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Title: Elizabeth Churchill Brown papers
Date (inclusive): 1943-1984
Collection Number: 84010
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Library and Archives
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 41 manuscript boxes, 2 envelopes, 1 oversize folder (17.0 Linear Feet)
Abstract: Memoirs, other writings, correspondence, and printed matter relating to American politics, especially during the 1950s; Senator Joseph McCarthy; and American communism. Includes some papers, including memoirs, of Constantine Brown, journalist and husband of E. C. Brown. Also includes some letters and writings of Earl Browder.
Creator: Brown, Elizabeth Churchill
Creator: Browder, Earl, 1891-1973
Creator: Brown, Constantine
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Library & Archives


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Biographical Note

Elizabeth Brown and her husband, Constantine Brown, were active journalists in Washington, D.C. and abroad for many years. As a result, they established contacts with key political and diplomatic figures both nationally and internationally. After obtaining a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Berlin (c. 1912), Constantine Brown was in Cambridge, England doing post-graduate work when World War I began. He covered the war on the Russian front for the London Times, was in Russia when the Revolution began, and was one of the first American newspapermen to interview Lenin. He subsequently became Bureau Chief for the Chicago Daily News in Turkey, Paris and London, and moved to the Washington Evening Star as Foreign Affairs Editor in 1932. In 1942, he began writing a column syndicated by the Bell-McClure organization. His memoirs, entitled The Coming of the Whirlwind, were published in 1964. Disturbed by the defeat of Richard Nixon in 1960 and the liberal emphasis of the Kennedy administration, the Browns decided to move to Europe, living in Rome from 1961 to early 1965. After returning to Washington, Constantine Brown died on Feb. 24, 1966.
Elizabeth Brown, who was born in 1908, worked as a society reporter, first for the New York Evening Journal, then for Town and Country magazine and the Washington Post. She married Constantine Brown in 1949. Impressed by his analyses, she became interested in issues of American foreign and domestic policy, and began writing more substantive materials. Living in Washington during the early 1950s, the Browns were friendly with Joseph R. and Jean McCarthy, as well as a number of other prominent conservatives. In 1956 she published a book, entitled The Enemy at His Back, about Communist influence on post-World War II American foreign policy. She also wrote another book, more specifically about the McCarthy era. This was tentatively entitled Joe McCarthy and Other Anti-Communists: A Memoir of Conservative Politics in the Washington of the Early Nineteen Fifties, but was never published. Mrs. Brown continued to write after Mr. Brown's death, including a long series for William Loeb and the Manchester Union Leader.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Communism -- United States
United States -- Politics and government -- 1945-1989
Internal security -- United States
McCarthy, Joseph, 1908-1957



Scope and Contents

Biographical sketches, business cards, correspondence, clippings, lecture notices, memoranda, miscellany, printed article, printed hearing transcript, travel guides, arranged by subject.
box 1

General 1946-1973

box 1, folder 1

Constantine Brown 1946-1973


Biographical sketches n.d.


Career as a journalist 1946-1973


General. Commendations, correspondence, printed article, an entry pass for an interview with Francisco Franco, and miscellany 1946-1973


Clippings 1957-1962


Transcript of testimony before House Un-American Activities Committee 1957 Oct. 21

box 1, folder 2-3

Elizabeth Churchill Brown. Certificates, clippings and lecture notices 1958-1960

box 1, folder 4

Miscellany. Clippings, correspondence, invitations, memoranda, and sketch of Constantine Brown 1952-1965

box 1, folder 5-6

World travels. Business cards, clippings, correspondence, guest lists, flyers, invitations, and pamphlets 1946-1958



Scope and Contents

Significant correspondence of Constantine and Elizabeth Brown, arranged alphabetically by correspondent. Includes a few letters neither to nor from the Browns.
box 1

General 1950-1967


General 1956-1967

box 1, folder 7

General. Miscellaneous alphabetical 1956-1967

box 1, folder 8



Dated, 1960-1965



box 1, folder 9

Personal. Correspondence between Elizabeth and Constantine Brown 1950-1964

box 1, folder 10

Areilza, Jose de (Count of Montrico) 1960-1965

box 1, folder 11

Barrett, Frank A. (Senator) 1957-1958

box 1, folder 12

Bible, Alan (Senator) 1958

box 1, folder 13

Bridges, Styles (Senator) 1959

box 1, folder 14

Browder, Earl and Raissa, SEE ALSO: SUBJECT FILE/Communism/ Internal security/Individuals/Browder, Earl and Raissa 1954-1965.

box 1, folder 15

Byrd, Robert C. (Senator) 1959

box 1, folder 16

Cartwright, John K. (Monsignor) 1963

box 1, folder 17

Chiang, Kai-shek and Madame Chiang (Mayling Soong) 1956-1975

box 1, folder 18

Christenberry, C.W. (General) 1956


Clarke, Carter (General)

box 1, folder 19

1950-1951 May

box 1, folder 20

1951 June-1958

box 1, folder 21

Corso, P.J. 1963

box 1, folder 22

Cunningham, James (Father) 1963-1965

box 1, folder 23

Derwinski, Ed 1963

box 1, folder 24

Dixon, Jeane 1964-1967

box 1, folder 25

Dodd, Thomas (Senator) 1961-1963

box 1, folder 26

Dooman, Eugene 1958

box 1, folder 27

Eastland, James (Senator) 1959-1962

box 1, folder 28

Fleeson, Doris 1954

box 2, folder 1

Fluegel, Edna R. (includes other family members) 1961-1964

box 2, folder 2

Ford, Gerald R. 1963

box 2, folder 3

Gannon, Frank and Clover 1976

box 2, folder 4

Goldwater, Barry (Senator) 1957-1966

box 2, folder 5

Hanighen, Frank 1959-1963

box 2, folder 6

Hickenlooper, Bourke B. (Senator) 1951

box 2, folder 7

Hillenkoetter, R.H. (Admiral) 1951

box 2, folder 8

Hillman, Alex L. 1961

box 2, folder 9

Hoover, Herbert 1954

box 2, folder 10

Hoover, J. Edgar 1959-1970

box 2, folder 11

Howard, Roy W. 1950-1959

box 2, folder 12

Jackson, Henry M. (Senator) 1969

box 2, folder 13

Johansen, August E. 1962

box 2, folder 14

Kirk, Russell 1963-1964

box 2, folder 15

Klein, Herbert G. 1971

box 2, folder 16

Knebel, Fletcher 1960

box 2, folder 17

Knight, Frances (Mrs. Wayne Parrish) 1955-1975

box 2, folder 18

Knowland, William F. (Senator) 1959-1963

box 2, folder 19

Koch, Fred C. 1961-1962

box 2, folder 20

Kohlberg, Alfred 1954-1962

box 2, folder 21

Lalley, Joseph M. 1963

box 2, folder 22

Leetch, Madalen 1962

box 2, folder 23

Lequerica, Jose Felix de 1960

box 2, folder 24

Loeb, William 1958-1975

box 2, folder 25

Lyons, Florence Fowler 1960-1962

box 2, folder 26

Mansfield, Mike (Senator) 1957

box 2, folder 27

McGrath, W.L. 1955

box 2, folder 28

McIntire, Carl (Reverend) 1964

box 2, folder 29

Mundt, Karl (Senator) 1954-1964

box 2, folder 30

Munson, Lyle 1960-1972

box 2, folder 31

Nichols, Louis B. 1959-1964

box 2, folder 32

O'Conor, Herbert R. 1956

box 2, folder 33

Pell, Robert 1962-1965

box 2, folder 34

Powell, Lewis 1962

box 2, folder 35

Radford, Arthur W. (Admiral) 1953

box 2, folder 36

Rayburn, Sam 1960

box 2, folder 37

Regnery, Henry 1954-1963

box 3

Rhee, Syngman and Francesca


Correspondence with the Browns

box 3, folder 1


box 3, folder 2




box 3, folder 3


box 3, folder 4


box 3, folder 5




box 3, folder 6


box 3, folder 7


box 3, folder 8


box 3, folder 9


box 3, folder 10

Official correspondence (copies obtained by Browns)


General 1957


Dulles, John Foster 1957


Eisenhower, Dwight D. 1957-1958


Kim, Chung Yul (Korean Minister of Defense) 1957

box 3, folder 11

Rooney, John J. 1958

box 3, folder 12

Sanchez Bella, Alfred de 1965

box 3, folder 13

Schaefer, J. Earl 1955

box 3, folder 14

Smith, Truman c. 1960

box 3, folder 15

Sourwine, Jay n.d.

box 3, folder 16

Lo Specchio 1965-1967

box 3, folder 17

Stahlman, James G. 1963

box 3, folder 18

Starr, Charlotte 1953-c. 1969

box 3, folder 19

Stassen, Harold E. 1951

box 3, folder 20

Thorin, Duane 1960-1964

box 3, folder 21

Thurmond, Strom (Senator) 1961-1964

box 3, folder 22

Tower, John G. (Senator) 1962-1964

box 4, folder 1

Trudeau, Arthur G. (General) c. 1954-1978

box 4, folder 2

Utt, James B. 1962

box 4, folder 3

The Wanderer (Walter and Joseph Matt, Editors) 1961-1964

box 4, folder 4

War Information, Office of (Elmer Davis, Director) 1943

box 4, folder 5

Wedemeyer, A.C. (General) 1964-1978

box 4, folder 6

Welch, Joseph N. 1954

box 4, folder 7

Welch, Robert (John Birch Society) 1956-1959

box 4, folder 8

Wyman, Louis C. 1963



Scope and Contents

Drafts and printed copies of speeches and writings with related correspondence, notes, and other material, arranged by form, and thereunder chronologically.
box 4

General 1958-1977

box 4, folder 9

General. Notes n.d.






Scrapbooks of newspaper clippings 1958-1966

box 4, folder 10

Poems. Correspondence, printed articles, typescripts c. 1960-1963, n.d.


Political activism c. 1959-1977

box 4, folder 11

The State of the Nation. Project includes typescript drafts with notes; outlines; reports c. 1959

box 4, folder 12

To Conservative Activists. Drafts of letter/statement; notes; correspondence with Elbridge Durbrow (includes a typescript copy of Elbridge Durbrow; A New U.S. Strategy for Peace and Freedom); Frances Knight and others 1977


Articles and speeches, Includes letters to editors 1951-1977.

box 4, folder 13

Fragments. Notes, typescript drafts



box 4, folder 14-16

Non-printed. Typescript drafts

box 5, folder 1

Printed. Clippings and printed articles

box 5, folder 2

Typescript draft 1951.

box 5, folder 3

Typescript drafts 1952.

box 5, folder 4

Typescript drafts 1954.

box 5, folder 5

Typescript drafts 1957.



box 5, folder 6-7

General. Typescripts, printed articles and clippings (photocopies and originals)

box 5, folder 8

Series for Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph. Typescripts and clippings

box 5, folder 9-10

Clippings, printed articles, speech transcripts and typescripts 1959.



box 5, folder 11

General. Typescript and clippings

box 5, folder 12

Series for Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph. Clippings

box 5, folder 13-14

Letter to the editor (clippings), typescript drafts 1961.



box 5, folder 15

General. Clippings and typescripts

box 5, folder 16-17

Analysis of the Statement of the Moscow Conference of the Representatives of Communist and Workers Parties; Dec. 6; 1960. Correspondence; printed article and typescript drafts

box 6, folder 1

Clippings, correspondence, typescript drafts. Some material in Italian 1963.



box 6, folder 2

General. Clippings and typescripts

box 6, folder 3

Series for The Wanderer 1964 Feb-Dec

box 6, folder 4

Series ascribed to Constantine Brown, but possibly written by Elizabeth C. Brown. Typescripts

box 6, folder 5

Clippings. Includes Manchester Union Leader 1965.


Typescript drafts and clippings 1966.

box 6, folder 6


box 6, folder 7-8

Series for The Manchester Union Leader

box 6, folder 9

Clippings and typescripts 1967.



box 6, folder 10

General. Clippings and typescripts

box 6, folder 11

Interview with Richard Nixon for Lo Specchio, Includes typescript drafts, printed article (in Italian) and correspondence with Herbert Klein, Robert Murphy, Lou Nichols and Richard Nixon 1968-1969.

box 6, folder 12

Typescript 1969.

box 6, folder 13

Typescript drafts and clippings (some in Italian) 1970.

box 6, folder 14

Typescripts and clippings 1971.

box 6, folder 15

Typescripts and clippings 1972.

box 6, folder 16

Typescripts and clippings 1973.

box 6, folder 17

Typescripts and clippings 1974.

box 7, folder 1

Typescripts and clippings 1975.

box 7, folder 2

Typescripts and clippings 1976.

box 7, folder 3

Correspondence (letter to the editor) 1977.


Manuscripts 1955-1972


The Enemy at His Back 1956

box 7, folder 4

Correspondence 1956-1957


General. Requesting permission to quote other authors 1956


Jaskievicz, W.C. (Fordham University) 1956


National Review (William F. Buckley Jr., Frank S. Meyer) 1956-1957


National War College (Admiral Thomas H. Robbins, Admiral E.T. Woolridge)


Naval War College (Admiral Thomas Robinson) 1957


Navy League Magazine 1957


Newsweek (Raymond Moley) 1956-1957)


New York Herald Tribune (Ogden R. Reid) 1956


New York Times (Hanson W. Baldwin) 1956


Pegler, Westbrook (King Features Syndicate) 1957


Saturday Evening Post (Frederic Nelson) 1956


Reid, Mary Louise 1956


The Retired Officer (Admiral W.G. Lalor) 1956


United States Naval Institute (Robert N. Adrian) 1957


Widener, Alice 1956


Williams, Alford J., Jr. 1957



box 7, folder 5



Final draft

box 7, folder 6-7



Promotional material 1955-1956

box 7, folder 8

General. Typescripts and clippings


Scrapbook. Clippings and reviews

box 7, folder 9

Reviews and citations 1956-1958

box 8

Joe McCarthy and Other Anti-Communists c. 1967-1972



box 8, folder 1

Correspondence with Warren E. Magee 1967

box 8, folder 2-8

Fragments. Miscellaneous draft chapters (including 23 and 24) and deleted episodes.

box 8, folder 9




box 8, folder 10-11

Number 1: Chapters 2-3

box 9, folder 1-19

Number 1: Chapters 4-22

box 10, folder 1-20

Number 2: Prologue-Chapter 19. Includes annotations by Frank Hanighen (?)

box 11, folder 1-3

Number 2: Chapters 20-22


Number 3: Rewritten by Lee Foster

box 11, folder 4

General. Correspondence, Foster, Lee 1972.

box 11, folder 5-16

Chapters 1-12


Remnants from original E.C.B. typescript

box 11, folder 17

Chapters 1-2

box 12, folder 1-10

Chapters 3-12

box 12, folder 11-22

Number 4: Final draft by Lee Foster



Scope and Contents

Published and unpublished writings and related correspondence of Constantine Brown; and published and unpublished writings and correspondence of others, relating to Constantine Brown, arranged by form.
box 13, folder 1

General. Clippings, correspondence, notes 1955-1963


Scrapbook 1953-1954


Newspaper columns. Typescript drafts and clippings 1945-1965

box 13, folder 2


box 13, folder 3

Correspondence, clipping, typescripts n.d.

box 13, folder 4

Clippings and typescripts 1945.

box 13, folder 5

Clippings and typescripts 1950.

box 13, folder 6

Clipping 1951.

box 13, folder 7

Clipping 1952.

box 13, folder 8

Clippings, typescripts, correspondence and mimeographed memorandum 1953.

box 13, folder 9

Clippings and mimeographed press releases 1954.

box 13, folder 10

Typescript excerpts from C. Brown columns 1955-1956.

box 13, folder 11

Clipping 1957.

box 13, folder 12

Clippings, correspondence, typescripts 1958.

box 13, folder 13

Typescripts and reprints. Includes typed copy of a letter from J. Edgar Hoover 1959.

box 13, folder 14

Printed articles, reprints, and typescripts 1962.

box 13, folder 15

Clippings 1964.

box 13, folder 16

Clippings and typescript 1965.


The Coming of the Whirlwind 1964



box 13, folder 17


box 13, folder 18

Miscellaneous sections



box 13, folder 19-27

Number 1: Chapters 1-9

box 14, folder 1-34

Number 2: Chapters 1-34

box 14, folder 35-44

Number 3: Table of Contents-Chapter 8

box 15, folder 1-26

Number 3: Chapters 9-35



Scope and Contents

Published and unpublished speeches and writings of others, correspondence, reports, and other material arranged alphabetically by topic. Broadly covers issues of American foreign and domestic policy, particularly Communism and anti-Communism during the McCarthy period.
box 15, folder 27

Acheson; Dean. Mimeographed copy of statement before Senate Foreign Relations and Armed Services Committees; typescript transcripts and notes on testimony before House Foreign Affairs Committee; Includes speech transcript of Europe: Kaleidoscope or Clouded Crystal 1946-1963. 1963

box 15, folder 28



General. Newsletters, notes, pamphlets, statement by the African Students Union in the U.S.S.R.


Correspondence. Bureau of African Affairs, (Ghana) 1960

box 15, folder 29

Agnew, Spiro T. Clipping, form letter, speech transcripts c. 1970

box 15, folder 30

Algeria. Printed and non-printed commentaries by Hilaire du Berrier 1958-1960

box 15, folder 31

Antarctica. Congressional resolution, press release (statement by President Eisenhower), reprint 1954-1958

box 15, folder 32

Asia. Clipping, newsletter, notes, press releases, reports, and mimeographed transcripts of speeches by Thomas J. Dodd, Jack Miller, James E. Murray and Walter S. Robertson 1947-1973

box 15, folder 33

Austria (South Tyrol). Correspondence, pamphlet and typescript report relating to autonomy for the South Tyrol 1959-1966

box 15, folder 34

Bang-Jensen, Povl. Newsletter, photocopy of anonymous confidential report, printed reports 1960-1961

box 15, folder 35

Canada. Newsletter relating to Pierre Trudeau 1968

box 15, folder 36

Carter, James E. Flyer, form letter, newsletters, notes 1976-1978

box 16, folder 1

Chile. Form letter, newsletters, pamphlets, press release, and a printed copy of Jeffrey B. Gayner and Lawrence D. Pratt, Allende and the Failure of Chilean Marxism 1970-1976




People's Republic of China

box 16, folder 2



General. Flyers, map, notes, pamphlets c. 1964-1980


Correspondence with Guy M. Gillette, V.S. Hsiang, Alfred Kohlberg, Madelen Leetch, Lucian B. Moody, Stephen M. Weld and others 1950-1973


Foreign relations

box 16, folder 3



General. Newsletter, notes, memoranda, pamphlets, reports, resolutions 1953-1970


U.N. admission question. Declarations, pamphlets, reprints, reports 1965-1966


United States

box 16, folder 4

Civil war period. Mimeographed copies of memoranda by foreign service officers in China (including John P. Davies and John Service), pamphlets, reports, transcripts of testimony before the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, wire reports 1943-1971

box 16, folder 5-6

Post-1949 period


General. Clippings; flyers; newsletters; notes; pamphlets; reprints; transcripts (speeches and hearings) and typescript copy of P.C. Beezley; Toward Legitimate Protest 1952-1971


Correspondence with Alfred Kohlberg, Committee of One Million 1958

box 16, folder 7

Internal affairs, Printed reports. Includes mimeographed notes on Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, Yenan 1945-1971. 1945

box 16, folder 8

Republic of China (Taiwan). Clippings; notes; newsletters; pamphlets; press releases; speech transcripts; reprints; printed copy (pamphlet) of George S. Montgomery; Jr.; A Second Term? Nationalist China and our 1956 Elections; printed speech transcript of James C.H. Shen; Sino-American Relations in Perspective; and mimeographed copy of A.C. Wedemeyer; Chiang Kai-Shek; Defender of Freedom; (memorial tribute; 1975); SEE ALSO: CORRESPONDENCE/Chiang; Kai-Shek 1950-1983.





box 16, folder 9-10

General. Clippings, newsletters, pamphlets, and anonymous typescript report on a meeting of the Religious Freedom Committee 1950-1975

box 16, folder 11

Correspondence with Time & Life, U.S. News and World Report, Alice Widener 1952-1972

box 16, folder 12




box 16, folder 13

General. Campaign material, diagrams, newsletters, reference list, resolutions, speech transcript, correspondence with Life magazine and others

box 17, folder 1

Non-printed material 1952-1960


Printed material




General 1953-1959


Pink Sheet on the Left

box 17, folder 2

#95-#111 (1/6/75-8/18/75)

box 17, folder 3

#112-#131 (9/1/75-5/4/76)

box 17, folder 4


box 17, folder 5

Freedom Academy. Clippings, form letters, printed speech transcript (Thomas J. Dodd), correspondence with Francis J. McNamara, and others 1959-1965

box 17, folder 6

Matthews, J.B. Miscellany and correspondence 1953-1958


McCarthy, Joseph. Clippings, correspondence, hearing transcripts, miscellany, newsletters, notes, pamphlets, speech transcripts, statements, resolutions 1951-1983

box 17, folder 7

Correspondence with John Butler, Ed C. Johnson, Joseph McCarthy, Gordon A. Sabine and others 1951-1954

box 17, folder 8

Miscellany and notes c. 1951-1957

box 17, folder 9

Non-printed material, general 1952-1953


Printed material, general 1951-1983

box 17, folder 10

Speeches and writings 1951-1955

box 17, folder 11

Art. Newsletter, notes, an anonymous pamphlet, Minutes of a Communist Cell on Art, and correspondence with Hubert B. Scudder 1952-1960

box 17, folder 12

Communist Party - General (for individuals, SEE: Internal security/Individuals). Form letters, newsletters, pamphlets, press releases, questionnaire, statements, reports 1952-1971


Non-printed material. Mimeographed speech transcript of J. Edgar Hoover; The Communist Party U.S.A. and Its Present Status; and FBI (?) reports 1954-1971


Printed material. Printed statements by J. Edgar Hoover, printed copy of Draft Resolutions for the 16th National Convention of the Communist Party U.S.A. 1952-1967


Education. Correspondence, flyers, miscellany, newsletters, pamphlets, press releases, questionnaires, resolutions, teaching materials

box 17, folder 13

General. Bibliography, clippings, correspondence, resolution and speech transcript relating to Arthur Prudden Coleman 1948-1959

box 17, folder 14

Correspondence 1952-1961

box 17, folder 15-16

Non-printed materials. Includes mimeographed copy (and notes) of H.A. Overstreet; A Reading Guide and Outline 1952-1975

box 18, folder 1-2

Printed material 1941-1978


Entertainment. Clippings, memoranda, miscellany, newsletters, pamphlets, press releases, resports, hearing transcripts 1950-1980



box 18, folder 3

Correspondence with Robert Dole, Warner Bros., and others 1950-1970


Non-printed materials 1951-c. 1959


Printed materials




Newsletters 1957-1980

box 18, folder 4

Pamphlets 1950-1952




Senate Internal Security Subcommittee hearing transcripts

box 18, folder 5



General. Clippings, memoranda, pamphlets, press releases, reports 1952-1956


Correspondence with J. Edgar Hoover and others 1953-1955


Internal security (subversive activities). Biographical sketches, clippings, hearing transcripts, newsletters, notes, pamphlets, press releases, serial issues, speech transcripts, statements, reports, reprints 1942-1980

box 18, folder 6



Correspondence with Martin Dies. Includes a mimeographed copy of a statement by Michael A. Musmanno relating to outlawing the Communist party 1954


Non-printed material 1954


Printed material. Newsletters, hearing transcripts 1950-1974

box 18, folder 7

Espionage. Hearing transcripts and newsletters 1952-1978


Individuals. Biographical sketches, correspondence, flyers, newsletters, notes, pamphlets, press releases, statements, transcripts 1942-1980.

General note

(NOTE: This material relates generally to alleged subversive activities or associations)


box 18, folder 8

General. (Reference to more than one individual). Newsletters, reports 1958-1973

box 18, folder 9

Institute of Pacific Relations. Excerpts from testimony, list, correspondence with Ezra Benson 1951-1955.

box 18, folder 10

Adler, Solomon n.d.


Atkinson, Brooks n.d.


Attlee, Clement 1949


Beam, Jacob D. 1969


Bethune, Mary McLeod 1952-1953


Browder, Earl and Raissa. SEE ALSO: CORRESPONDENCE/Browder, Earl and Raissa

box 18, folder 11

General. Clippings; newsletters; notes; reports; and typescript copy of Duane Thorin; Browder's Marx Chowder 1943-1973

box 18, folder 12

Speeches and writings 1943-1960


America's Changing Foreign Policy; Printed article 1959.


The Future of the Anglo-Soviet-American Coalition; Reprint 1943.


Karl Marx and America, Mimeographed pamphlet with typescript draft 1957.


Socialism in America, Printed pamphlet 1960.


Teheran: Our Path in War and Peace, Paperback book 1944.

box 18, folder 13

Buchanan, Frank 1951


Budenz, Louis 1950


Caplin, Jerome Benton 1958


Celler, Emanuel 1954-1964


Chaplin, Charles 1942-1950


Chapman, Oscar L. 1950


Coplon, Judith 1965


Crouch, Paul. Correspondence and mimeographed statement 1954-1955


Currie, Lauchlin 1961

box 19, folder 1

Davies, John Paton c. 1969


Dodd, Bella 1954


Douglas, Paul H. (Senator). Mimeographed list of participation in subversive organizations 1951


Epstein, Israel n.d.


Flynn, Elizabeth Gurley 1955


Forman, Harrison n.d.


Furry, Wendell H. 1954


Gayn, Mark J. 1945


Hammer, Armand 1969


Hawkins, Augustus Freeman 1975


Hemenway, John 1973


Hughes, Langston c. 1962

box 19, folder 2

Jessup; Philip. Notes; memorandum; mimeographed report from Joe McCarthy; Documentary Evidence on Philip C. Jessup; Ambassador-at-Large 1951

box 19, folder 3

Josephson, Emanuel 1965


Jowitt, (Lord) n.d.


Kamin, Leon J. 1954


Kilgore, Harley (Senator). Pamphlet, The Red Record of Senator Harvey Kilgore c. 1952


Lamont, Corliss 1954

box 19, folder 4

Lattimore, Owen. Clippings, excerpts from testimony, press releases, statements by Thomas Dodd and Patrick McCarran, report 1953-1972


Lovestone, Jay, SEE ALSO: SPEECHES AND WRITINGS/Articles and speeches/ 1954. 1961


Ludden, Raymond n.d.


Matusow, Harvey Marshall

box 19, folder 5

General. Press releases, statements 1951-1955


Senate Internal Security subcommittee investigation; Strategy and Tactics of World Communism 1955

box 19, folder 6-9

Hearing transcripts, Parts 1-11 1955

box 19, folder 10

Report 1955

box 19, folder 11

Norman, Edgerton Herbert. Clippings, newsletters, printed articles, testimony transcript summary 1951-1957


Peress; Irving; Senate Internal Security subcommittee investigation; Army Personnel Actions Relating to Irving Peress 1955.

box 19, folder 12-14

Hearings transcripts, Parts 1-7 1955


Report 1955

box 19, folder 15

Perlo, Victor n.d.


Posniak, Edward G. Clipping, notes, serial issue, mimeographed copy of FBI report 1948-1968


Pound, Ezra 1958

box 20, folder 1

Robeson, Paul, Includes reports relating to the Peekskill demonstrations of 1949 Aug.-Sept. 1949-1958.


Roth, Andrew n.d.

box 20, folder 2

Service, John. Includes statement before Senate Subcommittee on Foreign Relations 1945-1950


Starobin, Joseph R. 1954


Stern, Martha and Alfred 1979-1980


Unger, Abraham 1954


Wallach, Erica 1958


Williams, Aubrey n.d.


Zborowski, Mark 1959


Investigative Committees

box 20, folder 3

General. Correspondence with Sidney W. Souers 1949

box 20, folder 4

House Un-American Activities Committee 1952-1973


Correspondence with J. Edgar Hoover and Francis P. Walter 1957-1959


General. List of publications, newsletters, pamphlets, reports, radio broadcast transcripts 1954-1973


Internal Security Subcommittee, U.S. Senate. Mimeographed copies of hearing transcripts, press releases 1953-1957

box 20, folder 5

Interlocking Subversion in Government Departments 1953-1955

box 20, folder 6-7

Scope of Soviet Activity in the United States 1956-1957


Press releases 1956-1957


Transcripts 1957

box 20, folder 8

Smith Act. Form letter, newsletter 1956


State Department. Clippings, correspondence, printed hearing transcripts and reports, newsletters, press releases, reprints 1952-1976

box 20, folder 9-10

General. Clippings, hearing transcripts, newsletters, pamphlets and printed copy (pamphlet) issued by Joe McCarthy (?), The Party of Betrayal 1952-1966

box 20, folder 11

Otepka, Otto


General. Clippings, newsletters, reprints 1963-1976


Correspondence 1969-1971

box 20, folder 12-13

Subversive Activities Control Board. Briefs; reports and mimeographed copy of Harry P. Cain; Can Freedom Live with Internal Security? 1955-1959



box 20, folder 14

General. Correspondence, miscellany, newsletters, notes, pamphlets, reports 1951-1981

box 20, folder 15

Reuther, Walter. Clippings, correspondence with Joseph Kamp, newsletters, notes 1952-1967

box 21


box 21, folder 1

General. Newsletter and correspondence with Robert P. Hudson and Errett P. Scriver 1958-1959

box 21, folder 2

Fluoridation. Flyers, newsletters, pamphlets, reports 1954-1964


Mental health. Clippings, correspondence, memoranda, newsletters, notes, pamphlets, press releases, reports, reprints, transcripts 1944-1965

box 21, folder 3

General. American Public Relations Forum, Speaker's kit on mental health. Flyers, pamphlets and reprints 1944-1961

box 21, folder 4-5

Correspondence with J.B. Matthews, National Association for Mental Health (NAMH), William Sargant, Boris Sokoloff, George F. Sutherland, Irene Traffert and others 1959-1960

box 21, folder 6

Non-printed material; Includes typescript copies of Boris Sokoloff; The Scientific Basis of Soviet Efforts for the Control of Human BehaviorCharles Stickley; Brain-washing: A Synthesis of the Text - Book on Psychopoliticsand a mimeographed memorandum; National Association for Mental Health; Inc.; Analysis of Criticism of the Mental Health Movement and NAMH 1954-1959. 1954 1955 1959

box 21, folder 7-8

Printed material, Includes printed copies of G.B. Chisholm, The Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress (serial issue), the World Federation of Mental Health, Mental Health and World Citizenship and Lewis Albert Alesen, Mental Robots 1946-1963. 1946; 1948; 1957


Individual cases

box 21, folder 9

Bartholomew, Fletcher. Transcript of radio broadcast 1958

box 21, folder 10

Rogers, Senta. Correspondence, forms, memoranda, statment 1955-1958

box 21, folder 11

Seelig, Fred. Newsletter 1965


Winston, Robert A. Correspondence with James O. Eastland, press release, statement 1960

box 22

New Left


General. Clippings, newsletters, notes, press releases, reprints 1960-1982

box 22, folder 1

Non-printed material 1960-1976

box 22, folder 2

Printed material, Includes copies of the Washington Free Press and the Quicksilver Times 1960-1982.

box 22, folder 3

American Civil Liberties Union


Correspondence. Mrs. Irene Traffert 1960-1961


General. Newsletters 1956-1974

box 22, folder 4

American Indian Movement. Newsletter 1973

box 22, folder 5

Anti-nuclear movement. Newsletter 1977

box 22, folder 6

Anti-war (Vietnam) movement. Clippings, flyers, newsletters, FBI (?) reports 1965-1972


Black movements



box 22, folder 7-8

General. Flyers; form letters; newsletters; notes; pamphlets; reprints; and mimeographed copy of J.B. Matthews; Communists; Negroes and Integration 1954-1974


Civil disorder

box 22, folder 9

General. Chart, newsletters, press releases 1964-1971

box 22, folder 10

Printed report by the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders; One Year Later; SEE ALSO: AUDIOVISUAL FILE 1968.


Civil rights

box 22, folder 11



General. Correspondence, newsletters, pamphlets, press releases 1957-1971

box 22, folder 12

King, Martin Luther, Jr. Form letters, newsletters 1968-1978

box 22, folder 13

Desegregation. Clippings, correspondence, flyers, newsletters, pamphlets, reports (FBI?), and correspondence with a mimeographed copy of report by Carleton Putnam 1954-1965

box 23

Nationalism. Clippings, form letters, newsletters, notes, pamphlets, press releases, serial issues, transcripts 1965-1977

box 23, folder 1

Non-printed material 1965-1976

box 23, folder 2-3

Printed material 1965-1977

box 23, folder 4

Chicanos and farm workers. Clippings, flyers, newsletters, programs 1966-1976.


Communist Party. Form letters, newsletters, reports (FBI?), transcripts 1958-1971

box 23, folder 5

Non-printed material 1967-1971

box 23, folder 6

Printed material 1958-1970


Intellectuals. Correspondence, conference proceedings and programs, newsletters, reports, reprints, telegrams 1952-1973

box 23, folder 7

General 1952-1973


Non-printed material. Mimeographed memoranda 1952-1957


Printed material 1961-1973

box 23, folder 8

Pugwash Conference. Proceedings and printed report 1961-1964


Socialist Scholars Conferences. Program, printed newsletters and pamphlets 1967-1971

box 23, folder 9

Morality. Clippings, correspondence, flyers, newsletters, transcripts 1956-1983


Correspondence 1959-1962


General 1956-1983

box 23, folder 10

Prison movements. Newsletters 1971

box 23, folder 11

Puerto Rican movements. Newsletters 1974-1977

box 23, folder 12

Revolutionary terrorism. Newsletters, notes, pamphlets 1970-1979


Students. Clippings, correspondence, flyers, press releases, newsletters, notes, pamphlets, reports, transcripts 1952-1970

box 23, folder 13



General 1952-1970


Correspondence. Edward O. Weant, Jr. 1967

box 23, folder 14

Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). Newsletters, reports, transcripts 1965-1970

box 23, folder 15

Venceremos Brigade. Form letter c. 1971

box 23, folder 16-17

Propaganda. Correspondence; flyers; form letters; newsletters; pamphlets; posters; serial issue (U.S.S.R. Information Bulletin Includes mimeographed copy of Suzanne Labin; The Technique of Soviet Propaganda and typescript photocopy (FBI?); Communists Aim Propaganda at Farmers 1952) 1946-1983. 1959 n.d.

box 24


box 24, folder 1-3

Correspondence with the Committee of Christian Laymen, Inc., Thomas J. Dodd, Clare Boothe Luce, Carl McIntire, the United States Information Agency, and others 1956-1976

box 24, folder 4

Non-printed material. Articles, notes, press releases, resolutions, statements, transcripts 1936-1976


Printed material. Clippings and typescript copies of articles (some translated from Italian), newsletters, pamphlets, reports, reprints, transcripts 1950-1984

box 24, folder 5

General 1954-1971

box 24, folder 6

Newsletters 1957-1984


General 1957-1969


Committee of Christian Laymen, Inc. Also includes non-printed progress reports

box 24, folder 7

#1-100 1962 April 1-1964 June 10

box 24, folder 8

#101-150 1964 June 11-1966 Dec. 1

box 24, folder 9

#151-198 1967 Jan. 3-1970 Sept. 22

box 24, folder 10

Progress reports 1963-1970

box 24, folder 11

Mindszenty Report 1965-1984


Pamphlets 1950-1973

box 24, folder 12-14

General 1952-1973

box 25, folder 1

McIntire, Carl 1950-1953


Strategy and tactics. Clippings, correspondence, newsletters, pamphlets, press releases, reprints, transcripts, SEE ALSO: Communism/Internal Security/Individuals/Matusow, Harvey Marshall 1951-1975.

box 25, folder 2

International. Clippings, newsletters and letter from Karlis Kalnins to Gamal Abdel Nasser 1951-1971


United States

box 25, folder 3

General. Newsletters and pamphlets 1956-1975

box 25, folder 4

Cultural exchange. Clippings, newsletters, pamphlets, press releases 1958-1966

box 25, folder 5

Congo (Katanga). Newsletters, pamphlets, press releases, statement by Thomas J. Dodd, transcripts, and correspondence with Suzanne and Edouard Labin 1960-1965


Cuba. Biographical sketches, correspondence, memoranda, naval communications, newsletters, pamphlets, press releases, reprints, transcripts, wire reports 1954-1978

box 25, folder 6

General. Correspondence 1954-1960


Foreign relations

box 25, folder 7

General. Biographical sketch; newsletters; conference addresses by J.E. de la Torriente; and Guillermo Martinez Marquez; conference reports; the Inter-American Press Association; Report of the Special Committee on Cubaand Eudocio Ravines; Free Cubans Present a Challenge to Washingtonand printed copy (pamphlet) of Osvaldo Dorticos Torrado; The Revolution has Not Betrayed Cuba but Has Fulfilled its Ideals 1960-1973

box 25, folder 8



United States

box 25, folder 9-10

General. Newsletters, serial issue (Carib), speech transcripts and printed copies (pamphlets) issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Cuba, The Position of Cuban Sugar in the United States, and another pamphlet denouncing Cuban-American intervention in the leaflet raid of Oct. 21, 1959 (in French) 1959-1978

box 25, folder 11

Bay of Pigs. Typescript rough draft of article n.d.

box 25, folder 12

Missile crisis. Wire reports; newsletter; pamphlets; mimeographed speech transcript of John F. Kennedy; The Offensive Military Build-up on Cubaand a printed copy (pamphlet) of Duane Thorin; The Cuban Crisis and the Grand Design 1962-1963

box 25, folder 13

Internal affairs. Printed copies of Internal Security committee reports 1962-1970

box 25, folder 14

Czechoslovakia. Printed copy of Joseph C. Whelan, "Aspects of Intellectual Ferment and Dissent in Czechoslovakia," 1969


Defense. Bibliographies, biographical sketches, clippings, correspondence, flyers, maps, memoranda, newsletters, notes, pamphlets, press releases, transcripts 1950-1982





box 25, folder 15

Non-printed material. Includes remarks by Styles Bridges, William E. Jenner, Phyllis Schlafly, and Charles A. Willoughby 1957-1972

box 26, folder 1

Printed material 1958-1974

box 26, folder 2

Correspondence with Styles Bridges, Daniel J. Flood, Alfred Kohlberg, John E. Moss, National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, and others 1957-1958


Armed Forces. Bibliographies, biographical sketches, flyers, newsletters, notes, pamphlets, press releases, reports, reprints, transcripts 1950-1977



box 26, folder 3

General 1950-1977

box 26, folder 4

Communist infiltration; Includes correspondence and printed copy of Hamilton A. Long; America's Tragedy Today 1950-1972. 1950.


Status of Forces Treaty 1957

box 26, folder 5-6

Navy; Includes testimony transcript and mimeographed report by Admiral Arleigh Burke Regarding the Military Posture of the United States Navy 1958-1975. c. 1960


Arms control. Memoranda, newsletters, notes, pamphlets, transcripts 1955-1982



box 26, folder 7

Non-printed material. Mimeographed copies of statements by Phyllis Schlafly, Lawrence H. Smith, Arthur G. Trudeau, and Duane Thorin 1957-1967

box 26, folder 8-9

Printed material. Includes transcript of a speech by N. Khrushchev before the United Nations General Assembly; The Soviet Union Proposes General and Complete Disarmament of all Nations 1955-1982


Treaties. Pamphlets, press releases, newsletters, transcripts 1959-1974

box 26, folder 10

General 1964-1972

box 26, folder 11

Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. Includes mimeographed statements by Thomas J. Dodd and Lewis L. Strauss; and a mimeographed copy of the United States Information Service report; The Nuclear Test Ban Treaty: Gateway to Peace 1959-1963

box 26, folder 12

Strategic Arms Limitations Treaties (I and II) 1972-1974

box 26, folder 13

Civil defense. Correspondence, maps, pamphlets 1959-1967


Civil-Military relations. Newsletters 1960-1968

box 26, folder 14




box 26, folder 15

Thorin; Duane; The Need for Civil Authority over the Military; Printed copy with typescript drafts 1968.

box 27, folder 1

Waskow; Arthur I. Quis Custodiet? Controlling the Peace in a Disarmed World; Peace Research Institute Report with appendices 1963.


Congress. Newsletters, reports, transcripts 1961-1976

box 27, folder 2

General c. 1965-1976

box 27, folder 3-4

Thurmond, Strom. Newsletters, press releases, reports, transcripts 1961-1965

box 27, folder 5

Defense Department; Biographical sketches; newsletters; reports and correspondence with William C. Foster. Includes mimeographed copy of Committee on the Defense Establishment; Report to Senator Kennedy 1951-1975. c. 1960

box 27, folder 6

General. Clippings, newsletters, notes, pamphlets, press releases, reports, reprints, transcripts, wire reports 1956-c. 1965


General. Includes President's Committee on Scientists and Engineers; Final Report to the President 1957-1958

box 27, folder 7-8

Trudeau, Arthur G., Chief of Research and Development for the Army. Clippings, printed pamphlets and reprints, mimeographed copies of radio broadcast and speech transcripts, SEE ALSO: CORRESPONDENCE/Trudeau, Arthur G. 1956-c. 1965.


Internal security. Clippings, correspondence, newsletters, notes 1949-1964

box 27, folder 9

General 1954-1964


Condon, Edward U. 1954

box 27, folder 10

Oppenheimer, J. Robert 1949-1963


Struik, Dirk J. 1949-1956

box 27, folder 11

Space. Newsletter and pamphlet 1957.

box 27, folder 12

Weapons systems. Clippings, newsletters, notes, press releases, pamphlets, reports, transcripts 1945-1978

box 28, folder 1

Strategic superiority (U.S.A. vs. U.S.S.R.). Flyers, newsletters, pamphlets, transcripts 1958-1976

box 28, folder 2-3

Dominican Republic. Flyers, newsletter, pamphlet, correspondence with William J. Johnson (Dominican Republic Herald) and Henry Regnery 1949-1963

box 28, folder 4

Eastern Europe. Newsletter, notes, pamphlet, press release and correspondence with Dumitru Danielopol and others, Includes typescript copy of statement by Charles J. Kersten relating to the Kersten amendment to the Mutual Security Act, and mimeographed surveys issued by the Federal Communications Commission, Foreign Broadcast Intelligence Services 1942-1970. 1951; c. 1944



box 28, folder 5-6

General. Biographical sketches, correspondence, notes, newsletters, pamphlets, reports 1951-1977



box 28, folder 7-8

General. Clippings, newsletters, pamphlets 1951-1976


Correspondence with the Allen-Bradley Company, General Electric, Gulf Oil Corp., International Business Machines Corp., Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, National Federation of Independent Business, Noble Advertising Co., Research Institute of America, Inc., United States National Bank, J. Weingarten, Inc. 1951-1961

box 28, folder 9

Currency. Flyers, newsletters, pamphlets 1962-1979

box 28, folder 10

Fiscal policy. Flyers; newsletters; pamphlets; press releases; reports; transcripts; statements by Peter H. Dominick; William E. Jenner; George W. Malone; Lawrence H. Smith; Willis E. Stone; mimeographed reports by Otto Passman; Americanism or Socialism?Robert M. Bleiberg; New York City: Decline and Falland New York's Big Spender 1954-1975

box 28, folder 11

Gold. Flyers; newsletters; pamphlets; mimeographed reports of George Racey Jordan; Gold and Freedomand Robert M. Bleiberg; A New Gold Rush 1957-1972

box 28, folder 12

Taxation. Charts; clippings; press releases; reports; mimeographed copy of Robert M. Bleiberg; Selling the Hangman the Rope 1951-1974


Eisenhower, Dwight D.

box 28, folder 13

General. Newsletters, notes, pamphlets, press releases, transcripts, and correspondence with Styles Bridges and others 1949-1960

box 28, folder 14

Speeches and writings 1949-c. 1959

box 28, folder 15

Ford, Gerald R. Clippings, newsletter and press releases 1974-1976

box 28, folder 16

France. Newsletters, notes, transcripts 1961-1968

box 29

Germany. Biographical sketches, cartoon, correspondence, newsletters, pamphlets, press releases, transcripts 1953-1972

box 29, folder 1

General. Includes printed pamphlet of Ivone Kirkpatrick; The Inner Circleanonymous mimeographed copy of A Visit with Chancellor Adenauer 1953-1972

box 29, folder 2-3

Berlin situation 1959-1962


General. Includes mimeographed reports issued by Kampfgruppe gegen Unmenschlichkeit (organization) relating to the political situation in Berlin, printed pamphlet by the Press Office of the German Embassy, To Keep Berlin Free, and mimeographed statements by Styles Bridges, Thomas Dodd, and John Kennedy 1959-1961


Correspondence with Thomas J. Dodd, John F. Kennedy, Joint Senate-House Republican Leadership group 1961-1962

box 29, folder 4

Ghana. Newsletters, pamphlets, serial issues 1964-1967

box 29, folder 5

Greece. Pamphlets, transcript, printed copy (pamphlet) of K.P. Gorshenin, V.S. Nesterov, A.A. Piontkovsky, M.S. Strogovich, Freedom for the Greek Democrats 1950-1959

box 29, folder 6

India. Newsletter, pamphlet, typescript copy of article 1953-1974

box 29, folder 7

Indonesia. Newsletters, and correspondence with the State Department, Public Services Division 1958-1959

box 29, folder 8

Iran. Biographical sketch and newsletter 1959-1979

box 29, folder 9

Iraq. Clipping 1958.

box 29, folder 10

Israel. Newsletters, notes, pamphlets, correspondence with the Israeli embassy in Washington and others 1952-1972

box 29, folder 11



General. Biographical statements, business cards, flyers, miscellany, newsletters, notes, press releases, transcripts 1953-1977


Correspondence with the Daughters of the American Revolution, Edna Fluegel, the Italian embassy in Washington, Strom Thurmond, and others 1960-1971

box 29, folder 12

Javits, Jacob. Biographical sketch, newsletters, pamphlets, press releases, reprints, transcripts 1965-1976


General 1966-1976


Speeches and writings 1965-1966

box 29, folder 13

Johnson, Lyndon B. Clippings, correspondence, notes, press releases, transcripts 1953-1966


General 1961-1966


Correspondence with Lyndon Johnson and others 1959-1964


Speeches and writings. Includes typescript copy of a newspaper column written by L.B. Johnson, substituting for Constantine Brown 1953

box 29, folder 14

Kennedy, Edward. Correspondence, flyers, newsletters 1969-1973


General 1969-1973


Correspondence 1969

box 29, folder 15

Kennedy, John. Correspondence, newsletters, notes, press releases 1953-1978


General 1961-1978


Correspondence with John F. Kennedy and others 1953-1961


Speeches and writings. Mimeographed transcripts 1961-1962

box 29, folder 16

Kennedy, Robert. Correspondence, miscellany, newsletters 1962-1970


General. Newsletters, miscellany, and correspondence with William Loeb 1962-1970


Speeches and writings. Mimeographed transcripts 1962

box 29, folder 17

Kissinger, Henry. Newsletters 1969-1975

box 29, folder 18

Knight, Frances. Correspondence, memoranda, newsletters, notes, press releases, transcripts, SEE ALSO: CORRESPONDENCE/Knight, Frances 1954-1973.


General 1954-1973


Correspondence with John Phillips c. 1955



box 29, folder 19

General. Includes anonymous typescript report; The Korean Confusion; correspondence with Newsweek; and others 1958


Foreign relations. Newsletters, pamphlets, press releases, reports, wire reports 1947-1976

box 29, folder 20

Japan. Includes statements by Yiu Tai Ha (Chief, Republic of Korea Mission in Japan) 1958-1959


United States. Includes printed report by the Korean Foreign Policy Association; Comments on the Korea Section of the Conlon Report 1947-1976

box 29, folder 21

Internal affairs. Newsletters; pamphlets; serial issues; printed copy (pamphlet) of Hong Chong-in; The March of Korean Journalism: A Birds Eye View; the Korean Foreign Policy Association; Korea's Internal Political Situation; and printed pamphlets relating to the National Security Law; SEE ALSO: CORRESPONDENCE/Rhee; Syngman 1953-1971.

box 30

Korean War 1950-1953

box 30, folder 1

General. Prisoners of war


General. Memoranda, newsletters, pamphlets, reports, mimeographed statements relating to incidents in United Nations P.O.W. camps, wire reports 1952-1959


Correspondence 1956-1958

box 30, folder 2

Correspondence with Summers, Paul D., Jr., SEE ALSO: CORRESPONDENCE/Clarke, General Carter 1952.


Non-printed material 1950-1953

box 30, folder 3

General. Correspondence; flyers; reports; transcripts; wire reports; and a typescript report; Intelligence Estimate of the Situation in Korea 1950-c. 1952

box 30, folder 3-4

Reports 1950-c. 1952


Ingram; Sam; The Puzzle of American Policy; Mimeographed copy c. 1952.


Wiley; Alexander; Smith; H. Alexander; Hickenlooper; Bourke B.; and Lodge; Henry Cabot; Jr.; Background to Korea. Mimeographed report 1950

box 30, folder 5

Statements by Omar Bradley, Harry F. Byrd, Claire L. Chennault, Robert C. Hendrickson, Douglas MacArthur. Mimeographed copies 1950-1953

box 30, folder 6

Printed material. Clippings, newsletters, pamphlets 1950-1971

box 30, folder 7

Maps 1945-circa 1953

drawer K05

Maps (continued)


Latin America

box 30, folder 8



General. Clippings, lists, newsletters, pamphlets 1958-1976


Correspondence with Thomas J. Dodd 1963

box 30, folder 9

Communist influence. Lists; notes; newsletters; pamphlets; press releases; serial issue (Carib)and mimeographed report; Statistical Data on Communist Propaganda Activities in Latin America-1958 1958-1981

box 30, folder 10-11

Middle East. Clippings, notes, press releases, serial issues, mimeographed transcripts of speeches of Jamil baroody (Saudi Arabian Ambassador) at the United Nations, and correspondence with Mahmoud About Fath and Irving Zuckerman 1948-1974.


Miscellany 1837-1976

box 30, folder 12

General. Biographical sketches, clipping, newsletters, notes, phonograph record, pamphlet, printed article 1969-1975

box 30, folder 13

Books and authors 1952-1976


General. Bibliographies, clippings, newsletters, notes, pamphlets, promotional material 1953-1976


Correspondence with Paul Dever, the Devin-Adair Co., Publishers 1952

box 30, folder 14

Quotations; Notes and photocopy of Joseph Hopkinson; Memoirs of John Marshall 1837-1974. 1837


Nixon, Richard M.


General. Clippings, correspondence, memoranda, newsletters, notes 1952-1969

box 30, folder 15


box 30, folder 16

Reports (White House), Mimeographed copies 1971-1972.

box 31, folder 1

Speeches and writings. Mimeographed transcripts, including correspondence 1972

box 31, folder 2

Watergate. Correspondence, newsletters 1973-1976

box 31, folder 3

Pakistan. Pamphlets, press release, and printed copies (pamphlets) of Malik Firoz Khan Noon, Democratic Ideals and Foreign Policy of Pakistanthe Ministry of Law, The Basic Democracies Orderand the Department of Advertising, Films and Publications, Introduction to Basic Democracies in Pakistan 1958-1959

box 31, folder 4



General. Clippings, form letters, press releases, reports 1960-1977


Correspondence with Daniel J. Flood 1959-1966

box 31, folder 5

Poland. Clippings, notes, reports, serial issues, printed transcripts 1945-1969

box 31, folder 6

Portugal (Angola). Newsletters and notes 1974-1976

box 31, folder 7

Reagan, Ronald. Form letter, promotional material, transcript excerpts c. 1975-1977

box 31, folder 8

Rhodesia. Flyers, form letter, newsletters, notes 1966-1978

box 31, folder 9

Rockefeller, Nelson A. Biographical sketch, copies of articles, newsletters 1951-1974

box 31, folder 10

Rostow, Walt Whitman. Biographical sketch, clippings, notes, pamphlets, transcripts, and photocopy of portions of a typescript report (by Rostow?) 1962-1967

box 31, folder 11

Rusk, Dean


General. Newsletter, notes, quotations, transcripts 1950-1964


Speeches and writings. Pamphlets 1951-1964

box 31, folder 12

Schlesinger, Arthur, Jr.


General. Excerpts from printed article, newsletters, notes 1946-1962


Correspondence with the Washington Evening Star regarding a column by Constantine Brown 1961

box 31, folder 13

South Africa


General. Flyers, newsletters, pamphlets, transcripts, and a printed report by W.C. Naude, South Africa: A Western Society 1961-c. 1981


Correspondence. W.C. Naude (South African Ambassador to U.S.); including speech transcript; South Africa Today 1961

box 31, folder 14

Spain. Charts, clippings, correspondence, maps, newsletters, pamphlets, reports, statements by the Rev. Jose Mateo, M.D. Forrest, and Fidel Sanz c. 1949-1975

box 31, folder 15

Stevenson, Adlai


General. Clippings, flyer, form letter, newsletters, notes 1952-1964


Correspondence with Clarence J. Brown, Fred E. Busbey, Carl T. Curtis, George A. Dondero, William E. Jenner, James P. Kem, Alfred Kohlberg, Joseph W. Martin, Jr., Chapman Revercomb, Andrew F. Schoeppel, and others 1952

box 31, folder 16

Tibet. Printed copies of American-Asian Educational Exchange; Inc.; Genocide in Tibet: A Study in Communist Aggression (pamphlet); and Lowell Thomas; The Rape of Tibet (reprint) 1959-1967

box 31, folder 17

Truman, Harry S. Form letter and notes c. 1952

box 31, folder 18

Turkey. Biographical sketches; map; newsletters (includes issue of Newsletter on Contemporary Communism by Ruth Fischer; notes; press releases; reports; correspondence with Max W. Bishop 1946) 1946-1959



box 31, folder 19



General. Newsletters, pamphlets, reports 1954-1971


Correspondence. John J. McCloy to George A. Dondero 1944

box 31, folder 20

Economic policy. Printed copy of A. Leontyev, Toward a Classless Society: The Second Five-Year Plan Explained 1932


Foreign relations

box 32, folder 1-2

General. Clippings; newsletters; pamphlets; press releases; reprints; transcripts; printed copy (pamphlet) of G. Dimitroff; The United Front Against Fascism and Warinterview transcripts of V.M. Molotov with W.R. Hearst and J. Kingsbury Smith; and of N. Khrushchev with the Foreign Broadcast Information Service; a photocopy of a printed article; V.M. Molotov; The International Situation and the Foreign Policy of the Soviet Governmentand a printed copy of Statement of the Moscow Conference of Representatives of Communist and Workers Parties 1935-1974

box 32, folder 3

Eastern Europe. Notes and reprints 1940-1978


United States

box 32, folder 4

General. Correspondence; newsletters; pamphlets; reports; mis statements by Anastas I. Mikoyan 1957-1974

box 32, folder 5

Diplomatic relations. Clippings and mimeographed transcript of testimony by A.C. Wedemeyer 1954


Khrushchev visit. Correspondence, flyers, form letters, memoranda, newsletters, notes, press releases, speech excerpts, reports 1959

box 32, folder 6


box 32, folder 7

Anti-Khrushchev material

box 32, folder 8

Summit conferences. Correspondents, notes, pamphlets, printed reports, mimeographed copy of speech by Barry Goldwater c. 1954-1960

box 32, folder 9

Treaties. Newsletters and reports, SEE ALSO: Defense/Treaties 1948-1969

box 32, folder 10

Government. Biographical sketches, newsletters, notes, pamphlets and a printed copy of the constitution of the U.S.S.R. 1939-1969

box 32, folder 11

History. Excerpts 1854 and 1935


Kelly, Walter K., The History of Russia 1854


Knorin, W., Communist Party of the Soviet Union: A Short History 1935.


Internal affairs

box 32, folder 12-13

General. Newsletters; pamphlets; press release; poem; reports; interview transcript; printed copies of D.Z. Manuilsky; The Results of Socialist Reconstruction in the U.S.S.R.and of a speech by L.I. Brezhnev The 50th Anniversary of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 1935-1972

box 32, folder 14

Dissent and repression. Newsletters, press releases, printed pamphlets 1959-1983

box 32, folder 15

Military affairs. Correspondence, flyer, printed article and newsletters 1957-c. 1977


United States - Domestic issues and programs

box 32, folder 16



Amnesty. Newsletter 1972


Consumer protection. Newsletter and flyer 1971-c. 1975


Energy. Mimeographed copy of Robert Bleiberg; Oil Shortage--American Style c. 1973


Ethnic minorities, Italian-American. Press release 1970


Gun control. Newsletters 1966-1975

box 32, folder 17

New Deal. Biographical sketches, newsletter, printed speech transcripts. Includes typescript reports prepared for Karl Mundt regarding Harry L. Hopkins and David K. Niles 1940-1959

box 33, folder 1

Poverty and welfare programs. Flyers and newsletters 1965-1975


Press and media issues

box 33, folder 2

General 1950-1983


General. Clippings, memoranda, newsletters, notes, serial issue (Carib) 1950-1983

box 33, folder 3-4

Expose. Periodical issues 1951 Nov. 1-1953 Jan.

box 33, folder 5

Correspondence (not for publication) with the American Legion Magazine, the Harvard Fortnightly, Modern Age, the Washington Times Herald, and others 1952-1972

box 33, folder 6

Unemployment. Newsletter and transcripts of speeches by Homer Ferguson c. 1952-1959

box 33, folder 7

Urban renewal and development. Excerpts from articles, newsletters, and printed copy (pamphlet) issued by the New Times The Slums of New York 1957-1977

box 33, folder 8

Womens movement/ERA. Biographical sketches, newsletters, resolutions, and correspondence with Carl T. Curtis 1950-1974


United States - Foreign relations

box 33, folder 9

General. Copies of articles; newsletters; notes; press releases; reports; mimeographed copy of conference report of the American Political Science Association; Research on American Foreign Policy; transcripts of speeches by Viscount Montgomery (typescript); Herbert Hoover; The Protection of Freedom; (reprint) and Mike Mansfield; Foreign Policy and the Democratic Majority; (mimeograph) 1956-1980.


Economic policy

box 33, folder 10-12

General. Correspondence; press releases; reports; Includes mimeographed copy of report of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund; Inc.; Foreign Economic Policy for the Twentieth Century; and excerpts from a mimeographed report by Allen J. Ellender 1955-1961


Foreign aid



box 34, folder 1-4

Non-printed material; Biographical sketches; charts; form letters; press releases; statements by Styles Bridges; John Marshall Butler; Thomas J. Dodd; William E. Jenner; Otto E. Passman; and Lawrence H. Smith; Includes typescript copies of Arthur G. Trudeau; Some Comments Regarding our American Foreign Policyand Where Are We?and a mimeographed copy of the report of the Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government; Overseas Economic Operations 1952-1974. 1952-1974. 1955

box 34, folder 5-7

Printed material, Clippings, newsletters, pamphlets, reports, reprints, transcripts. Includes printed copies of U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Foreign Aid by the United States Government, 1940-1952 and Foreign Aid by the United States Government printed copies of U.S. Dept. of State, Point Four Pioneers Point Four and Liberiaand What It Is-Point Four-How it Works 1951-1971. 1953, 1951-1953

box 34, folder 8-9

Citizens Foreign Aid Committee. Form letters, newsletters, printed reports 1959-1971

box 34, folder 10

International banking. Newsletters and pamphlet, SEE ALSO: United States-Foreign relations/United Nations/Economic assistance 1951-1983.



box 34, folder 11

General. Charts, pamphlets, report 1953-1975.


Communist countries. Charts, clippings, correspondence, flyers, form letters, newsletters, notes, pamphlets, releases, reports, transcripts c. 1952-1975


General c. 1952-1975

box 34, folder 12

Non-printed material; Includes mimeographed copy of Robert M. Bleiberg; Less Trade with the Bear; and mimeographed statements by William E. Jenner; Karl Mundt and George Bender; and Harold Stassen c. 1952- c. 1968.

box 35, folder 1-2

Printed material 1953-1974

box 35, folder 3



General. Includes mimeographed facts sheets issued by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, and statements by Thomas J. Dodd, Paul Findley, and George McGovern 1963-1975


Correspondence with the American Farm Bureau Federation, William Loeb, and others 1966

box 35, folder 4-5

Foreign Policy Association


General. Flyers, newsletters, pamphlets, resolutions, serial issues. Includes a series of printed reports, Decision... 1957 1957-1962


Correspondence with C. Ralph Nichols 1960-1961



box 35, folder 6

General. Clippings, newsletters, pamphlets c. 1953-1971

box 35, folder 7

Refugees. Clipping, flyer, pamphlets 1959-1974


Information agencies

box 35, folder 8-9

General. Memoranda; newsletters; pamphlet; press releases; reports; typescript radio broadcast transcript; a mimeographed transcript of Eugene W. Castle; How to Win the Cold Warand a printed copy of U.S. Information Service; 11th Report to Congress 1950-1961

box 35, folder 10

Correspondence with Everett Dirksen, the U.S. Information Agency, and others 1958-1971

box 35, folder 11

Peace Corps. Newsletters 1961

box 35, folder 12

Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Newsletter, notes, printed hearing transcripts 1960-1966


State Department

box 35, folder 13-14

General. Newsletters; notes; pamphlets; press releases; reports; reprints; serial issues; and a mimeographed transcript of Jerome M. Frank; Psychological Aspects of Foreign Affairs Newsletters; notes; pamphlets; press releases; reports; reprints; serial issues; and a mimeographed transcript of Jerome M. Frank; Psychological Aspects of Foreign Affairs 1950-1977 1950-1977

box 36

Correspondence with Russell Kirk and Jay Sourwine 1963-1964


Treaties and alliances. SEE ALSO: United States-Foreign relations/United Nations/Treaties

box 36, folder 1

General. Printed transcript of speech by John W. Bricker, newsletter 1952-1953


Central Treaty Organization (CENTO). Delegation lists for 1959 conference, flyer, maps 1959


North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

box 36, folder 2-3

General. Charts; correspondence; pamphlets; newsletters; printed reports; transcripts; printed copy of Matthew B. Ridgway; Second Annual Report of the Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe (in French); and mimeographed transcript of Thomas C. Darcy; NATO Objectives and Organization 1953-1975

box 36, folder 4

U.S. Army; Europe. Biographical sketches; poster; reports; serial issues (USAREUR Information Bulletin)and mimeographed report; United States Army; Europe; Today 1960-1961


United Nations


General 1948-1974

box 36, folder 5

General. Correspondence, declaration, flyers, memoranda, newsletters, notes, pamphlets, press releases, transcripts, statements by Ernest A. Gross and James J. Wadsworth 1948-1974

box 36, folder 6

Anti-United Nations. Newsletters, notes, pamphlets, printed copies of Ten Years of the United Nations...Soviet's Greatest Hoaxand Myron C. Fagan, Documentation of U.N. Plot to Destroy U.S. 1950-1962

box 36, folder 7

Armed Forces. Memoranda, newsletters, notes, pamphlets 1951-1957

box 36, folder 8

Commission on Human Rights


General. Flyers, newsletters, pamphlets 1948-1978


Correspondence with the State Department 1951

box 36, folder 9

Economic assistance programs. Charts, newsletters, pamphlets 1952-1975

box 36, folder 10-11

Finance. Newsletter and printed budget reports 1952-1964

box 36, folder 12

Flag. Pamphlet 1950


Headquarters. Printed pamphlets and hearing transcript c. 1967

box 36, folder 13

Information services. Lists of films, newsletter, program schedules 1951-1955

box 36, folder 14

General. Charts, pamphlet 1952-1955

box 36, folder 15

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Pamphlet n.d.

box 36, folder 16

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Pamphlet 1950

box 37, folder 1

International Labor Organization (ILO). Newsletter, notes, pamphlets, press release 1955-1958

box 37, folder 2

International Trade Organization (ITO). Pamphlet 1949


United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)


General 1949-1962

box 37, folder 3-4

General. Flyers, list of publications, newsletters, reprints, tables, speech transcript, mimeographed report on UNESCO, printed copy of Florence Fowler Lyons, Reports on UNESCO (pamphlet and newsletters) 1949-1962

box 37, folder 5

Correspondence with Karl E. Mundt 1955

box 37, folder 6

Budget. Mimeographed memoranda and reports FY 1954

box 37, folder 7-9

Education. Correspondence, list of publications, newsletters, pamphlets, reports, transcripts 1949-1962

box 37, folder 10

United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF). Pamphlet 1952

box 37, folder 11

World Health Organization (WHO). Pamphlet 1951

box 37, folder 12

World Meteorological Organization (WMO). Pamphlet 1951

box 37, folder 13

International trusteeships. Chart and pamphlets 1951-1952

box 37, folder 14

Officials and employees


General. Biographical sketches, newsletters, press releases, mimeographed statements by William E. Jenner, Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., and John T. Wood 1952-1977


Correspondence with Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. 1953-1958


Organizational structure



box 37, folder 15

General. Chart and mimeographed reports, Structure of the United Nations (5th and 6th revisions) 1952-1953

box 37, folder 16

Charter. Newsletter, pamphlets, report 1945-1955

box 37, folder 17

General Assembly


General. Chart and pamphlet 1952


Secretariat. Chart and reports, The Secretariat of the United Nations (mimeograph) and Organization of the Secretariat (printed) 1951-1952

box 37, folder 18

International Court of Justice. Article, clipping, flyer, newsletter, reprint, transcript 1959-1960

box 37, folder 19

Security Council. Chart and newsletter 1952-1964

box 37, folder 20

Treaties. Clipping, flyer, newsletter 1953-1977

box 38, folder 1-2

World government. Clippings, flyers, memoranda, newsletters, pamphlets, serial issue (The Freeman) reports, mimeographed statements by Rose L. Martin, Francis J. McNamara, and Gardner Osborn 1951-1972


World War II 1939-1945

box 38, folder 3

General. Newsletters, photocopies of newspapers, press releases, and uncorrected galleys of State Department report on Malta and Yalta conferences, Parts I and II 1938-1976

box 38, folder 4

Pearl Harbor. Newsletters and report 1942-1961

box 38, folder 5

War crimes and international justice. Chart, clipping, legal briefs 1950-1962


United States - Government

box 38, folder 6

General. Biographical sketches, clippings, flyers, form letter, newsletters, notes, and correspondence with John E. Moss and others c. 1959-c. 1978

box 38, folder 7

Constitution. Correspondence, clipping, flyer, pamphlet, press release, reports 1960-1961

box 38, folder 8

Executive branch. Biographical sketches, chart, newsletters, printed report 1957-1977


Intelligence agencies

box 38, folder 9

General. Newsletters and notes 1975

box 38, folder 10

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)


General, Newsletters. Includes printed report, H.R. bill and a typescript memorandum with notes, relating to the establishment of the CIA c. 1944-1975. c. 1944


Correspondence with Allen W. Dulles, Alfred Kohlberg and others 1955-1959



box 38, folder 11

General. Biographical sketch, bulletin, flyer, newsletters, notes, press releases, printed hearing transcript, serial issue (FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin) 1961-1976

box 39, folder 1

Annual reports. Printed copies 1963 and 1965

box 39, folder 2

Hoover, J. Edgar. Clippings, reprint, statement before the House Un-American Activities Committee 1947-1965


Judicial branch

box 39, folder 3

General. Correspondence, flyer, newsletter, photocopy of material relating to grand jury procedures 1972-1973

box 39, folder 4-5

Supreme Court


General. Biographical sketches, newsletters, pamphlets, reprints, printed and mimeographed transcripts of speeches by William E. Jenner, typescript copy of speech by James O. Eastland 1954-1970


Correspondence with Jay Sourwine 1955


Legislative branch

box 39, folder 6

General. Clipping, flyer, newsletters 1953-1970

box 39, folder 7

Congress. Form letter, legal brief, newsletters, notes, resolution 1955-1967


United States - Politics



box 39, folder 8



General. Flyer; pamphlets; mimeographed reports of the Senate Minority Policy Committee; What the Country Got Out of 19 Democratic Years and 12 Republican Yearsand of Public Affairs Counsellor; Inc.; The A-B-C's of Applied Citizenship Training 1951-1959


Correspondence from Eugene W. Castle to Anne Wheaton, and Everett Dirksen 1958

box 39, folder 9

Americanism (patriotism)


General. Clippings, form letter, newsletters, notes, pamphlet, poem, press release, program 1953-1975


Correspondence with Lt. Gen. George E. Stratemeyer, and others 1954-1963


Elections 1952-1980

box 39, folder 10

Flyer and pamphlet 1952. 1952

box 39, folder 11

Newsletters and speech transcript 1954. 1953-1954

box 39, folder 12

Notes and newsletters 1956. 1955-1958

box 39, folder 13

Newsletter and correspondence with Herbert G. Klein and Maury M. Travis 1960. 1959-1960



box 39, folder 14

General. Clipping, newsletter, notes 1963-1964


Goldwater campaign

box 39, folder 15

General. Clipping, flyers, newsletter, notes, pamphlets, press releases, and mimeographed transcripts of speeches by Barry Goldwater 1963-1964

box 39, folder 16

Correspondence with Barry Goldwater, William Knowland, Republican National Committee, SEE ALSO: CORRESPONDENCE/Goldwater, Barry M. 1964.



box 39, folder 17

General. Inaugural invitation and other miscellany 1968-1969

box 39, folder 18

McCarthy, Eugene. Clippings and notes c. 1968



box 39, folder 19

General. Campaign literature and miscellany, flyers, newsletters, SEE ALSO: Parties/Republican/Political activism/Conventions 1971-1972.

box 39, folder 20

Ashbrook, John M. Campaign literature 1972

box 39, folder 21

McGovern, George. Biographical sketches, campaign literature, newsletters, pamphlets, and printed copy of Nathaniel Weyl, McGovern, The Candidate 1971-1972

box 40, folder 1

Muskie, Edmund. Campaign material, speech transcript with correspondence from Edmund Muskie 1971-1972

box 40, folder 2

Newsletter 1980. 1979-1980





box 40, folder 3

General. Correspondence with Lee Mortimer and the New Hampshire State Attorney General's office (Gall, Joseph F.) 1953-1956


American Committee on U.S. Soviet Relations. Newsletter 1974

box 40, folder 4-5

Americans for Democratic Action (ADA). Newsletters, a typescript and a mimeographed report on the ADA, notes, photocopy of newspaper clipping, typescript study 1949-1961

box 40, folder 6

Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. Newsletter and pamphlet 1947-1966


Asia Foundation. Pamphlets and reprint 1954-1956


Atlantic Union Committee. Newsletter 1956


Center for Inter-American Relations. Newsletter 1972


Coalition on National Priorities and Military Policy. Newsletter 1972


Contemporary Affairs Society. Form letter n.d.


Council for a Livable World. Pamphlet 1973

box 40, folder 7

Fund for the Republic. Clipping, printed hearing transcript, newsletters, pamphlets, press release, radio broadcast transcript by Fulton Lewis, Jr., and a printed copy (pamphlet) of The American Right Wing 1955-1966

box 40, folder 8

Institute for American Democracy, Inc. Newsletter 1966


National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee. Newsletter 1973


Rainbow. Pamphlet n.d.


Washington Peace Center. Newsletter 1966



box 40, folder 9

General. Flyers, newsletter, pamphlets, speech transcript, and a printed copy of Liberty and Property, First National Directory of "Rightist" Groups, Publications and Some Individuals in the United States, 3rd ed. 1957-1974

box 40, folder 10

Alliance. Flyer n.d.


American Affiliates. Correspondence and speech transcript 1956


American Coalition of Patriotic Societies. Correspondence, speech transcript, report, reprints, resolutions, SEE ALSO: CORRESPONDENCE/Leetch, Madalen 1957-1961.


American Legion. Correspondence, resolutions, statements 1954-1962


American Public Relations Forum. Bulletin 1954


American Youth for a Just Peace. Form letter and report 1971

box 40, folder 11

Angeles Associates (McClernan; Frank). Correspondence and mimeographed reports; How 'Facts Flow' Will Sell Conservatism; and A Public Relations Approach to Unified Conservative Action; 1961


Army and Navy Union, U.S.A. Form letter and newsletter 1956


Campaign for the 48 States. Flyer 1954

box 40, folder 12

Citizens Councils. Correspondence, flyers, newsletters, notes, SEE ALSO: Communism/New Left/Black movements/Civil rights/Desegregation 1957-1959.


Congress of Freedom, Inc. Flyer 1960


Conservative Book Club. Promotional material c. 1968

box 40, folder 13

Daughters of the American Revolution. Reprint and correspondence with Sara R. Jones and others 1961-1964

box 40, folder 14

Defenders of State Sovereignty and Individual Liberties. Flyer, newsletter c. 1957


Edgewater Conference. Miscellany n.d.


Florida States Righter. Newsletter 1958


Foundation for Advanced Research Analysis. Newsletter c. 1957


Freedom Leadership Foundation. Form letter and newsletter 1972


Freedom School. Flyers 1959


Independent American. Series of flyers 1959

box 40, folder 15

Institute for American Strategy. Copies of newspaper articles, form letters 1972-1974


Intercollegiate Society of Individualists. Flyers, newsletter 1960


John Birch Society. Transcript of speech by Robert Welch, SEE ALSO: CORRESPONDENCE/Welch, Robert 1960.


Liberty and Property, Inc. Miscellany, newsletters, progress reports 1957-1958

box 40, folder 16-17

Liberty Lobby. Correspondence, flyers, memoranda, newsletters, pamphlets, reports, testimony transcript 1958-1968

box 41, folder 1

Media Foundation. Flyer n.d.


Moral Rearmament Assembly. Newsletter, statement 1959


National Economic Council, Inc. Form letter, newsletter 1970-1971


National Education Program. Newsletter, speech transcript 1956-1957


Non-Partisan League for Decency in Political Candidates. Correspondence 1957


Oriel Society. Form letter and program 1958

box 41, folder 2

Public Action, Inc. Flyer n.d.


Right. Form letter, newsletters 1957-1958


Student Committee for Congressional Autonomy. Correspondence 1961


Texans for America. Newsletter 1958


Threefold. Statement 1957-1958


United States Day Committee, Inc. Pamphlet n.d.


Virginia League. Newsletter 1956


Virginians for Conservative Government. Correspondence 1961


Voters U.S.A. Newsletter 1956


Women Investors Research Institute, Inc. Memorandum 1958


Young Americans for Freedom. Flyer c. 1973


Political parties

box 41, folder 3

General. Clipping, form letter, newsletter, press release, statements, and a printed copy of the Committee to Explore Political Realignment, Final Summary of Survey 1951-1967

box 41, folder 4

Democratic Party. Pamphlet c. 1958


Republican Party



box 41, folder 5

General. Copy of a newspaper editorial; notes; printed copies of Statement of Republican Principles and Objectivesand Herbert Hoover; The Constructive Character of the Republican Party 1950-1954

box 41, folder 6

Correspondence with Karl E. Mundt, the Republican National Committee, George Sokolsky, and others 1951-1974

box 41, folder 7

Clubs. Notes, pamphlets, speech transcripts c. 1948-1954

box 41, folder 8

Conventions. Campaign material, flyers, miscellany, newsletter, notes, pamphlets 1952-1976

box 41, folder 9

Publications. Newsletters and pamphlet 1951-1957

box 41, folder 10

Politicians. Biographical sketches, clippings, newsletters, reprints 1951-1976

box 41, folder 11-12

Venezuela. Clippings, serial issue (Carib)printed copies of the National Anti-Communist Movement of Free Venezuela, Proof of the Communist Domination of Venezuelaand Venezuela: A Powerful Communist Bulwark in Americaand printed copy of the Dominican Press Society, Venezuela's "Democracy" Under Betancourt 1958-1963



box 41, folder 13



General. Includes map, newsletter, notes, and printed copy of Vietnam Council on Foreign Relations, Introducing Vietnam 1964-c. 1967


Correspondence with Dumitru Danielopol; Hilaire duBerrier; James D. Hittle (includes typescript study entitled The Changing Scene; Nguyen ton Hoan; William Loeb; Salipada K. Pendatun; Cecilia Steward (includes correspondence between Hilaire duBerrier and Leo Cherne; and others 1965) 1957) 1955-c. 1970

box 41, folder 14

Diem government


General. Memoranda relating to the coup, newsletters 1957-c. 1963


Dai Viet Nationalist Party (Nguyen ton Hoan, Secretary-General)


General. Declaration 1957


Mimeographed bulletins; The Cause of Vietnam c. 1958-1960


Religious problems. Letter, notes, and typescript reports of visit by U.N. Investigative Committee 1957-1964



box 41, folder 15-16

Non-printed material. Newsletters (issued by Strom Thurmond) outline, press releases, and statements by John F. Kennedy, Robert S. McNamara, Dean Rusk, and Lewis Walt c. 1959-1972.

box 41, folder 17-18

Printed material. Newsletters, pamphlets, and printed copy of Nguyen Van Tuoi, South Vietnam and the National Liberation Front: An Assessment 1954-1977

box 41, folder 19



General 1952-1971


General. Newsletters, notes, pamphlet 1952-1971


Non-printed material. Mimeographed reports; Yugoslav Facts and Views 1958


Kardelj; Edvard; On the Program of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia; (#51) 1958 May 9


Tito; Joseph Broz; The Tasks of the League of Communists in World Affairs and in the Development of Socialism in Yugoslavia; Part II (#52) 1958 May 19.


Tito; Joseph Broz; Yugoslavia Wants Good Relations Both with East and West; Excerpts from a speech by J.B. Tito (#67) 1958 Oct. 22.


Correspondence with the American Legion, John Foster Dulles, and Walter F. George 1946-1956



Scope and Contents

18 prints, 2 negatives, 68 postcards/ 2 envelopes
envelope A

68 postcards, primarily Europe and Middle East, undated

envelope mB

2 prints of Constantine Brown; 2 prints of Elizabeth Brown; 6 prints of the Korean War (one mounted); 1 print each of Generals Wallace M. Green, Payl L. Freeman, Jr. and Arthur G. Trudeau (mounted); 1 print of Adnan Menderes, circa 1958; 1 print anti Khrushchev display, 1959; 1 print of the Advisory Panel for "One Year Later" report prepared by the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, 1968; 2 prints and 2 negatives of Mr. and Mrs. Brown on their travels (South Korea, circa 1957?)



Scope and Contents

Formerly security-classified government records. Arranged chronologically by date of release by Hoover.
box 41, folder 20

2011 June release of records 1958 undated

Scope and Contents note

Report on the situation in Iran, undated; partial letter concerning proposed bill establishing a military intelligence service, undated; and partial letter to president of Korea regarding FY 1959 aid, 5 February 1958