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Title: Myers G. Lowman papers
Date (inclusive): 1920-1969
Collection Number: 67019
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Library and Archives
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 99 manuscript boxes, 1 card file box, 11 envelopes, 3 motion picture film reels (42.6 Linear Feet)
Abstract: Correspondence, memoranda, pamphlets, photographs, motion picture film, sound recordings, and clippings relating to communism and other leftist movements, the civil rights movement, and anti-communism, primarily in the United States.
Creator: Lowman, Myers G.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Library & Archives


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Acquisition Information

Acquired by the Hoover Institution Library & Archives in 1967.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Myers G. Lowman papers, [Box no., Folder no. or title], Hoover Institution Library & Archives.

Biographical Note

Executive secretary, Circuit Riders, Inc.

Scope and Content of Collection

Correspondence, memoranda, pamphlets, photographs, motion picture film, sound recordings, and clippings relating to communism and other leftist movements, the civil rights movement, and anti-communism, primarily in the United States.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Anti-communist movements -- United States
Communism -- United States
Motion pictures
Civil rights -- United States
Circuit Riders, Inc


Subject File 1920-1964

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, notes, pamphlets, clippings, and printed matter relating to communism in the United States collected by Lowman as Executive Secretary of Circuit Riders, Inc., arranged alphabetically by subject.
box 1

Academic freedom


Acheson, Dean


Adamic, Louis


Addresses - Patriotic


Aderholdt, Grover


Advertising Federation of America




Air Force manual






Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights


Alaska Mental Health Act


Alien Deportation and Exclusion League


All-American Conference to Combat Communism


"Allegiance to the United Nations of an American Citizen"


Allentown Anti-Communist Society


Allied Faiths Council


Allied Youth, Inc.


Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America


America First Committee


America's Future, Inc.

box 2

American Anti-Communist Foundation


American Asian Educational Exchange


American Association for Economic Freedom


American Association of Scientific Workers


American Association of University Professors


American Bar Association


American Brotherhood of Christian Congress


American China Policy Association


American Christian Union


American Civic Alliance


American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)




Pamphlets and leaflets

box 3

Pamphlets and leaflets

box 4

Annual reports

box 5

American Coalition


American Coalition of New York


American Coalition of Patriotic Societies


American Committee for Democracy and Intellectual Freedom


American Committee for Indonesian Independence


American Committee for Non-Participation in Japanese Aggression


American Committee for the Defense of Leon Trotsky


American Committee for the Protection of Foreign Born


American Congress for Peace and Democracy


American Council for Social Justice


American Council of Christian Churches


American Council of Christian Laymen


American Defenders


American Defenders for Freedom, Inc.


American Defense Society, Inc.


American Discussion League, Inc.


American Education Association


American Enterprise Association


American Factfinders Institute


American Flag Committee


American Friends Service Committee


American Fund for Public Service


American Good Government Society


American Gospel Crusaders


American Guild for German Cultural Freedom


American Institute


American Institute of Fraternal Citizenship


American Institute of Patriotic Education


American Investors Union


American Jewish Committee


American Jewish League Against Communism


American Labor Party


American League Against Communism


American League Against War and Fascism

box 6

American League Against War and Fascism


American League for Peace and Democracy


American League for Tolerance


American League to Combat Anti-Semitism


American Legion - Firing Line


American Legion Auxiliary


American Minute Men


American National Party


American National Patriotic Society


American Nationalist Party


American Nationalists


American Negro Labor Congress


American Neutrality, Inc.


American Newspaper Guild


American Patriot


American Patriots, Inc.


American Patriots Against Foreign Wars, Inc.


American Patriotic Women


American Peace Movement


American Peace Society


American People's Mobilization


American Planning and Civic Association


American Political Science Association


American Public Welfare


American Radio Telegraphists' Association


American Rangers


American Relief Ship for Spain


American School of Christian Democracy


American Society, The


American Society for Cultural Relations with Russia (USSR)


American Sponsoring Committee Against Nazi Outrages


American Student Union


American Taxpayers League


American Tolerance Committee


American Trade Union Delegation to the Soviet Union


American Union for Concerted Peace Efforts


American Union for Righteous Government


American Vigilant Intelligence Federation


American Veterans Association


American Womanhood Society


American Workers Party

box 7

American Youth Congress


American Youth Council


American Youth for Democracy


American Youth Foundation


Americana Group


Americanism Federation




Americans All


Americans for Democratic Action


Ameringer, Siegfried


Amter, Israel


Anderson, Paul Y.


Anti-Communism Society


Anti-Communist Federation of America


Anti-Defamation League




Arab National League


Arizona Peace Officers Association


Arnold, Thurman


Arthur, Chester


Artists Front to Win the War


Arts, Sciences, and Professions for May Day


Association of Books for Children

box 8

Atheism - Communist inspired

box 9

Atlantic Alliance 1962


Atlantic Charter 1945


Atlantic Institute 1961


Atlantic Union Committee for World Government


Attack on State Department's exclusion of foreign communists


Baldwin, Roger Nash






Barth, Joseph


Bates, Daisey


Batt, William Loren


Beale, Thomas (Sr.)


Beall, Hayes


Bennett, John C.


Benson, Dr. George


Bentley, Elizabeth




Bernays, Edward L.


Berry, Abner W.


Berry, Theodore


Bethune, Mary McLeod


Bichowsky, F. Russell


Biddle, Francis B.


Bi-Partisan Foreign Policy

box 10

Blake, Mildred M. R.


Blankenhorn, Heber


Blanshard, Paul


Boaz, Franz


Bohlen, Charles E.


Books - how selected for libraries


Book Union, Inc.


Borders, Karl


Boy Rangers of America


Boy Scouts


Boys' Athletic League


Boys' Republic


Braden, Ann and Carl


Brainwashing in high schools


Brameld, Theodore


Brandeis, Justice


Brauer, Max


Braunstein, Baruch


Bricker Amendment


Bridges, Harry


Bridges and Strecker


British Israel


Britt, George


Brodsky, Joseph

box 11

Bromley, Ernest




Browder, Earl


Brown, William Montgomery


Browne, Conrad


Browne, Karl


Brownell, Herbert


Bruere, Robert


Brustat. A. M.


Bryan, Julien


Bryant, Steward F.


Bullitt, Ambassador


Bunche, Ralph




Bureau of University Travel

box 12

Cabot, Henry B.


Campbell, Byron


Canadian Intelligence Service


Canfield, Cass


Cannon, Walter B.






Carey, Sophia




Carnegie, Andrew


Carter, Boake


Carter, John F.


Catholic Association for International Peace


Celler, Emanuel


Central America


Chafee, Zachariah


Chamberlain, Joseph P.


Chapelle, Winifred


Chase, Stuart


Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights


China - Taiwan


Christian Social Action Leader's Handbook


Christian Social Action Manual


Christian Youth Council of North America


Christmas celebrations

box 13

Church and churchmen


Church League of Industrial Democracy

box 14

Circuit Riders, Inc.

box 15

Circuit Riders, Inc.


Citizens Committee to Free Earl Browder


Civil defense


Civil rights movements


Civil Service Commission


Clark, Reuben


Clement, Rufus


Clergymen on War and Economic Injustice


Clergymen's letter to FDR in defense of the Communist Party

box 16

Coe, John M.








Progressive education


Sarah Lawrence, Smith


Yale, Wisconsin University


Columbia University


Commager, H. S.


Commission on Christian Social Concerns


Committee Against Intolerance in America


Committee for Conscientious Objectors


Committee for Constitutional Government


Committee for Cultural Freedom


Committee for Peaceful Alternatives to the Atlantic Pact


Committee of Christian Laymen, Inc.


Committee of One Million


Committee on Pan-American Policy


"Common Sense"

box 17


box 18


box 19


box 20

Communist - Anti, propaganda


Communist deception in the churches


Communist controlled youth movements and infiltration of youth

box 21

Communist exhibits and individuals


"Communist Fronts" -- News coverage of Lowman's speech at Pascagoula, Mississippi 1966 March 15


Communist Party


Communist Party - USA

box 22

Communist Party - USA


Communist propaganda


Communist publications

box 23

Communist publications


Communist strategy to promote racial hatred


Community Chests and Councils of America


Conference for Progressive Labor Action (CPLA)


Congress 1963


Connally Amendment




Cook, Claire


Corcordan, Thomas G.


Correspondence - miscellaneous


Cory, Herbert Ellsworth


Coughlin, Daniel


Coughlin, Father


Counts, George S.


"Counter Attack"


Coyle, Albert F.


Craft, Blake (Rev.)


Cramer, Lawrence

box 24

Crane, Henry Hitt


Crane, Jasper E.


Creigh, Thomas


Cronbach, Abraham


Cutler, Robert


Cuba - Blockade 1962 October


Cybercultural research


Dahlberg, Edwin T.


Davis, Forest


Davis, Jerome


Dean, Arthur


De Gaulle, Charles


Desegregation, Coordinating Committee of the New Orleans Committee for the Study of


Dewey, John

box 25

Dies Committee


Dies, Martin


Dilling, Albert Wallwich


Dilling, Elizabeth


Dillon, Douglas




Dodd, Martha


Dogett, Caxton


Dobley, Dorothy


Dombrowski, Jim (Director - Southern Conference Educational Fund, Inc.)


Douglas, William O.


Drugs - Non-medical use


Dulles, John Foster

box 26

DuBois, W. E. B.


Dunjee, Roscoe


DuPont, Henry

box 27

Eaton, Cyrus


Edmiston, John


Edmiston, Martha

box 28


box 29



Educators with communist front affiliations

box 30


box 31


box 32


box 33


box 34


box 35





"L'Eglise et le culte en U.R.S.S."


Einstein, Albert


Eisenhower, Dwight David


Electoral College


Emergency Civil Liberties Committee

box 36

Ensley, Bishop Gerald


Episcopal Church


Equal Rights Amendment


Executive Powers 1963


Fabian Socialism


Fascism (including Nazism)

box 37



Federal Council of Churches


Federal Theater Project


Federal Union World


Federation of Former Communists, Inc.


Fellowship of Reconciliation


Ferre, Nels


Finletter, Thomas K.


Fisher, Dorothy C.

box 38

Flag, American




Florida Legislative Investigating Committee


Ford Foundation


Foreign Policy Association



box 39



Frank, Glenn


Frankfurter, Felix

box 40

Friends of Democracy


Friends of Public Schools, bulletins 1940


Friends of the Soviet Union


Fritchman, Stephen H.


Fulbright, J. W.


Fund for the Republic


Gara, Larry


General agreements on tariffs and trade


Ginder, Richard


Gitlow, Benjamin




Goldenweiser, Emanuel A.


Goldsmith, Arthur


Gomillion, Charles G.


Goslin, Willard E.


Gould, Joseph S.


Graham, Marcus


Grass Roots League, Inc.


Grey, John H.


Griggs, Edward Howard


Gross, Ernest


Guerard, Albert


Hammerstein, Oscar II


Harkness, Georgia


Harriman, Mrs. J. B.


Harris, M. Lafayette


Harvard - Sex questionnaires


Hathaway, Clarence Albert


Hawaiian Islands


Hayden, Thomas


Hayes, Carlton Joseph Huntley


Hays, Arthur Garfield


Hays, Brooks

box 41

Hazzard, Lewell B.




Healey, Raymond Joseph


Hearst, William Randolph


Heller, Abraham Aaron


Helstin, Ralph


Hemingway, Ernest


Herrick, Robert


Herring, Hubert


Hessler, William H.


Hetzel, Ralph Dorn (Jr.)


Hicks, Granville


High, Stanley


Highlander Folk School


Hill, Charles Leander


Hindus, Maurice


Hinrichs, A. Ford


Hobson, Henry Wise


Holly, William H.


Holmes, John Haynes


Hooker, Edith


Hoover, J. Edgar

box 42

Hopkins, Harry


House Committee on Un-American Activities

General note

See also box 95



Howe, Frederick C.


Hughes, Langston


Human Events




Hungarian Freedom Fighters Federation, Inc.


Hunt, H. L.


Hurley, Ruby


Hyde, Homer

box 43

Ickes, Harold


Ilma, Viola


Immigration and naturalization


Independence Foundation, Inc.


Ingvoldstad, Fred W.


Institute of Pacific Relations


Intercollegiate Socialist Society Report 1962


International Committee for Political Prisoners


International Court of Justice


International Finance - McFadden 1930


International Labor Defense


International labor organizations


International trade organizations


International Workers Order, Inc.


Jackson, Edgar N.


Jackson, Gardner


Jackson, James C.




Japanese Peace Treaty


Jehovah's Witnesses

box 44

Jenner, William


Jewish National Workers Alliance



box 45

Johnson, Hewlett


Johnson, Hugh S.


Johnson, Manning


Johnson, William R.


Johnston, Eric


Jones, John Paul


Jordan, Racey




Kamp, Joseph




Kaye, Danny


Keep America Committee


Kellock, Katherine


Kelly, Florence


Kennedy, Joseph P.


Kent, Rockwell


Keynes, John Maynard


King, Martin Luther


Kirov, Sergei M.


Kohlberg, Alfred


Kollontai, Alexandra




Kornfeder, Joseph Z.


Koussevitsky, Serge


Kropotkin, Peter


Krumm, John M.

box 46

Langer, Senator


Langford, Howard


Lansbury, George


Laski, Harold


Lattimore, Owen


Laubach, Frank


Lawrence, David


Laws, Clarence


Lawson, James


League for Industrial Democracy


League of Women Voters


LeHand, Margaret


Leiserson, William Morris


Lerner, Max


"Liberal Papers"


Libraries - U.S.


Lie, Trygve


Lincoln, Murry D.


Lindbergh, Charles


Loomer, Bernard M.

box 47

Lorch, Lee


Lothian, Lord


Louisiana Joint Legislative Committee


Louisiana Legislative Committee 1957


Louisiana, list of Communist Party members


Lovestone, Jay


Lovitt, Sidney


Loyalty Oaths - Student loans


Lutheran Church - Arizona

box 48

MacArthur, Douglas


Mack, Julian


Mackay, John


MacLeish, Archibald


Mailing lists


Mallory, Willie Mae


Malone, George


Manly, Basil


Mann, Thomas


Marcantonio, Vito


Marshall, George C.


Marshall, Robert


Martinoff, Co. Alexander P.

box 49

Matthews, J. B.


Matusow, Harvey


McCarran Act


McCarthy, Joseph

box 50

McConnell, Dorothy


McConnell, Francis


McCrackin, M.


McGowan, Edward F.


McGregor, A. H.


McMichael, Jack


McNutt, Waldo


Meachaw, Stewart


Melby, E. O.


Melish, William Howard


Mena, Felix Roldan


Mencken, Henry Louis


Methodist Church

box 51

Methodist clergy with communist front affiliations

box 52

Methodist Federation for Social Action

box 53

Methodist Federation for Social Action




Meyer, Cord (Jr.)


Middle East - Eisenhower Doctrine


The Militant (Trotskyite) 1950


Military training


Miller, Clyde


Minor, Robert


Mississippi Legislative Investigating Committee


Moley, Raymond


Montgomery, Donald E.


Mooney, Tom


Mooney - Billings case


Moos, Mrs.


Morley, Felix


"Moscow News," 1936 September




Muelder, Walter


Mumford, Lewis




Muir, Jean


Murrow, Ed




Myers, James

box 54

Nash, Vernon


National Anthem Bill 1962


NAACP - "Committee of 100" - with communist front affiliations


National Citizens Committee


National Committee to Abolish the House Committee on Un-American Activities


National Coordinating Committee to End the War in Vietnam

box 55

National Council for Prevention of War


National Council of American-Soviet Friendship


National Council of Churches


National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA


National defense


National Defense Commission


National Economic Council, Inc.


National Federation for Constitutional Liberties

box 56

National Labor Board


National Lawyers Guild


National Religion and Labor Foundation


"National Republic"


National Sacramento Appeal Committee


National Science Foundation


National Urban League, The


Nationalist Party bulletin


NATO and SACLANT flags

box 57

Nearing, Scott


Negro college presidents






New Deal - criticism, speeches, articles

box 58

"New Deal" - individuals


New Party, Committee for the Formation of the


New York State Economic Council


"News and Views"


Niebuhr, Reinhold



box 59

O'Brien, Robert L.


O'Day, Mrs. Caroline




Oppenheimer, J. Robert


Oregon Federation for Social Action






Congress, creed

box 60






box 61

Methodist "pink" and "red"




National Council





box 62



"To invite"



box 63

Oxford Group


Oxford Union


Oxnam, G. Bromley

box 64







Page, Kirby


Paradise, James C.

box 65

Parent Teachers' Association (PTA)


Parker, Andrew Morgan






Patton, James G.


Pauling, Linus


Peace campaigns


Pegler, Westbrook


Pelley Publications


Pennypacker, Anna M.


Periodicals and publications



box 66

Philip Dru, Woodrow Wilson


Pershing, George


Peters, Paul


Philander Smith College


Pickett, Clarence E.


Pike, Bishop James


Polakov, Walter N.


Poling, Daniel A.


Popkin, Martin E.


Powell, Noble C.


Powell-Schuman Defense Fund


Presbyterian Church


Prince, Frank


Prior, Leon O.




Propaganda analysis


Protest movements

box 67

Protestant clergy with communist front affiliations

box 68

Protestant Episcopal Church

box 69

Protestant Episcopal Church



box 70

Rabbis with communist front affiliations

box 71

Randolph, A. Philip


Rankin, Jeanette


Rauschenbush, N. Stephen


Red Alert


Red China

box 72

"Red Fog" - Published by the National Patriotic League


"Red Treason in Hollywood," 1949












Fellowship of Faiths


Social action

box 73

Religion and Labor Foundation


Religious Freedom Committee


Reuben, William A.


Reuther, Walter


Revelation Baptist Church


Reynolds, Robert N.


Richberg, Donald


Right to Work Committee


Robinson, James H.


Roenick, Nicholas K.


Rogers, Donald I.


Roosevelt, Eleanor


Roosevelt, Franklin D.

box 74

Roosevelt, James


Roselli, Bruno


Rosenfeld, Kurt




Ross, Edward A.




Chicago publications, high schools


Universities and colleges


Rubenstein, Harry H.


Rugg, Harold

box 75

Russell, Bertrand


Rustin, Bayard

box 76

Sabath - Steele controversy


Saposs, David J.


Schneiderman, Rose


Schreiber, Julius


Schuman, Frederick


Schwarz, Fred


Schwimmer, Rosika




Seeger, Peter




Sharlau, Gene


Sharp, Dudley


Siegrist, Robert


Sifton, Paul


Smith, Alson J.


Smith, Benjamin


Smythe, Edward J.




Socialist Commonwealth of America


Socialist Labor Party


Socialist Party of America (USA)


Socialist Workers Party of Germany


Sockman, Ralph Washington




Sons of the American Revolution


Southern Christian Leadership Conference


Southern Conference Educational Fund


Southern Conference for Human Welfare


Southern Methodist Church


Southern Regional Council, Inc.

box 77

Spallholtz reports 1936


Spallholtz expense accounts


Speeches, statements, resolutions, etc. by Lowman


Spivak, John L.


Sporborg, Mrs. W. D.


Spotlight - Westchester County


Sproul, Marion E.


Status of forces


Steele, Walter


Sterling (administration)


Stern, David


Stevens, Thelma


Stewart, Donald O.


Stewart, Maxwell


Stokely, Wilma Dykeman


Strong, Anna Louise

box 78

Stuber, Stanley I.


Student Peace Union


Subversive Activities Control Board


Subversive organizations, Guide to


Swing, Raymond


Taft, Senator "Bob"


Taiwan (Formosa)




Taylor, Gardner


Tax-exempt foundations


Theatre Guild


Thompson, Dorothy


Thompson, John B.


Tilly, Dorothy


Tisler, Frantisek


Tornoff (alias, Turrou), Leon


Trade agreements


Travel to Russia 1934


Trevor, John B.

box 79

Trotsky, Leon


Trueblood, Elton


Tucker, Harry St. George


Tucker, Luther


Tugwell, Rexford G.


Turnipseed, A. L.


Tyler, Gus




Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and Satellites


Union Theological Seminary


Unitarian - Universalist clergy with communist front affiliations

box 80

Unitarian - Universalist clergy with communist front affiliations


United Nations


United States defense support in Western Europe 1952-1953


United States National Student Association (USNSA)


United World Federalists

box 81

Untermyer, Samuel


Uphaus, Willard


Urey, Harold C.


Van Doren, Carl




Van Kleeck, Mary


Van Paassen, Pierre


Veterans of Foreign Wars


Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade


Viereck, G. S.




Villard, Oswald G.


Voorhis, Jerry H.


Voronaeff, Paul


Warbasse, James P.


Ward, Harry F.


Washington, D.C.


Watson, Goodwin


Weber, Charles


Weinstone, William


Weisman, Steve


Wells, Garveth


Weniger, Guy Archer

box 82

West, George P.


Westinghouse Corporation


White, Walter


White, William Allen


Whitney, Charlotte A.


Williams, Aubrey


Williams, Claude C.


Williams Brothers


Williams, Howard Y.


Wirin, Abraham


Winchell, Walter


Wine, James W.


Wirt, William


Wolfe, Henry C.


Women's International League for Peace and Freedom


Wooley, Mary


World Council of Churches


World Federalism


World Peace, Board of (Methodist Church)


Wyker, James D.

box 83

Yard, Molly


Yarmolinsky, Adam




Young, Kimball


Young, Stephen


Young Communist League


Young Pioneers


Young Workers' Communist League




Youth Against War and Fascism (YAWF)


Youth Committee Against War

box 84

Youth Congress


American and national





box 85

Youth hostels




Zellner, James


Zeuch, William E.


Zioncheck, Marion


Printed Matter

box 86

Newspaper and magazine clippings, reprints, bulletins, leaflets, and other printed matter on various political subjects

box 87

Newspaper and magazine clippings, reprints, bulletins, leaflets, and other printed matter on various political subjects

box 88

Newspaper and magazine clippings, reprints, bulletins, leaflets, and other printed matter on various political subjects

box 89

Newspaper and magazine clippings, reprints, bulletins, leaflets, and other printed matter on various political subjects

box 90

Newspaper and magazine clippings, reprints, bulletins, leaflets, and other printed matter on various political subjects

box 91

Newspaper and magazine clippings, reprints, bulletins, leaflets, and other printed matter on various political subjects

box 94

Unarranged material, primarily photographs, relating to communism and civil rights in southern states

box 95

Unarranged material, primarily printed matter, relating to communism and civil rights in southern states



box 92


box 93



Sound Recordings 1960-1969

Scope and Contents note

Sound tape reels. Titles taken from box labels.
box 96

Air Institute - WMNI News - 920 Radio (tapes 1 and 2) undated

box 99

"Catholicism," M. G. Lowman, Radio WMOV, Mobile, 4-4:30 pm undated


Citizens' Council Forum

box 99

Program number 6008 undated

box 98

Program number 6230

box 98

Program number 6231 undated

box 98

Program number 6235R (2 copies) undated

box 99

Program number 6244R undated

box 99

Program number 6329, appearance by Rep John Bell Williams and M. G. Lowman undated


Use copy reference number: 67019_a_0000210_a01
box 99

Program number 6330 undated

box 99

Program number 6331 undated

box 99

Program number 6332 undated

box 98

Program number 6425R (2 copies) undated

box 99

Program number 6425R (2 copies) undated

box 98

Program number 6426R undated

box 99

Program number 6427R undated


Use copy reference number: 67019_a_0000212_a01

Scope and Contents note

Includes an appearance by M. G. Lowman.
box 99

Program number 6429R undated

box 99

Program number 6430 undated


Program number 6546 undated


Use copy reference number: 67019_a_0000211_a01

Scope and Contents note

Possibly program number 6546R with an appearance by M. G. Lowman.
box 99

Program number 6546R, 2 copies undated

box 99

Program number 6547R, with Joseph Dumbacher undated

box 99

Program number 6548R, Joseph Dumbacher - "Infiltrated SDS" (2 copies) undated


Use copy reference number: 67019_a_0000209_a01
box 99

Program number 6603R undated

box 99

Program number 6604R undated


Use copy reference number: 67019_a_0000213_a01

Scope and Contents note

Includes an appearance by M. G. Lowman.
box 98

Citizens' Council Forum, Number 3, M. G. Lowman, "National Council of Churches and Its Neon Sign" and "Cross Coat Lapel Christians," 1963 July

Scope and Contents note

An exposé concerning participants of street demonstrations and marches.
box 96

FBI, Portland, Oregon undated

box 98

Greenwood, July 7, singing undated


Highlander Folk School - Alleged communist involvement - Martin Luther King and Abner W. Berry (a member of National Committee of Communist Party): "Expand Race Revolution into the Violent Revolution" - N.A.A.C.P. fight for control undated

box 96

Le Roi Jones undated

box 98

J. P. Coleman campaign speech undated


Mobile, Alabama - M. G. Lowman undated

box 98

"Paul Revere and Nine Men Against America," Buckner Fanning undated

box 99

Songs: Freedom, No Segregation, We Shall Overcome undated

box 100

WTUF - Mobile, Alabama, Mark Murray and M. G. Lowman undated

box 100

WSOL, Tampa, Florida, programs number 1 and 2, "Dread of Life," 1960 May 19

box 100

WSLI - Jackson, Mississippi 1961 June 9

box 100

WRBC 8:30-9AM 1961 June 11

box 98

Interview on Citizens' Council Forum, M. G. Lowman 1962 September 10

box 98

WTUF - M. G. Lowman 1964 April 29

box 100

Mrs. H. A. Alexander, Mobile, Alabama 1964 April 30

box 100

M. G. Lowman, Mobile, Alabama 1964 May 1

Scope and Contents note

3 copies
box 96

M. G. Lowman, Mobile, Alabama 1964 June 10

box 98

M. G. Lowman, Mobile, Alabama 1965 March 7

box 99

"Appeal to Negroes and Whites to Solve Their Problems Without Communists," M. G. Lowman 1965 June 25

box 96

WONA - Winona, Mississippi, Mrs. Alexander and Joseph Dumbacher 1965 November 6

box 96

Town Hall, Senotobia, Mississippi 1965 November 8

box 97

M. G. Lowman and Joseph Dumbacher at Atlanta 1965 November 17

box 97

Luncheon club - preparatory to election campaign. Dothan, Alabama 1966 January 26


WMOO - Mobile, Alabama, M. G. Lowman 1966

box 97

1966 February 5 February 12 1966

box 97

1966 February 27

box 100

1966 March 6

box 97

Martin Luther King 1966 March 13

box 97

1966 March 20

box 96

"Deception in the Churches," 1966 March 27

box 97

1966 April 3-4

box 100

"They Have Swept Away My Lord," Easter Sunday 1966 April 10

box 96

1966 April 17

box 97

1966 April 24

box 97

"Catholic Dilemma," 1966 May 1


"They Have Taken Away My Lord," 1966 May 8

box 96

1966 May 15


"The Church in Politics," 1966 May 22

box 97

1966 June 5

box 100

"Zellner and Bishop Goodson," 1966 June 5


1964 June 10


1966 June 26

box 97

SCEF, Inc. Bishop Goodson 1966 June 27

box 97

"Delta Ministry of National Council of Churches," 1966 July 3

box 97

1966 July 10

box 97

Greenville - Leland investigation of Delta Ministry 1966 April 21

box 96

Citizens' Council Forum - 3 programs, M. G. Lowman 1966 June 3

box 100

M. G. Lowman 1966 June 19

box 100

M. G. Lowman 1966 June 26

box 99

Jerry Rubin - Eden Park 1969 April 20

film shelf

Motion Picture Film 1957-1960


Four-day workshop (Labor Day) at Highlander Folk School 1957 August 30 - September 2

Scope and Contents note

Important coup against race exploitation by Communist Party apparatus. Direct infiltration under M. G. Lowman's arrangement.

Related Material at Other Institutions

Ed Friend's Highlander Folk School film, Ed Friend visual materials, 1918-1990, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia, Athens, as presented in the Digital Library of Georgia.

San Francisco City Hall riots against House Committee on Un-American Activities 1960

Scope and Contents note

Composite film made by newsmen and from other pictures of riots.

Videotape interview of Ku King Chang, one of the most important Taiwan Chinese anti-communists undated

Scope and Contents note

M. G. Lowman's guest at Independence Hall, Knotts Berry Farm. Shows concern of Taipei in regard to the recent China policy of Nixon.
photo file

Photographs 1930-1968

envelope mA

Communist demonstrations in U.S. cities (6 prints) 1930

envelope B

Meeting of civil rights activists, Highlander Folk School, Knoxville, Tennessee 1957

envelope C

Demonstration during voter registration drive, Greenwood, Mississippi 1964

envelope D

Demonstration during voter registration drive, Hattiesburg, Mississippi 1964

envelope E-F

Civil rights demonstrations, Jackson, Mississippi 1964-1965

envelope G

Civil rights workers, Camp Beulah, Mississippi (3 prints) 1965

envelope H

Civil rights demonstration, Greenville, Mississippi 1965

envelope I

Anti-Vietnam War demonstration at the Federal Building, Cincinnati, Ohio 1965

envelope J

Participants at New Politics Meeting, Chicago 1967

envelope K

Poor People's March on Washington, D.C. 1968