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Language of Material: English
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Title: Mary Sheldon Barnes Pacific Slope Collection
source: Barnes, Mary Sheldon
Identifier/Call Number: M0067
Identifier/Call Number: 283
Physical Description: 8 Linear Feet (9 boxes)
Date (inclusive): 1890s
Abstract: Letters, reminiscences, interviews, and term papers on Western American history written for and collected by Mary Sheldon Barnes along with her students and fellow faculty, 1892-1896. Includes manuscripts of William B. Ide and others on the Bear Flag Revolt; a letter by Jessie Fremont; and other materials pertaining to mining and early life in the Pacific states.

Conditions Governing Access

Open for research. Note that material must be requested at least 36 hours in advance of intended use.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Collected by Mary Sheldon Barnes and other Stanford faculty and students (1892-1897).

Preferred Citation

[identification of item], Mary Sheldon Barnes Pacific Slope Collection (M0067). Dept. of Special Collections and University Archives, Stanford Libraries, Stanford, Calif.

Processing Information

Processed by Ralph W. Hansen, 1963. Other items added to collection later.

Scope and Contents

This collection includes term papers, theses, interviews, letters, sketches, and reminiscences written and collected for various courses at Stanford University pertaining to the history of the Pacific States. Original papers of particular interest deal with the Bear Flag Revolt, original maps from the Evencio family, and the excavation of the Ohlone mound at Castro Station. Note that Volume 2 of the original bound volumes is missing. A small number of related photographs collected by Barnes have been added to the collection.

Conditions Governing Use

These materials are believed to be in the public domain. There are no restrictions on use of public domain materials.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

California -- History -- 1846-1850.
Sheep -- California.
Oregon -- History.
Napa (Calif.)
Bear Flag Revolt, 1846.
Sonoma (Calif.)
San Benito (Calif.)
Overland journeys to the Pacific.
Miners -- California.
Ohlone Indians
Cooper, Joseph Wright.
Vasquez, Don Pablo.
Easterby, Anthony Y.
New Coso Mining Co. (Calif.)
Frémont, Jessie Benton, 1824-1902
Ide, William B.
Hittell, Theodore Henry
Barnes, Mary Sheldon
Boggs, William Montgomery, 1826-1911


Pacific Slopes Manuscripts Volume 1 124417

Box 1, folder 1

Enquiry into the route of the expedition of Governor Portola, in 1769 from their camp near Point Ano Nuevo to their camp in the San Francisquito Creek. Made by Mary Sheldon Barnes, Clark Hetherington, Henry D. Sheldon, and John Gregory, Jr., all of Stanford University Item 1124447 1893

Box 1, folder 2

List of the missions of upper California with dates of foundation and references, by Nellie McCaughan Item 2124445

Container Summary: Typewritten.
Box 1, folder 3

Constitution adopted by a pioneer train of 1849 in crossing the continent, contributed by A. R. Cotton Item 3124443

Container Summary: Typewritten.
Box 1, folder 4

Bibliography of Santa Clara County prepared by Myron A. Folsom Item 4124441

Container Summary: Typewritten.
Box 1, folder 5

The early settlement of California by George H. Hazzard, including descriptions of many of the different kinds of settlements outside of the missions made before 1850 and a complete list of the mining towns founded immediately after the gold discovery Item 5124439

Container Summary: Handwritten.
Box 1, folder 6

Settlements of Utah and Nevada, by Sam Platt Item 6124437

Container Summary: Handwritten.
Box 1, folder 7

Letter of Lt. Tunis Augustus Craven of February, 1847 aboard the U. S. S. Dale at sea pertaining to California in general and the war in California Item 7124435

Container Summary: Partially handwritten and partially typed.
Box 1, folder 8

Outline history of the Pacific Slope, by Prof. M. S. Barnes. Discovery and nomenclature of the principle rivers, bays, ports, and islands on the coast of California, by John M. Gregory, Jr. Item 8124433

Container Summary: Handwritten.
Box 1, folder 9

Chilean affair of 1891-1893, by Robert D. MacFarland Item 9124431

Container Summary: Handwritten notes, newspaper clippings, correspondence with Barnes, typed transcript of part of Crespi diary, in Spanish, sketch map by Joseph Evencio showing trails from coast into San Andreas valley.
Box 1, folder 10

A chronological list of the discoverers and explorers of the Oregon country, by W. C. Hazzard Item 10124429

Container Summary: Handwritten.
Box 1, folder 11

List of exploration in California to 1848, by Delos Magee Item 11124427

Container Summary: Handwritten.
Box 1, folder 12

Russian discoveries and settlements in Alaska Item 12124425

Container Summary: Handwritten.
Box 1, folder 13

Spanish and Mexican land grants, by W. E. Stuart Item 13124423

Container Summary: Handwritten.
Box 1, folder 14

Historical brief by R. C. Hopkins pertaining to inducements by Spain to foreign settlers in the new world, obtained by W. E. Stuart Item 14124421

Box 1, folder 15

Settlements in the Oregon Country to 1850 / by J. Foster Hidden Item 15124419


Pacific Slopes Manuscripts Volume 3 124381

Box 1, folder 16

Spanishtown and along shore in California days, by Don Pablo Vasquez Item 1124415

Container Summary: As printed in the Sequoia Vol.1 No.12, May 25, 1892 under the title "Don Pablo's Story."
Box 1, folder 17

Spanishtown and along shore in California days, by Don Pablo Vasquez Item 2124413

Container Summary: Complete manuscript.
Box 1, folder 18

The story of the San Pablo Rancho, by John Francis Sheehan, Jr. Item 3124411

Container Summary: Published in Overland Monthly 1894.
Box 1, folder 19

The Robles Rancheria [Castro Mound], mound excavation in California Item 4124409

Container Summary: Handwritten, with some sketches, correspondence, four photographs, typescript, newspaper article, Sequoia articles.

Conditions Governing Use

This file chronicles the efforts of Barnes, her class, and others to excavate an Ohlone shell mound, including the extraction and study of human skeletal remains. Researchers are expected to use this material responsibly.
Box 1, folder 20

Politics in California, 1848 to 1894, by H. E. Cox Item 5124407

Container Summary: Handwritten.
Box 1, folder 21

Ancient Mexico as seen by Cortes and Bernal Diaz, by Edith M. Jordan Item 6124405

Container Summary: Handwritten.
Box 1, folder 22

Easterby's account of the founding of Fresno, dictated to G. A. Clark; along with a letter from Easterby regarding the account Item 7124403

Container Summary: Typewritten and handwritten.
Box 1, folder 23

Mormons in California, by William M. Boggs Item 8124401

Container Summary: Letter.
Box 1, folder 24

Bent's Fort by William M. Boggs; drawn from memory fifty years after Boggs was in the fort with accompanying letters Item 9124399

Box 1, folder 25

Notes from Sonoma and Napa interviews, including some information about the Donner party Item 10124397

Container Summary: Typewritten and handwritten.
Box 1, folder 26

Establishment of the Greek-Russian Church of San Francisco, by Clara Vostrovsky from interviews Item 11124395

Container Summary: Handwritten.
Box 1, folder 27

The present condition of the California Missions, December 1894, by Rose Patterson Item 12124393

Container Summary: Handwritten.
Box 1, folder 28

Report upon the Apache Indians, by R. D. McFarland. Item 13124391

Container Summary: Handwritten.
Box 1, folder 29

Reminiscences of overland journey to California in 1844 given by Mrs. Judge Wallace of Mayfield Item 14124389

Container Summary: Typewritten.
Box 1, folder 30

Manuscript of one of the unemployed of 1894, obtained by Joseph Dixon Item 15124387

Container Summary: Handwritten original and typed copy.
Box 1, folder 31

Oregon bibliographies Item 16124385

Container Summary: Typewritten.
Box 1, folder 32

Graph of American political party delegates, 1849-1894 124383

Box 5

Pacific Slopes Manuscripts Volume 4 124333


Notes on early California industries by J. W. Cooper of Santa Barbara and John R. Coe of Napa, along with letters and reminiscences 1124379

Scope and Contents

Cooper claims to have been with the first drive of sheep to California. Coe describes farming in some detail.

Copy of a letter written home by Dr. Benjamin Cory from the gold fields in 1848 2124377

Scope and Contents

Presented by Miss Harriet Cory of San Jose.

Letter on the Hudson Bay Company in the San Joaquin Valley by George H. Tinkham (author of history of Stockton) 3124375


Letter from the Hawaiian Islands written by a resident in 1895 4124373

Container Summary: Handwritten letter from M. Thompsdon, resident for nine years at date of writing, and teacher at the Kamehameha School.

Syllabus of course given at the U. of Washington on the history of the northwest coast by Edmund S. Meany, 1896 5124371

Container Summary: Mimeographed.

Bibliography of the Bear Flag Revolt, by Minnie Coulter, along with letters from William M. Boggs, Theodore H. Hittell and Moses Schallenberger evaluating the currently available sources on California history 6124369 1897

Container Summary: Typewritten and handwritten.

Notes of Mr. Horatio N. Rust, from his personal observation of pottery making, fire making, and weaving among the Moquis of Arizona 7124367

Container Summary: Typewritten.

Some phases of Alaskan government; a study from original sources and authorities, by F. S. Howard 8124365 1896

Container Summary: Handwritten.

Early land system in Oregon, by Nelly M. Hill 9124363 1895

Container Summary: Clipping of published version (Saturday Night vol.1 No.13, Salem Oregron) and original manuscript.

Letter from Don Pablo Vasquez of Spanishtown, describing the process of making adobe bricks 10124361 1896

Container Summary: Handwritten.

Bolitas of the New Coso Mining Company, Darwin City, Inyo County, with letter from E. S. Campbell to Mrs. David Starr Jordan explaining the use of scrip to pay the miners 11124359 1895

Container Summary: Typescript copy of letter and original pieces of scrip.

Letters from William M. Boggs, with sketches, describing buffalo hunting on the plains 12124357 1895

Container Summary: Handwritten.

Copies of reports of miners meetings, Smith Flat District and Poverty Hill, late 1850s, transcribed by O. Hopkins 13124355 1896

Container Summary: Typewritten.

Autographed letter of Mrs. Jessie Fremont in regard to the conquest of California 14124353 March 14, 1895.

Container Summary: Handwritten.

Letters of Dr. Samuel J. Parker relative to statements made in his manuscript on the Oregon Missions 15124351 1896-1898.

Container Summary: Handwritten.

Bibliography of Alaskan missions prepared by Lucy Allabach 16124349

Container Summary: Handwritten.

Chronology of Russian America by Katherine A. Chandler 17124347 1897

Container Summary: Handwritten.

The Great Northern Railway System, a thesis by F. S. Howard 18124345 1897

Container Summary: Typewritten.

References for California settlement before 1849, by Mary Leddy 19124343 1897

Container Summary: Handwritten.

The rediscovery of Monterey and the founding of San Carlos Mission, [translated by Elinor A. Smith] from "The Historical Relation of the Life and Apostolic Labors of the Venerable Father Fray Junipero Serra . . ." by Rev. Father L. F. F. Palou 20124341 1897

Container Summary: Typewritten.

The rediscovery of Monterey and the founding of San Carlos Mission, translated from Vol. II of "Information Concerning New California" written by Rev. Father F. F. Palou, by Elinor A. Smith 21124339 1897

Container Summary: Typewritten.

Partial copy of William Carey Jones' report on land titles in California made for the U. S. Government in 1849 22124337

Container Summary: Typewritten.
Box 5

Pacific Slopes Manuscripts Volume 5 124327


The Bear Flag Revolt as related by William B. Ide in a manuscript presented to the L. S. J. U. by Mrs. Sarah B. Ide Healy, his daughter, in 1893, with an accompanying letter 1124331

Container Summary: Handwritten.

The Bear Flag Revolt as related by Mr. William Baldridge and other participants still residing in Napa Valley to Mrs. Mary Sheldon Barnes, 1892-1893; along with Mr. Baldridge's manuscript account of the Bear Flag Revolt, ca. 1894 2124329

Container Summary: Typewritten and handwritten.

Maps and Drawings 124319

Box 7, folder 7

Two hand drawn maps showing Indian trails of San Mateo County by McClellan with the assistance of Pedro Evencio 124325 1895

Scope and Contents

Neither McClellan nor Evencio are credited on the drawings themselves.
Box 7, folder 8

Three pencil drawings of Native Americans by William M. Boggs 124323

Box 2

manuscript map by Pedro Evencio

Scope and Contents

"Sketch map made by Pedro Evencio, the last living Indian of the Dolores Mission [1894] of the old trails to the Dolores Mission. Obtained by M.S. Barnes."
Box 3

Miscellaneous map tracings from historical sources 124321

Box 6

Contour Map of Indian Burial Mound at Castro Station, A.W. Cuddleback, Draftsman June 30, 1893

Custodial History

Transferred from Pacific Slope Volume 3 (folded appendix to Robles Rancheria file)


Box 4, folder 1

Botanical exploring party in Indian Territory (J.H. Turner photograph, McAlester, I.T. [Oklahoma]) Summer of 1891

Box 4, folder 2

Horse herders for Okanogan Smith near Osoyoos, Wash. Aug. 92. Taken by M.W. Greer August 1892

Scope and Contents

"Old West - Cowboys" also written in pencil
Box 4, folder 2

3631. Cow Boys of the Dolores. E.H. Allen (W.H. Jackson photograph, Denver Colorado)

Box 4, folder 2

[family posing in front of log cabin] (Leonard photograph, Topeka, Kansas)

Box 4, folder 2

3620. In The Coral. The Lariat. W.H.J. & Co.

Box 4, folder 2

78. A Miner's Outfit. Getting Ready to go to the mine. Eureka, Colorado. Photograph taken by [illegible] Drew's friend

Box 4, folder 3

San Diego Mission

Box 4, folder 3

Junipero Serra [monument]

Box 4, folder 3

6827. A Tiled Roof Adobie [i.e. Adobe]

Box 4, folder 3

128. San Luis Rey. Looking North from the Tower

Box 4, folder 3

Home and Headquarters of Gen. M. Vallejo, Sonoma 1840 (McMillan photograph of painting)

Box 4, folder 4

Two cabinet cards of Pio Pico mansion (R.H. Gardiner photographs, Whittier, California)

Scope and Contents

Gift of Miss. N. Margaret Woodward. Whittier State School, Calif. 1895
Box 4, folder 5

Miscellanous prints - Capitals of Spanish America by William Elroy Curtis, Mormon Temple, Salt Lake City

Box 9, folder 1

Alaska - Fort Wrangell, Chilkat, Sitka, Juneau, etc. (43 cabinet cards, some credited to J.B. Johnson, San Jose, California) circa 1876-1891

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Gift of Miss Florence Clayton
Box 9, folder 1

Illustration of totems, captioned "From 'Picturesque Alaska'"

Immediate Source of Acquisition

stamped Mary Sheldon Barnes on reverse
Box 9, folder 2

Hieroglyphics near Phoenix, Arizona. Given by Prof. John Dickinson (G.H. Rothrock, Phoenix)

Immediate Source of Acquisition

stamped Mary Sheldon Barnes on reverse
Box 9, folder 2

San Xavier (G.H. Rothrock, Phoenix, Arizona)

Immediate Source of Acquisition

stamped Mary Sheldon Barnes on reverse
Box 9, folder 2

Ruins of Tumacacori (Phoenix View Company, Phoenix, Arizona)

Immediate Source of Acquisition

stamped Mary Sheldon Barnes on reverse
Box 9, folder 2

Ruins of Casa Grande (Phoenix View Company, Phoenix, Arizona)

Immediate Source of Acquisition

stamped Mary Sheldon Barnes on reverse
Box 9, folder 2

Joe Carr's Teams on San Pedro (Phoenix View Company, Phoenix, Arizona)

Immediate Source of Acquisition

stamped Mary Sheldon Barnes on reverse
Box 9, folder 2

Illustrations of cliff dwellings and San Xavier Del Bac, Arizona

Immediate Source of Acquisition

stamped Mary Sheldon Barnes on reverse
Box 9, folder 3

Colorado (8 William Henry Jackson prints, two mounted) circa 1874-1875

Box 9, folder 4

Hawaii - Me Ke Aloha O. John K. Waiamau, Full Blooded Native; Samuel Kelinor & Chas. E. King, Mixed Blood. Sandwich Island Natives at the Oswego State Normal & Training School (Smith, Oswego, N.Y.)

Box 9, folder 5

Old Jail, Carthage Illinois .... Photographed by Fernando Stanford circa 1895

Box 9, folder 5

Rock Island City, Illinois, Aus d. Kunstanst: Inst: in Hildbh., Eigenthum der Verleger (mounted etching)

Box 9, folder 6

Washington - Te-He Stone, Supposed Petrified Woman, Near Mt. Bonaparte ... Taken by W.W. Greer

Box 9, folder 6

P.West[?] Store Building , S[illegible] City, Wash. July 1895

Box 9, folder 7

Wyoming - Jackson Hole, St. John's Episcopal Church

Box 9, folder 8

Dawson, Yukon Territory. Winners of First Municipal Election February 6th, 1902 (City Archives, Vancouver, Canada) 1948

Box 10, folder 1

Great Falls of Yellowstone. William Henry Jackson, U.S. Geological Survey Plate XXVIII

Related Materials

Duplicate print from M1074:
Box 10, folder 2

George H. Knight - photograph of logging team with oxen, possibly California circa 1890

Box 4, folder 6

Vera Jane Pease photographs

Immediate Source of Acquisition

From Vera Jane Pease. See also Pease material in Pacific Slope Manuscripts (M0158), Theater Collection (M0124), Ray Lyman Wilbur papers (SC0064B).
Box 4, folder 7-8

Colorado, Wyoming etc.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Gift of Vera Jane Pease. Snapshots and negatives of rural Colorado and Wyoming circa 1930s, probably taken by Pease. Includes scenes from Powder River flood near Arvada. Some accompanied by notes and description. Also contains two cabinet cards, one group photo of children whose parents worked at Otay Watch Factory, including Pease, and image of an unidentified stone church.
Box 4, folder 9

New Mexico

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Gift of Vera Jane Pease. Snapshots of Santa Fe taken by her, circa 1930s.