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Guide to the Albert Adams Merrill Papers, 1892-1951
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Box-folder 1.1



Photo, 1910, of A. A. Merrill with Wilber Wright, Ralph Johnstone, Walter Brookins


"Order of Exercises," 1892


Press releases, biographical information sheet, obituaries

Box-folder 1.2

Wind tunnel, flight


"Alterations Made on Merrill Wind Tunnel Balance," Feb. 17, 1950


2 photos of a device for studying airplane design, 1950


Note from E. Sechler to Wm. Bowen, n.d.


4 postcards showing sunspots, nebula


Graph, untitled, n.d.


"My Baltimore Trip in the Safety Plane," by A. L. James, n.d. [photostat, 2 copies]


"Transcript - May 23, 1914" [2 copies]


"A Tribute to the Wright Brothers," Aerosphere, 1943


Southern California Cooperative Wind Tunnel brochure, n.d.

Box-folder 1.3

Reprints (by Merrill unless otherwise noted)


"The Revolving Slope," Boston Aeronautical Annual, 1896


"A New Method of Experimenting with Gliding Flights," Aeronautical Journal, 1906


"Roll and Yaw in Flight," Western Flying, 1928 [3 copies]


"Free Will and Intuition," Psych. & Sci. Methods, 1918 [2 copies]


"Prediction and Spontaneity," Psych. & Sci. Methods, 1919 [2 copies]


"Mechanism," J.F.I., 1935


"The t of Physics," Journal of Philosophy, 1922


"The Water Test," 1922 [3 copies]


"A Note on Gresham's Law," New Democracy, 1935 [3 copies]


"Limitations," Journal of Philosophy, 1930


"Free Will," Psych. & Sci. Methods, 1918


"Duration and Relativity," Journal of Philosophy, 1923 [3 copies]


"What is Décalage?," Western Flying, 1928 [3 copies]


"The Movable-Wing Biplane," Western Flying, 1928


"Safety and the Slotted Wing," Aeronautical World, 1928


Alexander Kemlin, "The Merrill Movable Wing Stagger Décalage Biplane," Aviation Engineering, 1931


"Planes 'Foolproof' in Operation are Sought to Enlarge Demand," United States Daily, April 15, 1941


Howard Mingos, "Flying Speeds the Pace of Transportation," Magazine of Wall Street, May 26, 1931


"The Stagger-Décalage Biplane," Mechanical Engineering, 1931

Box-folder 1.4



Dewey, John, to Merrill, March 1, 1918 [photostat]


Poor, Charles Lane, to Merrill, Jan. 23, 1931 [photostat]


Poor, Charles Lane, to Merrill, Feb. 3, 1931 [photostat]


Richtmyer, F. K., to Merrill, Oct. 16, 1930 [photostat]


Anderson, J. A., to Merrill, June 5, (n.y.) [photostat]


Kennard, E. H., to Merrill, Feb. 16, 1931 [photostat]


Poor, Charles Lane, to Merrill, Jan. 19, 1931 [photostat, 3 pp.]


Chanute, Octave, n.d. [photograph]


Claverie, A. Walter, to Balzer & Ballou, July 1, 1927


Diehl, Walter S., unsigned copy of affidavit, April 1931


Ballou, John McK., "Notes on the Merrill Biplane," n.d.


White, H. J., to Klemin, April 14, 1931 [photostat]


Gazley, Richard C., to John McK. Ballou, May 8, 1931 [photostat]


Lloyd, Robert (Bob), June 30, 1927 [photostat]


Ovington, Earle, to Balzer & Ballou, March 1, 1928 [photostat]


Kelley, M. F., July 26, 1928 [photostat]


Ferguson, L. L., to Merrill, April 10, 1931 [photostat]


Ballou, John McK., to Richard C. Gazley, May 26, 1931 [photostat]


Gazley, Richard C., to John McK. Ballou, May 28, 1931


Budwig, Gilbert G., to John McK. Ballou, April 15, 1931 [photostat]


Budwig, Gilbert G., to John McK. Ballou, May 21, 1931 [photostat]


Lloyd, G. L., to John Ballou, June 3, 1931 [photostat]


Moure, K. R., to John Mck. Ballou, May 5, 1931 [photostat]

Box-folder 1.5

Patent specifications


1,849,652, to John McK. Ballou, airplane, March 15, 1932


1,856,093, to Ford, Ballou, Balzar, airplane, May 3, 1932


1,889,864, to Merrill, airplane, Dec. 6, 1932


1,856,094, to Ford, Ballou, Balzar, airplane, May 3, 1952

Box-folder 1.6

Manuscript articles


"A Simple Optical system for Null Headings," n.d.


"Advertising," n.d.


"Honest Finance," 1936


"Population and War," n.d.


"Gold and Social Credit, or What Might Have Happened," n.d.


"The Standard of Living," n.d.


"Taxes," n.d.


"(A note on position-velocity uncertainty)," Dec. 31, 1935


"What is Truth?," n.d.


"Theory and Practise," n.d.


"To the Editor of Scientific American," n.d.


"Surplus Energy," 1935


"Technical Note: 'Happy Landings'," n.d. [carbon]


"Relative or Absolute," n.d.


Letter to an editor, June 20, 1936


"Intellect and the 'Thing in Itself'," n.d.


"Creative Evolution and Relativity," n.d.


"Time," n.d.


"'C' as a Limiting Velocity," n.d.


"Two Heresies," n.d.


"Some Victorians," 1934

Box-folder 1.7

The Merrill Type Airplane, Sept. 1, 1932

Box-folder 1.8

The Merrill Type Monoplane, by John McK. Ballou, Feb. 28, 1933

Box-folder 1.9

A Picture of World Events, by A. A. Merrill, inscribed to Clark Millikan, n.d. (pre-1930)

Box-folder 1.10

A Picture of World Events, revised copy with author's notes, June 1951