Finding Aid to the Documentos para la Historia de California, 1802-1847

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Finding Aid to the Documentos para la Historia de California, 1802-1847

Collection number: BANC MSS C-B 87

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Documentos para la Historia de California,
Date (inclusive): 1802-1847
Collection Number: BANC MSS C-B 87
Creator: Olvera, Agustín, d. 1876
Extent: 90 leaves
Repository: The Bancroft Library
Berkeley, California 94720-6000
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Languages Represented: Collection materials are in Spanish

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[Identification of item], Documentos para la historia de California, 1802-1847, BANC MSS C-B 87, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Scope and Content

This collection contains transcripts and extracts of documents, made by Thomas Savage for H. H. Bancroft in 1878. A letter of transmittal from Carlos Olvera for the original documents has been pasted in.
These transcripts relate to Olvera's position as Secretary of the Assembly in Los Angeles and to his participation in the Flores campaign. Also included are some papers pertaining to missions.
A calendar, listing documents in chronological order, and a list of signers of the documents are appended.



1802, Dec. 31 Estado de las misiones de Cal... (Note only). p. 83


1816, Dec. 31 Payeras, Mariano: Estado de las misiones. Abstract. p. 88


1827, Oct. 7 Echeandía, José María de: Proclama. Proclamation communicated to the missions, giving orders re inventory of mission lands, boundaries, livestock and transients. Copy. pp. 1-6


1828, Nov. 21 Reglamento para la colonización de los territorios de la Republica de Mex. Copy. p. 21


1832, Dec. 31 Estado de las misiones. Copy. pp. 84-87


1833, Dec. 31 Estado de las misiones (Note only). p. 84


1834, Aug. 9 Figueroa, José: Reglamento provisional para la secularizacion de las misiones, (Note only) p. 89


1834, Dec. 31 Estado de las misiones ... a cargo del P. Prefecto Narciso Durán. (Note only) p. 83


1834, Dec. 31 Estado de las misiones. (Note only) p. 89


1834 Inventory of San Gabriel mission. Extract. pp. 89-90


1835, Mar. 9 Value of Santa Barbara Mission. p. 88


1835, Mar. List of artillery and weapons at San Gabriel. p. 88


1843, Apr. 18 Durán, Narciso: Circular to missions concerning Micheltorena's regulations re missions, with copy of these regulations. Copy. pp. 22-27


1844, Aug. 20-24 Assembly at Monterey: Minutes. Resumé. pp. 7-12


1844, Dec. 15 Micheltorena, Manuel: Proclamation re civil war. Copy. pp. 27-29


1845, Aug. 29 Assembly at Los Angeles. Special commission: Decision to dissolve the assembly, members of the commission being Narciso Botello and Francisco de la Guerra. Abstract. pp. 37-38


1845, Oct. 5 Assembly at Los Angeles. President: Notification to J. B. Alvarado re his election as representative to the Mexican congress. Abstract. p. 37


1845, Oct. 28 Pico, Pío: Reglamento de misiones. Extract. p. 27


1846, Mar. 2 Pico, Pío: Speech given at the opening of the session of the assembly while interim governor. Resumé. pp. 13-19


1846, Apr. 17 Pico, Pío: Form letter of notification of appointment as vocal suplente for the assembly. pp. 20-21


1846, Aug. 9 Castro, José: Protest against separation of California from Mexico and concerning U.S. war with Mexico. Copy. pp. 29-32


1846, Aug. 10 Assembly as Los Angeles: Minutes re American occupation of the country, signed by Pío Pico and A. Olvera. Copy, taken from what seemed to be a blotter copy of the minutes, pp. 32-36


1846, Oct. 24 Pico, Pío: Letter to Juan Gallardo appointing Gallardo captain of the auxiliary troops in Los Angeles. Extract. p. 51


1846, Oct. 26 Flores, José María: Orders to Leonardo Cota on operations in San Diego. Copy. pp. 52-54


1846, Oct. 26 Assembly at Los Angeles: Reinstatement of the assembly, signed by Francisco Figueroa, Narciso Botello, Francisco de la Guerra, Joaquín Carrillo and Agustín Olvera. Copy. pp. 39-42


1846, Oct. 27 Flores, José María: Speeches made by Flores and the Assembly of Los Angeles (Figueroa) concerning the war situation. Copy. pp. 42-46


1846, Oct. 27 Assembly at Los Angeles. Special committee: Decision concerning the use of missions in facilitating resources for war against the United States, revoking mission land sales made by Pico, and continuing to rent the lands. Signed by Narciso Botello and Francisco de la Guerra. Copy. pp. 46-48


[1846, Oct.] Blotter in handwriting of Agustín Olvera upon same subject, presumably containing a copy of the preceding document, sent to the Governor. Copy. pp. 48-49


1846, Nov. 5 Flores, José María: Proclamation, concerning state of war, conscription and punishments. Copy. pp. 54-56


1846, Nov. 12 Flores, José María: Orders to Cota, concerning operations in San Diego and Indian uprisings. Copy. pp. 57-58


1846, Nov. 13 Flores, José María: Letter to Cota, describing the difficult situation and the need to use a strong hand with the Indians. Copy. pp. 58-60


1846, Nov. 22 Flores, José María: Letter to Cota, informing him of the enemy's movements on Santa Isabel. Copy. pp. 66-67


1846, Nov. 22 Flores, José María: Letter to Cota, quoting his orders to Andrés Pico. Copy. pp. 63-65


1846, Dec. 5 Flores, José María: Proclamation concerning his own imprisonment. Copy. pp. 49-51


1846, Dec. 5 Flores, José María: Private letter to Cota, re his imprisonment and the people who contrived it. Copy. pp. 68-71


1846, Dec. 17 Flores, José María: Orders to Cota, for Andrés Pico to relieve Cota, and re Pico's disobedience. Copy. pp. 60-62


1846, Dec. 17 Flores, José María: Letter to Cota. Copy. pp. 62-63


1846, Dec. 31 Flores, José María: Letter to R. F. Stockton. Copy taken from a blotter copy. pp. 72-74


1847, Jan. 5 Stockton, Robert Field: Proclamation, translated into Spanish, declaring amnesty for all except Flores. Copy. p. 75


1847, Jan. 11 Flores, José María: Orders to Andrés Pico, entrusting him with the division. Copy. pp. 78-79


1847, Jan. 12 Stockton, Robert Field: Pass for Olvera and Narciso Botello to come to Los Angeles. Copy. p. 77


1847, Jan. 13 Articles of capitulation by José Antonio Carrillo and Agustín Olvera, at Cahuenga. Abstract. p. 76


1847, Jan. 16 Russell, William Henry: Receipt for 2 pieces of artillery. Copy. pp. 76-77


1847, Jan. 18 Articles of capitulation between R. F. Stockton and José A. Carrillo, Andrés Pico and Agustín Olvera. Taken from blotter copy. Copy. pp. 79-81


undated [Olvera, Agustín]: Letter to the military governor of California. pp. 82-83


1878, July 17 Olvera, Carlos: letter to Thomas Savage re Olvera documents.

Signers of Documents


B otello, Narciso, 1810-

Physical Description: pp. 37-38, 39-42, 46-48

Carrillo, Joaquín

Physical Description: pp. 39-42

Carrillo, José Antonio Ezequiel, 1796-1862

Physical Description: pp. 76, 79-81

Castro, José, ca. 1810-1860

Physical Description: pp. 29-32

Durán, Narciso, 1776-1846

Physical Description: pp. 22-27

Echeandía, José María de, d. 1852?

Physical Description: pp. 1-6

Figueroa, Francisco, 1804-

Physical Description: pp. 39-42

Figueroa, José, 1792-1835

Physical Description: p. 89

Flores, José María, d. 1866?

Physical Description: pp. 52-54, 42-46, 54-56, 57-58, 58-60, 66-67, 63-65, 49-51, 68-71, 60-62, 62-63, 72-74, 78-79

Guerra, Francisco de la, 1818-1878

Physical Description: pp. 37-38, 39-42, 46-48

Micheltorena, Manuel, d. 1853

Physical Description: pp. 27-29

Olvera, Agustín, d. 1876

Physical Description: pp. 32-36, 39-42, 48-49, 76, 79-81, 82-83

Payeras, Mariano, 1769-1822

Physical Description: p. 88

Pico, Andrés, 1810-1876

Physical Description: pp. 79-81

Pico, Pío, 1801-1894

Physical Description: pp. 27, 13-19, 20-21, 32-36, 51

Russell, William Henry, 1802-1873

Physical Description: pp. 76-77

Stockton, Robert Field, 1795-1866

Physical Description: pp. 75, 77, 79-81