Finding Aid to Early Tall Buildings: Original Drawings of California Urban Scenes, 1986-1992

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Finding Aid to Early Tall Buildings: Original Drawings of California Urban Scenes, 1986-1992

Collection number: BANC PIC 1996.013--AX

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Early tall buildings: Original drawings of California urban scenes
Date: 1986-1992
Collection Number: BANC PIC 1996.013--AX
Creator: Weber, Dickinson
Extent: Number of items: 135 drawings 1 digital object (1 image)
Repository: The Bancroft Library.
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-6000
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Abstract: Drawings were made for two works by Dickinson Weber, both of which were published under the title: Early tall buildings: a sentimental sketchbook collection. 48 were for the 1988 book bearing the cover title: Early tall buildings from the agricultural valley towns of Northern and Central California... and 83 drawings and 2 maps were for the 1992 book with cover title: Downtown street views of early tall buildings from the bayside cities and tidewater towns of Northern California.
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Scope and Content

Note: Caption information provided by artist. Copied from original envelopes.

Container Listing


Items 1-85: Original drawings from Downtown Street Views of Early Tall Buildings from the Bayside Cities and Tidewater Towns of Northern California. [1986-1992]


San Francisco. At the foot of Market St. Looking towards the Embarcadero (Ferry and South Pacific Building) BANC PIC 1996.013:001


San Francisco. At the foot of Pine St. Looking towards Market St. (Matson and PG & E Buildings) BANC PIC 1996.013:002


San Francisco. Looking towards the Shell Bldg. from First St. BANC PIC 1996.013:003


San Francisco. Market St. at Sutter and Sansome (Hobart and Flatiron Bldgs.) BANC PIC 1996.013:004


San Francisco. Intersection of Market, Post, Montgomery and New Montgomery streets (Hunter-Oulin Bldgs.) BANC PIC 1996.013:005


San Francisco. Looking Towards the Standard Oil Building from the Crown Zellerbach Plaza BANC PIC 1996.013:006


San Francisco. Bush St. Looking towards Sansome St. (Mills Bldg.) BANC PIC 1996.013:007


San Francisco. Medical-Dental (450 Sutter) Bldg. from Bush St. BANC PIC 1996.013:008


San Francisco. Mission St. Looking towards the bay in the distance (Pac Bell Telephone Bldg. and Williams Bldg.) BANC PIC 1996.013:009


San Francisco. The Russ Bldg. from Trinity St. and Sutter BANC PIC 1996.013:010


San Francisco. At the corner of Columbus and Kearney (Columbus Tower and Transamerica Tower) BANC PIC 1996.013:011


San Francisco. New Montgomery St. between Stevenson and Jessie Streets (Sharon Bldg.) BANC PIC 1996.013:012


San Francisco. Looking West on Market Street towards Third and Kearney (DeYoung and Chronicle Bldg.) BANC PIC 1996.013:013


San Francisco. Market St. Looking east from Fourth St. (Humbolt Bank and Spreckles (Central Tower) Bldg.) BANC PIC 1996.013:014


San Francisco. Market St. Looking west towards The Pacific Bldg. BANC PIC 1996.013:015


San Francisco. Looking east of Market towards Halidie [?] Plaza (Flood Plaza) BANC PIC 1996.013:016


San Francisco. Looking West on Market towards (The Phelan Bldg.) (Union Trust Co. Bank Bldg.) BANC PIC 1996.013:017


San Francisco. Looking up Nob Hill from the corner of California and Powell. (Stanford Court apts. & Mark Hopkins Hotel) BANC PIC 1996.013:018


San Francisco. Powell Street at Union Sq. (St. Francis, Sir Francis Drake Hotel, etc.) BANC PIC 1996.013:019


San Francisco. Art Deco Skyscraper apt. House on Nob Hill's California St. (Cathedral apts.) BANC PIC 1996.013:020


San Francisco. Art Deco Skyscraper apt. House on Clay St. (Clay-Jones apts.) BANC PIC 1996.013:021


San Francisco. Art Deco Skyscraper apt. House on Leavenworth St. (Bellaire Tower) BANC PIC 1996.013:022


San Francisco. Civic Center Looking East towards Larkin St. (California State Bldg., Hotel William Taylor, S.F. Public Library) BANC PIC 1996.013:023


San Francisco. Polk St. at Turk looking towards S.F. City Hall (California Hall) BANC PIC 1996.013:024


Oakland. Oakland City Hall from Clay St. (notes on Westlake, Latham Sq., Telephone Bldgs., Plaza Bldg.) etc. BANC PIC 1996.013:025


Oakland. 13th St. Looking towards Franklin St. and Broadway. (Oakland Tribune Bldg., Bank of America Tower, Will Rogers Hall) BANC PIC 1996.013:026


Oakland. 1st National Bank, Broadway Bldg. (Kahn's dept. store Rotunda). Great Western Bank Bldg. 1440 Realty Syndicate Bldg. City Hall Plaza. BANC PIC 1996.013:027


Oakland. Telegraph Ave. at 19th St. (YMCA, Fox Oakland Theatre, Hamilton Hotel [?], Capwell's) BANC PIC 1996.013:028


Oakland. Hotel Oakland from 13th St. (pencil) BANC PIC 1996.013:029


Oakland. Broadway Corridor from 11th St. BANC PIC 1996.013:030


Oakland. Looking south west on Franklin St. from 19th St. (Oakland Medical, Leamington, Franklin Bldgs.) 1991 BANC PIC 1996.013:031--AX

Creator/Collector: Weber, Dickinson
Physical Description: 1 drawing

Oakland. Broadway at Telegraph Ave. (Latham Square) (Cathedral, Latham Sq. Bldgs.) 1990 BANC PIC 1996.013:032


Oakland. Broadway at 20th St. (Ellis Lodge Bldg., Capwell's, Ray (Kaiser) Bldg.) 1992 BANC PIC 1996.013:033


Oakland. Franklin St. at 14th St. (Financial Center Bldg., Central Bank, McMullen (Richfield), 1440 Broadway) 1990 BANC PIC 1996.013:034


Oakland. Art Deco skyscraper apt. house overlooking Lake Merritt (Bellvue Staten apts.) 1986 BANC PIC 1996.013:035a

Additional Note

Pen & ink original.

Oakland. [Bellvue-Staten Apartments] 1989 BANC PIC 1996.013:035b

Additional Note

Pencil sketch of 35a.

Berkeley. Center St. looking towards Shattuck Ave. (California & Western States Life Insurance, Wells Fargo Bank Building) BANC PIC 1996.013:036


Oakland. Looking towards the Mansion Park Apartments from Oak and 9th Streets BANC PIC 1996.013:037


Oakland. Fruitvale -- Looking towards the corner of E. 14th and Derby Ave. Fruitvale Medical Bldg. BANC PIC 1996.013:038


Oakland. Fruitvale -- Looking towards the corner of E. 12th St. and 29th Ave. (Montgomery Ward warehouse) BANC PIC 1996.013:039


Oakland. San Pablo at 35th St. California Hotel BANC PIC 1996.013:040


Alameda. Alameda Ave. at Park St. Masonic Hall BANC PIC 1996.013:041


Berkeley. Durant Ave. near Ellsworth (Berkeley City Women's Club) BANC PIC 1996.013:042


Berkeley. University Ave. between Milvia St. and Shattuck Ave. (Koerber [Kroeber?] Bldg.) BANC PIC 1996.013:043


Berkeley. Looking south on Shattuck Ave. towards Allston Way (Hink's Dept. Store and Shattuck Hotel) BANC PIC 1996.013:044


Berkeley. Chase Victorian Inn and Studio Bldgs. from Berkeley Square. Looking towards Addison Ave. and Shattuck Square BANC PIC 1996.013:045


Berkeley. Telegraph Ave. corridor at Haste (The Palazzo Apts, Sequoia Apts, Medico-Dental Bldg.) BANC PIC 1996.013:046


Berkeley. Hotel Durant from Durant Ave. BANC PIC 1996.013:047


Richmond. Looking towards Nevin St. and MacDonald from Harbor Way (Hotel Carquimez and New Wells Fargo Bank Bldg.) BANC PIC 1996.013:048


Berkeley. Claremont Resort Hotel from Claremont Ave. at Avalon BANC PIC 1996.013:049


Crockett. C&H Sugar Refinery from Loring Ave. BANC PIC 1996.013:050


Vallejo. Looking from Sonoma Boulevard towards the Casa de Vallejo BANC PIC 1996.013:051


Vallejo. Looking towards Marin St. on Georgia St. (Fisch-Higgins Bldg. and "Alibi Clock") BANC PIC 1996.013:052


San Rafael. Looking towards the NE corner of B and 4th streets (Albert Bldg.) BANC PIC 1996.013:053


Burlingame. Pacific Bell Telephone Bldg. from El Camino Real and Burlingame Ave. BANC PIC 1996.013:054


Burlingame. Burlingame (Ave.) Arcade (Masonic and I.O.O.F. Hall) from Lorton Ave. BANC PIC 1996.013:055


San Mateo. El Camino Real at Arroyo Court (Casa Baywood) BANC PIC 1996.013:056


San Mateo. E. 3rd Ave. near El Camino Real (Hotel Benjamin Franklin) BANC PIC 1996.013:057


San Mateo. E. 3rd Ave. at Ellsworth (Medical Arts Bldg.) BANC PIC 1996.013:058


Palo Alto. University Ave. at Kipling (Resident Hotel) BANC PIC 1996.013:059


Palo Alto. Looking East on Forest Ave. towards Bryant St. (Lauring [?] Chateau, Casa Real Apts., First Church of Christ, Scientist) BANC PIC 1996.013:060


Santa Cruz. Overlooking Beach St. and The Casino from La Bahia (Casa del Rey Apts) BANC PIC 1996.013:061


Santa Cruz. Palomar Hotel (Inn) from Pacific Ave. BANC PIC 1996.013:062


Monterey. Monterey Hotel (Greene Bldg.) from Alvarado St. BANC PIC 1996.013:063


Monterey. Professional Bldg. from Franklin St. BANC PIC 1996.013:064


Pacific Grove. Forest Hill Hotel from Fountain St. BANC PIC 1996.013:065


Pacific Grove. Ford's (Holman's) Dept. Store from Fountain and Lighthouse Ave. BANC PIC 1996.013:066


Eureka. Vance Hotel from Second St. BANC PIC 1996.013:067


Eureka. Professional (Telephone) Bldg. from F St. BANC PIC 1996.013:068


Eureka. Humbolt National (Home and Savings) and Georgeson Bldgs. from E St. BANC PIC 1996.013:069


Eureka. Carson Block (Buhne Bldg.) from F St. BANC PIC 1996.013:070


Eureka. Eureka Inn from G and Seventh streets BANC PIC 1996.013:071


Crescent City. Surf (Lanff) Hotel from Front St. BANC PIC 1996.013:072


Oakland. Oakland's Broadway and Cathedral Bldg. from San Pablo and Broadway (final plate-- no text) BANC PIC 1996.013:073


San Francisco. Frontispiece (pencil) -- Gunst [?] and Aronson buildings, Third and Mission (c. 1910) from S.F.: the Metropolis of the West BANC PIC 1996.013:074


Oakland. Cover and page xii (pen & ink) Oakland City Hall from Clay St. BANC PIC 1996.013:075

Additional Note

Original of pencil no. 25

San Francisco. Back cover and page xiv (pen & ink) "A Profile of San Francisco's Tallest Five, c. 1930" BANC PIC 1996.013:076a


San Francisco. BANC PIC 1996.013:076b

Additional Note

Original pencil sketch of 76a.

Oakland. " Broadway Corridor" (pen & ink) (p. 13) BANC PIC 1996.013:077

Additional Note

Original of pencil no. 30.

San Francisco. " First Street" (Shell Bldg.) 1986 BANC PIC 1996.013:078

Additional Note

Pen & ink, original of pencil no. 3.

San Francisco. " Market at Sutter" (Flatiron and Hobart Buildings) 1986 BANC PIC 1996.013:079

Additional Note

Pen & ink (p. 14). Original of pencil no. 4 and pen & ink p. 136.

San Francisco. " Market at Sutter" (Flatiron and Hobart Buildings) 1986 BANC PIC 1996.013:080

Additional Note

Pen & ink, p. 136. Copy of no. 79.

Oakland. Hotel Oakland BANC PIC 1996.013:081

Additional Note

Pen & ink, p. 132, and reduction p. 41. Original of pencil no. 29.

San Francisco. " Russian Hill from Pacific Heights" BANC PIC 1996.013:082

Additional Note

Pen & ink, p. 42 and reduction p. xii.

San Francisco. " Nob Hill from Pacific Heights Park (Lafayette)" BANC PIC 1996.013:083

Additional Note

Pen & ink, p. 43.

Coastal California Location Map BANC PIC 1996.013:084

Additional Note

Pen & ink, p. 8.

San Francisco Bay Area Location Map BANC PIC 1996.013:085

Additional Note

Pen & ink, p. 9.

Items 86-133: Original drawings from Early Tall Buildings from the Agricultural Valley Towns of Central and Northern California [1986-1988]


San L. Obispo. Looking south from Morro St. towards Monterey St. (Anderson Hotel) BANC PIC 1996.013:086


Salinas. Looking north on Main St. (Bank of Salinas, Monterey, Savings and Loan Bldgs.) BANC PIC 1996.013:087


Hollister. Looking southeast from 5th Street towards San Benito St. (Holland Hotel, I.O.O.F. Hall) BANC PIC 1996.013:088


Watsonville. Looking south from Main St. towards Lake St. (Resetar Hotel) BANC PIC 1996.013:089


San Jose. (Twohy Bldg., Montgomery Hotel) Corner of S. 1st St. and San Antonio St. (the Paseo) BANC PIC 1996.013:090


San Jose. Looking east on W. Santa Clara towards Notre Dame and Santa Teresa streets (Hotel DeAnza) BANC PIC 1996.013:091


San Jose. Looking west on E. Santa Clara towards 6th St. (Medical-Dental Bldg.) BANC PIC 1996.013:092


San Jose. Looking north on Market St. between San Antonio and San Fernando (Cathedral) BANC PIC 1996.013:093


San Jose. Looking north from S. 1st St. and Post towards Santa Clara St. (Bank of Italy, Letitia Buildings) and the Bank of Italy Building BANC PIC 1996.013:094


San Jose. Looking south towards the Hotel Ste. Claire (Hilton) at San Carlos and Market streets BANC PIC 1996.013:096


Petaluma. Looking down the hill on Kentucky St. towards Washington St. and the Hotel Petaluma, Hill Park Plaza, etc. BANC PIC 1996.013:097


Santa Rosa. Looking north on Mendocino Ave towards 4th St. and the Rosenberg Bldg. from the Old Courthouse Square BANC PIC 1996.013:098


Santa Rosa. Looking south towards the Empire Bldg. from 4th St. BANC PIC 1996.013:099


Bakersfield. Looking south on K St. at 17th St. towards the Haberfelde Bldg. and the Studebaker Garage BANC PIC 1996.013:100


Bakersfield. Looking east on 18th St. towards H St. and the Hotel Padre BANC PIC 1996.013:101


Visalia. Looking south on Church St. at Main St. towards the Bank of Italy (Visalia Community Bank Bldg., Bank of Italy Bldg.) BANC PIC 1996.013:102


Fresno. Looking south at H St. and Tuolumne towards the Continental Trailways Depot; downtown Fresno skyline and Hotel Fresno BANC PIC 1996.013:103


Fresno. Looking south on Fulton St. near Merced St. towards the center of Fulton St. Mall at Mariposa St. (Roos Atkinson Bldg. on left, Brix Bldg. on right) BANC PIC 1996.013:104


Fresno. Looking north towards the PG&E Bldg. at Fulton and Tuolomne. (San Joaquin Power & Light) BANC PIC 1996.013:105


Fresno. Looking east on Tulare St. towards its intersection with Fulton. (Bank of Italy Bldg., J. C. Penney's, Patterson Bldg.) BANC PIC 1996.013:106


Fresno. Looking east towards the downtown skyline from Broadway and Mariposa (Helm, Security Pacific, Mason Bldgs.) BANC PIC 1996.013:107


Fresno. Looking north from a parking lot behind the Helm Bldg. towards the Mattei Bldg. at Fulton and Fresno streets. BANC PIC 1996.013:108


Fresno. Looking north on the Fulton Mall from its Mariposa St. intersection (Helm Bldg., etc.) BANC PIC 1996.013:109


Fresno. Looking south on Van Ness Ave. at Tulare St. from the courthouse square underground garage driveway (Rowell Bldg., Hotel California) BANC PIC 1996.013:110


Merced. Looking north on W. Main St. towards N St. and the Hotel Tioga BANC PIC 1996.013:111


Modesto. Looking north from I St. through the Modesto Welcome Arch towards the old U.S. 99 and the Hotel Hughson BANC PIC 1996.013:112

Additional Note

Original and book sketch.

Stockton. Looking at the downtown skyline from the crosstown freeway terminus (downtown Stockton panorama) (Hotel Wolff, American Savings Bldg.) BANC PIC 1996.013:113


Stockton. Looking northeast towards the Bank of Stockton Bldg. at the corner of Main St. and San Joaquin BANC PIC 1996.013:114


Stockton. Looking northeast towards the north side of E. Weber Ave (Belding Bldg., Medical-Dental Bldg.) BANC PIC 1996.013:115


Stockton. Looking south towards the corner of Main and San Joaquin from the Courthouse Plaza: the heart of downtown Stockton (American Savings, Bank of Stockton, California Bldgs.) BANC PIC 1996.013:116


Stockton. Looking east on Miner Ave. toward Sutter St. and the Medical-Dental Bldg. BANC PIC 1996.013:117


Stockton. Looking west on E. Weber Ave. towards the Hotel Stockton and the head of the Stockton Channel BANC PIC 1996.013:118


Stockton. Looking south towards the Elks Lodge (Financial) Bldg. at corner of E. Weber and N. Sutter BANC PIC 1996.013:119


Woodland. Looking east on Main St. towards College St. and The Hotel Woodland BANC PIC 1996.013:120


Sacramento. Looking south towards the downtown Sacramento skyline from behind City Hall (downtown Sacramento panorama) BANC PIC 1996.013:121


Sacramento. Looking southwest on 9th St. towards K St. and the K St. Mall (Hale Bros. Dept. Store, I.O.O.F., Forum and Silver Bldgs.) BANC PIC 1996.013:122


Sacramento. Looking south on J St. from the corner of 9th St. towards Sacramento's two tallest (Ruhlstaller Bldg., Elks Club Bldg.) BANC PIC 1996.013:123


Sacramento. Looking northeast on 11th St. towards J St. and the Elks Club Building BANC PIC 1996.013:124


Sacramento. Looking northeast towards the cornerof 11th and L streets from the Capitol Park (Medical-Dental Bldg., Elks Club, Senator Bldgs.) BANC PIC 1996.013:125


Sacramento. Looking west towards the corner of 12th and L streets from Capitol Park (Hotel Senator, Francescan [?] Apts) BANC PIC 1996.013:126


Sacramento. Looking southeast towards the California Hotel at the corner of 8th and I streets. (Also 926 J St. Bldg. and Public Library) BANC PIC 1996.013:127


Sacramento. Looking southeast on J St. from the corner of 7th St. towards the Capital National Bank Bldg. BANC PIC 1996.013:128


Sacramento. Looking west on J St. from 5th St. towards I-5, Old Sacramento, etc. (Traveler's Hotel, California Fruit Exchange Bldg.) BANC PIC 1996.013:129


Marysville. Looking south on 5th St. at E St. towards the Hart Bldg. and Marysville Hotel BANC PIC 1996.013:130


Oroville. Looking across Bird St. into the courtyard of the Oroville Inn with its grand entrance BANC PIC 1996.013:131


Chico. Looking towards the Hotel Oaks at Salem and 2nd streets BANC PIC 1996.013:132

Additional Note

From a photograph circa 1965.

Redding. Looking south towards the Lorenz Hotel at the corner of California St. and Yuba St. BANC PIC 1996.013:133