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Finding aid to Death Valley Automobile Trip, 1926
BANC PIC 1978.027--ALB  
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Our first picture, a dry lake Jan. 9, 1926. BANC PIC 1978.027:01--ALB


Start for the red hot pit Death Valley. BANC PIC 1978.027:02--ALB


We dine on Sweet Bread, Jan. 9, 1926. BANC PIC 1978.027:03--ALB


Our first water after leaving, Atolia was named Granite Springs; Granite Springs. BANC PIC 1978.027:04--ALB


One of the mounds of Granite from which the Springs derived its name. BANC PIC 1978.027:05--ALB


What the sign said: Owl Springs--Death Valley--Saratoga Springs 45 m, Silver Lake 42, Shoshone 5, Automobile Club, So. Cal.; Meet Mrs.Perrelet and Miss Muth. BANC PIC 1978.027:06--ALB


We arrive at Owl Springs, here an abandoned water wagon was found the front wheels sunk in sand, the rear ones almost all cut away by desert wanderers for fire wood; Owl Springs -- one of the water holes of the twenty mule team borax days. BANC PIC 1978.027:07--ALB


We select a camp site. BANC PIC 1978.027:08--ALB


We arrive at Confidence Mills a very aged mining venture the driver of the grub wagon upon spying the cog ... BANC PIC 1978.027:09--ALB

Full title

We arrive at Confidence Mills a very aged mining venture the driver of the grub wagon upon spying the cog wheel decided it would be just the thing for his ranch but when he came to pick it up decided for his flivers sake to leave it; Left Black Hawk mine at 8:30 a.m., Jan. 9 arrived at Confidence Mills at 5:00 p.m. -- 88 miles; Confidence Mills -- below sea level

We leave Confidence Mills Sunday Jan. 10, 1926 10:15 a.m.; The scenery at Confidence Mills. BANC PIC 1978.027:10--ALB


A camp site on the desert. BANC PIC 1978.027:11--ALB


Mrs. Perrelet -- the fliver. Miss Muth. BANC PIC 1978.027:12--ALB


A sample of desert road. BANC PIC 1978.027:13--ALB


We pass Ashford mills -- A deserted hope -- Thousands of dollars of equipment left here. This mill was of the roller type and the building has a 75 horsepower engine in it in the foreground out of sight of the cameras eye is a big truck the rubber slowly rotting away. Mr Billyon and A. E. Dimock sitting on top; Ashford Mills. BANC PIC 1978.027:14--ALB


Dust so deep here that the fliverer almost sank out of sight. BANC PIC 1978.027:15--ALB


A little help needed. BANC PIC 1978.027:16--ALB


The grave of James Dayton; A driver of a twenty mule team Borax wagon. BANC PIC 1978.027:17--ALB


The lowest spot in U.S.A. BANC PIC 1978.027:18--ALB


The one time site of the Eagle Borax Works. BANC PIC 1978.027:19--ALB


We have now reached the Devils Golf Course; Mr Billyon -- Mr. Puck -- Miss Muth -- Mrs. Perrelet -- Mr. Abbott and his bouquet. BANC PIC 1978.027:20--ALB


The Devils Golf Course. A mixture of many minerals in which salt leads.The evaporation of the water in the Summer fills the solid matter in pinnacles which were so hard that a sledge hammer was needed to break off specimens; the Devils Golf Course a close up view. BANC PIC 1978.027:21--ALB


Crossing the Devils Golf Course. BANC PIC 1978.027:22--ALB


The road at the entrance of the Devils Golf Course. BANC PIC 1978.027:23--ALB


The rock on the next page is composed of lava of unusual hardness as it has not disintegrated like the surroundings. We passed through miles of country composed of nothing but lava black and glistening in the sun; The Mushroom rock or the Devil's Throne. BANC PIC 1978.027:24--ALB


We have now reached the mouth of Superstitious Canyon where we stopped to make camp at 5:15 p.m. -- milage 57; Our camp, Jan. 10, 1926. BANC PIC 1978.027:25--ALB


The mouth of Superstitious Canyon. BANC PIC 1978.027:26--ALB


We explore Superstitious Canyon. The peak in the background is of soft white mineral into which a person sinks above the shoe tops. BANC PIC 1978.027:27--ALB


Here Superstitious Canyon rivals Red Rock Canyon in its many colors and different forms; Superstitious Canyon. BANC PIC 1978.027:28--ALB


We left camp at 11 a.m. and arrived at Furnace Creek Ranch where we had lunch and fixed Minn's fliver; Part of Furnace Creek Ranch the home of the 20 mile jennie[?]. BANC PIC 1978.027:29--ALB


One of the wagons used to half Borax in the days of the 20 mule teams. This wagon weighed 7 tons and was loaded with 20 tons of Borax. The tires on the wheels were 10 inches. BANC PIC 1978.027:30--ALB


Furnace Creek -- used to irrigate Furnace Creek Ranch; Furnace Creek. BANC PIC 1978.027:31--ALB


The Swimming Pool Furnace Creek Ranch. BANC PIC 1978.027:32--ALB


Phoenix Canarensis Palms at Furnace Creek Ranch. BANC PIC 1978.027:33--ALB


The Shoshone Indian Squaws playing a game by the Wickiup. BANC PIC 1978.027:34--ALB


The Indian Children at Furnace Creek Ranch. BANC PIC 1978.027:35--ALB


A Desert Scene. BANC PIC 1978.027:36--ALB


The weather gauge at Furnace Creek Ranch. BANC PIC 1978.027:37--ALB


Meet Mr. Billyan and Mr. Abbott and Mr. Billyan's stove (one cylinder). BANC PIC 1978.027:38--ALB


We try to locate Stovepipe Wells but after wandering around some terrible roads the likes of which may be seen in the background we make camp here at 5 p.m. Jan. 11, 32 miles, falling down fast on that milage. Billyan's one cylinder stove is hitting on all the cylinder as may be seen on the left of the picture. BANC PIC 1978.027:39--ALB

Additional Note

First day 142 miles
Second day 88 miles
Third day 57 miles
Fourth day 32 miles; The Horrible Road, a gullie every three feet.

In the sand swept desert. BANC PIC 1978.027:40--ALB


Wild Cat's Retreat. BANC PIC 1978.027:41--ALB


[No Caption: Death Valley] BANC PIC 1978.027:42--ALB


[No Caption: Death Valley] BANC PIC 1978.027:43--ALB


[No Caption: Death Valley] BANC PIC 1978.027:44--ALB


Mesquite Tree in the Sand. BANC PIC 1978.027:45--ALB


We leave the camp near the horrible road at 10:20 a.m. Jan. 12 and are bound for Rhyolite Nevada the ... BANC PIC 1978.027:46--ALB

Full title

We leave the camp near the horrible road at 10:20 a.m. Jan. 12 and are bound for Rhyolite Nevada the Goat city. The road? Was found to be all up, no down in fact 15 miles was Ford low[?] and a hundred degrees. A stop every mile to let the clutch pedal cool off. 200 feet below sea level to 4000 feet above and roads like the picture on the next page; On the way to Rhyolite.

Death Valley 1908. BANC PIC 1978.027:47--ALB


We lunch on the way to Rhyolite. BANC PIC 1978.027:48--ALB


We reach Rhyolite at 3:25 p.m. the first house we saw was the Bottle House a picture of which appears on the opposite page but we drove thru the town until we reached the railroad depot, here we left our machines and made a tour of the town. 25 miles this date; The Bottle House. BANC PIC 1978.027:49--ALB


On the opposite page is a picture of the railway depot, Rhyolite, Nev. This building was constructed of stone but time is slowly doing its work as may be noticed on the sign facing the machines; The Railway Depot, Rhyolite Nevada. BANC PIC 1978.027:50--ALB


On our hike thru the town we came across many shacks like this one. Rhyolite is surrounded by land that is full of gold but the main vein is yet to be found, the hills show many try-outs one may be seen on the hill back of this shack; The ravages of "Time." BANC PIC 1978.027:51--ALB


The Church of Rhyolite, the only building that had all of its windows intact; The Church of Rhyolite. BANC PIC 1978.027:52--ALB


The insides of these buildings were littered with glass evidently there were lots of brick throwers came thru Rhyolite after it was deserted; The National Bank Building. BANC PIC 1978.027:53--ALB


The Hotel had fine stairways in it all rotting away for lack of care. These face the main street; The Hotel Building. BANC PIC 1978.027:54--ALB


The School House with its tile roof; The Schoolhouse. BANC PIC 1978.027:55--ALB


After seeing the town house we went back to the depot got in our machines and drove back to the Bottle House where we spent the night; the front porch of the Bottle House. BANC PIC 1978.027:56--ALB


The back porch of the Bottle House. Bottles were free and many of them. Other building materials were scarce. There were about 30 or more Saloons in Rhyolite; the back porch of the Bottle House. BANC PIC 1978.027:57--ALB


Here is another Bottle House. The weather here is so dry that lots of the bottles still had the labels on them. Note the workings in the hills; a Bottle House which has taken a tumble. BANC PIC 1978.027:58--ALB


Building material was so scarce in Rhyolite that most anything went, here an enterprising citizen made himself a house of the cans; A Tin Can House. BANC PIC 1978.027:59--ALB


Stamp Mill at Rhyolite. BANC PIC 1978.027:60--ALB


Jan 13 at 10:30 a.m. we leave Rhyolite and on the way out we stop at the Montgomery Shoshone mine the largest of its day. Here they had a blow hole, shaft with elevator and cyanide tanks; the Montgomery -- Shoshone mine. BANC PIC 1978.027:61--ALB


Beatty Nevada six miles from Rhyolite. Rhyolite's water was all pumped from Beatty; Beatty Nevada. BANC PIC 1978.027:62--ALB


We reached Death Valley Junction just at dusk and then we decide to drive a little ways further and camp; Death Valley Junction Building 600 feet long. BANC PIC 1978.027:63--ALB


We camp by the Amagrossa river at 6:20 p.m. -- 59 miles. The Amagrossa is an alkaline stream which goes down into Death Valley and flows underground until it stops under the Devil's Golf Course. The next morning it was so cold that it took us 3 hours to start the flivers, the oil had frozen into chunks; the Amagrossa river. BANC PIC 1978.027:64--ALB


Jan. 14 at 9:45 a.m. we departed from the Amagrossa river camp. Down to Shoshone Cal. For gas, water etc and departed for Cave Springs, we pass one more the old cog wheel at Confidence Mill; the Railroad Depot Shoshone, Calif. BANC PIC 1978.027:65--ALB


We stop for "tea" at Bennett Wells. BANC PIC 1978.027:66--ALB


We reached Cave Springs at 6:20 p.m. -- 75 miles. This was one of the stopping places of the twenty ... BANC PIC 1978.027:67--ALB

Full title

We reached Cave Springs at 6:20 p.m. -- 75 miles. This was one of the stopping places of the twenty mule team Borax days, the place where the machines are in was a corral with walls of stone to keep the stock in. An abundance of water is found in the caves in the banks. On the way we stopped at Saratoga Springs a big bubbling pool of hot water in which little black fish lived; Cave Springs.

Jan. 15 left Cave Springs at 9:40 headed for Yermo, from which place went to the old town site of ... BANC PIC 1978.027:68--ALB

Full title

Jan. 15 left Cave Springs at 9:40 headed for Yermo, from which place went to the old town site of Calico the home of the famous Silver King mine from which 75 million dollars of silver was taken 30 years ago. Here through the courtesy of the one resident and old miner who provided us with carbide lamps we inspected the mine after which we drove in the Canyon below the town and made camp. Calico burned down three times so they made their buildings out of earth; Main St. Calico.

Entrance to the Silver King mine. BANC PIC 1978.027:69--ALB


Our camp in the canyon below Calico. BANC PIC 1978.027:70--ALB


A sample of breakfast. BANC PIC 1978.027:71--ALB


We leave Calico, above on the bluff may be seen the ruins of the adobe houses. Sat., Jan. 16 left at 9:40 a.m.; the road in the canyon below Calico. BANC PIC 1978.027:72--ALB


And arrived at the place in the picture on the opposite page at 5pm -- 114 miles. Sunday Jan. 17 left at 11a.m. and arrived at 3rd and Central Los Angeles 2:20 p.m. -- 55 miles; Glenavon. BANC PIC 1978.027:73--ALB


Calico. Mr. and Mrs. John Lane the sole survivors of a population of over 3000. Mr. Lane came in 1884 here he met the lady who became Mrs. Lane. They married and have been here ever since. BANC PIC 1978.027:74--ALB


Death Valley. Introducing the much talked of "Death Valley Scotty" whose correct name is Walter Scott. Scotty has surrounded himself ... BANC PIC 1978.027:75--ALB

Full title

Death Valley. Introducing the much talked of "Death Valley Scotty" whose correct name is Walter Scott. Scotty has surrounded himself with mystery. At one time he was a rider with a wild west circus. In 1906 he appeared amongst the mines of Nevada and seems to have become rich since then. His home is in Grapevine canyon at the north end of Death Valley.

Death Valley. In 1876 Government Surveyors found this old wagon in the valley north of "Emigrant Wash". Since then this place has been marked on the maps as "Last Wagon". It was found 52 years ago but to this day nothing definite has been found as to how it came to be in Death Valley. BANC PIC 1978.027:76--ALB