Guide to the Ernest T. Kretschmer Archive, 1927-

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Arts and Humanities--Music

Guide to the Ernest T. Kretschmer Archive, 1927-

Collection number: MS 93

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Ernest T. Kretschmer Archive,
Date (bulk): 1927-
Collection number: MS 93
Creator: Kretschmer, Ernest T.
Extent: 10 boxes

10.5 linear ft.
Repository: University of California, Santa Cruz. University Library, Special Collections & Archives
Santa Cruz, California 95064
Abstract: This collection includes programs, posters, and ephemera related to the Cabrillo Music Festival, Santa Cruz Symphony, Cultural Council of Santa Cruz, the Crown College Concerts at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Watsonville Concert Association, Barati Ensemble, and Santa Cruz County Arts Commission, as well as material dealing with the proposed Wingspread performing arts complex. Also includes personal correspondence from composers, conductors, and soloists; music organization documents; and personal items related to Mr. Kretschmer's school, college, and military years.
Physical location: Collection stored offsite at NRLF: Advance notice is required for access to the papers.
Language: English.

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Ernest T. Kretschmer Archive, 1927- , MS 93, Special Collections & Archives, University Library, University of California, Santa Cruz.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Ernest T. Kretschmer.


Ernest T. "Bud" Kretschmer is a philanthropist and civic leader particularly prominent in the support of classical music organizations in Santa Cruz County, California. He was born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan, and studied the piano throughout his youth and during his first two years of college. After receiving an associate of fine arts degree in 1935 from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Mr. Kretschmer continued his education at Michigan State University in East Lansing, where he earned an A.B. degree in business in 1938.
After his graduation, he operated a wholesale frozen-food business until 1941, when he enlisted in the U.S. Army. That same year he met his wife-to-be Jean while attending an Army Medical Technician's course. For the next four years he served with hospital units in Iceland and in the New Hebrides. He and Jean were married in Salinas, California in 1942, in between his overseas assignments. Having advanced to the rank of captain by 1945, Mr. Kretschmer then left the Army to join his brother in the family's wheat germ business back in Michigan.
Two years later, at the Army's request, Mr. Kretschmer rejoined and, after the U.S. Air Force was established as a separate branch of the military, he requested to be transferred there in 1949. While in the Air Force, he attended the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University, earning an M.S. degree in 1951, and served with the Armed Services Medical Procurement Agency in Brooklyn, the Surgeon General's Office in Washington, D.C., and the Alaskan Air Command in Anchorage. In 1959, he was assigned to administer the Beale Air Force Hospital in Marysville, California, a post he held until his retirement at the rank of lieutenant colonel in 1962.
Immediately following retirement from the military, Mr. Kretschmer moved to Santa Cruz, and for the next two decades operated nursing homes in central and southern California. He also became actively involved in the cultural, and particularly the musical affairs of the community. A list of the arts organizations he has been affiliated with in executive capacities or as a board of directors member would include: the Cabrillo Music Festival, the Santa Cruz County Symphony, the Watsonville/Pajaro Valley Concert Association, the Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County, the Santa Cruz County Arts Commission, UCSC's Crown Chamber Players, and the Barati Ensemble.
Mr. Kretschmer has a particular love of music for the piano, and is known for having established permanent music scholarships, subsidizing many concert presentations and performances, facilitating the appearances of many pianists, and working unceasingly to enrich the musical lives of both the Santa Cruz and Grand Rapids, Michigan, area communities.

Scope and Content

The collection includes personal items related to Mr. Kretschmer's school, college and military years. Also included are materials related to Mr. Kretschmer's interest in music and its performance, especially for the piano, musicians, and composers, both locally and in his home state of Michigan. Highlights include material related to his involvement with the Cabrillo Music Festival, the Santa Cruz Symphony, UCSC's Crown College Chamber Players, the Henry J. Mello Center in Watsonville, the Barati Ensemble, and the Santa Cruz County Arts Commission.

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Kretschmer, Ernest T. ,1914-
Barati, George, 1913-
Musical Groups--California--Santa Cruz County.

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Harrison, Lou, 1917-
Masselos, William
Lorenz, Philip
Wingspread Beach

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Ernest T. Kretschmer: Reflections on Santa Cruz Musical Life, v.1
Date: 1962-1992.
by the Regional History Project, University Library, University of California at Santa Cruz, 2001. 
Ernest T. Kretschmer: Reflections on Santa Cruz Musical Life, v.2
Date: 1993-1999.
by the Regional History Project, University Library, University of California at Santa Cruz, 2001. 


Series 1.  Biographical, 1914-2001

Physical Description: Boxes 1:1-2:9

Scope and Content Note

This series contains biographical material concerning Mr. Kretschmer and his family. Additional biographical material can be found in Realia and the Oversize series.


The material is arranged chronologically.
Box-folder 1:1

Kretschmer & family

Box-folder 1:2

Oral History, 1992-93

Box-folder 1:3-5

Honors, 1984-2002

Box-folder 1:3

Miscellaneous awards, 1984-2002

Box-folder 1:4

UCSC & Community celebration honoring Kretschmer, 1992

Box-folder 1:5

UCSC Kretschmer Plaza, Music Center dedication, 1997

Box-folder 1:6-8

Programs & playbills collected by Kretschmer, 1939-1984

Box-folder 1:6

Miscellaneous collection, 1939-1984

Box-folder 1:7

Souvenir Programs, 1936-1940

Box-folder 1:8

Scrapbook pages with programs, 1927-1935

Box-folder 1:9

OPUS III, 1973

Box-folder 1:10

OPUS V, 1974

Box-folder 2:1-2

New York, 1979-80

Box-folder 2:1

Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall Programs, 1978-1980

Box-folder 2:2

NYC Ballet, Playbill Programs, 1979-1980

Box-folder 2:3-4

Santa Fe, 1981

Box-folder 2:3

Chamber Music Festival, 9th season, 1981

Box-folder 2:4

Opera, 25th Anniversary season, 1981

Box-folder 2:5-6

Music Festival at Sea, 1981-83

Box-folder 2:5

[22nd?] Festival programs, 1981-82

Box-folder 2:6

23rd Festival programs, 1982-83

Box-folder 2:7-8


Box-folder 2:7

Aspen Music Festival & misc. programs, 1981-84

Box-folder 2:8

Misc. Programs, 1981-84

Box-folder 2:9

San Luis Obispo Mozart Festival programs, 1984


Series 2.   Correspondence, 1941, 1951-1998

Physical Description: Box 2:10-11

Scope and Content Note

This series contains correspondence mainly by Mr. Kretschmer and his family, military, business, and sponsorship associates.


The material is arranged chronologically.
Box-folder 2:10

General Correspondence, 1941, 1951-1998

Box-folder 2:11

80th Birthday correspondence, 1994


Series 3.   Activities, 1935-2001

Physical Description: Boxes 3:1-4:3

Scope and Content Note

This series contains information about Mr. Kretschmer activities in the health care industry, the music industry and his participation with musicians, composers and soloists, and the proposed Wingspread Performing Arts Project.


The material is arranged by subject.
Box-folder 3:1-2

Health Care

Box-folder 3:1

Citizens for Better Nursing Home Care/ Advocate [Successor]

Box-folder 3:2

California Association of Health Facilities

Box-folder 3:3-16

Music & Performing Arts

Box-folder 3:3

Pajaro Valley Concert Assoc., n.d.

Box-folder 3:4

Santa Cruz County Symphony, 1973-1991

Box-folder 3:5

Santa Cruz Holy Cross Pipe Organ committee, 1985-87

Box-folder 3:6

Cabrillo Music Festival, 1967, 1982

Box-folder 3:7-13

UCSC Crown Chamber Players "Circle of Friends" support group

Box-folder 3:7

UC Policies for support groups, 1987-88

Box-folder 3:8

"Circle of Friends" Support group by-laws, etc., 1986

Box-folder 3:9

"Circle of Friends" Support group correspondence, 1986-89

Box-folder 3:10-13

"Circle of Friends" Support group budgets

Box-folder 3:10


Box-folder 3:11


Box-folder 3:12


Box-folder 3:13


Box-folder 3:14

Barati Ensemble, 1989-90

Box-folder 3:15

Cabrillo College "Distinguished Artist" concert & lecture series & "Kretschmer Keyboard Series", 1988-95

Box-folder 3:16

UC Foundation, Music Center, 1995-97

Box-folder 3:17

George Barati, 1981-84

Box-folder 3:18

Lou Harrison, 1987-92

Box-folder 3:19

Philip Lorenz & Sally Christian, 1981-82

Box-folder 3:20

Enrique Marquez, 1991

Box-folder 4:1

Robert Freeman, 1982-83

Box-folder 4:2

Barbara Nissman, 1992-98

Box-folder 4:3

Charles Holland, 1981-82

Box-folder 4:4-8

Wingspread (Performing Arts) Project

Box-folder 4:4

Correspondence, 1983

Box-folder 4:5

"The Friends of Porter Sesnon" opposition, 1985

Box-folder 4:6

Press releases, 1983-86

Box-folder 4:7

"Pros & Cons" - Speeches & Testimony, 1984-86

Box-folder 4:8

Clippings, n.d., 1973-1986

Box-folder 4:9-13

Wingspread Beach Foundation

Box-folder 4:9

Info & research

Box-folder 4:10

Minutes, agendas, notes, 1983-85

Box-folder 4:11

Hare, Brewer & Kelley Inc., 1983-84

Box-folder 4:12

Crosby, Thornton, Marshall Assoc., 1983

Box-folder 4:13

Environmental impact reports, 1982-83

Box-folder 4:14-16

Wingspread Arts Foundation

Box-folder 4:14

By-Laws, agreements (drafts),[1983]

Box-folder 4:15

Minutes, notes, corres., n.d. 1983-84

Box-folder 4:16

Minutes, notes, corres., 1985-86


Series 4.   Philanthropy, 1964-2001

Physical Description: Box 5:1-11

Scope and Content Note

This series contains materials pertaining to Mr. Kretschmer's support of the performing arts, composers, and musicians through the establishment of scholarships, the funding of concert series, donation of instruments, etc.


The material is arranged geographically.
Box-folder 5:1-11

Aquinas College

Box-folder 5:1

Information about Aquinas College

Box-folder 5:2

Board of Trustees, 1981-84

Box-folder 5:3

Catholic Junior College Reunion, 1983

Box-folder 5:4

Festival/Reunion, 1981-82

Box-folder 5:5

Alumni Meeting in San Francisco, 1983

Box-folder 5:6

Percussion Group, 1985-91

Box-folder 5:7

Art & Music Center, 1983-85

Box-folder 5:8

Scholarships, 1982-92

Box-folder 5:9

Kretschmer Recital Hall, 1984

Box-folder 5:10

Knabe Piano Donation, 1977-81

Box-folder 5:11

Concert Series, 1981-82

Box-folder 6:1-6

Santa Cruz Area

Box-folder 6:1-3


Box-folder 6:1

Music Campaign

Box-folder 6:2

Scholarships, 1992-98

Box-folder 6:3

Steinway Piano donation, 1998

Box-folder 6:4-5

Cabrillo College

Box-folder 6:4

Scholarships, 1989-91

Box-folder 6:5

Steinway and Knabe Piano donations

Box-folder 6:6

Henry J. Mello Center Steinway Piano Donation


Series 5.  Realia, 1973-2001

Physical Description: Box 7

Scope and Content Note

This series contains the realia.


The material is arranged by size.
Box-folder 7

2 Gavels

Box-folder 7

Engraved notepad holder, Barati Piano Concert, 1973

Box-folder 7

4 T-shirts, Cabillo Music Festival

Box-folder 7


Box-folder 7

Cabrillo Colege Computer Technology Center

Box-folder 7

Saginaw Catholic Schools Hall of Fame, 1991

Box-folder 7

Cabrillo Music Festival Life Membership

Box-folder 7

American College of Nursing Homes Administrators, 1/1/64

Box-folder 7

1 video tape recorded at Cabrillo College Theater - Barbara Nissman benefit piano concert to establish Kretschmer Endowment Scholarship Fund, 9/19/92


Series 6.  Oversize, 1935-2001

Physical Description: Boxes 8-9

Scope and Content Note

This series contains the oversize material including scrapbook pages, playbills, autographed posters and newspaper articles.


The material is arranged by size.
Box-folder 8:1

"B.U.D." score by George Barati

Box-folder 8:2

Scrapbook pages of programs, 1936-37

Box-folder 8:3

Scrapbook pages "Chicago", 1935-36

Box-folder 9:1

Clippings about La Manzana Complex in Watsonville, and miscellaneous subjects

Box-folder 9:2

Playbills, 1935

Box-folder 9:2

San Carlo Opera Co.

Box-folder 9:2

Chicago City Opera Co.

Box-folder 9:2

Ballet Russe

Box-folder 9:3


Box-folder 9:3

Member Laureate of Santa Cruz County Symphony Assoc., 1983

Box-folder 9:3

Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, "Bud Kretschmer Day", July 31, 1992

Box-folder 9:4

Aquinas College: A Weekend of Music & Celebration poster, 1981

Box-folder 9:5

Catholic Junior College 50th Anniversary Celebration Concert Thank You, 1981

Box-folder 9:6

Cabrillo Music Festival - autographed posters, 1978, 1986, 1988, 1990-1995, 1998, n.d.

Box-folder 9:7


Box-folder 9:7

80th Birthday Card

Box-folder 9:7

Sketch "Living Room" by Peter Chablis, 1985

Box-folder 9:8

Catholic Junior College 50th Anniversary Celebration Concert scrapbook

Box-folder 9:8

Scrapbook covers

Box-folder 9:8

Remounted scrapbook pages


Series 7.  Photographs, 1935-2001

Physical Description: Box 10

Scope and Content Note

This series contains photographs.


The material is arranged by size.
Box-folder 10:1

4" x 6" photos

Box-folder 10:2

5" x 7" photos

Box-folder 10:3

8" x 10" photos