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Register of the Stanley Kuhl Hornbeck papers, 1900-1966
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Fowler, W. W.


Fox, A. Manuel


Frakar, Montie R.


Frakar, Merlyn R.




France, colonial possessions




Franck, Harry A.


Frank, Glenn, on Occidental-Oriental relations


Franklin, Lynn W.


Frazar, E. W.


Frazier, Robert

Box 173

Frechtling, Louis E.


Fredericksburg, O. H. Darter, 1934 January 19


Free, Arthur M.


Free movements in United States


Freedman, Samuel


Freedom of press


Freedom of seas


Freedom of speech


Freedoms Foundation


Freeman, Miller


Freeman, The


French, C. H.


French Embassy


French Indo-China

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

French Indo-China Military Purchasing Mission

Box 174

French Information Service


French orphans


Frene letter


Frey, Oliver W.


Freyn, Hubert


Friedinger-Pranter, Robert


Friedrich, C. J.


Friends of the Land


Froclick, Louis D.


Fromkes, Mrs. Maurice


Fromm, Joe


Frost, Wesley


Fry, C. Brooks


Fulbright, J. William


Fulbright Resolution


Fuller, Stuart J.


Furlong, Colonel Charles Wellington




Furstner, J. Th.


Fyfe, J. Howard

Box 175

Gale, Esson M. (2 folders)


Gale, Esson and Klinger, R. B., regarding December 8, 1953


Galloway, George B.


Gallup Poll


Gallup Poll, public opinion and the war


Gamble, Sidney D.


"Gandhi. Mahatma, The World Significance of," John Haynes Holmes, 1922


Gann, Dolly, her story




Gardiner, John P.


Gardiner, William Howard


Gardner, Charles S.


Gardner, Edward J.


Garfield, Harry A.


Garner, James W.


Garrels, Arthur


Garside, B. A.


Gates, Caleb F.


Gates, Mary Jean


Gauss, Clarence E.

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

Gavin, James L.


Gavin, James M.


Geertsema, C. C.


Geissler, Arthur H.

Box 176

Geist, Raymond H.


Genealogy forms


General Electric Instruction Manual




Geneva Protocol, by Manley O. Hudson, 1924


Geneva Representation




Genot-Simpson, Marie Janine


Gentleman's agreement


Gentry, William G.




George, Walter F.


George Washington University


Georgetown University


German Colonies, former, disposal in Peace Treaty


German Embassy




Germany, Adolf Hitler


Gest, Guion M.


Gewer, W. M.


Gibb, John McGregor


Gibbon, Elwyn H.


Gibson, Hugh

Box 177

Gilbert, Prentiss


Gilbert, Prentiss, Observer


Gilbert, Rodney, 1963-1964

Physical Description: 4.0 folders)
Box 591

Gilbert, Rodney, 1964-1966

Box 178

Gilchrist, Huntington, "Germany in China"


Gill, D. L.


Gilles, H. A.


Gilmore, E. A.


Gilmore, George W.


Ginsberg, Herbert


Gipson, Lawrence H.


Glass, Meta


Glassford, Pelham D.


Glassford, William A.


Gleason, George


Globe Phone Manufacturing Corporation, Reading, Massachusetts


Go, Toshi




Godfrey, Stuart C.


Godshall, W. Leon


Goekooplaan, Adrian


Goette, John




Golden Book


See also: Bibliography, One Hundred Choice Books

Golden High School, 1903-1904


Goldwater, Barry


Good, Dorothy


Good, J. Carter


Good neighbor


Goodfellow, M. Preston


Goodhart, Professor Arthur

Box 179

Goodnight, Scott


Goodrich, L. Carrington, 1963


Goodrich, William Lloyd


Gordon, Albert H.


Gordon, George


Gordon, Linley V.


Gordon, Peyton


Gouda windows


Goudriaan, J.


Gould, Randall

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

Government agencies, functions of


Government Agency of Information and Publicity on Public Affairs (suggested)


Government, the business of


Government officials, membership in private organizations


Government publishers


Government service


Government, U.S.


Gowen, Herbert H.


Grady, Henry F.


Graeff, Jhr. D. G. de

Box 180

Graham, Bess F.


Graham, Malbone W.


Graham, William B.


Granovsky, Alexander A.


Grant Avenue Methodist Church


Grant, Hugh Gladney


Grant-Smith, U. S.


Gravem, Axel B.


Gray, Cecil W.


Gray, John Henry


Gray, Joe


Great Britain




British Empire

Box 181





Manchuria Incident




Relations with United States


Sale of destroyers to


U.S. controversy, legal and political aspects (lecture)


Great Lakes Aircraft Corporation


Great Society


Green, Joseph C.


Green, Leonard N.


Green, Theodore F.


Greenbie, Sydney

Box 182

Greenbie, Sydney


Greenbie, Mrs. Sydney


Greene, Albert E.


Greene, Jerome D.


Greene, Marc T.


Greene, Roger S.

Physical Description: 3.0 folders)

Greene, Winthrop S.



Box 183

Greensboro, 1952


Gregg, Clifford C.


Gregory, Herbert E.


Gregory, John H.


Grew, Joseph C.




Grew's estimate



Box 184


Physical Description: 4.0 folders)
Box 185


Physical Description: 6.0 folders)
Box 186


Physical Description: 4.0 folders)
Box 187


Physical Description: 3.0 folders)
Box 188


Box 189




Box 190

May 1934 - July 1936

Box 191

August 1936 - December 1937

Box 192

December 1937 - December 1939

Box 193

January 1940 - December 1940

Box 194

December 1940 - October 1941

Box 195


Physical Description: 3.0 folders)

Scope and Contents note

Also includes dispatches.

Briggs case

Box 196

Grey's "Elegy in a Country Churchyard"


Gridiron Club, 1934 April 14


Griffin, Eldon


Griffith, Ernest S.


Griffith, Colonel John S.


Griffiths, Austin E.


Griffiths, Farnham P.


Grigsby, Miss




Griswold, A. Whitney


Griswold, Lawrence


Groff-Smith, Everitt


Grogan, Stanley


Gross, Christian


Grosscup, Mrs. Ben


Grosvenor, Gilbert


Grotius, Hugo


Group Hospitalization, Inc.


Grullemans and Sons, J. J.




Guerin, Hubert






Gulick, Mrs. Mason


Gulick, Sidney, program for China and Japan


Gull, E. M.


Gunn, Ross


Gunnison, Royal Arch


Gupta, G. C.




Guru and Ryerson


Guthrie, F. P.

Box 197

H., F.


H-K Advertising Service, Inc.


Haan, Kilsoo


Haas, J. J. de


Haband Tie Company


Habets, Jos. H. C. A.


Hacker, Emil C.


Hackett, Harold W.


Hackworth, Green H.


Haering, George J.


Haertel, M. H.


Hague, The


See also: The Hague (alphabetized under "T")

Hahn, Soon K.


Haight, Prof., on "Quarantine"


Haines, Colonel Paul H.


Hains, Mary J.




Hale, Robert


Halifax, Lord (British Ambassador)


Halifax and Hornbeck, miscellaneous papers

Box 198

Hall, A. Hamer


Hall, H. Duncan


Hall, Howard B.


Hall, Josef, articles


Hall, Josef, "New China," 1927


Hall, Monroe


Hall, Noel


Hall, Ray Ovid


Hall, Victor E.


Hallett, Ralph H.


Hallock, H. G. C.


Ham, Pier van der


Hamaker, Frances H.


Hamilton, Earl J.


Hamilton, George E.


Hamilton, George, Rhodes School, 1953


Hamilton, Maxwell M., "China in 1931"


Hamilton, Maxwell M., correspondence

Physical Description: 3.0 folders)
Box 199

Hamlin, Charles S.


Hammerman, S. L.


Hampton, Robert


Hanchett, David S.




Hangchow, S. K. Hornbeck at


Hangchow Days, S. K. Hornbeck and Goose, 1912


Hangchow, Certain Features of the History of Constitution Making, Chekiang Provincial College, 1910


Hangchow, Wu, 1961


Hankey, Sir M., China, Shantung Hearing, 1919


Hankin, Francis


Hann, Charles


Hannegan, Mr.


Hansell, Haywood Shepherd, Jr.


Hanson, George C.


Harbord, James G.


Harbord Mission


See also: Horneck, S. K., Armenia

Harcourt, Brace and Company


Hard, Anne - Sketch of S. K. Hornbeck, 1928


Hard, Mrs. William


Hardenbroek, G. C. D. Baron van


Harding, H. F.


Harding, Warren G.


Haren, Onno C. van


Hargrove, William


Harkness, William H.


Harmon, Francis Stuart


Harper and Brothers


Harper, David


Harper, Samuel N.


Harriman, E. A.


Harriman, E. H.


Harriman, W. Averell


Harrington, Dayton M.


Harrington, Fred (University of Wisconsin)


Harris, Hayden B.


Harris, J. Francis


Harris (Norman Wait) Institute, 1930, 1939


Harris (Norman Wait) Memorial Foundation


Harris, Townsend


Harrison, Earl G.


Harrison, Maurice


Harrison, Randolph


Hart, A. B.


Hart, Boies C.


Hart, Sea Island

Box 200

Hart, Charles C.


Hart, G. H. C.


Hart, Simon


Hart, Admiral Thomas Charles


Hartley, Hugh H.


Hartley, Livingston


Hartman, Lillian G.


Hartman, Mrs. William


Hartzell, Karl D.




Harvard University Library


Harvard Club


Harvard Club, Roster, 1947


Harvard Club of Washington, D. C., 1954


Harvard Courses and class records, 1927-1928


Harvard University




Exams, History


Final grades, 1924-1925


S. K. Hornbeck class record, 1925

Box 201

Harvard University Committee on Far Eastern Civilization, 1937-1938


Harvard items


Harvard tercentenary


Harvey, Paul


Harwich-Hook Service


Hashimoto, Mt. Tetsuma


Haspels, J. C.


Hatfield, Dos T.


Hatmaker, (Virginia), 1957


Hattum, J. W. A. van


Hauser, Ernest O.


Hausman, William


Havana Conference, 1940



Box 202

Hawes, Charles H.


Hawes, Harry B.


Hawkins, H. B.

Physical Description: 6.0 folders)

Hawkins, Harry C.


Hawkins, Paul S.


Hawley, John C.


Haworth, Mr.

Box 203

Hay, John


Hayden, Carl W.


Hayden, the Honorable Joseph Ralston


Hayes, John D.


Hayes, L. Newton


Hayes, Ralph


Hazard, Henry B.


Health check-up, 1945


Healy, F. G.


Healy, Thomas H., "The Outlook for Disarmament"


Hearnshow, F. J. C.


Hearst, William Randolph


Heater, W. E.


Heath, Donald


Heest, J. P. Van


Heindel, R. H.


Heineman, Alfred


Heinneman, Mr.


Heintzleman, P. Stewart






Helmick, Judge Milton J.


Helmle, William C.


Helms, Birch


Henderson, A. D.


Henderson, Alfred J.


Henderson, Archibald


Henderson, Horace E.


Henderson, Leon


Hendrix, Euphanelle


Hengstler, Herbert C.


Henkle, Charles Zane


Henle, Ray


Henning, Arthur Sears


Henry, James M.


Henry, Jules


Henry, Robert L.


Henry, Robert L. ("Pat")


Herod, William R.


Heroes of '76


Herring, Hubert


Herriott, C. D.


Herter, Chris, 1966


Hewes, Clarence B.


Hewes, Thomas


Hewitt, Admiral H. K.


Heyn, J.


Heywood, Florence


Hibbard, Frederick P.


Hicks, Margaret de Forest, "Japan and Russia in the East"


Hievans, Arthur


High, Stanley


Hight, Frank S.


Hildred, William P.


Hill, D. J., "The Nations and the Law"


Hill, George M.


Hill, John A.


Hill, L.


Hill, Paul A.


Hill, Ralph W.


Hilsman, Roger


Hiltman, J. W.


Hiltner, Walter G.


Hinckley, Flora (Mrs. Frank E.)

Box 204

Hinckley, Dr. Frank E. (2 folders)


Hindmarsh, Albert E.


Hines, Frank T.


Hinke, Frederick W.


Hinkle, Eugene M.


Hinshaw, Carl


Hinton, Harold C.


Hippisley, Alfred E.

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

Hirsch, Julius


Hishida, Seiji G.


Hiss, Alger

Physical Description: 3.0 folders)

Hiss, Donald


Hiss, Philip H.




History, bibliography, "A Threatened Gap in World History"


Histories, Critique on American School Histories


Hitchcock, Curtice


Hitchcock, Henry B.

Box 205

Hnath, John, 1961-1962


Ho Ping - Song


See also: China: Ho Ping - Song, SKH Manuscript

Ho, Shai Lai, General


Hoare, Sir Samuel


Hobart, Earle T.


Hochschild, H. W.


Hochstein, Irma


Hocking, William E.


Hodges, Charles


Hodgins, Eric


Hoffman, Milton J.


Hoffman, Ross J.


Hogue, Richard W.


Holoday, William P.


Holcomb, Major General Thomas


Holcombe, Arthur N.




Holland-America Line


Holland, Maurice


Holland Society, Annual Banquet, 1965 November 10


Holland Society, reception to Prince Bernhard 1966 June 2


Holman - Bricker Resolution


Holman and Centlivres


Holman, Frank, 1950


Holman, Frank E. (Attorney at Law)


Holmes, George Sanford


Holmes, Harry N.


Holmes, Julius


Holmes, Lieutenant Wilfred J.


Holt, E. G.


Holt, Ivan Lee


Holtom, D. C.


Homan, Professor Paul T.


Home Craftsman, The

Box 206

Hong Kong


Hong Kong, United College of


Hook, Sidney


Hooton, Earnest A.


Hoover, Charles L.


Hoover, Herbert

Physical Description: 4.0 folders)

Hoover-MacDonald Treaty


Hopkins, Frank S.


Hopkins, Harry


Hopper, Bruce

Physical Description: 4.0 folders)

Hopper, W. Earl

Box 207

Horch, Louis L.


Hornbeck, Marion A.


Hornbeck, Ralph


Horner, Charles F.


Horton, William E.


Hosie, Lady


"Hot Pursuit"


Hotchkin, Captain Harry


Hotel "De Doelen"


Hotel Governor Clinton


Hotel Pennsylvania


Houben, F. J. M. A. H.


House, Colonel, notes


House, Colonel E. M.


House Inquiry


House Un-American Activities Committee


Houghton, Alanson B.


Houston, Herbert S.


Howard, Herbert S.


Howard, James E.


Howard, Roy W.


Howard, Stanley F.


Howe, William Stuart


Howell, G. P.


Howland, Charles




Howze, Dr. Charles P.


Hoy, Ralph


Hsia, C. L.


Hsieh, Alice Langley


Hsieh, C. K.


Hsieh, Dr. Teyhi


Hsu, Kathleen, 1966


Hu, S. K. Major General


Hu Shih

Physical Description: 5.0 folders)
Box 208

Hudson, David


Hudson, The Honourable Manley O.


Huggins, G. Ellsworth


Hughes, Charles Evans


Hughes, Edwin H.


Hughes, Howard


Huisken, Betty


Huismans, Mr.


Huizinga, Leonard


Hull, Cordell, the Julius W. Pratt biography of


Hull, Cordell



Physical Description: 5.0 folders)
Box 209

Memoirs: Hornbeck - Berding correspondence


For secretary's speeches


Addresses and statements, 1925-1939

Box 210

Addresses and statements, 1940-1942


Birthday, 1951


Secretary of State


Hull Foundation


Hull, John A.


Human Events


Human Rights


Hume, Edgar Erskine


Hume, Edward H.

Box 211

Hummel, Arthur W.


Humphrey, Hubert H.


Humphrey, Mary Churchill


Hung, William




Hunnewell, Francis Welles


Hunt, William


Hunter, Edward


Hunter, Frederick M. (Chancellor)


Hurd, Colonel


Hurja, Emil


Hurley, Brigadier General Patrick J.


Hurley, George


Husband, W. W.


Hussey, Harry


Husting, Paul O., raising troops, letter to President Wilson


Hustinx, Ch. M. J. H.


Huston, Jay C.


Huston, Dr. John W. (U.S. Naval Academy)


Hutchins, Tom


Hutchinson, Paul


Hyde, Charles Cheney


Hyde, Frederic B.

Box 212



Ickes, Harold L.


Ickes Diary


Ide, John J.


Idealism vs. Realism


Ignatieff, Paul








Imperialism, Japan's, evolution of the idea




Inauguration Ceremonies, President Hoover, 1929 March 4


Inauguration, 1929


Inauguration Ceremony, Ball, etc., 1953






India, 1966

Box 213





Indo-China, 1964


Indonesia, East Asia



Physical Description: 2.0 folders)
Box 214

Indonesia, 1966


Indonesia, news, 1949


Industrialism in Asia and Africa




Information Service Committee


Ing, Q. T.


"Inquiry," 1918




Insinger, F. N.


Institute of Chinese Culture


Institute of International Education


Institute of International Education News Bulletin


Institute of International Relations, Seattle, 1928


Institute of International Relations, University of Southern California, Mission Inn, Riverside, California, 1926


Institute of International Relations, Willard Straight Fellowship (Mont Tremblant), 1942

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)
Box 215

Institute of Pacific Relations (8 folders), 1925-1927

Box 216

Institute of Pacific Relations (7 folders), 1928-1929

Box 217

Institute of Pacific Relations (9 folders), 1929-1942


See also: E. C. Carter
Box 218

Institute of Pacific Relations, Conference, Mont Tremblant (2 folders), 1942 December 4-14

Box 219

Institute of Public Affairs, University of Virginia, 1935


Institute of Pacific Relations, 1943-1944, 1953, 1960


Institute of Pacific Relations, miscellaneous publications


Institute of World Organization, 1955 March 17




Institutes of Politics




Inter-American Bank, The


Interests, American


Internal Security, testimony of Charles Maynard Cooke


International affairs, study of


International Apple Association Meeting


International Cartels


International Chamber of Commerce


International Conference of American States (Fourth), reports concerning ratification of conventions


International Court of Justice


International Court of Justice, Hackworth's Committee, 1944


International Digest


International education


International finance


International Justice, World Conference


International Law



Physical Description: 3.0 folders)
Box 220



Antarctica, sovereignty in




Bibliography and reference list


Calvo and Drago Doctrines and Porter Convention


Case books


Cases, briefed


Cases, current


Cases, digested


Eastern Asia








Timor, Macao, New Guinea


Effects of war on


Examination questions



Box 221

Germany: Submarine Controversy, Legal and Political Aspects of, 1916 May 10


Great Britain

Physical Description: 3.0 folders)

Great Britain, British blacklist


Great Britain, controversies with

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)



Hong Kong, 1955-1956


Immunity of private property


In absentia assignment



Box 222

Nation, most favorite, Hepp


Need of a popular understanding of, Root


Neutrals, Cooperation of, Tradition, Law and Policy


Neutral rights at sea, documents, Shepherd




Precedent and codification








Relations, severance of diplomtic


Security in Pacific, disarmament and


Text, proposed table of contents


Treaties, force and interpretation


Von Igel case


World organization

Box 223

International Missionary Council


International News Service


International Nickel


International Organization, Dumbarton Oaks Conference


1943 September - 1944 August 1943-1944

Box 224

1944 September - October


Documents and photo from Stettinius




Drafts, Organization of the United Nations' Assembly

Box 225

International PhDs


International Platform Association


International police force


International relations


International relations, economic basis


International Research on Communist Techniques, Inc.


International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation


International Travel Register




Internationalism, bibliography


Internees repatriation




Inter-Parliamentary Union






Investment program






Irish Free State Legation








"It Can't Be Done"




Italian Embassy

Box 226

Jablon, Howard


Jacobs, Joseph E.


Jacobs, Leonbel

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

Jacobs, Leonbel, exhibition articles


Jacobs, Leonbel, S. K. Hornbeck portrait


Jacobs, Leonbel, sketches


Jacobsen, Paul S.


Jacobsen, Herbert


Jacquinot, Father


Jaffe, Philip J.


See also: Amerasia

Jahncke, Ernest Lee


James, Alfred P.


James, Andrew


James, Eldon R.


Jameson, J. F.


Jamison, Robert H.


Jandrey, Fred W.


Janeway, Eliot


Jansma, K.





Box 227

1918 - 1946

Physical Description: 5.0 folders)


Physical Description: 4.0 folders)
Box 228



Activities in Europe before and After Pearl Harbor, Ghambashidze, 1946


Activities in other countries


American commerce


American commerce, Japanese treatment of, 1914


American Embassy


American-Japan Society Directory


American-Japanese relations, National Committee of American Japanese Relations


American-Japanese roots of misunderstanding


Anglo-Japanese alliance


Anti-American sentiment, 1924


Armed forces, 1931-1943




Assistance to



Physical Description: 2.0 folders)


Box 229

Baldwin lecture




Barrows, Thirteen Points


Baseball in 1934








Black Dragon Society


Book reviews


Brock, H. J., "When Japan First Looked to the West"




Budget, 1919, 1922-1923


Buell, R. L., "Development of Anti-Japanese Agitation in the United States"


Burton, Japan as World Power


See also: "Japan, World Power: Burton on"





Caldwell, Lieutenant W. W.




"California and the Japanese," by Payson J. Treat


California, Japanese in, by James D. Phelan


California difficulty


California, Japanese question in


"California and Pacific Questions," Pacific Review, 1920


California politics


California, school question


Capacity, circa 1940




Case for (Makino)




Chemical trade

Box 230

China and Japan (Index: China file list of titles in China file)


China-Japan War, effect on China and the "Scramble," 1895


China, 1909-1914


China Policy, anonymous, 1911-1918


China, policy toward, 1911-1918


China-Japan Agreements of 1915


China, economic activity in, 1915-1920


China, Japanese demands on, 1916


China, Japan's hand in, 1916-1917


China relations, 1917


Memo in reply to Chinese official claim, circa 1920


China trade, 1921


China policy, Anderson on, 1922


China, economic, 1923


Japan's China policy, Tanaka, 1927


Note, Japan to China, 1931 October 9


China, special position in, 1939


China, relations with, 1942-1943


China (Nationalist) Treaty, 1952 April 28

Box 231

Clippings, 1900-1920


Press clippings (Reinsch?)

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)
Box 232

Press clippings

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)
Box 233

Clippings, 1922-1924

Box 234

Clippings, 1924


Press clippings


Clippings, circa 1960

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)
Box 235



Commerce and Industry, Horne, 1914-1919


Commodities, Situation Respecting Fundamental, A. N. Young, 1918


Communist efforts, 1957-1958


Contemporary politics, bibliography, 1927


Copper, production and trade


Copyright law


Coronation, 1928








Declaration of war


Defeats of


Demands, the Japanese, 1916


See also: Manchuria: Japanese Demands



The Diet, Clement on


Diplomatic, 1917


Documents from McNelly, 1962


Domestic, 1918





Box 236

Economic, 1914-1922


Economic, general

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

Economic development, 1914-1920


Economic (O. A. Weller?)



Box 237

Emperor of, 1935-1944






Entry into World War I




Europe and Japan


Exclusion, Japanese, Tsurumi, 1932




Expansion, Problem of, 1920


Expansion, Rea, George B., "Where Will Japanese Expand?"

Box 238



Factory law


Far East




Feudal organization


Finance, general


Finance, 1907-1928


Finance and trade






Financial, Commercial, Industrial, Horne, 1914-1919


Financial tables, 1918


Foreign policy, 1915-1917


Foreign policy, Speech of Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1918 January 22


Foreign policy, J. T., 1921


Foreign policy, China, Fukien question


Foreign policy, China, Count Okuma on


Foreign Policy Report


Foreign Relations


Foreigners, Status of, ownership of land by


France, relations with


Fujisawa, Dr. R.

Box 239


Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

Genro, 1924


Gentleman's agreement


German alliance (alleged), 1919 June 30


German-Japanese secret agreement




Germany of Asia


Germany, relations with


Goto's estimate of policy, 1916


See also: "Japan: Policy: Goto's Estimate of"


Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

Government, colonial, bibliography


Government, parliamentary


Government, village, Asakawa


Great Britain, relations with


Guentyer, Louis, "Japan in Our Boat"


Gulick, "American-Japanese Problem"

Box 240

Hawaii, Japanese in and American-Japanese problem


Hayasn's memoirs


Hearn, Lafcadio


Hershey, modern Japan










History, chronology


History, diplomatic, 1905-1915


Hobson, war with U.S.


Hornbeck on, Japan's Monroe Doctrine


How to coerce, memo



Physical Description: 3.0 folders)

Immigration (exclusion from), Harvey on, 1924 June 1


Immigration, history and question, Buell, 1924


Immigration, U.S., 1907, 1916


Immigration question, U.S., 1924


Immigration question, "Grave Consequences," Saburi, 1924


Immigration question, U.S.


Immigration question, Woods, 1924


Immigration, Wynne and Buell

Box 241





"Imperialism and Liberalism in Japan," Ballantine


Imperialism, visit to United States


Indo-China, "France in Asia," Gibbons, H. A.


Indo-China, French proposal for sale


Indo-China, tariff




Industrial development


Industrial development of, 1868-1918






International loan


Invasions of


Ishii, memoirs


Jenks, "Japan in Action," 1919




Kato, Premier, Admiral


Kawakami, K. K., on "Japan and Her Vital Necessities"


Kawakami, in China


Kobe Strike, 1921


Korea, Japan in


Krupensky correspondence about Japan treaties, Lansing-Ishii, etc.

Box 242

Labor problem




Lansing - Ishii Agreement


League of Nations, Appeal to Japan, 1932 February 16


League of Nations, relations with


Legal system




Magdalena Bay


Magdelena Bay Episode, Hart, 1912


Makino, "The Case for Japan," 1919


Manchuria, the case for Japan in


Manchuria, position in


Marcosson, Issac F., "The Japanese Smoke Screen"


McCormick, "Menace of Japan," review and notes


McLaren, "Political History of Japan," review


Military government


Military plans


Miller, Ransford


See also: Japan: Political

Mistakes regarding


Mongolia 1919




Monroe Doctrine


Monroe Doctrine for Asia



Box 243



"Naval Power," by Hector C. Bywater




Navy, 1931-1941


Navy and Army


New order in Asia




No trespass, 1934

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

Note, U.S. to Japan, 1931 November 4

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)



Nuisance Activities

Box 244

Official statements




Okuma Declaration, 1915


Okuma on "Statesmanship"


Open courts


Opinions concerning


Oriental Development Co.




Panay Incident, memoranda and reports

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

Panay Incident, press clippings

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)


Box 245

Peace Commissioners


Peace terms


Peace, Treaty of 1951, Manichi Inquiries,


Peace with United States




Perry, Commodore




Personalities, photos




Petroleum in


Plans for




Policy, 1918, circa 1930


See also: Japan: Foreign Policy
Box 246

Policy, 1932-1944


Policy, evidences about, M. Notes


Policy, Goto's estimate of, 1916


Political to 1917


Political, Domestic, circa 1918


Political, liberal or conservative, 1919


Political, 1924, 1928, 1930-1931

Physical Description: 4.0 folders)

Political and industrial

Box 247

Political and industrial, 1916-1917

Physical Description: 4.0 folders)

Political parties


Political, party government


Political psychology, Reinsch, 1905

Box 248

Politics and politicians, manuscript (3 boxes)


Population and industrial development


Population question


Portsmouth Treaty


Post office






Prince and Heir Apparent

Box 249

Promises, 1931-1941




Protest, Shanghai situation, 1932 February 15


Race question


Racial characteristics (anthropology)






Religions, modern


Resources, 1942-1944


Restrictions on trade of


"Rice" riots


Roosevelt - Taft diplomacy, 1910


Running amuck, 1941


Russia and


Russia, Japan attacks


Russia, relations with Soviet


Russia, Treaty of Neutrality, 1941 April 13


See also: Soviet Union: Soviet - Japanese Treaty of Neutrality

Russo-Japanese Agreement of 1916


Russo-Japanese Agreement, special information, 1916


Russo-Japanese War, diplomatic antecedents and U.S. Agency


Russo-Japanese War, China, U.S., 1904


Russo-Japanese War

Box 250

Saito (Japanese ambassador)


Saito (Japanese charge d' affaires)


Saito, Ambassador Saito's proposal, 1934


Saito, general

Box 251



School question in U.S.




Secret agreements, Great Britain, France, Russia


Shibata, "What Japan is Thinking"




Shidehara on policy, 1927




Shimonoseki, indemnity, Return of, 1917


Shimonoseki, Treaty of




Shippings Board, negotiations


Shotwell, "Japan's Hope for Peace"




Social unrest


Social unrest, Abbott








Special Commissioner Van Kol




Statesmen, Sketches, by Fujisawa






Syllabus of six lectures and materials


Tanaka Memorial, 1929




Tariff, 1921


Tariff, bibliography


"Tariff of Japan, Customs," Tariff Series no. 28 and Supplements,


Tariff and trade: bibliography


Tax, income




Terrorist agencies




Tobacco monopoly


Tokyo coups d'etat


Tokyo situation


Tourist information, 1929

Box 252


Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

Trade during the war, export


Trade tables, 1918


Trade with America, 1919


Trade with Canada, 1918


Trade and tariff, writings, 1914, 1917




Treat, P. J., "Japan's Leadership in Asia"

Box 253



Treaties, commercial, list


Treaty, Bolivia


Treaty, China Agreements, China's protest, 1915


Treaty, France, Convention, 1907


Treaty, Netherlands, 1912


Treaty, Paraguay, 1919


Treaty, Russia, 1907


Treaty, Russia, Treaty Alliance, 1916


Treaty, Russia, Secret, 1907, 1910, 1912


Treaty, Russia, Secret, Dennis


Treaty, Russia, 1916


Treaty, U.S., 1911


Treaty negotiations


Tsushima Straits, Battle of


Twenty-one Demands on on China


See also: China, Twenty-one Demands

U.S., 1908, 1919, 1932


U.S., "Cooperation"


U.S., economics


U.S., the Japanese loan scheme, Shibusawa, Rea, 1916


U.S., Panama tolls, Japanese relation to repeal, 1913-1914


U.S., political


U.S., Reinsch on


U.S., representatives to, diplomatic


U.S., war problem


U.S., White, Hugh on, 1921


U.S., general


U.S., Kuhn, 1953

Box 254

U.S., conversations


U.S., relations


U.S., relations, 1941 November 26

Box 255

U.S. war with Japan




Wakatsuki and Shidehara speeches, 1927 January


War College estimate, 1923


War costs and contributions


War, declaration when entering, McCormick


War forecasts


War, Japanese-German negotiations during the war


War, "Japan in the War," by P. J. Treat


War, part in


Wealth of


Webster, C. K., "Japan at the Crossroads," 1928


Who's Who


Winston, A. P., "Economic Activity of Japan in China"




World power, Burton on

Box 256









Debuchi, Mr. (ambassador)


Demands at Peking, 1919 February 2

Box 257



Futura, Count


Horinouchi, Mr. Kensuke, Ambassador


Imperial Party, U.S., 1931


Ishii, Viscount



Box 258

Matsukata, Otohiko


Matsuoka, Yosuke


Nakamuru (House of Peers)


Nitobe, Dr Inazo


Nomura, Admiral (ambassador)


Obata, Shigeyoshi


Ozaki, Youkie


People, the






Soyeshima, Count


Studies, Society for


Tokugawa, Prince Iesato


Uchida, Viscount, 1919


Uchida - Wilson


Yoshizawa, Mr. K.


Jarman, Roger R.


Jarvis, Robert Y.


Javits, Lt. Col. J. K.

Box 259

Jefferson (Thomas) Centennial Commission


Jefferson, Thomas




Jenkins, Douglas


Jenkins, Douglas, Jr.


Jenkins, Elsa


Jenkins, James Douglas


Jenkins, L. S.


Jenkins, R. D.


Jersey City, Rowland, 1950


Jessup, Philip C.


Jester, Perry N.


Jettick, Enna, October, 1959


Jhung, C.


Johansen, August E.


Johns Hopkins Press


Johns, Varner


Johnson, Arthur A.


Johnson, Mrs. F. I.


Johnson, Hallett


Johnson, Herschel V.


Johnson, Hiram


Johnson, John D.


Johnson, Lewis Jerome


Johnson, L. B., President


Johnson, Nelson T.





Box 260


Box 261


Box 262

1941-1943, 1950-1966






Review of Fairbank's "The U.S. in China"

Box 263

Johnson, R. Curtis


Johnson, Ruth L.


Johnson, Allen


Johnstone, William C.


Joint Army-Navy Staff College


Joint Intelligence Committee


Joint War Aid Committee, U.S. and Canada


Jones, Chester Lloyd


Jones, Reverend E. Stanley


Jones, Jenkin Lloyd


Jones, Joseph M.


Jones, Lenora H.


Jones, Wesley A.


Jordan, A. Homer


Jordan, Richard H.


Josselyn, Paul


Journalists, Netherlands


Joyce, Kenyon A.


Joyce, Robert P.




Judd, Walter


Judd, Walter, comment on China "White Paper," 1949 August


Judd, Walter, 1965


Judd, Walter, comments on Chinese intellectuals


Judd, Walter, Committee Report, 1954 January


Jung, Harry A.

Box 264

Kabayama, Count


Kagawa, Dr. Toyhiko


Kalijarvi, Thorsten




Kane, Albert E.


Kaneko, Kentaro


Kaplan, Sheldon Z.


Karig, Walter


Karpovich, Michael


Karsten, Karl


Kasai, Juji




Katz, William


Kaufman, David E.


Kauffmann, Mrs. Henrik


Kavanagh, Edward C.


Kawakami, K. K.


Kaya, Prince and Princess


Kearny, Lawrence


Keblinger, Wilbur


Keenleyside, H. L.


Kefauver, Grayson N.


Kelchner, Warren H.


Keller, Kent E.


Keller, (Mrs.) Frances


Kellogg, Frank B.


Kellogg, Frank B., "War Prevention Policy of the United States"


Kellogg Pact, invocation of, basic materials and drafts

Box 265

Kellogg - Briand Pact (Pact of Paris), 1928 August 27


Kellogg Treaties


Kelso, C. A.


Kendall, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rogers


Kenedy, Louis


Keneipp, traffic case


Kennan, George


Kennan, George, 1950


Kennedy, Senator Edward M.


Kennedy, Mrs. Jacqueline


Kennedy, President John F.


Kennedy, Joseph


Kennedy, Robert F.


Kent, Charles


Kent, Zolita M. (Mrs.)


Kern, J.


Kerner, Robert J.

Box 266

Kerr, George A.


Kerr, George H., Formosa Betrayed


Kerr, John


Ketcham, George Franklin, Jr.


Ketcham, John B.


Keynes, J. M.




Kieffer, Paul


Kiegley, accident

Box 267

Kiekhofer, William H.


Kilpatrick, William H.


Kim, Yongjeung


King, Delcevare


King, Admiral E.


King-Hall Newsletter


King, Julian M.


King, Dr. Martin Luther


King, William H.


King, Wunsz, manuscript, 1963


King, Wunsz, 1960-1966


Kingman, Harry L.


Kinkead, George B. (Canon)


Kinney, Henry W.




Kirk, Alexander


Kittredge, Tracy B.


Kizer, Benjamin H.


Klausner, Leopold C.


van Kleffens, Margaret


Kleiman, M.


Klein, Julius


Klieforth, Alfred W.


Klinefelter, Harry F.


Klots, Allen T.


Knapp, J. B.


Knappen, M. M.


Knopf, A. A., Inc.


Knowland, Senator William F.

Box 268

Knox, J. W.


Knox, (William) Franklin


Kohlberg, Alfred


Kohlberg, Alfred, Institute of Pacific Relations, etc., 1940-1946


Kolaitis, Memas


Komatsu, Takashi


Konoye, Prince Fumimaro


Koo, A. C.


Koo, Dr. Wellington


Koo, Wellington, Jr.


Kooiman, P. J.





Box 269


Box 270





Annexation, Hulbert, McCormick, Ladd on


Briefs for, Dolph




Congressional incident, 1920 August


Congressional Party at Seoul


Crozier on


Declaration of Independence




Economic Development


Japan in


Peace Conference, Paris


Railways, new


Secret diplomacy of annexation




Truce, collective security


Truman, 1950 June 27


U.S. policy, 1950


"Young Korea"


(United) Korean Committee in America


Korean National Movement, 1919


Korean petitions

Box 271

Kracke, Edward A., Jr.


Krentz, Kenneth C.


Kriesberg, Martin


Krock, Arthur


Kroner, Hayes, A. (Major)


Krussell, Mrs. Arlie H.


Kshirsagar, Shiwaram K.


Kuhl, Bertha and Clara


Kuhn, Arthur K.


Kung, H. H.


Kuo, Miss


Kuo, P. W.


Kurtz, J. Banks


Kurusu, Saburo


Kwantung Penninsula

Box 272

Labin, Mme. Suzanne, 1963


Labor problem


Lacey, John A.


LaCombe, Vernon G.


Lady, H. W.


La Fargue, Thomas E.


Lafollette, Robert M., Jr.


LaFuse, George L.


Lall, Miss Betty Gotz


Lamont, Thomas W., 1930-1943

Physical Description: 4.0 folders)

Lanbert, Hudson Motors Company


Lancaster, Bruce


Lancaster, William W.


Lanchow, Red China, MacKay on, 1956


Land, Emory S.


Landon, Alfred M.


Landon and Warner


Lane, Arthur Bliss


Lane, Darrell


Lane, George Bliss


Lane, Otho, 1953-1958


Langdon - Ishii

Box 273

Langdon, William R.


Langdon manuscript


Langer, William L.


Langhorne, Colonel George T.


Langhorne, Mary




Language materials


Lansing-Ishii Agreement

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

Lansing, Robert


Lansing, W. H.




Lardy, Etienne


Larkin, Frederick, building operations


Larkin, Fred, 1946


Larsen, Emmanual S.


Larsen, Henry L.


Larson, Arthur


Lash, (Mrs.) Raymond A.


Lasker, Albert D.


Lasker, Bruno


Lassing, Capt. W. H.


Latin America


Latin American Relations of U.S., Conference, 1927


Latourette, Kenneth Scott

Box 274

Lattimore, David


Lattimore, Owen


Laughlin, Mrs. Irwin




Laukhuff, Perry


Laundry slips


Lautenschlager, S.




Law School credits


Lawrence, David


Lawrence of Arabia


Lawrence, William B.


Lay, Frances


Lea, Charlotte Augusta


Lea, Homer


Leach, Charles N.


Leaf, Earl H.


League of Nations



Box 275

Advisory Committee


Assembly Resolutions


Commission of Inquiry


Committee on Technical Cooperation with China


Council of, Geneva, 1931 October 13-24


Council of, Geneva, 1932


Council of, Paris, 1931 November 16 - December 10

Box 276

Council Resolutions


Covenant of


Declaration, 1932 January 29


Relations of United States with


Round Table Plan


Leahy, Joseph P.


Leahy, L. R.


Leahy, Admiral William D.

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)



Leavell, Mrs. R. Hayne


Lebedeff, Ivan

Box 277

Lee, Clark


Lee, Edwin F.


Lee, Frederic E.


Lee, Howard E.


Lee, Ivy, Commencement Address


Lee, Lt. General John C. H.


Lee, William Yinson


Leebrick, K. C.


van der Leeuw, G.




LeFevre, E.


Left, The


Lehrbas, Lloyd


Leiper, Henry S.


Leiser, Clara


Leith, C. K.


Leith, Gladys


Leith-Ross, Sir Frederick


LeLacheur, Embert A.


Leland, Waldo G.


Lend-Lease Agreement


Lend-Lease, reverse, 1942-1944


Lennox, Emma Buchtel


Lentz, Lucy


Lentz, Serge, a modern Marco Polo


Lentz, George, Jr.


Leon, Maurice


Leon, Rene


Leonard, L. Larry


Lerner, Eugene M.


Letters of introduction


Letter samples


Leufkens, H.


Levy, (Mrs.) Ernest


von Lewinski, Roy and Emma

Box 278

Lewis, A., Jr.


Lewis, James Hamilton


Lewis, Maj. Gen. John T.


Lewis, Lawrence


Lewis, Robert E.


Leysen, A. H. J.


Li, K. C.


Liang, Yuen-Li


See also: Stimson, Henry L. file for his article, "The Pact of Paris as Envisioned by Mr. Stimson...."



Liberated areas, administration of




Liberation Day, Netherlands, May 4


"Liberation" Conference, 1953 December


The Liberator




Library of Congress


Lichtenstein, Walter


van Lidth de Jeude, O. C. A.


Liebman, Marvin


Lieftinck, P.


Lieu, D. K., letter to


Lieu, D. K.


Lieu, D. K., Communist China, economic


Life Magazine


Lightner, M. C.


Lilienthal, David


Lin Sen


Lin Yutang, Chinese


Lincoln, Abraham


Lincoln, Abraham, poetry of


Lincoln, Edmond E.

Box 279

Lindbergh, Charles A.


van der Linden, P. W. J. H. Cort


Lindley, Ernest K.


Linebarger, Judge Paul Myron


Linebarger, Paul M., "Scientific Method and Australian Foreign Policy"


Linguaphone Institute


Linley, Richard


Linneman, Francis P.


J. B. Lippincott Co.


Lippmann, Walter


Lippmann, Walter, Press clippings, 1934-1945


Lipschutz, Isidore

Box 280

Literary Digest


Literary Society




Littell, John S.


Littell, Norman


Little, Lester K.


Little, Lester K. and Knox, Robert and Cosmos Club, 1954


Litvinnof, Maxim


Liu Chieh


Liu, James T. C.


Lloyd, Wildon


Lloyd-Jones, (Mrs.) Chester




Lobenstine, Edwin C.


Lochner, Dr. Louis P.


Lockhart, C. C.


Lockhart, Frank P.


Lockwood, William W.


Lodge, Henry Cabot


Loeb, William, Jr.


Loftus, Edward H.


Loftus, Roderick E.


Logan Act


Logan, Lt. Arthur B.


Logic, outline




London, S. K. Hornbeck to, 1943 October


London, Declaration of


London, Declaration of, A Digest


London Naval Conference and Treaty


London North Eastern Railway


London Times


Long, Rear Admiral Andrew T.


Long Beach Conference, 1917


Long, Breckinridge


Loomis, Charles F.


Loomis, Helen M.

Box 281

van Loon, Henry


Loose, Mrs. Jacob Leander


Loshan-Sichang Highway


Lothian, Lord (British ambassador)


Loudon, Alexander


Loveman, Amy


Lovinck, A. H. J.


Lowe, James T.


Lowell, A. Lawrence


Lowell lectures


Lowrie, S. Gale


Lowry, Reverend Charles W.




Lucas, Capt. A. H. S.


Luccock, E. W.


Luce, Henry R. and Clare B.

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

Ludlow Resolution


Ludwig, Albert P.


Luncheon Club (Academic Group)


Luncheon Club (Monday Club, Far East Group)


Lundeen, Ernest


Lunt, Carroll


Lunt, William E.


Lusitania case, history


Luther, Jack A.


Lutz, Ralph H.


Lux, Rev. J. S.


Luxembourg Grand Duchy, 1905


Lybyer, Albert Howe


Lyford, Mrs. Oliver


Lynch, Andrew G.


Lynch, Mrs. F. B.


Lynden, Colonel


Lynden, J. C. E. Bn.


Lyon, Cecil B.


Lyon, Sarah S.


Lyons, Eugene


Lyttelton, Oliver


Lytton, Lord

Box 282

Maas, Melvin J.


van Maasdijk, I. G.


Maastricht (visit to)




MacArthur, General Douglas, U.S.A., Chief of Staff


McBride, Harry A.


McCarthy on Marshall


McCarthy on McCarthyism


McCartney, Albert Joseph


McClatchy, V. S.


McClellan, George B.


McClintock, Robert Mills


McClure, Wallace


McConaughy, Walter, 1955


McCord, (Mrs.) Joseph Alexander


McCormick, Frederick


McCormick, J. Robinson


McCoy, General Frank R.


McCracken, John H.


McDermott, Michael J.


MacDonald, Anne


MacDonald, Charles A.


McDonald, Donald

Box 283

McDonald, James G., Foreign Policy Association


McDonough, R. P.


McDowell, Arthur G., general


McDowell, Arthur G., 1951-1957


McDowell, William F. (bishop)


McEntee, Colonel G. L.


McGinnis, J. Paul


McGovern, William Montgomery


McGraw, James H., Jr.


McHugh, James M.


McIvor letter


Mackay, Raymond


McKee, Oliver


McKenna, James E.


McKinney, Alexis


McKittrick, H. V.


McKnight, Edna Clarinda


McLaren, Walter W.


McLean, J. S.


MacMillan Company


McMullen, Rev. Robert Johnston

Box 284

MacMurray, John V. A.

Box 285

MacNair, Harley Farnsworth


MacNair, H. F., American Far Eastern Policy


McNamee, Admiral Luke


McNerney, Gerald F.


McNiece, Irwin


McNutt, Paul V.


McPhail, Mrs.


McPherson, O. H. M.


McVay, Rear Admiral Charles B., Jr.


MacVeagh, Mrs. Charles




Madariaga (Salvador de)


Magdalena Bay Incident


Magrane, Monica


Magruder, General John, military mission


Mahan, Rear Admiral Alfred Thayer, U.S.N.


Mail record


Mail seizures


Mailing lists, Mr. Hornbeck




"Male Philosophers," 1931






Mallon, A. E.


Mallory, Walter H.


Mallory, Walter H., "The Open Door in China," circa 1947

Box 286









Japan loan to


Japan Protocol


Postal service












"To 1915, Japan in China, Ten Years of"



Box 287





American action


American cooperation with League


American notes


Anglo-American cooperation


Boycott (see also "China: Boycott")




Buell, R. L., "The World's Peace Machinery Undergoes Its Severest Test"


Chamberlain case






Far East business and trade, effect on


Far Eastern trade




Government, new




"Japan's Aim," by Rodney Gilbert


Japan's aim and policy


"Japan's Attitude toward the United States," by Hugh Byas


Japan, foreign investments in


Japan's responsibility

Box 288

Kellogg Peace Pact


The League


The League and U.S. action


Open Door in China




Question, general comments




Situation, Manchurian


Sokolsky articles


The Soviet


Stimson's letter, February


Stimson-Shidehara misunderstanding








United States action and policy

Box 289



Abend, Hallett


Anshan Iron Works


Baker, C. E., on America's interest in


Bean Oil Trade, 1921


Chinese Eastern Railway, Freeman



Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

Economic development of




Geography of, Fenneman


Hanson, George C., 1930



Box 290



Japan and


Japanese business in


Japanese demands, 1916


Japanese Railway lines, four new


Japanese troops in


Johnson, Japan in South Manchuria


Kinney, H. W.


Knox neutralization scheme


Kwangtung Government


Kwangtung Province, 1926




Manchurian and Mongolian Four Railways Loan




Pamphleted clippings



Box 291


Physical Description: 2.0 folders)



Railways, Blakeslee


Railway guards


Situation, Hanson-Salisbury reports

Box 292



Currency, 1924


Discriminations in, 1922


History of, diplomatic, since 1904


Japan's relations with


Railway, 1921


Railway, proposed loan


Railway reports, etc.




Trade conditions, 1921


Trade possibilities


Young, C. W., appendices, treaties re Manchuria


See also: China: Young, C. W., appendices, treaties re Manchuria
Box 293





Mann, John W.


Man's Duties


Mansfield, Senator Mike


Mansholt, Jr. S. L.


Mao Tse-Tung


Mar, Timothy T.


March of Time


Margraten Cemetery, Holland


Margraten-Heuschen, Holland


Marietta College


Marina Incident




Maritime Commerce in war


Maritime Commission


Mark Twain


Markerink, J. H.


Marshall, Gen. George Catlett (Chief of Staff, U.S.A.)


Marshall, George, Sec. of State, letter to, 1947

Box 294

Marshall, Hugh


Marsman, J. H.


Martin, Charles E.


Martin, Lawrence


Martin, Marilyn


Martin, William


Marvel, Josiah, Jr.


Marvin, George


Marvin, Matthew A.


Maryland University, 11th Annual Conference on Chinese-American Cultural Relations, 1965 May 7


Maryland University, Chinese-American Cultural Relations, 1955 May 27


Maryland University

Scope and Contents note

See also: China Institute

Mashmeyer, Veda


Mason, Charles W.


Mason, Edward S.


Masonic, Borgen, 1962 March 16


Masonic order


Mast, Harry E.


Matchan, Paloma Press


Mathews, William

Physical Description: 5.0 folders)
Box 295

Matsudaira's project


Matthews, H. Freeman


Mattox, Mrs. Elmer L.


Maxwell, General Russell L.


May, Earl Chapin


May, Lieutenant Ernest R., 1954 March




Mayer, Ferdinand L.


Mayer, Richard J.


Mayer, Major William, memorandum on Sino-Japanese conflict


Maze, Sir Frederick


McLean, Mrs.


Meadows, T. T., "The Chinese....etc."


Meany, George


Mears, Eliot G.


Measurement, units of


Medals of Freedom


Mediation, good offices




Medicare, applications, etc.


Mees, A.


Melby, Joyn


Meloney, Mrs. William Brown

Box 296

Memoirs, S. K. Hornbeck, subjects for






Mencken, H. L.


Menten, Mr. & Mrs.


Menus and recipes


Menzies, R. G.


"Merchant Marine," by Ralph Rushmore in the Magazine of Wall Street, 1932 May


Merchant vessels


Merica, Arnold A.


Merica, Paul D.


Merrill, Lynch


Merrill, Lynch, 1954 August


Messer, Paul


Messersmith, George S.


Metropolitan Club


Metropolitan Museum of Art


ter Meulen, Jacob




Mexico, minister of


Mexico and Nicaragua


Mexico-U.S., relations with, C. C. Hyde and C. L. Jones


Meyner, J.

Box 297

Michener, D. Roland


Michie, Allan A.


Michiels Van Kessenich


Middle East

Physical Description: 3.0 folders)

Midwest Chinese Student and Alumni Services


Migel, J. M.


Military Attache


Military equipment and supplies


Military Intelligence, British M. I. C., set up, 1943


Military Intelligence Division, Major Churchill on


Military Intelligence Division, Colonel Reeves on


Military Intelligence Division, Reserve


Military Intelligence Division Summary, 1922-1924

Box 298

Military Intelligence Division Summany, 1925-1926


Military Intelligence, Reserve Officers Association, 1933 February 15


Military missions


Military Order of the World Wars




Address, 1933 February 9


Pittsburgh meeting


To August 1962




On "Quemoy," 1960 December 8


Resolutions, 1953-1954


Military Staffs

Box 299

Millard, Thomas F. (2 folders)


Miller, Colonel


Miller, Douglas


Miller, Francis P.


Miller, Hunter


Miller, Ransford S.


Miller, Raymond


Miller, William E.


Millikin, Eugene D.


Milling, General T. Dewitt


Millspaugh, A. C., "The Position in Persia," 1920


Minifee (and Nash), to call me,


Minnigerode, Nancy


Minor, Clark H.



Physical Description: 2.0 folders)
Box 300

Mitchell, General William


Mithun, Jacqueline S.


Moe, Henry Allen


Modern Age, David S. Collier, publisher


Modern internationalism, bibliography


Moffat, Abbot Low


Moffat, Pierrepont


Moist, Ronald F.


Moley, Raymond


de Monchy, S. J. R.




Money, checks, etc.






Monnet, Jean


Monroe, Paul


Monroe, William S.


Monroe Doctrine

Physical Description: 3.0 folders)
Box 301



Montague, Lt. Gen. Percival J.


Montgomery, John C.


Montgomery, William L.


Moody, Col. Lucien B.




Moore, Frederick


Moore, J. B., "Decalogue for Diplomats"


Moore, R. Walton


Moorefield Celebration, 1963 September


Moorhead, Mrs. Helen Howell


Moral considerations


Moral Rearmament




Morals and morality


Moran, Hugh A.


Morgan, John H.


Morgan, Sidney


Morgenthau Diaries



Physical Description: 2.0 folders)
Box 302

Morley, Felix


Morley, John


Morris, R., I. P. R. hearings, etc.


Morse, Senator Wayne, on China policy, admission, etc., 1961 July


Morton, Sterling

Physical Description: 3.0 folders)

Moseley, General George Van Horn


Mosely, Prof. Philip E.


Moser, C. K.

Box 303

Mosle, Alexander G.


Most Favored Nation Clause (4 folders)

Box 304

Most Favored Nation Clause


Apparently material brought from Wisconsin to Washington, probably material for the S. K. Hornbeck article on the Most Favored Nation Clause.

Most Favored Nation Clause, China, 1842-1844


Most Favored Nation Clause and Policy, Germany and


Mother's Day


Motherwell, Hiram




Mott, John R.


Mowrer, Edgar Ansel


Muccio, John J.


Mulder, J.


Mundt, Angus


Mundt, Senator Karl E.


Murch, John D.


Murdock, Senator Abe


Murphy, Frank


Murphy, Henry Killam


Murphy, Robert D.


Murray, Wallace


Myers, Denys


Myers, Mryl S.

Box 305

van Naaldwijk, Burgemeester


Naeem, Abdul B.


Naider, Mrs. Francis S.




Nash, Ernest T.


Nash, Philip C.


Nash, Vernon


Nash, Walter


Nason, John


Nason, William F.


National Archives


National Association of Retired Civil Employees


National Board of Fire Underwriters


National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc.


National Catholic Welfare Conference


National City Bank


National Council on Asian Affairs


National Economic and Social Planning Association


National Foreign Trade Council


National Foreign Trade Council, Convention, 1938

Box 306

National Foreign Trade Council (2 folders), 1944-1946


National Foreign Trade Council Convention, 1940-1942

Physical Description: 3.0 folders)

National Geographic Society


National Industrial Conference Board, Inc.


National Investors Council


National League of Women Voters


National Planning Association


National Policy Committee


National Press Club


National Press Club, 1965

Box 307

National Research Council


National Review, 1966


National War College, Hornbeck lecture, 1949


National War College, 1949


National War College, Hornbeck lecture, 1956 December 4




Nationality Act of 1940


Naturalization laws, revision of




Naval Attache


Naval Bases


Naval Conference


Naval Conference, 1934-1936

Physical Description: 3.0 folders)
Box 308

Naval Conference, press


Naval Intelligence


Naval War College




Navy, 1915-1946

Box 309

Navy Department


Navy Department, Office of Naval Intelligence


Navy, in Far East


Navy League


Navy, press clippings


Near East










King-Crane Report

Box 310

Meiloff documents and map


Secret agreements




Turkey, Constitution of


Turkey and the Greek claims


Turkey, Ottoman debt


Turkey settlement, Buckler and British government


Turkey, statistics, maps, diagrams


Turkey tariff


Nederland - Amerika Institut


Needham, Joseph


Needham, Leslie W.


Neff, Priscilla




Neher, L.


Neising (Mr.)


Nelson, Frederic


Nelson, John


Nelson, L. R.




Neprud, Carl


Nes, David


Neese, Arthur


Nestinger, Edward





Physical Description: 3.0 folders)
Box 311



American Foundation


American relations, Dutch help to America in 1776-1796


America University League


America University Week


Bernhard, Prince of the Netherlands


East Indies

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)
Box 312







Government, Prime Minister


Information Bureau


Juliana, Princess of the Netherlands




Loudon, Dr. Alexander (ambassador)




Netherlands House


West Indies


Wilhelmina, Queen of the Netherlands


Wilhelmina, 1961-1962


Nettels, Curtis P.


Neuhauser, R. L.


Neutral commerce


Neutral governments, conversations


Neutral League (Sweden, Norway, Denmark)


Neutral rights


Neutral zones






Neutrality and neutralism

Box 313


Box 314


Box 315



Neutrality Act


Boundary lines

Box 316

Miscellaneous items (3 folders), 1932-1939


Pamphlets, 1915-1931


Press articles, 1936

Box 317

Press articles, 1937-1938, 1940-1941


Stimson, American Neutrality Policy, Council on Foreign Relations


U.S. Proclamations, etc.


Wilson on neutrality


Neutrality Zone, Pan American


Neville, Edwin


New Caledonia


New Commonwealth


New Frontier


New Guinea


New Hebrides


New Leader, The


New Orient Society of America


New Republic


New York Herald-Tribune


New York Times


New York University, 1949


New Zealand


New Zealand Legation


New Zealand and Nash

Box 318

Newell, Isaac


News Agencies, Ivy Lee, The Press Today


News Bulletins and memoranda, 1945-1946


News, the Washington Daily




Newspaper comment




Newton, (Mr.)


Neymann, A.


Niblack, Mrs. Albert P.


Nichol, Frederick William


Nichols, Ruth


Nichols, Shirley


Nicolaes, P. J.


Nicolson, Harold


Nielson, Fred K.


Nieuwenhuis, O. J. Tj. N. Domela


Nijhoff, Wouter




Niles, Judge Emory H., 1966


Nimitz, Chester P.










1941, S. K. Hornbeck memos


1941, June, July


1941, memo of November 27 by S. K. Hornbeck






1944, foreign policy and public opinion








1949, Vincent Winfield's book, What Next in China?




circa 1950




circa 1970


Nitchie, Elizabeth


Nixon, Richard M.

Box 319

No Far East


Noble, G. Bernard


Noble, G. Bernard, Cosmos Club


Noel, F. Regis


Noel-Baker, Philip J.




Non-aggression Pact, Russia-Germany








Nonni River Bridge



Physical Description: 3.0 folders)

Non-recognition, 1933, 1945


Non-recogition, Ethiopia




Noothoven van Goor-Nelson, (Mrs.) W. A.


Nord, F. L.


Norins, Martin


Norlin, George

Box 320

Norman, J. V., Jr.


Norris, Howard D.


North Africa


North African situation


North Atlantic Coast Fisheries


North Atlantic Treaty Organization Pact

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

North Atlantic Treaty Organization Conference at Georgetown University, May 7-8, 1964


Nord, F. Z.


Norton, Henry Kittredge




"China as an International Problem," Naval War College, 1926


"China: Ten Vivid Scenes," 1927


"Chinese Armies and Parties," 1927


"Fever Spots in the World's Politics"


"Foreign Office Organization," 1929


Norton, Mrs. Robert M.


Norton, W. W. and Company, Inc.




Norweb, R. Henry


Norwegian Legation




China to U.S., 1932


Japan to U.S., 1932 January 16


U.S. to Japan, 1915, 1931


U.S. to Japan and China, 1931-1932

Box 321

Notter, Harley, 1943-1944


Nover, Barnet




Nye, Senator

Box 322



Oberndorff, Count


Obituary, Hornbeck for


O'Brien, Arthur


O'Brien, Robert L.


O'Bryan, Deric




O'Connell, Daniel


O'Conroy, Timothy


O'Donoghue, M. J.


Oettinger, Mrs. Frank


Offerhaus, W. A.


Office of Facts and Figures


Office of Far Eastern Affairs


Office of Foreign Economic Administration, Leo Crowley, Administrator


Office of Foreign Economic Coordination


Office of Political Affairs, Hornbeck


Office of Special Assistant, Hornbeck

Box 323

Office of the Coordinator of Information


Office of Strategic Services


Office of War Information


Office of War Information, Press

Box 324

Office supplies


Officer, Keith


Offie, Carmel


Ogg, Frederic A.




Oil companies


Oil pollution


Old books, Marguis D's Old Psalter


Old China hands


Old China Hands, Directory, Julean Arnold


Olds, Herbert V.


Olson, William C.


"One World"


O'Neil, Edward G.


Open Door


Opinion Convention, 1912, 1916






Orchard, John E.




Organization of American States


Oriental Development Company, Hornbeck on


Oriental Rugs


Orientalia, Inc.


"Orientation," Literary Society, 1963 March


O'Ryan, Major General John


Osborne, Lithgow


Osmena, Sergio


Otterson, John E.


Otto, Col. L. F.


Oudendijk, W. J.


Outlook, letter to, 1915




Overseas Chinese


Overseas corporation

Box 325

Overtime reports




Oxford, Castell's Catalog, 1957


Oxford Group


Oxford Society


Oxford University Press

Box 326

PA/H versus FE


P.E.N. Club


Pacific, The


Pacific bases


Pacific cables


Pacific Coast, Survey of Race Relations, 1925


Pacific Islands




American possessions in Pacific, their commercial and strategic value




Blakeslee, "Former German Pacific Islands"


Britain's Pacific Island Dominion


German colonial possessions surrendered since 1914



Box 327



Pacific Ocean fortifications


Problems of




U.S. possessions in the Pacific, strategic and commercial value


Pacific policy




Pacifism, Birkenhead on


Packer, Earl


Padelford, Norman J.


Padoux, Georges


Page, Charles A.


Page, Frank C.


Paige, Sidney


Paine, Robert Treat




Palen, Lewis S.


Palmer, Wayne Francis


Pan, Stephen


Pan American Airways, Incorporated


Pan American Union


Pan Pacific Conference, 1922


Pan Pacific Union




Panama Canal Zone


Pannell, Mrs.


Pardridge, William


Paris Peace Conference



Box 328

Adriatic, Wilson's note


American Commission, composition and functions


American Commission, telephone directory


American summary of Peace Treaty


Arnold, program


Austrian Treaty, China's interest




China boycott, instructions to Peking


China and Japan, Manchester Guardian


China, official program


China, Peace Commissioners


China, question of signing treaty


China's reply to Japan


China's statement to press, 1919 May 6


China in the Treaty


China Treaty clauses, our proposals


China, Williams - Hornbeck memo


Chinese claim, precis of document based on Koos presentation


Chinese Delegation


Chinese Delegation Protest


Chinese Delegation, refusal to sign the German treaty, explanation, June 28


Chinese dispatches


China, German and Australian interests


Chinese petitions


Chinese press reception


Chinese proposals, early


China, miscellaneous


Chinda, Viscount, "Complete Understanding," China and Japan


Chinda, Viscount, on China and Japan

Box 329

Department questions, outstanding


Experts memo, order for




Far East problems and recommendations


Far East recommendations (fragments)


Far East Supplement




Gallagher, P.


Hornbeck at Peace Conference


Institute of International Affairs


Italian claims re Tientsin Concession


Japan at the Conference


Japanese controversy, Sino-


Japanese demands at Peking, 1919 February


Korean Delegation


Korea, official claims


Korea at Peace Conference


Korean representations


Kurd claims


La Baionnette cartoon, Paris, 1919 July 14


Lansing, R., sketches, 1919 May


Lansing at Paris


League of Nations, China on


League of Nations, Covenant


League of Nations and Far East


League of Nations, Japan on


League of Nations, Memo on Russia


Loan program, China


Luxembourg, in the Treaty


Makino on Japan's intentions on Shantung, 1919 May 4


Millard, T. F., "China's Case at the Peace Conference"


Most-Favored-Nation Clause, memo to Young


Multilateral conventions, list of

Box 330

Newspaper articles


Official Directory of the Paris Peace Conference


Official orders, miscellaneous


Omsk Government, reasons for recognizing


Pacific Islands, Blakeslee, "Former German Pacific Possessions"


Pacific Islands, disposal of


Pacific Islands, problem of




Political Science, Ecole Libre, Paris


Race question




Recommendations, official (complete)


Recommendations, on "Racial Equality"




Siberia, Kolchak Government


Treaty Clauses


Treaty with Germany, Peace, Temps Resume


Treaty, Presentation of


Williams, E. T., letter to President


Willoughby program


Weale, Putnam, "Asia" article


Weale, Putnam, program


Young, Memo on Open Door to



Box 331

Correspondence, 1919-1920

Physical Description: 4.0 folders)

House "Inquiry" Group


House Inquiry, photo

Box 332

Parker, Frank


Parker, Philo W.


Parkin, G. R.


Parkin, Raleigh, 1963


Parrott, Robert (Durley), AKA


Parrott, Col. Robert P.


Parsons, Charles E.


Parsons, President Edward S., Baccalaureate


Partridge, Maj. Gen. Earle E.


Party for Justices, Diplomatic Corps, 1946 April 29


Party Platforms, 1932


Party Platforms, 1952


Paschal, George R., Jr.




Pasvolsky, Leo


Patchin, P. H.


Patterson, Ambassador


Patterson, Jefferson


Patterson, Richard C., Jr.


Patterson, William L.


Patton, C. W.


Patton, General George S.


Patton, General George S., death, 1945


Patton, Kenneth S.


Pawley, William D.


Paxton, J. Hall


Payer, Harry F.


Payne, Thomas

Box 333

Peace, general


Peace, 1930, 1943-1944


Peace Corps

Box 334

Peace machinery


Peace plans


Peace Planning Subcommittee, 1940


Peace proposals


Peace terms


Pearl Harbor


Pearl Harbor, Department of State and events of December 7, 1941

Box 335

Pearl Harbor (4 folders)


Pearl Harbor (special), 1945

Box 336

Pearl Harbor, Kimmel, Admiral Husband, his "Own Story of...," 1954 December

Box 334

Peace machinery


Pearl Harbor, Captain Kittredge, 1954


Pearl Harbor, photostatic copies of Japanese newspapers


Pearl Harbor, Theobald, etc.


Pearls (W. and L.)


Pearson, Drew


Pearson story, 1944


Peaslee, Amos J.


Peck, Willys, 1928-1936

Physical Description: 3.0 folders)
Box 337

Peck, Willys R. (2 folders), 1937-1942


Peffer, Nathaniel

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

Pegler, Westbrook


Pegram, Colonel J. C.


Pehle, John


Peking American School, S. K. Hornbeck at, lectures, 1926


The Peking Leader


Peking luncheon, 1925


Pelenyi, John


Pell, Robert T.


Penfield, J. K.


Penick, Bessie




People, race problems


Perkins, Mahlon F.


Permanent Court of Arbitration


Permanent Court of International Justice (World Court)

Box 338

Perry, Matthew C., Addresses on, by S. K. Hornbeck


Perry, Ralph Barton


Perry Treaty, Eighteenth Anniversary, Bankers Club, New York, 1934 April 11


Persia, "Where Civilization Was Cradled"




Peter, W. W.


Peters, Nellie


Peterson, Hugh





Box 339

Bibliography and articles


Japan and the Netherlands East India


Monopoly, Japanese


Standard Vacuum Oil Company

Physical Description: 4.0 folders)
Box 340

Standard Oil Offices, discussions with, 1934-1936


Struggle for Petroleum, Institute of Politics, Williamstown, Massachusetts, August 7, 1923


Pettengill, Admiral


Petty, R. Moulton


Pettus, W. B.


Pfeiffer, C. G.


Pforzheimer, Carl H., Jr.


Phelps, G. Sidney


Phelps, Admiral W. W. (U.S.N., retired)


Phenix, Spencer


Phi Beta Kappa, Speech at Cincinnati, 1937


Phi Beta Kappa and American Foreign Policy - Philadelphia, 1928

Box 341

Philadelphia (academy) See also: Speeches and Writings: China


Philip Morris & Co., Ltd., Inc.


Philippine Islands










Clippings and pamphlets

Box 342

Clippings and pamphlets


Commercial and trade relations

Physical Description: 2.0 folders)

Commissioner, High


Commissioner in United States, resident

Box 343






Box 344


Physical Description: 2.0 folders)


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