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Carrier (Joseph M.) Collection on the Chieu Hoi Program and Vietnamese Conflict
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Chieu Hoi Program materials Series 1. 1964-1968

Physical Description: 1.2 Linear Feet
Language of Material: The collection is in English and Vietnamese.

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series includes materials collected by Carrier documenting the work, policies, and operations of the Chieu Hoi Program. This series also contains some of Carrier's personal correspondence and memoranda. This series primarily consists of statistical notes, charts, and graphs created or collected by Carrier in support of his research on the Chieu Hoi Program and other topics relating to Viet Cong activities, the U.S. use of ralliers, and Vietnam in general. The bulk of these items are weekly and monthly statistical data and statistical summaries on ralliers from various regions of North Vietnam, some derived from Quy Chanh rallier identification cards. Other files contain organizational charts, maps, a budget for "rural reconstruction," and propaganda leaflets distributed among the Viet Cong. These files also contain detailed lists of ralliers and an extensive collection of rallier identification cards. Documents are in Vietnamese and English.

Series Arrangement

This series is arranged in 4 subseries:
  • Subseries 1. Administrative materials, 1965-1967
  • Subseries 2. Reports, 1965-1968 and undated
  • Subseries 3. Rallier identification cards, 1965-1966 and undated
  • Subseries 4. Statistics in Vietnamese, 1965-1967
  • Subseries 5. Statistics in English, 1965-1968
box 1, folder 1-18

Administrative materials Subseries 1.1 1965-1967

Scope and Content Summary

This subseries contains various kinds of administrative materials related to the Chieu Hoi Program, including correspondence, memoranda, ephemera, leaflets and maps. It also has the notes from the Conference at Bein Hoa in 1965 about the policies for the program.

Subseries Arrangement

This subseries is arranged alphabetically by topic.
box 1, folder 1

Budget 1965-1969

box 1, folder 2

Miscellaneous (in Vietnamese) circa 1965

box 1, folder 3

Organizational chart 1965

box 1, folder 4

Policies and procedures 1965

box 27, folder 1-2, box 1, folder 5-8

Program information and guidelines 1964-1967

box 1, folder 9-11

Correspondence and memoranda 1965-1967

box 1, folder 12

Ephemera undated

box 1, folder 13

Leaflets undated

box 1, folder 14

Maps 1967 and undated

box 22, folder 21

Ralliers Conference at Bien Hoa, notes 1965

box 1, folder 15-19, box 22, folder 22

Reports Subseries 1.2 1965-1968 and undated

Scope and Content Summary

This subseries contains a variety of written reports summarizing statistical or observed information. The report writer is not usually named. Subjects include kinds of people who become Ralliers, weapons confiscated and reasons for defection.

Subseries Arrangement

This subseries is arranged chronologically.
box 1, folder 15


box 1, folder 16


box 22, folder 22


box 1, folder 17-19


box 26, folder 1-11

Rallier identification cards Subseries 1.3 1965-1966 and undated

Scope and Content Summary

Rallier identification cards record all the official information about the volunteer to the program: name, age, place born, date rallied and previous experience with the opposition.

Subseries Arrangement

This subseries is arranged chronologically.
box 26, folder 1-6


box 26, folder 7-10


box 26, folder 11


box 1, folder 20-22

Research notes on Chieu Hoi Program and viet Cong activities 1967 and undated

box 2, folder 1-11

Statistics (in Vietnamese) Subseries 1.4 1965-1967

Language of Material: The subseries is in Vietnamese.

Subseries Arrangement

This subseries is arranged by monthly and weekly statistics.
box 2, folder 1-4

Monthly returnee totals 1965-1967

box 2, folder 5-11

Weekly returnee totals 1965-1966, and undated

Physical Description: 0 folders.
box 2, folder 12-15

Statistics (in English) Subseries 1.5 1965-1968

Subseries Arrangement

This subseries is arranged by monthly and weekly statistics.
box 2, folder 12

Monthly returnee totals 1965-1967

box 2, folder 13-15

Weekly returnee totals 1965-1966

box 3, folder 1-8

Summaries 1965-1968 and undated

box 3, folder 1-4


box 3, folder 5-6


box 3, folder 7


box 3, folder 8



Chieu Hoi Program interviews Series 2. 1962-1968

Physical Description: 19.2 Linear Feet
Language of Material: The collection is in English and Vietnamese.

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series includes transcripts of interviews with North Vietnamese ralliers, civilians, and military prisoners applying for amnesty under the Chieu Hoi Program. The interviews, primarily conducted by Rand and the Simulmatics Corporation specialists, cover a wide range of topics such as residence, family background, religion, and occupation, as well as information about villages and attitudes toward the French, Republic of Vietnam, and the Viet Cong. Viet Cong civilian and military prisoners were also queried about their specific activities, how and why they became involved with Chieu Hoi, and their feelings toward the program. There are also what Carrier labelled as as "Quy chanh" interviews that contain all of the above information in Vietnamese and English translation with black and white photos and fingerprints of the interviewees. Also included are sample and completed questionnaires and interrogation reports. A detailed collection of rallier identification cards collected between 1965 and 1966 can be found in Series 1. Chieu Hoi Program materials.

Series Arrangement

This Series is arranged in 4 Subseries:
  • Subseries 1. Rand Corporation interviews, 1964-1967
  • Subseries 2. Simulmatics interviews, 1965-1967
  • Subseries 3. Quy Chanh interviews, 1965-1968
  • Subseries 4. Miscellaneous interview materials, 1962-1967

Rand Corporation interviews Subseries 2.1.   1964-1967

Subseries Scope and Content Summary

This subseries consists of typed transcripts in English of interviews conducted with civilians, military personnel, and refugees by Rand Corporation specialists. They include brief biographical information concerning residence, occupation, military rank, and duties. Information regarding the bureaucratic structure of hamlets, feelings toward Americans, French, Southern Vietnamese, and Viet Cong, and reasons for becoming a rallier was also solicited. Viet Cong prisoners were questioned about military rank and duties as well as their experiences. Interviewer commentary is also provided.

Subseries Arrangement

This subseries is arranged by type of rallier and then by interview date.
box 3, folder 9-end of box, box 4, folder 1, box 30, box 31, folder 1-3

Civilian prisoners 1964-1967

box 4, folder 2-7, box 31, folder 4-end of box, box 32, box 33, folder 1-3

Civilian ralliers 1965-1967

box 4, folder 8-end of box, box 5, folder 1-5, box 33, folder 4-end of box, box 34, box 35, box 36, box 37, box 38, box 39, folder 1-2

Military prisoners 1964-1967


Military ralliers 1964-1967

box 5, folder 6-end of box, box 6, folder 1-3, box 39, folder 3-end of box, box 40, box 41, box 42, folder 1-4


box 6, folder 4-end of box, box 7, folder 1-6, box 43, box 44, box 45, folder 1-4


box 7, folder 7-end of box, box 8, folder 1-6, box 45, folder 5-end of box, box 46, folder 1-3


box 8, folder 7-end of box, box 46, folder 4-end of box, box 47, box 48, folder 1-2

Refugees 1965-1967

General Physical Description note: no content

Simulmatics interviews, Subseries 2.2.  1965-1967

Subseries Scope and Content Summary

This subseries contains transcripts, in English, of interviews conducted with Chieu Hoi ralliers by Simulmatics Corporation specialists. Not all interviews are included.

Subseries Arrangement

This subseries is arranged by Simulmatics Corporation interview number.
box 9, folder 1-6

CH 1 - CH 10.

box 9, folder 7-11

CH 11 - CH 17.

box 9, folder 12-16

CH 18 - CH 27.

box 10, folder 1-5

CH 28 - CH 34.

box 10, folder 6-10

CH 35 - CH 42.

box 10, folder 11-15

CH 44 - CH 51.

box 11, folder 1-5

CH 52 - CH 61.

box 11, folder 6-10

CH 62 - CH 71.

box 11, folder 11-end of box, box 12, folder 1-3

CH 72 - CH 81.

box 12, folder 4-8

CH 82 - CH 91.


Quy Chanh interviews Subseries 2.3. 1965-1968

Language of Material: The collection is in English and Vietnamese.

Subseries Scope and Content Summary

This subseries consists of interviews in Vietnamese stapled to an English translation. The Vietnamese copy includes a 2" x 2" black and white photo of the interviewee taken on the day of the interview, their thumb prints (and sometimes other finger prints) and official stamps and signatures. These interviews are arranged by year, but there was some evidence of previous arrangement by place of interview or interviewee's last name. The relationship between the Rand or Simulmatics interviews is not clear.

Subseries Arrangement

This subseries is arranged by year of interview.
box 48, folder 3-end of box, box 49, folder 1-6

Quy Chanh interview data, 1965-1968

box 50, folder 1

Defector's forms 1966-1968

box 50, folder 2-end of box, box 51, box 52, box 53, box 54, box 55, box 56, box 57, box 58, box 59, box 60, box 61, box 62, folder 1


box 62, folder 2-end of box, box 63, box 64, box 65, box 66, box 67, folder 1-3



Miscellaneous interview materials Subseries 2.4.  1962-1967

Language of Material: The collection is in English and Vietnamese.

Subseries Scope and Content Summary

This subseries consists of transcripts of interviews with Chieu Hoi ralliers, questionnaires, reports, and notes produced by the Chieu Hoi Ministry of the Republic of Vietnam, the U.S. Military Intelligence Center, and other unidentified agencies. Questionnaires cover various topics including Viet Cong air and ground operations, pre-Front activities, and the impact of defoliation. Also included is an example of how to complete a "returnee dozzier form."

Subseries Arrangement

This subseries is arranged by form of material.
box 12, folder 9-12, box 27, folder 3-5

Interrogation reports 1962-1966

box 12, folder 13-14

Interview transcripts and excerpts undated

box 12, folder 15-16

Notes 1965 and undated

box 13, folder 1-2

Participant data 1965-1967 and undated

box 27, folder 7, box 13, folder 3-5

Questionnaires 1965-1966 and undated


Government publications Series 3. 1959-1973

Physical Description: 4 Linear Feet
Language of Material: The collection is in English and Vietnamese.

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series consists of published and unpublished reports produced by the United States and Republic of Vietnam governments. Files include materials on socioeconomic conditions in Vietnam and the American involvement in Vietnam, and also include various policy papers and public statements prepared by the American and Vietnamese governments. Titles of monographs are italicized and titles of articles, reports, and related materials are placed within quotes.

Series Arrangement

This Series is arranged in 2 subseries:
  • Subseries 3.1. Republic of Vietnam publications, 1960-1972
  • Subseries 3.2. United States publications, 1959-1970

Republic of Vietnam publications, Subseries 3.1.  1960-1972

Language of Material: The collection is in English and Vietnamese.

Subseries Scope and Content Summary

This subseries consists of published reports from various departments and offices of the Republic of Vietnam. Topics covered include food production and dietary conditions, irrigation projects, and statistical reports. Documents are in Vietnamese, French, and English.

Subseries Arrangement

This subseries is arranged by government office.
box 13, folder 6

Committee on Nutrition for National Defense, Nutrition study 1960

box 13, folder 7

Department of Rural Affairs, Annual work progress report on technical assistance to irrigation development projects 1961

box 13, folder 8

Institute Pasteur du Vietnam, Anthropologie biochimique du Vietnamien 1972

box 13, folder 9

Ministry of Agriculture, Agricultural calendar 1961

box 13, folder 10

Ministry of Health, Data on population and vital statistics 1967


United States publications, Subseries 3.2.  1959-1970

Subseries Scope and Content Summary

This subseries contains published and unpublished reports, press releases, and internal documents from various federal departments regarding U.S. involvement in Vietnam. Included are documents from the U.S. House and Senate, the Pentagon, State Department, United States Military Command, Secretary of Defense, and others. This subseries also includes a number of "Saigon Communiques" and "Vietnam Packages," collections of newspaper and journal article clippings, press releases, and reports produced by the U.S. Air Force. These reports kept Rand Corporation personnel apprised of current public opinion and politics concerning the Vietnam Conflict.

Subseries Arrangement

This subseries is arranged by government office.

Air Force

box 14, folder 1

"Fact sheet S.E. Asia," 1966


Saigon communiques

box 16, folder 1-2

Communiques 1-5 1965-1966

box 16, folder 3-5

Communiques 7-12 1965-1967


Vietnam packages

box 16, folder 6-10

Package numbers 14-42 1965

box 17, folder 1-5

Package numbers 53-63 1965-1966

box 17, folder 6-10

Package numbers 64-73 1966

box 18, folder 1-5

Package numbers 74-104 1966

box 18, folder 6-10

Package numbers 105-119 1966-1967

box 19, folder 1-5

Package numbers 122-138 1967

box 19, folder 6-8

Package numbers 141-150 1967


Department of Defense

box 14, folder 2

News releases and intelligence information reports 1965-1966

box 27, folder 8

Economic reports 1958-1961

box 27, folder 9

Republic of China: country study and station report 1961


Department of State

box 14, folder 3

Aggression from the North: the record of North Viet-Nam's campaign to conquer South Vietnam 1965

box 14, folder 4

"For the press" 1966

box 14, folder 5

Local administration in Vietnam: village finance undated


House of Representatives. Committee on Armed Services

box 14, folder 6

Close air support 1966

box 14, folder 7

Report of Special Subcommittee to South Vietnam 1965

box 14, folder 8

Information Agency, "When the communists come: a study" 1962

box 14, folder 9

J.U.S.P.A.O. Planning Office, reports 1965-1967


Military Assistance Command, Vietnam

box 14, folder 10

"People's intelligence" 1965

box 14, folder 11

Press release 1966

box 14, folder 12

Standard operating procedures 1967

box 14, folder 13-19

Translation report of enemy documents 1964-1965

General Physical Description note: no content
box 14, folder 20

V.C. military doctrine undated

box 14, folder 21

"V.C. political infrastructure strength" 1967

box 14, folder 22

"The Vietnamese village" 1970

box 15, folder 1

Military Assistance Institute, Country study and station report: Laos 1959

box 15, folder 2

Pentagon, "News conference of Hon. Robert S. McNamara, Secretary of Defense," 1966

box 15, folder 3

Posvar, Wesley, "Some impressions of the United States' position in Vietnam" undated

box 15, folder 4

Psychological Operations Company (244th), Leaflet catalog circa 1966



box 15, folder 5

Appropriations Committee, "Statement of Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara," 1965

box 15, folder 6

Committee on the Judiciary, Refugee problems in South Vietnam 1966

box 15, folder 7

Committee on Foreign Relations, The Vietnam conflict: the substance and the shadow 1966


U.S.O.M. (United States Operation Mission to Vietnam)

box 15, folder 8

Annual report 1961

box 15, folder 9-10, box 27, folder 10

Annual statistical bulletin, 1962-1964

box 15, folder 11

Chieu Hoi newsletter 1966-1967

box 15, folder 12

The Cyclo 1965

box 15, folder 13

Public administration bulletin 1964-1965

box 15, folder 14

"Reports of U.S.O.M. Provincial Representatives" 1965

box 27, folder 11

Rural health information 1965

box 15, folder 15

U.S.O.M. Provincial Representatives guide 1962

box 15, folder 16

Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, The Republic of Vietnam 1960


Non-governmental publications and research materials Series 4. 1958-1992

Physical Description: 2.4 Linear Feet

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series contains published and unpublished reports, periodical articles, and newspaper clippings created or collected by Carrier in support of his writing on the Chieu Hoi Program, the defoliation of Vietnam, and other research interests. Materials include both Rand and non-Rand materials and address such topics as counterinsurgency movements throughout Asia, pacification programs, and Soviet policies. Titles of monographs are italicized and titles of articles, reports, and related materials are placed within quotes.

Series Arrangement

The series is organized in 2 subseries:
  • Subseries 4.1. Rand Corporation publications, 1958-1972
  • Subseries 4.2. Miscellaneous publications and research materials, 1965-1992.

Rand Corporation publications, Subseries 4.1. 1958-1972

Subseries Scope and Content Summary

This subseries consists of reports, memoranda, working notes, and other documents produced by the Rand Corporation.

Subseries Arrangement

This subseries is first arranged by form of Rand Corporation publication (documents, memoranda, papers, reports, and working notes) and is secondarily arranged by author or title.


box 20, folder 1

Arnsten, M. and V. Laffin. Three North Vietnamese officials on operations research in North Vietnam 1968

box 27, folder 12

Cau. National Liberation front 1969

box 28, folder 1

Cau. The way to a lasting peace in Vietnam 1973

box 20, folder 2

Cochran, Samuel W. and Le-Thi-Que. Concepts of and attitudes towards the V.C. 1967

box 28, folder 2

Counterinsurgency: a symposium 1962

box 20, folder 3

Duis, R. A. et al. V.I.P.S.: Vietnam interview processing system 1968

box 28, folder 3-7

Elliot, David W.P. Documents of an elite Viet Cong Delta Unit: parts 1-5 1969

box 29, folder 1

Hickey, Gerald C. Notes on the South Vietnamese peasant of Mekong Delta 1964

box 29, folder 2

Kecskemet, Paul. Insurgency as a strategic problem 1966

box 29, folder 3

Mendershausen, Horst. Atlantica, Europe, Germania, 1966

box 29, folder 4

Mitchell, Edward J. Land tenure and rebellion in South Vietnam 1966

box 29, folder 6

Penzo, Mary Jane. Conversion of South Vietnam coordinates from geographic to grads 1963

box 29, folder 5

Penzo, Mary Jane. Conversion of South Vietnam coordinates from utm to geographic 1963

box 29, folder 7

Peterson, A. H. Symposium on the role of airpower on counterinsurgency and unconventional warfare: a brief summary of view points 1964

box 29, folder 8

Peterson, A. H. Symposium on the role of airpower on counterinsurgency and unconventional warfare: the Malayan emergency 1963

box 29, folder 9

Peterson, A. H. Symposium on the role of airpower on counterinsurgency and unconventional warfare: unconventional warfare in the Mediterranean theater 1963

box 29, folder 11

Scofiels, K. W. Documents on South Vietnam 1966

box 20, folder 4

Solomon, Robert L. Borders, boundaries, and barrier systems: a critical appraisal 1969

box 20, folder 5

Sweetland, Anders. Towards an operational definition of pacification: the A.G. data 1968

box 20, folder 6

West, F.J. and Charles Benoit. Pacification: view from the provinces, Pt. II 1968



box 20, folder 7-8

Croizat, V.J. A Translation from the French: lessons of the war in Indochina, Vol. 2 1967

box 20, folder 9-10

Davison, W.P. Some observations on Viet Cong operations in the villages 1968

box 21, folder 1

Donaldson, T.S. Power of the F-test for nonnormal distributions and unequal error variances 1966

box 21, folder 2-3

Elliott, David W.P. and W.A. Stewart. Pacification and the Viet Cong system in Dinh Tuong, 1966-1967 1969

box 21, folder 4

Gurtov, Melvin. Problems and prospects of United States policy in Southeast Asia 1969

box 21, folder 11

Hickey, Gerald C. Notes on the South Vietnamese peasant of the Mekong Delta 1964

box 29, folder 12

King, J. S. Conflict of interest 1964

box 21, folder 5

Lee, Chong-Sik. Counterinsurgency in Manchuria: the Japanese experience, 1931-1940 1967


Mitchell, Edward J.

box 21, folder 6

The Huk rebellion in the Philippines: an econometric study 1969

box 21, folder 7

Land tenure and rebellion: a statistical analysis of factors affecting government control in South Vietnam 1967

box 21, folder 8-9

Pearce, R. Michael. The Insurgent environment 1969


Zasloff, J.J.

box 21, folder 10

Origins of the insurgency in South Vietnam, 1954-1960: the role of the Southern Vietminh cadres 1968

box 22, folder 1

Political motivation of the Viet Cong: the Vietminh regroupees 1968

box 22, folder 2

Memorandum for record 1965

Physical Description: 2 items.


box 22, folder 3

Donaldson, T.S. and R.J. Kaplan. Field testing: methodological considerations and a specific example 1970

box 29, folder 14

Election of a constituent assembly: more interviews and observations 1966

box 22, folder 4

Hallinan, Timothy. Economic prospects of the Republic of Vietnam 1969

box 29, folder 14

Herbicide operations in Vietnam 1966

box 22, folder 5

Hickey, Gerald C. Accommodation in South Vietnam 1967

box 22, folder 6

Mitchell, Edward J. Inequality and insurgency: a statistical study of South Vietnam 1967

box 22, folder 7

Pohle, V. In retrospect: views on the Rand Viet Cong interview project 1968

box 29, folder 15

Sensitive (additional material from AG-401) undated

box 22, folder 8

Six interviews concerning the question of foreign schools in Vietnam 1966

box 22, folder 9

Solomon, Robert L. Saya San and the Burmese rebellion 1969

box 22, folder 10

Some Catholic views on peace in Vietnam 1966

box 22, folder 11

Some findings of the Viet Cong motivation and morale study 1965

box 22, folder 12

Speier, Hans. Revolutionary war 1966

box 29, folder 16

Views of the war and the American presence in Vietnam: two interviews 1966

box 22, folder 13

Wolf, Charles, Jr. Insurgency and counterinsurgency: new myths and old realities 1965

box 22, folder 14

Wolfe, Thomas W. Soviet policy in the setting of a changing power balance 1969


Working notes

box 22, folder 18

Elliott, David W.P. Dinh Tuong revisited: first impressions of Viet Cong recent responses to pacification 1971

box 22, folder 19

Jenkins, Brian M. People's Army, Part I: historical solutions to the problem of sustained mobilization 1971

box 22, folder 20

Komer, Robert W. The Malayan emergency in retrospect: organization and management of a successful counter-insurgency effort 1971

box 22, folder 15

Ziehe, T.W. The Catalog: a flexible structure for data storage 1966

box 22, folder 16

Report. Komer, R.W. The Malayan emergency in retrospect: organization of a successful counterinsurgency effort 1972

box 22, folder 17

Research memorandum. Kahn, Herman. Some specific suggestions for achieving early non-military defense capabilities and initiating long-range programs 1958


Miscellaneous publications and research materials Subseries 4.2.  1965-1992

Subseries Scope and Content Summary

This subseries includes various published and unpublished materials, including reports, working papers, journal articles, and newspaper clippings collected by Carrier as background for his research on insurgency movements, the general political climate of the late 1960s, the war, and Vietnamese society and culture. Journal articles and newspaper clippings were taken from a variety of sources, including academic publications and popular publications such as The New Yorker. Of particular interest are a number of journal articles, including two undated works by Vietnamese authors, and a National Academy of Science (NAS) working paper series titled The Effects of herbicides in South Vietnam (1974) relating to the U.S. use of herbicides during the war. These NAS working papers include Carrier's publication The location of herbicide missions and Hickey's informants in South Vietnam: an appraisal. This subseries also contains Carrier's research materials for the San Francisco Center for Southeast Asian Refugee Resettlement's 1991 study of Southeast Asian communities and AIDS, published by Kenji Murase as AIDS knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors in Southeast Asian communities in San Francisco (San Francisco: Center for Southeast Asian Refugee Resettlement, 1991).

Subseries Arrangement

This subseries is arranged by form of material.

Journal articles 1965-1985 and undated

box 23, folder 1-3


box 23, folder 4


box 23, folder 5-6


box 23, folder 7

Maps 1972-1973


Newspaper clippings

box 23, folder 8-9


box 23, folder 10-12


box 23, folder 13


box 23, folder 14



Reports, memoranda, and working papers

box 24, folder 1-4


box 24, folder 5-8


Scope and Contents note

Contains NAS working papers on herbicides.
box 24, folder 9


box 25, folder 5-6

1992 and undated 1992


Research materials

box 29, folder 20

CCC wheat stocks (handwritten research notes) undated

box 29, folder 21

Soldiers of the Army 1963

box 29, folder 22

Dainhae Hoi: pop music festival in Mien-Nam 1967

box 29, folder 17

Nolting, Frederick E. The origin and development of United States committment in Vietnam 1968

box 29, folder 18

Reports on land reform 1965

box 68, folder 1-4

Leon Gouré letters Series 5. August 1964 - June 1968

Physical Description: 0.2 Linear Feet(1 box)

Scope and Content Summary

This series consists of personal letters sent by Leon Gouré to an unidentified female colleague at the Rand Corporation branch in Santa Monica, California, from 1964 to 1968. The letters, in Gouré's hand, describe the social scientist's experiences as part of the Viet Cong Motivation and Morale Study. Gouré's study is cited in the Chieu Hoi Program memorandum written by Carrier and C.A.H Thomson. Additional information about the project and Gouré is available in Mai Elliott's book RAND in Southeast Asia: A History of the Vietnam War Era (2010).

Note on Redacted Information

The name of the recipient of the letters was redacted by Dr. Carrier.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Dr. Carrier, 2012. The letters were given to Carrier by a family member of the recipient after her death.