Inventory of the Ralph M. Brody Papers, 1959-1981

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Inventory of the Ralph M. Brody Papers, 1959-1981

Collection number: MS 86/2

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Ralph M. Brody Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1959-1981
Collection number: MS 86/2
Creator: Brody, Ralph M., 1912-1981
Extent: 15 linear ft. (11 cartons)
Repository: Water Resources Collections and Archives
Riverside, CA 92517-5900
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Biographical Information

Ralph M. Brody was born in Madison, Illinois, June 22, 1912 to Russian immigrants Harry and Beckie Brody. After graduating from the State University of Iowa with a BA in Political Science, he attended the University of Iowa where he received his JD in 1938.
Brody worked as an attorney for the U.S. Department of Agriculture from 1938-1944, when he received an appointment as Assistant Regional Counsel to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation in Sacramento, CA. In 1952 he left the Bureau of Reclamation to pursue private law practice, primarily in the field of water and power law. In 1959 he was chosen by Governor Edmund Brown, Sr. to act as the governor's Special Counsel on Water Issues. At that time he was also appointed Chief Deputy Director of Water Resources. Brody used his water law expertise and political savvy to guide the governor's legislation through the California Legislature. He also acted as a liaison for the governor in presenting the proposed legislation to individuals and groups from one end of the state to the other. The lobbying was successful, and the California State Water Project was authorized by the electorate in 1960.
In 1960 Brody was appointed to the chairmanship of the California Water Commission, a position he held until the end of the Brown administration in 1966.
Brody became Manager/Chief Counsel for the Westlands Water District in 1960. Westlands, a water district comprised of some 350,000 acres of farmland, is a prime beneficiary of water from the San Luis Unit of the Central Valley Project. Brody remained at Westlands until his retirement in 1977, when he became a consultant to Westlands and other water districts.
Brody died December 22, 1981 while vacationing in Washington, D.C.

Guide to the Collection

The collection is divided into ten sections, with each section representing an individual unit within the overall collection. Each file number within each section indicates only the information found in that specific file. There are generally no blanket files containing information not specifically listed in the file heading.
Some larger files may have tangential information due to the scope of the file. Some larger files may span years, while some of the smaller files may be quite date specific.
Some of the file headings were Ralph Brody's; there has been an attempt at clarification where the file heading may have been ambiguous or incomplete.



Box 1, Folder 1.1

Activities and workload--[includes request for complete and updated information on duties of the department, and how it will expand if the Burns-Porter Act is enacted]---1959.

Folder 1.2

Feasibility reports--[Includes feasibility reports on the Burns-Porter Act, a bond issue which authorized more than one-billion dollars for water resource development in California]---1959.

Folder 1.3

Policy Issues--Senate Bill 1106--[Burns-Porter Water Resource Development Act]---1959.

Folder 1.4

Task Force--Natural Resources--Western States Democratic Conference--[Policy issues surrounding California Water Resource Development]---1960.

Folder 1.5

Legal Opinions--Burns-Porter Act---1960.

Folder 1.6

California Water Commission--miscellaneous. [Meetings, February-August]--1961.

Folder 1.7

California Water Commission--Miscellaneous--[Meetings, August-December]---1961.

Folder 1.8

Placer County Water Agency--[Applications for non-appropriated water]---1961.

Folder 1.9

San Joaquin County--Stockton and East San Joaquin Water Conservation District--Calaveras County--Application--[New Hogan Dam Development--storage and direct diversion of Calaveras River water]---1961.

Folder 1.10

Opinion of Attorney General Stanley Mosk re: State Water Rights Board and the California Water Commission---1961.

Folder 1.11

Byrne Act--[Instructions for applicants under the Act]---1961.

Folder 1.12

Department of Water Resources--contract with the Metro-politan Water District--Southern California---1960.

Folder 1.13

Bond Issue--Burns-Porter---1960.

Folder 1.14

California Water Commission--Miscellaneous--[Meetings, January-July]---1962.

Folder 1.15

[Speech by Attorney General Stanley Mosk]-- Problems of Federal and State Relationships in the field of California Water Law---1962.

Folder 1.16

State Water Bond Act--State Water Program--State Water Service Contracts---1962.

Folder 1.17

Public Law 85-500. [Water Supply Act of 1958--applications relating to California]--1962.

Folder 1.18

Department of Water Resources--Financial study-- Program for Financing and Constructing State Water Facilities---1962.

Folder 1.19

Burns-Porter Act--Resolutions, arguments pro and con---1960.

Box 2, Folder 1.20

California Water Commission--Bulletin #76-- Development of Delta Water Facilities---1963.

Folder 1.21

Resources Agency of California--Legislation---1963.

Folder 1.22

California Water Commission--SBllll--Water Resources Planning Act---1963.

Folder 1.23

California Water Commission--Litigation---1963.

Folder 1.24

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California--Water Supply contract---1963.

Folder 1.25

California Water Commission--Basin Plan Approach---1963.

Folder 1.26

California Framework Plan---1964.

Folder 1.27

Appropriations and flood control---1964.

Folder 1.28

California Water Commission--Nevada Irrigation District---1964.

Folder 1.29

California Water Commission--Pope Ranch application---1964.

Folder 1.30

Sacramento River and Delta Water Association v. California Water Commission [case #] 126921--Sacramento County Superior Court---1964.

Folder 1.31

California Department of Water Resources--William E. Warne, Director--Correspondence---1964.

Folder 1.32

California Water Commission--Davis-Grunsky Act--#1 of 2---1964.

Folder 1.33

California Water Commission--Davis-Grunsky Act--#2 of 2---1965.

Folder 1.34

California Water Commission--Power---1964.

Folder 1.35

North Coastal Area Investigation---1964.

Folder 1.36

Regional Water Plan---1964.

Folder 1.37

Area Allocations--Proposed Policies---1964.

Box 3, Folder 1.38

California Water Commission--Correspondence--#1 of 2---1964.

Folder 1.39

California Water Commission--Correspondence--#2 of 2---1964.

Folder 1.40

Auburn-Folsom South Unit of the Central Valley Project---1965.

Folder 1.41

State Water Quality Control Board meeting---1965.

Folder 1.42

Fish and Wildlife---1965.

Folder 1.43

Flood Plain Zoning---1965.

Folder 1.44

State Water Project---1965.

Folder 1.45

California Water Commission--Legislation---1965.

Folder 1.46

California Water Commission--[Hearings on modified plan for financing the Burns-Porter Act]---1963.

Folder 1.47

Burns-Porter Act--Opinions---1959, 1960.

Box 4, Folder 1.48

Burns-Porter Act--Legislative history---[many dates, none predominate].

Folder 1.49

San Luis Project--Legislative history---[many dates, none predominate].

Folder 1.50

[Speech]-- Trends-and the lack of them-in Water Resources Development---1962.



Box 4, Folder 2.1

International Utilities, Inc.--Correspondence---1962.

Folder 2.2

Rights of Way--1950-1966. [Inclusive, some years missing]

Folder 2.3

Bonneville Power Study---1959.

Folder 2.4

Minutes--Pacific Coast Power Coordinating Committee---1959.

Folder 2.5

Pacific Northwest-California Power Intertie---1959.

Folder 2.6

Bonneville-California Intertie---1959, 1960.

Folder 2.7

Brody--Personal--Southern California Edison Company---1962.

Folder 2.8

Legal Proceedings--Yellowjacket, etc.---1962.

Folder 2.9

Preference Legislation---1962, 1963.

Folder 2.10

Drafts of Contracts--Lease agreement for Bonneville Power Administration and International Utilities---1963.

Folder 2.11

Eminent Domain---1963.

Box 5, Folder 2.12

International Utilities, Inc.--Correspondence [January-May]---1963.

Folder 2.13

Contract File---1963.

Folder 2.14

Proposals for construction of the intertie---1964.

Folder 2.15

Federal Intertie---1964.

Folder 2.16

International Utilities, Inc.--Correspondence---1964.



Box 5, Folder 3.1

Miscellaneous charts, surveys, articles---1931-1949.

Folder 3.2

Colorado River Board---1944-1952.

Folder 3.3

Colorado River--miscellaneous---1960.

Folder 3.4

Arizona v. California---1962, 1963.



Box 6, Folder 4.1

Ivanhoe Validation---[many dates, none predominate].

Folder 4.2

Ivanhoe Irrigation District--miscellaneous---1960.

Folder 4.3

Ivanhoe Irrigation Dictrict--Briefs, judgments, correspondence---1957.



Box 6, Folder 5.1

General correspondence, opinions, legal interpretation---various dates [none predominate].

Folder 5.2

Excess Lands--opinions---1946.

Folder 5.3

Excess Lands--Appraisal procedure---1947-1951.

Folder 5.4

Acreage limitation contracts---not dated.

Folder 5.5

Excess Lands/Acreage Limitation---1967.

Folder 5.6

Excess Land/Acreage Limitation---undated material.

Folder 5.7

Excess Land/Unjust Enrichment---1959.

Folder 5.8

Excess Land--Suit brought by various landowners against the United States with regard to disposition of and payment for lands deemed in excess of the 160-acre limitation--as demanded by the U.S. Department of the Interior---1981.



Box 6, Folder 6.1

Madera Irrigation District--Contract providing for transport of water---1963.

Folder 6.2

[Calaveras County Water District]--Chronological Index of Historical Events Pertinent to CCWD Planning---1958-1966.

Box 7, Folder 6.3

Georgetown Public Utilities District vs. Sacramento Municipal Utilities District [file 1]---miscellaneous dates.

Folder 6.4

Georgetown Public Utilities District vs. Sacramento Municipal Utilities District [file 2]---miscellaneous dates.

Folder 6.5

Button Willow Improvement District--[Contract with the Federal Bureau of Reclamation for a small reclamation project]---1970.

Folder 6.6

Santa Clara Valley Water District--[Contract with the Federal Bureau of Reclamation pertaining to the Central Valley Project [file 1]---1974.

Folder 6.7

Santa Clara Valley Water District--[Contract with the Federal Bureau of Reclamation pertaining to the Central Valley Project [file 2]---1974.

Folder 6.8

Pond-Poso Improvement District--[Contract with the Federal Bureau of Reclamation pertaining to a loan for a small reclamation project]---1973.

Folder 6.9

Coachella County Water District--[Water contract]---1948.

Folder 6.10

Santa Barbara Water Agency--[Litigation]---1952.

Folder 6.11

Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District--[Legislation]---1967.

Folder 6.12

North Kern Water Storage District--Water Spreading Agreement---1947.

Folder 6.13

Contra Costa Water Storage District--[Kings River]---1946-1950.

Folder 6.14

Monterey County Flood Control and Water Conservation District--Ralph M. Brody, Personal---June 1974-October 1974.

Folder 6.15

Monterey County Flood Control and Water Conservation District--Ralph M. Brody, Personal---March 1975-May 1975.

Folder 6.16

Monterey County Flood Control and Water Conservation District--Ralph M. Brody, Personal---May 1975-September 1975.

Folder 6.17

Monterey County Flood Control and Water Conservation District--[Facsimile of a bill introduced in the California Legislature to create a special Monterey Peninsula Water Management District]---1977.

Folder 6.18

Irrigation District Association of California--General---miscellaneous dates, none predominate.

Folder 6.19

South Fork agreement -- Tulare Lake Basin Water Storage District, Kings River Water Association, & Lower Kings River Association, July 10, 1947



Box 8, Folder 7.1

San Benito Correspondence---Miscellaneous dates up to 1970.

Folder 7.2

Contracts--Drafts of--[file 1]---1971.

Folder 7.3

Contracts--Drafts of--[file 2]---1971.

Folder 7.4

Contracts--Drafts of--[file 3]---1971.

Folder 7.5

Ralph M. Brody--Personal---1971-1974.

Folder 7.6


Folder 7.7

Drafts #7 and 8--Water service contract with the United States Bureau of Reclamation---1972.

Folder 7.8

Correspondence--[Includes map of the District]---1972.

Folder 7.9

Engineer's Reports--Numbers 32-58---miscellaneous dates.

Folder 7.10

Engineer's Reports--Numbers 59-71---miscellaneous dates.

Folder 7.11

Miscellaneous correspondence---1973.

Folder 7.12

Ralph M. Brody--Personal---January 1975-January 1976.

Folder 7.13

Ralph M. Brody--Personal---February 1976.

Folder 7.14

Drafts of contracts--correspondence---miscellaneous dates.

Folder 7.15

Draft Master Plan Report--San Felipe Project---1976. [more extensive draft---1977. ]

Folder 7.16

Draft of contract with the District and the United States Bureau of Reclamation---1971.

Folder 7.17

Agenda for board of directors meeting---30 April 1975.

Folder 7.18

Agenda for doard of directors meeting---28 May 1975.

Folder 7.19

Agenda for board of directors meeting---25 June 1975.

Folder 7.20

Agenda for board of directors meeting---30 July 1975.

Box 9, Folder 7.21

Agenda for board of directors meeting---25 February 1976.

Folder 7.22

Agenda for board of directors meeting---31 March 1976.

Folder 7.23

Agenda for board of directors meeting---26 May 1976.

Folder 7.24

Agenda for board of directors meeting---30 June 1976.

Folder 7.25

Agenda for board of directors meeting---25 August 1976.

Folder 7.26

Agenda for board of directors meeting---30 October 1976.

Folder 7.27

Agenda for board of directors meeting---24 November 1976.

Folder 7.28

Agenda for board of directors meeting---22 December 1976.

Folder 7.29

Agenda for board of directors meeting---26 January 1977.

Folder 7.30

Agenda for board of directors meeting---30 March 1977.

Folder 7.31

Agenda for board of directors meeting---27 April 1977.

Folder 7.32

Agenda for board of directors meeting---25 May 1977.

Folder 7.33

Agenda for board of directors meeting---29 June 1977.

Folder 7.34

Agenda for board of directors meeting---31 August 1977.

Folder 7.35

Agenda for board of directors meeting---28 September 1977.

Folder 7.36

Preliminary contracts between the San Benito Flood Control and Water Conservation District and the United States Bureau of Reclamation---1975-1977.

Folder 7.37

Loan application for San Felipe Division distribution facilities---1979.

Folder 7.38

Proposals for pricing San Felipe water to users---1976-1977.

Folder 7.39

Engineers reports from Creegan and D'Angelo regarding aspects of San Felipe Division and water distribution---1976.

Folder 7.40

Transcript of public hearing to establish a zone 6 in San Benito water service area--to be served by water from the San Felipe Division---1976.

Folder 7.41

Correspondence re: San Felipe project & percolation of San Felipe water---1973-1977.



Box 9, Folder 8.1

Water Resources Advisory Committee-Fresno County---1962.

Folder 8.2

Central Fresno Water and Liquid Waste Program---1969.

Folder 8.3

Ralph M. Brody--Personal---1974.

Folder 8.4

Spheres of Influence for the District---1975.

Folder 8.5

Ralph M. Brody--Personal---April 1975-[March 1976].

Folder 8.6

Northeast Fresno Groundwater Study---1976.

Folder 8.7

Correspondence--San Joaquin River---1934.



Box 9, Folder 9.1

Speech file---1970.

Box 10, Folder 9.2

Speech file--copies of speeches---miscellaneous dates.

Folder 9.3

California Water Development Council---1957, 1958 [some material undated].

Folder 9.4

Federal-State Water Rights---undated.

Folder 9.5

Personal--Governor [Brown, Sr.]---miscellaneous dates.

Folder 9.6

Speech file---1974.

Folder 9.7

[Personal]--Pilibos, Steve---undated.

Folder 9.8

[Personal]--Biographical sketch, clippings, congratulatory letters, photographs---miscellaneous dates.

Folder 9.9


Folder 9.10

Flood Control Act of 1944 [and regulations]---1944.

Folder 9.11

Letter of resignation written to Westlands Water District employees---1977.

Folder 9.12

[Article written for Western Water]-- What's Really Happening in Westlands---1976.

Folder 9.13

Lead article about his tenure as Manager/Chief Counsel for the Westlands Water District appearing in California Journal---[September] 1976.

Folder 9.14

From North to South: The Feather River Project and Other Legislative Struggles in the 1950s by Harvey P. Grody, appearing in Southern California Quarterly---[Fall] 1978.

Folder 9.15

Photographs--Phi Beta Delta Grad Club reunion--[legal fraternity]---1969.

Folder 9.16

[Report on]-- The California State Water Project: Development: Description: Current Conflicts by John MacLeod MacDiarmid--[with cover letter and request for Brody's comments]---1977.



Box 10, Folder 10.1

Westlands testimony--Sacramento Power Hearing---1960.

Folder 10.2

Contract Negotiations--Central Valley Project---1962, 1963.

Folder 10.3

Auburn-Folsom Unit---1963, 1969.

Folder 10.4

Potential Groundwater supplies in the Eastern portion of the District---1963.

Folder 10.5

Program Plans and Estimates for U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Construction of the Westlands Water District Distribution System--Central Valley Project---1963.

Folder 10.6

Legislative activity with reference to the District or the Central Valley Project---miscellaneous dates, mostly 1968-1973.

Box 11, Folder 10.7

Contract with Ralph M. Brody for services rendered---1970.

Folder 10.8

Recordable contract land sales---1975-1977.

Folder 10.9

San Luis Unit [Water allocation for the District]---1976-1977.

Folder 10.10

Irrigation problems and concerns within the District---1976-1977.

Folder 10.11

Federal Bureau of Reclamation Policy regarding water distribution---1976.

Folder 10.12

Distribution System---1976.

Folder 10.13

Excess lands controversy---1976.

Folder 10.14

Crop Report---1976.

Folder 10.15

Preliminary Draft of the San Luis Task Force--San Luis Project--State Water Project---1977.

Folder 10.16

[Papers on] damage to the District's farm economy as a result of the 1976 drought---1976, 1977.

Folder 10.17

1963 water service contract with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation--questions and concerns---1978.

Folder 10.18

Small Scale Farming in the Westlands: A Rural Land Appraisal--[pamphlet published by UC Davis]---1977.

Folder 10.19

Review of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation's water rate policies and procedures---1978.

Folder 10.20

Facts and Figures---1978.

Folder 10.21

Rate methodology study conducted by Ernst and Ernst to determine U.S. Bureau of Reclamation fairness to the District---1979.

Folder 10.22

Water service contract drafts between the District and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation---1979.

Folder 10.23

Proposal for repayment of the San Luis Project and the San Luis Drain---1980, 1981.

Folder 10.24

[Paper] Proposed Method for Resolving Disputes Between the United States and the Westlands Water District---1980.

Folder 10.25

Legal opinion regarding the U.S. government's proposed changes in water service contract to the District---1980.

Folder 10.26

Agricultural Water Allocation Regulations--[As set forth by the U.S. Department of the Interior]---1981.

Folder 10.27

[Speech]--- West lands Water District past, present and future---1969.