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Title: Theodore E. Kyriak collection
Date (inclusive): 1956-1966
Collection Number: XX091
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Library and Archives
Language of Material: Mainly in Hungarian
Physical Description: 3 manuscript boxes (1.2 Linear Feet)
Abstract: Serial issues, clippings, and pamphlets, relating to the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and to the international reaction to the revolution.
source: Kyriak, Theodore E.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Library & Archives


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Hungary -- History -- Revolution, 1956
Kyriak, Theodore E.

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Materials loosely described

Scope and Contents

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Materials loosely described

Scope and Contents

See below container list for collection contents; please request all three boxes in order to thoroughly find what you are looking for.
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Materials loosely described


Pamphlets of the Hungarian Revolution


By youth organizations: University Revolutionary Student Committee, Hungarian Young Workers and Students, University Revolutionary Committee, Hungarian Revolutionary Youth Party (in support of Imre Nagy; demands; Party programs; general strike) (No. 1-7)


Foreign and Domestic Policy Reforms: This Is the Program of the Free Independent Hungarian National Party (handwritten) (No. 8)


The Revolutionary Military Council of the Hungarian People's Army's Leadership (demands) (No. 9)


The XIXth District's National Committee "First Declaration," (No. 10) October 28


The new national government, a list (No. 11) October 27,


The Revolutionary Military Council of the Kecskemet military air-base (calls for moderation, not to attack the evacuating Soviet troops, gallantry towards Soviet women and the wounded) (No. 12)


People of Kecskemet (calls on the People of Budapest to end the civil war and support Imre Nagy) (No. 13)


Miner's Union of the Pecs County (calls on Budapest to continue fighting and promises to give military and economic assistance, (No. 31) October 31)


Kispest: Kispest Revolutionary Youth's Temporary Committee, Officers of the Municipal Police (demands of neutrality, Soviet evacuation, multiparty system, AVH, etc.; officers deny the presence of AVH men in their units, (No. 15-19) October 29, 30 and 31)


Orders of the Soviet Military Forces: No. 1 Order, November 6, signed (informs that the Soviet forces were invited to "render brotherly help," orders curfew from 7 pm to 7 am, surrender of weapons, go to work, (No. 20-21) November 6 and 19)


Miscellaneous pamphlets, XVIth district, Kispest, Csepel and general (after the second Soviet intervention, (No. 22-30) 1956 November)




Hétföi Hirlap (Monday Herald), Fügetlen Magyar Lap (Independent Hungarian Paper), vol.1/no. 4 October 29,


Igazság (Truth), A Forradalmi Magyar Honvedseg es Ifjusag Lapja (The Revolutionary Hungarian Army and Youth's paper) vol.1/no. 7 November 1,


Kis Ujsag (Little Paper), A Független Kisgazda, Földmunkás és Polgári Párt Politikai Napilapja (The Independent Smallholder, etc. Party's Daily), vol.1/no.2 November 2,


Magyar Függetlenség (Hungarian Independence), Magyar Nemzeti Forradalmi Bizottmany Lapja (The Hungarian National Revolutionary Committee's Paper), October 31, vol.1/No. vol.1/no.5 3 and November 2,


Magyar Honvéd (Hungarian Soldier), A Magyar Honvédség Lapja (Hungarian Army's Paper), October 30, vol.1/no. vol.1/no. 3 1 and November 1,


Magyar Ifjuság (Hungarian Youth), Az Ifjumunkások Forradalmi Tanácsának Lapja (Young Workers Revolutionary Council's Paper), November 2, vol.1/no. vol.1/no. 3 2 and November 3,


Magyar Nemzet (Hungarian Nation), Független Politikai Napilap (Independent Political Daily), vol.19/no. 254 October 31,


Magyar Vilag (Hungarian World), Független Politikai Napilap (Independent Political Daily), vol.1/no. 2 November 2,


Néphadsereg (People's Army), A Honvédelmi Minisztérium Központi Lapja (Central paper of the Ministry of Defense), vol.9/no. 252 October 29,


Népszabadság (People's Freedom), A Magyar Szocialista Munkáspárt Lapja (Hungarian Socialist Worker's Party's Paper), vol.1/no.1 November 1,


Népszawa (People's Voice), A Magyar Szakszarvezetek Központi Lepja (The Hungarian Trades Union's Central Paper), vol.34/no. 256 October 30,


Népszava (People's Voice), A Socialdemokrata Párt Központi lapja (Social Democratic Party's Central Paper), ), November 1, vol.77/no. vol.77/no.3 1 and November 3,


Szabad Ifjuság (Free Youth), A DISZ Kozponti Vezetosegenel lapja (The Central Directorate of the Union Of Working Youth's Paper) October 29


Szabad Ifjuság (Free Youth), A Forradalmi Magyar Ifjusag Lapja (The Revolutionary Hungarian Paper), vol.1/no. 1 October 30,


Szabad Nép (Free People), A magyar Dolgozók Pártjának Központi Lapja (The Hungarian Workers Party's Central paper), vol.14/no.295; October 28, vol. 14/no.296; October 29, vol.14/no.297 October 27,


Szabad Szó (Free Speech), A Nemzeti Parasztpárt Központi Lapja (The National Peasant Party's Central Paper), vol.24/no.1 October 31,


Uj Magyarorszag (New Hungary), A Petöfi Párt (Nemzeti Parasztpárt) Napilapja (The Petöfi Party's/National Peasant Party/Daily, ), vol.1/no. 1 November 2,


Valóság (Reality), Független Magyar Napilap (Independent Hungarian Daily), vol.1/no. 3 November 2,