Inventory of the Yvonne W. Brathwaite Papers

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Inventory of the Yvonne W. Brathwaite Papers

Inventory: LP68; LP69

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Yvonne W. Brathwaite Papers
Inventory: LP68; LP69
Creator: Brathwaite, Yvonne W.
Repository: California State Archives
Sacramento, California
Language: English.

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[Identification of item], Yvonne W. Brathwaite Papers, LP68; LP69, California State Archives.

Biographical Sketch

Yvonne W. Brathwaite was first elected in 1966 from the 63rd Assembly District. A Democrat, Mrs. Brathwaite is the first Black woman elected to the California Assembly. Her district, in the south-west part of Los Angeles County, has a two to one Democratic registration edge and is 35% Black. A lawyer in private practice, Mrs. Brathwaite has been a vigorous civil rights advocate and has sponsored legislation calling for more effective education for Los Angeles pupils on double sessions, better recreation facilities to cut delinquency, strong fair employment legislation and tax reform Mrs. Brathwaite was elected to Congress in 1972 General Election representing the 37th Congressional District.

Arrangement and Description

Folder LP68:1-21

1. Legislative Files

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence received and sent regarding proposed and pending legislation; memorandum; press releases; newspaper clippings; bill analyses; reports; committee papers and micellaneous data pretaining to the legislative process (entries below indicate subject areas of bills sponsored by Mrs. Brathwaite during each legislative session. Bills are arranged numerically by each session).
Folder LP68:1-4

1967 Legislation: wage garnishment; workmen's compensation; unit pricing; gifted student program; juvenile court proceedings

Physical Description: (4f).
Folder LP68:5-11

1968 Legislation: court procedures; licensing of interior decorators and X-ray technicians; unemployment insurance; gun control; juvenile court procedures

Physical Description: (7f).
Folder LP68:12-16

1969 Legislation: misbranding; airport relocation, development and zoning; attachments; wage garnishment; school employees; environmental quality control

Physical Description: (5f).
Folder LP68:17-21

1970 Legislation: regulation of boarding homes; late payment charges on real estate loans; finance charges; workmen's compensation; attachments; election of Public Utilities Commission members

Physical Description: (5f).
Folder LP68:22-40; LP 69:1-41

2. Office Correspondence

Scope and Content Note

Communication received and sent from constituents, legislators, legislative advocates, special interest groups regarding proposed and pending legislation, operations of state and local government, local conditions, etc. [entries arranged alphabetically by subject. In most cases only samples of a particular file (subject) were retained. In cases where research values were slight or lacking the entire files were eliminated.].
Folder LP68:22-40

1968-69 Office Correspondence: aged; agricultural workers; airport planning; campaign materials; California Association of Real Estate Brokers; campus unrest; collective bargaining; court consolidation; education-higher, school finance, educational opportunities program; farm workers; gun control; health and welfare; hearing aid -licensing of dealers; housing; insurance; Los Angeles County; local government; newsletters; personal-invitations accepted, alphabetical correspondence file; physicians and surgeons; press releases; public health; raw milk; San Francisco Bay; status of women; strikebreakers; tax reform; taxes; transportation; truth-inlending; unemployment insurance; voter registration; welfare; workmen's compensation

Physical Description: (19f).
Folder LP69:1-14

1970 Office Correspondence: abortion; air pollution; bonding of minority contractors; budget; Carswell nomination; ecology; education; future legislation; malnutrition; marijuana; Medi-Cal; mental health; mental retardation; mobile homes, taxation of; nurses; police brutality; power plan sittings; press releases; strikebreakers; taxation; transportation; unemployment and disability insurance; Vietnam; welfare

Physical Description: (14f).
Folder LP69:15-32

1971 Office Correspondence: abortion; air pollution; airport noise; auto insurance; blacks; Calif. Democratic Party; California Rural Legal Assistance; Campaign 1972; capital punishment; child care; consumer legislation; district office; drug abuse; education; employment; environmental quality; grand juries; health; housing and urban development; Medi-Cal; Mexican-Americans; no fault insurance; nurses; sickle cell anemia; taxation; women and womens rights

Physical Description: (18f).
Folder LP69:33-41

1972 Office Correspondence: abortion; alcoholic beverages; coastal zone conservation; consumer affairs; courts; drugs; education; environmental quality; gun control; health; highways; insurance rates; labor; mental health; Mexican-Americans; no fault insurance; real estate; senior citizens; taxation.