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Register of the Small California Collections, 1806-1983
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Series 1: Agriculture


Mss2.B816:BRANIC, ELDON. STANISLAUS COUNTY INTERVIEWS, 1970-71. [35 pp. incl. overview of Branic's military career (1911-1919) as well as his activities as a Stanislaus County farmer]




Mss2.G883:GROVER FAMILY. CORRESPONDENCE, 1863-66. [2 letters describe farming at Soquel and at Stockton]


Mss2.K67:KNAPP & GRANT COMPANY, SF. CORRESPONDENCE, 1866. [note regarding shipment of 80 boxes of apples]


Mss2.M135:McDONALD, LESTER. SOUTHER FARMS PAPERS, 1870s. [3 pp. describing efforts of Souther family to farm in San Leandro, Covina and Kern County]


Mss2.M135 J1:McDONALD, JAMES R. AUTOBIOGRAPHY, ca1850-1902. [53 pp. reminiscence of this Alameda, Contra Costa and Stanislaus County farmer, who was an active participant in establishment of the Westside Irrigation District (1874) and California State Treasurer (1889)]


Mss2.W172: WATERMAN, GERALD “GW” AUTOBIOGRAPHY, 2018. The Happiest Times of My Life by Gerald A. Waterman. Childhood recollections of Des Moines, Iowa, Stockton, California, and Eldridge Missouri in the late 1940s through 1950s. Includes time at Cherry Lane Camp Stockton, California near Jack Tone Rd. on Highway 26 as orchard laborers. Family photos at Cherry Lane Camp.


Series 2: Chinese Americans


Mss2.H874:HUANG MENG CHANG. STOCKTON CORESPONDENCE, 1925. [5 items in Chinese to and from employee of Chong Wah Co., import-export firm of Stockton]


Mss2.K26:KEE FOO. INTERNAL REVENUE STAMPS, 1880; 1883. [tax on retail liquor & tobacco business of this Jackson resident]


Mss2.T665 TONG SING KOW Letter, 1912 December 12, Tu Tu Fu, Chang Sa (no addressee). Typescript copy of original. University of Pacific graduate, 1887. Discussion of American missionary activities in China and rising European influence. From Ellen Deering collections.


Mss2.W872:WONG K. QUEN. WRIT OF INJUNCTION, 1916. [restraining order preventing search of premises without warrant, San Francisco]


Series 3: Conservation & Lumber


Mss2.B983:BUTANO FOREST ASSOCIATES, SAN JOSE. RECORDS, 1945-52. [conservationist group seeking to save Butano Redwoods, San Mateo County]


Mss2.C938e:CROCKER, EDWIN B. LETTER, 1865. [requests W.N. Lut to act as Central Pacific RR's agent in preventing timber cutting on Crystal Peak, along the Truckee and at Lake Tahoe]


Mss2.E55:EMPARAN, MADIE BROWN. JOHN MUIR ASSOCIATION PAPERS, 1941-70. [incl. notes on John McLaren, letter from Muir biographer, Linnie Marsh Wolfe, and, minutes (1941) expressing concern about Muir Papers at Pacific School of Religion]




Mss2.P113 PACIFIC CREST TRAILWAY. Brochures (1944, 1949, 1954, 1956), maps (n.d.) and Natural History of the Pacific Crest Trail System (n.d.).


Mss2.T247:TAYLOR, WILL L. SIERRA FLUME & LUMBER COMPANY. DRAWINGS PORTFOLIO, 1876-77. [photographs of 30 original drawings of Company activities held by Kraft Library, Red Bluff]


Series 4: Education


Mss2.B163 [BAIRD, LOUIS E.?] Letter, 1881 September 21, [San Jose] to "My dear Mama." Holograph (signed "Lou"). Ode to President Garfield by a University of the Pacific student.


Mss2.D362 DIRECTORY OF STOCKTON SCHOOLS. Two pamphlets, 1907-1909 and 1909-1911. Includes bylaws, rules, regulations, and names and locations of schools, faculty, administration.


Mss2.G411:GIBBONS FAMILY PAPERS, 1843-1956. Genealogy of Gibbons, Cloud, and Hickman families. Also, includes 9 letters and other papers of Alexander Severus Gibbons, early president of the University of the Pacific, and 2 items concerning his daughter, Mary Gibbons Cooper.


Mss2.M153:MACK, GEORGE C. PAPERS, 1864-74. [5 items pertaining to career of this Solano County educator]


Mss2.M857:MORRILL, JOSEPH C. PAPERS, 1853-98. [31 items pertaining to military & teaching careers of J.C. Morrill]


Mss2.P615:PIERCE, C.C. PAPERS, 1865-85. [5 items pertaining to ministerial & teaching career of this Placerville educator]


Mss2.R635:ROBBINS, ORA RHODES. PAPERS, 1896-1902. [4 items pertaining to teaching career of this Tulare County educator]


Mss2.S974:SWETT, JOHN. CALIFORNIA LETTERS to the BOSTON CULTIVATOR, 1852-53. [description of ocean voyage to California, reflections on education and impressions of San Francisco by State's first Supt. of Public Instruction]




Series 5: Gold Rush


Mss2.B167:BAKER, JOHN W.H. CORRESPONDENCE, 1853-55. [typescript copies of 52 letters from Doctor in Mokelumne Hill to wife in New Hampshire]


Mss2.B887:BRUCE, V.W. BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH of LUCIUS C. RICE & HIS WIFE, 1853-74. [11 pp. account of life in Shasta County mining towns]


Mss2.C419 CLAYTON, J.E. This diary is an account of a trip, mostly by sea, from the southeastern United States through Panama to California. Clayton continues from San Francisco upriver to Sacramento, then to the Sierra to pan for gold.


Mss2.C814:CORNELL, CHARLOTTE HAWLEY. REMINISCENCE, 1893. [26 pp. account of ocean voyage to California (1852) and merchant's life in 19th c. Alameda County]


Mss2.D357 DINSDALE, REVEREND MATTHEW GOLD RUSH LETTERS. Two typescript letters from Rev. Matthew Dinsdale to [Rev. John Lewis] Dyer and [Edward Dinsdale]. Letters written from “Upper California” in 1850 about life in the gold rush.


Mss2.E47:ELLIS, C.G. CORRESPONDENCE, 1850. [4 letters from C.G. Ellis, Waterville, Maine, to her son, Austin W. Ellis recounting news received from family members in California]


Mss2.F613:FLETCHER, JOHN E. CORRESPONDENCE, 1849-50. [8 pg. typescript copy of letter from miner in Nevada County to wife in Massachusetts describing ocean voyage to California (1849) and miner's life]


Mss2.F711:FORD, PATRICK. LEGAL PAPERS, 1853-59. [4 items detailing suit of miner seeking damages from Bureau of Indian Affairs for losses suffered at hands of Klamath Indians (1851)]


Mss2.F855:FREEMAN, EARLENE. PAPERS, 1941. [22 pp. essay & notes on overland crossing and Trinity River childhood of Sarah Jane Lindsey (ca. 1849-59) based on letters and interviews conducted by this descendant]




Mss2.H219:HAMILTON, MATTHEW. WRITINGS, ca. 1910. [11 stories and fragments set in Gold Rush period]


Mss2.H621 HIBBARD, AUGUSTIN GOLD RUSH LETTERS Correspondence from Augustin Hibbard to his brother William R. Hibbard (Montreal), 1850-1868. Letters written from Bushey Bar, Coloma, San Francisco (California); Fort Steilacoom, Port Townsend, San Juan Island (Washington); and Victoria, Canada. Letters contain information about everyday events and business matters (including gold mining, farming, and lime industry). Genealogy information included.


Mss2.H864:HOWLAND, WILSHIRE. LETTER, 1855. [2 pp. account of mining at Willow Springs, Sacramento County]


Mss2.M716: MOKELUMNE HILL CANAL & MINING CO. PAPERS, 1851-55. [includes stock certificate and narrative by Albert Shumate]


Mss2.R183 RATHBUN, SYLVAN GOLD RUSH LETTERS, 1850-53. Two letters sent by Sylvan Rathbun to his brother Albert that describe his life as a gold miner. They include accounts of the challenges of working various claims in partnership with other miners, and one mentions Stockton as a place to buy goods. The 1850 letter was written at "Kieffers Ranch" and postmarked in Stockton. The 1853 letter was written in "Rich Gulch" and is accompanied by an envelope postmarked in Mokelumne Hill.


Mss2.R954:RUSHTON FAMILY. CORRESPONDENCE, 1856-59. [photocopies of 2 letters from James H. Rushton (1856), 1 letter from Abraham Norton (1859) and 1 letter from S.C. Norton (n.d.), all miners Sutter Creek, Amador County to Sarah Norton Rushton]


Series 6: Japanese Americans (including Evacuation & relocation, 1942-1946)


Mss2.C266:CARDEN, ELIZABETH. JAPANESE RELOCATION PAPERS, 1940-44. [15 items including letters to Stockton, Calif. educator, Carden, from her former students interned at Rohwer Relocation Center, Ark.]


Mss2.D274:DAY, KATHERINE. CHRISTMAS CARD, 1943. [handmade card from internee at Manzanar Relocation Center]


Mss2.H.155:HANNA,PAUL. Correspondence, reports, and papers concerning education at the Japanese American Internment Camps during World War II. Most letters are between the WRA (War Relocation Authority) and administrators of Stanford University.


Mss2.N163:NAKATANI, ROY Y. PAPERS, 1942-45. [incl. correspondence and agricultural reports pertaining to life at Granada Relocation Center, Amache, Colo.; also includes draft of Merced Assembly Center Constitution, 1942]


Mss2.O635:ORIMO, KAZUO. AUDIO NARRATIVE, 1979. Audio recording of reflections on the life of Kazuo Orimo, M.D. as told by Kazuo Orimo (born December 20, 1925). Included is genealogy Term Paper by Louis M. Orimo. Information includes Japanese-Americans, segregation, American Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC), life in wartime Japan, time in the United States Army during Korean War, medical career and life in California. Recorded in Stockton, 1979.


Mss2.S752: STOCKTON ASSEMBLY CENTER [Stockton Assembly Center roster of movement of Japanese- American Internment evacuees from May 10-October 17, 1942. The roster is a reproduction from the National Archives file of Wartime Civilian Control Administration Western Defense Command.]


Mss2.T151: TANAKA, MAY AND SEISAKU. [The collection consists of materials from the Japanese- American Internment Rohwer Relocation Center and the Stockton Assembly Center. The materials include: Rohwer newspaper the Outpost New Year's Edition (1943), Rohwer Young Buddhists' Association calendar (1945), Rohwer Red Cross 1945 Yearbook, 1945 picture calendar, Statement of U.S. Citizen of Japanese Ancestry form, WRA application for leave clearance, schedule for registration, registration information sheet, How to Make Crepe Paper Flowers by Dennison (1939), edition of The Pen (November 1943), Lil Dan'l publication (1943), and El Joaquin Final Edition (Sept. 1942).]


Mss2.T531: TOGASAKI, GEORGE KIYOSHI [A transcript of James Shebl interviewing Togasaki, a Japanese-American, about his life, dated July 16, 1980. There are two articles included: 'Kiyoshi Togasaki: A versatile, vigorous internationalist is RI's President for 1968-69' and 'The Amazing Mr. Togasaki' both by Bill Hosokawa. The collection also contains the autobiography of Togasaki's father, Kikumatsu Togasaki, 'As the Lord Led Me'.]


Mss2.T164:TANJI, JAMES. MERCEDIAN COLLECTION, 1942. [consists of newspapers published at Merced Assembly Center]


Mss2.T164.1 1:1, June 4, 1942


T164.2 1:2, June 19, 1942


T164.3 1:3, June 23, 1942


T164.4 1:4, June 26, 1942


T164.5 1:5, June 30, 1942


T164.6 1:6, July 3, 1942


T164.7 1:7, July 7, 1942


T164.8 1:8, July 10, 1942


T164.9 1:9, July 14, 1942


T164.10 1:10, July 17, 1942


T164.11 1:11, July 21, 1942


T164.12 1:12, July 25, 1942


T164.13 1:13, July 28, 1942


T164.15 1:15, August 4, 1942


T164.16 1:16, August 7, 1942


T164.17 1:17, August 11, 1942


T164.18 1:18, August 14, 1942


T164.19 1:19, August 18, 1942


T164.20 1:20, August 21, 1942


T164.21 Souvenir Edition, August 29, 1942


Mss2.W171: WATANABE COLLECTION OF STOCKTON AVIATOR ISAKO NISHIOKA [Newspaper clipping and 25 photographs concerning Stockton aviator Isako Nishioka who, during his final test flight for his license, crashed his plane at the Tuxedo Park flying school in Stockton, California on August 12, 1918.]


Mss2.W277 (oversize) WESTERN DEFENSE COMMAND POSTERS Two posters both dated May 5, 1942 from San Francisco, California: civilian exclusion order No. 41, and "Instructions to All Persons of Japanese Ancestry" both from the Western Defense Command and Fourth Army referring to Japanese-American Internment.


Mss2.Y552 YONEDA, SUELLEN U. AND T. TED.[Maps of Japanese-American Internment camps: Crystal City, Texas, Manzanar, California, Gila River, Arizona, Heart Mountain, Wyoming, Tule Lake, California, and Twin Falls, Idaho. Also, map of Stockton, California Assembly Center. Three articles: "Prisoners and Liberators Reunite," "Draft Resisters Honored-50 Years Later," and "The Legal Issues."]


Series 7: Law & Litigation


Mss2.A127:ABBOTT, J.P. CORRESPONDNCE, 1875. [2 items to Deputy District Attorney, Contra Costa County]


Mss2.A412: AMADOR COUNTY SHERIFF. Correspondence mostly between Stockton and Amador Sheriff's Department, 1857-1915. Includes commitments to the Insane Asylum (Stockton State Hospital).


Mss2.D166:DARRAH, GUARD. AUDIO INTERVIEW, 1978. Tenley Joseph & Beverly Conroy interview of Guard Darrah, attorney. Interview includes biographical information and career as District Attorney. Conducted in Stockton, April 1978. (Includes transcription)


MS 2 E 44 EL DORADO BREWING COMPANY Receipts, orders, bank deposits, correspondence of the El Dorado Brewing Company of Stockton and northern California. Bulk of documents 1913.


Mss2.G256:GASTON FAMILY. PAPERS, 1858-87. [6 items pertaining to life of Napa and San Jose attorney, Henry Alexander Gaston & family]


Mss2.L793:LLOYD, MARY J. LEGAL PAPERS, 1917-19. [11 items pertaining to Alameda County lawsuit against estate of Lloyd's attorney, J.N. Frank]


Mss2.L831 LOGAN, JOHN B Papers, 1919-1939. African-American soldier convicted of 2nd degree murder of Concha Silvas in 1931 in Arizona and commuted in 1936 by the Governor. He subsequently spent some time in the San Francisco Veterans Hospital and was arrested for hit-and-run driving in San Joaquin County in 1939. Consists of 36 items: discharge papers, parole papers, correspondence with the Veterans Bureau concerning his pension and possible parole and miscellaneous papers.


Mss2.M822 MOORE-HOWELL FAMILIES Papers, ca. 1845-1888. In part, printed matter. religious literature. Letters, poems, and genealogical records of two Ohio & California families. Gift of Douglas Boyce, 1974 (74-51)


Mss2.P448 PERKINS, CHARLES Fire insurance policy, 1953 July 13, Stockton, California. Ms. on printed form. Four items attached. Gift of Stuart Gibbons, 1965 (65-2)


Mss2.S776 1992 STOCKTON STREET CRIME Interviews with prostitutes, drug addicts, gang members, burglars, parolees, Forensic Pathologist Robert Lawrence, Police Chief P.F. "Jack" Calkins, compiled by Sam Quinones, crime reporter for The Stockton Record, 1988-1992. Also includes newspaper clippings of the articles that Quinones wrote concerning Stockton crime in 1990.


Mss2.S866 1874 STOCKTON, CALIF. CRIMINAL DOCKET October 1874-August 1877 Justice Court Stockton Township Criminal Docket. Justice of the Peace, D. H. Huffman ledger describing crimes and resolution of cases brought to his court.


Series 8: Merchants


MS 2 B878 BROWN (ANDREW) CO., KERNVILLE, CALIF. Bank checks, ms. on printed form. Gift of Paisano Press, 1971.




Mss2.C593 CLARK, J. F. Papers, 1869-1886. Ms. on printed form. Merchandise and money order receipts.


Mss2.D687 DONOVAN, WILLIAM Deed, 1853 March 7, Jamestown, Tuolumne County, California, transferring title to a certain parcel of ground on Main Street to Dr. Thomas Kendale, for a sum of $100. Ms. with seal.


Mss2.E147 ECKSTROM, THOMAS FREDERICK Journal of Thomas Frederick Eckstrom trip from California to Stockholm, Sweden and St. Petersburg, Russia and back to California, June 5 to October 4, 1871. Eckstrom and his brother Albert operated “Eckstrom Brothers, Eureka Baths and Shaving Saloon” while his wife, Eilzabeth Stuart, had a millenary called “Palace of Fashion” in Stockton, California.


Mss2.F538:FISK, FRANK W. BUSINESS PAPERS, 1881-86. [8 items including receipts, invoices & statements from this Murphys, Tuolumne County, dealer in general merchandise]


Mss2.G471 GILBERT, ROBERT “BOB” Audio interview by Daryl Morrison of Bob Gilbert, an Oakdale businessman, chairman of A. L. Gilbert Co. Conducted in Oakdale, CA, October 11, 1999. Includes transcript of interview, Farm Bureau Video on A. L. Gilbert Co. (1993), and clippings.


Mss2.G615:GRANT, DARCY. AUDIO INTERVIEW, 1970. R. H. Limbaugh interview of Darcy Grant, a Stockton businessman, owner of Stockton Iron Works, and developer of the “clamshell dredge”. Conducted in Stockton, February 21, 1969. Includes Darcy Grant reminiscence at Stockton Corral of Westerners meeting, Stockton, October 14, 1970.


Mss2.H396:HAWLEY (MARCUS C.) & CO., SAN FRANCISCO. CASH BOOK, 1888-90. [accounts of San Francisco hardware supplier]


Mss2.H877:HUBER, WALTER L. CORRESPONDENCE, 1949. [2 letters to California book collector offering him books]


Mss2.K35:KENNEDY, LAWTON RAFAEL. LETTER, 1935. [announces special "Pony Express" delivery cover printed by Kennedy]


Mss2.L164:LARKIN, KENNETH V. AUDIO INTERVIEW, 1983. Dewey Chambers interview of Kenneth V. Larkin, executive V. P. of Bank of America. Interview includes discussion of A. P. Giannini and Larkin history at Bank of America. Conducted in Stockton, April 28, 1983.


Mss2.L675:LEWIS, OSCAR. LETTER, 1941. [writes as Secretary of Book Club of California to Quinn's Bookstore, Stockton, regarding a particular book]


Mss2.M657:MILLS (D.O. & CO.), SACRAMENTO. AGREEMENT, 1859. [banking house's agreement with F. Robinson Bonn & Co.]


Mss2.P969:PROVOST, A.J. CORRESPONDENCE & ADVERTISEMENTS, 1907-08. [7 items including two letters and five advertising cards from various Alameda County businesses]


Mss2.R863:ROUSE FORMAN & CO., ANTIOCH. FINANCIAL RECORDS, 1881-82. [34 items including receipts, bills, correspondence of this Contra Costa County lumber dealer]


Mss2.S194:SAN BENITO MINERAL SPRINGS, TRES PINOS. ADVERTISEMENTS, 1920. [6 items pertaining to this San Benito County resort]


Mss2.S216:SANDERSON, GEORGE F. PAPERS, 1839-73. [includes San Francisco clothier's Daybook & Ledger (1859); student's notebook (1839; 1873)]


Mss2.S646 SMITH, E H Checks, January 11-25, 1897. Drawn on Farmers and Merchants Bank, Stockton, Cal.


Mss2.S932:STUART, REGINALD R. (COLLECTOR). EXPRESS COMPANY DOCUMENTS, 1859-99. [9 items including receipts and correspondence from Wells Fargo, Baker & Hamilton and other companies]


Mss2.W878 1876 WOOD, RICHARD COKE, COLLECTOR Wells Fargo documents, 1876-1906. Ms. on printed forms. Canceled check, consignee receipt, freight receipt, and remitter receipts. Gift of R.C. Wood, 1974 (74-3)


Series 9: Methodist Episcopal Church


Mss2.B219 BANNISTER 3 certificates from Methodist Episcopal Church confirming Edward Bannister as deacon and elder. From 1840 and 1844.


Mss2.B894:BRUNER, JOSEPH A. JOURNAL, 1860-66. [101 pp. photocopy of this minister's journal during years spent in Sacramento, Folsom, Grass Valley & San Francisco]


Mss2.D419:DEPEW, KATHERINE (COLLECTOR). ETNA CIRCUIT PAPERS, 1850s. [2 items including: letter from Rev. Ebenezer Arnold (1900) regarding his tenure as District Superintendent of far northern California region (1854); and, a history by Mrs. Warren Nelson of Crystal Creek Methodist Church, Pine Grove]


Mss2.D553 DICKINSON, JOHN Papers, 1855-1863. Methodist Episcopal minister, certificates of marriage, deaconship, and ordination.


Mss2.D953 DURBIN, J P Letter, 1850 July 23, New York, to Methodist ministers. Holograph (copy of original?) Letter of introduction to Reverend Edward Bannister, M.E. minister "charged with founding an Academy in California."


Mss2.R518:RICHARDS, S.L. LETTER, 1868. [concerns arrangements to purchase land for a church at Silver Creek, Alpine County]


Mss2.W344:WILLIAMSON, RICHARD (1822-1900). Letter written by Nancy Graves Williamson about the life of her husband Rev. Richard Williamson, Methodist minister in the mining camps of California.


Series 10: Mines & mineral resources


Mss2. A514 AMETHYST BULLFROG MINING COMPANY. Stock certificates, 1905-1906. Arizona mining corporation located in the Bullfrog Mining District. 4 items.


Mss2.A565:ANDREWS, CATHERINE (COLLECTOR). NEW ALMADEN COLLECTION, 1856-1912. [40 items incl.: payroll & rent records of Quicksilver Mining Co.; complaints and subpoenas issued by New Almaden Justice of Peace; postal receipts from New Almaden Post Office]


Mss2.B572:BOTCHER, FRED. Two letters concerning Fred Botcher. Letter of reference as a good miner for Virginia Gold M and M Co, 1901. Letter concerning Botcher's medical condition from Cooper College, 1911.


Mss2.B756:BUMP, GLEN. AUDIO INTERVIEW, 1979. R. H. Limbaugh interview of Glen Bump, a retired mine dredge operator. Interview includes discussion of mines in Tuolumne County. Conducted in Stockton, June 11, 1979.


Mss2.F751:FOSSAT, CHARLES. LEGAL PAPERS, 1853. [12 pp. complaint brought by Fossat against Sheriff of Santa Clara County regarding lands adjacent to New Almaden Quicksilver mines]




Mss2.J723:JUDICY, EMIL. AUDIO INTERVIEW, 1987. R. H. Limbaugh interview of Emil Juicy, a retired miner and employee of Sheepranch Mine, 1936-46. Conducted in Angels Camp, 1987.


Mss2.L734:LILLY, ERNEST. AUDIO INTERVIEW, 1979. R. H. Limbaugh interview of Ernest Lilly. Interview about mines and dredging in Calaveras County, California. Conducted in Stockton, July 13, 1979.




Mss2.M429:MATHEWS, E.B. LETTER, 1898. [4 pp. letter discusses labor relations at Utica Mine, Tuolumne County]


Mss2.M662:MILTON MINING & WATER CO., FRENCH CORRAL. RECEIPTS, 1874-82. [5 items pertaining to equipment purchases by this Nevada County mine]


Mss2.M886: MORSE, WILIAM A. CORRESPONDENCE, 1888. [4 letters from miner near Murphys to family in east]


Mss2.R893 ROZECRANS GOLD MINING CO. Stock certificates, 1893. Ms. (on printed form) California mining corporation located at Garden Valley Mining District, El Dorado Co.




Mss2.S572:SIERRA LAND & MINERAL CORP., SAN FRANCISCO. RECORDS, 1920-36. [19 items including: minutes, receipts, corresppondence and stock certificates]


Mss2.S599:SIMONIN, LOUIS. PIONEERS of the PACIFIC, 1868. [47 pp. unpublished English translation by Wilson O. Clough of California appendix to Le Grand-ouest des Etats-Unis]


Mss2.W723:WILLIAMS, GEORGE E. LEGAL PAPERS, 1927. [4 items pertaining to sale of various mining properties by this wealthy emigré]


Series 11: Native Americans


Mss2.G655:GOODRUM, JANET. "TREASURES FROM the FAR WEST," ca. 1964. [12 pp. reminiscence about Indian basket collector, Charles Dunlap]


Mss2.N173:NATIVE AMERICAN INTERVIEW COLLECTION. AUDIO INTERVIEW. Brian Beavers, a 65-year-old Concow Maidu Indian on the middle fork of the Feather River, interviewed by Donald Jewel. American River College, June 2, 1956. Selena LaMarr, an Atsugewi (Hat Creek) Indian, interviewed by Donald Bertucci of Lassen Volcanic National Park.


Mss2.R262:RAWSON, THOMAS. REMINISCENCE, 1930. [23 pp. retelling of story about Indians on Rawson Ranch, Riverside County and their relation to Helen Hunt Jackson's Ramona]


Mss2.W672:WILDE, W. E. WRITINGS, n.d. [4 items including: two essays on Chaco Canyon; article on Indians at San Juan Bautista; and, essay on Indian reservation at El Tejon Ranch]


Series 12: Pioneers


Mss2.A213:ADAMS, IRA W. "AT THREE SCORE and TEN," 1903. [poem by a Calistoga native]


Mss2.B427:BELDEN, BURR L. "JEDEDIAH SMITH IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA," [14 pp. essay on early trapper/explorer (1827)]Typescript. Excerpt from an address before the Jedediah Smith Society, Fall 1958. From R.R. Stuart collections.


Mss2.B585:BIDWELL, JOHN. LETTER, 1850. [to Gov. Peter Burnett recommending E. Covington for Butte County Tax Collector]


Mss2.C182:CAMERON, AMY G. LETTER, 1931. [provides information about author's grandfather, John Marsh]


Mss2.C466:CHAPMAN, C.W. LETTER, 1933. [36 pp. discusses several works on Donner Party and comments on work of California historian, Herbert Eugene Bolton]


Mss2.C775:COOMBS, NATHAN F. (COLLECTOR). GORDON & COOMBS FAMILY PAPERS, 1830-47. [consists of biographical sketches, as well as photographs of receipts, notes and accounts of fur trader, William Gordon (d. 1876) early settler of Yolo & Napa counties (1840) and his son-in-law, Nathan Coombs (d. 1877)]


Mss2.D312:DEERING FAMILY. LETTERS, 1895-1906. [6 items describing farming at Orland and 1906 Earthquake both in San Francisco and in Santa Rosa]


Mss2.D926:DUNSTON, BESS ASBELL (COLLECTOR). ASBELL FAMILY PAPERS, ca. 1880-1905. [9 items including clippings, photographs and notes pertaining to Joseph Marion Asbell (1831-1905), Shasta County merchant, and his family]


Mss2.D995:DYE, JOB FRANCIS. "EARLY HISTORY & REMINISCENCES of JOB F. DYE," 1866. [21 pp. typescript transcription of this account of life of fur trapper who came to California in 1832 and settled in Santa Cruz County]


Mss2.F264:FAUNTLEROY, W.H. PILOT'S LICENSE, 1851. [lst Pilot for Port of San Diego]


Mss2.F532:FISH, RUE D. PAPERS, 1960. [3 items pertaining to Peter Lassen, California Freemasons and Rockwell D. Hunt]


Mss2.F544:FITCH FAMILY. PAPERS, 1849-52. [20 items relating to estate of Henry Delano Fitch of San Diego]


Mss2.G472:GILES, ROSENA A. PAPERS, 1957. [11 essays about life in Shasta County, 1843-1900]


Mss2.G664:GORDON, ROBERT. PAPERS, 1849-1963. [5 items including legal papers, obituary, notes relating to this Auburn merchant, and 1849 typescript of Journal of a Voyage from Baltimore to San Francisco .]


Mss.2.H461:HEFFLEY, MERLE V. California history bibliography and notes/transcriptions of excerpts from George Coffin, Joseph Warren, and D. A. Shaw published writings, complied by Merle V. Heffley circa 1925. Heffley (d. 1969) was a resident of Stockton, California from 1939 until her death.


Mss2.H939:HUNT FAMILY. HISTORY & GENEALOGICAL REGISTER, ca. 1880. [Daniel Hunt and wife Saphronia Foler Hunt were early resdents of Calaveras County]


Mss2.K14 1966 KALE, JOSEPHINE [Guiseppi Ferretti]. 1966. Typescript draft (signed). Biographical sketch by a granddaughter. 2 p.


Mss2.K168 KANTOROWITZ FAMILY 1815-1995 Family tree, photos, histories, and other documentation of the Kantorowitz Family, branches being Seigel, Granat, Todresic, Sinai, Kantrow, Palayef, and Davidson.


Mss2.L125 LANGWORTH, CALIFORNIA. Langworth was a town 3 miles west of Oakdale. This collection contains photocopies of Langworth School pictures, information on the Gardner family, a map of the town, and an interview with Bernice (Gardner) Workman who was born there in 1910.


Mss2. L 416 LARSEN FAMILY "The Family Mirror" July 7, 1961. Account of the Iver Larsen Family from their Norwegian roots to settling in the Waterford and Modesto areas of Stanislaus county in 1882. 16 pages photocopy.


Mss2.M368:MARSHALL, JAMES WILSON. ESTATE PAPERS, 1885-86. [5 items, including: correspondence, documents pertaining to Marshall's will and his ranch at Coloma]


Mss2.M385:MARTINEZ DE LA VEGA, DON IGNACIO. LIEUTENANT'S COMMISSION, 1806. [2 pp. negative photostat of original]


Mss2.M913:MOSS, WILLIAM S. PAPERS, ca. 1855-1967. [photocopies of 15 items, including: correspondence; a biography by Hugh Hayes; family records and legal papers]


Mss2.M927:MOULTON, URIAH F. MASONIC CERTIFICATES, 1853-66. [3 items represent membership in Lodge No. 1, San Francisco & Lodge No. 117, Sacramento]


Mss2.O77 1971: OSSELIN, MARY Typed excerpts of interview with lifetime resident (b.1881 – d.1972) of Sheep Ranch, California Mary (Velente) Osselin. Includes family history, life in Sheep Ranch, cyanide mining, Indian burial, and "Digger Indians."


Mss2.P735:PLUMMER, KATHRYN BURNS. LETTER, 1952. [8pp. includes history of Tennent family, early settlers of Pinole, Contra Costa County]


Mss2.S195 1851-1928 SAN JOAQUIN PIONEER AND HISTORICAL SOCIETY. By-Laws and constitutions for the San Joaquin Society of California Pioneers (1884), San Joaquin Pioneer Hall Association (1897), San Joaquin Pioneer and Historical Society ([1928]).


Mss2.S699:SONS of TEMPERANCE. ALBANY FLAT DIVISION, No. 177. RECORDS, 1854-70. [scrapbook including by-laws, accounts of members of Sons of Temperance (1854-57); later used as a scrapbook by Rebecca Tretheway of Stockton (1868-70)]


Mss2.V182 VALLEJO, MARIANO G Papers, 1874-1875. In part, printed matter. Bank check(signed), ms letter, and calling card.


Series 13: Politics & government


Mss2.A318:ALAMEDA COUNTY. EDEN ELECTION DISTRICT. LEDGER, 1871. [contains names of voters, includes ages & occupations]


Mss2.A512:AMERMAN, ISAAC A. LETTER, 1866. [Alameda County Clerk acknowledges receipt of Calif. statutes, 1865-66]


Mss2.B291 BARTLETT, WASHINGTON Letter, San Francisco, September 7,1858, to H.L. Nichols, Secretary of State. Requesting copies of Act of the Legislature. 1 item.


Mss2.B864:BRODERICK, DAVID COLBRETH. LETTER, 1851. [notifies Secretary of State of resignation of State Senator D.F. Douglass]


Mss2.B965:BURNEY, JAMES. MILITIA COMMISSION, 1851. [appoints this Sheriff of Mariposa County Paymaster to the California Volunteers]


Mss2.C153C764:CALIFORNIA. COMPTROLLER. LETTER, 1859. [to S.P. Fair, Sheriff of Siskiyou County acknowledging travel claims for transporting convicts to San Quentin]


Mss2.C153S797:CALIFORNIA. SECRETARY OF STATE. "THE GREAT SEAL," 1911. [printed form commemorates adoption of seal, explains symbology of same]


Mss2.D262 DAVIS, JEFFERSON. Letter, Washington 30 September 1856, to James W. Denver, Sacramento, CA. Acknowledging receipt of Laws of California.


Mss2.D399:DENNETT, LEWIS LINCOLN. LETTER, 1902. [attorney's announcement of candidacy for Superior Court Judge of Stanislaus County]


Mss2.D748:DOWNEY, JOHN GATELY. LETTER, 1876. [political recommendation from Los Angeles real estate tycoon and seventh Governor of state (1860-62)]


Mss2.E93:EVERETT, EDWARD, U.S. SECRETARY of STATE. LETTER, 1852. [covering letter with various Congressional acts sent to Gov. Bigler]


Mss2.K24:KEARNEY, DENIS. LETTER, 1883. [introduces H.C. Murphy as a man equal to any task]


Mss2.G671:GORMAN, F.O. LETTER, 1870. [Eureka resident comments on local elections, business]


Mss2.L928:LUBECK, CHARLES W. LETTER, 1870. [letter to legislature protesting bill to sell public lands in Sonoma County]


Mss2.N284:NEWLIN, CLYDE. AUDIO, 1975. Audio cassette of retirement dinner for Clyde Newlin, Superintendent, District 3 California State Parks Department. March 22, 1975.


Mss2.R614:RITTER, L.A. LETTER, 1933. [economist writes to Dr. Rufus Von Kleinsmid, President of University of Southern California, to introduce his "scientific distributive solution" to the economic problems of the day]


Mss.2.S200 1849 SAN JOAQUIN DISTRICT STOCKTON ALCALDES James E. Nutman, Benjamin Williams, George Belt Alcaldes (mayor) appointments and records.


Mss2.S536:SHAW, STEPHEN WILLIAM. LETTER, 1851. [accepts Secretary of State's commission as Notary for Yuba, Sacramento & Sutter counties]


Mss2.S562:SHUTES, MILTON HENRY. CORRESPONDENCE, 1948-50. [4 items regarding influence of Abraham Lincoln in California]


Mss2.T329:TERRY, J.W. LETTER, 1889. [typescript with holographic corrections, 22 pp. defense and biographical sketch of Judge David S. Terry by a Texas relative]


Mss2.U58P857:U.S. POSTMASTER GENERAL. LETTER, 1851. [to California Governor, John McDougal, denying him right to appoint an Assistant Postmaster General for Oregon & California]


Series 14: Railroads & Roads


Mss2.C153 CALILFORNIA HIGHWAYS. Booklet, Freeway Facts…A Digest of answers to your questions about California Freeways and what they mean to you and your community , 1959. Dedication material for Interstate 5, October 12, 1979.


Mss2.D186:DANIELSON, PHILLIP A. ECHOES in DONNER PASS, 1953. [essay about choice of railroad route over Sierra in 1860s]


Mss2.F788:FOWLER, S.C. LETTER, 1869. [transmits Articles of Association of California Pacific RR, Vallejo, to Secretary of State]


Mss2.H949:HUNTINGTON, COLLIS P. LETTER, 1892. [note to Fresno Division Head of Union Pacific Railroad, James L. Frazier]


Mss2.S895 1916-1918 STAR AUTO STAGE ASSOCIATION Receipts, license fees, and account records of the Star Auto Stage Association, dated 1916, 1917, and 1918.




Series 15: Real Property


Mss2.A615:ANONYMOUS. CORRESPONDENCE, 1875. [two letters discuss land sales in Oakland]


Mss2.C153 1870:CALIFORNIA. SURVEYOR GENERAL. LETTER, 1870. [John W. Bust notifies A.M. Rosborough that property of interest near Mt. Shasta is not yet surveyed]


Mss2.F282:FAY, SPENCER. LEGAL PAPERS, 1876-98. [deeds, lease & mortgage documents to land near Porterville, Tulare County]


Mss2.G442:GIBBS, GEORGE C. LETTER, 1883. [requests patent from U.S. General Land Office for land purchased in Los Angeles area]


Mss2.H157:HALBERT FAMILY. LEGAL PAPERS, 1883-90. [6 items incl. deeds, homestead certificates to land in Tulare Co.]


Mss2.L893:LOUTHIAN FAMILY. PAPERS, 1891-1932. [incl. correspondnce & abstract of title to San Bernardino property in Etiwanda Colony]


Mss2.N747 NOBLE AND REID Abstract of title, 1880 March 25, to lot no. 10 in block no. 7 east of Centre St. in the City of Stockton. Ms. and typescript (signed) Gift of Richard Loewy, 1972 (72-14).


Mss2.P598:PICO, ANDRES. DEED, 1859. [transfers property near Ione, Amador County to James C. Wicker]


Mss2.S123 1883:SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CALIF.). RECORDER. TITLE ABSTRACT, 1883. [abstract prepared for W.C. Williams is for land in Section 32 of Township 5 north Range 7 east, adjacent to San Joaquin County line]


Mss2.Y54 1886:YOLO COUNTY (CALIF.). RECORDER. TITLE ABSTRACT, 1865-86. [abstract to parcel near Woodland prepared for Charles H. Fay]


Series 16: San Joaquin County


Mss2.A547:ANDERSON, JOHN, SUPERINTENDENT of SCHOOLS. LETTER, 1914. [discusses affairs in Washington School District, Clements]


Mss2.B146:BAGLEY, HARRY N. "FLOAT-a-GRAPHS," 1942. [34 oil designs on paper w/ clipping describing process invented by Bagley]


Mss2.B874:BROTHERTON, IRVING N. "JACK". LETTER, 1964. [2 pp. essay on early Stanislaus River ferry operator, Frederick Meinecke]


Mss2.C153 S195J CALIFORNIA. SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY. Municipal bond, 1887 July 1, to Stockton Savings and Loan Society, for $1,000. (Ms. on printed form). Forty coupons, redeemed January 3, 1888-February 24, 1902, attached at bottom.


Mss2.C297:CARPENTER, WILLIAM. LETTER, 1942. [convalescing veteran discusses current Stockton life]


Mss.2.C585 COWAN, RICHARD. Papers on Stockton Fire Department: 4 photographs from the Earle Hotel fire of 2014, a list of Line of Duty Deaths (1870-2015),a document entitled "Fire Apparatus Milestones," a booklet "Stockton Firefighter’s: A Legacy of Service and Distinction," a 2010 Historical Calendar,and Cowan’s brief photographer’s bio. Also included are 2 photocopies of railroad maps c.1930s.


Mss2.C991:CUTTING, LEWIS M. STOCKTON RURAL CEMETERY CERTIFICATE, 1893. [grants permission to John Pitcher Spooner to photograph in cemetery]


Mss2.D411:DENNIS, JOHN. "A WORLD WE MADE," n.d. [ca. 1935] [22 pp. play about Stockton State Hospital]


Mss2.E16:EBERHARDT, SOPHIA L. PAPERS, 1866-71. [4 items relating to livery business of Frederick S. Eberhardt of Stockton]


Mss2.G532:GISEA, F.A. TITLE ABSTRACT, 1851-1903. [abstract prepared for F.A. Gisea to lot 10, block 7, east, Stockton, Calif.]


Mss2.H112:HAAS, ROBERT BARTLETT. "CHARLES HAAS: A BADEN 48er IN CALIFORNIA," 1982. [87 pp. biography of early Stockton jeweler & founder of Haas family fortune]


Mss2.H217:HAMILTON (CHARLES I.) & CO., STOCKTON. ACCOUNTBOOK, 1882-85. [Stockton printing firm; 240 pp. of volume reused in 1905 as a scrapbook]


Mss2.H275:HARELSON FAMILY. BUSINESS PAPERS, 1849-81. [25 items incl. San Joaquin County tax receipts (1873-81) of this ranching family]


Mss2.H285:HARLFINGER, LAURA. LETTER, 1891. [teacher of French & German in Stockton writes from Heidelberg, Germany about Stocktonian tourists she has met in Europe]


Mss2.H353:HASS, EWING (COLLECTOR). SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY OFFICIAL CORRESPONDENCE, 1852. [13 letters relating misc. business incl. fee collection, requests for documents]


Mss2.H377 HISTORIC AMERICAN BUILDING SURVEY A 2008 report on eight historic buildings in Stockton, California, including history, description, significance, and photos. The buildings are: Hotel St. Leo, Hotel Main, Commercial Hotel, Commercial Building, Hotel Land, Hotel Terry, Hotel La Verta, and Hotel Earle.


Mss2.H418:HAYES, J. ORLO. INTERVIEW, 1978 & 1983. Collection contains four audio interviews the first by Jeff D. Bean & David M. Eberhard of Hayes conducted March 31, 1978 and April 12, 1978. Subjects include California agriculture, Stockton history, and Delta history. The second interview with Hayes was conducted by Dr. Ronald Limbaugh, in Stockton, 1983. Typescript and holograph notes included. Subjects discussed are Delta developers, Lee Allen Phillips and the Zuckerman family. See also article by Jean Rossi, “The Mint King” in the Pacific Historian, vol. 14, no. 4 (Fall 1970), pp. 90-95. The third interview is a follow-up conducted by Dr. Ronald Limbaugh, in Stockton, 1988 about the development of agriculture around the Delta. Also discussed is business with Wrigley, Beechnut, and American Chicle. The forth interview conducted 1987 by Dr. Ronald Limbaugh includes family history and background. Also present during interview were Daphne Hayes (wife) and Hugh E. Hayes (son). Orlo Hayes began the family business of growing mint in the San Joaquin Delta Region (1926). The family sold peppermint oil to the P.K. Wrigley Chewing Gum Company of Chicago, building a successful agri-business.




Mss2.I38:INDENTURE & EMANCIPATION PAPERS, 1850-54. [4 items pertaining to San Joaquin County African American slaves]


Mss2.K255:KENNEDY, GLENN A. AUDIO INTERVIEW, 1978. Connie Xanttopulos interview of Glenn A. Kennedy, author of “It Happened in Stockton 1900-1925”. Interview for oral history project on Kennedy’s personal life, family, and experiences in Stockton. Conducted in Stockton, April 18, 1978.


Mss2.L642:LESTER (ANDREW) & CO., STOCKTON. ACCOUNTBOOK, 1853-54. [record of fees paid by company messengers travelling by steamer to and from San Francisco; Lester operated the New York Hotel]


Mss2.L727:LIESY, LLOYD. AUDIO INTERVIEW, 1973. R. H. Limbaugh interview of Lloyd Liesy, rancher. Interview about the cattle trade in San Joaquin County, family history, and business during the 1930s. Conducted in Stockton, December 20, 1973.


Mss2.L784:LIVE OAK CEMETERY ASSOCIATION, STOCKTON. RECORDS, 1883-84. [4 items incl. rules & trustees' report]


Mss2.L991:LYON, MARY M. WRITINGS, n.d. [2 essays on Erastus S. Holden, early railroad tycoon (1856) and first druggist in Stockton (1849)]


Mss2.M156:McKENZIE, JOHN T. PAPERS, 1865-81. [40 items incl. tax & other receipts of this San Joaquin County rancher]


Mss2.M165:McLERRAN, H.B. LETTER, 1882. [describes County wheat market conditions and shipping costs]


Mss2.M381:MARTIN, IRVING. CORRESPONDENCE, 1939-41. [incl. personal letters and photographs of Stockton newspaper owner]


Mss2.M629:MEYER, URSULA. AUDIO INTERVIEW, 2008. Robert Benedetti interview of Ursula Meyer, Director at the Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library from 1974-1994. Discussion includes childhood in Danzig, Germany, education, early librarian career, and experiences as Library Director in Stockton. Conducted in Stockton, July 14, 2008. Celebration of Life Program, May 13, 2011.


Mss2.M647:MILLER, FRANKLIN (COLLECTOR). HORN/MILLER/MURPHY FAMILY GENEALOGICAL DATA. [10 items pertaining to early wheat-farming family]


Mss2.P866:POTTER, CHARLES. RECEIPTS, 1866-68. [2 items pertaining to purchase of building materials from Robinson Brothers & groceries from John Ducker in Stockton]


Mss2.R462:REYNOLDS FAMILY. PAPERS, 1877-1950. [3 items; two property tax receipts of early Manteca area rancher, David R. Reynolds, 1877-79; address by Henrietta Reynolds, daughter of David R., on pioneers buried in East Union Cemetery and on Indian artifacts discovered in vicinity of Reynolds land, 1950]


Mss2.R618:RIVARA, DONALD L. "The GOINS MURDERS of 1926," 1987. [essay, notes & clippings on this sensational case involving members of McNoble, Podesta and Marengo families]


Mss2.R964:RUSSELL, J.R. DEED of TRUST, 1900. [conveys land to P.B. Fraser, Stockton, to secure loan]


Mss.2.S152:SANDBERG, NELS. These papers consist of a 40 page research paper, Stockton Domestic Architecture, 1850s - 1930s, and 45 photographs of houses. Nels Sandberg produced this study as a student at University of the Pacific in 1979.


Mss2.S195:SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY. SURVEYOR'S OFFICE. SWAMP & OVERFLOW LANDS, SURVEY Nos. 743 & 745, 1861. [lands on Disappointment Slough surveyed for W. Harper & P.L. Shoaff by Duncan Beaumont]


Mss2.S195 J62:SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY. DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S OFFICE. CASE FILES, 1899-1911. [30 items incl. criminal proceedings, complaints, correspondence and supoenas]


Mss2.S295:SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY. MISCELLANEOUS RECORDS, 1905-37. [5 items incl. correspondence & notes pertaining to surveying, prisoners and Sheriff's Department]


Mss2.S154 SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY FERRY SYSTEM Collection includes information on the vehicles, routes, history, and costs of the ferry system operated by San Joaquin County for the waterways and islands of the Delta region. 1954-1956.


Mss2.S539:SHEBL, JAMES. "RYER-LANGDON DUEL," 1981. [ca. 100 items pertaining to Stockton duel of Dr. Washington M. Ryer and Dr. Samuel Landon over quarrel precipitated by Governor J. Neely Johnson's appointment of latter as Director of the State Insane Asylum, Stockton (1857)]


Mss2.S357:SIMS, SALLIE SMITH. AUDIO INTERVIEW, 1978. Mary Wedegaertner interview of Sallie Smith Sims, daughter of Lorenzo Dow Smith. Family history and the role family played in the northward expansion of Stockton. Includes student “Oral history Project” summary & analysis. Conducted in Stockton, April 18 & 26, 1978.


Mss2.S751:SPERRY & CO., STOCKTON. CORRESPONDENCE, 1882-85. [2 items concerning account of F.W. Fisk, Murphys]


Mss2.S775 1911: STOCKTON STATE HOSPITAL FOR THE INSANE ARCHITECTURAL DRAWINGS. Six vellum drawings, plans, elevations, and details of the Female Building 'sewing room and dormitory' drawn by the California Department of Engineering, 1911. (stored with Oversize MS collections)


Mss2.S795:STARBUCK & SPENCER, STOCKTON. LEDGER, 1849-52. [photocopy of mercantile accounts of this Stockton shipping firm associated with Sherman & Ruckel of San Francisco]


Mss2.S866:STOCKTON. MAYOR'S CROSSTOWN FREEWAY COMMISSION. RECORDS, 1967. [18 items incl. minutes, reports, statistical data and maps]


Mss2.S866 1911:STOCKTON (CALIF.). RECORDER. TITLE ABSTRACT, 1858-1911. [abstract describes history of lots 3, 5 & 7 of block 246, east, Stockton, Calif.]


Mss2.S8661:STOCKTON TERMINAL & EASTERN RAILROAD CO. REPORT, 1917. [details investigation of possibility of continuing service on this 18.5 mile spur running from Stockton east through Linden]


Mss2.W124 WADSWORTH, JAMES F. Logbook/Journal of James F. Wadsworth. March 18th, 1849 Plymouth to March 5th 1864 Stockton, California (xerox copy)


Mss2.W154 WALCHER, C F Letter, 1921 October 23 Lodi, California, to Harriett E. Boss, San Jose. Holograph. Describing son's participation in World War I before he was killed in action.


Mss2.W724c:WILLIAMS, KIMBERLY. "UP BEFORE the BAR; the STORY of SHERIFF THOMAS CUNNINGHAM," 1991. [150 pp. essay and 25 photographs detail life of long-time San Joaquin County Sheriff (1872-99)]


Series 17: Social Life & Customs


Mss2. A498 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY WOMEN Policy sheets, Revised By-Laws, programs, and publications of the Stockton Branch AAUW, 1930-1982.


Mss2.B181:BALDWIN, ANITA. LETTER, 1914. [daughter of Elias "Lucky" Baldwin discusses upcoming Rose Parade]


Mss2.B181:BAVA, BENJAMIN. AUDIO INTERVIEW, 1982. Dewey Chambers interview of Benjamin Bava, a San Joaquin Delta farmer and Italian immigrant. Recorded as part of class exercise in Delta Folklore. Conducted in Stockton, January 8, 1982.


Mss2.B471:BENNETT, ELLA COSTELLO. WRITINGS, n.d. [poems, photographs and an essay on the cemetery at Mission Dolores, San Francisco, by this freelance journalist]


Mss2.B535:BOGOSLOVSKY, DUNA. AUDIO INTERVIEW, 1969. Martha S. O’Bryon interview of Duna Bogoslovsky, mother of Jane Thorpe and a Russian immigrant. Includes discussion of Russians in the US and emigration/immigration. Conducted in Stockton, 1969.


Mss2.C163:CALIGURI, MEL. AUDIO INTERVIEW, 1979. Paul Thompson interview of his grandmother, Mel Caliguri. Discussion of life during the Great Depression, including moving to California. Conducted May, 1979.


Mss2.C315:CHAMBERS, NED. AUDIO INTERVIEW, 1966. Dewey Chambers interview of Ned Chambers. Includes discussion of local folk history of San Benito and Monterey Counties. Conducted in Capitola, November 4, 1966.


Mss2.D255:DEMMON, LEE & LON. AUDIO INTERVIEW, 1979. Kim L. Ramsey interview of Lee & Lon Demmon on family history and genealogy. Discussion includes San Joaquin County, Fresno County and Bay Area. Conducted in Lodi, October 3, 1979.


Mss2.D253:DENHAM, PEARL. AUDIO INTERVIEW, 1979. Ronald B. Edwards interview of Pearl Denham. Interview on the Great Depression’s effect on Denham’s life in Cleveland, Ohio. Conducted in Los Gatos, CA, October 27, 1979.


Mss2.D777:DUTRA, HENRY A.. AUDIO INTERVIEW, 1979. Michael J. Dutra interview of father Henry A. Dutra. Life of Henry A. Dutra as a baseball player playing in Oakland and for the St. Louis Cardinals, and his career afterwards. Conducted in San Leandro, November 22, 1979.


Mss2.E147:ECKSTROM, THOMAS FREDERICK. JOURNAL, 1871. Transcription of the Journal of Thomas Frederick Eckstrom's trip from California to Stockholm, Sweden and St. Petersburg, Russia and back to California, June 5 to October 4, 1871. Eckstrom and his brother Albert operated “Eckstrom Brothers, Eureka Baths and Shaving Saloon” while his wife, Eilzabeth Stuart, had a millenary called “Palace of Fashion” in Stockton, California.


Mss2.E84:ETHERIDGE, C.M. CORRESPONDENCE, 1862-68. [2 letters from a Michigan woman to her family describe a California visit]


Mss2.F872:FREMONT, JESSIE BENTON. LETTER, 1888. [describes return trip from San Jose to Los Angeles]


Mss2.H336:HARTVIG FAMILY. PAPERS, 1876-1882. [25 items incl. correspondence, invitations & programs to events in Sonora]


Mss2.H463:HEIMSOTH, WILLIAM. DIARIES. Typescript copy of originals. 1891 and 1892 diaries combined into one document with both years transcribed for same date. 1891 diary, log of everyday life in Woodford, California. 1892 and 1894 diaries, chronicling attendance at Napa College. For Napa College Diploma and Plant Specimens from Napa College see University Archives.


Mss2.H631:HICKS, JOHN D. "The CALIFORNIA BACKGROUND: SPANISH or AMERICAN?," 1950. [8 pp. essay by Chairman of History Dept. at UC Berkeley]


Mss.2.I552 IOOF Independent Order of Odd Fellows correspondence (1877-1909) and brochure (1937) concerning the Lodges in Stockton, Elliott, Clements, Lodi, and Linden, California.


Mss2.K177:KAUTZ, LEONA. AUDIO INTERVIEW, 1979. Paul Schreiner interview of Leona Kautz. Interview of life during the Great Depression in Petersburg, Nebraska and Napa, California. Conducted in Napa, December 1, 1979.


Mss2.K29:KELLY, LILA. CORRESPONDENCE, 1895; 1910. [one letter from Oakland nurse friend who discusses patients; one letter from Dern J. Dever, crew member on P.M.S.S. Sydney, who discusses family matters]


Mss2.L289 LEVY, VIOLET. Summary of interview of Violet Levy by Robert E. Levinson, April 21, 1966. Interview about family life and the Jewish community in Stockton, California.


Mss2.L831:LOGAN, WILLIAM. REMINISCENCE, 1912. [6 pp. description of Irish road crew near La Honda, Santa Clara County]


Mss2.M345:MARKHAM, EDWIN. POEMS, 1899; 1924-26. [typescripts with holograph inscriptions, signature]


Mss2.M379:MARTIN, VIRGIL. REMINSICENCE, 1975. AUDIO INTERVIEW, 1976. R. H. Limbaugh interview of Virgil Martin. Conducted in Stockton, December 15, 1976. Martin was an automobile mechanic who worked under John Eagel, Billy Husten (1911), and Jimmy Doolittle. Martin was a mechanic in WWI and during WWII was with General Engineers.


Mss2.N593:NICEWONGER, HARRIET. PAPERS, 1956-82. [6 items pertaining to John Muir Memorial Association and acquisition of John Muir National Historic Site (1964)]


Mss2.O44:OLDER, MARY SHAFER. LETTER, 1982. [memoir of activities at Rio Vista, Solano County, 1870-1930]


Mss2.P662 PIONEERS OF CALIF. LADIES AUXILIARY, STOCKTON Membership applications, 1953-1957. Ms. on typescript forms. Family histories & genealogical data on cards.


Mss2.P682:PITCHFORD, SARAH J. PAPERS, 1890. [2 items pertaining to Mexican War widow's pension]


Mss2.R513:ROBINSON, I.A. “NEWT”. AUDIO INTERVIEW, 1982. Dewey Chambers interview of I.A. Robinson, a Delta farmer and businessman. Recorded as part of class exercise in Delta Folklore. Conducted in Stockton, 1982. Includes correspondence and clippings.


Mss2.S211:SANCHEZ, LOUIS A. CRITICAL REVIEW OF "NO MORE A STRANGER" BY ANNE FISHER, 1946. [3 pp. typescript corrects errors in Ms. Fisher's book about Robert Louis Stevenson in California]


Mss2.S161:THE SCRAP BOOK. MAGAZINES, 1930 and 1931. Two issues of a literary magazine published by DeYoung & Conklin, Stockton, CA.


Mss2.S573:SIESNOP FAMILY. PAPERS, 1921-22. [birthday card to Mary Siesnop, Garden Valley (1922) and funeral notice for Mrs. Wilhelmina Siesnop, Kelsey (1921)]


Mss2.S585:SILSBEE, NORWOOD. LETTER, 1913. [describes stuntman standing on head on State Capitol dome]


Mss2.S628 SKINNER, J.S. Correspondence from J.S.Skinner to son Charlie 1860-1864 from Mariposa County, CA. Mentions of Stockton, CA. Also included: Dr. Skinner's business card, letters of recommendation for Skinner, certificate of membership in Ohio State Medical Society 1849, Doctor of Medicine degree 1850.


Mss2.S897 STEINMETZ, ANNIE Annie Steinmetz autograph book, started November 25, 1887. Steinmetz lived in Banta, California. It includes notes and autographs of dozens of San Joaquin county residents such as Mrs. Holt.


Mss2.S728:STEWART, FRED. AUDIO INTERVIEW, 1985. R. H. Limbaugh interview of Fred Stewart, born 1897. Discussion covers history of Butte Store, family history, and development of Butte City and San Joaquin county, and mining in surrounding areas. Conducted in Stockton, February 21, 1985.


Mss2.T239:TAYLOR, EDWARD ROBESON. LETTER, 1910. [note to painter, William Keith]


Mss2.W133 WAGNER, ELISE Diary of Elise Wagner, a Stockton, CA high school girl, from 6/23/1918 - 9/27/1918. Lists birthdays of friends and social events and activities. Four newspaper clippings at back describe dances and parties of Leonore and Catherine Oullahan, Margaret Lauxen, Geraldine Briggs, and Ruth Mason.


Mss2.W177:WALKER, CONSTANCE. COLLECTED POETRY, 1941-72. [in part published materials and some holographic copies of poems on California flora and fauna, esp. of Joshua Tree National Monument region, by this Antelope Valley poet]


Mss2.W177: WATTRON, FRANK. PLAY SCRIPT. Typescript of “Green Valley: A folk fantasy” script by Frank Wattron (1916-2006). Wattron taught speech and drama, and later became the Humanities Division Chair at Bakersfield College.


Mss2.W244:WELLS, ANN ELIZABETH STOVER. AUDIO INTERVIEW, 1963. Audio interview of Mrs. Lee Wells (Ann Elizabeth Stover Wells), born 1875. Discussion of life growing up in Pleasanton. Father-in-law was a County Supervisor. Conducted June 9, 1963.


Series 18: Water


Mss2.B368:BEARD, WALTER FRANKLIN. INTERVIEWS, 1968-76. [25 pp. transcription of four interviews (1968, 1970, 1973, 1976) with this Stanislaus County contractor and rancher; discusses Modesto Irrigation District,Turlock Irrigation District canals & reservoir, Oakdale canals, South San Joaquin Irrigation District ]


Mss2.J31:JAMIESON, GEORGE G. "GRAVEL & WATER in the AMADOR VALLEY," 1964. [11 pp. reminiscence by former Director of Pleasanton Township County Water District, Contra Costa County]


Mss2.W363:WEAVER, JAMES. WATERBOOK, 1862. [provides measurements of water in inches together with names of customers & payments; place and type of water use not known]


Mss2.W523:WESTSIDE IRRIGATION DISTRICT. MINUTEBOOK, 1876-79. [includes earliest business of this Stanislaus County district, incl. selection of officers, establishment of precincts, purchase of canals and water rights, etc.]