Register of the Albert Léon Guérard Papers, 1942-1948

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Register of the Albert Léon Guérard Papers, 1942-1948

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Albert Léon Guérard Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1942-1948
Collection number: 56019
Creator: Guérard, Albert Léon, 1880-1959
Collection Size: 5 manuscript boxes (2 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Radio transcripts, memoranda, reports, correspondence, and pamphlets, relating to broadcasts of the French section of the Office of War Information during World War II, and to the activities of the Committee to Frame a World Constitution.
Physical location: Hoover Institution Archives
Language: French and English.

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Committee to Frame a World Constitution.
International organization.
Propaganda, American.
World War, 1939-1945.
World War, 1939-1945--France.
World War, 1939-1945--Propaganda.
World War, 1939-1945--United States.
United States--Foreign relations.
United States. Office of War Information.
Voice of America (Radio program)

Biographical Note

1880, November 3 Born, Paris, France
1899 B.A., University of Paris
1901-1903 Traveling Scholarship in England
1904-1906 Junior Professor of Literature and Examiner in History, Paris Normal School
1906-1907 Instructor, Williams College
1907-1913 Assistant and Associate Professor of French, Stanford University
1913 Author, French Prophets of Yesterday
1913-1924 Professor of French, Rice Institute
1914 Author, French Civilization in the Nineteenth Century
1916 Author, Five Masters of French Romance
1917-1919 Staff, U.S. Army Intelligence and Liaison Services
1920 Author, French Civilization from Its Origins to the Close of the Middle Ages
1923 Author, Reflections on the Napoleonic Legend
1925-1946 Professor of General Literature, Stanford University
1925 Author, Beyond Hatred
1928 Author, Life and Death of an Ideal. France in the Classical Age
1929 Author, L'avenir de Paris
1935 Author, Literature and Society
1936 Author, Art for Art's Sake
1941-1942 Author, The France of Tomorrow
1942-1945 Broadcaster, U.S. Office of War Information
1945 Author, Europe, Free and United
1946 Author, France: A Short History
1948 Author, Personal Equation
1949 Author, Education of A Humanist
1950-1953 Professor of Comparative Literature, Brandies University
1955 Author, Napoleon III
1956 Author, Napoleon I
1957 Author, Fossils and Presences
1959 Author, France, A Modern History
1959, November 13 Died, Stanford, California

Scope and Content of Collection

Radio transcripts, memoranda, reports, correspondence, and pamphlets, relating to broadcasts of the French section of the Office of War Information during World War II, and to the activities of the Committee to Frame a World Constitution.

Container List

Boxes 1-2

Writings and Transcripts of Radio Broadcasts for the United States Office of War Information (French Section), 1942-1945

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, notes, a photograph, and transcripts related to Guérard's participation as a writer and a broadcaster for the French Section of the United States Office of War Information (OWI) during World War II, arranged chronologically. Most of the folders contain typescript copies, mimeograph copies, and carbon copies, with author and censor notations, of transcripts of French language broadcasts originating with OWI, 1942-1945. Arrangement of transcripts is chronological by initial broadcast date (when available) of each broadcast series.
Box 1

Project correspondence, 1942-1943


Notes and photograph, 1942-1943


Transcripts of radio broadcasts, 1942-1945


BBC Show Number 1, October 5, 1942


"Toulon a balayé les derniers nuages," November 27, 1942


"Réflexions d'un américain moyen"


"Vice-President Wallace," January 25, 1943


"Bombardement sur l'Allemagne," January 29, 1943


La Croix-Rouge américaine, January 30, 1943


Press review, February 1, 1943


"Le Président Roosevelt," February 2, 1943


"Winston Churchill en Turquie," February 3, 1943


"Stalingrad," February 4, 1943


Press review, February 5, 1943


Press review, February 7, 1943


Regional show for Belgium, February 9, 1943


"Les complices ennemis," February 9, 1943


"L'Amérique devant les succès russes," February 10, 1943


"President Roosevelt's Speech on Lincoln's Birthday: February 12, 1943", February 14, 1943


Press review, February 15, 1943


Press review, February 16, 1943


Press review, February 17, 1943


Press review, February 18, 1943


Press review, February 21, 1943


Press review, February 22, 1943


Press review, February 23, 1943


Press review, February 24, 1943


Press review, February 25, 1943


Press review, February 26, 1943


Press review, February 27, 1943


Press review, March 1, 1943


Press review, March 3, 1943


Press review, March 4, 1943


Press review, March 5, 1943


Press review, March 7, 1943


Press review, March 8, 1943


Press review, March 9, 1943


Press review, March 10, 1943


Press review, March 11, 1943


Press review, March 12, 1943


Press review, March 13, 1943


Press review, March 15, 1943


Press review, March 16, 1943


Press review, March 17, 1943


Press review, March 18, 1943


Press review, March 19, 1943


Press review, March 21, 1943


Press review, March 22, 1943


Press review, March 23, 1943


Press review, March 25, 1943


Press review, March 26, 1943


Press review, March 28, 1943


Press review, March 29, 1943


Press review, March 30, 1943


Press review, March 31, 1943


Press review, April 1, 1943


Press review, April 2, 1943


Press review, April 4, 1943


Press review, April 5, 1943


Press review, April 6, 1943


Press review, April 7, 1943


Press review, April 8, 1943


Press review, April 9, 1943


Press review, April 11, 1943


Press review, April 12, 1943


Press review, April 13, 1943


Press review, April 14, 1943


Press review, April 15, 1943


Press review, April 16, 1943


Press review, April 18, 1943


Press review, April 19, 1943


Press review, April 20, 1943


Press review, April 21, 1943


Press review, April 22, 1943


Press review, April 23, 1943


Press review, April 25, 1943


Press review, April 27, 1943


Press review, April 28, 1943


Press review, April 29, 1943


Press review, April 30, 1943


Press review, May 1, 1943


Press review, May 3, 1943


Press review, May 4, 1943


Press review, May 5, 1943


Press review, May 6, 1943


Press review, May 19, 1943


Press review, May 20, 1943


Press review, May 22, 1943


Press review, May 24, 1943


Press review, May 25, 1943


Press review, May 26, 1943


Press review, May 27, 1943


Press review (holograph), May 28, 1943


Press review, May 28, 1943


Press review, May 31, 1943


Press review, June 1, 1943


Press review, June 2, 1943


Press review, June 3, 1943


Press review, June 4, 1943


Press review, June 5, 1943


Press review, June 6, 1943


Press review, June 7, 1943


Press review, June 8, 1943


Press review, June 9, 1943


Press review, June 10, 1943


Press review, June 11, 1943


Press review, June 12, 1943


Press review, June 14, 1943


Press review, June 15, 1943


Press review, June 16, 1943


Press review, June 17, 1943


Press review, June 18, 1943


Press review, June 19, 1943


Press review, June 21, 1943


Press review, June 22, 1943


Press review, June 23, 1943


Press review, June 24, 1943


Press review, June 25, 1943


Press review, June 26, 1943


Press review, June 28, 1943


Press review, June 29(?), 1943


Press review, June 30, 1943


Press review, July 2, 1943


Press review, July 3, 1943


Press review, July 5, 1943


Press review, July 6, 1943


Press review, July 7, 1943


Press review, July 8, 1943


Press review, July 9, 1943


Press review, July 13, 1943


"L'Amérique au jour le jour"


Press review, July 22, 1943


Press and book review, July 31, 1943


Book review, August 4, 1943


Book review, August 6, 1943


Press review, August 9, 1943


Book review, August 10, 1943


Book review, August 12, 1943


Press review, August 13, 1943


Book review, August 18, 1943


Book review, August 20, 1943


Press review, August 21, 1943


Book review, August 26, 1943


Book review, August 31, 1943


Book review, September 3, 1943


Press review, September 7, 1943


Press review, September 11, 1943


Book review, September 14, 1943


Press review, September 15(?), 1943


Book review, September 18, 1943


Book review, September 21, 1943


Book review, September 24, 1943


Press review, September 25, 1943


Book review, September 28, 1943


Book review, September 30, 1943


Press review, October 1, 1943


Book review, October 5, 1943


Book review, October 7, 1943


Press review, October 8, 1943


Book review, October 19, 1943


Book review, October 21, 1943


Press review, October 22, 1943


Book review, October 27, 1943


Book review, October 28, 1943


Journal review, October 30, 1943


Book review, November 2, 1943


Book review, November 4, 1943


Press review, November 10, 1943


Book review, November 11, 1943


Book review, November 16, 1943


Book review, November 18, 1943


"Le Discours de Gettysburg," November 19, 1943


Book review, November 22, 1943


Book review, November 25, 1943


Book review, November 26, 1943


Book review, November 30, 1943


Book review, December 2, 1943


Press review, December 3, 1943


Book review, December 7, 1943


Book review, December 9, 1943


Book review, December 14, 1943


Book review, December 16, 1943


Book review, December 17, 1943

Box 2

"Franco-American Friendship"


"1917, 'Lafayette, nous voici!' Les américains en France," August 20, 1943


"L'Offensive. L'Armistice," August 26, 1943


"La France à New York," September 23, 1943


Commentary on Franco-American friendship by Julien Green, October 2, 1943


Dialogue on Franco-American friendship with Léon Rothier, October 9, 1943


"L'Amérique à vol d'oiseau," October, 1943-January, 1944


I. "Aperçu géographique," October 16, 1943


II. "Aperçu historique," October 23, 1943


III. "La Constitution," November 13(?), 1943


IV. "Vie politique," November 13(?), 1943


V. "Formation du peuple américain: les éléments non-européens," November 9(?), 1943


VI. "Formation du peuple américain: l'immigration européenne," November 18, 1943


VII. "L'enseignement primaire et secondaire," December 4, 1943


VIII. "L'enseignement supérieur," November 26(?), 1943


IX. "La religion aux Etats-Unis," December 18, 1943


X. "Le travail," December 25, 1943


XI. "La littérature (xixème siècle)," January 1, 1944


XII. "La politique étrangère aux Etat-Unis," December 12, 1943


"L'élément français dans l'histoire des Etats-Unis", November 8, 1943


"Voici l'Amérique," 1944-1945


I. "En traversant l'Amérique," undated


II. Les universités et l'effort de guerre: Stanford," undated


III. "L'Alaska," undated


IV. "San Francisco en temps de guerre", undated


V. "San Francisco (2)," undated


VI. "San Francisco (3): la ville chinoise," undated


VII. "San Francisco (4): la cité phénix," undated


VIII. "Deux vignettes de San Francisco," undated


IX. "Los Angeles (1)"


X. "Los Angeles (2): la ville centrifuge," undated


XI. "Los Angeles (3): centre intellectuel," undated


XII. "Walt Disney (1)," undated


XIII. "Walt Disney (2)," undated


XIV. "Le nord-ouest: l'Orégon et le Washington," undated


XV. "Les îles Hawaii (1)," undated


XVI. "Les îles Hawaii (2)," undated


XVII. "Le Texas," undated


XVIII. "Le Texas," undated


XIX. "L'Amérique par les livres: littérature et folklore," undated


XX. " Meet Dr. Franklin: Voici le docteur Franklin," undated


XXI. "Qu'est-ce qu'un américain?," undated


XXII. "L'éducation des adultes (James Truslow Adams, Frontiers of American Culture)," undated


XXIII. "L'éducation des adultes (2)," undated


XXIV. "La révolution technique (Garet Garrett: A Time is Born)," undated


XXV. "La démocratie en marche: l'Autorité de la Vallée du Tennessee" by David E. Lilienthal, Chairman, Tennessee Valley Authority, undated


XXVI. "La démocratie en marche (2)," undated


XXVII. "Le miracle américain (d'après le livre d'André Maurois), undated


XXVIII. "Les buts de guerre (d'après Walter Lippman, U.S. War Aims; Sumner Welles, The Time for Decision)" Hugh Gibson, The Road to Foreign Policy; James T. Shotwell, The Great Decision," undated


XXIX. "C'est toujours l'homme qui compte: Clyde W. Tombaugh, astronome," undated


XXX. "Reconstruction économique du monde (à propos de Bretton Woods: introduction)," undated


XXXI. "Reconstruction économique du monde (2)-- Bretton Woods: le fonds de stabilisation des changes," undated


XXXII. "Organisation economique du monde: la banque internationale," undated


XXXIII. "Retour aux principes," undated


XXXIV. "Rentrée dans le néant," undated


XXXV. "'Nous, le peuple...'," undated


XXXVI. "Au cinéma: les fêtes de la déliverance," September 25, 1944


XXXVII. "L'entrevue Stalin-Eric Johnson," October 2, 1944


XXXVIII. "Le film Wilson," undated


XXXIX. "Le projet de sécurité collective de Dumbarton Oaks," undated


XL. "Le projet de sécurité mondiale de Dumbarton Oaks," undated


XLI. "L'Amérique reconnaît la volonte du peuple français," undated


XLII. "L'armistice de 1918: à la recherche du temps perdu," November, 1944


XLIII. "La démocratie en action: les élections générales," undated


XLIV. "La France au comité européen de Londres," undated


XLV. "De New York à Belfort," undated


XLVI. "Le caractère américain, d'après D. W. Brogan," undated


XLVII. "La conférence internationale de l'aviation civile," undated


XLVIII. "Les fêtes de Noël," undated


XLIX. "La politique étrangère des États-Unis," undated


L. "La France signe la déclaration des Nations Unies, undated


LI. "Le châtiment des traîtres et la modération francaise," undated


LII. "Savoir oò l'on va: le rapport annuel du president," undated


LIII. "La sécurité internationale et l'emploi des contingents américains," undated


LIV. "La Cour Suprême des États-Unis," undated


LV. "L'Office International d'Education (Sources: Dean Kefauver, Dr. Harlow Shapley (Harvard), Mr. James Marshal, New York City Board of Education)," undated


LVI. "Lincoln et l'idéal américain," undated


LVII. "La Conférence de Yalta (Crimée): finir la guerre," undated


LVIII. "Georges Washington," undated


LIX. "Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes (Sources: Max Lerner, The Mind and Faith of Justice Holmes; Alfred Lief, Representative Opinions of Mr. Justice Holmes; Catherine Bowen, Yankee from Olympus)," undated


LX. "La Conférence de Mexico," undated


LXI. "L'avenir du Japon (Source: Forum on Japan)," undated


LXII. "La Conférence de San Francisco," undated


LXIII. "Le Conseil de Sécurité," undated


LXIV. "Les declarations de M. Stettinius," undated


LXV. "Paris, 1919-San Francisco, 1945," undated


LXVI. "La Conférence s'ouvre: perspectives historiques," undated


LXVII. "San Francisco: l'atmosphere de la ville," undated


LXVIII. "L'organisation (le mecanisme) de la Conference," undated


LXIX. "Coup d'oeil historique sur la deuxieme guerre mondiale," undated


LXX. "La Conférence et les accords regionaux," undated


LXXI. "Thomas Mann et l'idéal américain," undated


LXXII. "Le rapport de M. Stettinius," undated


LXXIII. "L'administration militaire des allies en Allemagne," undated


LXXIV. "'Rien n'est perdu.' L'appèl du General De Gaulle (18 juin 1940)," undated


LXXV. "La Charte de San Francisco devant le Senat américain," undated


LXXVI. "C'est le premier pas," undated


LXXVIIa. "Le Quatorze Juillet," undated


LXXVIIb. "Le Quatorze Juillet: 'Liberer pour mieux Unir'," undated


LXXVIII. "Le Liberateur Bolivar (1783-1830)," undated


LXXIX. "La fête nationale belge (Fête de la Constitution, 21 juillet)," undated


LXXX. "La démocratie construit...(Sources: Paul Zucker, New Architeture and City Planning; Lewis Mumford, City Development; Henry S. Churchill, The City is the People; Frank Lloyd Wright, When Democracy Builds," undated


LXXXI. "Ephérméridés de la liberté: la Nuit du Quatre Aout," undated


LXXXII. "Les accords de San Francisco et de Bretton Woods sont ratifies," undated


LXXXIII. "La vie intellectuelle aux États-Unis (1). Introduction," undated


LXXXIV. "La vie intellectuelle aux États-Unis (2). Les universités: le nombre n'est pas un crime," undated


LXXXV. "La vie intellectuelle aux États-Unis (3). Les universités: la liberté," undated


LXXXVI. "La vie intellectuelle aux États-Unis (4). Les universités: l'égalité (et la fraternité)," undated


LXXXVII. "La vie intellectuelle aux États-Unis (5). Le roman américain: 'les primitifs'," undated


LXXXVIII. "La vie intellectuelle aux États-Unis (6). Le roman américain: ce qui lit John Doe," undated


LXXXIX. "La vie intellecutelle aux États-Unis (7). Education générale ou apprentissage professionnel?" undated


XC. "La vie intellectuele aux États-Unis (8). Réflexions sur l'energie atomique," undated


XCI. "La vie intellectuelle aux États-Unis (9). Réflexions sur l'energie atomique (2)," undated


XCII. "La vie intellectuelle aux États-Unis (10). Les cinq frontiers de la pensée," undated


XCIII. "La vie intellectuelle aux États-Unis (11.) L'enseignement de l'histoire nationale," undated


(Out of Series). "Paris delivre," August 9, 1944


(Out of Series). "L'Allemagne s'écroule,' May 8, 1945

Boxes 3-5

Correspondence and Documents of the Committee to Frame a World Constitution, 1945-1948

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, project documents, drafts, memoranda, notes, comments, outlines, remarks, considerations, agenda, indexes, circulars, news clippings, reprints, speeches, and pamphlets related to the activities of the Committee to Frame a World Constitution whose members included Robert M. Hutchins, G. A. Borgese, Mortimer Adler, Stringfellow Barr, Albert Guérard, Harold A. Innis, Erich Kahler, Wilbut G. Katz, Charles H. McIlwain, Robert Redfield, and Rexford G. Tugwell. Correspondence is arranged alphabetically by last name of correspondent, except for committee circular letters, which are arranged chronologically. Documents are arranged according to the committee's original enumeration. The remainder of the material is arranged according to subject. It should be noted that the text of the completed preliminary draft of the world constitution, a summary report, and an index to committee documents were published as Preliminary Draft of a World Constitution, by the Committee to Frame a World Constitution, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1948.
Box 3

Project correspondence, 1945-1948


Barr, Stringfellow


Borgese, E. M.


Borgese, G. A.


Cady, Elizabeth


Committee for World Government


Hutchins, Robert M.


Isely, Philip


Kahler, Erich


McKeon, Richard P.


Tressider, D. B.


Tugwell, Rexford G.


Circular letters, 1945-1947


Indexes to documents, 1945-1948




1, 3-7, 10-11, 14-15, 17, 20-26, 28-30, 32-39, 42, 45, 48, 58, 62-66, 69-70, 72-75, 76b-84, 86-90

Box 4

92-93, 95-106, 108-132, 134-144, 146-150

Box 5

Memoranda, drafts, outlines, and project reports pertaining to the drafting of a world constitution by project members, 1945-1947


World Government


Atomic energy


Charters and constitutions


Charter to the United Nations


China's Draft Constitution


Constitution (Fundamental Law) of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics


Constitution of the United States of America


Draft Constitution of the United States of Europe