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Inventory of the Hugo Mansfeldt papers, 1871-1931
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List of Contents


Part I: Materials of a biographical nature, recollections, press notices, articles.

Folder 1.

Obituary notices.

Folder 2.

Studio photograph of Hugo Mansfeldt.

Folder 3.

Photographs published in newspapers; newspaper caricatures.

Folder 4.

Eight studio photographs of Mansfeldt's hand positions at the piano.

Folder 5.

Autobiography (typescript). Part I: "Early History, 1844-1863."

Folder 6.

Autobiography. Part II: "My Experience as an Organist. 1865."

Folder 7.

Autobiography. Part III: "Lizst. My Life in Europe in 1884."

Folder 8.

Autobiography. Part IV: "The Story of Two of My Pupils. My Life in Europe in 1901."

Folder 9.

"Hugo Mansfeldt (1884-1931).

Scope and Content Note

"A biographical essay published in the History of Music in San Francisco Series.Vol. 6: Early Master Teachers (Sacramento: Work Projects Administration of Northern California, 1940), pp. 21-49 (Xerox copy).
Folder 10.

Biographical sketch, anonymous, 1 printed leaf. (Three copies).

Folder 11.

Biographical sketch, anonymous, carbon typescript copy, 5 leaves.

Folder 12.

Biographical sketch, San Francisco Chronicle, Sun., Jan. 9, 1927.

Folder 13.

Recollections, Stockton Daliy Evening Record, Sat., July 9, 1927.

Folder 14.

Recollection s, Marysville Appeal-Democrat, March 2, 1929.

Folder 15.

Photograph. Franz Liszt and his pupils, dated July 5th, 1884; with an article from the Musical Courier dated December 25, 1895, which discusses the famous photo.

Folder 16.

Autograph letter by Hugo Mansfeldt dated Wien, April 22nd, 1884, and addressed to his wife Annie, concerning his first visit with Franz Liszt. Of great importance.

Folder 17.

Xerox copies of item 16.

Folder 18.

Recollections of Liszt, San Francisco Examiner, Oct. 22, 1911.

Folder 19.

Rccollections of Liszt. Mansfeldt visits the home of Liszt at Weimar, letter published in the San Francisco Examiner, Sunday, August 20, 1922.

Folder 20.

Recollections of Liszt, San Francisco Call- Bulletin, Sept. 21, 1928

Folder 21.

Article by Hugo Mansfeldt "An analytical comparison of great pianists," San Francisco Chronicle, January 22, 1899.

Folder 22.

Article by Hugo Mansfeldt "Music aid to humanity," San Francisco Daily News, April 15, 1926.

Folder 23.

Mansfeldt appointed a member of the Richard Wagner Monument Commitee of Berlin, San Francisco Bulletin, June 19, 1903.

Folder 24.

Hugo Mansfeldt, Technic.

Scope and Content Note

Xeroxes of the title pages of two editions held by the Berkeley Music Library: 1) Clark Wise & Bro., Oakland, Cala., 1885, and 2) M. Gray Co., 206 Post Street, San Francisco, 1885. Both bear the inscription "Fifth edition."
Folder 25.

Mansfeldt, Technic. Advertisements and press notices.

Folder 26.

Mansfeldt, New Technic. Press notices (one is dated March 24, 1904)

Folder 27.

Press notice: Hugo Mansfeldt, Pianist-Teacher, bound pamphlet with an orange cover; 17 unnumbered pp., dates ca. 1899-1900. Both slightly incomplete.


Part II: Recital programs and reviews by other Mansfedlt family members.

Folder 28.

Dorothy Mansfeldt, pianist: two piano recital programs.

Folder 29.

Mabel Mansfeldt, pianist: one recital program of her student Laura Wilkie McNulty.

Folder 30.

Mrs. Oscar Mansfeldt, pianist. Two recital programs and a letter.

Folder 31.

Theodore Mansfeldt, cellist. Three recital programs.


Part III: Colleagues of Hugo Mansfeldt.

Folder 32.

Allen, Maud. Newspaper article, dated April 17, 1910.

Folder 33.

Bloomfield-Zeisler, Fannie. Recital program and a newspaper article.

Folder 34.

Davis, Edwards. Letter to Hugo Mansfeldt, dated September 3, 1896.

Folder 35.

Heyman, Sir Henry. Brief newspaper item, dated Nov. 24, 1923.

Folder 36.

Lachmund, Carl V.

Scope and Content Note

Newspaper article about Lachmund's Liszt collection in New York City, dated Sept. 24, 1922.
Folder 37.

Metzger, Alfred.

Scope and Content Note

Article about music in San Francisco before the Earthquake of 1906. Mansfeldt is mentioned. Dated Oct. 24, 1926.
Folder 38.

Pasmore, Henry Bickford.

Scope and Content Note

Article in which a letter of Hugo Mansfeldt is included. From the Pacific Coast Musical Review, no date.
Folder 39.

Redding, Joseph D.

Scope and Content Note

Letter to Hugo Mansfeldt. Dated Sept. 10, 1918.
Folder 40.

Rosenthal, Moriz. Various newspaper articles.

Folder 41.

Sacramento Music Teachers Association.

Scope and Content Note

Master concert. Reported in the Sacramento Bee, Feb. 4, 1922.

Part IV: Recital and concert programs and reviews of performances given by Hugo Mansfeldt.

Folder 42.

Hugo Yanke in two concerts, probably Sacramento, ca. 1869-1870. 43. Hugo L. Mansfeldt, program, April 25, 1871, Good Templars' Hall, Sacramento.

Folder 44.

1875. Pacific Hall, San Francisco, Oct. 5-26.

Folder 45.

1876. Platt's Hall, San Francisco, September 26.

Folder 46.

1877. Dietz' Opera House, Oakland, with Clara Louise Kellog, October 29.

Folder 47.

1879. Three programs.

Folder 48.

1882. First Congregational Church, Oakland, November 22.

Folder 49.

1883. Metropolitan Temple, San Francisco, November 27.

Folder 50.

1884. Germany. Programs and press notices.

Folder 51.

1884 etc. "Blue scrapbook." Programs and reviews of concerts and recitals in Germany and San Francisco.

Folder 52.

1884 etc. Xeroxes of notices in the "Blue Scrapbook."

Folder 53.

1886. Irving Hall, San Francisco, January 27, with Alice Dyer.

Folder 54.

1889. Willard Hall, Santa Rosa, June 7.

Folder 55.

1890. Mansfeldt Conservatory of Music. At least 28 recitals. Seven programs, etc.

Folder 56.

1891. Baptist Church, Stockton, Calif. November 3.

Folder 57.

1892. Oakland Seminary (Mills College), Feb. 12 and March 11.

Folder 58.

1893. Stockton, Calif., three recitals.

Folder 59.

1894. Fifteen recital programs, etc.

Folder 60.

1895. Benicia, Woodbridge, San Francisco, three programs.

Folder 61.

1896. Oakland, San Francisco, Sacramento, seven programs, etc.

Folder 62.

1897. San Francisco, four programs.

Folder 63.

1898. Concert with Miss Poodie Ross, Baldwin Theatre, October 6, programs and reviews.

Folder 64.

1899. San Jose, First Presbyterian Church, April 10, program and review.

Folder 65.

1901. Pommer Hall in Sacramento, three recitals. Program for January 10, 24, and February 4.

Folder 66.

1906. Assembly Hall, State Normal School, Chico, Calif., September 21, program.

Folder 67.

1906. Eureka, Calif., Ingomar Theatre, October 30, program.

Folder 68.

1907. Lyric Hall, San Francisco, October 30, program, nine reviews, and a review of a concert given before the Saturday Club in Sacramento.

Folder 69.

Sacramento, no date. Congregational Church recital, program and review. 70. San Francisco (perhaps Oakland), First Congregational Church, no date, two reviews.

Folder 71.

1907. Ye Liberty House, Oakland, Nov. 7, program and two reviews.

Folder 72.

1907. Fairmont Hotel, November 30, program and nine reviews.

Folder 73.

1911. Liszt centenary concert, Oct. 22. Program and newspaper story. Given by Jessie and Alberta Livernash in honor of Hugo Mansfeldt.

Folder 74.

1911. Hotel Sacramento, Sacramento, Nov. 26, 1911, review.

Folder 75.

1912. Orpheum Theater, San Francisco, April 30. Benefit for the victims of the sinking of the Titanic. Seven reviews.

Folder 76.

1914. Sequoia Hall, San Francisco, June 25. Program and six reviews.

Folder 77.

1917. Palace Hotel, Oct. 20. 106th Anniverary of Liszt's birth. Three reviews.

Folder 78.

March 14, 1926. Mansfeldt recital. Review.

Folder 79.

March 28, 1926. Mansfeldt recital. Program.

Folder 80.

June 13, 1926. Mansfeldt recital. Program.

Folder 81.

August 10, 1926. Mansfeldt recital. Program.

Folder 82.

October 23, 1926. Mansfeldt recital. Review.

Folder 83.

October 26, 1926. Mansfeldt recital. Program.

Folder 84.

October 29, 1926. Mansfeldt recital. Review.

Folder 85.

November 27, 1926. Mansfeldt recital. Review.

Folder 86.

February 21, 1927. Mansfeldt recital. Program.

Folder 87.

September 17, 1927. Mansfeldt recital. Program.

Folder 88.

Folder containing 15 undated programs and reviews.


Part V: Recitals given by students of Hugo Mansfeldt.

Folder 89.

Article dated August 12, 1916 which lists the names of piano students of Hugo Mansfeldt.

Folder 90.

Allen Warren Dwight.

Folder 91.

Baba, Saku.

Folder 92.

Buckland, Frances.

Folder 93.

Carrick, Mary.

Folder 94.

Cowles, Cecil Marion.

Folder 95.

Elkus, Albert Israel.

Folder 96.

French, Mrs. Edith Sellers

Folder 97.

Ferguson, Laura.

Folder 98.

Hjelte, Esther.

Folder 99.

Howard, Eula May.

Folder 100.

Mansfeldt Club. 17 assorted programs and reviews.

Folder 101.

Marshall, Frances.

Folder 102.

Palmer, Irene.

Folder 103.

Rassouchine, Aladimir de.

Folder 104.

Schneider, Helen.

Folder 105.

Sheuerman, Carrie.

Folder 106.

Stencel, Alma.

Folder 107.

Trittenbach, Philip E.

Folder 108.

Unna, Sarah.

Folder 109.

Young, Marjorie.


Part VI: Musical compositions by Hugo Mansfeldt.

Folder 110.

Hugo Yanke, Bugbey's Champagne Galop, for piano (Sacramento, July 4, 1870).

Folder 111.

Hugo Mansfeldt, Romance d'après une chanson de Franz Liszt (San Francisco, 1886). For piano.

Folder 112.

H. L. Yanke, "Xopos" Waltzes (1883).


Part VII: Pedagogical publication.

Folder 113.

Mansfeldt, Hugo

Scope and Content Note

Mansfeldt Technic. A system of the Most Necessary Daily Exercises to Produce a Perfect Piano Technic in the Shortest Possible Time, (New York: Leo Feist, 1906), in three books (complete).

Book 1, 40 pp.


Book 2, 34 pp.


Book 3, 42 pp.