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Finding Aid to the Prints and/or transcripts of documents concerning California and Mexico, 1706-1857
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Ctn. 1, folder Folder 1

1853, Nov. 19-Dec. 31. Extracts from the Diario oficial, México, I, núm. 127-169.


Walker expedition against Lower California. (Some issues in the Library of the Archivo General de la Nación. For other issues in AGN, see M-A 1 - Library, 1854, Jan. 1-Sept. 12)




1829-1833, Legajo 7

Ctn. 1, folder Folder 2

1830, Jan. 12-Sept. 6. Official Mexican reports and correspondence.


Attempted revolt of Solís in California, disposition of guilty soldiers, and affairs of California.

folder Folder 3

1830, May 10. Mission of San José. Durán to the president of Mexico.


Abuse of missions and missionaries of California by government troops.

folder Folder 4

1830, July 29. González to the minister of war (?) (summary)


Denunciation of Maitorena, deputy from California to Mexican congress.

folder Folder 5

1831, Mar. 7-1833, Apr. 1. Official Mexican reports and correspondence.


Proposed reform of Mexican garrisons in California.

folder Folder 6

1831, Aug. 17. Mission of San José. Durán to Bustamante.


Denunciation of Assistant Inspector Padres as a heretic - California.

folder Folder 7

1831, Sept. 21-1832, Jan. 26. Official Mexican reports and correspondence.


Echeandía revolution of 1831 in California.

folder Folder 8

1831, Nov. 7-1833, June 19. Official Mexican reports and correspondence.


Echeandía revolution of 1831 in California and later events.

folder Folder 9

1831, Dec. 9-1834, Dec. 18. Official Mexican reports and correspondence.


Echeandía revolution in California and affairs of California.

folder Folder 10

1832, Jan. 17-1833, Apr. 1. Official Mexican reports and correspondence.


Echeandía revolution in California and affairs of California.

folder Folder 11

1832, June 6-1833, June 19. Official Mexican reports and correspondence.


Echeandía revolution in California and affairs of California.


1836, Legajo 6

folder Folder 12

1836, Mar. 22-1837, Apr. 29. Official Mexican reports and correspondence.


Chico administration of Califonrnia, uprising of 1836, preparations to crush revolt.

folder Folder 13

1836, July 20-Dec. 7. Official Mexican reports and correspondence.


Chico administracion in California and uprising of November 4, 1836.


1837, Legajo 4

folder Folder 14

1837, Jan. 8-1839, Apr. 11. Official Mexican reports and correspondence.


Alvarado revolution of 1836 in California and reestablishment of Mexican control.


1840-1843, Legajo 2

folder Folder 15

1840, Apr. 25. Monterey. Vallejo to the minister of war.


Military needs of California.

folder Folder 16

1840, Apr. 25-Nov. 28. Two letters of Vallejo to the minister of war.


Military affairs of California.

folder Folder 17

1840, Aug. 13, Mexico. Report of Castro to Mexican government.


Review of affairs of Alta California - defense, danger from U.S. and Russia, commerce, communications with Mexico.

folder Folder 18

1840, Nov. 29, Yerba Buena. Kostremitin to Alvarado.


Negotiations between Russians and authorities of California over abandonment of Fort Ross by former.

folder Folder 19

1841, Nov. 8-1842, Feb. 22. Reports of Vallejo to minister of war, enclosed documents, and official Mexican correspondence.


Affairs of California - American immigration, Sutter, Russians, Prudon, defense of area.

folder Folder 20

1842, Oct. 19-Nov. 1. Correspondence between Jones and Mexican officials in Alta California, and other documents.


Seizure of Monterey by Jones.

folder Folder 21

1843, Feb. 10, Mar. 2. Duque to minister of war, and notes of Mexican ministry of war.


Arrival of Jones at Mazatlan after seizure of Monterey.

folder Folder 22

1843, Feb. 17-Nov. 15. Official Mexican correspondence and documents.


Rumors of revolution in Baja California.

folder Folder 23

1843, Feb. 23, Los Angeles. Micheltorena to the Mexican minister of war.


Lack of defense in California and fears of loss province to Mexico.

folder Folder 24

1843, Feb. 23-Apr. 25. Three letters of Micheltorena to the minister of war.


Military needs of California and fears of seizure of territory by United States.

folder Folder 25

1843, Mar. 23-Aug. 8. Official Mexican correspondence and documents.


Dismissal of Morales from army for refusal to swear allegiance and proposed exile to Alta California.

folder Folder 26

1843, Apr. 28-Dec. 30. Official Mexican correspondence and documents, and letters of Thompson to Bocanegra.


Exclusion of American immigrants from the Californias.

folder Folder 27

1843, Dec. 31-1844, Jan. 3, Mexico. Thompson to Mexican minister of foreign relations, and correspondence of latter with minister of war.


Exclusion of American citizens from the Californias.


1841, Legajo 8

folder Folder 28

1841, May 26-Aug. 12. Reports of Artista to Mexican minister of war and other documents.


Campaign against Comanches, Texan expedition to Santa Fe, Mexican relations with U.S. and Texas.


1841-1842, Legajo 1

folder Folder 29

1840, May 1-1841, Aug. 4. Official Mexican correspondence and documents.


Texan expedition to Santa Fe and Mexican measures for defense of that province.


1841-1844, Legajo 12

folder Folder 30

1841, May 7-1843, July 31. Official Mexican correspondence and documents.


Texan expedition to Santa Fe - Mexican measures for defense, desposition of prisoners, rewards to Mexicans, rumor of a new expedition.


1842-1843, Legajo 3

folder Folder 31

1842, Nov.-1844, May 15. Micheltorena to minister of war, enclosures, and abstract made by ministry.


Occupation of Monterey by Jones of U.S. navy.


1843, Legajo 6

folder Folder 32

1841, May 18-1845, Mar. 6. Official Mexican correspondence and documents.


Capture and disposition of prisoners of Texan expedition to Santa Fe., especially Navarro.


1845, Legajo 7

folder Folder 33

1845, May 9-Dec. 23. Offical Mexican correspondence and documents.


Assembling and outfitting of expedition of Iniestra bound for California.


1846, Legajo 5

folder Folder 34

1846, Mar. 2-30. Official Mexican correspondence and documents.


Expedition of Telles bound for Alta California.


1846, Legajo 13

folder Folder 35

1846, July 7-Oct. 15. Correspondence of Castro with Sloat and Stockton, and other documents, forwarding letter to Mexican minister of war, and reply.


U.S. - Mexican war in Alta California and retirement of Mexican army to Sonora.

folder Folder 36

1846, Aug. 19-Nov. 7. Correspondence between Miranda and commander of U.S. Cyane, forwarding letter to Mexican minister of war, and notes and correspondence of ministry.


Blockade of La Paz and coast of Mexico by U.S. navy.

folder Folder 37

1846, Sept. 29-1847, Feb. 13. Articles of capitulation between U.S. and Mexican forces in Los Angeles, correspondence between Flores and Gillespie, report of Flores to Mexican government.


Surrender of U.S. forces under Gillespie in Los Angeles and evacuation of that city - California.

folder Folder 38

1846, Oct. 16-Nov. 11. Official Mexican correspondence and documents.


Payment of salaries of two officials of proposed expedition of Iniestra to Alta California.

folder Folder 39

1846, Nov. 10(?)-18, Mexico. Bustamante to minister of war, and order of ministry.


Progress of U.S. - Mexican War in Alta California and New Mexico, need of aid.


1852, Legajo 5

folder Folder 40

1851, Feb. 16-Aug. 21. Correspondence between the military district of Sonora and the minister of war.


Military affairs of Sonora.

folder Folder 41

1852, Apr. 13, Ures. Blanco to minister of war.


Regulationes for assisting admission into Sonora of genuine immigrants and for barring entry of adventurers.

folder Folder 42

1852, Apr. 16, Ures. Blanco to minister of war.


Arrival of immigrants in Sonora.

folder Folder 43

1852, Apr. 28. Robles to commander of Sonora military district.


Arrival of French from California in Sonora; injunction to watch Pindray.

folder Folder 44

1852, June 7, Arispa. Blanco to minister of war.


Announcing receipt of letter about colony of Cocóspera.


1852, Legajo 7

folder Folder 45

1851, Nov. 29-1852, Sept. 9. Correspondence between military districts of Sonora and Lower California, and ministry of war.


Revolution in Lower California.

folder Folder 46

1852, July 19-Sept. 30. Cubilas and Blanco to ministry or war.


Rumors of American filibustering expedition.

folder Folder 47

1852, Oct. 20-Nov. 23. Blanco to ministry of war, and reply.


Defense of Guaymas.


1853-1855, Legajo 16

folder Folder 48

1852, Oct. 2-1853, Oct. 10. Mexican official correspondence and documents.


Defeat of Raousset-Boulbon in Hermosillo and award of honors.

folder Folder 49

1853, Mar. 16-July 23. Official Mexican correspondence and documents.


Raousset-Boulbon and Walker filibustering expeditions.

folder Folder 50

1853, Mar. 24-July 23. Mexican official correspondence and documents.


Rumor of American filibustering expedition against Lower California, etc.

folder Folder 51

1853, July 16-1854, Aug. 30.


Walker Expedition, barca americana R. Adams.

folder Folder 52

1853, Sept. 1-1854, Mar. 6. Mexican official correspondence and documents.


Walker expedition against Lower Califonia. (3 folders)

folder Folder 53

1853, Nov. 7-1854, Feb. 20. José María Yáñez, Antonio Capuzano.


Walker expedition; invasion of North American pirates in Sonora, Sinaloa, and Guaymas.


1854, Legajo 5

folder Folder 54

1852-1854. "El negocio de los extrangeros en Sonora," supplement to Diario oficial, Oct. 12, 1854, México.

folder Folder 55

1852, Jan. 8, Mazatlán. Yáñez to minister of war.


Raousset-Boulbon, danger of a filibustering expedition from California against Mexico.

folder Folder 56

1852, June 1-Sept. 7. Mexican official correspondence, printed in suppplement to Sonorense, Sept. 16, 1852, Ures.



folder Folder 57

1852, Oct. 11-Nov. 24. Official Mexican correspondence.



folder Folder 58

1853, [July ?]-Nov. 7. Mexican correspondence and documents.


Proposals of Raousset-Boulbon for a colony in Sonora.

folder Folder 59

1853, Sept. 4-Nov. 2. Extract of official Mexican correspondence.


Colonization scheme of Raousset-Boulbon.

folder Folder 60

1853, Sept. 28, Ures. Gándara to the minister of war.



folder Folder 61

1853, Oct. Letters of Raousset-Boulbon.


Failure of negotiations for founding French colony in Sonora; plans for revolution and filibustering expedition in northwest Mexico; French in California.

folder Folder 62

1853, Nov. 1-1855, Nov. 7. Mexican official and consular correspondence.


Walker expedition in Lower Califronia and affairs of the territory.

folder Folder 63

1854, Jan. 7-Aug. 19. Yáñez to minister of war, with intercepted correspondence.



folder Folder 64

1854, Mar. 9, San Diego. Castillo Negrete to the minister of war.


Walker expedition against Lower California.

folder Folder 65

1854, Apr. 5, Mazatlán. Valdez to minister of war, and enclosed letter of Raousset-Boulbon to French chargé d'affaires in Mexico.


Proposal to found a French colony in Sonora, negotiations with Mexican government, publication of correspondence by Mexican government.

folder Folder 66

1854, July 13-Aug. 8. Correspondence between Yáñez and Blanco.


Revolt of Raousset-Boulbon in Guaymas.

folder Folder 67

1855, Feb. 7. Veracruz. List made by French consul at Veracruz of French prisoners turned over to his government.


Raousset-Boulbon revolt in Guaymas.


1857, Legajo 6

folder Folder 68

1856, Oct. 18-1857, May 18. Mexican official correspondence, documents, etc.


Crabbe expedition against Sonora.

folder Folder 69

1857, Apr. 28-July 20, Mexico. Vizcaino to the president and to the minister of war.


Measures for the defense of Sonora and Lower California.


1857, Legajo 13

Box 1, folder Folder 70

1855, Oct. 27-1857, Nov. 30. Sumaria on the filibustering expedition of Henry A. Crabbe, 1857, with forwarding correspondence.


American filibustering expedition in Sonora. (3 folders)

folder Folder 71

1857, May 14-1858, Apr. 28. Correspondence between Yáñez and ministries of war, foreign affairs, and justice.


Case of Jesús Ainza and others implicated in Crabbe expedition against Sonora.




Legajo 1706-1785

Box 1, folder Folder 72

1706. Expediente on regrating and high cost of merchandise imported from Spain.


Includes petition of Real tribunal del consulado, 1706, and two petitions of the miners of Zacatecas, 1706.

folder Folder 73

1740, Jan. 1, Madrid. Royal order to viceroy of New Spain.


Commanding that garrison of Veracruz be reinforced and defenses by prepared against the English.

folder Folder 74

1740, Nov. 2-1741, Jan. 13. Marqués de Villarías to Duque de la Conquista.


Communicating royal orders giving news that destination of English squadrons under Lord Cathcart and Admiral Norris was unknown.

folder Folder 75

1741, Jan. 10-16, Mexico. Reports of proceedings of two sessions of the Junta de hacienda y guerra.


Defense of the Isla del Carmen against English.

folder Folder 76

1742, Dec. 4, San Lorenzo. Royal order to the audiencia gobernadora of Mexico.


Communicating news and ordering care to protect the coast against any English attack.

folder Folder 77

1762. Correspondence and documents.


Capture of Havana by the English and arrangements by viceroy Cruillas for defense of Veracruz and outfitting of hospitals for soldiers.

folder Folder 78

1770, Dec. 19-1771, May 29. Correspondence between Croix and the governor of Veracruz and others.


Defense of San Juan de Ulua, Veracruz, Puerto de Alvarado, and the Gulf coast of Mexico against English.

folder Folder 79

1771, Jan. 30-Apr. 6. Two letters of Croix to Fernández de Otañez, and report of latter.


Arrangements for military stores for use if war broke out.

folder Folder 80

1771, Sept. 10, Perot. Report of engineer, Corral, accompanying map of road from Veracruz to Jalapa and Orizaba.

folder Folder 81

1777, Feb. 11-1779, Sept. 30. Correspondence between Bucareli (and the audiencia gobernadora) and the governor of the Carmen.


Affairs of the presidio.

folder Folder 82

1777, Sept. 11-Oct. 8. Correspondence between Bucareli and Carrión y Andrade and Cossio.


Fortifications of San Juan de Ulua.


Legajo 1780

folder Folder 83

1778, Feb. 4-1780, Apr. 5. Correspondence between Bucareli, Mayorga, and Carrión and Andrade.


Military affairs, fortifications, and defense of Veracruz and the Gulf coast.

folder Folder 84

1779, Aug. 17-1780, Mar. 11. Expediente on rise in prices of merchandise because of war with England, and on project to fix prices.

folder Folder 85

1780, Feb. 3-Nov. 8. Expediente on the uselesssness of the dredge and dump scows of the port of Veracruz, and on the expense of repairing them and keeping their crews.

folder Folder 86

1780, Mar. 4-30. Expediente on the crews and supply of two gun launches for the defense of the port of Alvarado.

folder Folder 87

1780, May 10-June 7. Correspondence between Mayorga, Carrión y Andrade, and Santesteban.


Defense of Verzcruz.

folder Folder 88

1778, Dec. 24-1789, Jan. 7. Correspondence between Flores and Troncoso.


News that forty ships of war were being outfitted in Spain and arrangements to be prepared for defense.


Legajo 1787-1806 (1787-1807?)

folder Folder 89

1790, July 21-Oct. 18. Correspondence between Revillagigedo II, Lúcas de Gálvez, and Corral.


Fears of war with England.

folder Folder 90

1805, July 1-1807, Aug. 31. Correspondence between Salcedo and Real Alencaster.


Affairs of New Mexico, American intrusions, Vial expedition.





Box 1, folder Folder 91

#204. 1821. Informe de Manuel de Iruela, Intendente de Oaxaca, Oax., con relación al juramento de la Independencia por los Ayuntamientos de Ciudad Real y Guatemala...101 fojas. (transcript)



Box 1, folder Folder 91

#331. 1824-1829. Sublevación de los indios yaquis, en los Estados de Sonora y Sinaloa. Hostilidades de los comanches, en el Estado de Chihuahua...202 fojas. (transcript)



Ctn. 2, volume Vol.(2)

#1659. 1830-1839. La Diputación Territorial de la Baja California sobre el reconocimiento de (2) sus atribuciones para ejercer la Jefatura Política. Rebelión de Antonio Navarro, Juan José López, Fray Gabriel González y el súbdito francés Antonio Belloc...439 fojas. (copyflo)



Ctn. 2, volume Vol.

#1883. 1831-1832. Pronunciamiento en las poblaciones de San Diego, Santa Bárbara, San Francisco, Monterrey y Los Angeles, Cal., en contra de la administración del Teniente Coronel Manuel Victoria...27 fojas (copyflo)

volume Vol.

#1884. 1831-1832. Pronunciamiento de las poblaciones de San Diego, Santa Bárbara, San Francisco, Monterrey y Los Angeles, Cal., en contra la administración del Teniente Coronel Manuel Victoria...154 fojas. (copyflo)

volume Vol.

#1885. 1830. Pronunciamiento de José María Herrera y Joaquín Solís, en el Puerto de Monterrey, Cal., a favor de la Monarquía Española...20 fojas. (copyflo)

volume Vol.

#1886. 1831-1834. Partes de la Comandancia General de la Alta California, dando cuenta del establecimiento de una colonia rusa a inmediaciones del puerto de Bodega, Cal. ...52 fojas. (copyflo)

volume Vol.

#1887. 1832-1833. Partes del General José Figueroa, Comandante General y Jefe Político de la Alta California, relacionados con el pronunciamiento de Juan Bandini, Pío Pico, José Antonio Carrillo y Teniente Coronel José María Echeandía...133 fojas. (copyflo)

volume Vol.

#1888. 1833-1834. Partes de la Comandancia General de la Alta California, dando cuenta del establecimiento de colonia rusa, en el puerto de Bodega, Cal. ...89 fojas. (copyflo)

volume Vol.(2)

#1918. 1844. Correspondencia del General Adrián Woll, relacionada con la campaña de (2) Texas...63 fojas. (copyflo)