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Inventory of the Los Angeles Police Department Records of the Robert F. Kennedy Assassination Investigation, ca. 1968-1978
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  • Descriptive Summary
  • Administrative Information
  • Introduction
  • Appendices

  • Descriptive Summary

    Title: Los Angeles Police Department Records of the Robert F. Kennedy Assassination Investigation,
    Date (inclusive): ca. 1968-1978
    Creator: Los Angeles (Calif.). Police Dept.
    Extent: ca. 50,000 pages
    Repository: California State Archives
    Sacramento, California
    Language: English.

    Administrative Information

    Publication Rights

    For permission to reproduce or publish, please contact the California State Archives. Permission for reproduction or publication is given on behalf of the California State Archives as the owner of the physical items. The researcher assumes all responsibility for possible infringement which may arise from reproduction or publication of materials from the California State Archives collections.

    Preferred Citation

    [Identification of item], Los Angeles Police Department Records of the Robert F. Kennedy Assassination Investigation, California State Archives, Office of the Secretary of State, Sacramento, California.


    When the California State Archives received the Kennedy assassination investigation records in August 1987, it was apparent that the records would require special treatment. In examining the material, one is immediately struck by both the magnitude of the investigation and the size and types of records generated by it. Among the 50,000 pages created by Special Unit Senator (SUS) may be found a card index of over 8,200 entries, over 4,800 interviews, nearly 2,900 photographs, 155 items of physical evidence, and a bewildering number and variety of audio and videotapes. In all, the investigation consumed over 6,400 personnel hours during a thirteen-month period and cost in excess of $289,000.
    To a great extent, the records have been organized following the filing system and order established by SUS, as is customary in archival practice. Series titles have been retained except in a few cases when they seemed confusing or misleading. Significant duplication shows up throughout the records. That is, a particular report or interview may appear in several aspects of the investigation. In order to document this practice, such duplication has not been eliminated unless it occurred within the same file unit.
    The records are divided into four distinct groups. The largest group by far consists of the records of Special Unit Senator, 1968-1969, which conducted the investigation. The bulk of the SUS records relate to the interview process -- Interviews (series #11), Transcripts (series #22), or Tape Recorded Interviews (series #30). Other large series exist on conspiracies -- Conspiracy Investigation Files (series #27), and on the Final Reports (series #12). The second group is relatively small in comparison, but significant. These are the Re-investigative Files, 1974-1978, which focus on many of the "second-gun" theories that surfaced after Sirhan's trial. The third body of materials comprise the exhibits found in Sirhan's trial in Los Angeles County Superior Court, The People of the State of California v. Sirhan Bishara Sirhan (A233421). The fourth group of records are the Wolfer Board records which constitute an internal investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department into allegations against DeWayne Wolfer who conducted the ballistic studies in the case.
    A researcher should be aware that, with few exceptions, access to the records will be provided through a user version of a 16mm microfilm copy. Microfilm roll numbers are printed next to each microfilmed series described in the guide. This has been done not only to preclude use of information excluded from public access by state law, but also to ensure preservation of the originals. A number of items have been copied to facilitate use of the records. All motion picture film and U-matic videotapes have been transferred to a cassette format with, in some cases, enhanced sound qualities. Copy negatives have been produced for all photographs where none existed previously. The entire collection has been microfilmed for security purposes.
    From the beginning, every effort has been made to provide the fullest possible disclosure of the records. In many instances, though particular series contained sensitive information, a decision was made to open the records for examination. These decisions were made through a determination that the historical significance of the investigation and the "public's right to know" outweighed an "individual's right to privacy". As a result, in the few places where restrictions are noted, the justification is firmly rooted in California statutory law. This is true for the following categories: all records relating to arrests and convictions created by the State Department of Justice, Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation; fingerprint records; records with any information about the arrest or conviction of juveniles; school records containing student names; autopsy photographs; and selected personnel documents from the aforementioned Wolfer Board records. In addition, two other types of records are restricted: FBI records; and police records from agencies other than the Los Angeles Police Department noted as "confidential". Researchers who desire access to these latter records should contact the FBI or appropriate originating jurisdiction directly.
    A body of related information may be found elsewhere. The Robert F. Kennedy Assassination Archives  at Southeastern Massachusetts University (North Dartmouth, Massachusetts 02747) contains a large collection of materials on the case. Included among these records are files donated by several writers and researchers and materials purchased from the National Archives and Records Administration-Pacific Southwest Region, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office, and the FBI. Another source of information is the Assassination Archives and Research Center (918 "F" Street, N.W., Suite 510, Washington, D.C. 20004). The Center maintains an extensive collection of government documents, interviews, unpublished manuscripts, photographs, audio tapes, and secondary works. These materials may be regarded as supplementing the records described in this guide, although doubtless some minor duplication exists. The California State Archives also maintains other records of interest, including Sirhan's appeal to the State Supreme Court (Case No. 14026).
    Most researchers and, in particular, those unfamiliar with the investigation, will find a review of the ten-volume, uncensored version of the final report to be a useful starting point. The report summarizes in much detail the work of the investigation and draws heavily from records to be found in almost every other series. A table of contents for this report may be found in Appendix B of the guide. In addition, a number of indices are interspersed throughout the collection which, in some cases, provide detailed information concerning the contents of the series in question. Whenever present, these indices will be located at the beginning of the microfilmed series.
    Questions about restricted materials, use and availability of materials, and other matters related to the records, should be addressed in writing to Nancy Zimmelman at the California State Archives.


    Appendix A: List of Physical Evidence

    * Note: All items of RFK's clothing are in the possession of the Los Angeles County District Attorney.

    Appendix B: The 1969 Final Report: Table of Contents

    See the master finding aid available on the California State Archives website for more information

    Appendix C: List of Motion Picture Films

    Special Unit Senator composite film:
    "Senator Kennedy Assassination", June 5, 1968
    Pat Paulsen (prior to Kennedy speech) Produced by Group One Productions
    Ambassador Hotel, June 4, 1968

    Note: no audio
    Kennedy Speech and Shooting Aftermath
    Embassy ballroom, Ambassador Hotel, June 4-5, 1968

    Note: no audio
    Kennedy Shooting Aftermath
    Ambassador Hotel pantry, June 5, 1968

    Note: no audio
    Kennedy Shooting Aftermath
    Ambassador Hotel, NBC News film, June 5, 1968

    Note: no audio
    Kennedy Shooting Aftermath
    Ambassador Hotel, KNXT News film, June 5, 1968
    Kennedy Shooting Aftermath
    Ambassador Hotel, CBS News film, June 5, 1968
    Good Government Kennedy Rally
    Produced by TRW Systems Group, May 16, 1968

    Note: no audio
    Kennedy Rally
    Ambassador Hotel, June 2, 1968

    Note: no audio
    Re-enactment of the Assassination; Reviewing Polka-dot Dresses
    Ambassador Hotel; other unspecified locations, June ?, 1968 and other unspecified dates.

    Created by Special Unit Senator

    Note: very poor quality; at times, no picture and/or poor audio quality

    Appendix D: Index to the Transcripts

    See the master finding aid available on the California State Archives website for more information

    Appendix E: Robert F. Kennedy Assassination Investigation Records Audio Tapes

    *Note: Unless otherwise noted, all audio tapes are recordings of interviews who were not witnesses to the shooting.

    People v. Sirhan Sirhan

    The following tapes were part of the evidence in the case, People v. Sirhan Sirhan. The tapes were transferred to the California State Archives from the National Archives, Pacific Southwest Region in Laguna Niguel, California.

    Interview by John F. Burns

    The following tape is an oral history interview conducted by California State Archivist, John F. Burns.

    Appendix F:Index to Photographs

    See the master finding aid available on the California State Archives website for more information

    Appendix G:Microfilm Index

    See the master finding aid available on the California State Archives website for more information

    Appendix H:List and Description of Trial Exhibits

    See the master finding aid available on the California State Archives website for more information

    Appendix I: Policies and Procedures for Use of Collection

    1. Documents from the Los Angeles Police Department records of the Robert F. Kennedy assassination investigation are available only on microfilm. In addition, the collection contains copies of audio tapes, video tapes, and photographs.
    2. Copies of microfilm, audio tape, video tape, and photographs may be purchased. All orders for microfilm and audio tape must be prepaid.
    3. Microfilm. Rolls of microfilm can be purchased at a cost of $25.00/roll or $600.00 for the complete set (24 rolls). Included with the complete set is a finding aid. The finding aid may be purchased separately for $22.50. Checks should be made payable to "California Archives Foundation". Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are also accepted.
    4. Photographs. Copies of photographs may be purchased at a cost of $10.00/image for order preparation plus applicable reproduction charges. Check with Archives staff for additional details.
    5. Audio and Video Materials. For copies of selected audio tapes and video tapes, contact the California State Archives.

    Appendix J: Selected Bibliography

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    Name Index to Audio Tapes

    Abo, Dr. Stanley CSA-K114
    Almond, Charles CSA-K181
    Altenbaugh, Charlie CSA-K42
    Altfillisch, Bert CSA-K34
    Arnot, Larry CSA-K67, CSA-K68
    Aubry, Richard CSA-K86
    Azirian, Stepan CSA-K115
    Ballantyne, Nina CSA-K54
    Barry, William CSA-K6 (Part 2)
    Behunin, Ruth CSA-K81 (A)
    Bobbitt, Danny G. CSA-K19
    Booth, Lucy CSA-K81 (A)
    Braden, Jim CSA-K14
    Breslin, James CSA-K140
    Buck, David CSA-K43
    Buck, Dorothy CSA-K43
    Buckner, Everett, Sr. CSA-K40 (A), CSA-K51, CSA-K126, CSA-K127
    Burba, Harold L. CSA-K24 (A)
    Burns, Frank, Jr. CSA-K10
    Carreon, Henry CSA-K100 (A) & (B)
    Casden, Robin CSA-K76, CSA-K80
    Cesar, Thane CSA-K7, CSA-K8, CSA-K24 (A) & (B)
    Charach, Theodore CSA-K29 (B), CSA-K97 (A) & (B), CSA-K146 (A) & (B)
    Christian, Jonn CSA-K145, CSA-K174
    Clark, Alvin CSA-K98
    Cordero, Humphrey CSA-K141 (A)
    Corey, Beverly CSA-K89, CSA-K90
    Crabbendam, J.G. CSA-K168 (A) & (B), CSA-K169
    Crowe, Margaret CSA-K45 (A)
    Crowe, Walter, Jr. CSA-K59 (A) & (B), CSA-K60 (A) & (B), CSA-K61
    Crowe, Walter, Sr. CSA-K45 (A)
    Cuccia, Vicki CSA-K111 (A)
    Curtis, Lloyd W. CSA-K24 (A)
    Davis, George CSA-K130, CSA-K131, CSA-K175
    Deeb, Dr. Paul CSA-K34, CSA-K103 (B)
    DeNier, Veronica CSA-K81 (A)
    DiPierro, Vincent CSA-K4, CSA-K5, CSA-K12, CSA-K122, CSA-K125
    Dirks, Charles CSA-K133
    Droz, Fred CSA-K29 (A)
    Duarte, Jose CSA-K53, CSA-K69, CSA-K70 (A) & (B), CSA-K71 (A) & (B), CSA-K116
    Duffey, Estelyn CSA-K19
    Dunsay, M. Denise CSA-K111 (B)
    Dutton, Frederick CSA-K6 (Part 2), CSA-K167
    Endersby, Victor CSA-K186 (A) & (B)
    Enyart, Scott CSA-K19
    Erhard, George CSA-K22, CSA-K52, CSA-K94, CSA-K120
    Evans, Elizabeth CSA-K128
    Fahey, John CSA-K32 (A) & (B), CSA-K50, CSA-K56 (A) & (B), CSA-K162, CSA-K164 (A) & (B), CSA-K165 (A), (B), & (C)
    Farr, Gloria CSA-K82
    Farrell, Thomas CSA-K109 (B)
    Fisher, Alfred CSA-K47 (B)
    Fisher, Joel CSA-K29 (A)
    Fontanini, Steve CSA-K84
    Frankenheimer, John CSA-K163
    Fraser, Terry CSA-K109 (B)
    Freed, Evan CSA-K16
    Fulmer, Cathy Sue CSA-K91
    Gallivan, J.W. CSA-K6 (Part 1)
    Gearhart, John CSA-K57, CSA-K58
    Gilbert, Keith CSA-K187 (A) & (B)
    Goldstein, Ira CSA-K75, CSA-K134
    Grant, Maurice CSA-K9
    Grecco, Eva CSA-K81 (A)
    Grier, Roosevelt CSA-K6 (Part 1)
    Griffin, Booker CSA-K11
    Grijalva, Richard CSA-K42, CSA-K72
    Grijalva, Roberta CSA-K42, CSA-K72
    Groves, Judy CSA-K29 (A), CSA-K84
    Groves, Sanford CSA-K29 (B)
    Grugan, Clarence CSA-K24 (A)
    Gugas, Chris CSA-K37
    Gutierrez, Frank CSA-K152
    Guy, Virginia CSA-K92
    Hager, Lloyd CSA-K40 (A)
    Haggerty, Michael CSA-K83
    Hall, Melvin S. CSA-K6 (Part 1) & (Part 2)
    Hansen, Eve CSA-K54
    Hanson, Leland CSA-K109 (A)
    Haraden, Parker CSA-K42
    Harrington, Wesley CSA-K188
    Havalla, Bassam CSA-K99
    Heacock, Margaret CSA-K101
    Heinemann, Larry CSA-K103 (A)
    Herrick, Donna CSA-K149, CSA-K150
    Herrick, Jeanne CSA-K78
    Hogue, Lt. CSA-K176
    Holgate, Michael CSA-K109 (A)
    Holmes, Milton CSA-K148
    Howard, John CSA-K73
    Hubbard, Cora CSA-K79
    Iqbal, Khalid CSA-K111 (B)
    Jacobs, Mabel CSA-K109 (B) & (C)
    Jalalipour, Reza CSA-K71 (A) & (B)
    Jennings, Trudi CSA-K77
    Jensen, Officer D. CSA-K110
    Johnson, Rafer CSA-K85
    Jones, James CSA-K108
    Keenan, James CSA-K130
    Kendall, Charles CSA-K40 (B), CSA-K109 (A)
    Khan, Khaibar CSA-28 (A)
    Khoury, Barbara CSA-K89, CSA-K90
    Khoury, John CSA-K142
    Khoury, Nabil CSA-K90
    Kouchan, Maryam CSA-K28 (A) & (B)
    Kovack, Michael CSA-K111 (A)
    Kovack, Rosemary CSA-K111 (A)
    Kowalec, Stanley CSA-K24 (A)
    Kramer, Patricia CSA-K103 (A)
    Kristastamo, Mrs. CSA-K174
    Laemmle, Raquel CSA-K53
    Laemmle, Robert CSA-K114
    LaHive, Joseph A. CSA-K19, CSA-K82
    Lahmer, Virginia CSA-K113
    Lane, Mark CSA-K147
    LaScola, Dr. Ray CSA-K37
    Lee, Harry CSA-K42
    Licher, Robert CSA-K180
    Long, James CSA-K168 (A) & (B), CSA-K169
    Lowe, Lois CSA-K113
    Lubic, Richard CSA-K118 (A) & (B), CSA-K119
    Ludlow, John CSA-K46 (A) & (B)
    Lynch, Cecil CSA-K48, CSA-K108
    Mankiewicz, Frank CSA-K6 (Part 2), CSA-73
    Marcus, Michael D. CSA-K6 (Part 1)
    Mardigani, Carl CSA-K20 (A) & (B)
    Martin, Raymond CSA-K108
    Martin, Rhoda CSA-K186 (B)
    Martinez, Frank CSA-K152
    McChesney, Grove CSA-K42
    McKay, Roderick CSA-K182
    Midby, Glen H. CSA-K19
    Miller, Dr. Milton CSA-K103 (B)
    Minasian, Edward CSA-K9, CSA-K87
    Mitchell, Charles CSA-K101
    Montellano, David CSA-K100 (A)
    Morse, Bert CSA-K109 (B)
    Mundell, Rev. James CSA-K106
    Murphy, Fred A. CSA-K24 (A)
    Murray, Barbara CSA-K132
    Nagin, Larry CSA-K179 (A) & (B)
    Nilsson, Dr. Paul CSA-K103 (A) & (B)
    Noyes, Peter CSA-K170, CSA-K171 (A), (B), & (C), CSA-K172
    Osterkamp, Peggy CSA-K34
    Owen, Jerry CSA-K23, CSA-K55 (A) & (B), CSA-K130, CSA-K153
    Parsons, Russell CSA-K17, CSA-K33
    Patrusky, Martin CSA-K9
    Perez, Jesus CSA-K8
    Perez, Thomas CSA-K24 (A)
    Perkins, Rev. Jonathan CSA-K173
    Peters, Henry CSA-K160 (A) & (B)
    Peters, Lawrence CSA-K159
    Pilger, John CSA-K124
    Plimpton, Freddy CSA-K6 (Part 1)
    Plimpton, George CSA-K19
    Powers, William CSA-K185
    Price, William CSA-K52
    Pruszynski, Stus CSA-K123
    Rabago, Enrique CSA-K141 (A)
    Radabaugh, Jack CSA-K95
    Rathke, Walter Thomas CSA-K35
    Reddin, Chief Thomas CSA-K15
    Reinke, Donald CSA-K19
    Richtel, Murray CSA-K179 (A) & (B)
    Ripp, James CSA-K42
    Rivercomb, George CSA-K172
    Rogers, Warren CSA-K151
    Romero, Juan CSA-K9
    Rothberg, James CSA-K24 (A)
    Royer, Judy CSA-K117
    Rutledge, Queen E. CSA-K9
    Saccoman, Michael CSA-K109 (A) & (B)
    Schnepper, Dr. John CSA-K34
    Schulman, Donald CSA-K13
    Scott, Diane CSA-K109 (B)
    Sem, Kenny CSA-K42
    Serrano, Sandra CSA-K1, CSA-K2, CSA-K3, CSA-K4, CSA-K5, CSA-K6 (Part 1)
    Sheets, Millard CSA-K144
    Sher, Paul CSA-K34
    Shields, Lester CSA-K109 (B)
    Sirhan, Adel CSA-K25 (A) & (B), CSA-K41, CSA-K88, CSA-K102, CSA-K154 (A) & (B), CSA-K155, CSA-K157
    Sirhan, Mary CSA-K25 (A), CSA-K41, CSA-K107, CSA-K154 (A) & (B), CSA-K155, CSA-K157
    Sirhan, Munir CSA-K22, CSA-K25 (A), CSA-K26 (A) & (B), CSA-K27, CSA-K49, CSA-K52, CSA-K154 (A) & (B)
    Sirhan, Saidallah CSA-K25 (A), CSA-K44, CSA-K45 (A) & (B), CSA-K47 (A), CSA-K136 (A) & (B), CSA-K137
    Sirhan, Sharif CSA-K25 (A), CSA-K41, CSA-K104
    Sirhan, Sirhan CSA-K21
    Sirhan, Sirhan (as John Doe) CSA-K62, CSA-K63, CSA-K64, CSA-K65 (A) & (B), CSA-K66 (A), (B), & (C)
    Sirhan, Sirhan (psychiatric interview): F3906:89 (A), (B) & (C), F3906:91, F3906:93 (A) & (B), F3906:94 (A) & (B), F3906:95 (A) & (B)
    Smith, Ron CSA-K135
    Smith, Stephen CSA-K92
    Stephens, Merla CSA-K183
    Steward, Richard CSA-K42
    Strathmann, John Henry CSA-K38
    Strathmann, Patricia CSA-K113
    Stroll, Irwin CSA-K129
    Swanson, Ellis CSA-K74
    Taylor, Genevieve CSA-K30 (A) & (B)
    Teresa, Virginia CSA-K105 (A) & (B)
    Thornbrugh, James CSA-K100 (B), CSA-K109 (A), CSA-K143
    Tingley, Jake CSA-K43
    Trout, Orie CSA-K42
    Trower, Ben CSA-K42
    Tuck, Richard CSA-K92, CSA-K138
    Turner, William CSA-K147
    Uecker, Karl CSA-K8
    Unruh, Jesse CSA-K79
    Van Antwerp, Edward CSA-K186 (A)
    Velazco, Alberto CSA-K152
    Wall, Mary CSA-K74
    Warshaw, Carmen CSA-K139
    Wayne, Michael L. CSA-K9, CSA-K18, CSA-K29 (B)
    Weaver, Dennis CSA-K84
    Weaver, Russell CSA-K109 (A)
    Weatherly, John CSA-K184
    Weidner, John CSA-K112, CSA-K177
    Welch, Terry CSA-K161
    Westerfield, Rex CSA-K156
    Weston, Don CSA-K178, CSA-K179 (A)
    Wheeler, Robert L. CSA-K159
    Wheeler, ? CSA-K159
    White, William Walker, Jr. CSA-K103 (B)
    Williams, Claudia CSA-K36
    Williams, Ralph CSA-K84
    Williams, Ron CSA-K36
    Williman, L.C. CSA-K6 (Part 1)
    Wolf, Dr. Jerome CSA-K121
    X-Ray Technician CSA-K159
    Yaroslavski, Boris CSA-K20 (A)
    Yorty, Mayor Samuel CSA-K93
    Yoshio, Niwa CSA-K9
    KABC-TV News Broadcast CSA-K39 (A), (B), & (C)
    KLA-Radio Broadcast CSA-K31
    Tempo II, Channel 9 CSA-K116