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Register of the Stanley Kuhl Hornbeck papers, 1900-1966

Finding aid prepared by Charles G. Palm; machine-readable finding aid created by James Ryan
Hoover Institution Archives
434 Galvez Mall
Stanford University
Stanford, CA, 94305-6010
(650) 723-3563
© 1998

Title: Stanley Kuhl Hornbeck papers
Date (inclusive): 1900-1966
Collection Number: 67008
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Archives
Language of the Material: In English, Chinese, and French.
Physical Description: 564 manuscript boxes, 19 card file boxes, 7 oversize boxes, 23 envelopes, 2 oversize folders, 5 sound tape reels, 18 sound discs, memorabilia (250.0 linear feet)
Abstract: Correspondence, writings, reports, studies, dispatches and instructions, printed matter, memorabilia, photographs, and sound recordings relating to American foreign relations in China, Japan, and other areas of East Asia, political conditions in China and Japan, and Dutch-American relations.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Creator: Hornbeck, Stanley Kuhl, 1883-1966.


Collection is open for research.
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[Identification of item], Stanley Kuhl Hornbeck papers, [Box number], Hoover Institution Archives.

Acquisition Information

Acquired by the Hoover Institution Archives in 1967.


Materials may have been added to the collection since this finding aid was prepared. To determine if this has occurred, find the collection in Stanford University's online catalog at http://searchworks.stanford.edu/ . Materials have been added to the collection if the number of boxes listed in the online catalog is larger than the number of boxes listed in this finding aid.

Biographical Note

1883 May 4 Born, Franklin, Massachusetts
1903 A.B., University of Denver
1904-1907 Rhodes Scholar, Oxford University
1907 B.A., Oxford University
1907-1909 Fellow and Instructor, political science, University of Wisconsin
1909-1913 Instructor in Chinese Government Colleges
1911 Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
1914-1917 Assistant Professor and Associate Professor, political science, University of Wisconsin
1921-1924 Technical Expert, Office of Economic Advisor, U.S. Department of State
1928-1937 Chief, Division of Far Eastern Affairs, U.S. Department of State
1937-1944 Adviser on Political Relations, U.S. Department of State
1944 Director, Office of Far Eastern Affairs, U.S. Department of State
1944 Special Assistant to Secretary of State
1944 Member, American Delegation to Dumbarton Oaks Conference
1944-1947 Ambassador to the Netherlands

Scope and Content of Collection

Correspondence, writings, reports, studies, dispatches and instructions, printed matter, memorabilia, photographs, and sound recordings relating to American foreign relations in China, Japan, and other areas of East Asia, political conditions in China and Japan, and Dutch-American relations.


Some of the documents from this collection were published in 1981 as part of the Hoover Archival Documentaries series in The Diplomacy of Frustration: The Manchurian Crisis of 1931-1933 as Revealed in the Papers of Stanley K. Hornbeck.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Hoover, Herbert, 1874-1964.
United States. Dept. of State.
China--Foreign relations--United States.
China--Politics and government--20th century.
Diplomats--United States.
East Asia--Foreign relations--United States.
East Asia.
Japan--Foreign relations--United States.
Japan--Politics and government--1912-1945.
Netherlands--Foreign relations--United States.
United States--Foreign relations--China.
United States--Foreign relations--East Asia.
United States--Foreign relations--Japan.
United States--Foreign relations--Netherlands.
United States--Foreign relations.


Subject and Correspondence File, 1842-1966

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, minutes of meetings, notes, press releases, clippings, and printed matter, arranged alphabetically by subject and name of correspondent.
Box 1

Abbott, John Jay


Abbott, Wilbur C.


Abbott, Willis J.


Abend, Hallett


An Abiding Frontier


Academy of Political Science of New York


Academy of Political Science, 1966


Academy of World Economics


Acheson, Dean


Achilles, Theodore C.


Acker, William R. B.


Ackerson, Garret G., Jr.


Action, suggested, etc.


Adamic, Louis


Adams, Senator Alva B.


Adams, John


Adams, Sherman


Adams, Walter A.


Adding machine (R. C. Allen), 1955


Addresses, material for


Adee, Alva




Admission, 1966





Box 2



Africa, 1966


African Mandates






Agenda Committee






Agriculture, Department of


Ahern, Colonel George P.




Aid Refugee Chinese Intellectuals


Aikawa, Yoshisuke


Air conditioner, Sun radio


Air Force

Box 3

Airplanes, 1942


Airplanes, 1943


Airplanes, 1944




Air transport

Box 4





Albert Pike Lodge


Albertson, Dean and Compton, Wilson


Alburn, Cary R.


Alcoh, Eleanor Alcott


Aldridge, Clayson W.


Alexander, Wallace M.


Alfred, Helen


Alger, Bruce (Congressman)


Alien enemies, treatment of


Alien treaty rights, a bill to protect, 1920


Aliens, status after war


Allen, C. K.


Allen, Miss Eleanor W.


Allen, Percy F.


Allen, Stuart


Alliance, Germany-Italy-Japan




Allied and Associated Powers


Allied Conference


Allies and Alliances


Alling, Paul


Allinson, Brent Dow


Allman, Judge N. F.


d'Almeida, T. G. J., 1955


Alsop, Joseph


Alter, Chester M.


Alter, Wilbur


Altschul, Frank


Alvarez, Alejandro (American Institute of International Law)


Ambassador to Netherlands, appointment, clippings, 1944




Amerasia case




"America," W. A. Slade, Chief Bibliographer


American Academy of Political and Social Science, 1954, 1958-1962

Box 5

American Academy of Political and Social Science


American Afro-Asian Educational Exchange


American-Asian Educational Exchange, Inc. (Liebman)


American Asiatic Association


American Asiatic Association, 1938 October 20

Box 6

American Asiatic Association


American Assembly


American Association for the United Nations


American Baptist Foreign Mission Society


American Bar Associate, 1932


American Battle Monuments Commission


American Bureau for Medical Aid to China, Inc.


American citizens, Japanese assaults upon


American claims


American Coalition of Patriotic Societies


American Committee for International Studies, Princeton, New Jersey


American Committee for Non-Participation in Japanese Aggression


American Conservative Union, 1964 December


American consular offices

Box 7

American Council on Education


American Council of Learned Societies


American Council on Public Affairs


American Far Eastern Association


American firms and interests


American foreign policy


American Foreign Service Association


American Foreign Service Journal, S. K. H. Review


American Friends of China, Dr. Berthould Laufer, Chicago, 1929 November


American Geographical Society


American Historical Association


American history, bibliography


American Institute of Pacific Relations, Inc.


American International Corporation and the Adams Express Company


American Journal of International Law


American Law Institute


American Legion


American Legion, Augustus P. Gardner, Post No. 18

Box 8

Americans living abroad


American missions (missionaries)


American Palestine Committee


American Peace Society


American Polish Chamber of Commerce in the U.S., Inc.


American Political Science Association

Box 9

American Political Science Association


American President Lines


American prosperity


American Red Cross


American Republics


American Republics, division of, survey of policy


American Security Council


American Society of International Law

Box 10

American Society of International Law

Box 11

American Society of International Law, 1964-1966


American Society of International Law, committee


American Society of International Law, constitution


American University


American University, 1932, 1934, 1938


American University, Correspondence with President Anderson and E. Griffith, 1961 January


American University, School of International Service


American Oriental Society, 1936


American Year Book, Schuyler-Hart, 1934


American Youth Hostels


Americans for Constitutional Action


Americans for Democratic Action


Americans for Reappraisal of Far Eastern Policy, Yale, 1966


Amerman, Richard H., Major, 1961-


Ames, Dr. Joseph Sweetman


Ancell, Robert M., Jr.


Anderson, Allen G.


Anderson, Arthur M.


Anderson, Frederick D.


Anderson, G. E.


Angelino, A. D. A. de Kab



Box 12

Anglo-Japanese Alliance


Anglo-Japanese Alliance Treaties


Anglo-Japanese Alliance: Is There an Arbitration Treaty between U.S. & G.B.?


Anglo-Japanese Alliance: British View in Far East


Anglo-Japanese Alliance, miscellaneous


Anglo-Japanese Alliance, special memo

Box 13

Anglo-Japanese Alliance

Box 14

Annals of American Academy of Political and Social Science, China Number


Annuities, Sweet Briar Salvation Army


Ansell, Brigadier General Samuel T.




Anzus (Australia, New Zealand, United States)


Appam Case




Appleby, Paul H.


Appleton and Company


Appleton and Company Royalty Statements




Appointment as Ambassador, congratulations, etc., 1944 September

Box 15





Archbold, Anne


Archdeacon, Eric L. F.




Argelander, F.




Arita, Hachiro


Arizona Incident




Armed Forces, 1933-1943


Armed Forces, movement of troops


Armed Forces, Russia


Armed Merchantmen

Box 16

Arming submarines, President's authority


Armistice, 1918


Armistice Proposals of February 29, 1932


Armour, Norman


Arms and ammunition, export of


Arms Conference, 1921-1922


Arms and disarmament


Arms embargo


Arms exports


Arms and munitions controversy


Arms Traffic Convention, comments on

Box 17

Armstrong, Edward


Armstrong, Hamilton Fish, 1955


Armstrong, O. K.


Armstrong, William Campbell




Army Active Duty, 1927


Army Active Duty, "Report on Mechanization in British Army," by S. K. Hornbeck 1931


Army and Navy Club


Army correspondence course


Army Military Intelligence materials


Army Military Intelligence promotion

Box 18

Army Military Intelligence Reserve List


Army Reserve Corps, Military Intelligence


Army translation of French book


Army-Navy Staff College Speech, 1944 May 20


Army-Navy Staff College Speech, 1944 August 9


Army-Navy, Unification


Army, U.S.


Army War College


Army War College, G-2 Course, 1923-1927


Army War College Report on Military Raw Material: Petroleum, Mineral Oil, 1923

Box 19

Arndt, Christian O.


Arnett, Eugene


Arnold, H.


Arnold, General Henry H.


Arnold, Julean


Arnold, M.


Arsenal of Democracy


Arts Club, 1932


Asada, Sadao (Washington Conference)


Ashby, Stanley R.


Ashurst, Senator Henry F.




Asia (a journal)


Asia Foundation


Asia Letter


Asia Society


Asian and Pacific Council


Asian Student, The


Asian Survey

Box 20

Asiatic Squadron


Association for Asian Studies, 1960-1965


Assurances, Japan and China, 1937


Astor, William

Box 21

Atcheson, George, Jr.


Atherton, Ray


Athey, Ralph


Atlantic Council of the USA, Inc.






Atwater, Charles W.


Atwood, Albert W.


Auld, George P.


Austin, Senator Warren R.

Box 22



Australia, 1938-1945, 1960-1966


Australian Legation


Austrian Treaty


Austrian Treaty objections


Austrian Treaty, proposals regarding China


Austro - German Customs Union

Box 23

Authors Club


Authors' League


Automobile Insurance, and Repairs


Auto Insurance and Registration, Massachusetts


Automobile Owner's Association, Incorporated


Auxier, George W.


Avery, Eunice Harnet




Aviation, Pacific Ocean




Aydelotte, Frank


Aydelotte, Frank (Special - July 1954)


Aydelotte, Frank, 1956


Aydt, A. E.




Ayers, Brig. Gen. Leonard P.

Box 24

Babcock, Robert S.


Babcock, W. R.


Babson, Daniel L.


Babson, Roger W.


Bachrach Studio, Inc.


Bacon, R. E.


Badger, Richard


Badger Quarterly, The


Baerensprung, Horst Wolfgang


Baggaley, Captain William (U.S.N.)




Bailie, J.


Bailey, Norman A.


Baily, H. J.


Bain, H. F.


Baird, Edwin


Baird, Joseph H.


Baird, William Raimond


Bakeless, John


Bakenhus, Rear Admiral R. E.


Baker, C. F.


Baker, E. Carlton


Baker, Frances


Baker, John Earl


Baker, James C.


Baker, James M.


Baker, Newton D.


Baker, Stannard


Bakhuis, E. E.


Baldwin, G. H.


Baldwin, Hanson W.


Baldwin, Joseph Clark


Baldwin, Karl F.


Baldwin, Laverne


Baldwin, Roger L.


Baldwin, Stanley (Prime Minister of England)


Baldwin - Wallace College, 1958


Balfour, Arthur James


Ball, Mrs. William


Ballantine, Joseph W.


Ballantine, Joseph W., 1955-1966


Ballantine, Joseph W., on U.S. policy


Balli, Fritz


Baltimore '29 Club, 1932 January 22

Box 25

Baltimore, (Mrs. H. O. Schloss) 1931


Baltimore Sun


Bamboo Curtain


Bancroft, Alice H.






Banister, Marion


Banking institutions, American and foreign affiliations


Banks, Will K.


Bar examination regulations


Barber, Columbus S.


Barber, Helen


Barber and Rhodes Scholarship articles


Barefoot, T. A. B.


Barends, B.


Barghoorn, Professor Frederick


Barkalow - Carter Wedding, 1891


Barnard, Lieutenant Colonel Joseph H.


Barnes, George and Myrtle and son Robert


Barnes, George, obituary


Barnes, Walter C.


Barnett, A. Doak


Barnett, Eugene E.


Barnett, Eugene E., memorandum


Barnett, Mrs. George, pictures and books


Barnett, Robert W.


Barrett, Mrs. John Walton


Barrett, Willis C.


Barron, Bryton


Barron, Carter


Barron, Nancy M.


Barrows, David P.


Barry, J. P.


Bartlett, D. F.


Bartley, Mr. Numan V.


Baruch, Bernard


Baruch, Herman B.


Bashford, Bishop James W.


Bassett, Amy and Prentiss


Bassett, Mrs. Prentiss


Batchelder, Charles C.


Bates, M. S.


Battle, J. M.


Bau, Joshua


Baum, H. and son


Baxter, James


Bay, Charles A.


Bayley, Miss Florence T.


Beale, Betty


Beall, J. Glenn (Senator from Maryland)




Beasley, Steven E.


Beaufort, Madame de


Beaulieu Vineyard Distributing Co.


Beaumont, Brigadier General John C.


Beauvoir, Simone de


Bebb, Colonel


Beck, E. S. Esquire

Box 26

Beck, William


Becker, Carl L.


Beenhouwer, Harold


Beer, George Louis


Beer, George Louis, "German Colonies in Africa"


Beers, Prof. Burton F.


Begg, John M.


Beggs, Gertrude H.


Behenna, Vivian M.


Behn, Sosthenes


Behr, Karl H.


Belcher, W. E.


Belgian Embassy


Belgian "Invasion," legal aspects




Belgium, deportation from, 1916


Bell, Daniel W.


Bell, Edward A.


Bell, Edward Price


Bell, J. C.


Bellamy, R. V. Esquire




Beloit College (Washington Alumni)


Bemis, Samuel Flagg


Benesh, Florentine


Benninghoff, H. Merrell


Benson, Henry K.


Benton, J. W.


Benton, William


Berding, Andrew


Berding, Andrue


Berger, David C.


Bergman, Elizabeth


Bergman, Maxwell


Berkes, Carolyn North


Berks, Maj. Jesse


Berkson, Seymour


Berle, Adolf A., Jr.


Berle, Adolf A., 1938-1941

Box 27

Berle, Adolf A., 1924-1944




Berlock Company, Inc.


Bernard, Robert J.


Bernstein, J. H.


Berry, Frank N.


Bess, Demaree, 1955


Beta Theta Pi, (Mackinac) 1956


Beta Theta Pi, (Poland Springs) (Irwin) 1956-1957


Beta Theta Pi, 1957-1958


Beta Theta Pi, 1963


Beth-El General Hospital


Bethune, John T., Secretary


Bettelheim, Edwin S.


Beukema, Col. Herman


Bevan, Ralph H., articles by


Bevis, Palmer


Beynen-Yeaman, M. M. P.


Bhutan, 1958


Bibbings, Vivian Linderman




Bible, Frank W.

Box 28



Bibliography, books


Bibliography, One Hundred Choice Books


Bicycle stolen


Biddle, Eric


Biddle, Samuel


Biddle, William W.


Bidwell, P. W.


Bien, Miss Bettina


Big Four


Bigelow, Donald F.


Biggerstaff, Knight


Bilgrey, Felix J.


Bills of Rights


Binder, Carroll


Binger, Carl


Bingham, Hiram ("Harry")


Bingham, Joseph Walter


Bingham, Woodbridge




Birch Society


Bird, Howard


Bird, Remsen D.


Bird, Theodore


Birdsall, Paul


Birdwood, Lord


Birge, Anna G.


Birthday, S. K. Hornbeck, 1956, 1960


Bishop, C. W.


Bishop, Dorothy


Bishop, Max


Bishop, Ralph C.


Bishop, Rufus Walter


Bissell, Clayton L.


Bisson, T. A.


Black Chamber


Black, Colonel Edwin F.


Black, P. R.


Black, Colonel Ira W.


Blake, M. Williams


Blake, R. P.


Blakeman, Edward W.


Blakeney, Charles

Box 29

Blakeslee, George H., 1929-1944


Blakeslee, George H., Lytton Commission

Box 30

Blakeslee, George H.


Blakeslee, Edna

Box 31

Bland, Neville


Blank, Earl W.


Bleyer, Professor


Bliss, Elmer Jared


Bliss, Mildred


Bliss, Robert-Woods


Bliven, Bruce


Block, Ilse




Blockade and continuous voyages


Blockade, Law of


Blockade in modern war


Bloeme, M. de


Blohm, Lee R.


Blok, P. R.


Blom, J. J. F.


Bloom, Sol


Bloom, Sol, radio addresses


Blue Book of America, 1959


Blumberger, Heer, J. Th. P.


Boal, Pierre de L.


Board of Economic Warfare


Board, National Labor Relations


Boat Race Dinner


Bobbs Merrill Co.


Bodde, J. W.


Bodde, Theodore


Bodger, John D.


Boehme, Harry C.


Boekery, Comm. Venn de


Boetzelaer, van Ousterhourt, Baron C. G. W. H.


Boggs, S Whittemore


Bogan, L. C.


Bohlen, Charles E.


Bohemian Grove


Bollenbeck, Capt. Joseph A.


Bolling, General


Bolt, H.


Bom, Jan




Bombing, aerial


Bonbright, James C. H.


Bond, W. L.




Bonnett, Mrs. John R. and Martha


Bonsal, Stephen




Book Reviews, 1934-1941

Box 32

Book, Review, 1942

Box 33

Book Reviews, 1943-1944


Book Reviews




Books, 1966


Books, for


Bookplates, labels and gadgets


Book sales


"Bookself of America," 1953


Boom, Captain Wilhelm, 1962-


Boot, Gerald M.

Box 34

Borah, Senator


Borah, Senator William, letter to


Borchard, Edwin M.


Borchardt, Selma M.


Borden, Sir Robert


Boreel, Jhr. Willem


Borg, Dorothy


Borie, W. Adolphe E.






Bosch, H. van den


Boston, J. W.


Bourne, Henry E.


Bousios, Basil Nicholas Hellenagoras


Bouwman, J.


Bovenkamp, Miss N. A. H. van den


Bowles, Chester


Bowles, Chester, on China problem


Bowman, Isaiah


Boxer Indemnity


Boy Scouts of America


Boyce, Richard F.


Boyd, Allen D.


Boyd - Carpenter


Boyd, William K.


Boyden, William L.


Boyer, Esther W.


Boynton, Charles L.


Boynton, Grace M.


Braddick, Prof. H. B.


Bradley, F. J.


Brady, Admiral Parke H.


Brady, Robert A.


Bragonier, Reg


Branch, J. R. Bromwell


Brandt, George L.


Brandt, Karl


Brane, Dennis


Branscomb, Harvie


Brant, Irving


Bratter, Herbert M.


Bratton, Colonel Rufus F.


Brauer, William Wallace


Braun, Henry

Box 35



Brazilian Embassy, Ambassador, Moww, 1964 December


Brazilian Ambassador's Dinner to President Hoover, 1930 June 14


Brazilian Legation


Breakey, Daisy M.


Breght, James van




Brett, Homer, Jr.


Brewer, F. A. and Company


Brewster, Mary Blackmen


Brewster, Mrs. Owen


Bricker Amendment


Brickner, Richard M.


Briggs, Ellis O.


Briggs, Herbert W.


Brink, Louise


Brinkley, Florence


Bristol, Mark L.


Britain and America, Meany et al.


British Aircraft Constructors, Ltd.


British Broadcasting Corporation


British Colonial Commercial Policy


British Embassy


British Empire Preferences


British Institute of International Affairs, The


British Library of Information


Britten, Fred A.


Broadbent, Frank C., Lieutenant


Brockman, Fletcher S.


Brodie, Donald M.


Brodie, Edward E.


Broek, J. van den


Brokmeyer, Eugene C.


Bronson, Eugene V.

Box 36

Brooke, Miss Marjorie van de Water


Brookings Institution, 1948, 1952, 1956


Brookings Seminar (Lake Forest), 1949


Brooks, Preston


Brooks, Rev. Dr. Seth R.


Browder, Earl


Browder, Earl and Welles, 1942


Brown and Williamson Tobacco Company


Brown, Constantine


Brown, Harrison


Brown, Philip Marshall


Brown, Ray


Brown, Thad H.


Browne, Sidney H. (Mrs.)


Brownlow, Louis


Bruce, David K. E.


Brucholz, Henry V.


Brunauer, Ester Caukin, Mrs.

Box 37

Brussels Conference by Tsien Tai


Brussels Conference, 1937


Drafts of Mr. Davis' Opening Speech


Drafts of Report and Declaration of November 24, 1937


Drafts of Resolution of November 15, 1937


Minutes of the First-Fifth Meetings

Box 38



Minutes of Sixth-Tenth Meetings

Box 39

Memoranda and clippings

Box 40

Brunauer, Mrs. Stephen


De Bruyn, Dr. William F.


Bryan, Lieutenant Commander Hamilton V. (U.S.N.)


Bryan, Robert T.


Bryan, William Jennings


Bryn-Jones, David


Butchtel and Travers


Buchtel, Henry Augustus


Buchtel, William


Buck, J. Lossing


Buck, Pearl S.


Buck, Philo M.


Bucknell, Howard






Buell, Raymond Leslie


Buell, Raymond Leslie, articles by


Buffington, Joseph


Buhite, Russell D.


Buholzer, Fridolin A.


Buhrman, Parker W.


Bulbs, Dutch


Bulgarian Legation


Bulgarian Situation by Grace Tytus McLennan


Bull, Benjamin H.


Bullard, Arthur

Box 41

Bullitt, William C.


Bullitt, Secretary of State William C., 1941


Bullitt, William, Report on China, 1947 October


Bullitt, the Honorable William C., 1952-1966

Box 42

Bumblebee, The


Bundy, Harvey H.


Bundy, William P. and McGeorge


Bunker, Frank F.


Bunyon, Paul, Wonderful Life and Deeds of _____, By Hubert Langerock


Burdet, R.


Burdett, William C.


Burdick, Don


Burdick, Marc


Bureau of the Budget




Burgess, H. D. R.


Burgess, Kenneth F.


Burgess, John Stewart


Burgher, Robert


Burke, Admiral


Burke, Gordon L.


Burke, Reverend John J.


Burke, Thomas


Burke, William B.


Burks, Ardath W.


Burlingame, Anson




Burma Road


Burnes, Mrs. May Raymond


Burnett, Charles


Burns, Richard D.


Burns, Robert E., 1966


Burt, Colonel W. H.


Burton, Mr. Justice Harold H.


Burton, Father Spence


Business Week Magazine


Buss, Claude A.


Bussy, Aide


Butler, Frederic Bates


Butler, George H.


Butler, Nicholas Murray


Butow, Robert, Princeton, 1962 September


Butow and Joseph W. Ballantine


Butrick, Richard P.


Butterworth, regarding U.S. - China Policy


Butterworth, Memo to. On China Policy, 1948-


Buurman, L.


Byas, Hugh


Bynner, Witter


Byrd, Richard E., flights of


Byrd, Senator Robert C. and Senator Harry C. Byrd


Byrne, Thad.


Byrnes, James F.

Box 43

Cadogan, Sir Alexander M. G.


Caffery, Jefferson


Cairo Conference


Calder, Bland


Calendar reform, Achelis, 1942-1944


Calhoun, Mrs. William James




California - Oregon


California Texas Oil Company


Callahan, Robert E.




Campbell, Mrs. Guy


Canada IX - 14-58, C. B. C.




Canadian Embassy


Canadian Legation


Canal, Panama


Canham, Edwin D.


"Can't Happen Here"


Capital Airlines, 1956


Capitalism and anti-capitalism


Capper, Arthur


Capper Resolution, S.J. Res. 140


Captive Nations


Carabao, 1935



Box 44

Carlson, Evans F.


Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


Carnegie Institution


Carney, Admiral


Carothers, Neil


Carothers, recent memos, etc., 1964, 1966


Carothers, Neil, "The Chaotic Currency Condition of Europe," 1924


Carpets (Hinckles)


Carr, Harry


Carr, Wilbur J.


Carruth, Tom


Carson, Clarence B.




Carter, Boake


Carter, Carroll M.

Box 45

Carter, E. C.

Box 46

Carter, E. C.


Carter John F.


Carter, John Ridgely




Cartoons, political, "He Bit Me" 1931


Cartoons, political, 1941


Caruso, Miss Rose A.


Casanova, Telesford, Mrs.


Casey, Richard G.


Cassels, John M.


Castle, William Richards, in memoriam, 1963 October


Castle, William R.


"Castlereagh," 1906


Catholic Church


Catholic League

Box 47

Cause and Cure of War (Miss Josephine Schain), 1933-1940






Central Intelligence Agency


Century Association


Century Association, 1964-1966


Century Company Contract


Ceremonial Communications




Chadbourne, William




Chamber of Commerce of United States


Chamberlain, Sir Austen


Chamberlain, Culver B.




Chandler, Albert B. (Kentucky)


Chandler, George


Chandler, George and Bruce and Frances


Chang, Alfred Z.


Chang, Chung-Fu


Chang, Kia-ngau


Chang, Dr. L. N.


Chang, P. C.


Chang, Richard T.


Chang Tao-Shing, Dr.

Box 48



Chapin, Selden


Chapin, Vinton


Chaplains' Association of the Army of the United States


Chapman, Dr. Carleton B. (The Oxonian)


Chapultepec-Inter-American Conference, Mexico City, Act of Chapultepec, 1945 March 3


Charlottesville (Kinker and W. Washington), 1954


Charlottesville, Legal Forum 1954


Charter, Atlantic


Charter, Pacific


Chase, A. Sabin


Chase, Mr. Frederic L., III, 1966


Chase National Bank


Chen, Chi-Mai (see also Tong and Chinese Embassy)


Chen, King


Chen, Nancy, 1965


Cheng, Chi-Yuan, Communist China's Economy, 1963


Cheng, Judge F. T.


Chang, Tsung Hai


Chennault, Anne C.


Chennalut, Claire L.


Cherrington, Ben M.


Cherry Blossom Festival, 1934 April


Chevrolet, 1954-1963

Box 49

Chevy Chase School


Chiang, Hsueh-Ling


Chiang, Kai Shek


Chiang, Kai Shek, 1944


Chiang, Kai Shek and Madame Chiang Kai Shek


Chiang, Kai Shek, Christmas message, 1944


Chicago Council of Foreign Relations


Childs, Marquis

Box 50




Box 51



Aircraft Corporation


Allied note to, 1919


American attitude toward


American aviators


American interests in


American trade with


Andrews, Roy Chapman, articles by


Anti-Christian movement


Anti-foreign feeling


Armed Forces


Arms Embargo


Arms sales to


Arnold, Julean, "Salient Facts About,"




Articles by Hornbeck


Assistance to



Box 52


Box 53



Committee on Aid to China


Committee on Aid to China, Washington


Famine Relief U.S.A.




Promises of Aid to



Box 54

United China Relief




Austin, F. Britten, "The Hidden Forces in China"


Baltimore Conference


Bandits and pirates




Barnett, Doak


Bashford, Bishop




Bennett, James W.


Bethlehem Steel Company Contract




Bibliography, Cordier on


Bingham, color line

Box 55

Bolshevism in


Bonsal, Stephen, "China and the 'Foreign Devils'"


Book reviews


Bombings, Chungking


Bombings, Chungking (Tutuila)


Boxer Indemnity


Boxer Uprising


Boy Emperor


Boycott, 1905




Bristol in


British Chamber of Commerce, Resolution, 1919


British Government note to League, 1927 January 27


British in


British Note, 1926


British Policy


"Browbeating" (Rhea), 1915


Bureau of Markets


Burma Road

Box 56

Cabinets, 1921 December 25


Calendar, 1926


California College in


Campbell, C. W.


Canton City Charter


Canton Government, 1921


Cartoons and pictures


Cassell Contract


Ceramic Art, "Sung Chien Sky Blue" Heavenly Ball Vase


Chambers of Commerce


Chang Hsueh Liang, Ruler of Manchuria, 1929


Chang Tso-Lin




Chen, Eugene


Cheng Chiatun Affair, 1916

Scope and Contents note

See also Japanese Demands on China.

Child, R. W., on war in


China-America Council of Industry


China, a Social-Political-Economic Survey


China Electric Company

Box 57

China Foundation


China Fund, The


China House


China Information Service


China Institute in America, 1961-1965


China Institute Bulletin

Box 58

China National Aviation Corporation


"China News and Views"


"China Today: Political," letters on


China Today (Earl Swisher, World Peace Federation), 1931


China's Capacity


China's Civil Service, Dr. Hsieh's Thesis


Chinchow, bombing of, etc.


Chinchow Neutral Zone

Box 59





Ambassador Chengting Thomas Wang


Ambassador Sao-Ke Alfred Sze


Ambassador Wei Tao-Ming






Claims, Hornbeck to E. T. W., 1919 May 2


Customs Revenues


Eastern Railway

Box 60







In Dutch East Indies


Institute of Technical Training


Japanese Situation, Saturday Lunch Club Speech, Madison, Wisconsin, 1915


Lee, Frank, Ex-Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs of China


Minister Sao-Ke Alfred Sze


W. W. Yen


Name and cards


News Service




Press Agency


Social and Political Science Review


Student's Annual Conference, 1916


Studies: Library of Congress, Division of Chinese Literature, East Asiatic Books


Studies in American colleges and universities, 1956


Yui, Dr. David


Chiu, Alfred Kaiming, "Classification in China"; Libraries of Chinese Books in America


Christianity in

Box 61

Chronology, 1911-1952




Civil Service


Clark, Grover, articles by


Clippings and pamphlets, early China (probably from Reinsch collection)

Box 62



Early China (probably from Reinsch collection)


1909-1910, 1912

Box 63

Appointment and resignation of diplomatic officials, 1916-1918


Chinese diplomacy, local regulations and foreign agreements, 1916-1918


Civil strife in China, friction between north and south, bandits, 1916-1918


China's resent and future trade, 1916-1918


European war to Far East, 1918


Finances, 1918


Inter-Allied problems, international law, 1918

Box 64

Chiefly mounted, 1918-1919

Box 65

Chiefly mounted, 1922





Box 66



Chiefly mounted, 1923

Box 67


Box 68


Box 69


Box 70





Commerce and industry


Commission on Claims




Communism in




Communist in 1949


Communist and Asia




Conditions in



Box 71

Conservancy work (from Reinsch collection)




Consortium, Hornbeck memo to Stevens, 1921


Consortium and six powers


Consortium, the new


Consortium and U.S.


Consortium (Thomas; Williams)

Box 72

Constitution of 1923, Dr. Young's translation




Consular precedents


Contracts, State Department publications


Coolidge, President, Statement of Policy, April 25, 1927


Cotton and cotton mills


Courses at Columbia University, 1924, 1925


Crane, Charles R., in China




Currency reform


Curtis, Lionel, on China


Debts, inadequately secured obligations


Defense Supplies, Inc.




Dennet, Tyler, articles


Department of Commerce Committee


Dewey, J., China, Japan and the U.S.A.


Diplomatic Corps


Diplomatic history






Dynasties, Manchu



Box 73



Economic activity of Japan in China


Economic Resources

Box 74

Edmunds, "Thirty Thousand Miles in China"




Elections, 1916, bibliography


Embassy to Netherlands


Empress Dowager


Engineering in


Essay contest


Examination system





Box 75







Commissions, 1926






Pledges of G.B., U.S. and Japan; treaty clauses


Japan; treaty clauses


Schurman on, 1925

Box 76

Diplomatic correspondence, 1922-1924


China and U.S.

Box 77





Famine relief


Far Eastern Review


Federal wireless contract


Feethem report


Ferguson, "After Forty Years"




Finance, 1923, 1924, 1928


Finance, Pacific Development Corporation

Box 78





Flood relief, note




Foreign advisors, Sir Robert Hart


Foreign armed forces in


Foreign debts, 1920


Foreign interests, open door and spheres of influence policies, outline


Foreign interests in


Foreign military forces in, 1930


Foreign Office


Foreign policy


Foreign relations


Foreign relations, U.S., index to


Foreign relations, 1914-1917 (Tyau)


Foreign troops in, 1926



Box 79



Germans in


Germany (see also Shantung)


Germany, after the war


Germany, Commercial Treaty, 1921


Germany, relations before and after the war, V. Rosthorn


Gilbert, Rodney, articles on




Good will


Goodnow, Frank J., "Reform in China," 1915


Gordon, Charles


Gosford, on




Government and President


Government Republican


Grand Canal Loan, note


Great Britain


Great Wall


Great Wall, A. Warwick


Guenther, Louis, "Stumbling China, 1930"


Guilds, Chinese, by Minister Denby


Haichow, Port of


Hamilton, M. M., "China in 1931"






Hankow Concession, February 1927


Hankow situation


Harbin, municipal administration


Hart, Sir Robert


Hawkins' outline


Hay, John


Hedin, Sven






History dates

Box 80

Ho Ping Song


Ho Ping Song, S. K. Hornbeck manuscript


Hobart, Alice, articles


Honjo, Lieutenant General, Proclamation of


Hsia, Dr. C. L.


Hsiung Shih-Fie, General (Hsiung Shih-Hui, General)


Huh Shih, Doctor


Hukuang, loan


Hukuang railway loan contract

Box 81



Immigration into Mexico

Box 82

Industrial Cooperatives


Industrial and commercial progress


Industrial program


Industrialization (see China, Economic)


Inland Waters (navigation)


Institute in America


Intellectual rebirth


International Institute of China


International relations


"Intervention," Chicago Tribune






Iron Mines




Japan-China agreements, 1915


Japan, boycott


Japan, boycotts, Chinese


Japan Chientao Treaty


Japan, Chinese-Japanese Agreement, signed Shanghai May 5, 1932


Japan, Chinese-Japanese Rapprochement


Japan and China, Crozier on


Japan, cruisers


"Japan in China," by Charles D. Tenney


Japan negotiations, 1915


Japan, military pact

Box 83

Japan and China, miscellaneous


Japan, policy in, Roy Anderson on, 1922


Japan policy toward


Japanese emigration to


Japanese-Chinese hostilities, September, 1937


Japanese-Chinese hostilities, October, 1937


Japan, Ho-Umezu Agreement


Japanese immigration to


Japan, roots of misunderstanding


Japanese smuggling in


Japan-China situation, reflections


Japanese-China War


Jordan, Sir John on, 1925

Box 84

Kang, Yu-Wei


Kearny, Commodore Lawrence


Kellogg Policy Statement, January 27, 1927


Knox neutralization proposals


Knox policy, 1909-1910


Koo, T. Z., "What China Fights for," 1927


Kuomintang News Service


Kwang Chow Wan


Kwantung, the Cassell contract and the Canton-Hankow Railway


"Labor Movement in 1928," by S. K. Sheldon Tso


Lamont, T. W., "America and the Far East," 1920


Land of contrasts


Land tenure in


"Land Utilization in China, 1927," by Baker




Latourette, Kenneth Scott


"China, the United States and the War; Shantung and Its Status"


"Early Relations Between the United States and China," bibliography


Outline of China under the Republic




"Two Years After Paris"


Law codes


Law (Escarra)


League of Nations, London, May 15, 1919


Legations, diplomatic lists


Legation dispatches, 1919




Li Hung Chang, memoirs


Liang Chi-Chao, "China and World Peace"


Liang Chi-Chao

Box 85



Likin, correspondence with G. G. Wilson, 1925


Likin System, memo by S. K. Hornbeck, 1924


Likin and surtaxes, Bureau of International Research Peking, China 1925


Limitation of Armaments

Box 86

Literature, drama


Literature, poetry






Lyon, G. A., "Safety in China," 1929

Box 87

Macao, 1922


Macao question


Main, Doctor Duncan




Manning, W. R., "China and the Powers Since the Boxer Movement," 1910


Marcy, W. L. (See China: Papers: Reinsch acquisition)


Maritime Customs Service


Mass education


Mayers's unification plan


McKenzie, R. D., "When the East Meets West," 1928

Box 88

McLane, Robert M., correspondence and papers, 1954 (See China: Papers: Reinsch acquisition)


Medicine in


Memorandum regarding, by W. H. G. and S. K. Hornbeck, December 1926


Mencius and other reformers (Macklin)


Merrill, Commissioner, on China


Metals and railroads, Rhea, F. L.




Military Intelligence Department, estimate


Millard, Thomas F.


Miller, Rex, on, 1927


Mining regulations




"Moderne, La Chine," 1920



Box 89

Moon Year


Morse's International Relations, I - II


Morse, "Repayment"


Mukden Incident


Nanking Incident, March 24, 1927


Nanking situation


National Anthem


National government, 1928




Nationalist Manifesto, 1927


National movements


"The Nationalist Movement and a Ray of Hope," Christian Science Monitor, 1927


Nationalist propaganda




Needs: "What China Needs Today," by Marshal Feng Yu-Hsiang, 1925


Nestorian Tablet at Sianfu


Newchwang, Port of, 1920


North China Union Language School


North vs. South


Note to China and Japan, January 7, 1932



Box 90

O'Brien letters




Open Door Policy


American policy


Antung Customs Agreement


Anti-Open Door agreements


Berlin Act

Box 91

Equal opportunity


Equal treatment of territorial interests of China


European powers in China


Excerpts from official documents (complete)


Far East, U.S. and


France in Yunnan up to 1914


Gardiner, W. H., on


Hughes, 1921




Jenk's articles, 1916-1917


Knox neutralization policy


Lansing-Ishii Agreement and "Special Interests"


Materials for Special....


Memoranda and reports

Box 92

Memoranda and reports




Notes, U.S. 1915, U.S. Japanese-Chinese demands


Pledges, treaty


Port Arthur and Talienwan Lease. Also extension of Manchuria Railway


Portsmouth Treaty


Practice in regions other than Manchuria up to 1914


Railways, Tientsin-Pukow


Rockhill, Open Door memo


Russia in Manchuria, 1898-1905

Box 589

Saturday Review

Box 92

South Manchuria


South Manchuria Railway


Spheres of influence


Spheres of influence, Japanese


Spheres of interest, France


U.S. efforts, Beyer


Wallace on


Yalu Timber Concession


Yunnan, France in

Box 93




Box 94



Conference, Geneva, 1924


Habit-forming drugs


Question in 1916


Smith, R. to 1918


"Oriental Culture"


"Origins of the Chinese," by E. T. Williams


O'Shea case


Papers, Reinsch acquisition


Pacific Review, Far East articles, 1921


Paris Conference


Parker, Peter, correspondence etc. (See: China: Papers: Reinsch acquisition)


Parker's (Peter) Problem


"A Party Platform Proposal," by S. K. H.




Peffer, Nathaniel, articles


Peiping - Tientsin area


Peking, Legation Quarter



Box 95

Personalities, photographs






Philosophy of life


Pidgin English


Policy, 1948, memo to Butterworth, by S. K. Hornbeck




Political, 1930


Political, 1932


Political parties (Loh Ho)


Political puzzle, politics to August 1917


Political puzzle


Political thought, modern bibliography




Politics, 1912-1922


Politics, June 1916-March 1917


Politics to August 1917


Politics, 1922-1923


Politics, 1927


Policy of Chinese Government


Policy of powers toward

Box 96

Porter Resolution, January 4, 1927


Porter, Stephen G., on 1929


Post offices in, question of abolishing foreign


Postal Administration




Price, Maurice






Progress, Baker


Prophesies, 1907


Protest of May 1915


Protocol 1901


Protocols of 1905


Provinces, Political Alignment, 1921


Provincial autonomy movement


Puppet regimes in






Quigley, Harold S. articles by



Physical Description: 5.0 folders)
Box 97

Railway, Chinese Eastern


Railway, Chinese Eastern, correspondence with Chang Tao-Shing, 1934


Railway, concessions


Railways, expert suggestions


Railways, Japanese in


Railway, Kirin, and extension (See Korea: Railways, new)


Railways and loans in China (Rea, G. B., E. D. 1919)


"Railway Loans to the Chinese Government as a Means of Securing a Market for Railways Materials and Equipment," A. P. Winston


Railway Loans, 1909 (C. C. Wang, 1910)


Railways, Peking - Suiyuan


Railway Plans (Reinsch, Baker, Witham)






Reconstruction and rebellion, 1913


Red China

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)
Box 98

Red China


Red China, articles by Dr. Sripati Chandrasekhar


Red China, Mid Report on, 1945


Red China (L. Taire, R. Guillian, R. Gilbert, Horoth, and miscellaneous)

Box 99

Red Cross




Reform Decrees, 1898


Reforms, legal


Reforms, movement


Reforms, social


Reinsch, Paul S.


Relations, China-Great Britain




Religions, Taoism






Republic, 1914, comment on by Rockhill, Morrison and Bland


Republic, Government, Foundations for Republic (See China: Social Institution as Background)


Republic Lecture, October 25, 1916


Republic, return to monarchy, 1915


Republic, return to Republic, 1916


Republic, Sino-American Mutual Defense Treaty, December 1954

Box 100





Revenues and taxation




Revolution, "A Year of New Cathay," 1911-1912


Ridge, "Chinese Backgrounds"




Rockefeller Foundation, Peking, 1924


Rockhill, W. W., memo, 1899


Rockhill, W. W., papers of


Roots, John McC., "China Now"





Physical Description: 2.0 folders)
Box 101



Russian relations, Ignatieff Mission, 1860


Russo-Chinese dispute, 1929 (See also Soviet Russia)


Russo-Chinese relations


Salt Gabelle


Schurman on, 1929


Screen from Imperial Palace


Secret Protocols of 1905


Secret Societies


Seward, William to Anson Burlingame about Sir Frederick Bruce and the "Scotland" (Reinsch), March 24, 1864


Sforza, Count Carlo "China-Republic or Empire?" 1928


Shanghai Import and Export Co., about Simmons Co.


Shanghai Incident of 1925


Shanghai International Settlement


Shanghai, Kellogg re


Shanghai, Land Regulation, 1848 (See: China: Papers: Reinsch acquisition)


Shanghai Mixed Court


Shanghai, by Palmer, F.


Shanghai, "A World Port," 1924

Box 102





Since 1914


October 5, 1921




Chen's telegram on Sino-Japanese controversy


China's efforts, 1914 and after


China's claim


Chinese reply to Japanese proposals, October 1921


Comments by Weale


Crane, Charles R., letter on


Famous cities of (See also "MacMurray" in general file)


Gilchrist, Huntington, "Germany in China," Harvard University, 1916


In the Press, during the Peace Conference


Japan in


Japan in, index


Japanese activities in


Lecture, Hornbeck, 1920


Legal phases of the Shantung question, Quigley


Liang Chi Chao on




Norton, H. K., Japan's Aim in Shangtung


Northcliffe on


Peace Conference, Paris


Ratification of Treaty of 1922 by Japan


"Shantung", chapter for Book VI, History of the Peace Conference; includes correspondence with Harold Temperley


"Shantung Question," Latourette


Sino-Japanese Relations, 1921


"Spheres of Interest"


Telegram, Eugene Chen

Box 103

Shepherd, William C., "China as a Customer"






Sino-American Tariff Treaty of 1928, Chinese interpretation of


Situation in 1927, outline for lecture or article


Slavery in Hong Kong




Social and Political Science Association


Social Basis, by F. W. Williams


"Social Institutions as a Background for Republican Government," by E. T. Williams, discussion by S. K. Hornbeck






Society of America


Sokolsky, George E., 1927


Soong, T. V. (Chinese Minister of Finance)


Soviet Russia, 1929, Chinese Eastern Railway


Soviet Union, "Chinese-Russian Dispute," Williamstown, 1929


Speer, Robert E. on, 1927


Stabilization of, 1926


Standard Oil Contract (text)


State Department releases


Stein's exploration in

Box 104

Stevens, F. W., "China" and "China's Present Day Problems"


Stewart, Sir K. D. on, 1928


"The Story of China, 1912-1961" (Brochure)


Strawn, S. H., "China," 1928


Struggle for concessions, 1895-1920


Student movement


Students in U.S.A.


Sun Yat-Sen


Supply routes to China


Supply routes to China, telegrams


Survey of situation, 1940


Syllabus, 1927-1928, Williamstown


Sze, A., lectures on China, 1927


Szechwan (Fitch)


Taiping rebels


Taku Incident

Box 105


Physical Description: 5.0 folders)

Tariff Conference


Tariff Revision Commission

Box 106

Tariff, Special Conference on Chinese Custom Tariff



Box 107



Custodian Banks I, II



Box 108

Consolidation Plan

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

Chinese Customs Tariff Treaty


Washington Treaty Surtax, Draft



Box 109

Minutes, Netherland Legation





Physical Description: 4.0 folders)

Miscellaneous clippings







Box 110

Tax: salt, wine, tobacco


Taxation in


Taxation system


Tea, syndicate of, 1918








Tientsin, American concession


Tientsin, Connor, U.S. Army Pailow





Physical Description: 3.0 folders)
Box 111



Trade Act


Trade and economic development


Trademark law


Trading with


Trading with U.S.


Transportation routes




Treaties (including lists of)


Treaty ports


Treaty revision in


Treaties and tariff, 1928


"Trends and Traditions," 1927, Christian Science Monitor, January 26, 1928


The Triad Society


Troops, withdrawal of foreign

Box 112

Tsiang, Dr. T. F., "Sino-Japanese Diplomatic Relations"


Tsing-Hua College, Quigley on, 1924


Twenty-one Demands of 1915


Twenty-one Demands, 1915 and 1931


U.N., Admissions


U.N. representation, problem of (International Review Service), 1955


U.N., Tsiang, Yeu


United States


American capital in China


American Embassy


American foreign policy, 1928


American policy, Women's National Democratic Club, January 7, 1929


American and Chinese materials

Box 113

China obligations


Chinese in transit through


Consular service, by Joseph W. Hall


Consular service in




Court for China


Cultural relations with United States

Physical Description: 3.0 folders)

Diplomatic representatives with Bibl. Notes


Foreign Relations Index


Interests in political stabilization


Investments in


Note to China and Japan, May 11, 1915


Note to China, June 7, 1917




Policy toward


Reinsch, on attitude


Reinsch, on Chinese feeling

Box 114



"What Does China Mean to the United States?"


University, Lingnan


University of Nanking


University, Yenching


Vicker's contract, 1919


Walker, C. Lester, "Innocents Abroad"


Wang, C. T.




War, China's entrance into the Great


Ward, Frederick T., Life of




Warriors, Chinese as


Weale, Putnam, "Report to Foreign Office," 1922


Weihaiwei, British Activities


Welles, 1938

Box 115

Western Culture - Oriental Influence on


"White Paper," 1949


Whyte, Sir Frederick on, 1928


Wilder, Dr. Amos P.


William, Maurice


Williams' Report, 1913


Willoughby on China policy




Wireless controversy, 1925


Wisconsin, Men in


"World Peace," by Liang Chi Chao, 1919 (?)


Wu, C. C.


Yale in China


Yalu River Timber Concession, memo on, 1921


Yangtse Valley


Yeh, George K. C.


Yenching, School of Foreign Studies


Yuan Shih Kai


Yuan's telegrams, Monarchial movement


Young, C. W., appendices treaties about Manchuria


Young's manuscript




Yunnan, French activities


China's 7-7-7

Box 116

Chinese Community Church of Washington


Chow, S. R.


Chow, Shu-Kai


Christ Church, Oxford (Tucker, Fooshee, Wood, Kieffer, Poe)


Christ Church, Oxford (Current)


Christian Science Monitor


Christie Tyler Limited




Christmas, 1964


Christmas, 1965


Christmas greetings and letters, 1963


Christmas replies to greetings, 1962-1963


Christmas and Santa Claus


Chu, Esther Briney




Church, Edgar M.


Church, religion, etc.



Box 117

Churchill, Winston (4 folders)


Cincinnati, 1949


Cincinnati, Council on World Affairs, 1951


Citizens Foreign Relations Committee




Citizenship and extradition

Box 118

Civil Liberties


Civil Service




Clapper, Raymond


Claremont Colleges


Claridge's Hotel


Clark, Gaylord Lee


Clark, Grover


Clark, Jane


Clark, Senator Joseph S.


Clark, Omar W.


Clark, Reuben, memo on Monroe Doctrine


Clark, Victor S.


Clarke, H. Ashley


Clarke, J. B.


Clason, Charles R.


Clay, Lieutenant General Lucius B.


Clayton, Mrs. Powell


Clayton, W. L.


Cleveland, J. Harlan, 1966


Clifford, L.


Clippings Bureau


Clive, Sir Robert


Clock, "Grandfather's"


Clocks and Watches, Hall, 1955


Clough, Frederika H.








Coffee, John M. (Washington)


Coffman, Ramon Peyton


Cohen, Ben

Box 119

Cold War


Colegrove, Kenneth


Coleman, George R.


Coleman, Mrs. Maude


Coleman, Miss Nancy


Collier, P. F. and Son Publishing Corporation (Couch)


Collier and Son National Encyclopedia


Collier, "Quemoy," 1958


Collier, Theodore (Providence), lecture, 1927 March 26


Collins, Frank


Collins, Kenneth


Colombo Plan


Colombo Plan, 1955


Colonial and trusteeship problems








Colorado, 1966


Colorado State Society of D.C., 1938


Colorado State Society, 1966

Box 120

Colorado, University Affairs, 1932


Colorado, University of, 1965


Colt, Mrs. Sloan


Columbia Broadcasting System, 1957-1958


CBS Broadcast, 1951 July 8


Columbia Historical Society, circa 1962


Columbia Lecture Bureau (Giesen)










Committee of Nineteen

Box 121

Committee of One Million


Committee of One Million, 1955-1962


Committee on Political Planning, No. 1

Box 122

Committee on Political Planning, No. 2


Committee on Post War Problems Minutes

Box 123


Physical Description: 2.0 folders)
Box 124


Physical Description: 2.0 folders)
Box 125


Physical Description: 2.0 folders)
Box 126



Basic reference book


"Committee on Post War Programs"


International organization drafting book






Japan and Far East

Box 127

Committee on Post War Programs, reference


Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies


Common Sense




Communications, Far East


Communications, radio


Communications, radio, Inter-American Radio Communications Convention



Box 128

Communist Manifesto, 1960


Communist Manifesto, The New, 1961 December


Complaints and criticisms


Comstock-Hertwijn, Mrs. Samuel Howard


Condliffe, J. B.


Conference, "Five Power" (Council of Foreign Ministers), 1945 September 11


Conference on Asian Affairs, Asian Studies in the U.S.


Conference on question of Far East and the Pacific




Conferences, representations at




Congressional Country Club


Congressional Record


Connally Amendment


Connally, Tom


Connolly, J. E.


Conolly, Admiral Richard L.




Conscientious objectors




Conservative Book Club

Box 129

Constitution (4 folders)


Constitution, U.S., with amendments and proposed amendments, 1955-1956


Consular registration, Hornbeck on


Consular service, bibliography and instructions


Contemporary China


Contemporary politics in Far East


Continuous voyage




Contraband control, British (Navicert System)


Convention of 1911, Fur Seal




Converse, Captain Mary


Cooke, Admiral Charles


Cooke, Mortimer C.


Coolidge, Archibald C.


Coolidge, Calvin

Box 130

Cooperative Forum, 1955






Corfu Incident


Cormac (See also: Stott)




Cosmos Club

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

Cosmos Club, 1954 March 30


Cosmos Club Incorporation, Constitution, Laws and Rules, 1962


Cosmos Club, Committee on Admissions, 1964 November


Cosmos Club, 1965-1966


Cost of Living


Costigan, Edward P.


Cotton, J. P.


Coulborn, Bushton

Box 131

Council Against Communist Aggression, general


Council Against Communist Aggression, Arthur G. McDowell, (3 folders), 1960-1963

Physical Description: 3.0 folders)
Box 132

Council Against Communist Aggression, A. G. McDowell, (3 folders), 1960-1963

Box 130

Cooperative Forum, 1955


Council for Democracy


Council on Foreign Relations

Box 133

Council on Foreign Relations (3 folders)


Council on Foreign Relations, 1929-1940

Physical Description: 3.0 folders)
Box 134

Council on Foreign Relations, (4 folders), 1941-1965


Council on Policy




Counterattack, 1961 October


Courier Service




Courts-Martial (Quigley)


Coville, Cabot (Corregidor)


Cox, Albert L.


Cox, Oscar


Craigie, Sir Robert Leslie

Box 135

Crane, Charles R. (2 folders)


Crane, Charles R. and Malmquist


Crane, John, "Central Europe Today," 1924


Cranston, Earl M.




Creek, Valentine Dulckheit Melgounoff


Cripps, Sir Stafford

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

Cromwell, James H. R.


Cronkhite, Dean Bernice Brown


Crow, Carl


Crowell (Thomas) Company, 1953-1963

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

Crozier, Mary (Mrs. William)


Crozier, General William


Crozier, William, "Mexico's Outlook and the Mandatory Question"

Box 136

Cuba, 1961-1966


Cudahy, John


Culbertson, Ely


Culbertson, William S.

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

Cultural Relations




Culture, National


Cumberland, William W.


Cumming, Hugh S.

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

Cumming, Hugh S. (letters not sent, with carbons)

Box 137



Cunningham, Edwin S.


Current History Magazine


Currie, Laughlin


Curtis, Lionel

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

Curzon, Lord


Cushing, Caleb, 1954


Customs Unions




Czechoslovakian Legation

Box 138

Dacor, 1955 October 26


Dacor, 1957-1958


Dacor, membership list, 1960, 1965


Dacor, 1966


Daeschner, M. Emile


Dafoe, John W.


Dai, B. L.


Dallin, David J.


Damages, claims and awards


Dana, John Cotton


Dana, Miss C.


Dana, Mrs. Richard Henry


Dana Company, William B.


Danaher, Senator


Dancing class, Friday evening


Danish Legation


Danner, William


Danton, George H.


Dark, Robert L.


Darre Speech


Das, Taraknath


Davenport, Frederick Morgan


David, Dean Donald K.


Davidson, Charles M.


Davidson, Mrs. R. P.


Davies, John P.

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

Davies, Joseph E.


Davies, Sarah Ann


Davies, Turner and Co. (London)


Davis, Elmer


Davis, Forrest


Davis, Colonel H. C., (U.S.M.C.)


Davis, Captain Hugh O.

Box 139

Davis, John K. (3 folders)


Davis, Lambert


Davis, Lydia Lord


Davis, Maclin P.


Davis, Manton


Davis, Martha V.


Davis, Monnett B.


Davis, Norman


Davis, Norman H., speeches


Davis, Oscar King


Davis, Warren Jefferson


Davis, William Holmes


Davis, William T.


Davis, Major W. J.


Dawes, Charles G.


Dawes, Rufus C.


Dawson, Donald S.


Dawson, Warrington


Dawson, William


Day, George Parmly


Day, Henry B.


Day Company, The John


De Antonio, Carlo


De Boer


De Booy, E. and J. M.


De Courcy Intelligence Digests


De Haas, J. Anton


De La Rue, Mary L.


De Laney, Colonel Mathew


De Long, Professor Ira M.


De Longe Studio


De Monchy

Box 140

De Pierrefeu, Elsa Tudor


De Rochefort


De Valera, Eamonn


De Vault, Charles L.


De Vogel, Charles E.


De Witt, Lt. General John L.


"Deadline Data"


Dean, Arthur H. (International Law, Society of)


Dearing, Fred Morris




Debts, European, "Europe's Burden of Debt," by W. F. Crick




Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights


Declaration of Panama




Deegan, Elizabeth


Deelen, H. L. F. J.




Defense agencies


Defense Front


DeGaulle, Charles


Delano, Frederic A.


Delft, The Netherlands


Delmar, Charles


Delta Phi Epsilon




Democratic Headquarters




Denby, James Orr


Dennett, Raymond


Dennett, Tyler

Box 141

Dennett, Tyler, "American Choices in the Far East in 1882"


Dennett, Tyler, "American 'Good Ofices' in Asia"


Dennett, Tyler, memo on the Open Door policy


Dennett, Tyler, miscellaneous


Dennett, Tyler, notes on Dennett and Pritchard


Dennett papers (full set)


Dennet, Tyler, on the Roosevelt - Japan Alliance, 1924


Dennett, Tyler, "Roosevelt's Secret Pact with Japan"


Dennett, Tyler, "Americans in Eastern Asia"

Physical Description: 10.0 folders)
Box 142

Dennis, Alfred L. P., articles by


Dennis, William C.

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

Denniston, Alfred B.


Denson, W. A.






"Denver," 1908


Denver, house in (Pingree Keator)


Denver, Barkalow House, Higgins, etc., 1949-1950


Denver, University of, 1903


Denver University and Medina celebration


Denver, University of, Dedication of Mary Reed Library, 1932 October 26-28


Denver, "Distinguished Citizens," 1958


Denver, University of, 1960-1962

Box 143

Denver, University of, 1963-1964


Denver University Alumni


Department, "kicks"


Department of State



Physical Description: 4.0 folders)

S. K. Hornbeck letter to Marshall, copy of assignment to Foreign Service, 1947




Administration and Personal

Physical Description: 3.0 folders)
Box 144

Adviser on Political Relations, 1937 August


Application for leave and acceptance of resignation, 1923-1924


Appointment and letters of congratulation, 1928


Classification, correspondence with Wright



Box 145

Correspondence, "John Doe Associates"

Physical Description: 3.0 folders)

Correspondence, 1937-1944


Department of Peace

Box 146

Foreign Service, 1944-1945


Foreign Service Institute


Foreign Service, U.S.


Functions, Young on




Memos from S. K. Hornbeck to Secretary and Undersecretary, 1928-1929


Miscellaneous letters




Press releases


Provision for research work needed, memorandum, 1930






Records of


Reserve officers in


Resignation under consideration, 1922-1923

Box 147

Data on the war effort, 1942-1943


Telegrams and statements "On Ice"


Division of Far Eastern Affairs


Far Eastern Affairs, undated memoranda

Box 148

Far Eastern Affairs, correspondence, 1934-1945


Declarations of War

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

Department of War, Bureau of Insular Affairs


Department of War, Military Intelligence Division, G-2


Department of War, organization

Box 149

Dependent areas




Derby, James


Desvernine, Raoul E.


Detzer, Miss Dorothy


Deuel, Alanson C.


Deutsch, Gisela


Deutscher, Isaac, "Krushchev Letter," 1961 July


Devan, S. Arthur


Devanter, Winslow B. van


Dewey, Charles


Dewey, John, "Divided China," and "Federalism in China"


Dewey, Thomas E.


Dewey, Thomas, "Journey to the Far Pacific"


Diamond, Clark G.


Dick, Hasell H.


Dick, R. McCullock, Philippines Free Press


Dickey, John S. (special consultant), public opinion U.S., 1943


Dickey, W. Laurence


Dickinson, Edwin D.


Dickinson, John


Dickinson, Thomas H.


Dickover, Erle R.


Dickson, E. J. M.


Dickson, Admiral R. K.


Dickson, Thomas J., articles by




Dictionary of American Biography


Dictionary of American History (Charles Scribner's Sons)


Dictionary of Political Science (Dunner)


Dies, Martin (Representative, Texas)


Dietrich, Miss Ethel B.




Diggs, Alice M.


Diggs, Marshall R.


Diggs, Vera Ford


Dijk, van


Dill, Russell E.


Dillard, Hardy C.


Dillingham, Walter F. and Louise


Dillon Multi-vision lenses


Dillon, on U. S. Far Eastern Policy







Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

Diplomacy and diplomats


Diplomacy, Secret




Diplomatic officers, appointment and resignation

Box 150

Diplomatic record, annual


Diplomatic relations, severe, 1917 February


Diplomatic representation, recall of


Diplomatic Sunday evening salons


"Disadvantages of Being Good," by J. Edgar Park






Distilleerderij v., N. V.


Distribution of material in Department


District of Columbia


District of Columbia Political Science Association


Division of Near Eastern Affairs, 1943


Division of Research and Publication


Dixon, George


Dockweiler, and Dockweiler, and Finch


Dodd, Senator Thomas J.


Dodd, William Edward (Ambassador to Germany, 1933-1937)


Dodds, C. B.


Doe, Arthur


Dojes, R. L.


Dolan, Brooke


Dolbeare, Frederic R.


Dole, James D.




Dollar, "Diplomacy follows the Dollar," Bishop Edgar Blake


Dollar, J. Harold


Dollar, Robert Stanley and the Dollar Steamship Line


Domhoff, Gebroaders


Dominican Republic


Donald, W. H.


Donaldson, John


Donaldson, Joseph E.


Donaldson, Mac H.


Donat Publishing Corp.


Donham, Wallace B.


Donovan, Howard


Donovan, William J.


Doolittle Raid


See also: Prisoners of War, Execution of Aviators

Dooman, Eugene H. Esquire






Doremus, T. E.


Dorfman, Ben


Doriot, Georges F.


Dorman, Raphael


Dostal, Edward


Dougherty, Mrs. John Allan


Douglas, Henry H.


Douglas, Lewis W.


Douglas, Senator Paul H.


Douglas, Senator Paul, on Korea, 1952 July


Douglas, Justice William O.


Douglass, C. W.


Douglass, Lucille


Douglass, Paul F.


Dowling, Swain, and Shea, Inc.


Drake, Fred D.

Box 151



Dresbach, Glenn W.


Drew, Anna, Lucy and Dora


Drew, Gerald


Drew, Letter from


Drexsage Company, L.


Drummond, Roscoe


Drumright, Everett F. (the Honorable)


Drysdale, W. S.


Dubash, D. N.


Duce, James Terry


Duddy, Frank E.


Dudley, H. N.


Dudley, Joseph


Duff Cooper, Alfred


Duggan, Laurence


Duggan, Stephen P.


Dulles, A. W.


Dulles, John Foster


Dumba case


Dumont, Frederick T. F.


Dunbar, Charles E.


Duncan, Blanche E.


Duncan, D. Shaw


Duncan, Jack H.


Duncan, R. B.


Dunn, Frederick S.


Dunn, Ilena Gore


Dunn, James Clement


Dunne, William Louis


Du Pont


Dupuy, Pierre


Durand, Dr.


Durant, W. C.


Dutch-Allied Goodwill


Dutcher, George M.


Dutilh, Barbara


Dutko, P. M.


Dutton and Company


Dutton, Thomas C.


Duyvendak, J. J. L.


Duzer, W. A. van


Dwight, Caroline and Frances


Dyer, A. Murray


Dykstra, Clarence A.




Dzau, Captain and Mrs. Linson E.


Dzung, K. V.

Box 152

Eagleton, Professor Clyde


Eales, Howard


Earle, Edward Mead


East Asia




British Borneo


Kalijarvi, Thorsten V., correspondence about contract




Linebarger, Bibliography--Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos




East Indies Institute of America


See also: Southeast Asian Institute

Eastern Asia, recognition


Eastern Asia, work copies




East and West Association


Eaton, William R.

Box 153



Economic Conference


Economic Defense Council




Eddleblute, C. E.


Eddy, Sherwood


Eddy, Colonel William on "F.D.R. Meets Ibn Saud"


Eden, Anthony


Edison, Charles, 1955


Editors, letters to


Editors and requesters, what and now



Physical Description: 2.0 folders)
Box 154

Education (4 folders)


Education, 1965


Edwards, Norman


Efficiency reports, 1945-1946






Ehrmann, Mrs. Max and Henrietta

Box 155

Eichelberger, Major General R. L.








Eisenhower, General Dwight D.


Eisenhower, Inauguration at Columbia, S. K. Hornbeck and Utrecht


Electric fans


Elementary law, outline


Eliot, Major General Fielding


Elliott, William Yangell


Ellis, Mrs. Wade (Dessie) and Miss Chase


Elliston, H. B.


Elsea, Mrs. Joyce M.


Elton, Lord


Ely, John T. A., 1953



Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

Embargo, Moral


Embargoes, May Act

Box 156

Emeny, Brooks




Empress Dowager, Portrait of


See also: China: Empress Dowager



Engert, Cornelius Van H.


Engineers, American


England and the English


Engle, Senator


English, George


English language


English Speaking Union




Ensor, Mrs. Kenton C.




Entertainment allowance


Enthoven, H. E.






Erhardt, John G.


Erkelens, J.


Ernster, John J.






Essay on global strategy


Estabrooks, G. H.

Box 157




Physical Description: 3.0 folders)

Europa publications




Europe, political map index


Europe, Roosevelt's message to Hitler and Mussolini, 1939 April


European tariff history, notes, 1909




Evans, Arthur H.


Evatt, Herbert Vere

Box 158

Evening Star, The, 1957-1966




Exchange, The


Exchange Control


Executive Action


Executive Committee on Commercial Policy


Executive Orders and Proclamations


Expenses, household, 1945-1946


Export control


Export-Import Bank






Fackenthal, Frank D.


Fahs, Dr. Charles B.


Fairbank, John King



Box 159

"China and the U.S." Hornbeck's review


Review in American Oxonian, 1950, 1957

Scope and Contents note

Also includes an article by Fairbank from 1957.

Review by S. K. Hornbeck


Fairbanks, Howard L.


Fairfield, Golding


Fairfield, W. C.


Fales, Herbert


Fallacies, political


Far East



Physical Description: 7.0 folders)

Clippings and miscellaneous, 1944-1947



Box 160



Barrow's "13 Points," 1922





Physical Description: 9.0 folders)

Kelly and Walsh




Hodges and Wheeler, 1920

Box 161

American diplomacy


American possessions in the Pacific


British India



Physical Description: 3.0 folders)
Box 162





Book reviews


Canals in


Commerce with United States


Government of




Industrial development


Japanese diplomatic relations since 1915




Maritime Customs publications




Open Door Policy in


Quigley, 1927


Railways in


Russo-Chinese relations


Shantung question


Special of ten books, 1922 October 20


Tables of contents




Trade, Commerce, and Industry




Colonial Administration








Industrial development




New bibliography to 1922


Selected book list, 1918


Tables of contents




Magazines, 1916-1917


Newark Public Library lists



Box 163





Canadian's view


"The Changing East," by Marcossan






Conditions and special memoranda


Courses in American colleges




Dutch East Indies




Immigration to Canada


India, political and economic conditions, 1923


Institute of Far Eastern Affairs, American University, 1932 March 21


League of Nations






Monroe Doctrine


Naval, Koch, 1923


Naval strategy in Pacific


Naval War College, 1928




Policy for


Policy Problems


Policy, Seward's by Dennett


Policy of the United States


Article regarding political unrest in 1923 by Charles Hodges, The Annalist Annual, 1924 January 7


Press clippings, 1922

Box 164

Public and private financial problems, 1922




Quigley's outline


Reinsch on, 1921


Remaining questions to Grew for Polk, 1919 August




Russian policy


Secret Treaties of 1917






Tariff notes




Tibet, treaties




Trade, American prospects for, 1923


Trade methods


U.S. Diplomacy in Far East


U.S. Far Eastern Relations, Gulick


U.S. in Orient


War College


Far Eastern Advisory Commission


Far Eastern Association


Far Eastern Bureau, policy


Far Eastern Division, personnel, circa 1947


Far Eastern Newsletter


Far Eastern Policy, World Peace Foundation Trustees, 1937 October 16


Far Eastern Quarterly


Far Eastern Republic


Far Eastern Review


Far Eastern Studies


Far Eastern Survey


Farago, Ladislas


Farish, F. Paul


Farley, James A.

Box 165

Farnum, George R.


Farrar and Rinehart


Farrell, James


Farrington, J. R. (Delegate from Hawaii)


Farrington, Joseph R.


Farrington, Mrs. J. R.


Farrington, W. R.


Farrior, Mrs. S. C.


Fassett, Max


Feary, Robert A.


Federal Bar Association


Federal Bureau of Investigation


Federal City Club


FCC Monitoring Service, general broadcasts


Federal Council of the Churches, 1949


Federal Reserve Bank of New York


Federal Reserve, J. Jenks


Federal Union


Federation of Europe


Feffer, Dr. James I., 1965


Feilchenfeld, E. H. and Holohan, W. V.


Feiler, Arthur


Feis, Herbert

Box 166

Fellers, Nancy Jane


Fengtien Law College


Fennell, Gerald M.


Fenwick, Charles G.


Ferguson, Homer (Senator of Michigan)


Ferguson, Homer, on China, Formosa, etc., 1950


Ferguson, Dr. J. C.


Ferrell, Robert, notes, memos, etc.


Ferrell, Robert H., 1966


Ferrin, Augustin W.


Ferrin, Dana H.


Field, Frederick V., Amerasia


Field, Frederick V.


Field, Dr. G. W.


Field, Henry


Fifth column


Finance, world, after war




Finch, George A.


Finch, John W.


Fine, Louis E.




Finold, Rudy H., 1964


First National Bank of Ordway


Firuski, Mrs. Elizabeth B.


Fischer, Colonel Arthur F.


Fischer, Louis


Fish, Ben


Fish, Hamilton (New York)


Fishel, Wesley R.


Fisher, Galen M.


Fisher, William Dale




Fisk, Sir Ernest

Box 167

Fitch, George A.


Fitch, Geraldine


Fitch, Robert F.


Fitch, T. F.


Flag, U.S. ceremonial


Fleisher, B. W.


Fleming, D. F.


Fleming, Jackson


Fleming, Lamar


Fletcher, William G.


Florida, University of, Wilgus


Flournoy, Richard


Floyd, John T.


Flynn, Edward J.


Fobes, Francis H.




Foote, Walter A.


Forbes, W. Cameron

Box 168



Force versus humanity


Ford, Alexander Hume


Ford, Guy Stanton


Ford, Henry II


Ford, H. D.


Ford, James J.


Foreign Economic Administration


Foreign Economic Administration, business (Wehle, Terry, Emerson, Black, Blaisdell)


Foreign investments


Foreign Missions Conference


Foreign Policy Association, New York, speech by S. K. Hornbeck, 1949 February 19


Foreign Policy Association, 1928-1942


Foreign Policy Association


Foreign Policy, Eisenhower, 1953


Foreign Policy, 1953


Foreign Policy, Kennan, Berle, 1956


Foreign Press Association


Foreign Relations


Foreign Relations, Volume III, Far East 1935


Foreign Relations, publishing of

Box 169

Foreign Relations (5 folders)

Box 170

Foreign Relations


Bibliography, U.S.


Department of State, A. N. Young


Diplomacy, Count Sforza


Diplomacy and international representation and intercourse


International differences, methods of settlement short of war


Kellogg, diplomacy of


Kellogg Pact


Scott, J. B.


Foreign Relief and Rehabilitations operations


Foreign Service


Foreign Service Day, 1965 November 12


Foreign Service of the United States


Foreign Service School, Georgetown University


Foreign Service, Training for, Swiggett


Foreign Students


See also: Immigration

Foreign trade bibliography

Box 171





Maurer, Herrymon, 1955 April


Resolution, Mutual Defense Treaty, etc., 1955


Reynolds incident and riots, 1957


Stevenson on



Box 172

Forrestal, James V.


Forsyth, Margaret E.


Fortier, Colonel Louis J.


Fortune, 1937-1944


Forum subjects


Fosdick, Raymond B.


Foster, Carol H.


Four Powers


"Fourteen Points," acceptance by Allies


Fowler, W. W.


Fox, A. Manuel


Frakar, Montie R.


Frakar, Merlyn R.




France, colonial possessions




Franck, Harry A.


Frank, Glenn, on Occidental-Oriental relations


Franklin, Lynn W.


Frazar, E. W.


Frazier, Robert

Box 173

Frechtling, Louis E.


Fredericksburg, O. H. Darter, 1934 January 19


Free, Arthur M.


Free movements in United States


Freedman, Samuel


Freedom of press


Freedom of seas


Freedom of speech


Freedoms Foundation


Freeman, Miller


Freeman, The


French, C. H.


French Embassy


French Indo-China

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

French Indo-China Military Purchasing Mission

Box 174

French Information Service


French orphans


Frene letter


Frey, Oliver W.


Freyn, Hubert


Friedinger-Pranter, Robert


Friedrich, C. J.


Friends of the Land


Froclick, Louis D.


Fromkes, Mrs. Maurice


Fromm, Joe


Frost, Wesley


Fry, C. Brooks


Fulbright, J. William


Fulbright Resolution


Fuller, Stuart J.


Furlong, Colonel Charles Wellington




Furstner, J. Th.


Fyfe, J. Howard

Box 175

Gale, Esson M. (2 folders)


Gale, Esson and Klinger, R. B., regarding December 8, 1953


Galloway, George B.


Gallup Poll


Gallup Poll, public opinion and the war


Gamble, Sidney D.


"Gandhi. Mahatma, The World Significance of," John Haynes Holmes, 1922


Gann, Dolly, her story




Gardiner, John P.


Gardiner, William Howard


Gardner, Charles S.


Gardner, Edward J.


Garfield, Harry A.


Garner, James W.


Garrels, Arthur


Garside, B. A.


Gates, Caleb F.


Gates, Mary Jean


Gauss, Clarence E.

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

Gavin, James L.


Gavin, James M.


Geertsema, C. C.


Geissler, Arthur H.

Box 176

Geist, Raymond H.


Genealogy forms


General Electric Instruction Manual




Geneva Protocol, by Manley O. Hudson, 1924


Geneva Representation




Genot-Simpson, Marie Janine


Gentleman's agreement


Gentry, William G.




George, Walter F.


George Washington University


Georgetown University


German Colonies, former, disposal in Peace Treaty


German Embassy




Germany, Adolf Hitler


Gest, Guion M.


Gewer, W. M.


Gibb, John McGregor


Gibbon, Elwyn H.


Gibson, Hugh

Box 177

Gilbert, Prentiss


Gilbert, Prentiss, Observer


Gilbert, Rodney, 1963-1964

Physical Description: 4.0 folders)
Box 591

Gilbert, Rodney, 1964-1966

Box 178

Gilchrist, Huntington, "Germany in China"


Gill, D. L.


Gilles, H. A.


Gilmore, E. A.


Gilmore, George W.


Ginsberg, Herbert


Gipson, Lawrence H.


Glass, Meta


Glassford, Pelham D.


Glassford, William A.


Gleason, George


Globe Phone Manufacturing Corporation, Reading, Massachusetts


Go, Toshi




Godfrey, Stuart C.


Godshall, W. Leon


Goekooplaan, Adrian


Goette, John




Golden Book


See also: Bibliography, One Hundred Choice Books

Golden High School, 1903-1904


Goldwater, Barry


Good, Dorothy


Good, J. Carter


Good neighbor


Goodfellow, M. Preston


Goodhart, Professor Arthur

Box 179

Goodnight, Scott


Goodrich, L. Carrington, 1963


Goodrich, William Lloyd


Gordon, Albert H.


Gordon, George


Gordon, Linley V.


Gordon, Peyton


Gouda windows


Goudriaan, J.


Gould, Randall

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

Government agencies, functions of


Government Agency of Information and Publicity on Public Affairs (suggested)


Government, the business of


Government officials, membership in private organizations


Government publishers


Government service


Government, U.S.


Gowen, Herbert H.


Grady, Henry F.


Graeff, Jhr. D. G. de

Box 180

Graham, Bess F.


Graham, Malbone W.


Graham, William B.


Granovsky, Alexander A.


Grant Avenue Methodist Church


Grant, Hugh Gladney


Grant-Smith, U. S.


Gravem, Axel B.


Gray, Cecil W.


Gray, John Henry


Gray, Joe


Great Britain




British Empire

Box 181





Manchuria Incident




Relations with United States


Sale of destroyers to


U.S. controversy, legal and political aspects (lecture)


Great Lakes Aircraft Corporation


Great Society


Green, Joseph C.


Green, Leonard N.


Green, Theodore F.


Greenbie, Sydney

Box 182

Greenbie, Sydney


Greenbie, Mrs. Sydney


Greene, Albert E.


Greene, Jerome D.


Greene, Marc T.


Greene, Roger S.

Physical Description: 3.0 folders)

Greene, Winthrop S.



Box 183

Greensboro, 1952


Gregg, Clifford C.


Gregory, Herbert E.


Gregory, John H.


Grew, Joseph C.




Grew's estimate



Box 184


Physical Description: 4.0 folders)
Box 185


Physical Description: 6.0 folders)
Box 186


Physical Description: 4.0 folders)
Box 187


Physical Description: 3.0 folders)
Box 188


Box 189




Box 190

May 1934 - July 1936

Box 191

August 1936 - December 1937

Box 192

December 1937 - December 1939

Box 193

January 1940 - December 1940

Box 194

December 1940 - October 1941

Box 195


Physical Description: 3.0 folders)

Scope and Contents note

Also includes dispatches.

Briggs case

Box 196

Grey's "Elegy in a Country Churchyard"


Gridiron Club, 1934 April 14


Griffin, Eldon


Griffith, Ernest S.


Griffith, Colonel John S.


Griffiths, Austin E.


Griffiths, Farnham P.


Grigsby, Miss




Griswold, A. Whitney


Griswold, Lawrence


Groff-Smith, Everitt


Grogan, Stanley


Gross, Christian


Grosscup, Mrs. Ben


Grosvenor, Gilbert


Grotius, Hugo


Group Hospitalization, Inc.


Grullemans and Sons, J. J.




Guerin, Hubert






Gulick, Mrs. Mason


Gulick, Sidney, program for China and Japan


Gull, E. M.


Gunn, Ross


Gunnison, Royal Arch


Gupta, G. C.




Guru and Ryerson


Guthrie, F. P.

Box 197

H., F.


H-K Advertising Service, Inc.


Haan, Kilsoo


Haas, J. J. de


Haband Tie Company


Habets, Jos. H. C. A.


Hacker, Emil C.


Hackett, Harold W.


Hackworth, Green H.


Haering, George J.


Haertel, M. H.


Hague, The


See also: The Hague (alphabetized under "T")

Hahn, Soon K.


Haight, Prof., on "Quarantine"


Haines, Colonel Paul H.


Hains, Mary J.




Hale, Robert


Halifax, Lord (British Ambassador)


Halifax and Hornbeck, miscellaneous papers

Box 198

Hall, A. Hamer


Hall, H. Duncan


Hall, Howard B.


Hall, Josef, articles


Hall, Josef, "New China," 1927


Hall, Monroe


Hall, Noel


Hall, Ray Ovid


Hall, Victor E.


Hallett, Ralph H.


Hallock, H. G. C.


Ham, Pier van der


Hamaker, Frances H.


Hamilton, Earl J.


Hamilton, George E.


Hamilton, George, Rhodes School, 1953


Hamilton, Maxwell M., "China in 1931"


Hamilton, Maxwell M., correspondence

Physical Description: 3.0 folders)
Box 199

Hamlin, Charles S.


Hammerman, S. L.


Hampton, Robert


Hanchett, David S.




Hangchow, S. K. Hornbeck at


Hangchow Days, S. K. Hornbeck and Goose, 1912


Hangchow, Certain Features of the History of Constitution Making, Chekiang Provincial College, 1910


Hangchow, Wu, 1961


Hankey, Sir M., China, Shantung Hearing, 1919


Hankin, Francis


Hann, Charles


Hannegan, Mr.


Hansell, Haywood Shepherd, Jr.


Hanson, George C.


Harbord, James G.


Harbord Mission


See also: Horneck, S. K., Armenia

Harcourt, Brace and Company


Hard, Anne - Sketch of S. K. Hornbeck, 1928


Hard, Mrs. William


Hardenbroek, G. C. D. Baron van


Harding, H. F.


Harding, Warren G.


Haren, Onno C. van


Hargrove, William


Harkness, William H.


Harmon, Francis Stuart


Harper and Brothers


Harper, David


Harper, Samuel N.


Harriman, E. A.


Harriman, E. H.


Harriman, W. Averell


Harrington, Dayton M.


Harrington, Fred (University of Wisconsin)


Harris, Hayden B.


Harris, J. Francis


Harris (Norman Wait) Institute, 1930, 1939


Harris (Norman Wait) Memorial Foundation


Harris, Townsend


Harrison, Earl G.


Harrison, Maurice


Harrison, Randolph


Hart, A. B.


Hart, Boies C.


Hart, Sea Island

Box 200

Hart, Charles C.


Hart, G. H. C.


Hart, Simon


Hart, Admiral Thomas Charles


Hartley, Hugh H.


Hartley, Livingston


Hartman, Lillian G.


Hartman, Mrs. William


Hartzell, Karl D.




Harvard University Library


Harvard Club


Harvard Club, Roster, 1947


Harvard Club of Washington, D. C., 1954


Harvard Courses and class records, 1927-1928


Harvard University




Exams, History


Final grades, 1924-1925


S. K. Hornbeck class record, 1925

Box 201

Harvard University Committee on Far Eastern Civilization, 1937-1938


Harvard items


Harvard tercentenary


Harvey, Paul


Harwich-Hook Service


Hashimoto, Mt. Tetsuma


Haspels, J. C.


Hatfield, Dos T.


Hatmaker, (Virginia), 1957


Hattum, J. W. A. van


Hauser, Ernest O.


Hausman, William


Havana Conference, 1940



Box 202

Hawes, Charles H.


Hawes, Harry B.


Hawkins, H. B.

Physical Description: 6.0 folders)

Hawkins, Harry C.


Hawkins, Paul S.


Hawley, John C.


Haworth, Mr.

Box 203

Hay, John


Hayden, Carl W.


Hayden, the Honorable Joseph Ralston


Hayes, John D.


Hayes, L. Newton


Hayes, Ralph


Hazard, Henry B.


Health check-up, 1945


Healy, F. G.


Healy, Thomas H., "The Outlook for Disarmament"


Hearnshow, F. J. C.


Hearst, William Randolph


Heater, W. E.


Heath, Donald


Heest, J. P. Van


Heindel, R. H.


Heineman, Alfred


Heinneman, Mr.


Heintzleman, P. Stewart






Helmick, Judge Milton J.


Helmle, William C.


Helms, Birch


Henderson, A. D.


Henderson, Alfred J.


Henderson, Archibald


Henderson, Horace E.


Henderson, Leon


Hendrix, Euphanelle


Hengstler, Herbert C.


Henkle, Charles Zane


Henle, Ray


Henning, Arthur Sears


Henry, James M.


Henry, Jules


Henry, Robert L.


Henry, Robert L. ("Pat")


Herod, William R.


Heroes of '76


Herring, Hubert


Herriott, C. D.


Herter, Chris, 1966


Hewes, Clarence B.


Hewes, Thomas


Hewitt, Admiral H. K.


Heyn, J.


Heywood, Florence


Hibbard, Frederick P.


Hicks, Margaret de Forest, "Japan and Russia in the East"


Hievans, Arthur


High, Stanley


Hight, Frank S.


Hildred, William P.


Hill, D. J., "The Nations and the Law"


Hill, George M.


Hill, John A.


Hill, L.


Hill, Paul A.


Hill, Ralph W.


Hilsman, Roger


Hiltman, J. W.


Hiltner, Walter G.


Hinckley, Flora (Mrs. Frank E.)

Box 204

Hinckley, Dr. Frank E. (2 folders)


Hindmarsh, Albert E.


Hines, Frank T.


Hinke, Frederick W.


Hinkle, Eugene M.


Hinshaw, Carl


Hinton, Harold C.


Hippisley, Alfred E.

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

Hirsch, Julius


Hishida, Seiji G.


Hiss, Alger

Physical Description: 3.0 folders)

Hiss, Donald


Hiss, Philip H.




History, bibliography, "A Threatened Gap in World History"


Histories, Critique on American School Histories


Hitchcock, Curtice


Hitchcock, Henry B.

Box 205

Hnath, John, 1961-1962


Ho Ping - Song


See also: China: Ho Ping - Song, SKH Manuscript

Ho, Shai Lai, General


Hoare, Sir Samuel


Hobart, Earle T.


Hochschild, H. W.


Hochstein, Irma


Hocking, William E.


Hodges, Charles


Hodgins, Eric


Hoffman, Milton J.


Hoffman, Ross J.


Hogue, Richard W.


Holoday, William P.


Holcomb, Major General Thomas


Holcombe, Arthur N.




Holland-America Line


Holland, Maurice


Holland Society, Annual Banquet, 1965 November 10


Holland Society, reception to Prince Bernhard 1966 June 2


Holman - Bricker Resolution


Holman and Centlivres


Holman, Frank, 1950


Holman, Frank E. (Attorney at Law)


Holmes, George Sanford


Holmes, Harry N.


Holmes, Julius


Holmes, Lieutenant Wilfred J.


Holt, E. G.


Holt, Ivan Lee


Holtom, D. C.


Homan, Professor Paul T.


Home Craftsman, The

Box 206

Hong Kong


Hong Kong, United College of


Hook, Sidney


Hooton, Earnest A.


Hoover, Charles L.


Hoover, Herbert

Physical Description: 4.0 folders)

Hoover-MacDonald Treaty


Hopkins, Frank S.


Hopkins, Harry


Hopper, Bruce

Physical Description: 4.0 folders)

Hopper, W. Earl

Box 207

Horch, Louis L.


Hornbeck, Marion A.


Hornbeck, Ralph


Horner, Charles F.


Horton, William E.


Hosie, Lady


"Hot Pursuit"


Hotchkin, Captain Harry


Hotel "De Doelen"


Hotel Governor Clinton


Hotel Pennsylvania


Houben, F. J. M. A. H.


House, Colonel, notes


House, Colonel E. M.


House Inquiry


House Un-American Activities Committee


Houghton, Alanson B.


Houston, Herbert S.


Howard, Herbert S.


Howard, James E.


Howard, Roy W.


Howard, Stanley F.


Howe, William Stuart


Howell, G. P.


Howland, Charles




Howze, Dr. Charles P.


Hoy, Ralph


Hsia, C. L.


Hsieh, Alice Langley


Hsieh, C. K.


Hsieh, Dr. Teyhi


Hsu, Kathleen, 1966


Hu, S. K. Major General


Hu Shih

Physical Description: 5.0 folders)
Box 208

Hudson, David


Hudson, The Honourable Manley O.


Huggins, G. Ellsworth


Hughes, Charles Evans


Hughes, Edwin H.


Hughes, Howard


Huisken, Betty


Huismans, Mr.


Huizinga, Leonard


Hull, Cordell, the Julius W. Pratt biography of


Hull, Cordell



Physical Description: 5.0 folders)
Box 209

Memoirs: Hornbeck - Berding correspondence


For secretary's speeches


Addresses and statements, 1925-1939

Box 210

Addresses and statements, 1940-1942


Birthday, 1951


Secretary of State


Hull Foundation


Hull, John A.


Human Events


Human Rights


Hume, Edgar Erskine


Hume, Edward H.

Box 211

Hummel, Arthur W.


Humphrey, Hubert H.


Humphrey, Mary Churchill


Hung, William




Hunnewell, Francis Welles


Hunt, William


Hunter, Edward


Hunter, Frederick M. (Chancellor)


Hurd, Colonel


Hurja, Emil


Hurley, Brigadier General Patrick J.


Hurley, George


Husband, W. W.


Hussey, Harry


Husting, Paul O., raising troops, letter to President Wilson


Hustinx, Ch. M. J. H.


Huston, Jay C.


Huston, Dr. John W. (U.S. Naval Academy)


Hutchins, Tom


Hutchinson, Paul


Hyde, Charles Cheney


Hyde, Frederic B.

Box 212



Ickes, Harold L.


Ickes Diary


Ide, John J.


Idealism vs. Realism


Ignatieff, Paul








Imperialism, Japan's, evolution of the idea




Inauguration Ceremonies, President Hoover, 1929 March 4