Register of the Alexandre Georgievich Tarsaidze papers

Finding aid prepared by Olga Verhovskoy Dunlop
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Title: Alexandre Georgievich Tarsaidze papers
Date (inclusive): 1648-1977
Collection Number: 78055
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Library and Archives
Language of Material: English, Russian, French, German and Georgian
Physical Description: 32 manuscript boxes, 10 oversize boxes,1 oversize folder, 39 envelopes, 11 motion picture film reels, 5 sound discs (29.7 Linear Feet)
Abstract: Correspondence, speeches and writings, research notes, printed matter, photographs, engravings, lithographs, maps, and sound and video recordings relating to the history of Georgia (Transcaucasia), the Romanov family, Russian-American relations, and the Association of Russian Imperial Naval Officers in America. Includes photocopies of Romanov family letters, photographs of Russia during World War I by Donald C. Thompson, and a documentary film of Tsar Nicholas II.
Creator: Tarsaidze, Alexandre Georgievich, 1901-1978
Creator: Thompson, Donald C.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Library & Archives


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Acquisition Information

Acquired by the Hoover Institution Library & Archives in 1978.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Alexandre Georgievich Tarsaidze papers, [Box no., Folder no. or title], Hoover Institution Library & Archives.

Biographical Note

1901 Born, Tiflis, Russia, into family of old Georgian nobility
1918 Graduated, Imperial Naval Academy, Petrograd
1918-1921 Worked with Allied High Commissioner, Col. W. Haskell, in Tiflis
1921 Worked for American Relief Administration
  Escaped from Bolsheviks to Constantinople
1923-1941 Director, Caucasian Society "Allaverdy"
  Member, Georgian Society in the U.S.A.
  Member, Association of Former Russian Imperial Naval Officers
  Worked for Matchabelli Perfumes, R. H. Macy Co., Parfum Chevalier Garde, and other retailers in cosmetic and jewelry business
  Immigrated to the United States
1941-1944 Worked for U.S. Army intelligence
1944 Author, Morskoi Korpus za CHetvert' Veka, 1901-1925, N.Y.
1945-1958 Director of Public Relations, Serge Obolensky Associates
1958 Author, Czars and Presidents
1969 Author, CHetyre mifa
1977 Author, Katia: Wife Before God
1959-1978 Freelancer, public relations
1978 Died, New York City

Scope and Content of Collection

Correspondence, speeches and writings, research notes, printed matter, photographs, engravings, lithographs, maps, and sound and video recordings relating to the history of Georgia (Transcaucasia), the Romanov family, Russian-American relations, and the Association of Russian Imperial Naval Officers in America. Includes photocopies of Romanov family letters, photographs of Russia during World War I by Donald C. Thompson, and a documentary film of Tsar Nicholas II.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Russians -- United States
Video tapes
Sound recordings
Russia -- Emigration and immigration
Motion pictures
World War, 1914-1918 -- Russia
Russia -- Court and courtiers
Georgia (Republic) -- History
Russia -- Foreign relations -- United States
United States -- Foreign relations -- Russia
Romanov, House of
Nicholas, Emperor of Russia, II, 1868-1918
Alexander, Emperor of Russia, II, 1818-1881
Association of Russian Imperial Naval Officers in America



Scope and Contents note

Correspondence, genealogical material, family papers and miscellaneous printed matter relating to the life, writings, and social activities of Alexandre Tarsaidze and the Eristov family, arranged alphabetically by physical form.

General, society

Scope and Contents note

Russian-American and other social events, especially charity.
box 1, folder 1

Calling cards and personal notes

box 1, folder 2

Programs and invitations 1964-1976


Business records



box 1, folder 3

Ermitage Restaurant 1960

box 1, folder 4

Southampton Hospital 1976-1977



box 1, folder 5

General 1938-1976

box 1, folder 6

Publishing 1956-1976

box 1, folder 7

Memoranda 1976-1977





box 1, folder 8


box 1, folder 9


box 1, folder 10


box 1, folder 11


box 1, folder 12

Duke, A. B. 1977

Scope and Contents note

Includes file on Panama Canal Treaty.
box 1, folder 13-14

Eristov family 1921-1970


Genealogical material

box 2, folder 1

L'Histoire et genealogie complete des Tarsaidj-Tarsaidze depuis XIII siecle de J-C., bound tearsheets 1851-1916

box 2, folder 2

Eristov (Eristavi) family, miscellaneous material, typescript and handwritten 1941-1944

box 2, folder 3

Eristov, Prince G., Moi Vospominaniia, 1875-1946, N.Y. 1954

box 2, folder 4

Tarsaidze, G., miscellaneous printed matter 1957

box 2, folder 5

Family crest and stamp undated


Personal and family documents

box 2, folder 6


box 2, folder 7


box 2, folder 8

Curricula vitae

box 2, folder 9

Documents relating to lawsuit against Martini & Rossi Corp. 1965-1967



Scope and Contents note

Books, articles, letters to the editor, and incidental writings of Alexandre Tarsaidze, arranged chronologically and by alphabetically by title thereunder.


box 3, folder 1-4

Catalog undated

Scope and Contents note

Includes émigré publications related to history, handwritten.
box 4, folder 1-3



Letters to the editor, typescript

box 5, folder 1


box 5, folder 2


box 5, folder 3


box 5, folder 4


box 5, folder 5


box 5, folder 6-8

Notebooks undated


Periodical press, writings, including articles and letters to the editor

box 5, folder 9


box 5, folder 10


box 5, folder 11


box 5, folder 12


box 5, folder 13


box 5, folder 14


box 6, folder 1-10


Scope and Contents note

Includes "Rokovye dni."
box 6, folder 11


box 6, folder 12-13


box 6, folder 14-15


box 7, folder 1


box 7, folder 2


box 7, folder 3


box 7, folder 4


box 7, folder 5


box 7, folder 6


box 7, folder 7


box 7, folder 8


box 7, folder 9


box 7, folder 10


box 7, folder 11


box 7, folder 12


box 7, folder 13


box 7, folder 14


box 7, folder 15


box 7, folder 16


box 7, folder 17


box 7, folder 18


box 7, folder 19



"Alexandrina and Alexander," undated

box 7, folder 20

Draft, typescript

box 7, folder 21

Notes and correspondence

box 7, folder 22

"Magdeburg Affair," outline for book, typescript undated

box 7, folder 23

Morskoi Korpus za chetvert' veka, printed copy 1944.


"Fanny Lear"

box 7, folder 24

Draft and research material, handwritten undated

box 7, folder 25

Legal agreements re publication 1950


Czars and Presidents 1958



box 7, folder 26

General 1938-1959

box 7, folder 27

Business 1957-1962


Research material

box 7, folder 28

Miscellany 1862-1942

Scope and Contents note

Includes material re Russian exploration of New Guinea and general correspondence.
box 7, folder 29


box 8, folder 1-3


box 8, folder 4


box 8, folder 5

Railroads 1939-1950

box 8, folder 6

Russian diplomatic corps in the U.S. 1944

box 8, folder 7

Photographic reproductions, explorers

box 8, folder 8

Legal contract for publication 1957

box 8, folder 9-10

Drafts, typescript undated

box 8, folder 11

Film script, typescript draft undated

box 8, folder 12

Scrapbook of reviews and letters to the author 1958

box 8, folder 13

Russia's Rich Husbands, reprints 1955.


CHetyre mifa, [See also: SUBJECT FILE/World War I] 1969



box 9, folder 1

Personal 1965-1974


Business 1969-1970

box 9, folder 2


box 9, folder 3-7

Book orders

box 9, folder 8

Draft, handwritten undated

box 9, folder 9

Advertisements and reviews


Katia: Wife Before God 1977



box 9, folder 10

General 1949-1977

box 9, folder 11

Business 1967-1970


Research material

box 10, folder 1

Unidentified (B. Nermi-Ergunov?), manuscript undated

box 10, folder 2

Gernet, L. von, memoirs and correspondence, typescript and handwritten 1949

box 10, folder 3

Klap'e, O. de, "Kniaginia Mariia Tenisheva," tearsheet undated

box 10, folder 4

Nikitin, D., memoirs re "Goga" IUr'evskii, printed copy 1945

box 10, folder 5

Genealogical material, typescript and handwritten undated

box 10, folder 6-8

Clippings and miscellany

Scope and Contents note

Includes material re Emperor Alexander II, Ekaterina Dolgorukova-IUr'evkaia and family.
box 10, folder 9

Photo reproductions [same as above]

box 10, folder 10-14

Drafts, typescript undated

box 11, folder 1-3


box 11, folder 4

Publicity material


SUBJECT FILE 1876-1977

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence and printed matter relating to the Caucasus, Transcaucasus, and Russia. Includes material about the Imperial Russian Army, Navy, and Air Force, especially in World War I. Also includes material related to the Russian Imperial family and especially the film Emperor Nicholas II, Last Czar of Russia produced by A. Tarsaidze. Arranged alphabetically by subject.


box 11, folder 5

General, miscellaneous material on Mt. Ararat and Noah's Ark 1967

Scope and Contents note

Includes correspondence of A. Tarsaidze.

Printed matter

box 11, folder 6

General, KHatissian, A., The Memoirs of a Mayor,tearsheets undated

box 11, folder 7



Caucasus and Transcaucasus




Printed matter

box 11, folder 8

General, Zakavkaz'e, Tiflis 1907-1908

box 11, folder 9







Bagratids, Royal House of Georgia, printed matter [See also: Nicholas II/Romanov Family genealogy]



box 11, folder 10

Lang, D., "Prince Ioan of Georgia and His 'Kalmasoba'", The American Slavic and East European Review, Reprint 1953.


Tumanov, Prince K.

box 11, folder 11

Miscellaneous offprints 1947

box 11, folder 12

"Materialy k genealogii Bagratidov", Novik, Typescript 1950.

box 11, folder 13

"Kniaz'ia Bagration-Mukhranskie", Novik, Typescript 1951.

box 11, folder 14

"Poslednie tsari Imeretii i ikh potomstvo", Novik, Typescript 1953.

box 12, folder 1


box 12, folder 2

Genealogical records

box 12, folder 3-4

Nobility and public figures, miscellany

Scope and Contents note

Includes genealogical material and writings of A. Tarsaidze. See also: Russia/Nobility.
box 12, folder 5

Pretenders to the Georgian throne, "M. Grousinski," miscellaneous material 1968



box 12, folder 6

General 1949-1975

box 12, folder 7

Iraklii of Georgia 1971

box 12, folder 8

Tumanov, Prince K. 1949-1958

box 12, folder 9

Letters to the editor 1973


Printed matter



box 12, folder 10

Dadeshkeliani, I., The Autocephaly of the Orthodox Church of Georgia 1922

box 12, folder 11

Mordovtsev, D., "ZHelezom i krov'iu", Novoe Russkoe Slovo undated

box 12, folder 12

Solov'ev, S., "Vostochnyi vopros 50 let nazad," Drevniia i novaia Rossiia 1876

box 12, folder 13-16

Clippings, tearsheets and miscellany


Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia


Imperial Family

box 13, folder 1

General, genealogy undated

Scope and Contents note

Includes list of Romanovs in the U.S.


box 13, folder 2

General 1944-1975

box 13, folder 3

Romanov family 1976


Moving pictures, Emperor Nicholas II, Last Czar of Russia

Scope and Contents note

Also under titles Emperor Nicholas II - Last Monarch of Russia and Emperor Nicholas II.
box 13, folder 4-5

Clippings 1966-1975





box 13, folder 6

Eastman, Max 1944

box 13, folder 7

Edward, Duke of Windsor and Wallace, Duchess of Windsor 1968

box 13, folder 8

Lied, J. and viewing by Norwegian Royal family 1958

box 13, folder 9

Massie, R. and S. 1968

box 13, folder 10

Mountbatten of Burma, Louis Mountbatten 1957, 1967

box 13, folder 11

Post, Marjorie Merriweather 1967-1972

box 13, folder 12

Tuchman, B. 1964

box 13, folder 13

Vladimir, Grand Duke of Russia and Madrid showing 1966





box 13, folder 14


box 13, folder 15


box 13, folder 16

Axelbank, Herman 1969-1975

box 13, folder 17

Holmquist, N., AB Europa Film 1970-1973


Invitations, announcements and advertisements



box 14, folder 1


box 14, folder 2


box 14, folder 3


box 14, folder 4


box 14, folder 5

Biarritz Benefit, France 1968-1969



box 14, folder 6

Draft, typescript undated

box 14, folder 7

Notes undated

box 14, folder 8

Andrian, B., "Poslednie dni Imperatora Nikolaia Vtorogo," typescript 1967

box 14, folder 9

Kalantar, M., narration for "Tsar Nicholas II and the Russian Revolution," typescript undated


Printed matter



box 15, folder 1

"A Christmas Hymn written by His Imperial Majesty Nicholas II...", San Francisco Examiner 1903

box 15, folder 2

ZHizn'i TSarstvovanie Imperatora Nikolaia II, "Vestnik" Obshchestva Russkikh Veteranov Velikoi Voiny 1970


Clippings, tearsheets

box 15, folder 3-7

Imperial family

Scope and Contents note

Includes memoirs about them.

Romanov family

box 15, folder 8-10

General, including monarchism

box 15, folder 11

Ol'ga Aleksandrovna, Grand Duchess 1959-1960

box 15, folder 12

Nikolai Nikolaevich, Grand Duke


Photographic reproductions


Imperial family

box 15, folder 13-14


Scope and Contents note

Includes Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia.
box 38, folder 1

Alexandra, Consort of Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia

box 38, folder 2

Alexis Nikolaevich

box 38, folder 3

Olga, Tat'iana, Maria, Anastasia, Grand Duchesses of Russia

box 38, folder 4

Romanov family


Abdication and exile of Nicholas II



box 16, folder 1

General, including re publication of letters below 1943-1970

box 16, folder 2

Erdeli, M. 1949


Letters from TSarskoe Selo, Stavka and Tobol'sk to Margarita (Rita) Erdeli, nee KHitrovo


Typescript copies

box 16, folder 3

Alexandra, Empress of Russia 1916 July - 1918 January

box 16, folder 4

Ol'ga, Grand Duchess 1914 September - 1918 April

box 16, folder 5

Tat'iana, Grand Duchess 1916 - 1918 February

box 16, folder 6

Facsimiles of above

box 16, folder 7

Printed matter, journals, clippings, and tearsheets from emigre press 1952-1957


Death of Imperial Family

box 16, folder 8

Correspondence 1956


Printed matter

box 16, folder 9

Fashist 1938 July

box 16, folder 10-13



Relics of Imperial Family

box 16, folder 14

Correspondence 1943-1971


Printed matter

box 16, folder 15

Tarsaidze, A., miscellaneous newspaper articles 1958-1971

box 16, folder 16

Clippings and tearsheets 1930-1958



box 16, folder 17

Correspondence 1976


Printed matter

box 16, folder 18

General, Solovieff-Rasputine, M., Mon Pere Grigory Raspoutine, photocopy 1925

box 17, folder 1-2


box 17, folder 3

Photographic reproductions





box 17, folder 4

"Alexei," Michael Goleniewski, clippings



box 17, folder 5

Correspondence 1955-1968

box 17, folder 6


box 17, folder 7


box 17, folder 8

Correspondence 1953-1976

Scope and Contents note

Includes material re "Alexei," Michael Goleniewski.



General, printed matter



box 17, folder 9

Fine Bindings from the Libraries of the Tzars of Russia, Plaza Book Auction Corp., N.Y. 1933

box 17, folder 10

Goebbels, J., Teoriia i praktika bol'shevizma, translation of speech delivered at Nurenberg 1936 September

box 17, folder 11

Okul'tizm i ioga, Asuncion 1967

box 17, folder 12

Russia, Russian-American Semi-Monthly Magazine 1944-1945

Scope and Contents note

Includes articles by A. Tarsaidze.
box 17, folder 13


box 18

Notebooks (1-5), clippings from emigre and foreign press

Scope and Contents note

Includes material on monarchism, World War I, Civil War and Soviet Union. Book 5 includes material re female soldiers and sailors in Russian Army, 1922-1927.
box 19

Notebooks (6-8)

box 20, folder 1

Notebooks (9-10)


Photographic reproductions 1890s-1917

box 20, folder 2


Scope and Contents note

Includes cities (St. Petersburg and Moscow) and Imperial palaces.
box 20, folder 3

Political figures

box 20, folder 4

Society figures


Air Force, printed matter

box 20, folder 5


box 20, folder 6-8

Miscellany re G. Sikorsky 1964-1972





box 20, folder 9

Program-menus for official dinners of Guards regiments 1874-1875

box 20, folder 10

Orders, decorations and coats of arms

box 20, folder 11

Correspondence 1964, 1974


Printed matter



box 20, folder 12

Danil'chenko, Col. P., Poslednii TSarskii smotr voiskam na Marsovom Pole, typescript 1950

box 20, folder 13

KHolmnsen, Lieut.-Gen. I., Na voennoi sluzhbe v Rossii, N.Y. 1953

box 20, folder 14

Images de l'armée russe, 1683-1917 undated

box 20, folder 15

Russkii Invalid 1964, 1966, 1972

box 20, folder 16

Suvorovtsy, Izdanie Ob"edineniia b. kadet Suvorovskago Kadetskago Korpusa undated

box 20, folder 17

Vestnik kavalergardskoi sem'i 1951-1969

box 20, folder 18

Voennaia Byl' 1968 November

box 20, folder 19

Voenno-istoricheskii zhurnal, Moscow 1964


Clippings and tearsheets

box 21, folder 1


box 21, folder 2

Obituaries of former officers

box 21, folder 3

Photographic reproductions

box 21, folder 4

Automobiles, clippings


Civil War, printed matter [See also: Revolution of 1917]

box 21, folder 5

General, Pervopokhodnik 1971



box 21, folder 6


box 21, folder 7-8

Kolchak, Adm. A.


Corporal punishment and prisons

box 21, folder 9

Clippings 1965-1972

box 21, folder 10

Correspondence and letters to the editor 1951-1974


Cossacks, printed matter


General. Eliseev, F.

box 21, folder 11

Nash polk v mesiatsy revoliutsii 1917-1918 godov, N.Y. 1961

box 21, folder 12

Pesni Kubanskikh Kazakov 1960

box 21, folder 13

Reid Sotnika Gamaliia v Mesopotamii v mae 1916 goda, N.Y. 1957

box 21, folder 14




box 21, folder 15

Memoirs of A. Chicherin, typescript undated


Printed matter

box 21, folder 16

General, bicentennial of the U.S.



box 21, folder 17

Biographical material

box 21, folder 18


box 22, folder 1

Inventors, clippings [See also: SPEECHES AND WRITINGS/ General. Letters to the editor]


Jews in Russia

box 22, folder 2

Correspondence, including letters to the editor 1956-1965

box 22, folder 3

Clippings 1939-1973

box 22, folder 4

Karaims, Zajanczkowski, A., "Karaims," printed copy [See also: PHOTOGRAPHS] undated

box 22, folder 5

Money and government bonds 1899-1924



box 22, folder 6

"Baian," Obshchestvo peniia... v g. Rige, program 1887.

box 22, folder 7

Russian National Anthem and "Marsh gvardeiskago ekipazha," sheet music undated




General, Obshchestvo Russkikh Morskikh Ofitserov v Amerike

box 22, folder 8

Bulletin 1944, 1948, 1967, 1971, 1973, 1975-1977

box 22, folder 9

Correspondence of A. Tarsaidze 1971-1973

box 22, folder 10

Lists of former Russian Imperial Naval officers 1944, 1952

box 22, folder 11

Programs, invitations, and clippings related to social events 1935-1975



box 22, folder 12-13

General 1943-1976

box 22, folder 14

Letters to the editor 1939-1969

box 22, folder 15

Material related to U.S.S. Whipple 1950-1973


Printed matter



box 22, folder 16

Biulleten' Morskogo Uchilishcha Vypusk 1920 1966, 1967

box 22, folder 17

Pravila dlia kadet Morskogo Ego Imperatorskago Vysochestva Naslednika TSesarevicha Kadetskago Korpusa, Sevastopol' 1916

box 22, folder 18

Imperial Navy uniforms, 19th century, lithographs



box 23, folder 1-9


box 23, folder 10-11

Navy and Revolutions of 1905 and 1917

box 23, folder 12

South Pacific and Hawaiian Islands 1935

box 23, folder 13

Photographic reproductions of Morskoi Korpus



box 24, folder 1

General, Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, miscellaneous material 1967-1975

box 24, folder 2

Correspondence, including re imposters 1957-1971


Printed matter



box 24, folder 3

Dvorianstvo, Paris 1960, 1964-1965, 1969

box 24, folder 4-6

Novik. Istoriko-genealogicheskii ZHurnal, N. Pleshko ed., New York 1942, 1948, 1949, 1951, 1952, 1958, 1959, 1961

box 24, folder 7

Russian Nobility Association in U.S.A., miscellaneous material 1953

box 24, folder 8

Soiuz Dvorian, Paris 1954, 1961, 1964

box 24, folder 9

Staryi Peterburg, iubileinyi sbornik vospominanii 1953



box 25, folder 1

General, including obituaries

box 25, folder 2


box 25, folder 3

Social events




Obolensky, Princes

box 25, folder 4

Pleshko, N., Russkoe Istoriko-Rodoslovnoe Obshchestvo v Amerike 1959

box 25, folder 5

Miscellany 1905-1970

box 25, folder 6

Clippings 1968-1971

box 25, folder 7

Sverbeev, Pleshko, N., Russkoe Istoriko-Rodoslovnoe Obshchestvo v Amerike 1951

box 25, folder 8

Urussov, Princes, Pleshko, N., Russkoe Istoriko-Rodoslovnoe Obshchestvo v Amerike 1955

box 25, folder 9

Ob"edinenie Russkikh IUristov b. Di Pi v Amerike, Vestnik 1959


Orthodox Church

box 25, folder 10

General, Trifono-Pechengskii Monastery, miscellaneous material undated


Clippings and tearsheets

box 25, folder 11

Church in America

box 25, folder 12

Church abroad [See also: SPEECHES AND WRITINGS] 1930s-1970

box 25, folder 13

Peter the Great, Emperor of Russia, miscellaneous material re Donizetti opera "Il borgomastro di Saardam," 1973

box 26, folder 1-2

Pushkin, A., clippings 1937-1975

box 26, folder 3

Revolution of 1905, clippings


Revolution of 1917



box 26, folder 4

General 1943-1969

box 26, folder 5

Mel'gunov, S. 1952-1957


Memoirs, typescript

box 26, folder 6

Anitchkoff, V. 1917-1922

box 26, folder 7

SHvetsov, D. undated


Printed matter, clippings and tearsheets

box 26, folder 8-10


Scope and Contents note

Includes biographical material re Communists.
box 27, folder 1-6


box 28, folder 1

Gumberg, A. 1953

box 28, folder 2-4

Lenin, V., biographical material

box 28, folder 5

Reilley, Sidney

box 28, folder 6

Stalin, I. and Stalinists

box 28, folder 7

"Zinov'ev letter," 1966-1970

box 28, folder 8

Russian-American Information Bureau, letter of A. Tarsaidze, introducing organization, typescript undated

box 28, folder 9-10

Russo-Japanese War, clippings

box 28, folder 11

Rossica, Society of Russian Philately Journal 1955

box 28, folder 12-13

Siberia and the Far East, clippings

box 29, folder 1-5

Solzhenitsyn, A., clippings [See also: SPEECHES AND WRITINGS and SUBJECT FILE/ World War I]

box 29, folder 6

Stolypin, A., clippings


World War I




Association of Russian War Invalids of the First World War

box 29, folder 7

Printed matter, Russkii Invalid 1973 May

box 29, folder 8

Miscellany 1957-1960

Scope and Contents note

Includes correspondence and legal papers.
box 29, folder 9

Jagow, Gottlieb von (?), miscellaneous correspondence, typescript copies 1914-1915

box 29, folder 10

Miasoedov, Col., clippings [See also: SPEECHES AND WRITINGS] 1965




"Magdeburg Affair," including material re naval intelligence and codes

box 29, folder 11


box 29, folder 12

Correspondence 1959-1975


Printed matter

box 29, folder 13

General, Timirev, Rear-Adm. S., Baltiiskii Flot vo vremia voiny i revoliutsii 1961

box 29, folder 14


box 29, folder 15

Ruzskii, Gen. V., clippings [See also: SPEECHES AND WRITINGS]

box 29, folder 16-18

Sukhomlinov, Gen. V., clippings, tearsheets, photographic reproductions and other printed matter [See also: SPEECHES AND WRITINGS and SUBJECT FILE/Russia/Air Force/Navy] 1924-1966



box 29, folder 19

General 1943-1974

box 29, folder 20

Kerensky, A. 1944


Printed matter



box 29, folder 21

Andolenko, Gen., La Guerre 1914-1918 sur le front russe 1965

box 29, folder 22

Budberg, Lieut.-Gen. Baron A., Vooruzhennyia sily Rossiiskoi Imperii v ispolnenii obshchesoiuznykh zadach i obiazanostei vo vremia voiny 1914-1917g. 1939

box 30, folder 1

Dartigues, L., La mission sanitaire chirurgicale française du Caucase 1er Juillet 1917-13 Juillet 1918, Paris 1919

box 30, folder 2

Eristov, Prince A., "Velikii Kniaz' Sergei Mikhailovich," typescript excerpt, Russkii Invalid 1939

box 30, folder 3

Headquarters of the Military Representative...of the Russian Army, Russia in the War, 1914-1918 1919

box 30, folder 4

Konnaia gvardiia na voine, photograph album 1914


Clippings and tearsheets

box 30, folder 5-14


box 30, folder 15

German spies in Russia

Scope and Contents note

Includes A. Tarsaidze's letters to the editor.
box 30, folder 16

Photographic reproductions

Scope and Contents note

Includes document changing name of St. Petersburg to Petrograd, 1914 August 18.
box 30, folder 17

World War II, clippings


OVERSIZE FILE 1780s-1960

Scope and Contents note

Printed matter, including prints, posters, chromolithographs, books, and albums of Caucasians in national dress; Georgian royalty, nobility, and national monuments; Russian tsars and emperors, Russian nobility, Russian Imperial Army and Navy; and miscellany related to St. Petersburg. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

General, printed matter

box 31

Harper's Weekly 1866

box 31

New York Times Mid-Week Pictorial 1919

box 32

Caucasus and Transcaucasus, tearsheets from album, prints, and posters 1850s

Scope and Contents note

Caucasians in national dress and historical group scenes.



Printed matter

box 32

"Genealogicheskaia tablitsa gruzinskago tsarskago doma s Bagrata III," 1853

box 32

Berzhe, A. and Bakradze, D. eds., Zapiski obshchestva liubitelei kavkazskoi arkheologii, Tiflis, 175


Prints and posters

box 32

Gagarin, G., Chromolithographe Lemercier, chromolithographs of watercolor drawings of Georgian frescos in churches and palaces, 19th century


Portraits of Georgian royalty and nobility

box 32

Iraklii II, lithograph undated

box 32

IUlon, Ioan and David, prints and copies of prints undated

box 32

Gurieli, Princes, "Nekotorye iz deputatov Aziatskikh narodov...," 1856





box 33, folder 6

Novoe Vremia, photocopy 1916 March

box 33, folder 2

Tsars and Emperors of Russia, miscellaneous prints undated

box 33, folder 3-4

Miscellany 1848-1969

Scope and Contents note

Includes posters, prints, drawings and programs.

Alexander II, Emperor of Russia. Printed matter

box 33

TSarstvovanie Imperatora Aleksandra II (v kartinakh), St. Petersburg 1882

box 33, folder 1

"Konchina Imperatora Aleksandra II," lithograph 1881.

os_folder 1

"Pamiatnyi list po sluchaiu iubileia...Aleksandra Nikolaevicha," St. Petersburg 1880

box 41, folder 2

Army, "Trubach. L. Gv. Kirasirskago... polka," color print 1855



os_folder 1

Sailor from ship Variag, fragment of poster undated

box 41, folder 1

Miscellany related to Russian-American naval relations 1863


Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia



box 41, folder 3

"Iz moego al'boma," personal family album of Empress Alexandra

box 41, folder 4

Krasnyi Arkhiv, "Dnevnik Nikolaia Romanova," tearsheets undated

box 33, folder 5

Posters, Emperor Nicholas II and Russian Imperial Army



box 33, folder 7

"Carte des ordres de chevalerie de sa Majeste Czarine...," 1780s

box 42

Spiski titulovannym rodam i litsam rossiiskoi imperi, Tipografiia pravitel'stvuiushchago senata, St. Petersburg 1892


St. Petersburg

box 34

Maps 1911, 1958


Printed matter

box 34

General, "Le palais imperial d'hiver," 19th century

box 34

Dobuzhinskii, M., Peterburg v Dvatsat' pervom godu 1923


Tarsaidze, A., scrapbooks of clippings

box 34

"Russian Naval Ball," 1934 November

box 34

Social life, miscellany 1935

box 34

Emperor Nicholas II - Last Monarch of Russia, announcements and reviews of film 1956

box 35

Politics (especially Russophobia and misinterpretation of Russian history), clippings and letters to the editor 1936-1956

box 35

"Bal Blanc" and other social and charitable events 1956-1960


MAPS 1648-1958

Scope and Contents note

Maps of the South Pacific and the Russian Empire, including Georgia, arranged by subject.
box 36


Scope and Contents note

Rand McNally, "War-Planning Map of the World," undated; New Guinea and Papua, 1934; Oceania, 1840(?).


box 36

General, including Russian Empire, South Russia, Black Sea and Caucasus, Siberia and Maritime Provinces 1648-1958



box 37

Enlarged photographs of maps 1905-1915

box 37

Tiflis, city plan, 19th century


PHOTOGRAPHS 1880s-1960s

Scope and Contents note

404 prints, 51 postcards, 40 duplicates, 2 color transparencies, and 2 albums. Includes photographs of the Tarsaidze family; the Russian Imperial Army and Navy; World War I, the Revolution of 1917, and the Russian Civil War; Emperor Nicholas II, the Imperial family, and the Romanov family; and Georgia and the Transcaucasus. Arranged by subject.
envelope A

8 prints and 12 duplicates depicting A. Tarsaidze 1905(?)-1920

envelope B

24 prints depicting the Tarsaidze and Eristavi families 1900-1950s

envelope C

5 prints depicting Russian Imperial Air Force undated

Scope and Contents note

Includes group photos of officers with Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia. Also includes portrait print of I. Sikorsky.
envelope D

29 prints depicting Russian Imperial Army 1880s-1917

Scope and Contents note

Includes Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia.
envelope mE

39 prints depicting Russian Imperial Navy 1865-1917

envelope F

1 print depicting Lieut.-Gen. N. IUdenich with a group of Imperial Army officers 1915

envelope mG

33 prints depicting Russia in World War I 1914-1917

Scope and Contents note

Includes battle scenes, Red Cross work, street scenes, female soldiers of the Battalion of Death with their commander Maria Bochkareva, and portrait prints of soldiers, peasants, and nurses. Reproductions of Donald C. Thompson photographs.
envelope H

4 prints and 4 duplicates depicting the Russian Army of the Trans-Caucasus 1914-1917(?)

Scope and Contents note

Includes Dikaia Diviziia and the Emir of Bukhara.
envelope mI

24 prints depicting street scenes in Petrograd during the Revolution of 1917

Scope and Contents note

Includes A. Kerensky. Reproductions of Donald C. Thompson photographs, originally published in Blood Stained Russia, Leslie -Judge Co. Publishers, New York, 1918.
envelope J

33 prints depicting scenes of the Russian Civil War in the Caucasus 1917-1918

envelope mK

34 prints depicting Georgia 1853-1922

Scope and Contents note

Includes "Deputatsiia gruzinskago dvorianstva po povodu 100-letiia prisoedineniia Gruzii" and portrait prints of Prince G. Bagration, Prince I. Amilakhviri, and Prince Gurielli.
box 39

Photograph album of Georgia 1900s

Scope and Contents

Formerly labeled Album fL.
envelope M

2 prints depicting Karaims 1913, 1916

Scope and Contents note

Includes the delegation to the celebration of the tricentenary of Romanov rule.
envelope N

19 prints and 7 duplicates related to G. Tarsaidze's book Katia: Wife Before God 1880s-1950s

Scope and Contents note

Includes portrait prints of Alexander II, Empress Maria, Ekaterina Dolgorukova, Ol'ga, Katia, and Georgii IUr'evskii.
envelope O-P

25 prints and 6 duplicates depicting the Imperial family, including scenes of military manoeuvres and ceremonies 1910-1917

Scope and Contents note

Includes original prints by K. E. von Gan & Co., TSarskoe Selo.
envelope Q-mR

67 prints depicting Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia 1870s-1917

Scope and Contents note

Includes original prints by K. E. von Gan & Co., TSarskoe Selo.
envelope S-mT

9 prints and 1 duplicate depicting Alexandra, consort of Nicholas, Emperor of Russia 1900s-1917

Scope and Contents note

Includes original prints by K. E. von Gan & Co., TSarskoe Selo.
envelope U-mV

32 prints and 2 duplicates depicting Tsesarevich Aleksei Nikolaevich 1908(?)-1917

envelope W-mX

32 prints and 1 duplicate depicting the Grand Duchesses Ol'ga, Tat'iana, Maria, and Anastasiia, 1905-1917(?)

Scope and Contents note

Includes scenes of their hospital work and a portrait print of Grand Duchess Tat'iana.
envelope Y-Z

30 prints depicting the Romanov family 1880s-1960s

envelope mAA

1 print depicting Grand Duke Mikhail Aleksandrovich and group of British noblemen 1900s

envelope BB

1 print depicting Count V. Adlerberg undated

envelope mCC

1 print depicting King Ferdinand I of Romania arriving in St. Petersburg 1914

envelope DD

1 print depicting Princess E. Obolenskaia in court dress undated

envelope mEE

1 print depicting G. Rasputin in the company of society women undated

envelope FF

1 print depicting Suliman Pasha Shapshal, Regent of Persia 1907-1915

envelope GG

2 prints depicting P. Stolypin 1911

envelope HH

1 print and 7 duplicates depicting ball in St. Petersburg, 1910(?)

envelope mII

2 prints and 2 color transparencies of paintings by E. Vigee-Lebrun, one depicting Elizaveta Alekseevna, consort of Alexander I, Emperor of Russia, the other Princess Tatiana IUsupova 1790s

envelope JJ

3 unidentified prints

box 40

Photograph album of St. Petersburg 1910s(?)

Scope and Contents

Formerly labeled Album fKK.
envelope LL

36 postcards of St. Petersburg and Leningrad 1890s-1960s

envelope MM

15 miscellaneous postcards

envelope NN

Print negatives

envelope OO

35 mm. black and white negatives

film shelf


Scope and Contents note

Emperor Nicholas II, Last Czar of Russia and other films related to monarchy.
reel 1

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, Castle Film Productions, 16 mm., sound 1954

reel 2

"News Parade of the Year" and "Old Time Movies," Castle Film Productions, 16 mm., sound 1939

reel 3

Memorial service (panikhida) for Russian Imperial Family at cathedral of Russian Church Abroad in New York, WCBS News, 16 mm., sound 1968

reel 4

Coronations of British monarchs up to George IV and coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, Pathegrams footage, 16 mm., silent and sound

reel 5

Russia in World War I, composite of still photographs in Tarsaidze collection, 16 mm., silent

Scope and Contents note

Includes nursing activities of Grand Duchesses.
reel 6

Emperor Nicholas II, Last Czar of Russia, sound

Scope and Contents note

Also under title: Emperor Nicholas II - Last Monarch of Russia and Emperor Nicholas II. Includes incomplete duplicate, 2 copy negatives, 2 silent answer prints, and 1 incomplete lab test.

Alternate Forms Available

Videocassette (3/4" U-Matic)
reel 7-10

Original footage of Emperor Nicholas II, Last Czar of Russia, Embassy Films, 16 mm., silent 1956


Use copy (DVD made from VHS copy) available on-site for immediate use. Use copy reference number: 78055_001_r2016.

Scope and Contents note

Includes Imperial family, miscellaneous footage.

Alternate Forms Available

Videocassette (VHS)
reel 11

Miscellaneous 35 mm. and 16 mm. fragments

record cabinet

SOUND RECORDINGS 1955-1968, undated

Scope and Contents note

Includes Russian Imperial Cavalry march, memorial service for Imperial family, Soviet anthem, and recordings of interviews with A. Tarsaidze and others.

Sound recording of Anthems, Vol. I, Folkways Records, FP 88-1 1955

Scope and Contents note

These are chiefly instrumental performances of the national anthems.


Use copy reference number: 78055_a_0006924

Sound recording of "Cavalry March of Her Majesty's Regiment," 78 speed disc undated

Scope and Contents note

There are numerous scratches throughout this disc.


Use copy reference number: 78055_a_0001774

Sound recording of interview with A. Tarsaidze, I. Obolensky, and Adlerberg, 78 speed discs undated

Scope and Contents note

Describes the men's lives. In English.


Use copy reference number: 78055_a_0001775

Sound recording of "The Solemn Funeral Service for the Russian Imperial Family and all the Victims of Communist Terror," Brussels 1968 July 17

Scope and Contents note

The item title is culled from the heading of the back cover notes. In Russian.


Use copy reference number: 78055_a_0006923