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Register of the Otto Ernst Guttentag Papers, ca. 1930-90
MSS 90-35  
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Container List

Carton Ctn. 1

4 x 25 lantern slide plates (ca. 8x10 cm) in wooden boxes I-IV (for teaching medical philosophy, anthropology, history) and ca. 20 without box


Negatives (ca. 12 x 17 cm) and fotographs for teaching/publications


Audio cassettes: "Interview Otto Guttentag Dec. 28, 1979 with John Spalek", sides 1-4; "Dr. Eric J. Cassell, Cornell University Medical College, 1300 York Ave., New York, New York 10021, Pt. 1-92431, S.N.", Sides 1-2)

Carton Ctn. 2

Handwritten notes on and records of homeopathic treatment (low potencies), 1937, 1941, 25 cases from 1930/31 (german, with photographs of patients)


Folder "AIH": newsletters (AIH, ca. 1972-1987, IFH), correspondence, list of officers, trustees, and committees (AIH)


Folder "Teaching homeopathy", some articles


Folder "History of Hom": cards (meetings of the S.F. County Hom. Med. Soc., 1971-1975), reprints, correspondence OEG (Frankfurt)-Behringwerke (Marburg) 1930


Folder "High Potencies"


Folder "Placebo Effect Provings"


Folder "Inverse Reaction"

Carton Ctn. 3

Folder "Tarrytown, Institute of Society, Ethics and the Life Sciences"


Folder "Purchase Meeting", 1974, 1976


Folder "Institute of Society, Ethics and the Life Sciences"


Folder "Taxonomy, Ghiselin"


Binder "Term Papers, Colloquium on Philosophy and Methodology of Taxonomy"


Folder "Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences"


Copy books with notes


Folder "Pross" (with articles on national socialism)


book "Doctors of Infamy", by Alexander Mitscherlich, 1949


envelope "Guttentag, Doctors of Infamy, Material"


Folder "Medical Ethics, Doctors of Infamy, etc."


papers, pamphlets, articles (on ethics, etc.)


Folder "A R Peacocke Conference, 1986"


articles of Eric J. Cassell, correspondence


Folder "Unclassified" (mainly on ethics)


Folder "Tillich, Psychoanalysis, Existentialism, and Theology"

Carton Ctn. 4

Folder "Guttentag, Sociology"


box with microfilms


audio cassettes (Cahiers de Biotherapy, Ernst's Radio Interview on Homeopathy, etc.)


papers, letters


Binder (History of a life approach to medical history-taking)


Folder "History of Health Sciences, Essentials, Program"


Folder "Vithoulkas, Sanda Ross"


Folder "Alternate Methods, Announcements"


Folder "Brieger, Locke, Bentham, Marx"


papers, pamphlets, reprints


Folder "Self Experimentation"


Folder "Feinstein" (medical philosophy)


Folder "Kleinman"


papers of and correspondence with Rather, Stanford (philosophy and history of medicine)


Folder "Bio-Bibliogr. PR-Material"

Carton Ctn. 5

Folder "Goethehaus"


Pamphlets, papers


Folder "Homeopathic California State"


Folder "Homeopathic State Societies" (OSHMS-Newsletters, ca. 1976-1986)


Folder "San Francisco County Homeop. Medical Society"


Folder "Homeopathy, Postgraduate Instruction"


Pamphlets, reprints (Metallsalze)


Folder "Millersville, Williams, Panos, Kubin"


Folder "Committee Faculty Club, Emeriti Alumni"


Folder "Faculty Club"


Folder "Dean Schmid"


Folder "History of Hahnemann Medical College of the Pacific" (correspondence, 1975) Samuel Hahnemann Chair History


Folder "Hahnem. Med. Coll of the Pacif."


Folder "UC Chair Hahnemann Medical College of the Pacific"


Folder "Homeopathy History UC Med School"


Folder "Homeopathic Foundation of California"


Folder "Hahnemann Hospital Staff Corporation"


Folder "CMG" (Collegium Medicum Generale)

Carton Ctn. 6

Correspondence, papers, pamphlets


book "Medical Students" (1951-1954, with photographs)


Folder "Medical education, primary physician evaluation"


Folder "Homeopathy, undergraduate instruction"


Folder "Old Lectures before 1948"


Folder "Homeopathy, Scholarships"


Folder "Homeopathy, Homeopathic Students" (with Photographs)


Folder "Homeopathy, American Students, Applications to Homeopathy" (mainly ca. 1941-1951)


Folder "Homeopathy, Foreign Students & Physicians, Applications to Homeopathy"


Folder "Homeopathy - Letters"


Folder "Homeopthy, Fellowships" (ca. 1938-40


Folder "Homeopathy, Definition"


Folder "Drugs"


Folder "Diseases"


Folder "Homeopathy, Testing & Retesting"


Folder "Donner's Tables"


Folder "Taking the Patient"


Folder "Homeopathy, H Clinic" (1952)


Folder "Homeopathy Clinic, Ergot"


Folder "Homeopathy Clinic, Headache"


Folder "Homeopathy Clinic, Stomach"


Folder "Homeopathy Clinic, Clinic Drugs" (1951)


Folders of patient treatments (ca. 1952-1954) (Bartlett; Bravo, Quinto; Buckhalter, Elvah; Copp, Tessie; Couture, Maid; Dickson, Ethel; Harp, Dorothy; Kjelstrom, Clarence; Lopez, Josephine; McDonald, Archie; Moore, Clifford; Rasmussen, Emil; Rule, Robert; Synder, Frances; Stone, Charles; Walters, Barbara; Wartenberg, Isabella)


Folder "Homeop. Pharmacy & Pharmacology, Conn, Wannamaker"


Folder "Boyd, Coulter, Henningsen, Hiltner, Neiswander, Panos, Williams, Young" (correspondence)


Folder "Craig, Standard Hom Co"

Carton Ctn. 7

Folder "Hom. Gen." (reprints, papers)


Folder "Washington 1969, 1970, 1971, Homeopathy in general, Current" (AIH)


Folder "Buschauer, Fäh, Henne, Kümmel, Fisher" (Correspondence)


Folder "Ullman"


Folder "Jewett" (research, 1985)


Folder "Clinical Homeopathy, Project


Folder "Clinical Homeopathy, History, Elsa Engle Fund I"


Folder "Calif. Women's Hom Assoc., Student Res. Fund"


Folder "Clinical Homeopathy Project, British Studies, Indian Studies, Owen Correspondence, Elsa Engle Fund II"


Folder "Clinical Homeopathy, Project, Elsa Engle Fund III, History of Study, Schmid, Hole"


Folder "Martinelli, Senyk, Studies"


Folder "Drug Indications General Hom. Treatment Recommendations"


Folder "Samuel Hahnemann Lectureship in Correlative Pharmacology Pictures"




Folder "Samuel Hahnemann Lectureship in Correlative Pharmacology, Material for future lectures"


Folder "My File Samuel Hahnemann Lectureship in Correlative Pharmacology"


Folder "Donner, Überprüfungen, Cahiers de Biotherapie"


Accordion file (Mappe): Lectures on Homeopathy. Delivered at Berlin Academy 1939 to 1942 by Fritz Donner


Pamphlets, reprints

Carton Ctn. 8

Folder "Various Religious Science Organizations"


Folder "Newman Hall"


Folder "Society for Health and Human Values, General, Ministers in Medical Education"


Folder "Lung Project" Outline Meterial" (AT)


Notebooks (diaries, 1960), worksheet (1964-1965), papers


Folder "UC, SF"


Folder "Medical Education"


Folder "U-V"


Folder "Psychoanalyse, May, 1980 / Millberry Union Current"


Folder "Encyclopedia of Bioethics"


Folder "Mc Sherry" (papers on religion)


Folder "Hiatt" (UCSF Spiritual Medicine Group, 1981-1982)


Folder "Landberg Center"


Folder "ICD9"


Foldeer "Strek Material" (proposal)


Folder "Strek"


Pamphlets, papers


Folder "Course Material not sorted" (empty)


Folder "History of Medicine, Men"


papers re. Hist. of Med. (Rather?)


Folder "History of Medicine"


Folder "Homeopathy Pharmacy"


Folder "History of Health Sciences, Seminar"


Folder "History of Health Sciences"




Folder "Act. Prom."

Carton Ctn. 9

papers, pamphlets (Vesper society etc.)


Folder "Rössler, Bierich" (Ethik)


Folder "1981 N.Y. final manuscript" (The attending physician...)


Folder "N.Y. Material II"


Folder "Manuscript" (The attending physician...)


Folder "Membership companions, N.Y." (reprints, papers)


Folder "N.Y. Material I"


Articles on the nature of medicine


Folder "Agape, Al Rudisill, 1982" (pamphlets)


Folder "Vesper Quest for Health"


Folder "Vesper Society Meetings Al R. material"


Folder "Vesper Society general (some Hospice material)"


Folder "Otto Guttentag, Listening to People, on Biomedical Ethics, Mills College, 1981"


Folder "N.C.C. Panel On Bioethical Concerns, 1982" (National Council of Churches)


Folder "Korrespondenz nach Boll 1982"


Brochure of the Lutherian Church in America


Folder "Bad Boll, 1982"


Folder "Kirchentag, 1981" (Dt. ev. Kirchentag, Hamburg)


Correspondence, papers

Carton Caton 10

Papers on ethics


Folder "Med Ethics"


Folder "Med Ethics - General" (with bibliography 1969)


Folder "Medical Ethics - World Medical Association, AMA"


Folder "Abortion, Prisoners"


Folder "Euthanasia"


Folder "Medical Ethics - Human Experimentation, Euthanasia"


Folder "Medical Ethics, War, Artef. Kindey, Euthanasia II"


Folder "Ethics - Genetic I"


Folder "Ethics - Genetics II"


Folder "Organ Transplantation"


Folder "Medical Ethics - Cancer Questionnaire"


Folder "Med. Soc. Problems - Distribution of Health Care"


Folder "Socio-Economic Structure and Medical Care"


Folder "U.S. Social Problems"


Folder "Modern Medical Education"

Carton Ctn. 11

Folder "Science and Science + Ethics"


Folder "Science, University & Social Responsibility"


Folder "Medical Philosophy - Literature Announcement"


Folder "Biologic Philosophy - Ontology"


Folder "Biological Philosophy - Biological Theory"


Folder "Statistics - Frequent & Ideal Norm"


Folder "Typology"


Folder "Individuality"


Folder "Qualitiy of Life"


Folder "Pathorrhea"


Folder "Parabiology"


Folder "Computer, Cybernetics"


Folder "Biologic Philosophy - Mechanic"


Folder "Biorrhea - Mechanical" (Aging)


Folder "Medical Philosophy - Ontology"


Folder "Philosophy - Medicine, Organizations & Efforts"


Folder "Death 1"


Folder "Death 2"


Folder "Death - Legal Definition"


Folder "Cerebral Death"


Folder "Thanatology - Kutscher" (Physician, Patient, Pastor, ca. 1971)


Folder "Medicine and Jurisprudence"


Folder "Medico-Legal Problems"

Carton Ctn. 12

Folder "Quiz Lulia Course" (1957)


Folder "Phoenix Trip 1940"


Folder "Social Responsibility - Whole Series"


Folder "Davis Educational Study Comm. - Material" (9th All-Univ. Fac. Conf., "How to appraise the value of the University to society", 1954)


Folder "Asilomar Conference - Mental Health Society" (Competition, its place in our lives, 1953)


Folder "Gerontological Society - Symposium on Pharmacology" (1953)


Folder "Human Experimentation - Correspondence" (Medical Staff Conference, UC Hospital, 1951, The Problem of Experimentation on human beings, publ. in Science 1953)


Folder "State Homeopathic Society Medical Meeting Carmel - 1954"


Folder "Stockton Trip 3-11-55" (World Affairs Council of Northern California)


Folder "Pris vs clos ward 1953" (Correspondence Erwin W. Straus)


Folder "Pharmacy 122 - History of Pharmacy"


Folder "Dinner Ethics 1955, 1956" (S.F. Med. Soc.)


Folder "Lecture 11/1/57, Constitution & Heredity" (Preventive Medicine 104)


Folder "Meaning of Death in Medical Theory, 1959" (On death and the theory of medicine, Death and the structure of medical thought, Of death and the medical viewpoint, The medical attitude)


Folder "A course Entitled The Medical Attitude, 1960)


Folder "Sigma Xi Talk Texas 1961 May"


Folder Man - A Machinoid, 1961, The twist in medical terminology" (Medical Science and Meaning Series, Millberry Union)


Folder "Chaplans Booklet"


Folder "On Defining Medicine" (The Christian Scholar)


Folder "The Nonsense of Aging and Dying 1963"


Folder "Talks on Autogenic Training, 1960, 1962, 1964"


Folder "Lectures to Minister etc. 1961-, San Mateo (Medical Ethics and Medical Health, clinical theology)


Folder "Values Basic to Nursing Prof 1962, 1964, 1968" (The meaning of death in Medical Theory, Abstr. of Stanf. Med. Bull)


Folder "Postgrad Chronic Illness 1964"


Folder "Zippin Seminar" (Vital Certification, 1962)


Folder "Stanford Lecture 1964" (On Defining the Task of Medicine)


Folder "Empir. vs. Ration. Therapy 1964" (discussion paper


Folder "Dep of Pediatrics 1964"


Folder "Anesthesia Denver 1965" (Moral Obligations in Anesthesia)


Folder "S.F. State College 1966 Needleman Group"


Folder "Editorial Homeop in the Light July Aug 1966" (Walter Modell, Editor of Clin. Pharm. and Therap.)


Folder "Ethics Students Publ. Com 1966


Folder "Doctors News Conference 1967" (KTVU Channel 2)


Folder "Ethische Probleme bei Experimentieren am Menschen 1967 German Round Table


Folder "Experimentation on Human Beings U. of South. Calif. 1967"


Folder "When does Human Life End? UCCM 1967" (United Campus Christian Ministry)


Folder "Human Issues in Contemporary Science, S.F. College for Women, June 1967"


Folder "Experim. on Human Beings, Chapter, 1968, Science Sloan-Kettering 1957" (Experimental Drugs and Procedures, for book "Current Controversies in Medicine")


Folder "Linacre Organ Transplantation, Stockton Lawyers 1968" (Some Remarks on Organ Transplantation...)


Folder "Reno 1968, Witzleben Discussion 1968, Landsberg 1969" (Trinity Episcopal Church, The Medical attitude)


Folder "Transplantation 1968, UCMC Postgraduate Course..." (The problem of the definition of death"




SAMA 1968 1969" (Student American Medical Association, essay Vigilance Within)


Folder "Duffy 1968"


Folder "Medical Humanism a redundant phrase 1969, Pharos"


Folder "Experimentation in Human Beings 1968 Ambul & Com. Medicine" (Division of Ambulatory and Community Medicine)


Folder "Center for Human Values Talk 1969, 1970, Image 1969" (Med. Ethics)


Folder "St. Clement's Episcop Church, Experim. on Hum Beings 1969" (Millberry Union Evening Courses)


Folder "Saunders Seminar on Med Philosophy 1969, Bay Area History of Medicine Club 1970, Berk Honor Stud Soc Hom 1972, Saunders Sem on Hom. 1972"


Folder "Jonas, Conference Substanz 1971 (Death, Brain Death, Brain, 1971)


Folder "Veatch 1973" (Is there a "new" definition of death?)


Folder "Stanford Lectures 1973, 1974"


Folder "P.S.R. Lebacqz 1973..."

Carton Ctn. 13

Folder "Autonom System" (1950s)


Folder "Constitution - Autonomous Nervous System - Pain" (1950s)


Folder "Doolittle, Louisa" (AT, 1963)


Folder "Constitution - Scientific Correspondence" (1950s)


Folder "Constitution - General"


Folder "Constitution - Twins"


Folder "Constitution - Race, Genetics, Eugenics"


Folder "Constitution - Disease - Race, Genetics"


Folder "Constitution - Morphology"


Folder "Constitution - Morphology - Technique"


Folder "Constitution - Somatotyping - Technique"


Folder "Constitution - Androgyny"


Folder "Constitution - Morphology - Disease"


Folder "Constitution - Multiple Sclerosis"


Folder "Constitution - Physiology"


Folder "Constitution - Physiology - Technique"


Folder "Constitution - Physiology - Disease"


Folder "Constitution - Drug Sensitivity"


Folder "Constitution - Animal Resistence to Drugs"


Folder "Constitution - Psychology"


Folder "Androgyny Project"


Folder "Constitution - Behnke Project"


Folder "Constitution - Brown Hopper Project" (Study of Variation in blood volume of healthy males using radiochromium)


Folder "Cholesterol"


Folder "DeLucci Project"


Folder "Royce Project Weightlifters"


Folder "Siri Reoject" (Body composition from fluid spaces and density)


Folder "Constitution - Guttentag-Uyeyama Project" (Atropin hypotension)


Folder "Constitution - Weisengreen-Guttentag-Wylie Project" (UCSF Ass. Prof. of anatomy)


Folder "Constitution - Obesity - Constitution"


Folder "Constitution - Obesity Clinic Organization"

Carton Ctn. 14

Folder "American Institute of Homeopathy (Current)"


Folder "American Institute of Homeopathy (Old)"


Folder "Women's National Homeopathic League"


Folders "A Hom" - "Z Hom" (hom. Correspondence) (AHI 1940, 1951, Garth and Charles Boericke, Bartlett 1941, Bastanier 1931, Berberich 1933, Linn Boyd 1936-41, Bryant 1941, Burrett 1936-40, Cookinham 1955, Coulter 1970, Donner 1931, Dresden (Pä§ler-Volhard) 1932, Duffy 1969, Enstam (L.A.) 1941, Edmundson 1941, How. Engle, Farrington 1941, Gutman 1941-54, Hahnemannian 1953-54 (Farley, potency), Hetrick 1941, Hospital (WHH Phil.) 1939, Huron Road Hospital 1940, Hubbard 1959, Haug 1962, Jordan 1933-36, Kötschau (tribute) 1962, Low 1934, Mackenzie (AIH) 1940-41, Manwaring 1941 (HH opens), McGavack 1937-41, Neugebauer 1949, Neiswander 1968-69, Pearson 1936-41, Pharmacists (Boericke & Runyon) 1940, Rabe 1937, Rapp 1940, Raynor 1938 (nephritis), Renner 1935, Rice 1939, Ricketts 1938, Reddick 1955, Ritter 1948, 1961, Schier 1933, Osw. Schlegel 1947, R. Schmidt 1939, Schoeler 1947, Schwarz 1937,.. Stephenson... Verleger 1933, Wapler 1931, Ward 1937, etc.)


Folder "Abreu"


Folders "A (P.F.)" - "Z (P.F)" (gen. Correspondence, Kötschau, Vollhard etc.)


Folders "A Ref" - "Z Ref" (Refugees?)

Carton Ctn. 15

Folder "Bruwer 1974 Jan not published" (book on Medicine and War)


Folder "Ampex Poniatoff Homeopathy 1974" (Bio-Research Institute of the Calif. Cll. of Podiatric Med.)


Folder "Newman Hall 1974" (workshop The New Biology)


Folder "Jonsen Lee Course 1973, Adelson Course 1973" (The Politics of Health, Self and Society)


Folder "Detroit, Mich. 1975, Wayne State U." (Aging and the End of Life)


Folder "Duke Univ. 1978" (Med. Ethics in the Light of Western Medical Attitude)


Folder "Jonas Festschrift 1978" (Organism, Medicine and Man: Natura Naturata; OEG: Care of the Healthy and the Sick from the Attending Physician's Perspective Envisioned and Actual (1976)


Folder "Los Angeles 1972, 1st Intern. Congress of Learned Societies in the Field of Religion, Bioethics Seminar Fooley Conf. 1972" (OEG: Reflections on "A Case Study in the Bioethics of Prolonging Human Life")


Folder "Jonas Conference Schedule etc."


Folder "College Prep. School 1971, Death..., Chabot College 1971, no material"


Folder "Am. Assoc. University Women 1972 Matter of Life and Death" (Ethics for the Biological Revolution)


Folder "C.D.S. Alfred Price Lect.. 1972, S.F. Theolog. Sem. San Anselmo 1972" (The Technological and Humanistic Poles of Medicine)


Folder "Durham 1982" (The Humanities and the Profession of Medicine; OEG: The Attending Physician as a Central Figure)


Folder "Pacif. Luth. Sem 1979, Mission College 1979, Brown Bag 1979" (Understanding and Coping with Death, Establishment Medicine vs. Non-Establishment Medicine)


Folder "Calif. State Univ. Hayward 1979, C. Bassen - Philosophy" (Redefining Death)


Folder "Jonsen-Dunphy Lecture 1980/81 (Homeopathy)"


Folder "Witzleben Dez. 1981" (letter)


Folder "Reviews" (Bull. Hist. Med. [Temkin Ed.], etc.)


Folder "Letters of Congratulations"


Folder "Letters of Recommendation, Visitors"


Folder "Lectures, Letters to Editor, etc. - Published and not published"


Folder "Responses" (Shryock, Sigerist, etc.)


Folder "Curtius" (reprints, on constitution)


Folder "Drischel" (reprints, on veget. regulation)


Folder "Electrodermatogramm" (reprints, Baitsch)


Folder "Frowein/Harrer" (reprints)


Folder "Hauser" (reprints)


Folder "Kibler, Mathies" (reprints)


Folder "Luthe Correspondence" (AT)


Folder "Autogenes Training General" (reprints Luthe, Montreal)


Folder "Hypnosis"

Carton Ctn. 16

Folder "Constitution - Obesity Clinic, Craig Measurement"


Folder "Constitution - Obesity Clinic, Private Patients, UC Personell"


Folder "Obesity Clinic, New Patients"


Folder "Constitution - Clinic Release Forms Signed" (1951-54)


Folder "Constitution - Clinic Patients' Correspondence"


Folder "Constitution - Obesity Clinic, Monthly Staff Conferences" (Craig, Lefebre, Guttentag, Wilson, Crook, Magid, 1957)


Folder "Obesity Clinic, Conference Material"


Folder "Constitition - Obesity Treatment" (reprints, articles, copies)


Folder "Constitution - Obesity - Treatment" (articles)


Folder "Constitution - Obesity - Physiology"


Folder "Constitution - Obesity - Methods"


Folder "Obesity Clinic, Non Current Research Material" (with "Obesity Patients' Appts.")


Folder "Utilization Committee"


Folder "Montreal 1960"


Folder "Sabbatical 1958/1959"


Folder "Oath - University Education" (UC Faculty Bulletin 1949-51


Folder "Foreign Students - Berkeley... Minutes"


Folder "Foreign Students - Correspondence (Subject)"


Students' Cards 1954-58


Folder "Administrative - Promotions


Folder "Foreign Students - Correspond. Individuals"


Folder "Medical Staff - U.C. Hospital" (1970s)


Folder "For Stud Com SF Senate"


Folder "San Francisco Foreign Students Committee, O.E.G. material"


Folder "San Francisco Committee on University Welfare 1957, Rules & Jurisdict. Com. Ceremonies 1960" (Grading)


Folder "Hospital Organisation"


Folder "Dean's Office - Current Correspondence"


Folder "School of Medicine - Permanent Correspondence, Dean's Office"


Folder "Hospital Pharmacy Committee" (1953-58)


Folder "Deans Office - Research Grants"


Folder "Dean's Office - Directives (Salary, App't, etc.)"


Folder "Dean's Office - Committee on Advanced Standing"

Carton Ctn. 17

Folder "Dean's Office - Foreign Affiliates - Post-Graduate Applicants and Visitors"


Folder "Workshop - Perspective Committee Planning C. Urban Crisis"


Folder "Dean's Office - Committee on Release Form (Laguna Honda)" (1951)


Folder "Private Patients, Office" (administration, meetings, ca. 1957-62)


Folder "Department of Medicine - Current Correspondence" (full-time) (1957-75)


Folder "Department of Medicine - Permanent Correspondence"


Folder "Department of Medicine - Annual Review of Jr. Member by Senior Member, 1957-58"


Folder "Department of Medicine - Committee on Forms" (1952)


Folder "Department of Medicine - Leaves Sabbat. etc. Formalities"


Folder "Ward Seminars (4th yr. Students) 1958 Dr. Brown"


Folder "Subdepartment of Homeopathy - Permanent Correspondence"


Folder "Departmental Inventory"


Folder "Homeopathy - Equipment, Space, Organization Clinic"


Folder "Homeopathy -- Civil Defense" (... and disaster preparedness advisory council)


Folder "Homeopathy - Personnel" (lecturers Jaffe 1954, Hurlbutt 1955, Matson 1956, assist. in med. Kaufman 1951, secretaries, clarks,


Folder "Homeopathy - Gifts" ($ 14.-)


Folder "Homeopathy - Personal - Preceptees"


Folder "Medicine and Religion, County Med Soc" (1964)


Folder "Patient-Physician Relationship Committee, S.F. County Medical Society" (personal physician, 1957)


Folders "Some Private Patients": Folder "Birtwistle" (1953-54), Folder "LeFebre" (1955-73), Folder "Rindlisbacher" (1949-61)


Folders "A-Z Scie" (correspondence, AMA, Ackerknecht, Abbot Laboratories, Addis, Bohn, Blaisdell, CORE, Blossom, Carter, Dupertius, Emerson, Earle, FDA, Goetz, Greece (Kazytsiotis), Jaffe, Leake, Leibbrand, Lohle, Martini, Meyer, Meyer-Abich, Mommsen, Morrison, Neiswander, Oehme, Ratschow 1950, Renner 1956, Romanell 1957-60, Schulte, Sheldon, Shryock, Sigerist, V.v.Weizsäcker, etc.)

Carton Ctn. 18

Folder "Refugees"


Folder "Germany, Medical After World War II"


Folder "Miscellaneous Books" (reviews)


Folder "Philosophy & Politics"


Folder "OEG - Race Problems 1957"


Folder "Immigrants"


Folder "Jews" (articles from newspapers)


Folder "Religion under Nazi Regime" (articles from newspapers)


Folder "Nazi Source Material by Anti-Nazis"


Folder "Nazism Official"


Folder "Anti-Nazis in Germany"


Folder "Nazi-Philosophy" (articles from newspapers)


Folder "Philosophy" (articles from newspapers)


Folder "Medieval History" (articles from newspapers)


Folder "Latin America" (articles from newspapers)


Folder "South Africa" (articles from newspapers)


Folder "World War II - 7 December 1941" (articles from newspapers, 2 diaries)


Folder "U.S. Army Administration (Medical & Non-Med)"


Folder "Geneva Convention, Red Cross, PW'S"


Folder "U.S. After World War II (And General)"


Folder "U.S. Election 1948, Berlin Crisis, Thereafter" (articles from newspapers)


Folder "MacArthur Debate" (articles from newspapers)


Folder "U.S. After Eisenhower" (articles from newspapers)


Folder "Korean War & Asia" (articles from newspapers)


Folder "Great Britain"


Folder "Russia - Communism"


Folder "Germany, Non-Medical After War (Poland)" (articles from newspapers)

Carton Ctn. 19

Folder "Philosoph. Anthropology"


Folder "Medical Philosophy"


Folder "Medical-Phil. Anthropology"


Folder "Freedom and Authority 1965, Luther & Roman Cath. Church" (Symposium,... in the 16th century)


Folder "Biology"


Folder "Non Cart. Pharm. Hum. & Clinic, Non Cartesian Medicine" (bibliogr.)


Folder "Biorrhea - Gestalt"


Folder "Psychosomatic Juncture"


Folder "Care"


Folder "Informed Consent"


Folder "Medical Health Team"


Folder "Pat- Phys. Relationship"


Folder "Classification & Nosography"


Folder "Health Disease Concepts"


Folder "Clinical Entity"


Folder "Environment - Non-Bacterial (Meteriology)"


Folder "Environment - Rhythm"


Folder "Topographic - Parts and Whole + Constit."


Folder "Path-Morph"


Folder "Functional, Homeostasis"


Folder "Nurses, Bioethic Group 1976"


Folder "Religion"


Folder "Freedom"


Folder "Our Greco-Judeo Christian Culture"


Folder "Religion and Medicine"


Folder "Religion and History"


Folder "Religion - Literature Announcements"


Folder "Philosophy"


Folder "Philosophy: Specific Categories"


Folder "Time, Space"


Folder "Philosophy - Literature Announcements"


Folder "Art"


Folder "Physical Science"


Folder "Theory of Experimentation"

Carton Ctn. 20

Folder "Course Material, Present Seminar, 175-01, (205-01), my nd other people's papers"


Folder "My Lecture Syllabus" (Meaning of being a physician, Axiomatics of Western Healership (Physicianship), The Western Medical Attitude)


Folder "Syllabus, History" (Meaning of being a physician, Axiomatics of Western Healership (Physicianship), The Medical Attitude)


Folder "Boiron"


Folder "Homeopathy Today, American Homeopathy, Internat. Fdtn. of Hom., etc."


Folder "FDA & Homeopathy"


Folder "Wilson Correspondence"


Folder "F. Schmid"


Folder "Salmon Correspondence" (Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia)


articles from journals


Folder "Renner, Engle, F. Schmid Guttentag Correspondence" (Renner Homeopathic Foundation)


Folder "Homeop. in Newspapers"


Folder "Homeopathic Paper at the end of my career"


Folder "Calif State Hom Soc Paper 1986"


10 Folders "Lecture I-X 205.02 / 175.01" (1986-87)


"Workfolder Future Course Seminar 205.02" (empty)


Folder "Future Course Material"


Folder "Lectures 1983-" (med. philosophy, 1970-1987)


Folder "Old Courses (Fall 1977/78) - Seminar 205.02" (empty)


Folder "Course Material Present Seminar 205.02" (empty)


Folders "Lectures 5-10, 13-16" (empty)


Folder "Students' Lists"


Folder "No-Course-Student (Partly) Papers"


Folder "Student Papers" (Copeland, Flaherty, Gowen, Headley, Schurman, Lionberger)


Folder "Student Papers 1980" (Adler, Castro, Hinkle, Keating, Lopez, MIller, Prosono, Sugar, Vilinsky, Young, Yurch)


Folder "House Staff Lectures, Medicine & General (1960)" (A course entitled: The medical attitude; The meaning of death; The concept of the clinical entity;


Folder "Student Papers 1983-1986" (Moran, Lopez; and evaluation)


Folder "HHS 190-195 - Zelma Dunn, Philosoph. Biology" (Dissertation on Haller)


Folder "Med. 108 1959/60 - Old Lect. Since Hobbs, and 119.1" (The medical attitude (1959-70)


folder "Old Lectures Homeopathy 102b 2nd year 1953-1958" [1953/54 1st year Homeopathy 102 to 2nd year students; 1954/55 1st year Homeopathy 102 split into: 102B 2nd year, 102A 3rd year] (transcr. lectures)


Folder "Old Lectures Homeopathy 102 + 103 3rd + 4th year, 1948-1952"


Folder "Academic Announcements, Med 108 119.1, Poster"


Folder "Administrative Announcements All Courses Bulletin 110.1, 108, 139.1.abcd, 149.6.abcd, 149.8.abcd"

Box Box 1

Papers, copies (philosophy, anthropology)


Folder "Diagnosis Paper, History Material"


Folder "Introduct. Chapter, Prognosis vs. Diagnosis" (The concept of the clinical entity: general nosography)


Folder "Diagnosis Paper"


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