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Guide to the Institute of Library Research, University of California Records, 1963-1973
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box 1.

Lubetsky Docs. file copies


Mailing lists


ILR Publications information


For ILR North also Doc. lists and costs




ILR Administration- General


ILR Administration- General, 1962-63, 1964, 1966, 1967-68, 1969


ILR Administration- Budget, 1965-70, 1966-67, 1967-68, 1968-69, 1969-70, 1970-71


ILR Berkeley


ILR Berkeley, Proposals and reports

box 2.

ILR Annual Report, 1966, 1968, 1970-71






ILR State Technical Services Act Exten. 5/66-12/66


ILR State Technical Services Act Exten. 1965- 4/66


STSA-Ext. One day symposium


ILR- State Technical Services Act- Center 4/67-12/67


ILR- State Technical Services Act- Center 1/67-3/67


ILR- State Technical Services Act- Center 1966


ILR- State Technical Services Act- Center 1/66-3/66


ILR Goals for the Libraries of the University of California 3/67-6/67


ILR Goals for the Libraries of the University of California 7/67-12/67


ILR Goals for the Libraries of the University of California 1966-80


ILR-CLR Stanford


ILR Council on Library Resources 1/65-12/65


ILR Council on Library Resources 1964


ILR Council on Library Resources 1/66-12/66


ILR Council on Library Resources 1/67


ILR Council on Library Resources 1969

box 3.

ILR- Hayes- Library Council


Library Council


Task Force- Local campus projects


Task Force- Budget and administration


USPHS-NLM Evans and Borko


NLM Training Grant MSIS


North Campus Users Committee




ILR- California State Library 5/66-10/66


ILR- California State Library 1965


ILR- California State Library 1/66-4/66


ILR- California State Library 11/66-


Campus Computing Network

box 4.

ILR Proposals 1967


NLM Proposal for MSIS


STSA- Center 4/1/66-9/30/66 $13, 078.10


Library Council


Task Force- Statewide Projects

Physical Description: (2 folders)



The Final Report O.E. Bureau of Research No. BR-ITD-L&IS A Study of the Need for Research in Library and Information Science Education

box 5.

OE Borko

Scope and Content Note

Document, Reports and Publications

1. Proposal for an Information Center in Neurology (UCLA)


2. Topics for Library Education Research


3. Technical Information Sources


4. Proposed University Plan for the Mechanization of Clerical Processes


5. Proposal for a University-Supported Operations Task Force


6. No title page. Contents: Why a documents control system? What's the plan all about? How the system works.


7. List of documents distributed at Information Sources on Instrumentation Conference


8. Draft. Support for the Scientific and Technical Information Program of the Department of Defense: Professional, Educational, Research (1963?)


9. Supplement to the Educational Program of the Extension Division under the State Technical Services Act, UCLA (1966)


10. Report to the California State Library: Preliminary Evaluation of the Feasibility of Mechanization (1966)


11. ILR Operations Task Force. Report of Activities and Plan for Future Operations (1966)


12. A Proposal to the Council on Library Resources for a Research Grant to Conduct and Experiment in Library Application of Xerox LDX Facsimile Transmission Equipment. Phase 1: Planning and Analysis (1966)


13. Supplement to the Educational Program of the Extension Division under the State Technical Services Act, UCLA (1966)


14. To: Library Council From: Kelley L. Cartwright Subject: Report of the Task Force meeting, Nov. 18, 1966


15. No title page. Background, The Computer-Based Laboratory, The Use of the Laboratory in the Library School Curriculum, Budget


16. UCLA Library Center for Information Services System, A Report to the University of California Institute for Library Research (1967)


17. A Proposal for Development of the Principles of Cataloging (1967)


18. A Proposal for Study of the Structure of Written Paragraphs in the Transfer of Information (1967)


19. A Proposal for Application of Stimulation to the Usage of Library Networks (1967)


20. A Proposed System for Intercampus Circulation (1966)


21. A Proposal for a “Delphi Study” to Develop a Scheduled Plan for Automation in Libraries (1967)


22. List of Information Centers Concerned with Materials Technology (1967)


23. Mechanized Information Services in the University Library. Final Report. In 12 parts (Part 3 missing.) (1967)


24. California. University. Los Angeles. School of Library Service. The Growth of Library Automation, Papers for LS 406 v.1 (1967)


25. ILR California State Library Processing Center Project Quarterly Progress Report no. 4 (1968)


26. UCLA. The University Library. A Proposal for the Development of a Testing Facility to Determine the Feasibility of Implementing Extramurally Developed Automated Library Systems in a Large University Library. Phase I: Capability Development. (1968)


27. Mechanized Information Services in California Public Libraries (1968)


28. Experience with Library of Congress MARC tapes. (1968)


29. Education of Medical Library Systems Analysts (1968)


30. Quarterly Progress Report: A Study of the Organization and Search of Bibliographic Holdings Records in On-line Computer Systems (1968)


31. ILR Bi-annual Report, July 1966-June 1968


32. Education in Information Science (1969)


33. ILR Annual Report July 1968-June 1969


34. I N T X Interactive Assembler Language Interpreter Under URSA. Preliminary Programming Manual (1969)


35. Technical Paper no. 9 December 19, 1969 Economics of National Automation of Libraries.


37. Technical Progress Report on ERIC Contract OEC-4-6-002482-1580 January 1, 1969-March 31, 1969


38. The Library and Human Memory Stimulation Studies. (1969)


39. Mechanization in the Libraries of the University of California (1969)


40. A Proposed Document Control System for the University of California Library Systems Task Force (1969)


41. Abstract paper entitled: Instructional Visual and Aural Telephonic Communication (1969)


42. Education for Information Science (Documentation) (1970)


43. Library System Development Program. Program Review Committee of the University of California Library Council (1970)


44. A Research Plan on Methods of Library Environmental Design: Physical Facilities and Equipment Technical Proposal—Phase I (1970) Phase II (1971)


45. Final Report. A Study of the Needs for Research in Library and Information Science Education (1970)

box 6.

1. I.L.R. Operations Task Force Newsletter


2. U.C. - Library Systems Development (L.S.D.)

Physical Description: 2 folders

3. U.C. Library Council, Institute of Library Research


4. U.C. Library Council. Institute of Library Research. Reports and recommendations.


5. University Library Automation Program


6. U.C. Bibcenter


7. U.C. Library Systems Development Program


8. Instruction manual for editorial preparation of catalog source data Preliminary edition. I.L.R. Berkeley


9. A Study of the impact of networking on University Computing. May 1973


10. Complementary, Independence and substitution in university resource allocation and operation by F.E. Balderston


11. Summary program plan for the development of automated clerical systems in the libraries of the University of California. July 21, 1967


12. Appendix I. Document delivery test data


III. Library Computer alternatives


IV. Effectiveness benefits


V. Cost benefits


13. Appendix B. UCLSD Program history documents Technical advantages of a regional approach to library networking


14. Preliminary analysis, evaluation and recommendations on U.C. Libraries participation in an on-line bibliographic network. Appendix A Alternative on-line systems: comparison of features and network resources April 14, 1975


15. Library Systems development program


Appendix AA


Appendix D


Appendix E


Appendix F. Hardware simulation deta and results


Appendix G.


Appendix H


Appendix K


Appendix LOrder and standard loan cost data


Appendix O


Appendix P


Appendix Q


Appendix U


Appendix V


Appendix W


Appendix X Replaceable cost analysisAppendix Y


Working outline and draft status for the Final feasibility report March 6, 1971


Reports and publications

box 7.

1. Analysis of Errors in the U.C. Union Catalog Supplement by Charles P. Bourne et al. ILR, UC Berkeley, June 1976.


2. Catalog Supplement Projest. Phse III: File improvement and Publication. Request for working capital. by Ralph M. Shoffner. Oct. 7, 1970


3. Catalog Supplement Project. Report to the Library Council. by Ralph M Shoffner. Nov. 11, 1971


4. Catalog Supplement Projest. Report to the Library Council. by Ralph M. Shoffner, Jay L. Cunningham and Allan J. Humphrey. April 23, 1971.


5. Catalogs in book form: A research study of their implications for the California State Library and the California Union Catalog, with a design for their implimentation. by Kelley L. Cartwright and Ralph M. Shoffner. January, 1967.


6. Revised proposal for specifications of a mechanized “Center for Information Services” to be installed at Public Library reference Centers under the State Technical Services Act of 1965.


7. Center for Information Services. Annual report. July 1, 1974-June 30, 1975.


8. Computerized Information Services. Annual report. July 1, 1975-June 30, 1976


9. DISCUS Interactive system users' manual. Sept. 1971


10. Education in Information Science: The applied disciplines in a systems-oreinted curriculum. by K. Reilly. June 30, 1970.


11. The Educational and social impact of the University library-based center for information services. by Kevin D. Reilly and Peter G. Watson. A paper for the 7th Annual National Information REtrieval Colloquium, Sharaton Hotel, Philadephia, Penna. May 7-8, 1970.


12. Effectiveness criteria for medical libraries. by G. Edward Evans and Harold Borko. Final report. April 1970.


13. An information processing laboratory for education and research in library science. Phase II. Sept. 1971


14. ILR-UCLA. List of reports c1973.

box 8.

1. The organization and search of bibliographic records: component studies. Sept. 1971


2. Statistics on libraries of the state of California. by Nancy W. Brault. Part 3 of the final report on specification of a mechanized center for information services for a public library reference center. Jan. 31, 1968


3. Survey of selected installations actively searching the ERIC magnetic tape data base in batch mode. Vol. I. by Allan J. Humphrey. June 1973.


4. TMS: a terminal monitor system for information processing. Sept. 1971.