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Title: Dixy Lee Ray papers
Date (inclusive): 1937-1982
Collection Number: 82106
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Library and Archives
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 167 manuscript boxes, 20 oversize boxes, 3 card file boxes, 3 cubic feet boxes, 135 envelopes, 1 album box, 7 slide boxes, 16 motion picture film reels, 1 videotape cassette, 2 phonorecords, 3 linear feet of memorabilia (119.0 Linear Feet)
Abstract: Correspondence, speeches, reports, studies, printed matter, audiovisual material, and memorabilia, relating primarily to nuclear energy in the United States, and to Washington state politics. Digital copies of select records also available at 
Creator: Ray, Dixy Lee
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Library & Archives.


Boxes 182, 184, and 185 restricted; use copies available in Box 181. The remainder of the collection is open for research; materials must be requested at least two business days in advance of intended use.

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Acquired by the Hoover Institution Library & Archives in 1982.

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Biographical Note

1914, September 3 Born, Tacoma, WA.
1937 B.A., Mills College, Oakland, CA.
1938 M.A., Mills College (LL.D., 1967)
1939-1942 Teacher, Oakland Public Schools and Pacific Grove Public Schools, CA.
1942-1943 John Switzer fellow, Stanford, CA.
1945 Ph.D. (Marine Biology), Stanford University
1945-1972 Associate professor of zoology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA.
1959 Author,
1960-1963 Special consultant in biological oceanography, U.S. National Science Foundation
1963-1972 Director, Pacific Science Center, Seattle
1964 Chief scientist, Research Vessel TE VEGA Expedition, International Indian Ocean
  Visiting professor, Stanford;
1969 Member, Presidential Task Force on Oceanography
1972 Member, Atomic Energy Commission
1972-1975(January) Chairman
1975(January-June) Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs
1977-1981 Governor, State of Washington
1980, September 18 Lost her bid for reelection in state open primary
1981- Writer and lecturer

Scope and Content of the Collection

The Dixy Lee Ray collection in the Hoover Institution Library & Archives consists of her personal papers accumulated during the years 1937 to 1981. The materials, amounting to some hundred and eighty boxes, document principally her activities as director of the Pacific Science Center in Seattle; as member and chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission; as assistant secretary of state, and as governor of the State of Washington. Official papers stemming from her tenure as governor are kept in Olympia, as part of the Washington State Archives.
The arrangement of the collection closely follows her career path, with materials from her various offices or occupations treated chronologically in separate series.
The biographical series documents Dixy Lee Ray's personal life, including her early years as a graduate student in biology (boxes 6-7). Of special interest is her complete genealogical record (box 5).
The correspondence series is small, as it represents only those letters exchanged when Dixy Lee Ray did not hold an official position. Correspondence of 1973, for instance, is to be found in the Atomic Energy Commission series. Also filed in this correspondence series are private letters exchanged over a number of years and therefore kept together instead of being placed into different series. Of particular interest is the large folder of correspondence with Marion Reed, Dixy Lee Ray's sister, and her husband Gordon (box 9).
The speeches and writings series consists mostly of articles on the subject of nuclear energy and biological research, as well as some speeches given after she left office.
The subject file reflects Dixy Lee Ray's academic formation and professional involvement, and is generally orientated towards scientific topics. It contains a very large section on energy, particularly nuclear energy, with many reports and studies on the safety of nuclear power plants and the disposal of radioactive waste (boxes 16-25). Other folders of interest are those on the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy (box 39).
The Pacific Science Center series provides a good picture of Dixy Lee Ray's efforts to promote interest in science, particularly among young people, as evidenced by the files on the sea use program (box 54), the summer oceanography classes (box 57) and the television continuity public relations program (box 58). The minutes of the Oceanographic Commission of Washington's meetings constitute a sizeable part of this series (boxes 50-52) and readers interested in this subject should also consult the many files on oceanography in the subject file (boxes 33-34).
The Atomic Energy Commission series is probably the most valuable part of the collection, with its direct link to issues of great national and international significance. As for all the other major series, a big correspondence section is present, with important letters to heads of state and of American and foreign agencies (boxes 60-68), as well as a record of most of the speeches delivered by Dixy Lee Ray during that time (boxes 81-87). The files on her travels abroad (boxes 88-89) to attend international conferences and meet with foreign officials in charge of nuclear policy provide valuable information, as does the file on the visit to the United States of French atomic officials (box 89). On the working relationship between the Atomic Energy Commission and the executive branch, files on the Office of Management and Budget (box 78) and the White House (box 89) are to be consulted. This series also contains a very important file on the implementation of the Energy and Research Development Administration, one of the two agencies (the other being the Nuclear Regulatory Commission) created at the Atomic Energy Commission's dissolution, on ll October 1974 (box 69).
The State Department series' most specific contribution is the file on the establishment and the role of the Bureau for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs (box 98), a newly created office which Dixy Lee Ray took over with enthusiasm but one with which she became rapidly frustrated, as indicated in particular by her correspondence (boxes 91-98).
The small interim years series consists for the most part of correspondence dealing with her numerous speaking engagements, which were scheduled by her agent, the Leigh Lecture Bureau. But Dixy Lee Ray was already thinking of running for governor: her victorious bid of 1976 for that position is recorded in the gubernatorial campaigns series, which also includes, for the sake of coherence, her unsuccessfull campaign of 1980 for re-election. Both campaign series have original files documenting general strategies, staff work, popular support; fund-raising records and statements for the Public Disclosure Commission are particularly well kept and extensive for the 1976 campaign (boxes 105-110 and 112-114).
The governorship series is the largest of the collection, with substantial files on budget conference notes (boxes 121-124), higher education (boxes 137-138), the eruption of Mount St. Helens in May of 1980 (boxes 140-142), the penitentiary system (boxes 144-145), town hall meetings (boxes 162-163), various Washington State agencies (boxes 164-169).
A considerable amount of audio-visual material complements the collection. Most noteworthy are an extensive series of photographs depicting Dixy Lee Ray in official functions, especially as director of the Atomic Energy Commission and as governor of the state of Washington, and the recordings on cassettes of virtually all of the speeches she gave while governor.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Video tapes
Sound recordings
Motion pictures
Washington (State) -- Politics and government
Nuclear energy -- United States
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission



Scope and Contents note

Bank statements, bills, correspondence, genealogy records, clippings, graduate research notes, insurance policies, legal papers, tax forms, arranged alphabetically by subject
box 1

Articles about Dixy Lee Ray










Bank statements

box 2

Bank statements

box 3

Bank statements

box 4

Biographical data


Biographies, inclusion of DLR in




Business cards (of DLR and others)






Correspondence regarding an article in the 2 February 75


Sympathy letters received upon the death of Jacques and Ghillie (2 folders)


Financial matters


Fox Island

box 5

Genealogical Record (2 volumes)

box 6

Graduate work in zoology and morphology at Mills College and Stanford University 1937-1942


Microbiology lecture notes 1942


Research notes (2 folders)

box 7

Thesis. Handwritten first original copy (2 folders)




Honorary degrees


Insurance policies

box 8

Letters of recommendation, written by DLR




Alumni associations, clubs, organizations, etc.


Boards and commissions






Motor vehicles






Taxes (2 folders)


Travel 1976


University of Washington. See also SUBJECT FILE


Leave of absence


Research in microbiology



Scope and Contents note

Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent.
box 9

General 1981


Carlson, Edward 1967-1980


Carson, Stanley F. 1973-1980


Castillo, Joseph R. 1976


Deane, Evelyn (Executive Secretary for Mills College) 1975


Doub, William O. 1975


Green, Lora C. 1976


Hanna, Paul 1976


Knodle, Wilma G. 1976


Krieg, Alden F. 1975


Martin, A.W. 1976-1980


Miller, Dorothy 1976


Owen, Ray 1967-1977


Raymond, Lawrence P. 1976


Reid, Marion and Gordon






Scherer, Paul A. 1966-1973


Steele, A.R. 1973-1977


University of Washington, Department of Zoology 1972-1976


Vest, George S. 1976


Woodwick, Keith 1976

box 10

Birthday and Christmas cards (various years)

box 11

Birthday and Christmas cards (various years)



Scope and Contents note

Articles, essays, notes, outlines, speeches, studies, arranged alphabetically by title.
box 12

"The Case for Nuclear Power." Reprint by the Western Environmental Trade Association of a special series of articles that DLR prepared for n.d.


. Typewritten draft of an outline for DLR's autobiography n.d.


"Marine Fungi and Wood Borer Attack." Mimeographed copy of a study 1959


"Miracle of Water." Printed copy of a paper presented at the symposium "Challenge for Survival 1968: Land, Air and Water for Man in Megalopolis," sponsored by The New York Botanical Garden and the Rockefeller Univer- sity, 25-26 April 1968, and published in November 1968






Food and development


Goethe's Faust


Nuclear power


Science (Pacific Science Center years)


Science and government


"Nuclear Power: How Safe?" Photocopy of a typewritten statement answering a series of questions put to DLR while chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission


"Nuclear Power! In Search Of An Ombudsman." Printed copy of an article published in July 1969


"Nuclear Power Should Not Be Accepted Because There Is A Crisis." Two printed copies of an article n.d.


Speaking invitations 1981


Speech notes 1981


"Water!" Printed copy and photocopy of a paper, adapted for publication, presented at the symposium "Challenge for Survival 1968," and published in November/December 1968


"Water: An Account Of A Curious Liquid And What It Does." Typewritten copy and photocopy of a study n.d.


"Water Water Everywhere... But What If It Is Bad?" Printed copy of an article published in March 1970


"Why Don't They Look It Up?" Printed copy of an article published in April 1982


SUBJECT FILE 1963-1981

Scope and Contents note

Clippings, correspondence, memoranda, printed matter, studies, arranged alphabetically by subject.
box 13

Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations


Aerospace Corporation


Agnew, Harold




American Association for the Advancement of Science


American Institute for Public Service


American Society of Safety Engineers


American Women in Radio and Television


Americans for Energy Independence


Anderson, John B.

box 14



Salmon rearing


Treaty Representatives - Eighth Consultative Meeting, Oslo, Norway 9-20 June 1975


Argonne National Laboratory


Associated Universities, Inc.


Association of Washington Business


Bagnariol, John




Bechtel Corporation




Blue Water Educational Institute, Inc.


Blumenthal, Michael


Bonneville Power Administration

box 15

Bonneville Regional Advisory Council


Bosanko, Howard J.


Boston Museum of Science




Brookhaven National Laboratory




Bundy, Ted


Butterworth, Blair


California State University Northridge


Canada - Foreign relations - United States


Carter, Jimmy


Chakravarti, Dr.


Challenge of the Seventies. Governor's Conference, Olympia, Washington 30 September-1 October 1970


Climatic change


Coalition for Protective Legislation


Coastal Society


Coastal States Conference on Ocean Mining Law, Portland, Oregon 11-13 December 1968


Coastal Zone Management Act Amendments of 1976


Colorado - "Sunset Laws" draft


Columbia River Interstate Compact

box 16

Commission on Critical Choices for Americans


Commoner, Barry


Cooney, Lloyd E.


Council on International Economic Policy


Crown Zellerbach Corporation


Democratic National Committee 1977-1979


Denenberg, Herbert


Desert agriculture


Detente - Germany




DiBona, Charles J.


Donohue, Hubert F.


Economic Development Council of Puget Sound




Edwards, James




Energy. See also Brazil, Japan, Middle East, New England, Pacific Basin, Pacific Northwest, Puget Sound, Sweden, Taiwan, Washington State


General (3 folders)

box 17

General (2 folders)


Alternate sources



box 18











Gas. See also Alaska and Canada


Geothermal energy




Nuclear energy. See also Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Studies and Silkwood, Karen


General (2 folders)

box 19

General (4 folders)

box 20

Anti-nuclear movement. See also Mead, Margaret and Nader, Ralph




California 1976


Tennessee 1974


Breeder reactors




Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor (2 folders)



box 21








box 22

Uranium (4 folders)

box 23



General (2 folders)



box 24



General (2 folders)


National Governors' Association Task Force


Radioactive Waste Management Program. See also State Planning Council on Radio- active Waste Management


Spent nuclear fuel


Transportation (2 folders)


Oil (petroleum, gasoline). See also Alaska, Canada, Northern Tier Pipeline, and Puget Sound



box 25





Solar energy




Conference, Washington, D.C. 10 June 1974


Synthetic fuels


Energy Commercialization Enterprises




Energy Research and Development Administration. See also ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION

box 26



Equal Rights Amendment


Evans, Dan. Transcripts of press conferences


Evergreen State College


Federal Council for Science and Technology


Federal Emergency Management Agency


Federal Energy Administration Act of 1973


Federal Nonnuclear Energy Research and Development Act of 1974


Federal Water Quality Act of Amendments to 1977,


Ferguson, Adele


Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory


Fitterer, Rev. John A.

box 27



Food problem


Ford, Gerald R. - Staff




Fudenberg, H.H.


Garcia, Joe




Government Employees Insurance Company


Grand Coulee Dam


Guzzo, Louis R.


Hand, Learned

box 28

Hanford. See also ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION, McCormack, Mike


Hartley, Roland T.


Hazardous materials, transportation of




Honeywell, Inc.


Hopkins Marine Station. See Stanford University






Hurley, Margaret


Hydrodynamic Development Corporation, Inc.








Ft. Lawton Park Advisory Committee


Innova, Inc. See also Chakravarti, Dr.

box 29

Intergovernmental Personnel Act of 1970


Intermountain Science Experience Center


International Atomic Energy Agency


International Trade Conference, 3rd Annual, Seattle, Washington 12 May 1977


International Women's Year 1975






Jenkins, David




King County, Washington - Stadium construction


Kissinger, Henry


KMS Fusion, Inc.

box 30

Lake Washington


Lapp, Ralph


Larson, Clarence


Lawrence Livermore Laboratory


Lockheed Aircraft Corporation


Longley, James Bernard


Luvera, Paul N.


McDermott, Jim


Magnuson, Jermaine


Magnuson, Warren


Maier, Cornell


Mallon, Robert P.


Marshal Aid Commemoration Commission


Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Mead, Margaret


Metzger, H. Peter


Middle East. See also Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Studies


Miller, Mrs. Pendleton. See also University of Washington and PACIFIC SCIENCE CENTER


Milwaukee Railroad. See also GOVERNORSHIP, Washington State Agencies, Transportation Department






Moynihan, Patrick


Mt. Hood Community College


Nader, Ralph. See also ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION, Doub, William O.

box 31

National Accelerator Laboratory. See Fermi


National Center for Productivity


National Democratic Policy Committee


National Energy Institute - Establishment proposal


National Science Foundation




New England


Nimeh, Frances D.


Nisqually Delta


Northern Tier Pipeline

box 32

Northern Tier Pipeline


Nuclear Power Plant Siting Bill


Nuclear Regulatory Commission


O'Murphy, Karl O.


O'Neil, Eugene


Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Biological Division





box 33



Oceanography. See also Zoology

box 34

Oceanography (3 folders)


Offshore industrial-port islands


Olympic College


Organized crime

box 35

Pacific Basin


Pacific Northwest


Pacific Northwest Electric Power Planning and Conservation Act


Pacific Northwest Nuclear Power Plant Siting Study


Pacific Northwest Regional Commission


Pacific Northwest Regional Power Legislation


Pacific Northwest Sea


Pacific Northwest Utilities Conference Committee


Pacific Regional Committee - Marshall Scholarships 1973


Pacific Resources, Inc.


Peninsula Light Company




People's Republic of China




Pierce County, Washington - Agricultural Conservation Program 1975


Potter, V.R.


President's Reorganization Project (Reorganization of Federal Emergency Preparadness and Response Programs)


Puget Sound


Puget Sound, Group Health Cooperative of

box 36

Puget Sound Health Plan Council


Puget Sound Hospital


Puget Sound Power & Light Company


Ray, Marguerite W.


Reid, Gordon


Reid, Marion R.


Rockefeller, Nelson A.


Saint Martin's College


San Juan Islands


Satsop Nuclear Power Plant


Saurs, Barbara K.


Scherer, Paul A.


Schlesinger, James A.






List of talks included in "Suits: Speaking of Research" - Page proofs



box 37



Seattle Chamber of Commerce


Seattle Engineering Department


3 April 1979


Seattle, Port of. See South Korea


Seattle Professional Engineering Employment Association


Silkwood, Karen


Simon, William E.


Smithkline Company


South Korea - Foreign Relations - Port of Seattle


Spellman, John


Spokane City Plan Commission


Stanford University


State Planning Council on Radioactive Waste Management


Strategic Arms Limitation Talks

box 38

Stratospheric ozone


Stuntz, Daniel E.


Sweden (2 folders)


Tacoma public schools




Taylor, Theodore B.




Teller, Edward




Three Mile Island

box 39

Trident Base


Union Carbide Corporation


United Nations


United States




Coast Guard






House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs


Joint Committee on Atomic Energy. See also ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION, Hearings




Departure of Chet Holifield and Craig Hosmer



box 40

Department of the Army - Seattle District


Department of Defense


Department of State


Flag Merchant Marine


Foreign Relations


Canada. See Canada








University of Arizona


University of Washington




Arboretum Plan


Department of Zoology

box 41

Department of Zoology


Friday Harbor Laboratories


Vinton, W.J.


Washington Army and Air National Guard


Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs


Washington Council on International Trade


Washington Energy Research Center


Washington Health Care Facilities Authority


Washington Oil Port


Washington-Oregon Potato and Onion Association


Washington Public Ports Association


Washington Public Power Supply System


Spring/ Summer 1980


Washington State


Agencies. See also GOVERNORSHIP, Washington State Agencies


Democratic Central Committee 1977-1978


Democratic Convention 1978







box 42



Bills (2 folders)


Candidates nominated for 1980








State Capitol


State Government


Statute Law


Transportation - Ferry Acquisition Program


Ways and Means


Legislative Reference Notes


Operating and Capitol Budget Summary








Roll calls

box 43



Toll bridges, tunnels and ferries




Washington State Association of Group Homes


Washington State Developmental Disabilities Council


Washington State Guard


Washington State Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation


Washington State Labor Council


Washington State Magistrates Association


Washington State Medicaid Agency


Washington State Research Council


Washington State School Directors' Association


Washington State Thermal Power Plant Site Evaluation Council


Washington State University


Washington Women United


Watanabe, Taul


Water rights


Water-producing energy centers in the Middle East. See Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Studies

box 44

Weinberg, Alvin




Western States Policy Office


Weyerhaeuser-Stoneway Strip Mine


White House Office of Science and Technology


Willamette River Basin




Yakima Valley College


Yucatan coral





Scope and Contents note

Correspondence, exhibit outlines, financial records, minutes of meetings, scientific expeditions accounts, summer school programs, union contracts, arranged alphabetically by subject.
box 45





Allied Arts of Seattle


Arts for Youth Council


Board of Trustees


Book and Gift Shop




"Challenge for Survival " See New York Botanical Garden 1968


Civil defense - Facilities at the Pacific Science Center (hereafter PSC)


Commission on Marine Science, Engineering and Resources


Community Relations Committee




Chronological file





box 46

(blue copies) 1969


(blue copies) 1970

box 47





Personal file





box 48






box 49

Director's Report 1972






Notes of DLR


Scripts (2 folders)


Financial records


Future developments at the PSC - Notes of DLR




Laboratory and classroom construction

box 50

Library Liaison Committee - Intermediate District IX




Advisory Committee








New York Botanical Garden - Symposium: "Challenge for Survival 1968," 25-26 April 1968


Oceanographic Commission of Washington


General (2 folders)

box 51



1965, November 16




September 22


December 14




March 14


April 24


May 27


July 1


October 1




June 9


June 16


July 2


November 13


December 19

box 52



March 26


May 4


June 5


July 20


September 3


October 26


December 4




January 4


February 16


April 16


May 28


August 6


September 17


November 1


December 10




January 3


April 7


June 2


July 28


October 20

box 53

Oceanographic Institute of Washington. See also Oceanographic Commission of Washington. Meetings




Class. See Summer Oceanography Class




Overall Economic Development Programs Planning Committee




Rental policy for PSC building


Resignation of DLR 1972




Resume of activities 1969

box 54

School Advisory Committee


Science Advisory Committee (2 folders)


Science Council


Science Libraries


Sea Use Council


Sea Use Program, Cobb Seamount


Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra - Pacific Northwest Camp

box 55

Speaking invitations









box 56









Speeches and writings

box 57

Summer Oceanography Class


(2 folders) 1969




TE VEGA (Research Vessel) Expedition, International Indian Ocean 1964




Correspondence (3 folders)

box 58

Cruise A


Cruise B


Indian language printed material


Television Continuity Public Relations program (2 folders)




Union agreements


U.S. Science Exhibit



Scope and Contents note

Charts, correspondence, graphs, hearings transcripts, interviews, minutes of meetings, memoranda, reports, speeches, studies, travel schedules, arranged alphabetically by subject.
box 59



Achievements of DLR as chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission (hereafter AEC)


Administrative matters


Amchitka Bioenvironmental Program


American Revolution Bicentennial Commission


Annual Report to Congress 1974


Appointment of DLR


as member 8 August 1972


as chairman 6 February 1973


Congratulatory letters


Appointment books

box 60



Chronological file















box 61







(2 folders) July-December


1975, January


Numerical file


Index March 1974 - February 1975



box 62












box 63












box 64







Personal file




B (2 folders)

box 65

C (3 folders)









box 66











M (2 folders)

box 67





P (2 folders)


R (2 folders)

box 68

S (3 folders)








W (2 folders)



box 69



Director of labor relations


Doub, William O.




Correspondence with Ralph Nader


Drewry, George E.


Ellwood City Industrial Council


"Energy and the Environment." AEC exhibit 1972


Energy Research and Development Administration - Implementation Bill (2 folders)


Financial holdings reports of employees

box 70

General Advisory Committee


General Counsel


General Manager


Gifts, foreign. Register


Giraud, Andre. See Visits


Glennan, T. Keith


Guzzo, Louis


Hearings of the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, Backup book for DLR 28 February 1973.


Hinds, H.R.


Holifield, Chet


Hosmer, Craig


International agreements

box 71



1972, September-December











box 72





February (2 folders)







box 73







Pending reply 1973





box 74


















box 75














box 76











Jenkins, David


Kissinger initiative - Memorandum of DLR 13 November 1974


McCormack, Mike - Statement on Hanford


Media relations




Memoranda. See also Reading file



box 77

Muntzig, Manning




Office of Information Services




Reading file







box 78



Referrals to John Harris, director


Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the President




Relationship with the AEC. See also White House


Letter of DLR to Frank G. Zarb 12 September 1974


Letter of John P. Abadessa to Robert C. Seamans, Jr. 7 December 1974


Omenn, Gilbert


Personnel (2 folders)

box 79

Press conferences


Press receptions


Press releases


Press schedule


Project Independence Advisory Committee


December 1974


Reading file


1972, September-December









box 80

Reading material sent to DLR and referred for reply to various staff members. Correspondence


Hargett, Minnie Earle


Jackson, A.W.


August 1981-June 1972


July-December 1972




Reorganization 15 May 1973


Salary of DLR


Secretary's handbook


Separation clearance for DLR


Simon, William E.

box 81

Speaking and special events schedule


Speaking invitations




Declined and referred to B. Wood


Speeches (arranged alphabetically by requesting group or occasion)


List 1973-1974


Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Foundation - "Woman of Science Award" presenta- tion, Beverly Hills, California 22 June 1974


Advertising Council, Inc., Washington, D.C. 24 June 1974


American Bar Association, Honolulu, Hawaii 14 August 1974


American Institute of Biological Sciences, Tempe, Arizona 17 June 1974


American Nuclear Society


National Topical Meeting on Nuclear Power Plants, Portland, Oregon 26 August 1974


Winter Meeting, Washington, D.C. 29 October-1 November 1974

box 82

American Power Conference, Chicago, Illinois 30 April 1974


American Public Works Association, Vancouver, Washington 3 April 1974


American Translators Association, Chicago, Illinois 11-12 October 1974


Ames Laboratory, Ames, Iowa 2 October 1972


Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois 19-20 October 1972


Associated Press Management Editors Association, Long Beach, California 22 November 1974


Association of Science-Technology Centers, Columbus, Ohio 14 November 1974


Atomic Industrial Forum, Washington, D.C. 29 October 1974


Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, (cancelled) 15-16 May 1974


Chicago Rotary Club, Chicago, Illinois 8 October 1974


Commonwealth Club of California, San Francisco, California 14 September 1973


Commomwealth Edison Company Engineering Conference, Delavan, Wisconsin 11 September 1974


Department of Defense, Washington, D.C. 17 July 1974


Executive Women in Government, Washington, D.C. 15 October 1974


Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory dedication, Batavia, Illinois 11 May 1974


Festival of the Fountains, Seattle, Washington 26 July 1973


Fort St. Vrain Nuclear Power Station, Denver, Colorado 9 February 1974


Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 17 April 1974

box 83

Government Leadership Conference, Evansville, Indiana 9 November 1973


Greater Los Angeles Press Club, Los Angeles, California 11 September 1973


House Republican Task Force on Energy, Washington, D.C. 7 August 1974


Illinois Science Teachers Association, Edwardsville, Illinois 18 October 1974


International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria 16-20 September 1974


International Congress of Radiation Research, Seattle, Washington 14 July 1974


International Symposium on Packaging and Transporta- tion of Radioactive Materials, Miami, Florida 24 September 1974


Kalamazoo College, New York City, New York 13 June 1974


Ladies Home Journal - "Woman of the Year Award" presentation, New York City, New York 8 April 1974


Lawrence Livermore Laboratory - Laser Fusion Building dedication, Livermore, California 27 September 1974


Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory - Scyllac dedica- tion, Los Alamos, New Mexico 25 April 1974


Los Angeles Council of Engineers, Los Angeles, California 3 October 1974


Lyndon B. Johnson Library - Symposium on Energy and the Environment, Austin, Texas 11-12 November 1974


Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan 9 June 1974

box 84

Mound Laboratory, Dayton, Ohio 30 October 1972


National Broadcast Editorial Association, Washington, D.C. 27 June 1974


National Energy Youth Conference, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 30 July-4 August 1974


National Press Club, Washington, D.C., 21 January 1974


Naval Light Weight Nuclear Power Workshop, Arlington, Virginia 22 October 1974


Northern Michigan State, Marquette, Michigan 9 August 1974


New York Times luncheon, New York City, New York 29 July 1974


Paducah Area Office of the AEC, Paducah, Kentucky 25 September 1972


Pennsylvania State University - Honorary Engineering Lecture, University Park, Pennsylvania 26 February 1974


Portland State University - Environmental Sciences Program, Portland, Oregon 5 April 1974


Public Relations Society of America, College Park, Maryland 10 July 1974


Ripon College, Ripon, Wisconsin 12 May 1974


Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences, Stockholm, Sweden 19 September 1974

box 85

Sandia Laboratories - Affirmative Action Conference, Alburqueque, New Mexico, 31 January 1973


Seattle "First Citizen's Award" presentation, Seattle, Washington 8 March 1974


Seattle First National Bank, Seattle, Washington 19 December 1974


Simmons College, Boston, Massachusetts 13-14 October 1972


South Carolina Conference on the Status of Women, Columbia, South Carolina 10 March 1973


St. Mary's College, South Bend, Indiana 18 May 1974


Tennessee Society of Professional Engineers, Knoxville, Tennessee 22 February 1974


3M Technical Forum, St. Paul, Minnesota 30 May 1974


Union College, Schenectady, New York 15 June 1974

box 86

University of Chicago - Thirtieth Anniversary of the First Self-Sustaining Nuclear Chain Reaction (in commemoration of Enrico Fermi), Chicago, Illinois 2 December 1972


University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington 26 May 1974


University of Rochester, Rochester, New York, 21 September 1972


University of Texas - "The Implications of Nuclear Power in Texas" Conference, Austin, Texas 1-2 March 1973


Washington, D.C. Rotary Club, Washington, D.C. 22 August 1973


Westinghouse Science Talent Search, Washington, D.C. 18 March 1974


White House Economic Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana 23-24 September 1974


Widemer College, Chester, Pennsylvania, 21 March 1974


Women's Forum on National Security, Washington, D.C. 20 February 1973


World Energy Conference, Detroit, Ohio 22-27 September 1974

box 87



"Salute to Women in Business," New York City, New York 3 October 1974


"1974 Gold Medal Award" presentation, Philadel- phia, Pennsylvania 26 March 1974




Television appearances


"Everywoman," 29 April 1974


"Kennedy and Company," 1974


"Meet the Press," 14 April 1974


"Mike Douglas Show," (cancelled) 29 May 1974








August 1972-May 1973


May-December 1973

box 88









13- 25 September 1973


l-10 October 1974


Iceland 22-24 November 1973


Paris and London 26-29 November 1974


Stockholm 18-20 September 1974


Teheran 20 May 1974

box 89

Vienna 16-18 September 1974




French atomic officials (Andre Giraud) 12-15 December 1974


Gerald Ford, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 22 July 1974


White House




Conference on Inflation, Washington, D.C. 27-28 September 1974


Correspondence of DLR with


the President, regarding the role of the Office of Management and Budget 9 September 1974


Rogers C.B. Morton, regarding the relationship between the AEC and the White House organization 19 August 1974



Scope and Contents note

Correspondence, interviews, memoranda, reports, speeches, studies, travel schedules, arranged alphabetically by subject.
box 90

Appointment of DLR as Assistant Secretary for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs 29 October 1974




Congratulatory letters


Appointment books

box 91

Appointment schedule. See also Correspondence, Chronological file


January-February, 1975


March-June, 1975


Bengelsdorf, H.


Bruner, David H.


Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs. See Establishment of


Confidential Statement of Employment and Financial Interests - Forms


Confirmation hearings of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for DLR 12 December 1974





box 92

General (2 folders)


Chronological file (including appointment schedules)


December 1974-January 1975


February-March, 1975

box 93

April, 1975


May, 1975


June-July 1975


Numerical file





box 94








box 95








box 96

Personal file


A (2 folders)




C (2 folders)













box 97















R (2 folders)

box 98













Department of Health, Education and Welfare - International activities


Establishment of the Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs (2 folders)


International agreements

box 99


































box 99










box 100

Memoranda (3 folders)




Office of Oceans and Fisheries


Organizational problems related to nuclear energy

box 101

Personal Data Statement to be filled out by DLR


Personal Qualifications Statement - Forms




Program and Resources Plan


Reading material (3 folders)

box 102

Resignation of DLR




Letter of Gerald R. Ford to DLR 26 June 1975


Statements of support


Salary of DLR




Speaking and special events calendar and list of speeches


Speech material


Speeches (arranged alphabetically by requesting group or occasion)


Unidentified, on alternative energy sources


American Society for Engineering Education, Fort Collins, Colorado 18 June 1975


American Association of University Women, Seattle, Washington 16 June 1975


Association of American Foreign Service Women, Washingon, D.C. 10 April 1975


Atomic Industrial Forum, Inc., New York City, New York 19 May 1975


COSERV Conference, Washington, D.C. 12 March 1975


Crichton Club, Gahanna, Ohio 7 March 1975


Edison Electric Institute, Denver, Colorado 2 June 1975


Federation of Americans Supporting Science and Technology, Washington, D.C. 5 March 1975


Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts 5 May 1975


Herbert H. Lehman College (The City University of New York), Bronx, New York 4 June 1975


IBM luncheon, New York City, New York 8 April 1975


Industrial Research Institute, Inc., White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia 30 May 1975


International Instrumentation Symposium, Philadel- phia, Pennsylvania 19 May 1975


International Trade Conference, Seattle, Washington 14 May 1975


Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 1 May 1975


National Academy of Science, Washington, D.C. 24 March 1975


National Association of Manufacturers, Washington, D.C. 10 April 1975


National Energy Forum, Washington, D.C. 16 May 1975


National War College, Washington, D.C. 2 April 1975


North Pacific Fur Seal Commission, Washington, D.C. 10 March 1975


Smith College, Hartford, Connecticut 25 February 1975


Southampton College (Long Island University), South- ampton, New York 31 May 1975


Stonehill College, North Easton, Massachusetts 25 March 1975


University of Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska 9 May 1975


University of California at Los Angeles - Facing a World of Scarce Resources Conference, Los Angeles, California, 21 March 1975


University of Maryland at Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland 29 May 1975

box 103

Women's Forum on National Security - "Molly Pitcher Award" presentation, Washington, D.C. 24 February 1975


Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, Massachusetts 18 March 1975


World Affairs Institute, Morgantown, West Virginia 17 May 1975


Transfer of staff and equipment from the AEC to DLR's State Department office








Europe 13-26 April 1975














New York 25 February 1975


Teheran 19-24 January 1975



Scope and Contents note

Correspondence, interviews, speeches, arranged alphabetically by subject.
box 104

Interim Years 1975-1976




"File 13" (letters from possibly unbalanced people, kept for the record)


Letters of praise and support from attendants to lectures given by DLR






Publishing offers


Speaking engagements






signed - speeches given


Correspondence with Leigh Lecture Bureau, DLR's agent


Invitations (2 folders)




Television appearances



Scope and Contents note

Clippings, correspondence, financial records, interviews, memoranda, speeches, stickers, television appearances, travel schedules, arranged alphabetically by subject.
box 105





Announcement speech 20 February 1976


Citizens' Committee for Dixy Lee Ray for Governor






Letters of support, including contributions (3 folders)




Financial records


General (3 folders)

box 106


box 107

General (7 folders)


Accounts, final


Citizens' Committee (2 folders)

box 108

Citizens' Committee


Executive Mansion Fund (2 folders)


Media exposure costs


Office Fund bills

box 109

Payments in-kind


Petty cash receipts




Sternoff, David


Fund-raising. See also Index cards, boxes 112-114.


Kelly, Andy








Offers to help


Public Disclosure Commission


General (4 folders)

box 110























Requests for candidates to state their positions on various issues


Schedules and itineraries

box 111

Schrock, Richard T., Campaign director




Speaking invitations (4 folders)


Speeches, including speech notes. See also Announcement speech




of DLR


of other candidates


Stickers, flyers


Television appearances



box 112

Index cards listing by alphabetical order the contributors to DLR's campaign and indicating the amount they gave



box 113


box 114


box 115









Letters of support during the campaign, including contributions (2 folders)


Letters wishing DLR well after her defeat


General (6 folders)



box 116
















box 117







Declaration and affidavit of candidacy of DLR


Defeat in state open primary 18 September






Democratic State Party


Endorsements, statements of support






Invitation log


Johnson, C. Montgomery, Campaign director


King County Dixy Lee Ray Advisory Committee


Lundstrom, Boyd


Magnuson, Warren G.


Media coverage


Memoranda of Louis Guzzo to DLR

box 118



Offers to help


People for Governor Dixy's Re-election Committee. Issues of


Polls, caucuses


Public Disclosure Commission


Republican State Committee of Washington


Requests for candidates to state their positions on various issues


Root, Robert


Schedules and lists of major campaign events




Speaking engagements






of DLR


of other candidates


Stickers, flyers


Strategy and plans


Television appearances and radio broadcasts


Town hall meetings


"Voter's Calendar"


Washington Independent Party



Scope and Contents note

Appointment books, budget conference notes, correspondence, executive orders, interviews, legislation, memoranda, minutes of meetings, press conferences and releases, printed matter, proclamations, reports, speeches, studies, television appearances, travel and meeting schedules, arranged alphabetically by subject
box 119

Abbadessa, John


Achievements of DLR. Letters of commendation and appreciation




"Basic speeches" about the Ray administration


Position on energy


Affirmative action


Appointment books

box 120

Appointment books


Appointments made by DLR




of members of boards and commissions


of minorities and women


Bills to oppose

box 121

Boards and Commissions List 1979




General (4 folders)

box 122



Conference notes



box 123

Agriculture Department


Arts Commission


Athletic Commission


Central Washington State College


Commerce and Economic Development Department


Community College Education Board


Eastern Washington State College


Ecology Department


Emergency Services


Employment Security Department


Energy Office


Evergreen State College


Fisheries Department


Gambling Commission


Game Department


General Administration Department


Higher Education Personnel Board


Horse Racing Commission


Labor and Industries Department


Military Department


Parks and Recreation Commission


Patrol, State


Personnel Department


Planning and Community Affairs Agency


Postsecondary Education Council

box 124

Public Instruction, Superintendent of


Retirement Systems Department


Revenue Department


Social and Health Services Department


Transportation Department


University of Washington


Utilities and Transportation Commission


Veterans Affairs Department


Washington State University


Western Washington State College


Messages of DLR


Speaker Duane Berentson floor speech on budget, 31 May 1979



box 125

Cabinet and staff


Cabinet meeting minutes 1977


Correspondence. See also reading file


General (2 folders)

box 126

Personal file


November-December 1976













box 127

(2 folders) 1978




General (2 folders)



box 128










box 129








box 130














box 131

Support letters









box 132








box 133







September-January 1981

box 134

Thank-you letters (sent by DLR)











box 135











July-January 1981

box 136

Thank-you letters (sent to DLR)













box 137

Creston-Mt.Tolman Impact Assistance Project


Criminal justice


Curriculum vitae submitted to DLR


Democratic Governors Conference, Washington, D.C. 25 February 1980


Executive orders. See also Mount St. Helens


Governor's Economic Forecast Review Committee


Higher education (4 folders)

box 138

Higher education (2 folders)




Invitation log






Sent out (2 folders)


Legislative meeting schedule


Legislative program 1981


McDermott, James - Personal Services Contract


Media coverage. See also GUBERNATORIAL CAMPAIGNS, Defeat 1980,

box 139

Meeting schedule














from Louis Guzzo to DLR


Messages. See also Budget, Messages


to the House of Representatives of the State of Washington 1979


to the Legislature 1980


Minority and Women's Business Development Advisory Council



box 140

Mount St. Helens - Eruption 18 May 1980




Briefing to the legislative leadership 12 June


Chronology of events and specific actions taken by DLR's administration




Contingency plans




Disaster Assistance Center


Disaster Preparedness Plan - Department of Emergency Services

box 141

Editorial opinions


Executive orders


Federal Emergency Management Agency


Final Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Bill for Fiscal 1980


Health implications








Press conferences


Press releases


Printed material


Radio Amateurs Civil Emergency Services


Recovery Assistance Team


Request for federal aid


Statements, declarations

box 142

Studies, reports




Watch Group

box 143

National Governors' Association. See also SUBJECT FILE, Energy, Nuclear, Wastes, Low-level






Natural resources and environmental management


Transportation, Commerce and Technology







box 144





Decoration of




Procedures, guidelines


Pension systems


Personal Services Contract of DLR - Termination


Petitions presented to the governor


Powers and duties of the governor


Press conferences


Press office


Press releases




General (2 folders)


McNeil Island



box 145

General (2 folders)


State plan for utilization




Reading file


Daily memoranda from DLR's secretary

box 146

Sorted correspondence, (7 folders) January 1977

box 147

Reports of DLR on her years in office


lst 1978


2nd, 1979


3rd, 1980


4th, 1981




Senior citizens


Speech notes


Speeches (arranged alphabetically by name of requesting group or occasion). See also State of the state addresses



box 148

Aberdeen Rotary Club, Aberdeen, Washington 29 November 1978


Adult Day Services, Olympia, Washington 14 November 1979


Aikens Lecture Series (University of Vermont), Burlington, Vermont 13 April 1980


ALCOA Political Action Committee, Vancouver, Washington 8 February 1980


All-City Service Clubs, Spokane, Washington 20 December 1979


Allied Daily Newspapers, Spokane, Washington 19 May 1978


Aluminum Association, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia 25 May 1978


American Academy of Achievements, Salt Lake City, Utah 23 June 1979


American and Canadian Hospital Associations, Montreal, Canada, 31 July 1980


American Association of Community and Junior Colleges, San Francisco, California 2 April 1980


American Business Women's Association, Spokane, Washington, 31 May 1980


American Gas Association, Seattle, Washington 15 May 1980


American Industrial Development Council, Seattle, Washington, 21 May 1979


American Judges Association, Seattle, Washington 23 October 1978


American Legion, Annual State Convention


Seattle, Washington, 21 July 1978


Spokane, Washington 20 July 1979


American Public Power Association Conference, Seattle, Washington 18 June 1979


American Red Cross, location unknown 13 March 1980


American Society of Mechanical Engineers


San Francisco, California 13 December 1978


Tri-Cities, Washington 19 March 1980

box 149

Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, Anchorage, Alaska 23 July 1979


ANS/ENS International Meeting on Fast Reactor Safety Technology, Seattle, Washington 22 August 1979


Apprenticeship Training Building dedication, Spokane, Washington 25 April 1980


Arbor Day, Olympia, Washington


12 April 1978


11 April 1979


ARCO Petroleum Products Co. - Cherry Point Refinery, Ferndale, California 16 July 1980


Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges - National Conference on Trusteeship, Miami, Florida, (delivered by Louis Guzzo) 9 April 1979


Association of Graduate Schools of the American Association of Universities, Seattle, Washington 9 October 1979


Association of State Budget Officers, Seattle, Washington 7 June 1978


Association of the U.S. Army, the Air Force Association and the Navy League of the United States, location unknown 5 March 1977


Association of Traffic Safety Representatives, Olympia, Washington 25 March 1980


Association of Washington Business


Spokane, Washington 10 May 1978


Seattle, Washington 23 October 1979


Association of Washington Business and the Washington Association of Community Colleges, Seattle, Washington 12 March 1980


Association of Washington Cities


Yakima, Washington 14 June 1978


Olympia, Washington 18 June 1980


AT&T Shareholders, Seattle, Washington 18 April 1979


Bellevue and Redmond Chambers of Commerce, Bellevue, Washington 5 March 1979


Bond Attorneys' Workshop, Rosement, Illinois 12 October 1979


Bonney Lake Library, Bonney Lake, Washington 13 July 1979


Boy Scouts of America, Evergreen, Washington 7 March 1980


Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 10 May 1980


Burlington Northern Credit Union, Tacoma, Washington 15 February 1980


Business Council, Hot Springs, Virginia 9 May 1980


Business Week - Government Day, Olympia, Washington 5 March 1979


Camas/Washougal Chamber of Commerce, Washougal, Washington


14 (delivered by Dean Cole) September 1978


27 August 1980


Capitol-125th anniversary, Olympia, Washington 28 November 1978


Capitol City Press Club and Washington State Information Council, Olympia, Washington 14 May 1978


Chehalis Rotary Club, Chehalis, Washington 7 March 1979


Chehalis Rotary Club and Centralia Kiwanis Club, Chehalis, Washington 9 August 1979


Clallam County Courthouse dedication, Port Angeles, Washington 1 March 1980


Clatskanie Kiwanis Club, Clatskanie, Washington 23 June 1978

box 150

Concrete Technology Corporation, location unknown 26 April 1979


Cooperative Energy Conservation Demonstration, Spokane, Washington 27 August 1980


COPE, Seattle, Washington 7 October 1978


Dairy Farmers of Washington, Olympia, Washington 2 July 1980


Department of Accounts, Washington State - Training Conference, Olympia 8 June 1979


Department of Commerce and Economic Development, Washington State - "Picture Perfect Washington" Contest Kick-Off. See Speeches, Pay n' Save Corp.


Department of Ecology, Washington State - Signing of Snoqualmie Basin Mediated Agreement, Carnation 27 October 1978


Department of Fisheries, Washington State


Bear Springs Salmon Hatchery dedication, Near Forks 28 August 1980


Donald L. McKernan Salmon Hatchery dedication, Near Shelton 17 August 1979


Edmonds Fishing Pier opening, Edmonds 15 March 1979


Humptulips Salmon Hatchery dedication, Humptulips 22 July 1978


Hurd Creek Salmon Hatchery dedication, Near Sequim 28 August 1980


Trevor Kincaid Shellfish Laboratory dedication, Point Whitney 17 August 1979


Department of Licensing, Washington State


Driver License Renewal Office opening, Seattle 13 June 1978


East Washington Real Estate Office opening, Spokane 9 July 1980


Department of Social and Health Services, Washington State - Management Development Program, Olympia 8 June 1980


Department of Veterans Affairs, Washington State - Nursing Care Facility and Sculpture "The Legacy" dedication, Orting 5 September 1979


Disabled American Veterans "State Convention," Wenatchee, Washington 14 June 1979


Economic Development Executives of Washington, Seattle, Washington 26 October 1978


Education Commission of the States, Albuquerque, New Mexico 6 and 16 April 1978


Ellensburg Chamber of Commerce, Ellensburg, Washington 9 October 1978


Elma Chamber of Commerce, Elma, Washington 5 April 1979


Filipino Community Center, Seattle, Washington, 21 June 1980


Fort Simcoe Council - Boy Scouts of America, Yakima, Washington 26 March 1980


Foundation for International Understanding through Students, Olympia, Washington 2 August 1979


Frank Lucas Homestead dedication - Chelan, Washington 26 May 1979


Friends of Governor Dixy Lee Ray, Seattle, Washington 15 May 1978


Friendship Force Program, Olympia, Washington 4 June 1978


Goldendale Junior Chamber of Commerce, Goldendale, Washington 5 October 1979


Governor's Birthday Speech, Olympia, Washington 3 September 1980


Governor's Conference on Aging


Centralia, Washington 8 April 1978


Spokane, Washington 22 April 1978


Yakima, Washington 6 May 1978


Lynnwood, Washington 20 May 1978


Governor's Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect, Olympia, Washington 30 April-3 May 1978


Governor's Conference on Child Safety, Olympia, Washington 4 June 1979


Governor's Conference on Hiring the Job Ready Ex- Offender, Seattle, Washington 6 July 1979

box 151

Governor's Conference on Housing, Tumwater, Washington


22 February 1979


10 April 1980


Governor's Conference on Library and Information Services, Olympia, Washington 23 April 1979


Governor's Conference on Travel, Seattle, Washington 9 November 1978


Governor's Writers' Day, Olympia, Washington


Open House 20 September 1978


Presentation of awards 17 May 1979


Grays Harbor Democratic Central Committee, Aberdeen, Washington 28 October 1978


Heritage Foundation - "Growth Day," Washington, D.C. 17 April 1980


Homebuilders Association, Richland, Washington 12 November 1979


IBPOE of Washington (Elks), Tacoma, Washington 15 July 1978


Idaho and Washington Association of Carpenters, Moscow, Idaho 10 April 1980


Industrial Research Development Council, Portland, Oregon 19 May 1980


Industrial Safety and Health Conference, location unknown 15 November 1979


International Association of Clerks, Recorders, Election Officials and Treasurers, Seattle, Washington 13 July 1980


International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy and the International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics, Seattle, Washington 22 August 1977


International Peace Arch Association, Blaine, Washington 11 June 1978


International Symposium on Radiopharmaceuticals, Seattle, Washington 19 March 1979


Japan-America Society of Seattle, Seattle, Washington 23 February 1979


Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner


Port Angeles, Washington 22 September 1978


Olympia, Washington 20 October 1978


Joint Chambers of Commerce meeting, Tukwila, Washington 7 July 1980


Joint Council of Teamsters No.28, Seattle, Washington 27 August 1979


Keep Washington Green, Olympia, Washington 2 May 1980


Kennewick/Pasco Bridge dedication, Washington 16 September 1978


Kitsap Brokers' Multiple Listing Service, Bremerton, Washington 23 July 1980


Lake City Chamber of Commerce, Seattle, Washington


24 October 1979


19 April 1980


Lakeland Village dedication, Medical Lake, Washington 9 June 1979


League of Women Voters, Spokane, Washington 22 May 1978


League of Women Voters of Washington, Seattle, Washington 23 May 1979


Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, Inc., Vancouver, Washington 14 August 1978


Lockheed Management Club, Seattle, Washington 12 February 1980


Martin-Marietta Aluminum, Goldendale, Washington 5 October 1979


Medal of Honor Recipients, Olympia, Washington 9 November 1979


Mexican Americans, Tacoma, Washington 5 August 1979


Mexican Community House, Tacoma, Washington, 21 June 1980


MOD-2 Wind Turbine Generators construction start ceremony (Bonneville Power Administration), Goldendale, Washington 11 April 1980

box 152

Mother Joseph Foundation


Campaign kick-off, Vancouver, Washington 3 October 1978


Benefit Dance, Vancouver, Washington 1 March 1980


Dedication, Washington, D.C. 1 May 1980


Remarks, Olympia, Washington 9 October 1980


National Association of Tax Administrators - Conference on Revenue Estimating, Seattle, Washington 22 October 1979


National Automobile Dealers Association, Vancouver, British Columbia 20 June 1978


National Conference of Regulatory Attorneys, Olympia, Washington 20 May 1980


National Convention of Democratic Women's Clubs, Seattle, Washington, 21 April 1979


National Council of Jewish Women, Seattle, Washington 16 March 1980


National Freight Traffic Association, Palm Beach, Florida November 1977


National Governors Association - White House International Trade Conference, Seattle, Washington 6 June 1979


National Guard Association of Washington


Ocean Shores, Washington 20 May 1978


Wenatchee, Washington 28 April 1979


National Milk Producers Federation, Seattle, Washington 27 November 1978


New Hope Training Center for the Handicapped, Spokane, Washington, 31 May 1979


Northern State Multi-Service Center dedication, Near Sedro Woolley, Washington 14 July 1979


Northwest Center for the Retarded, Seattle, Washington 28 July 1980


Northwest Electric Light and Power Association, Spokane, Washington 25 September 1978


Northwest Regional Conference on the Emerging International Economic Order, Seattle, Washington 30 March 1979


Northwest Regional Energy Conference, Seattle, Washington 1 June 1978


Northwestern University Traffic Institute's Northwest/Southwest Combined Grad Retraining seminar, Tukwila, Washington 16 July 1980


Nuclear Energy Women, Bellevue, Washington 14 September 1979


Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, D.C. 6-7 November 1979


Nuclear Waste Disposal Conference, Stanford, California 20 November 1979


Okanogan Town Hall meeting, Okanogan, Washington 20 August 1980


Olympia Downtown Kiwanis Club, Olympia, Washington 2 April 1979


Oregon/Washington Hotel Motel Operators, Rosario, Washington 2 June 1980


Oregon, Washington, Idaho Chambers of Commerce Officers and Managers Conference, Portland, Oregon 11 February 1980

box 153

Pacific Coast Association of Port Authorities, Vancouver, Washington 8 August 1979


Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists, Vancouver, British Columbia 2 October 1978


Pacific Logging Congress, Spokane, Washington 16 November 1978


Pacific Northwest Bell, Seattle, Washington 18 April 1979


Pacific Northwest Metals and Minerals Conference, Seattle, Washington 8 May 1980


Padilla Bay Estuarine Sanctuary, Anacortes, Washington 18 May 1979


Pay n' Save Corporation


"Picture Perfect Washington," Seattle, Washington 11 May 1979


Ribbon cutting ceremony, Seattle, Washington 6 September 1979


Phi Chi Theta and Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternities, Renton, Washington 21 October 1978


Philippine Independence 82nd Anniversary, Seattle, Washington 14 June 1980


Pierce County Democratic Luncheon Club, Tacoma, Washington, 21 April 1980


Pine Lodge Correctional Center dedication, Near Medical Lake 13 April 1978


PNRC meeting, Vancouver, Washington 15 December 1978


Port of Kalama Marina Complex, Kalama, Washington 16 July 1977


Poulsbo Noon Lions Club, Poulsbo, Washington 28 June 1979


Propeller Club, Seattle, Washington 22 May 1979


Providence Medical Center dedication, Seattle, Washington 24 July 1980


Raleigh Hills Hospital, Spokane, Washington 18 May 1978


Realtors, Bellingham, Washington 1 February 1980


Redmond Rotary Club, Redmond, Washington 14 January 1980


Regulatory Attorneys, Olympia, Washington 20 May 1980


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York 26 May 1978


Retsil Veterans Home Nursing Facility dedication, Retsil, Washington 3 June 1980


Reynolds Aluminum


Recycling Plant opening, Kent, Washington 7 December 1979


Luncheon, Olympia, Washington 8 July 1980


Richland Chamber of Commerce, Richland, Washington


26 April 1978


28 April 1980


Rockwell Hanford Management Club, Richland, Virginia 14 May 1980


Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Institute, Seattle, Washington 12 July 1979


Scottish Rite Freemasonry Temple, Seattle, Washington


18 March 1980


9 April 1980

box 154

Seattle and Charlotte, N.C. Chambers of Commerce, Seattle, Washington 19 September 1978


Seattle Building and Construction Trades Council, Seattle, Washington 23 June 1978


Seattle Chamber of Commerce, Seattle, Washington


9 February 1979


4 December 1979


l July 1980


Seattle Community Development Round Table, Seattle, Washington 26 March 1979


Seattle Downtown Kiwanis Club, Seattle, Washington 17 July 1979


Seattle Food Brokers, Bellevue, Washington 12 September 1980


Seattle Hearing and Speech Center, Seattle, Washington 3 April 1978


Seattle-King County Board of Realtors, Seattle, Washington 16 March 1979


Seattle Rotary Club, Seattle, Washington 16 January 1980


Seattle Savings League, Seattle, Washington 15 July 1980


Senior Citizens - Bill signing ceremony (HB 491), Olympia, Washington 9 May 1979


Senior Citizens Convention of Pacific County, Naselle, Washington 31 January 1979


Shoreline Rotary Club, Seattle, Washington 19 August 1980


Simpson Timber Heroic Awards, Olympia, Washington 11 August 1980


Snohomish County Cities and Towns Association, Edwards, Washington 24 July 1980


Sons of Italy, Olympia, Washington 25 May 1979


Soroptimist Club, Kiwanis Club and Lions Club, Yakima, Washington 11 March 1980


Southwest Washington Contractors Association, Vancouver, Washington 20 June 1979


Spokane Board of Realtors, Spokane, Washington, 31 May 1979


Spokane Club, Spokane, Washington 13 April 1978


Spokane Community College, Spokane, Washington 8 June 1978


Spokane Mayor Ron Bair, Spokane, Washington 6 October 1979


St. Regis Paper Co. Foreman's Club, Tacoma, Washington, 21 January 1980


Standard Oil Co. (Chevron USA), Seattle, Washington 9 September 1979


State Parks and Recreation Commission, Fort Worden State Park, Washington 4 March 1980


Superior Court Judges Association, Port Ludlow, Washington 27 March 1980

box 155

Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association, Lakewood, Washington 16 February 1979


Tacoma Urban League, Tacoma, Washington March 1979


Tacoma Women's Club, Tacoma, Washington 18 May 1978


Toppenish Education Association, Yakima, Washington 6 May 1980


Trooper Cadet Class, Olympia, Washington 17 December 1979


United Association, Spokane, Washington 25 April 1980


United for Washington, Tacoma, Washington 29 March 1979


United Inner-City Foundation, Seattle, Washington 30 January 1980


United Steelworkers of America, District 38, Spokane, Washington 14 June 1978


United Way-Kitsap County, Bremerton, Washington 24 March 1980


University District Kiwanis Club, Seattle, Washington 25 August 1980


University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington 16 September 1980


University of Washington, Seattle, Washington


Commencement 10 June 1978


Insitute on Aging 24 May 1979


Reserve Officers Training Corps Review (Governor's Day and Tri-Service Review)


12 May 1978


18 May 1979


16 May 1980


Valley Council of the Spokane Board of Realtors, Spokane, Washington 14 May 1980


Valley Senior Center, Spokane, Washington 20 April 1979


Vernie Reed banquet, Olympia, Washington 18 January 1980


Veterans of Foreign Wars


New Orleans, Louisiana 20 August 1979


Everett, Washington 20 June 1980


Warren G. Magnuson Health Sciences Center, Seattle, Washington 3 November 1978


Warren G. Magnuson Intercollegiate Nursing Building, Spokane, Washington 27 August 1980


Washington Apartment Association, Spokane 7 September 1979


Washington Association of Broadcasters, Seattle 10 March 1980


Washington Association of Conservation Districts, Spokane


26 November 1979


17 January 1980


Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs, Richland 19 June 1980


Washington Association of Wheat Growers, Spokane 3 December 1978


"Washington Award for 1978," Chicago, Illinois 22 February 1978


Washington Bond Club, Seattle 7 August 1980


Washington Cattlemen's Association, Spokane 8 November 1979

box 156

Washington Contract Loggers Association, Olympia


16 March 1979


14 March 1980


Washington Council on International Trade, Seattle, 21 August 1980


Washington Federation of State Employees, AFL-CIO, Spokane 30 September 1978


Washington Hearing Aid Society, Seattle 30 June 1979


Washington Hispanic-American Society, Olympia 14 April 1979


Washington Home Builders Association, Seattle 30 April 1979


Washington Housing Forum, Tacoma 30 September 1978


Washington Immigration Action Committee, Olympia 28 February 1980


Washington Independence Telephone Association, Seattle 27 June 1979


Washington Newspaper Publishers Association


Spokane, 21 September 1978


Tumwater 15 February 1979


Washington-Oregon Shippers Cooperative Association, Seattle 7 April 1978


Washington-Oregon Soft Drink Association, Seattle 1 May 1979


Washington Personnel Management Association, Olympia, (delivered by David Jenkins) 2 May 1978


Washington Precast Concrete Industry, Seattle 26 June 1980


Washington Public Power Supply System, Olympia 19 October 1979


Washington Pulp and Paper Foundation, Seattle 18 October 1979


Washington State Apprenticeship and Training Council, Olympia 17 July 1980


Washington State Association of Counties


Olympia 28 June 1978


Spokane 29 June 1979


Union 17 January 1980


Ocean Shores 27 June 1980


Washington State Association of County Assessors, Yakima 12 September 1979


Washington State Association of Fire Chiefs, Wenatchee 25 June 1979


Washington State Builders, Seattle 30 April 1979


Washington State Building and Construction Trades Council


Spokane, (delivered by Paul Bender) 10 August 1978


Seattle 16 August 1979


Washington State Cable Television Association, Olympia, 21 February 1979


Washington State Conference for People with Disabilities, Olympia, (delivered by Paul Bender) 10 November 1978


Washington State Convention of the American G.I. Forum, Olympia 3 June 1978

box 157

Washington State Council of Carpenters


Pasco 13 April 1978


Moscow, Idaho 10 April 1980


Washington State Council of Culinary Workers, Bartenders and Hotel Service Employees, Tacoma 7 September 1979


Washington State County Clerks Association, Ocean Shores 6 August 1980


Washington State Credit Union, Olympia 12 September 1980


Washington State Democratic Committee


Spokane 1 July 1978


Olympia 27 January 1979


Hoquiam 14 June 1980


Washington State Democratic Party


11th District, location unknown 16 September 1978


29th District, Tacoma 2 September 1980


Washington State Departments. See Speeches, Departments


Washington State Energy Council, Seattle


11 December 1978


28 August 1979


Washington State Farm Bureau, Olympia 13 February 1980


Washington State Funeral Directors, Seattle 9 June 1980


Washington State Grange


Bellingham 19 June 1978


Pullman 23 June 1980


Washington State Hospital Association, Spokane 7 October 1978


Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO


Spokane, 31 August 1978


Seattle 26 August 1980


Washington State Medical Association, Seattle 6 October 1979


Washington State Patrol, Olympia


28 June 1979


30 June 1980


Washington State Pharmaceutical Association, Seattle 25 June 1978


Washington State Trade and Convention Center, Seattle 4 December 1978


Washington State Transportation Conference, Seattle 10 September 1980

box 158

West Seattle Chamber of Commerce, West Seattle, Washington 9 February 1979


Western Association of Graduate Schools, Seattle, Washington 2 March 1980


Western Conference, The Council of State Govern- ments, Spokane, Washington 14 August 1978


Western Conference of Independent Telephone Companies, Seattle, Washington 27 June 1979


Western Conference of Public Service Commissions, Seattle, Washington 13 June 1979


Western Conference of Teamsters, Seattle, Washington 27 August 1979


Western Environmental Trade Association, Tumwater, Washington 2 November 1978


Western States Liquor Administrators, Seattle, Washington 7 September 1978


Western States Restaurant and Hotel Convention, Seattle, Washington 13 June 1978


Western Washington Horticultural Society, Olympia, Washington 9 January 1980


Weyerhaeuser Corporation


Informal meeting, Olympia, Washington 9 November 1977


Technology Center dedication, Federal Way, Washington 26 September 1978


Whatcom County Development Council 14 February 1979


White House Council on Wage Price Stability, Seattle, Washington 12 April 1979


Women's Business Exchange, Seattle, Washington 15 May 1980


Women's Political Caucus, Olympia, Washington 11 November 1979


World Trade Council, Seattle, Washington, 21 August 1980


Yakima Capitol Theatre dedication, Yakima, Washington 4 November 1978


Yakima County Democratic Convention, Yakima, Washington 6 May 1978


Yakima County 4-H Recognition banquet, Yakima, Washington 10 November 1979


Yakima County Retired Teachers Association, Yakima, Washington, 21 June 1978


Yakima Indian Tribal Meeting on Water Rights, Topenish, Washington 23 March 1979


Yakima Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs, Yakima, Washington 19 July 1979


YMCA Youth Legislature, Olympia, Washington


11 April 1978


19 April 1979


State of the state address to a joint session of the Washington State Legislature


16 January 1979


15 January 1980


Statement on the state of the economy in Washington 29 September 1980

box 159

Task forces and groups (3 folders)


Taxes (2 folders)


Television appearances



box 160

Phil Donahue Show, Correspondence (3 folders) 26 October 1979.

box 161

Question and answer newscasts following President Carter's speeches on energy, 5 April and 15 July 1979 (5 folders)


Reporter's Roundup 9 July 1978


Viewpoint on the News


18 March 1979


l April 1979

box 162



Tolan, Fred H.


Town Hall Meetings, State of Washington




Bellevue 11 September 1980


Bremerton, (2 folders) 13 May 1980


Walla Walla 23 May 1978


West Seattle 4 June 1980

box 163

Willapa Harbor-Raymond 11 September 1979


Transition - Cooperation with Governor-elect Spellman






United States


Far East


Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, (2 folders) October 1977


Japan, People's Republic of China, (2 folders) September 1979

box 164

Washington State agencies, boards and commissions


Agriculture Department (2 folders)


Athletic Commission


Attorney General


Commerce and Economic Development Department


Community College Education Board


Ecology Department (2 folders)


Emergency Services Department


Employment Development Services Council


Employment Security Department

box 165

Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council


Energy Office (4 folders)


Finance Committee

box 166

Financial Management Office


Fisheries Department (2 folders). See also Indian Affairs Department and SUBJECT FILE, Indian affairs


Gambling Commission


Game Department


General Administration Department (2 folders)


Historical Society

box 167

Indian Affairs Department. See also Fisheries Department


Industrial Insurance Appeals Board


Labor and Industries Department


Licensing Department


Liquor Control Board


Military Department


Natural Resources Department


Oceanographic Commission


Parks and Recreation Commission


Patrol, State


Personnel Department


Planning and Community Affairs Agency


Postsecondary Education Council

box 168

Postsecondary Education Council


Printing Department


Prison Terms and Paroles Board


Public Instruction, Superintendent of


Retirement Systems Department


Revenue Department


Social and Health Services Department (3 folders)

box 169

Social and Health Services Department


State Employees Insurance Board


Supreme Court


Tax Appeals Board


Traffic Safety Commission


Transportation Department (2 folders)




Urban Arterial Board


Utilities and Transportation Commission


Veterans Affairs Department




Western Governors' Conference







Scope and Contents note

Awards, certificates, citations, diplomas, guest books, honorary degrees, photograph albums, scrapbooks.
box 170

Awards, certificates, citations (45)

box 171

Guest books (7)

box 172

Honorary degrees (22)

box 173

Miscellanea, including birthday cards, calendars, clippings, commencement programs, invitations, drawings, license plates, office signs

box 174

Photograph albums of DLR while chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission and governor of the State of Washington (9)

box 175

Photograph albums of DLR while governor of the State of Washington (8)

box 176

Photograph album, scrapbooks (2), sister-city relationship certificate albums, including photographs (5)

box 177

Travel memorabilia from two trips to the Far East in including books, flags, photograph albums, scrapbooks (20 items) 1977 and 1979,



box 178

242 cassettes of speeches and interviews given by DLR while governor of the State of Washington; 3 cassettes of speeches by others at the Pacific Science Center: 2 cassettes of songs composed by individuals (2)

box 179

Cassettes continued

box 180

Cassettes continued

box 191

Cassettes continued

box 192

Cassettes continued

box 193

Cassettes continued

box 181





Envelope on which Dixy Lee Ray wrote: "These materials should be held confidential - not open to general scrutiny during the lifetime of the subject individual (former AEC Commissioner Clarence Larson)"


Handwritten letter/memorandum to DLR from Gom...? on the role of the AEC, relationship with other agencies, etc. PERSONAL


Study entitled "An Alternative Energy Strategy," by Conan. CONFIDENTIAL




Letter and curriculum vitae of Malvern Gilmartin, Director of the Australian Institute of Science. PERSONAL


Memorandum and attachments for members of the Defense Science Board. SECRET




1976: envelope of materials from John Vernon Kamm, marked PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL


-letter to DLR from John Sylvester re "Former Students of Dixy for Governor" marked by DLR "PUT IN PERSONAL CONFIDENTIAL LOCKED FILE" 1980:


-memorandum to DLR from Louis Guzzo on Gambling Trial coverage. CONFIDENTAIL 1980:




Folder labeled "Democratic Platforms" marked DO NOT ARCHIVE, SAVE




Letter and enclosure to DLR from William Hutchinson, President and Director of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL


Letter to DLR from Albert Turrill re demand for position in DLR's administration. CONFIDENTIAL


Letters to DLR from Fred Tolan re China trip, HOLD PRIVATE meeting with Seattle CONFIDENTIAL 15-28 September 1979.


Letter to DLR from Gordon Culp and attachment entitled "Draft Statement for Governor Ray for April ll Northwest Governors' Meeting on Regional Electric Energy Matters." PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL


Letter to DLR from Robert Mucklestone and attachment entitled "Estate Plannning Data." CONFIDENTIAL


Memorandum (clipped together with "A Summary - Aluminum Industry in Washington State and Possible Energy Shortage Impacts," Jack Wood) to DLR from Bob Mickelson re Task Group on Economic Development and Employment. CONFIDENTIAL


Memorandum to DLR from Dean Cole re Section 8 (housing). CONFIDENTIAL


Memorandum to DLR from Jack Wood re indications of diesel demand. CONFIDENTIAL


Memorandum to DLR from Joe Zaspel re tourism. CONFIDENTIAL


Memorandum to DLR from Louis Guzzo re Senator Al Williams' hearings on Historic Preservation. CONFIDENTIAL


Memorandum to DLR from R.Y. Woodhouse re Jay Spearman, Chairman and Executive Secretary of the Washington State Barber Examining Board. CONFIDENTIAL, RE PERSONNEL


Memorandum to DLR from the Department of Social and Health Services and enclosure re scandal in one of the Seattle offices (statutory rape of the 3rd degree). CONFIDENTIAL


Outline of thesis on international trade sent to DLR by Rita? (Burlington Northern). PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL


Study entitled "Management Review, Washington State Department of Emergency Services," CONFIDENTIAL November 1978.


Study entitled "Management Review, Washington State Energy Office," CONFIDENTIAL November 1979.


Vault-lst floor key (in sealed envelope)



Scope and Contents note

Approximately 100 items and plaques presented to Memorabilia DLR, mostly upon giving lectures while chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission and governor of the State of Washington.
box 181

Access copies of items from Boxes 182, 184, and 185


Originals located in Boxes 182, 184, and 185 restricted.
box 183

Memorabilia (continued)

memorabilia_cabinet cabinet

Memorabilia (continued)



Scope and Contents note

15 films on scientific matters dating from DLR's years at the Pacific Science Center; 1 film on the economic impact of the eruption of Mount St. Helens

"Mount St. Helens," Less than 50 ft., 16mm film

film shelf

"Animals of the Seashore #6," 900 ft., 16mm film

film shelf

"Animals of the Seashore #11," 1100 ft., 16mm film

film shelf

"Animals of the Seashore #13," 1500 ft., 16mm film

film shelf

12 unlabeled 16mm films, 720-1190 ft. each



record cabinet

"Lovely Seattle/Win Some, Lose Some," sound disc

record cabinet

"Dixy Lee Ray or They All Want Her Back Again", sound disc



tape cabinet

1 videotape cassette on Mount St. Helens entitled "The Mountain Erupts" 1980 June 9



General Physical Description note: 1863 prints, 12 postcards, 112 negatives, 109 slides / 135 envelopes, 1 oversize box, 7 slide boxes
envelope mA

3 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at school 1929

envelope B

35 prints of Dixy Lee Ray undated

envelope C-E

56 prints of portraits of Dixy Lee Ray undated

envelope F

17 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at commencement ceremonies undated

envelope G

7 prints of Dixy Lee Ray with her sisters undated

envelope H

40 prints of Dixy Lee Ray with others, on informal occasions undated

envelope I

3 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at the Explorer's Club (Waldorf Astoria) diner for Lowell Thomas undated

envelope J

6 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at Fox Island undated

envelope K-N

80 prints of Dixy Lee Ray with her dogs undated

envelope O

12 postcards of India 1962

envelope P-Q

114 prints of the TE VEGA expedition 1963

envelope R

10 prints illustrating various behavioral aspects of ocypode ceratophthalma undated

envelope S-V

102 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at the AEC (miscellaneous) undated

envelope W

1 print of an exhibit at the AEC undated

envelope X

4 prints of the AEC Christmas party 1974

envelope Y

5 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at the "last hurrah" reception for the AEC, with Glenn Seaborg and Mrs. Lewis Strauss 1974 December 4

envelope Z

2 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at the last meeting of the AEC, with William Anders, Paul C. Bender and William A. Kriegsman 1974 December 31

envelope AA

1 print of Dixy Lee Ray with the Division of Classification Professional Women, AEC 1974 December 17

envelope AB

3 prints of Dixy Lee Ray with the Division of Controlled Thermonuclear Research, AEC, with Robert L. Hirsch undated

envelope AC-AD

34 prints of Dixy Lee Ray in Amtchitka, Alaska for the Cannikin Test, Bioenvironmental Program 1973 July

envelope AE

1 print of Dixy Lee Ray at the ARCS Foundation Award ceremony, Beverly Hills, California 1974 June 22

envelope AF

11 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at the Argonne National Laboratory Argonne, Illinois 1972 November 1

envelope AG

6 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at the Battelle Institute Richland, Virginia undated

envelope AH

4 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at Bendix Corporation, Kansas City, Kansas 1972 August 25

envelope AI

1 print depicting an anti-nuclear protest at the dedication of the Fermi National Accelerator 1974 May 11

envelope AJ

9 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at the Toastmasters Club, Germantown, Maryland undated

envelope AK

21 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at Hanford, WA. with Thomas Nemzek and William O. Doub undated

envelope AL

6 prints of Dixy Lee Ray in Idaho Falls, Idaho 1972

envelope AM-AO

29 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at the Nevada Test Site, in Jackass Flats 1972

envelope AP

9 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at Los Alamos, NM with Harold Agnew undated

envelope AQ

2 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at "Meet the Press" 1974 April 14

envelope AR

9 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at the Mound Laboratory, Dayton Ohio 1972 October 30

envelope AS

6 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at NASA, Washington D.C. 1973

envelope AT

2 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at the Navy War College, Washington D.C., with Admiral M.G. Bayne 1973 October 2

envelope AU

9 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 1972

envelope AV

35 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at the Rio Blanco Site, Colorado and of the anti-nuclear demonstration undated

envelope AW

4 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at Rocky Flats, Golden, Colorado undated

envelope AX

5 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at the Sandia Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico 1972 August 22

envelope AY

2 prints depicting the solar energy project at the Grover Cleveland Junior High School, Dorchester, Massachusetts 1974

envelope AZ

9 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at the St. Vrain Plant, Colorado, with William Anders, Wayne Aspinall, Orval Hansen, Craig Hosmer, R.E. Parsons, Art Rolander undated

envelope BA

8 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at the UC Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley, California undated

envelope BB

13 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at the Union Carbide Corporation, Nuclear Division, Paducah, Kentucky 1972 October 20

envelope BC

3 prints of Dixy Lee Ray with the U.S. Coast Guard undated

envelope BD

8 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at the White House Meeting on Energy with Frederick Dent, Robert Newlin, Morton Rogers 1974 May 16

envelope BE

4 prints of Dixy Lee Ray with Senator Bellman undated

envelope BF

6 prints of Dixy Lee Ray with Senator Dominick undated

envelope mBG

8 prints of Dixy Lee Ray with President Ford undated

envelope BH

9 prints of Dixy Lee Ray with Alexander Haig undated

envelope mBI

8 prints of Dixy Lee Ray with President Nixon undated

envelope BJ

2 prints of Dixy Lee Ray with Nelson Rockefeller and President Nixon undated

envelope BK

3 prints of Dixy Lee Ray with Commissioner James Ramery undated

envelope BL

35 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at an AEC reception, with Admiral Rickover undated

envelope BM

3 prints of Dixy Lee Ray with ERDA members undated

envelope BN

12 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at the State Department (miscellaneous) undated

envelope BO

6 prints depicting Dixy Lee Ray being sworn-in as Assistant Secretary of State with Henry Kissinger 1975 January 29

envelope BP

3 prints of Dixy Lee Ray's office at the State Department undated

envelope BQ

7 prints of Dixy Lee Ray with the U.S.-Iran Joint Commission meeting 1975 May 23

envelope mBR

3 prints of Dixy Lee Ray with Henry Kissinger and Nelson Rockefeller undated

envelope BS

3 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at a United Way gathering 1975 September 26

envelope BT

10 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at Brookhaven 1975 December 9-10

envelope BU

4 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at the Evergreen Safety Council 1975 October 3

envelope BV

4 prints of Dixy Lee Ray 1976

envelope BW

14 prints relating to the bomb threat scare in Olympia 1976

envelope BX-BZ

80 prints depicting Dixy Lee Ray's campaign 1976

envelope CA

2 prints depicting Dixy Lee Ray voting at Fox Island 1976 November 2

envelope CB

16 prints depicting the election night/victory party at the Tacoma Bicentennial Pavilion 1976 November 2

envelope CC

32 prints depicting Dixy Lee Ray being sworn-in as Governor in Olympia 1977 January 12

envelope CD

10 prints depicting the office party in Dixy Lee Ray's Governor's office on the first day at work, with Louis Guzzo undated

envelope CE

24 prints depicting the inaugural balls in Olympia (January 12) and Tacoma (January 25)

envelope CF

4 prints depicting the inaugural ball at the Elks Club in Port Angeles 1976 January 14

envelope CG-CH

74 prints depicting Dixy Lee Ray's 1980 campaign undated

envelope CI-CV

335 prints of Dixy Lee Ray as Governor (miscellaneous) undated

envelope CW

18 prints depicting the Governor's Mansion undated

envelope CX

5 prints depicting ships named after Governor Ray undated

envelope CY

5 prints of Dixy Lee Ray with Chevron executives undated

envelope CZ

6 prints depicting Dixy Lee Ray dedicating fisheries undated

envelope DA

4 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at Ellensburg rodeo undated

envelope DB

3 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at her first press conference undated

envelope DC

3 prints of Dixy Lee Ray flying in the cockpit of a Goodyear plane undated

envelope DD

8 prints of Dixy Lee Ray greeting Vice-Premier Deng of the People's Republic of China 1979

envelope DE

3 prints of Dixy Lee Ray greeting Japanese officials undated

envelope DF

11 prints depicting Dixy Lee Ray at various horse races undated

envelope DG

9 prints depicting Dixy Lee Ray reviewing troops at Keyport 1977 November 9

envelope DH

11 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at Los Alamos 1978

envelope mDI

31 prints relating to the eruption of Mount St. Helens 1980 May

envelope DJ

4 prints depicting the ash fall from Mount St. Helens 1980 July

envelope DK

9 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at the construction start of the MOD-2, Bonneville Power Administration, with Warren G. Magnuson and Mike McCormack undated

envelope DL

7 prints of Dixy Lee Ray with participants of the Northern Tier Conference held in the Governor's Mansion undated

envelope DM

7 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at Officers' Wives' Club reception 1978 September

envelope DN

7 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at the Olympic Hotel undated

envelope DO

12 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at the Port Dock dinner in Camas, Washington 1980 August 27

envelope DP

23 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at a reception at the Governor's Mansion undated

envelope DQ

32 prints of Dixy Lee Ray flying to California and watching the Rose Bowl football game 1979

envelope DR

4 prints depicting the Capitol in Olympia undated

envelope DS-DT

25 prints of Dixy Lee Ray swearing-in State patrol officers undated

envelope DU

27 prints of Dixy Lee Ray in Taiwan and Japan 1977 October

envelope DV

15 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at Town Hall meetings undated

envelope DW

16 prints of Dixy Lee Ray with Veterans undated

envelope DX

4 prints depicting Dixy Lee Ray addressing the Wisconsin Power and Light Company, on two different occasions undated

envelope DY-DZ

28 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at Christmas parties undated

envelope EA

6 prints of Dixy Lee Ray and her sister Marion Reid posing in front of the Capitol in Olympia for their Christmas card undated

envelope EB

4 prints of Dixy Lee Ray with President Carter and Vice President Mondale undated

envelope EC

5 prints of Dixy Lee Ray at the Argonne National Laboratory 1981 May

envelope ED

25 prints of Dixy Lee Ray and other people (miscellaneous) undated

envelope EE

112 negatives of Dixy Lee Ray undated

album fEF

30 oversize prints of Dixy Lee Ray (miscellaneous) undated



slide cabinet box 1

5 slides of Dixy Lee Ray's appearance on television for the 1974 Woman of the Year Award.

slide cabinet boxes 2-3

33 slides depicting the CAPCO (Central Area Power Coordination Group) power plants, Pennsylvania.

slide cabinet boxes 4-7

71 slides of Dixy Lee Ray posing as Governor in her office.



Scope and Contents note

Includes framed certificates
box 186


box 187


box 188


box 189


box 190


box 190



Office of the Director of Defense Research and Engineering, Defense Science Board memoranda, reports, and other materials 1976


Middle East Study: Application of Large Water-Producing Energy Centers, Volume IV. Palestinian Refugee Resettlement draft, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission 1970