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Inventory of the Ralph M. Brody Papers, 1959-1981
MS 86/2  
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Box 1, Folder 1.1

Activities and workload--[includes request for complete and updated information on duties of the department, and how it will expand if the Burns-Porter Act is enacted]---1959.

Folder 1.2

Feasibility reports--[Includes feasibility reports on the Burns-Porter Act, a bond issue which authorized more than one-billion dollars for water resource development in California]---1959.

Folder 1.3

Policy Issues--Senate Bill 1106--[Burns-Porter Water Resource Development Act]---1959.

Folder 1.4

Task Force--Natural Resources--Western States Democratic Conference--[Policy issues surrounding California Water Resource Development]---1960.

Folder 1.5

Legal Opinions--Burns-Porter Act---1960.

Folder 1.6

California Water Commission--miscellaneous. [Meetings, February-August]--1961.

Folder 1.7

California Water Commission--Miscellaneous--[Meetings, August-December]---1961.

Folder 1.8

Placer County Water Agency--[Applications for non-appropriated water]---1961.

Folder 1.9

San Joaquin County--Stockton and East San Joaquin Water Conservation District--Calaveras County--Application--[New Hogan Dam Development--storage and direct diversion of Calaveras River water]---1961.

Folder 1.10

Opinion of Attorney General Stanley Mosk re: State Water Rights Board and the California Water Commission---1961.

Folder 1.11

Byrne Act--[Instructions for applicants under the Act]---1961.

Folder 1.12

Department of Water Resources--contract with the Metro-politan Water District--Southern California---1960.

Folder 1.13

Bond Issue--Burns-Porter---1960.

Folder 1.14

California Water Commission--Miscellaneous--[Meetings, January-July]---1962.

Folder 1.15

[Speech by Attorney General Stanley Mosk]-- Problems of Federal and State Relationships in the field of California Water Law---1962.

Folder 1.16

State Water Bond Act--State Water Program--State Water Service Contracts---1962.

Folder 1.17

Public Law 85-500. [Water Supply Act of 1958--applications relating to California]--1962.

Folder 1.18

Department of Water Resources--Financial study-- Program for Financing and Constructing State Water Facilities---1962.

Folder 1.19

Burns-Porter Act--Resolutions, arguments pro and con---1960.

Box 2, Folder 1.20

California Water Commission--Bulletin #76-- Development of Delta Water Facilities---1963.

Folder 1.21

Resources Agency of California--Legislation---1963.

Folder 1.22

California Water Commission--SBllll--Water Resources Planning Act---1963.

Folder 1.23

California Water Commission--Litigation---1963.

Folder 1.24

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California--Water Supply contract---1963.

Folder 1.25

California Water Commission--Basin Plan Approach---1963.

Folder 1.26

California Framework Plan---1964.

Folder 1.27

Appropriations and flood control---1964.

Folder 1.28

California Water Commission--Nevada Irrigation District---1964.

Folder 1.29

California Water Commission--Pope Ranch application---1964.

Folder 1.30

Sacramento River and Delta Water Association v. California Water Commission [case #] 126921--Sacramento County Superior Court---1964.

Folder 1.31

California Department of Water Resources--William E. Warne, Director--Correspondence---1964.

Folder 1.32

California Water Commission--Davis-Grunsky Act--#1 of 2---1964.

Folder 1.33

California Water Commission--Davis-Grunsky Act--#2 of 2---1965.

Folder 1.34

California Water Commission--Power---1964.

Folder 1.35

North Coastal Area Investigation---1964.

Folder 1.36

Regional Water Plan---1964.

Folder 1.37

Area Allocations--Proposed Policies---1964.

Box 3, Folder 1.38

California Water Commission--Correspondence--#1 of 2---1964.

Folder 1.39

California Water Commission--Correspondence--#2 of 2---1964.

Folder 1.40

Auburn-Folsom South Unit of the Central Valley Project---1965.

Folder 1.41

State Water Quality Control Board meeting---1965.

Folder 1.42

Fish and Wildlife---1965.

Folder 1.43

Flood Plain Zoning---1965.

Folder 1.44

State Water Project---1965.

Folder 1.45

California Water Commission--Legislation---1965.

Folder 1.46

California Water Commission--[Hearings on modified plan for financing the Burns-Porter Act]---1963.

Folder 1.47

Burns-Porter Act--Opinions---1959, 1960.

Box 4, Folder 1.48

Burns-Porter Act--Legislative history---[many dates, none predominate].

Folder 1.49

San Luis Project--Legislative history---[many dates, none predominate].

Folder 1.50

[Speech]-- Trends-and the lack of them-in Water Resources Development---1962.



Box 4, Folder 2.1

International Utilities, Inc.--Correspondence---1962.

Folder 2.2

Rights of Way--1950-1966. [Inclusive, some years missing]

Folder 2.3

Bonneville Power Study---1959.

Folder 2.4

Minutes--Pacific Coast Power Coordinating Committee---1959.

Folder 2.5

Pacific Northwest-California Power Intertie---1959.

Folder 2.6

Bonneville-California Intertie---1959, 1960.

Folder 2.7

Brody--Personal--Southern California Edison Company---1962.

Folder 2.8

Legal Proceedings--Yellowjacket, etc.---1962.

Folder 2.9

Preference Legislation---1962, 1963.

Folder 2.10

Drafts of Contracts--Lease agreement for Bonneville Power Administration and International Utilities---1963.

Folder 2.11

Eminent Domain---1963.

Box 5, Folder 2.12

International Utilities, Inc.--Correspondence [January-May]---1963.

Folder 2.13

Contract File---1963.

Folder 2.14

Proposals for construction of the intertie---1964.

Folder 2.15

Federal Intertie---1964.

Folder 2.16

International Utilities, Inc.--Correspondence---1964.



Box 5, Folder 3.1

Miscellaneous charts, surveys, articles---1931-1949.

Folder 3.2

Colorado River Board---1944-1952.

Folder 3.3

Colorado River--miscellaneous---1960.

Folder 3.4

Arizona v. California---1962, 1963.



Box 6, Folder 4.1

Ivanhoe Validation---[many dates, none predominate].

Folder 4.2

Ivanhoe Irrigation District--miscellaneous---1960.

Folder 4.3

Ivanhoe Irrigation Dictrict--Briefs, judgments, correspondence---1957.



Box 6, Folder 5.1

General correspondence, opinions, legal interpretation---various dates [none predominate].

Folder 5.2

Excess Lands--opinions---1946.

Folder 5.3

Excess Lands--Appraisal procedure---1947-1951.

Folder 5.4

Acreage limitation contracts---not dated.

Folder 5.5

Excess Lands/Acreage Limitation---1967.

Folder 5.6

Excess Land/Acreage Limitation---undated material.

Folder 5.7

Excess Land/Unjust Enrichment---1959.

Folder 5.8

Excess Land--Suit brought by various landowners against the United States with regard to disposition of and payment for lands deemed in excess of the 160-acre limitation--as demanded by the U.S. Department of the Interior---1981.



Box 6, Folder 6.1

Madera Irrigation District--Contract providing for transport of water---1963.

Folder 6.2

[Calaveras County Water District]--Chronological Index of Historical Events Pertinent to CCWD Planning---1958-1966.

Box 7, Folder 6.3

Georgetown Public Utilities District vs. Sacramento Municipal Utilities District [file 1]---miscellaneous dates.

Folder 6.4

Georgetown Public Utilities District vs. Sacramento Municipal Utilities District [file 2]---miscellaneous dates.

Folder 6.5

Button Willow Improvement District--[Contract with the Federal Bureau of Reclamation for a small reclamation project]---1970.

Folder 6.6

Santa Clara Valley Water District--[Contract with the Federal Bureau of Reclamation pertaining to the Central Valley Project [file 1]---1974.

Folder 6.7

Santa Clara Valley Water District--[Contract with the Federal Bureau of Reclamation pertaining to the Central Valley Project [file 2]---1974.

Folder 6.8

Pond-Poso Improvement District--[Contract with the Federal Bureau of Reclamation pertaining to a loan for a small reclamation project]---1973.

Folder 6.9

Coachella County Water District--[Water contract]---1948.

Folder 6.10

Santa Barbara Water Agency--[Litigation]---1952.

Folder 6.11

Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District--[Legislation]---1967.

Folder 6.12

North Kern Water Storage District--Water Spreading Agreement---1947.

Folder 6.13

Contra Costa Water Storage District--[Kings River]---1946-1950.

Folder 6.14

Monterey County Flood Control and Water Conservation District--Ralph M. Brody, Personal---June 1974-October 1974.

Folder 6.15

Monterey County Flood Control and Water Conservation District--Ralph M. Brody, Personal---March 1975-May 1975.

Folder 6.16

Monterey County Flood Control and Water Conservation District--Ralph M. Brody, Personal---May 1975-September 1975.

Folder 6.17

Monterey County Flood Control and Water Conservation District--[Facsimile of a bill introduced in the California Legislature to create a special Monterey Peninsula Water Management District]---1977.

Folder 6.18

Irrigation District Association of California--General---miscellaneous dates, none predominate.

Folder 6.19

South Fork agreement -- Tulare Lake Basin Water Storage District, Kings River Water Association, & Lower Kings River Association, July 10, 1947



Box 8, Folder 7.1

San Benito Correspondence---Miscellaneous dates up to 1970.

Folder 7.2

Contracts--Drafts of--[file 1]---1971.

Folder 7.3

Contracts--Drafts of--[file 2]---1971.

Folder 7.4

Contracts--Drafts of--[file 3]---1971.

Folder 7.5

Ralph M. Brody--Personal---1971-1974.

Folder 7.6


Folder 7.7

Drafts #7 and 8--Water service contract with the United States Bureau of Reclamation---1972.

Folder 7.8

Correspondence--[Includes map of the District]---1972.

Folder 7.9

Engineer's Reports--Numbers 32-58---miscellaneous dates.

Folder 7.10

Engineer's Reports--Numbers 59-71---miscellaneous dates.

Folder 7.11

Miscellaneous correspondence---1973.

Folder 7.12

Ralph M. Brody--Personal---January 1975-January 1976.

Folder 7.13

Ralph M. Brody--Personal---February 1976.

Folder 7.14

Drafts of contracts--correspondence---miscellaneous dates.

Folder 7.15

Draft Master Plan Report--San Felipe Project---1976. [more extensive draft---1977. ]

Folder 7.16

Draft of contract with the District and the United States Bureau of Reclamation---1971.

Folder 7.17

Agenda for board of directors meeting---30 April 1975.

Folder 7.18

Agenda for doard of directors meeting---28 May 1975.

Folder 7.19

Agenda for board of directors meeting---25 June 1975.

Folder 7.20

Agenda for board of directors meeting---30 July 1975.

Box 9, Folder 7.21

Agenda for board of directors meeting---25 February 1976.

Folder 7.22

Agenda for board of directors meeting---31 March 1976.

Folder 7.23

Agenda for board of directors meeting---26 May 1976.

Folder 7.24

Agenda for board of directors meeting---30 June 1976.

Folder 7.25

Agenda for board of directors meeting---25 August 1976.

Folder 7.26

Agenda for board of directors meeting---30 October 1976.

Folder 7.27

Agenda for board of directors meeting---24 November 1976.

Folder 7.28

Agenda for board of directors meeting---22 December 1976.

Folder 7.29

Agenda for board of directors meeting---26 January 1977.

Folder 7.30

Agenda for board of directors meeting---30 March 1977.

Folder 7.31

Agenda for board of directors meeting---27 April 1977.

Folder 7.32

Agenda for board of directors meeting---25 May 1977.

Folder 7.33

Agenda for board of directors meeting---29 June 1977.

Folder 7.34

Agenda for board of directors meeting---31 August 1977.

Folder 7.35

Agenda for board of directors meeting---28 September 1977.

Folder 7.36

Preliminary contracts between the San Benito Flood Control and Water Conservation District and the United States Bureau of Reclamation---1975-1977.

Folder 7.37

Loan application for San Felipe Division distribution facilities---1979.

Folder 7.38

Proposals for pricing San Felipe water to users---1976-1977.

Folder 7.39

Engineers reports from Creegan and D'Angelo regarding aspects of San Felipe Division and water distribution---1976.

Folder 7.40

Transcript of public hearing to establish a zone 6 in San Benito water service area--to be served by water from the San Felipe Division---1976.

Folder 7.41

Correspondence re: San Felipe project & percolation of San Felipe water---1973-1977.



Box 9, Folder 8.1

Water Resources Advisory Committee-Fresno County---1962.

Folder 8.2

Central Fresno Water and Liquid Waste Program---1969.

Folder 8.3

Ralph M. Brody--Personal---1974.

Folder 8.4

Spheres of Influence for the District---1975.

Folder 8.5

Ralph M. Brody--Personal---April 1975-[March 1976].

Folder 8.6

Northeast Fresno Groundwater Study---1976.

Folder 8.7

Correspondence--San Joaquin River---1934.



Box 9, Folder 9.1

Speech file---1970.

Box 10, Folder 9.2

Speech file--copies of speeches---miscellaneous dates.

Folder 9.3

California Water Development Council---1957, 1958 [some material undated].

Folder 9.4

Federal-State Water Rights---undated.

Folder 9.5

Personal--Governor [Brown, Sr.]---miscellaneous dates.

Folder 9.6

Speech file---1974.

Folder 9.7

[Personal]--Pilibos, Steve---undated.

Folder 9.8

[Personal]--Biographical sketch, clippings, congratulatory letters, photographs---miscellaneous dates.

Folder 9.9


Folder 9.10

Flood Control Act of 1944 [and regulations]---1944.

Folder 9.11

Letter of resignation written to Westlands Water District employees---1977.

Folder 9.12

[Article written for Western Water]-- What's Really Happening in Westlands---1976.

Folder 9.13

Lead article about his tenure as Manager/Chief Counsel for the Westlands Water District appearing in California Journal---[September] 1976.

Folder 9.14

From North to South: The Feather River Project and Other Legislative Struggles in the 1950s by Harvey P. Grody, appearing in Southern California Quarterly---[Fall] 1978.

Folder 9.15

Photographs--Phi Beta Delta Grad Club reunion--[legal fraternity]---1969.

Folder 9.16

[Report on]-- The California State Water Project: Development: Description: Current Conflicts by John MacLeod MacDiarmid--[with cover letter and request for Brody's comments]---1977.



Box 10, Folder 10.1

Westlands testimony--Sacramento Power Hearing---1960.

Folder 10.2

Contract Negotiations--Central Valley Project---1962, 1963.

Folder 10.3

Auburn-Folsom Unit---1963, 1969.

Folder 10.4

Potential Groundwater supplies in the Eastern portion of the District---1963.

Folder 10.5

Program Plans and Estimates for U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Construction of the Westlands Water District Distribution System--Central Valley Project---1963.

Folder 10.6

Legislative activity with reference to the District or the Central Valley Project---miscellaneous dates, mostly 1968-1973.

Box 11, Folder 10.7

Contract with Ralph M. Brody for services rendered---1970.

Folder 10.8

Recordable contract land sales---1975-1977.

Folder 10.9

San Luis Unit [Water allocation for the District]---1976-1977.

Folder 10.10

Irrigation problems and concerns within the District---1976-1977.

Folder 10.11

Federal Bureau of Reclamation Policy regarding water distribution---1976.

Folder 10.12

Distribution System---1976.

Folder 10.13

Excess lands controversy---1976.

Folder 10.14

Crop Report---1976.

Folder 10.15

Preliminary Draft of the San Luis Task Force--San Luis Project--State Water Project---1977.

Folder 10.16

[Papers on] damage to the District's farm economy as a result of the 1976 drought---1976, 1977.

Folder 10.17

1963 water service contract with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation--questions and concerns---1978.

Folder 10.18

Small Scale Farming in the Westlands: A Rural Land Appraisal--[pamphlet published by UC Davis]---1977.

Folder 10.19

Review of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation's water rate policies and procedures---1978.

Folder 10.20

Facts and Figures---1978.

Folder 10.21

Rate methodology study conducted by Ernst and Ernst to determine U.S. Bureau of Reclamation fairness to the District---1979.

Folder 10.22

Water service contract drafts between the District and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation---1979.

Folder 10.23

Proposal for repayment of the San Luis Project and the San Luis Drain---1980, 1981.

Folder 10.24

[Paper] Proposed Method for Resolving Disputes Between the United States and the Westlands Water District---1980.

Folder 10.25

Legal opinion regarding the U.S. government's proposed changes in water service contract to the District---1980.

Folder 10.26

Agricultural Water Allocation Regulations--[As set forth by the U.S. Department of the Interior]---1981.

Folder 10.27

[Speech]--- West lands Water District past, present and future---1969.