 1852-1940


Mark Hopkins Institute of Art


Marquis (A. N.) Company

folder 16

Marsh - Maynard 1887-1934


Marsh, Charles R.


Marshall, Catherine


Martin, J. R.


Martin, Norma


Mastick, Van Fleet & Mastick


Mathews, Henry E.


Maxwell, Everett Carroll


Maynard, R. E.

folder 17

Medallic - Mitchell


Medallic Art Company


Meier, J. L.


Melone, Drury


Mercier, Henry


Meredith, George S.


Merriam (G. & C.) Company


Merritt, Frank Clinton, 1889-


Metcalf, Victor Howard, 1853-1936


Milford Granite Company


Miller, Chester H.


Millet, F. D.


Mitchell, John H., 1935-1903


Mitchell, William Donald

folder 18

Monroe - Monumental 1891-1934


Monroe & Cook


Montillie, H.


Montin, Katherine J.


Monumental News

folder 19

Moore 1895-1928


Moore, Frederick A.


Moore, H. H.


Moore, Hubert U.

folder 20

Morley - Myrick 1905-1935


Morley, Grace, 1900-


Morrow, Nathaniel Field


Moss, Edgar A.


Mott, Frank K.


Muir, D.


Mullins, C. T.


Murphy, Thomas R.


Murray, J.


Myrick & Deering

folder 21

MacGregor - McCullough 1892-1933


MacGregor, R. P.


MacMonnies, Frederick


McAdoo, William Gibbs, 1863-1941


McCarthy, W. R.


McCullough, J. S.

folder 22

McDonald - McPike 1897-1922


McDonald, R. D.


McGlashon, C. F.


McKenzie, Harry A.


McKim, Mead & White


McLaren, John, 1846-1943


McPike, Henry Clay, 1857-

Box 8, folder 1

Nathan - Norris 1897-1933


Nathan, Milton A.


National Association of the Deaf


National Commercial Bureau


Nelli, Guido


Nelson, W. H.


Newsom, Sidney, 1848-1908


New York News Agency


Neylan, John Francis, 1885-1960


Nicely, Alphonso S.


Nicholson, C.


Norris, Howes, Jr.

folder 2

O'Brien - Overland 1887-1932


O'Brien, John F.


O'Brien, Meredith


O'Brien, Willis


Oddie, Clarence M.


O'Donnell, Frank


Older, Fremont, 1856-1935


Olson, Edward P.


Olympic Club of San Francisco


O'Neil, Thomas F.


Osterkamp, F. E.


Oswald, John Clyde, 1872-1938


Outcault, Dick


Overland Monthly

folder 3

Pach - Partridge 1903-1927


Pach, Alexander L.


Palmer, L. A.


Parcells, Frank M.


Pardee, George Cooper, 1857-1941


Pare, A. S.


Patigian, Haig, 1876-1950


Patrick, Fred L.


Partridge, William Ordway, 1861-1930

folder 4

Peet - Petis 1899-1935


Peet, Isaac Levin


Peixotto, Edgar D.


Peixotto, Ernest Clifford, 1869-


Pendelton, Emmet


Pennell, Thomas W.


Perkins, C. B.


Perkins, George Clement, 1839-1923


Pery, E. C.


Petis, Charles Rolla

folder 5

Phelps - Pississ 1896-1928


Phelps, William Howe


Phillips, Henry


Phillips, Randall


Piccirilli Brothers


Pierce, Josephine


Pilling, Roy


Piper, Helen S.


Pissis, Albert

folder 6

Pomeroy - Porter 1896-1926


Pomeroy, Hugh R.


Pomeroy, John


Poole, Marjorie


Pope, Alvin E.


Porter, E. C.

folder 7

Prather - Putnam's 1887-1929


Prather, W. L.


Probasco, Ramsey


Putnam's (G.P.) Sons

folder 8

Ralph - Raymond 1894-1932


Ralph, Brother


Rand, McNally & Company


Randall, H. E.


Randolph, Hollis N.


Randolph, Lee F.


Rankin, ?


Raymond, W. H.

folder 9

Reckwig - Reynolds 1906-1932


Reckwig, Charles Wesley


Reed, Fred E.


Reed, Walter D.


Reeves, Alfred


Regan, John T.


Reynolds, Julia Cleveland

folder 10

Rice - Ritter 1909-1926


Rice, Alice


Rice, Charles J.


Richards, John E., 1834-


Richardson, William Symmes


Rines, George Edwin


Ritter, William C.

folder 11

Robbie - Rogosin 1899-1931


Robbie, William


Robertson, A. M. (Alexander Mitchell), 1855-1934


Robertson, W. W.


Robinson, Ronald S.


Robinson, Warren


Rocklin Granite Company


Rodgers, Arthur, 1848-1902


Rogosin, S.

folder 12

Rolph - Russell 1898-1933


Rolph, James, 1869-1934


Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919


Rosenthal, A. J.


Rosenthal, Mildred


Runde, C. H. G.


Russell, Howard Hyde


Russell, Jonathan A.

folder 13

Sabott -Schroenwerk 1892-1935


Sabott, Joseph


Saint Gaudens, Augustus, 1848-1907


San Francisco Art Association


Saper, Isaac Newton


Saxton, John G.


Scheller, Victor A.


Schmid, R.


Schmittkind, Henry T.


Schmitz, ?


Schnier, Jacques Preston, 1898-


Schroenwerk, M.

folder 14

Scott 1901-1921


Scott, H. W.


Scott, Irving Murray, 1837-1903


Scott, James Walter


Scott, Joseph


Scott, W. R.

folder 15

Seavey - Severson 1910-1935


Seavey, Clyde Leroy, 1874-1943


Seffens, Jay W.


Selig, Isadore


Sevenson, Grant

folder 16

Shea - Simpson 1894-1934


Shea, W. D.


Sherman, Edwin Allen, 1829-1914


Shibley, Kate S.


Shinn, Millicent Washburn, 1858-1940


Shortridge, Samuel Morgan, 1861-1952


Sierichs, H. W.


Silligo, H. G.


Simmons, Furnifold McLendel, 1854-1940


Simpson, Emmette W.

folder 17

Slade - Snell 1900-1919


Slade, S. E.


Smith, F. W.


Smith, Herbert M.


Smith, J. L.


Smith, Susan T.


Snell, Henry B.

folder 18

Spanton - Spreckels 1890-1931


Spanton, Essie


Spafford, A.


Spreckels, Alma

folder 19

Stafford - Swig 1895-1929


Stafford, William


Stanton, ?


Stead, A. R.


Steele, Eva L.


Steele, Rufus, 1877-1945


Stoermer, George S.


Strobridge, Idah Meacham, 1855-1932


Superior, Sister


Sutro, Adolph, 1830-1898


Swig, ?

Box 9, folder 1

Taft - Terry 1895-1930


Taft & Pennoyer


Taussig, Rudolph J.


Taylor, Edward Robeson, 1838-1923


Templeman, Frank


Terranove, Anthony


Terry, Howard L. (Howard Leslie), 1877-1964

folder 2

Thomas - Townsend 1891-1933


Thomas, William W.


Thompson, Richard T.


Thompson, Robert M.


Thompson, Ruth


Thomson, Gordon


Tiffany & Company


Timberlake, J. B.


Ti pton, J. W.


Tompkins, Elizabeth Knight, 1865-


Townsend, Mary V.

folder 3

Trask - Tucker 1893-1913


Trask, John Ellingwood Donnell, 1893-1913


Traver, Charles Warde


Troy, Hortense


Troy White Granite Company


Tucker, Horace

folder 4

Upham - Vollmer 1889-1933


Upham, I. O.


van Coenen Torchiana, H. A.


Vedders, Elihu


Vickery, Atkins and Torrey


Vinson, Emery E.


Virkus, Fred Adams


Vollmer, August, 1876-1955

folder 5

Wadlin - Waugh 1904-1933


Wadlin, Horace Greeley, 1851-1925


Wagner, Harr, 1857-1936


Wagoner, W. J.


Walker, John Brisben


Walker, S. T.


Walters, Max D.


Wann, J. W.


Ward, Clarence R.


Ward, J. Q. A.


Ward, Stuart Richardson, 1894-


Washburn, Oliver Miles, 1873-1958


Water, W.


Watson, J. C.


Waugh, Alfred K.

folder 6

Webb - White 1895-1919


Webb, U. S.


Weill, Raphael, 1837-1925


Wells, Archie G.


Wheeler, Benjamin Ide, 1854-1927


White, Lucy


White, Nellie


White, Stephen Mallory, 1853-1901

folder 7

Wilbur - Wilson 1888-1926


Wilbur, Ray Lyman, 1875-1949


Willey, F. R.


Williams, Henry Smith, 1863-1943


Williams, Job


Williams, L. C.


Williams, M. E.


Williams, W. R.


Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924

folder 8

Wolgamot - Wright 1901-1925


Wolgamot, Emery F.


Wood, Henry Trueman, 1845-1929


Woodrow, W. L., Mrs.


Woodward, Benjamin


Wores, Theodore, 1858-1939


Work, Herbert


Wright, John

folder 9

Young - Zander 1895-1927


Young, C. C.


Zander, Annie W.

folder 10

Initials only 1908-1909

folder 11

Unsigned 1889-1921

folder 12

Parts of letters ca. 1905-26

folder 13-16

Illegible 1886-1930

folder 17

Cards 1914-1933

folder 18-19

Invitations 1894-1931

folder 20

Unidentified correspondence 1934


Correspondence neither to nor from, 1891-1933.

Box 9, folder 21

Alger - Gorham 1891-1933


Alger, R. A. to Olof Hanson


American Bronze Co. to James D. Phelan


Barr, James to E. M. Gallaudet


Churchman, Elizabeth to Mary Ridgely


Clara Consolidated Gold & Copper Mining Co. to Stockholders


Dern, George H. to W. G. McAdoo


Fisk, Leon A. to James W. Howson


Flanagan, W. C., Mrs. to Oakland Tribune


Gage, Lyman J. to Barton Sewell


Gage, Lyman J. to George S. Dougherty


Gallaudet, E. M. to James A. Barr


Globe Brass & Bell Foundry to James D. Phelan


Gorham Manufacturing Company to James D. Phelan

folder 22

Hartman - Otis 1893-1933


Hartman, Ed to Munroe Jacobs


Hutchinson, Charles L. to George Dougherty


Jenks, Livingston to L. E. Milligan


Jenks, Livingston to James D. Phelan


Julius, E. Haldeman to Mrs. Wildey Meyers


Kelsey, H. C. to Carleton Dethlefsen


Kent, Alfred L. to James A. Barr


Lohmeyer, Ed. W. to Isadore Selig


Marquart, E. J. to W. G. McAdoo


McDonald, Isabel to Isadore Selig


McPike, Henry C. to James D. Phelan


Milligan, L. E. to L. C. Williams


Otis, George B. to James D. Phelan

folder 23

Regensburg - Wright 1891-1931


Regensburg, Oscar to Isadore Selig


Richardson, Lyman to Oakland Silent Athletic Club


Selig, Isadore to Hiram W. Johnson


Selig, Isadore to Oscar Regensburg


Shelby, Eugene to Thomas R. Murphy


Stanhope, ? to New York Herald


Troy, Edward E. P. to R. M. Easly


Veditz, George to James W. Howson


Veditz, George to Olof Hanson


Weeks, Edward to Mrs. Wildey Meyers


Wright Oral School to Alvin E. Pope

folder 24

Unidentified correspondence 1910-1923


Outgoing Correspondence, 1884-1935.

Box 10, folder 1

To Cornelius, Brother 1929-1935

folder 2

To London, Jack & Charmian Kittredge 1916-1917

folder 3-4

To Meyers, Wildey, Mrs. 1930

folder 5

To Aitkin - Coxhead 1895-1935


Aitkin, Robert H.


A. D. C., editor


Benjamin, Edward H.


Brown, Walter


Bruns, Margaret


Calder, A. Stirling


California School for the Deaf


Cohen, Charles J.


Coolidge, Calvin


Cosgrave, J. H.


Coxhead, Ernest

folder 6

To Davis - Executive 1900-1934


Davis, ?


Deaf Mutes' Journal, editor


d'Estrella, Theophilus


DeYoung, M. H.


Domestic Laundry Company


Duffy, Margaret C.


Edoff, J. P.


Executive Committee for Reception of Returning United States Volunteers

folder 7

To Fox - Gonzalez 1905-1933


Fox, Thomas Francis


France, Minister of


Frankenheim, Samuel


Fleishhacker, Herbert


Gaillard, Ami


Gardner, I. M.


Gibson, F. P.


Gifford, C. T.


Globe Brass & Bell Foundry


Goldstone, M. A.


Gonzalez, Frank J.

folder 8

To Hannon - Knights 1911-1930


Hannon, Walter


Hanson, Olof


Hays, W. H.


"Hew to the Line, editor"


Houghton Mifflin Company


Humphrey, W. F.


Kemp, Charles B.


Kent & Kenner (Alfred L. & Marcus L.)


Kersey, Vierling


King, Howard Safford


Knights of Columbus

folder 9

To LaCrosse - Long 1913-1935


LaCrosse, E. L.


Laskey, Jesse F.


Lester, W. M.


Live Oak Publishing Company


Literary Digest


Long, Dr.

folder 10

To Mahoney - Oakland 1906-1932


Mahoney, T.


Marsden, Martin


Mendocino County Tax Collector


Milligan, L. E.


National Fraternal Society of the Deaf


Oakland Tribune


O'Brien, Willis

folder 11

To Pardee - Putnam's 1918-1930


Pardee, S. E.


Parents of Donald ?


Petrovich, Vladmr


Phelan, James Duval


Porter, George


Putnam's (G. P.) Sons'

folder 12

To Ralph - Ruckstuhl 1910-1930


Ralph, Brother


Randolph, Lee F.


Reed, F. E.


Reed, Walter D.


Regensburg, Oscar


Roberts, Arthur L.


Rolph, James, Jr.


Runde, Winfield S.


Ruckstuhl, F. Wellington

folder 13

To Safety - Spilvado 1917-1933


Saftey Valve, editor


San Francisco Art Institute


San Francisco Chronicle


San Francisco Club & Memorial Museum Endowment Committee


San Francisco Examiner


Solberg, Thorwald


Spilvado, Ruth Crawford

folder 14

To Thompson - Vinson 1910-1935


Thompson, R. F.


To whom it may concern


Town & Country Review


Trask, J. D.


Vinson, Emery E.

folder 15

To Ward - Young 1895-1927


Ward, ?


Wilkinson, Warring


Wilson, Woodrow


Wores, Theodore


Young, C. C.

folder 16-17

To unidentified persons 1884-1935

folder 18

Parts of letters n.d.

Box 11.

Series 2: Conversations, ca. 1915-1933.

Scope and Content Note


Arranged alphabetically by topic or by name of conversationalist.
Brother Cornelius' conversations are entirely in transcript. The location of the original notes is unknown. There is also a transcript, with the original notes, of a conversation with Frederick MacMonnies, another sculptor.
Box 10, folder 1

With the Alameda County Pension Dept. ca. 1931

folder 2

About art n.d.

folder 3

With the Berkeley Welfare Society ca. 1931-1933

folder 5

About the Cole estate n.d.

folder 6

At the Keith commemoration 1931

folder 7-8

With Frederick MacMonnies ca. 1915

folder 9

With Marjorie Poole n.d.

folder 10

About property n.d.

folder 11-12

Miscellaneous - unidentified speakers and topics n.d.

Carton 1, Folders 1-29; Oversize Vol. 6.

Series 3: Personal and Family Papers, 1887-1970.

Scope and Content Note


Arranged topically.
This series contains biographical information, newspaper clippings, and articles about Tilden, as well as material relating to his interests. There are two files of bills and receipts, one from his stay in Paris (1884-1894). In addition, there is a file of writings by his mother, Catherine Maria Hecox Tilden Brown.
Ctn. 1, folder 1-3

Sketch of Douglas Tilden's life 1917

folder 4-5

Autobiographical notes for Who's Who 1928

folder 6

Chronology ca. 1932

folder 7

Obituary and funeral address 1935

folder 8

Family clippings ca. 1901-1936

folder 9-10

Writings of Catherine Maria Hecox Tilden Brown 1892, 1910

folder 11

Diary n.d.

folder 12

Diary 1903, [1930]

folder 13

Bills and receipts - French 1887-1894

folder 14

Bills and receipts ca. 1902-1920

folder 15

Tilden - Cole wedding 1896

folder 16

Divorce ca.1910-1925

folder 17

Address book n.d.

folder 18

Miscellaneous notebook n.d.

folder 19-22

Articles about Douglas Tilden 1897-1970

folder 23

Lawsuits: Tilden vs. Grady ca. 1905

folder 24

Miscellaneous ca. 1887-1933

folder 25

Pension ca. 1930s

folder 26

Property - Franklin Street, Oakland n.d.

folder 27

Property - Channing Way, Berkeley 1912-1935

folder 28

Property - Webster Street, Oakland ca. 1907-1909

folder 29

Property - repairs after the 1906 earthquake n.d.

box Oversize, folder Vol. 6

Scrapbook - about sculptors ca. 1885-1935

Carton 1, Folders 29-62.

Series 4: Associations, 1876-1968.

Scope and Content Note


Arranged alphabetically.
Contains announcements, publications, programs, and notes, etc. from organizations in which Tilden was interested, such as the California School for the Deaf, or in which he was active, such as the California Association of the Deaf. Folders 44-57, concerning The Tilden Plan contain clippings about the formation of an organization devoted to deaf interests, a controversy which occupied much of his interest between 1900 and his death in 1935.
Ctn. 1, folder 30

Bohemian Club—announcements 1920-1931

folder 31

Bohemian Club—miscellaneous ca. 1894-1934

folder 32

Bohemian Club—sketch of proposed building n.d.

folder 33

California School for the Deaf—workbook n.d.

folder 34

California School for the Deaf—clippings ca. 1876-1968

folder 35

California School for the Deaf—investigation of n.d.

folder 36

California School for the Deaf—miscellaneous n.d.

folder 37

Independence League of the Deaf ca. 1910-1915

folder 38

League of Elect Surds 1910

folder 39

Order of Americans ca. 1906-1908

folder 40

National Federation ca. 1906-1913

folder 41

California Association of the Deaf—constitution and by laws ca. 1910-1934

folder 42

California Association of the Deaf—finance ca. 1908-1913

folder 43

California Association of the Deaf—membership ca. 1910

folder 44-45

California Association of the Deaf—miscellaneous 1906-1931

folder 46

California Association of the Deaf—publications 1913-1932

folder 47

The Nugget 1919

folder 48

National Association of the Deaf 1909-1917

folder 49-62

The Tilden plan 1900-1920

Carton 1, Folders 63-72; Carton 2, Folders 1-52.

Series 5: Sculpture, 1889-1970.

Scope and Content Note


Arranged alphabetically by name of sculpture or sketch.
These files contain a miscellany of contracts, agreements, specifications, newspaper clippings, insurance papers, and notes, etc. Sketches are preliminary drafts of particular sculptures like The Bridge or of ideas such as serpents or architectural ornamentation.
An oversize folder also contains sketches.
Ctn. 1, folder 63

Abbe de l'Epee ca. 1912-1928

folder 64

Admission Day Monument 1896

folder 65

Balboa n.d.

folder 66

The Baseball Player 1889

folder 67-69

Bear Hunt - manuscript, transcript & index 1915-1949

folder 70

Bear Hunt—clippings ca. 1895-1959

folder 71

Bear Hunt—miscellaneous ca. 1895-1930

folder 72

Bear Hunt— Tilden Association for the Promotion of Art 1921

Ctn. 2, folder 1

Burnham Plan ca. 1898-1906

folder 2

California Volunteers ca. 1900-1915

folder 3

Football Players ca. 1900

folder 4

General Bidwell ca. 1907-1919

folder 5

Grant Memorial 1902

folder 6

McElroy Fountain 1910-1912

folder 7

McKinley Memorial ca. 1901-1903

folder 8-9

Mechanics Monument (Donahue Fountain) ca. 1898-1970

folder 10

Modern Civilization 1915

folder 11

Mormon Battalion Memorial 1916

folder 12

Oregon Volunteers 1902-1906

folder 13

Pioneer Mother ca. 1908-1916

folder 14

Smith, F. M. Borax ca. 1933

folder 15

Sullivan, Fire Chief ca. 1908-1922

folder 16-17

Tired Boxer 1890-1892

folder 18

Tympanum - St. Louis expo ca. 1904

folder 19

Valentine Memorial 1899

folder 20

White, Stephen M., Senator ca. 1906


Sketches, 1894-1935.

Ctn. 2, folder 21

Abbe de l'Epee ca. 1907

folder 22

Bohemian Club - Judgement of the Owl ca. 1932

folder 23

The Bridge 1926

folder 24

Ceres Drawn By Lions 1894-1935

folder 25

Collage 189 4-1935

folder 26

End of Day 1894-1935

folder 27

Ephphatha 1894-1935

folder 28

Goddess of War Watching Hercules Holding a Conflict-Torn World at a Distance 1894-1935

folder 29

Gold and Pioneers 1894-1935

folder 30

Inventions 1894-1935

folder 31

Invictus 1894-1935

folder 32

Manila Monument 1894-1935

folder 33

Miscellaneous sketches ca. 1916

folder 34

Oakland Chess and Checker set ca. 1931

folder 35

People 1927-1932

folder 36

Rebuilding of San Francisco 1894-1935

folder 37

Sculptor/Crucifix 1894-1935

folder 38

Seal of Oakland 1894-1935

folder 39

Serpents ca. 1933

folder 40

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 1894-1935

folder 41

Tilden crest ca. 1930

folder 42

Women—Mothers—Womanhood 1894-1935

folder 43

Architectural ornamentation 1894-1935

folder 44

Designs ca. 1919-1934

folder 45

Designs— California Association of the Deaf 1910

folder 46

Designs—No Thank You 1917

folder 47

Hollywood ca. 1917-1931

folder 48

Miscellaneous ca. 1893-1905

folder 49

Sketch book 1892

folder 50

Tools and equipment n.d.

folder 51

Foundries ca. 1890-1929

folder 52

Inventions n.d.

oversize Oversize folder

Sketch n.d.

Carton 2, Folders 53-121; Carton 3-4.

Series 6: Writings, 1884-1935.

Scope and Content Note


Two subseries: and writings, filed chronologically.
Most of Tilden's published writings are from publications for the deaf. Writing under several pseudonyms, Zeno was one he used nearly his entire life. Much of the Zeno writings were mere paragraphs which Tilden collected in a scrapbook. The scrapbook and several folders of similar Zeno material appears at the end of the published subseries.

Published, 1885-1934.

Ctn. 2, folder 53

Deaf-mutes and Their Education May 1885

folder 54

Virgil Williams' Art Notes To a Deaf-mute Pupil March 1887

folder 55

The Artist's Testament April 1888

folder 56

What Should an Art School Be? March 1892

folder 57

Art, and What California Should Do About Her May 1892

folder 58

George B. Goodall Jan. 1896

folder 59

The Poverty of Fortune Aug. 1897

folder 60

Specifications For a Model of a Grant Memorial 1902

folder 61

Tilden Offers Another Suggestion (letter to the editor) Aug.1904

folder 62

Some Thoughts on Sculpture Nov. 1904

folder 63

Tribe of Fools Dec. 1904

folder 64

Tribe of Fools June 1905

folder 65

How the Deaf Uphold the Law 1905

folder 66

More of the 'Original' Discoverers of Gold in California (letter to the editor) 1905

folder 67

Tribe of Fools April 1907

folder 68

Tribe of Fools/Russian Story May 1907

folder 69

The Order of Americans (letter to the editor) Oct. 1907

folder 70

Tilden Submits Ideas For the Federation Plan March 1908

folder 71

Tilden Submits Ideas for the Federation Plan #3 1908

folder 72

Sherlock Holmes II Supports Mr. Phil Morin ca. 1909

folder 73

The Political Outlook ca. 1909

folder 74

The Political Aftermath ca. 1909

folder 75

A Racy Letter About Lake Tahoe Dec. 1909

folder 76-77

Deaf Mutes and the World of Pantomime ca. 1910

folder 78

Announcement of the American Federation of the Deaf 1912

folder 79

Federation Sept. 1912

folder 80

Federation News (American Federation of the Deaf) 1913

folder 81

Let There Be Light 1913

folder 82

A Tribute[to James D. Phelan] 1914

folder 83

A Tribute to Ernest Dusuzeau July 1917

folder 84

The Value of Art To the Deaf 1917

folder 85

Pertaining to Deaf Artists July 1919

folder 86-87

The Separation of the Deaf and the Blind 1923

folder 88

A Letter From Tilden (letter to the editor) April 1926

folder 89

Madmen and Children Feb. 1927

folder 90

Commerce Provides Cash For the Arts (letter to the editor) Oct. 1927

folder 91

California and Theophilus d'Estrella Nov. 1929

folder 92

Prayer of the Deaf Alumni ca. 1932

folder 93

A Successful Man April 1933

folder 94

War on Human Wolves (letter to the editor) Dec. 1933

folder 95

Letters to the editor ca. 1933

folder 96-97

Obituary for Dr. Long Jan. 1934

folder 98

Chisel Marks n.d.

folder 99

Letter to San Francisco Examiner n.d.

folder 100

Onward or Backward n.d.

folder 101

An Open Letter to the President of the National Association of the Deaf n.d.

folder 102

[Oriental Immigration] (letter to the editor) n.d.

folder 103

A Sculptor on Birth Control n.d.

folder 104

Tribe of Fools n.d.

folder 105

Zenoisms—cartoons n.d.

folder 106

ZenoismsCount Caglistro n.d.

folder 107

ZenoismsJulius Cloud, Act IV, Scene III n.d.

folder 108

Zeno Answers Dr. Meyer n.d.

folder 109

Zeno With Aesop's Spectacles ca. 1910

folder 110-121

Zenoisms 1885-1935


Unpublished, 1884-1935.

Ctn. 3, folder 1

Untitled - after Dante's Divine Comedy ca. 1884

folder 2

How the 'Oregon' Was Sunk 1890

folder 3-4

A Brief History of Our Recent Monumental Undertakings ca. 1906

folder 5

What It Has Cost California to Educate Her Deaf ca. 1906-1907

folder 6

Zeno Reviews the E. A. Fay Essay ca. 1912-1913

folder 7-9

The Autobiography of a Dummy 1915

folder 10-13

The Autobiography of a Dummy 1915

folder 14-16

The Autobiography of a Dummy #2 1915

folder 17-19

The Autobiography of a Dummy #3 1915

folder 20

The Gap 1915

folder 21

The Gap 1916

Ctn. 4, folder 1

The Tilden Plan ca. 1905-1915

folder 2-5

Bread Upon the Waters n.d.

folder 6

Bread Upon the Waters 1919

folder 7

The Liar 1921

folder 8

The Dreamer ca. 1921

folder 9-10

Notes on McFadden's Famous Sculptors 1925

folder 11

Untitled (San Francisco Art Institute opening) ca. 1925

folder 12-13

Theophilus d'Estrella, a Romance 1930

folder 14

Record of the California Association of the Deaf After 25 Years ca. 1932

folder 15

California Association of the Deaf Awards 1933

folder 16

Scenarios 1933

folder 17-18

Untitled re: Cubism ca. 1935

folder 19

A Few Recollections and Etc. n.d.

folder 20-22

Notes in Parkman n.d.

folder 23

Our Thanksgiving n.d.

folder 24-25

Principles of Success in Art n.d.

folder 26

Scientific Spirit and the Education of the Deaf in America n.d.

folder 27

The Tilden Plan n.d.

folder 28

Miscellaneous - re: Art n.d.

folder 29

re: California Association of the Deaf

folder 30

re: California School for the Deaf n.d.

folder 31

re: Chess n.d.

folder 32

re: the deaf n.d.

folder 33

re: Deaf Jews in California n.d.

folder 34

re: Helen Keller n.d.

folder 35

re: Old age pensions? n.d.

folder 36

re: James D. Phelan n.d.

folder 37

re: Poetry n.d.

folder 38

re: The Tilden plan n.d.

folder 39

re: Willis Polk n.d.

folder 40

re: Women n.d.

folder 41-42

Miscellany n.d.

folder 43

Scrapbook of art collected by Douglas Tilden n.d.

folder 44

Three Tilden medals:


Exposition Universelle Internationale de 1900 (Paris, France)


Louisiana Purchase Exposition (1904 : Saint Louis, Mo.)


Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition (1909 : Seattle, Wash.)

Oversize Vols. 1-5.

Series 7: Scrapbooks, 1860-1935 [1970].

Scope and Content Note

Numbered and labeled thus: 1. 1860-1890; 2. 1891-1896; 3. 1896-1901; 4. 1902-1914; 5. 1914-1935. The scrapbooks were assembled by Tilden's daughter, Gladys, after his death, and were added to until the 1970s.
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