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Inventory of the Earl Morse Wilbur Papers, 1851 - 1960
GTU 89-5-01  
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Container List

Box Box 1

Correspondence: 1882-98, 14 ff; EMW to parents and brother Ralph (see further corresp. with Ralph Wilbur, Box 12)

Box Box 2

Correspondence: 1896-1913, 22 ff; EMW to Dorothea Dix Eliot. Also included are corresp. from members of her family

Box Box 3

con't.: 1914-46, 22 ff; 3 ff n.d.

Box Box 4

Correspondence: 1892-1920, 32 ff; Dorothea to EMW

Box Box 5

con't.: 1921-31, 9 ff

Box Box 6

con't.: 1932-40, 5 ff

Box Box 7

Correspondence: 1871-1900, 8 ff; EMW and Dorthea to and from Dorthea's family, and some to EMW's family

Box Box 8

con't.: 1901-27, 9 ff; also some corresp. to and from the Wilbur children, Elizabeth and Eliot.

Box Box 9

con't: 1928-55, 8 ff



Box Box 10, Folder ff 1

1922, 24, 30-31; to son Eliot (see also Box 9)

Folder ff 2-10

1916-17, 21-29, 31-33; to daughter Elizabeth (see also Box 9)

Box Box 11, Folder ff 1-9

1933-53; to daughter Elizabeth

Folder ff 10-11

1935-43; from daughter Elizabeth to EMW and Dorothea

Folder ff 12

1958; incoming to Elizabeth after the death of Dorothea


Correspondence: incoming from Wilbur and Eliot families.

Box Box 12, Folder ff 1-12

1886-47; from Ralph Wilbur, EMW's brother

Folder ff 12-15

1891-1901; from Alice (Mrs. Ralph) Wilbur, nee Alice D. Heustis

Box Box 13

con't.: 1902-50, 14 ff; from Alice Wilbur

Box Box 14, Folder ff 1-2

1951-52; from Alice Wilbur

Folder ff 3

1892-1927; from Ellen (Mrs. Fred A. Weil) Eliot, Dorothea's sister, and Rev. Fred A. Weil

Folder ff 4

1892-1933; from Grace Eliot, Dorothea's sister

Folder ff 5-9

1893-1955; from Henrietta M. Eliot, Dorothea's sister

Folder ff 10-12

1851-1934; from Henrietta R. Eliot, Dorothea's mother (Mrs. Thomas Lamb Eliot)

Folder ff 13

1893-1952; from Samuel Ely Eliot

Folder ff 14

1951-54; from Mrs. Samuel A. Eliot (Frances H. Eliot)



Box Box 15, Folder ff 1-9

1881-1935; to Dr. Thomas Lamb Eliot (Dorothea's father) from EMW and Dorothea. Some corresp. to Ellen Eliot (see also Box 14). Also incoming correp. to Dr. Eliot from other than family members.

Folder ff 10-18

1871-1936; from Dr. Eliot to EMW (for further information on Thomas Lamb Eliot, see Box 20, ff 18)

Box Box 16, Folder ff 1

1918-19, 29, 51; to Tom Eliot (Dorothea's brother) from EMW and Dorothea

Folder ff 2

1899-1935; from Tom Eliot

Folder ff 3-9

1883-1955; to Mr. and Mrs. (nee Minna Lessinghaus) William G. Eliot, Jr. (Dorothea's brother) from EMW and Dorothea

Folder ff 10-14

1890-1933; from William Eliot to EMW

Folder ff 15

1897-1932; from Elizabeth Robins to "Cousin Etta" (Henrietta (Mrs. Thomas Lamb) Eliot)


Correspondence (Incoming):

Additional Note

This is divided into alphabetical and chronological order. That in alphabetical order consists of corresp. over several years from identifiable persons. That in chronological order consists of corresp. from persons from which there is but a single letter.


Box Box 17 , Folder ff 1

1930-31, 33-53; Roland Bainton

Folder ff 2

1948-55; Theta Helen Baker

Folder ff 3

1917, 40; Hurley Begun

Folder ff 4

1925, 34, 38; Bishop Boroz

Folder ff 5

1906, 11; Clayton Bowen

Folder ff 6

1911,29; Richard Boynton

Folder ff 7

1932-33; Lillian Burt

Folder ff 8

1919-20,26; Daniel Cady

Folder ff 9

1936-38; Karel Capek

Folder ff 10

1912-40; Louis Cornish

Folder ff 11

1888,90, 1908; Mr. & Mrs. Charles Drew

Folder ff 12

1923, 33-34; William Drummond

Folder ff 13

1934; L.H. Duschak

Folder ff 14

1894-1939; Christopher Eliot

Folder ff 15

1945-53; Frederick May Eliot

Folder ff 16

1886-1926; W.W. Fenn

Folder ff 17

1924-40; Henry Wilder Foote

Folder ff 18

1891-1919; Mary Hayden Gates

Folder ff 19

1925-29; Alec Gordon

Folder ff 20

1925-38; F. HanRusen

Folder ff 21

1940-55; Karel Haspl.

Folder ff 22

1918-29; Chauncey Hayden

Folder ff 23

1936-39, 44-54; Mary Esther Hayden

Folder ff 24

1950-54; Stanislaus Kot

Folder ff 25

1947-54; John Lathrop

Folder ff 26

1914-22; William Lawrence

Folder ff 27

1925-39, 54-56; H. McLachlan

Folder ff 28

1906-60; copies of letters to John McLachlan (from EMW and Elizabeth Wilbur Nelson)

Folder ff 29

1947-53; Arthur Frost Newell

Folder ff 30

1941-54; Mrs. George Rapall Noyes

Folder ff 31

1946-53; Geoffrey Nuttall

Folder ff 32

1912-36; Francis Peabody

Folder ff 33

1935-37; J. Arthur Pearson

Folder ff 34

1942-50; John Carroll Perkins

Folder ff 35

1944-53; Wendell and Ruth Reed

Folder ff 36

1950-54; Abbie Pease Stewart

Folder ff 37

1944-52; B. Grant Taylor

Folder ff 38

1889-93; J.H. Thayer

Folder ff 39

1919-33; A.W. Vernon

Folder ff 40

1886-1923; Charles W. Wendte

Folder ff 41

1948-55; George Huntson Williams

Folder ff 42

1942-47; J.G. Woodworth



Folder ff 43-64


Folder ff 65

1942; congratulations corresp. on the 50th anniversary of EMW ordination

Box Box 18 , Folder ff 1-7


Folder ff 8

1956; condolence letters to Dorothea after EMW's death

Folder ff 9


Folder ff 10

newspaper clippings (enclosures removed from letters)

Folder ff 11

1 letter (G. Martin Allen to Dorothea re: publication of "Extracts from a Long Ministry:, 9/13/57)


Subject Files:

Box Box 19, Folder ff 1

American Unitarian Association

Folder ff 2

American Unitarian Association Annual Award, May 1953

Folder ff 3

America's Hall of Fame, 1920

Folder ff 4

Annals of Science; History of Medicine, 1938-39

Folder ff 5

Beacon Academy, 1886-87

Folder ff 6

Berkeley City Taxes, 1921-49

Folder ff 7

Berkeley Club, 1890-1939

Folder ff 8

Certificates (various)

Folder ff 9

Commission on Recruiting the Ministry, 1914-16

Folder ff 10

Committee on the Ordination of Ministers, 1913

Folder ff 11

Cutting, Sarah, 1912

Folder ff 12

"Earl Morse Wilbur: Scholar and Traveler" by H. McLachlan, 1956

Folder ff 13

El Dorado County Taxes, 1926-49

Folder ff 14

European Maps and Information

Folder ff 15

Family Photographs

Folder ff 16

Golden Wedding Anniversary, 1948

Folder ff 17

Guggenheim Fellowship, 1925-45

Folder ff 18

Harvard Divinity School

Folder ff 19

Items from Individual Churches

Box Box 20, Folder ff 1

Thomas Starr King, 1861, 64

Folder ff 2

Legal Papers of Dorothea Wilbur, 1871, 1908

Folder ff 3

Federick Libby, 1954

Folder ff 4

Memorials to EMW, 1956-57

Folder ff 5

Mountaineering. 1892-96, 1900, 32

Folder ff 6

Newspapers clipping about EMW

Folder ff 7

Newspaper clippings, various

Folder ff 8

"Off Study Desk" (this was in an envelope: someone had taken the materials off EMW's desk after his death)

Folder ff 9

150th Anniversary of Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1953

Folder ff 10

Pacific Coast Conference of Unitarian Churches

Folder ff 11

Pacific Unitarian/Starr King School for the Ministry

Folder ff 12

Pacific Unitarian/Starr King School for the Ministry Library

Folder ff 13

Passport and Letters of Introduction, c. 1933

Folder ff 14

Personal Outfit (clothing lists), c. 1923

Folder ff 15

Phrenological Chart for EMW, 1875

Folder ff 16

Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Newspaper clippings, 1953

Folder ff 17

Receipts, 1887-1911

Folder ff 18

Reed College (Thomas Lamb Eliot), 1936-37, 41

Folder ff 19

Recollections of Eliot, c. 1932

Box Box 21, Folder ff 1

Reminiscences, c. 1934

Folder ff 2

Sermons (3), Unknown Author, 1848-49

Folder ff 3

The Case of Arthur Smith, 1914-15

Folder ff 4

The Stone System of Scientific Physical Culture, 1903

Folder ff 5

Strawberry Canyon as the UCB Stadium Site, c. 1922

Folder ff 6

The Times Competition, 1897, 1903

Folder ff 7

Toward the End of My Father's Life, c. 1917

Folder ff 8

University of Vermont: Class report, 1911

Folder ff 9

University of Vermont: Examination Papers, 1884

Folder ff 10

University of Vermont: Attendance and Scholarship Reports, 1882-86

Folder ff 11

University of Vermont: Class Essays, 1882-86

Folder ff 12

University of Vermont: Orations, 1882-86

Folder ff 13

University of Vermont: Theses, 1885-86

Folder ff 14

University of Vermont: Class Notes, 1886

Folder ff 15

Unknown Letter on Parchment, n.d.

Folder ff 16

Washington University, Honoring T.S. Eliot, 1953



Box Box 22, Folder ff 1-7

A History of Unitarianism: Socinianism and its Antecedents 1944: Original mss. of what EMW commonly refers to as "Unitarian History, Vol. 1"

Folder ff 8-25

"Materials for Unitarian History Vol. 1 from European Libraries, 1924-34": These materials were separately wrapped in paper packets tied with string by EMW; each packet numbered (Vol. I - XVI) and titled.


Vol. I Pioneers Before and After Servetus


Vol. II Servetus, A - O


Vol. III Servetus, P - Z


Vol. IV Socinianism, A - B


Vol. V Socinianism, C - F


Vol. VI Socinianism, G - J

Box Box 23, Folder ff 1-21

Vol. VII Socinianism, K - Lubb


Vol. VIII Socinianism, Lubi - M


Vol. IX Socinianism, N - Red


Vol. X Socinianism, Ref - Ru


Vol. XI Socinianism, Sa - So


Vol. XII Socinianism, Soc - Sz


Vol. XIII Socinianism, T - Wisn


Vol. XIV Socinianism, Wiss - Z


Vol. XV Index of Subjects


Vol. XVI Photos, Memoranda, and Lists

Box Box 24, Folder ff 1-2

Unitarian History, carbon copy 1

Folder ff 3

Unitarian History, carbon copy 2

Folder ff 4

Unitarian History, Notes

Folder ff 5

Unitarian History, Reviews

Folder ff 6-11

Unitarian History, Partial Draft

Folder ff 12

The Life of Thomas Lamb Eliot, c. 1936

Folder ff 13-15

Bibliography of Sociniansim

Folder ff 16

Bibliography of Socinian-Unitarian Movement in Modern Christianity

Folder ff 17


Folder ff 18

A History of the Socinian-Unitarian Movement, A Brief Sketch of a Proposed Work

Folder ff 19

How the History Came to be Written

Box Box 25, Folder ff 1-6

A History of Unitarianism: In Transylvania, England, and America, 1952; Original Mss. of what EMW commonly refers to as "Unitarian History, Vol. 2".

Folder ff 7-23

Notes on Unitarian History: These materials were separately wrapped in paper packets, tied with string, and titled by EMW.


Transylvania I: Akta - Fretwell


Transylvania II: Gannett - Jokai


Transylvania III: Kanyare - Rosenmuller


Transylvania IV: Salig - Yolland


Notes on England: A - E


Notes on England: F - R


Notes on England: S - Z


England: Salter's Hall


England: Trinitarian Controversy


England: Wales, Dissenters Chaples


Notes on America

Folder ff 24

Correspondence, 1952-53

Box Box 26, Folder ff 1

1940-42; Correspondence Re: Publications

Folder ff 2

What is the Essence of Christianity

Folder ff 3

The Unitarian Church in California, 1950

Folder ff 4-5

A Critical Harmony of the Synoptic Gospels

Folder ff 6-7

Stanislas Kot. The Political and Social Ideals of the Polish Brethren, Called Socinians. Trans. from the Polish

Folder ff 8

The Five Ages of the Spiritual Man, 1935

Folder ff 9

The Unitarians

Folder ff 10

Notes and Abstracts of Reading on the History of Unitarianism (a bibliography)

Box Box 27, Folder ff 1-5

Copies of Published Writings

Folder ff 6

Principles and Methods of Sermon Construction

Box Box 28, Folder ff 1

Notes on New Testament Canon

Folder ff 2

Scheme for a Greek Primer

Folder ff 3

Harmony of the Gospels, Unrevised Draft

Folder ff 4-6

Stanislas Lubieniecki. A History of the Polish Reformation. Trans.

Folder ff 7

The Development of Theism

Box Box 29, Folder ff 1

Michael Servetus. On the Errors of the Trinity (seven books); Dialogues on the Trinity (two books); and On the Righteousness of Christ's Kingdom (four chapters). Trans.

Folder ff 2

Freedom, Reason, and Tolerance in Religion

Folder ff 3

Sketch of One Old Vermont Town by an Aged Inhabitant

Folder ff 4

Unitarianism, 1918

Folder ff 5

A Scheme of Classification for a Theological Library (see also Box 45, ff 1-2)

Folder ff 6

Reminiscences of a Divinity School Graduate of 1890: Harvard, 1955

Folder ff 7-10

Unknown notes

Folder ff 11

Xeroxed bibliographies

Folder ff 12

Draft Bibliography of EMW works

Folder ff 13

Contributions to Unitarian History (bibliography of EMW works)

Box Box 30

bound volume: handwritten class notes 1898-99; in German

Additional Note

(taken by EMW during studies in Germany) notebook: Bibliography on the History of Socinianism, 1955; unfinished (note from EMW indicates he had to cease work on the project due to ill health)

Class Lectures: (Note: the dates listed here are those found in the lecture notes. It is to be assumed the same lectures were repeated over several years.) (see also Box 45, ff 3-4)

Box Box 31, Folder ff 1

New Testament Introduction, c. 1914, 1928

Folder ff 2-3

New Testament I, n.d.

Folder ff 4

New Testament II, n.d.

Folder ff 5

Public Worship, c. 1928, 30

Folder ff 6-7

Parish Administration, c. 1922, 28

Folder ff 8

Devotional Classes, c. 1922

Folder ff 9

Doctrinal Theology, c. 1905, 09, 20

Folder ff 10

Theology: Theism (1st half), n.d.

Folder ff 11

Theology: Theism (2nd half), n.d.

Folder ff 12-13

Homiletics I, n.d.

Folder ff 14-15

Homiletics II, c. 1911, 29

Folder ff 16-17

Life and Teaching of Jesus I, c. 1909

Folder ff 18-19

Life and Teaching of Jesus II, c. 1916

Folder ff 20

Life and Teaching of Jesus, Exam Papers and Misc., c. 1922, 30

Box Box 32, Folder ff 1

Introduction to the Study of Theology, c. 1904, 27

Folder ff 2-3

ntroduction to Theological Studies, n.d.

Folder ff 4

Unitarian History: Synopsis, n.d.

Folder ff 5-6

Unitarian History, n.d.

Folder ff 7

Unitarian History: Exams, c. 1905-41

Box Box 33

Addresses: Arranged chronologically. Each address is in an individual envelope, with title, date, and place delivered.

29 ff; 1891-1917

Box Box 34, Folder ff 1-22


Folder ff 23


Folder ff 24

Eulogies delivered by EMW, various dates


Sermons: All the sermons were packaged in individual envelopes by EMW, with the number of the sermon, its title, text, and chronological list of places and dates at which the sermon was preached. (Some envelopes are empty. Some sermon numbers are missing altogether.)

Box Box 35

20 ff; No. 1-135; September 1889 - November 1893

Box Box 36

19 ff; No. 138-335; November 1893 - January 1900

Box Box 37, Folder ff 1-17

No. 336-479; January 1900 - November 1937

Folder ff 18-20

Children's Sermons 1-184; October 1892 - November 1903

Folder ff 21

Sermon materials and notes, n.d.


Diaries and Ledgers:

Box Box 38

5 daily diaries:


1. 1903-08


2. 1933-37


3. 1938-42


4. 1943-47


5. 1948


6 small ledgers: listing various expenses, various dates



Box Box 39

4 scrapbooks, EMW


1. personal mementoes, 1887-99


2. "Scrapbook of things relating to the First Unitarian Church of Portland, Oregon and to Earl M. Wilbur in his capacity as pastor", c. 1892-1901


3. selected clippings concerning mountain-climbing, 1892-1904


4. First Unitarian Church (Church of Our Father), Portland, OR and Independent Congregational Church (Unitarian), Meadville, PA; c. 1889-1913


1 scrapbook, Lafayette Wilbur (EMW's father): c. 1912-21. This appears to be a ledger used by Lafayette in the 1880's, later used as a scrapbook for unrelated newspaper clippings. Since Lafayette died in 1917 (his newspaper obituary is included), and the clippings continue to c. 1921, someone else used the scrapbook in later years.


1 leather zipped attache case (empty), EMW


1 folio: "Ancestral Tablets", EMW family geneology

Box Box 40

Pastoral Service Books:


6 notebooks, c. 1899-1943

Physical Description: 1 ff

Photo Album:

Box Box 41

1 album; "Views of Places or Scenes of Unitarian Interest in Europe, Taken or collected by Earl Morse Wilbur, 1924-1925, 1932-1934"



Box Box 42

1. "A List of the Books I have Read"; 1873-1921


2. "Book Purchase List"; 1891-1907 (also includes several pictures of famous persons cut from magazines or books)


3. "Accession Book"; 1872-1921 (This begins as a personal accession list, but it may be assumed that after 1906 it is a list for the Pacific Unitarian School for the Ministry library.)


Card Index:

Box Box 43

A Bibliography on the History of Unitarianism; c. 1924-45; a 7,000 item/card bibliography in 5 card index boxes. The first item in Box 1 is a note from EMW "to the users of this Bibliography".


Box 1: Early Church; Arianism; Servetus


Box 2: Socinianism


Box 3: Socinianism in Holland; Transylvania

Box Box 44

Box 4: England, A - I


Box 5: England, J - Z


5 rolls of microfilm of the bibliography


Additions to the collection from the Starr King School for the Ministry Library, July 1993.

Box Box 45, Folder ff 1

Scheme of Classification for a Theological School Library, 1904-12 (Copy 1 from the original) (see also Box 29, ff 5)

Folder ff 2

Subject Index to the Scheme of Classification for a Theological School Library (Copy 1 from the original)

Folder ff 3

Class Lectures: Elementary Homiletics, 1924, from a student, Harvey Loy (see also Box 31)

Folder ff 4

Class Lectures: Unitarian History, 1923, from a student, Harvey Loy