Inventory of the Department of Natural Resources Records, 1927-Sept. 30, 1961

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Inventory of the Department of Natural Resources Records, 1927-Sept. 30, 1961

Inventory: F3735; F3809

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Department of Natural Resources Records,
Date (inclusive): 1927-Sept. 30, 1961
Inventory: F3735; F3809
Creator: Department of Natural Resources
Repository: California State Archives
Sacramento, California
Language: English.

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Agency History

The Department of Natural Resources was created in 1927 (ch. 128) combining under a single agency the state's interests in the fields of fish and game conservation, forestry, mining, parks, and resources management. Under the 1927 law four divisions were specified: Fish and Game; Forestry; Mines and Mining; and Parks. A division of Oil and Gas was added in 1929 (Ch. 535). Various divisional name changes occurred in succeeding years (see below under individual divisional subgroups) and additional programs in recreation and soil conservation were added. Fish and Game attained separate departmental status in 1951 (Ch. 195). The Department of Natural Resources was reorganized in 1961 and renamed as the Department of Conservation (Ch. 2037). The same law created a new Department of Parks and Recreation.

W.P.A. historical monographs on State Historical Landmarks, Beaches and Parks, and notes and bibliographical materials on various historical sites, registered and non-registered, grouped and interfiled by county, 1936-40.
Folder F3809:1-2

Project activity and progress reports and miscellaneous working papers.

Folder F3809:3

Alpine County

Folder F3809:4

Alum Rock Park

Folder F3809:5

Amador County

Folder F3809:6

Anchorage of the San Carlos

Folder F3809:7

Angels Camp

Folder F3809:8

Anza Desert State Park

Folder F3809:9

Anza Expedition Camps

Folder F3809:10

Armistice Oak Tree

Folder F3809:11

Armstrong Redwoods State Park

Folder F3809:12

Asistensia de San Antonio de Pala

Folder F3809:13

Austin (Mary) Home,

Folder F3809:14

Avila Adobe

Folder F3809:15

Banning Park

Folder F3809:16

Battlefield State Historical, San Pasqual

Folder F3809:17

Bear Flag Monument

Folder F3809:18

Bend City Site

Folder F3809:19

Benicia Arsenal

Folder F3809:20-22

Bidwell State Park

Folder F3809:23

Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Folder F3809:24

Blue Wing Inn

Folder F3809:25

Brand Park

Folder F3809:26

Broderick-Terry Dueling Place

Folder F3809:27

Butte County

Folder F3809:28

Butterfield Stage Station

Folder F3809:29

Calaveras County

Folder F3809:30

Calaveras State Park

Folder F3809:31

California Star Newspaper Office

Folder F3809:32

California State Capitol II

Folder F3809:33

California State Capitol III

Folder F3809:34

California State Capitol IV

Folder F3809:35

California Theatre

Folder F3809:36-47

Camp Independence

Folder F3809:38

Campo de Cahuenga

Folder F3809:39

Captain Jack's Stronghold

Folder F3809:40

Carlsbad Beach State Park

Folder F3809:41-43

Carpenteria Beach State Park

Folder F3809:44

Carson Hill

Folder F3809:45

Casa Adobe de San Rafael

Folder F3809:46

Casa de Estudillo

Folder F3809:47

Casa de la Guerra

Folder F3809:48

Castillo de San Joaquin

Folder F3809:49-51

Castle Crags State Park

Folder F3809:52

Castro Home

Folder F3809:53

College of California, Site of

Folder F3809:54

Colton Hall

Folder F3809:55

Columbia, Town of

Folder F3809:56

Colusa County

Folder F3809:57, 58

Contra Costa County

Folder F3809:59

Covarrubias Adobe

Folder F3809:60


Folder F3809:61

Dana Point

Folder F3809:62

Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park

Folder F3809:63

Derby Dike

Folder F3809:64

Discovery Well

Folder F3809:65-70

D. I. Bliss State Park

Folder F3809:71

Doheny Beach State Park

Folder F3809:72

Dominguez Ranch House

Folder F3809:73

Donner Monument

Folder F3809:74

Douglas Flat

Folder F3809:75

Drum Barricks

Folder F3809:76

El Dorado, Parker House and Dennison's Exchange.

Folder F3809:77

Empire Mine, The

Folder F3809:78

Estudillo Home

Folder F3809:79

First Permanent White Habitation in Owens Valley

Folder F3809:80

First Sawmill in Marin County

Folder F3809:81

First Theatre in California

Folder F3809:82

First U.S. Branch mint in California, Site of

Folder F3809:83

Fort Roops (Fort Defience)

Folder F3809:84

Fort Guijarros, Site of

Folder F3809:85

Fort Gunny logs

Folder F3809:86

Fort Humboldt

Folder F3809:87

Fort Rosecrans

Folder F3809:88

Fort Ross

Folder F3809:89

Fort Stockton

Folder F3809:90

Fort Tejon

Folder F3809:91, 92

Founding of the Presidio of San Francisco

Folder F3809:93


Folder F3809:94

Fresno County

Folder F3809:95

Giant Desert Figures near Blythe

Folder F3809:96

Glenn County

Folder F3809:97

Hacienda of Governor Pio Pico

Folder F3809:98

Hancock Park, La Brea

Folder F3809:99

Hangman's Tree

Folder F3809:100


Folder F3809:101

Hiouchi Redwoods State Park

Folder F3809:102

Hock Farm

Folder F3809:103

Humboldt County

Folder F3809:104

Humboldt County, Redwood Parks of

Folder F3809:105, 106

Imperial County

Folder F3809:107

Inyo County

Folder F3809:108

Joaquin Miller House

Folder F3809:109-115

Kern County

Folder F3809:116

Kings County

Folder F3809:117

Kruze Rododendron Reserve

Folder F3809:118

La Mesa Battlefield

Folder F3809:119

Landing Place of Captain Montgomery

Folder F3809:120

Landing Place of Sebastion Vizcaino and Fray Junipero Serra

Folder F3809:121

La Punta de Los Muertos

Folder F3809:122

Lake County

Folder F3809:123

Larkin House

Folder F3809:124

Lassen's Monument

Folder F3809:125

Lighter Wharf at Bolinas

Folder F3809:126

Lime Kilns

Folder F3809:127

Livermore Memorial Monument

Folder F3809:128, 129

Los Angeles County

Folder F3809:130

Los Angeles Plaza

Folder F3809:131

Lotta Crabtree, Home of

Folder F3809:132

Luther Burbank Home and Gardens

Folder F3809:133, 134

Madera County

Folder F3809:135-137

Manhattan Beach State Park

Folder F3809:138

Marin County

Folder F3809:139

Mark Twain Cabin

Folder F3809:140

Marshall's Blacksmith Shop

Folder F3809:141

Marshall (James) Monument

Folder F3809:142, 143

Mayfield Canyon Battleground

Folder F3809:144

McArthur Memorial State Park

Folder F3809:145-150

Mendocino County

Folder F3809:151

Merced Theatre

Folder F3809:152

Mill Creek Redwoods Saved

Folder F3809:153

Mission Bay State Park

Folder F3809:154

Mission Dam and Flue

Folder F3809:155

Mission La Purisima Conception

Folder F3809:156

Mission Nuestra Senora de la Soledad

Folder F3809:157

Mission San Antonio de Padua

Folder F3809:158

Mission San Carlos de Barromeo de Carmelo

Folder F3809:159

Mission San Diego de Alcala

Folder F3809:160

Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana

Folder F3809:161

Mission San Francisco de Asis

Folder F3809:162

Mission San Francisco Solano

Folder F3809:163

Mission San Gabriel Arcangel

Folder F3809:164

Mission San Jose

Folder F3809:165, 166

Mission San Juan Bautista and Plaza

Folder F3809:167

Mission San Juan Capestrano

Folder F3809:168

Mission San Luis Rey de Francia

Folder F3809:169

Mission San Rafael Arcangel

Folder F3809:170

Mission Santa Cruz de Asis

Folder F3809:171-173

Mission Santa Cruz

Folder F3809:174

Mission Santa Ines

Folder F3809:175

Mission Vieja, Site of

Folder F3809:176

Mitchler Hotel

Folder F3809:177

Modjeska's House

Folder F3809:178

Mokelumne Hill

Folder F3809:179-180

Mono County

Folder F3809:181

Monterey County

Folder F3809:182

Monterey Block

Folder F3809:183

Monument of Chief Solano

Folder F3809:184

Morro Bay State Park

Folder F3809:185

Morro Strand State Park

Folder F3809:186

Mount Diablo State Park

Folder F3809:187

Mount Diablo State Park Acquisition

Folder F3809:188

Mount Diablo State Park Flora and Fauna

Folder F3809:189, 189a

Mount Diablo's History

Folder F3809:190

Mount San Jacinto State Park

Folder F3809:191

Mountain Parks of Southern California

Folder F3809:192

Mount Tamalpais State Park

Folder F3809:193

John Muir Home

Folder F3809:194


Folder F3809:195, 196

Napa County

Folder F3809:197

Natural Bridges Beach State Park

Folder F3809:198

Nevada County

Folder F3809:199, 200

New Almaden Mine

Folder F3809:201

New Brighton Beach State Park

Folder F3809:202

Niantec Hotel

Folder F3809:203

Vallejo (or Niles) Flour Mill

Folder F3809:204

Nuestra Senora La Reina de Los Angeles

Folder F3809:205

Oak of the Golden Dream

Folder F3809:206

Old Bale Mill

Folder F3809:207

Custom House at Monterey

Folder F3809:208

Old Statehouse

Folder F3809:209

Old Town of Shasta

Folder F3809:210

Old Labero Theatre

Folder F3809:211-215

Orange County

Folder F3809:216

Palomar Mountain State Parks

Folder F3809:217

Parent Washington Naval Orange Tree

Folder F3809:218

Parrott Granite Rock, Site of

Folder F3809:219

Peralta Home

Folder F3809:220

Peter Lassen Marker

Folder F3809:221-223

Pfeiffer Redwoods State Park

Folder F3809:224

Phelan Beach State Park

Folder F3809:225

Pico House (Hotel)

Folder F3809:226

Pioneer Oil Refinery

Folder F3809:227

Pioneer Telegraph Station

Folder F3809:228

Pismo Beach State Park

Folder F3809:229

Place Where Garces Crossed the Kern River

Folder F3809:230, 231

Placer County

Folder F3809:232

Plaza, San Diego Viejo

Folder F3809:233

La Plaza at San Juan Bautista

Folder F3809:234

Plumas County

Folder F3809:235

Plummer Park

Folder F3809:236

Point Lobos Reserve State Park

Folder F3809:237

Pomona College, First Home of

Folder F3809:238-243

Portola Expedition Camp Sites - San Mateo County

Folder F3809:244

Portsmouth Plaza

Folder F3809:245

Putnam's (Cabin), Site of

Folder F3809:246

Rancho San Antonio (Peralta Grant)

Folder F3809:247

Reading Adobe

Folder F3809:248

Residence of General William Ide

Folder F3809:249

Rincon Hill

Folder F3809:250, 251

Riverside County

Folder F3809:252

Site of Louis Rubidoux House

Folder F3809:253

Royal Presidio Chapel of San Carlos

Folder F3809:254, 255

Sacramento County

Folder F3809:256

Saint James Episcopal Church

Folder F3809:257

San Andreas

Folder F3809:258, 259

San Benito County

Folder F3809:260

San Bernardino Asistencia

Folder F3809:261-263

San Bernardino County

Folder F3809:264, 265

San Carlos- into San Francisco Bay, Entrance of

Folder F3809:266-268

San Clemente Beach State Park

Folder F3809:269-273

San Diego County

Folder F3809:274

San Diego Presidio Site

Folder F3809:275

San Diego Whaling Station, Site of

Folder F3809:276

San Francis Ranch

Folder F3809:277-280

San Francisco County

Folder F3809:281

Shoreline Markers (San Francisco)

Folder F3809:282

San Joaquin County

Folder F3809:283

San Luis Obispo County

Folder F3809:284

San Mateo County

Folder F3809:285

San Simeon Creek Beach State Park

Folder F3809:286-289

Santa Barbara County

Folder F3809:290

Santa Clara County

Folder F3809:291

Santa Cruz County

Folder F3809:292

Santa Margarita Asistencia

Folder F3809:293

Santa Monica Beach State Park

Folder F3809:294

Serra Palm

Folder F3809:295

Shasta County

Folder F3809:297

Silver Strand Beach State Park

Folder F3809:298, 299

Solano County

Folder F3809:300

Sonoma Coast Park

Folder F3809:301

Sonoma County

Folder F3809:302

Stevenson House (Robert Luis)

Folder F3809:303

Studebaker's Shop

Folder F3809:304

Sutter County

Folder F3809:304a

Sutter's Fort

Folder F3809:305

Swift's Stone Corral

Folder F3809:306

Tehama County

Folder F3809:307

Telegraph Hill

Folder F3809:308

Temelic Hall

Folder F3809:309

Tip of Ballast Point

Folder F3809:310

Town of Trinidad

Folder F3809:311

Trinidad Head

Folder F3809:312

Trinity County

Folder F3809:313

Tulare County

Folder F3809:314, 315

Tuolumne County

Folder F3809:316


Folder F3809:317

Vallecito Stage Depot (Station)

Folder F3809:318

Vallejo Home, General

Folder F3809:319-320

Valley Springs

Folder F3809:321

Vasquez Tree and Site of 21-Mile House

Folder F3809:322

Ventura County

Folder F3809:323

Volcano and Buildings

Folder F3809:324

Walker's Pass

Folder F3809:325

Weber Point and Site of Captain Charles M. Weber House

Folder F3809:326

Yerba Buena Island

Folder F3809:327

Yolo County

Folder F3809:328, 329

Yosemite Valley

Folder F3809:330

Yuba County

Folder F3809:331-333

Final Summary Report