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Inventory of the California State Government Oral Histories
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  • Descriptive Summary
  • Administrative Information
  • Administrative History
  • Purpose
  • Sample Entries
  • Subject Index
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  • Descriptive Summary

    Title: California State Government Oral Histories
    Creator: State Government Oral History Program (Calif.)
    Repository: California State Archives
    Sacramento, California
    Language: English.

    Administrative Information

    Publication Rights

    For permission to reproduce or publish, please contact the California State Archives. Permission for reproduction or publication is given on behalf of the California State Archives as the owner of the physical items. The researcher assumes all responsibility for possible infringement which may arise from reproduction or publication of materials from the California State Archives collections.

    Preferred Citation

    [Identification of item], California State Government Oral Histories, California State Archives.

    Administrative History

    Documentation of California state government with the use of oral history techniques began in 1969 with the Earl Warren Era Oral History Project. It was initiated by the Regional Oral History Office of the Bancroft Library and "centered on key developments in politics and government administration at the state and county level, innovations in criminal justice, public health, and social welfare from 1928-1953."
    Interviews in the second phase, Goodwin Knight-Edmund G. Brown Era, "continued the earlier inquiries into the nature of the governor's office and its relations with executive departments and the legislature, and explored the rapid social and economic changes in the years 1953-1966, as well as preserving Brown's own account of his extensive political career. Among the issues documented are the rise and fall of the Democratic party, establishment of the California Water Plan; election law changes, reapportionment and new political techniques; education and various social programs.
    "Work began on the Ronald Reagan Gubernatorial Series in 1979 [covering the period 1966 through 1974]. . . . Interviews in this series deal with the efforts of the administration to increase government efficiency and economy and with organizational innovations designed to expand the management capability of the governor's office, as well as critical aspects of state health, education, welfare, conservation, and criminal justice programs." 1
    Initial funding came from the National Endowment for the Humanities with additional support from public and private sources. The three series collectively became the Governmental History Documentation Project.
    Eventually the California State Legislature established the State Government Oral History Program (1985 stats. ch. 965) "to provide through the use of oral history a continuing documentation of state policy development as reflected in California's legislative and executive history." Under the administration of the California State Archives, oral history programs at Claremont Graduate School; California State University, Fullerton; California State University, Sacramento; University of California, Berkeley; and the University of California, Los Angeles conduct the interviews. The interviews "offer insights into the actual workings of both the legislative and executive processes and policy mechanisms. They also offer an increased understanding of the men and women who create legislation and implement state policy. Further, they provide an overview of issue development in California state government and of how both the legislative and executive branches of government deal with issues and problems facing the state.
    "Interviewees are chosen primarily on the basis of their contributions to and influence on the policy process of the state of California. They include members of the legislative and executive branches of the state government as well as legislative staff, advocates, members of the media, and others who played significant roles in specific issue areas of major and continuing importance to California."
    The program is "one of the most significant commitments made by any state toward the preservation and documentation of its governmental history. It supplements the often fragmentary historical written record by adding an organized primary source, enriching the historical information available on given topics and allowing for more thorough historical analysis." 2
    1: Preface to the Governmental History Documentation Project - Ronald Reagan Gubernatorial Era.
    2: Preface to the State Government Oral History Program.


    The intent for the guide is to organize the interviews of over 400 individuals conducted through both the Governmental History Documentation Project and the State Government Oral History Program. The guide is divided into two parts: Abstracts and Subject Index.
    The Abstracts are arranged in alphabetical order by the interviewee's surname. It is followed by an accession number which indicates its location at the California State Archives. Information which may be found in the abstracts include: title of the transcript, title of the volume (if it contains more than one transcript), year(s) the interview occurred, interviewee's affiliation and years in that capacity, and a synopsis of the interview and/or biography.
    Material in the abstracts were collected from the interview history, introduction, and table of contents of the transcript itself, scope note (520 field) of the RLIN record entry, and the state rosters. Terms in the subject index follow Library of Congress subject headings.
    Interviews are catalogued and may be accessed through the Research Libraries Information Network (RLIN), OCLC, and GLADYS databases. A complete set of transcripts for research use is available at the Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley; the Dept. of Special Collections at the University of California, Los Angeles; and the California State Archives in Sacramento.
    State Government Oral History Program interviews are available on microfilm through interlibrary loan from the California State Archives. Our address is 1020 "O" Street, Sacramento, California 95814 and the telephone number is (916) 653-2246.
    All the transcripts are available for purchase. A price list appears at the end of the volume. Order them through the institution which produced the interview as indicated.

    Sample Entries

    *Affiliations on governor's task forces, commissions, and ex-officio positions are not listed.

    Subject Index

    Abortion Beilenson, Anthony; Elkington, Norman
    Administrative Agencies - Reorganization Brian, Earl W.; Brown, Edmund G., Sr.; Champion, Hale; Christopher, Warren; Kuchel, Thomas H.; Levit, Bert W.; Luce, Gordon C.; Mott, William Penn, Jr.; Walton, Frank J.; Warne, William E.; Williams, Spencer M.
    Admission to the bar Spence, Homer R.
    Agriculture Cobey, James A.; Cozzens, Robert; Dunlap, John F.; Erwin, Thomas M.; Gunterman, Joseph F.; Lowrey, Lloyd W.; McWilliams, Carey; Mespl, Frank ; Soto, Philip L.; Stearns, James G.; Veysey, Victor V.; Waldie, Jerome R.
    Air quality management Christopher, Warren ; Petris, Nicholas C.
    Alcoholics--Rehabilitation Gregorio, Arlen F.
    Animals, Treatment of Sargent, Gladys W.
    Apportionment (Election law) Allen, Don A.; Below, William C.; Britschgi, Carl A. ; Burns, Hugh M.; Garcia, Miguel F. II; Gregorio, Arlen F.; Hardy, Leroy C.; Huerta, John E.; Martinez, Richard A.; Meade, Kenneth A.; Mespl, Frank; Monagan, Robert T.; Moss, John E., Jr.; Navarro, Armando; Rattigan, Joseph A.; Rees, Thomas M.; Santillan, Richard A.; Smith, Steven E.; Spence, Homer R.; Stiern, Walter W.; Teale, Stephen P.; Thelin, Howard J.; Veysey, Victor V.; Waters, Laughlin E.; Zelman, Walter A.
    Arts Gregorio, Arlen F.; Holen, Marvin L.; Rees, Thomas M.
    Attorney General's Office Brown, Edmund G., Sr.; Kenny, Robert W.; Kragen, Adrian; Lynch, Thomas C.; Mosk, Stanley; O'Brien, Charles A.; Warren, Earl; Wenig, Herbert E.; Younger, Evelle J.
    Brown, Edmund G. - Biography Elkington, Norman
    Brown, Edmund G. - Family Brown, Bernice Layne; Brown, Francis M.; Brown, Harold C.; Carlson, Constance Brown
    Cabinet officers/Cabinet system Adams, Winfred; Hall, James M.; Luce, Gordon; Smith, William French; Stearns, James G.; Thomas, Edwin W., Jr.
    California Industrial Accident Commission Beard, John William
    Campaign funds Bagley, William T. ; Gregorio, Arlen F. ; Hotchkis, Preston, Sr.; Lowenstein, Daniel H.; Mull, Archibald M., Jr.; Nannini, Rico J.; Rees, Thomas M.; Song, Alfred H.; Vicencia, Frank D.; Zelman, Walter A.
    Capital punishment Alarcon, Arthur L.; Gunterman, Joseph F.; Meade, Kenneth A.; Poole, Cecil F.; Rattigan, Joseph A.
    Capitol restoration Petris, Nicholas C.; Papan, Louis J.
    Child welfare/Family policy Gregorio, Arlen F.; Hayes, James A.
    Civil rights Becker, William; Brown, Edmund G., Sr.; Canson, Virna M.; Holen, Marvin L.; Ladar, Samuel; Pittman, Tarea Hall; Rattigan, Joseph A.
    Civil service Chatters, Ford A. ; MacBride, Thomas J.; Tieburg, Albert B.
    Civil service - Pensions Marshall, Greta
    Constitution Revision Commission Busterud, John A.; FitzRandolph, John A.; Patsey, Richard L.; Sumner, Bruce W.
    Consumer education/consumer protection Beilenson, Anthony ; Beverly, Robert G.; Holen, Marvin L.; Huntington, Emily H.; Kehoe, John T.; Livingston, Donald Glenn; Nelson, Helen; Samuel, Bruce; Song, Alfred H.
    Controller's Office Cory, Kenneth; Flournoy, Houston I.; Jervis, John V.; Kuchel, Thomas H.; Nielsen, Vigo G., Jr.
    Corrections Gunterman, Joseph F.; Johnson, Gardiner; McGee, Richard Allen; Marinissen, Jan; Miller, John J.; Patterson, Edgar James; Procunier, Raymond K.; Scudder, Kenyon J.; Way, Howard K.; Williams, Spencer M.
    Court administration Busch, Burt W.; Cobey, James A.; Ellingwood, Herbert E.; Gibson, Phil S.; Mull, Archibald M., Jr.; Olney, Warren III; Rattigan, Joseph A.; Sweigert, William T., Sr.; Wollenberg, Albert C., Sr.
    Criminal justice, Administration of
    see also Warren, Earl - Alameda County District Attorney's Office; Attorney General's Office Blease, Coleman A.; Brown, Edmund G.; Ellingwood, Herbert E.; Hayes, James A.; Houghton, Robert A.; Jahnsen, Oscar J.; Johnson, Miriam Dinkin; Meade, Kenneth A.; Olney, Warren III; Palumbo, Anthony L.; Powers, Robert B.; Sherry, Arthur H.; Spence, Homer R.; Winton, Gordon H., Jr.; Younger, Evelle J.
    Democratic party Alquist, Alfred E.; Beard, John William ; Beilenson, Anthony ; Boas, John Roger; Bronson, Leisa G.; Brown, Edmund G., Sr.; Cameron, Ronald B.; Clifton, Florence McChesney; Coffey, Bertram; Fisher, Hugo; Greenaway, Roy; Henson, Burt M.; Holen, Marvin L.; Jervis, John V.; Kent, Roger; McAlister, Alister; McNitt, Rollin Lee; Mespl, Frank; Molina, Gloria; Moss, John E., Jr.; Myers, Helen Linder; O'Connell, John A.; Petris, Nicholas C.; Rees, Thomas M.; Richards, Richard; Song, Alfred H.; Soto, Philip L.; Waldie, Jerome R.; Weingand, Alvin C.; Yorty, Samuel W.
    Disaster relief Palumbo, Anthony L.
    Discrimination in employment Dellums, C.L.; Rumford, William Byron; Tieburg, Albert B.
    Discrimination in housing Alarcon, Arthur L.; Gunterman, Joseph F. ; Holen, Marvin L. ; Rumford, William Byron; Soto, Philip L.; Thelin, Howard J.
    Economic Opportunity, Office of Uhler, Lewis K.
    Education Dills, Ralph C.; Doyle, Donald; Dunlap, John F.; Garrigus, Charles B. II; Hale, Mildred; Kehoe, John T.; McKay, Robert E.; Riles, Wilson C.; Rodda, Albert S.; Sherriffs, Alex C.; Simpson, Roy E.; Waters, Laughlin E.; Winton, Gordon H., Jr.
    Education - Finance Cory, Kenneth; Hall, Kenneth F.; Martin, Jerry C.; Rodda, Albert S.; Veysey, Victor V.
    Education, Higher Alshuler, Robert E.; Babbage, John D. ; Brown, Edmund G., Sr.; Debs, Ernest E. ; Dills, Ralph C. ; Dumke, Glenn S.; Forbes, William E.; Grant, Allan; Haldeman, H.R.; Higgs, DeWitt A.; Kerr, Clark; Lanterman, Frank D.; McKay, Robert E.; Rattigan, Joseph A.; Sexton, Keith; Shaw, Stanford C. ; Sherriffs, Alex C.; Stiern, Walter W.
    Electioneering Bradley, Donald L.; Crocker, Roy P.; Dinkelspiel, John Walton; Dutton, Frederick G.; Guggenheim, Charles; McCormac, Keith; Outland, George; Polland, Milton R.; Zelman, Walter A.
    Employment Development Dept. Amerson, A. Wayne; Tieburg, Albert B.
    Environmental policy Behr, Peter H. ; Dills, Ralph C.; Dunlap, John F.; Farr, Frederick S.; Hill, Gladwin; Livermore, Norman B., Jr.; Lunardi, Paul J.; MacGillivray, W. Don; Nejedly, John A.; Petris, Nicholas C.; Tooker, John S.; Warren, Charles H.; Willoughby, Thomas H.
    Equalization, Board of Leake, Paul; Nevins, Richard; Welch, Ronald B.
    Fair Political Practices Commission Lowenstein, Daniel H.; Nielsen, Vigo G., Jr.; Stanford, Dan L.
    Federal government (federal-state relations) Tieburg, Albert B.; Uhler, Lewis K.; Warne, William E.
    Finance, Dept. of Beach, Edwin W.; Bell, Roy M.; Brainin, David; Currie, W.R.; Dwight, James S.; Groff, Ellis; Killion, George; Levit, Bert W.; Links, Fred W.; Luevano, Daniel M.; Orr, Verne; Peirce, John M.
    Fish and Game Commission Carty, Edwin L.
    Forest fires - Prevention and control Carter, Oliver J.
    Franchise Tax Board Huff, Martin
    Governors - Election Champion, Hale; Cunningham, Thomas J.; Darling, Dick; Dart, Justin; Draper, Murray; Hansen, Victor; Hotchkis, Preston, Sr.; Hume, Jaquelin; Jewett, Emelyn Knowland; Johnson, Estelle Knowland; Kenny, Robert W.; Manolis, Paul; Mason, Paul; Mellon, Carlotta H.; Mellon, Thomas J.; Mills, Edward; Plog, Stanley; Reagan, Neil; Reagan, Ronald; Roberts, William E.; Salvatori, Henry; Spencer, Stuart K.; Tuttle, Holmes; Watts, Norman (Skip); Wrather, Jack
    Governors - Staff Alarcon, Arthur L.; Barrett, Douglas; Beck, Julian; Becker, William; Bradley, Melvin L.; Bright, Tom M.; Burch, Meredith; Carter, Judy Royer; Christopher, Warren; Clifton, Robert; Davis, May Layne Bonnell; Elkingwood, Herbert E.; Gallagher, Marguerite; Gillenwaters, Edgar; Groves, Sadie Perlin; Habecker, Jackie; Hannaford, Peter; Henderson, Betty Foot; Kline, J. Anthony; Kline, Richard; Lemmon, Maryalice; Livingston, Donald Glenn; MacGregor, Helen R.; Mailliard, William S.; Martin, Jerry C.; Mason, Paul; Mellon, Carlotta H.; Mespl, Frank; Poole, Cecil F.; Procunier, Florence Randolph; Sloss, Nancy; Small, Merrell Farnham; Sweigert, William T., Sr.; Tooker, John S.; Vasey, Beach; Walker, Robert C.; Walton, Rus; Williams, Robert
    Governors - Transition periods Dart, Justin; Hume, Jaquelin; Killion, George L.; Reagan, Ronald; Todd, A. Ruric; Tuttle, Holmes
    Horse Racing Board Seeley, Raymond T.
    Industrial accidents/Workers' compensation Beard, John William
    Insurance McAlister, Alister; Zelman, Walter A.
    Insurance, Health Breslow, Lester; Brian, Earl W.; Champion, Hale; Claycombe, Gordon; Cline, John W.; Fenlon, Roberta; Lee, Russel VanArsdale; Moretti, Robert; Mulder, Carel E.H.; Salsman, Byrl R.; Swoap, David; Wollenberg, Albert C., Sr.
    Insurance, Unemployment Kragen, Adrian A.
    Japanese-Americans--Evacuation and relocation, 1942-1945 Bannai, Paul T.; Clark, Tom; Cozzens, Robert; Dills, Ralph C.; Ennis, Edward; Hansen, Victor; Heckendorf, Percy C.; Jahnsen, Oscar J.; Kingman, Ruth; Lowrey, Lloyd W.; Myer, Dillon S.; Powers, Robert B.; Rowe, James; Wenig, Herbert E.
    Judges - Selection and appointment Gibson, Phil S.; Haerle, Paul R.; Petris, Nicholas C.; Wright, Donald R.
    Judicial review Willoughby, Thomas H.
    Juvenile corrections see Youth Authority
    Knight, Goodwin - Biography Bell, Dorothy Hewes; Polland, Milton R.
    Knight, Goodwin - Family Knight, Virgina
    Knowland, William - Biography Manolis, Paul
    Knowland, William - Family Jewett, Emelyn Knowland; Johnson, Estelle Knowland; McConnell, Geraldine Bowers
    Labor disputes Grossman, Aubrey; Harris, Myron; Odeen, Peter; Resner, Herbert; Ramsay, Ernest G.
    Labor policy/Industrial relations Finks, Harry; Haggerty, Cornelius J.; Stearns, James G.
    Law enforcement see Criminal justice, Administration of
    Legislative Analyst's Office Hamm, William G.; Post, A. Alan; Samuel, Bruce; Vickerman, John L.
    Legislative bodies - Reform Gann, Paul; Gregorio, Arlen F.; Margolis, Larry; Nielsen, Vigo G., Jr.; Schott, Phillip H.; Vicencia, Frank D.
    Legislative power Burns, Hugh M.; Garrigus, Charles B. II ; Lincoln, Luther H.; Miller, John J.; Mills, James R.; Moretti, Robert; Papan, Louis J.; Rees, Thomas M.; Stiern, Walter W.; Vicencia, Frank D.; Winton, Gordon H., Jr.; Zenovich, George N.
    Lieutenant Governor's Office Finch, Robert H.; Nielsen, Vigo G., Jr.; Powers, Harold J.; Reinecke, Ed
    Liquor laws Leake, Paul; Weinberger, Caspar W.
    Lobbyists/Lobbying organizations Arnstein, Lawrence; Blease, Coleman A.; Broaders, Halden C.; Costa, Edward; Finks, Harry; Gann, Paul; Garibaldi, James D.; Gunterman, Joseph F.; Graves, Richard Perrin; Kragen, Adrian A.; Lunardi, Paul J.; Lyon, LeRoy E., Jr.; McKay, Robert E.; Marinissen, Jan; Moss, John E., Jr.; Zelman, Walter A.
    Loyalty oath Kerr, Clark; Lincoln, Luther H.
    Medicaid see Insurance, Health
    Mental health services Connolly, Margarete; Doyle, Donald; Dunlap, John F.; Hume, Portia Bell; Lanterman, Frank D.; Lowry, James V.; Margolis, Larry; Petris, Nicholas C.; Tallman, Frank F.; Waldie, Jerome R.; Williams, Spencer M.; Zimmerman, Kent A.
    Minority business enterprises - Finance Carter, Louis
    Motor Vehicles, Dept. of Orr, Verne
    Municipal home rule Cavanaugh, Bartley; Magyar, Roger
    Navigation and Ocean Development, Dept. of Walker, Robert C.
    Nixon, Richard M. Adams, Earl; Crocker, Roy P.; Day, Roy; Dinkelspiel, John Walton; Hotchkis, Preston, Sr.; Jorgensen, Frank; Petris, Nicholas C.; Powers, Harold J.; Weinberger, Caspar W.
    Parks Drury, Newton B.; Lunardi, Paul J. ; McConnell, Geraldine Bowers; Mott, William Penn, Jr.
    Petroleum in submerged lands Allen, Bruce F.; Fleury, Gordon A.; Hayes, James A.; MacBride, Thomas J.; Miller, Allen; Tomlinson, Stanley T.
    Poetry Garrigus, Charles B. II
    Police--Complaints against Garcia, Miguel F. II
    Political campaigns see Electioneering
    Political consultants Baus, Herbert M.; Roberts, William E.; Ross, William B.; Spencer, Stuart K.; Whitaker, Clement S. Jr.
    Politicians' wives Brown, Bernice Layne; Engle, Lucretia; Knight, Virginia; MacGillivray, Mary E.; Soto, Nell; Tomlinson, Constance M.; Warren, Nina Palmquist
    Press and politics Beck, Paul J. ; Behrens, Earl C.; Bergholz, Richard; Bright, Tom M. ; Burby, John F.; Champion, Hale; Haas, Lucien C. ; Hill, Gladwin ; Jones, Walter P. ; Kossen, Sydney ; Leary, Mary Ellen ; McDowell, Jack S. ; Nofziger, Franklyn C. ; Papan, Louis J.; Phillips, Herbert L. ; Ringer, Roy J. ; Rodda, Richard ; Salinger, Pierre ; Scoggins, Verne ; Wrightson, James R.
    Prison administration see Corrections
    Proposition 1a (1966) [Full-time legislature] Britschgi, Carl A.; Hayes, James A.
    Public administration - Automation Betts, Bert A.; Marshall, Greta; Houghton, Robert A.; Nannini, Rico J.
    Public health Arnstein, Lawrence; Breslow, Lester; Brian, Earl W.; Camilli, Richard L.; Merrill, Malcolm H.; Mulder, Carel E.H.; Ongerth, Henry; Stead, Frank M.; Williams, Spencer M.
    Public opinion polls Corey, Dorothy D.
    Public service commissions Bagley, William T.; Sturgeon, Vernon L.
    Public welfare Beilenson, Anthony ; Burton, John L.; Carleson, Robert B.; Chickering, A. Lawrence; Gleason, Verne E.; Hawkins, Robert B., Jr.; Jenkins, James; McWilliams, Carey; Martin, Jerry C.; Moretti, Robert; Mulder, Carel E.H.; Schottland, Charles Irwin; Sturgeon, Vernon L.; Swoap, David; Warren, Earl; Wedemeyer, John
    Reagan, Ronald - Biography Dales, Jack; Dunckel, Earl B.; Dunne, George
    Reagan, Ronald - Family Reagan, Neil
    Republican party Barnes, Stanley N.; Button, A. Ronald; Caldecott, Thomas W.; Carpenter, Dennis E.; Christopher, George; Cristina, Vernon J.; Darling, Dick; del Junco, Tirso; Doyle, Donald; Faries, McIntyre; Haerle, Paul R.; Hayes, James A.; Hume, Jaquelin; Johnson, Gardiner; Knowland, William F.; Luce, Gordon; Lyon, LeRoy E., Jr.; Parkinson, Gaylord B.; Polland, Milton; Powers, Harold J.; Storrs, Eleanor Ring; Thelin, Howard J.; Weinberger, Caspar
    Roosevelt, James Outland, George; Post, Langdon; Roosevelt, James
    San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission Bodovitz, Joseph E.; Lane, Melvin B.; Shute, E. Clement, Jr.
    Secretary of State's Office Lowenstein, Daniel H.; Nannini, Rico J.
    Securities Volk, Robert H., Jr.
    Small business - Finance Carter, Louis
    Social welfare see Public welfare
    Space shuttles Gillenwaters, Edgar M.
    [Task forces] King, Warren; Livingston, Donald Glenn; Magyar, Roger; Stubblebine, William Craig; Uhler, Lewis K.; Williams, Spencer M.
    Tax and expenditure limitations Behr, Peter H. ; Costa, Edward; Gann, Paul; Hannaford, Peter; Lewis, Jonathan C.; McAlister, Alister; Magyar, Roger; Marler, Fred W.; Martin, Jerry C.; Moretti, Robert; Stubblebine, William Craig; Uhler, Lewis K.; Walton, Frank J.; Watson, Philip E.
    Taxation, State Champion, Hale; Feigenbaum, B. Joseph; Kragen, Adrian A.; Vickerman, John L.
    Tidelands oil see Petroleum in submerged lands
    Trade-unions - Political activity Ash, Robert S.
    Trade-unions Bulcke, Germain; Chaudet, Joseph W.; Dales, Jack; Dellums, C. L.; Dunne, George; Grossman, Aubrey; Heide, Paul; Simonds, U.S.; Sturgeon, Vernon L.; Vernon, Ernest H.
    Transportation - Planning Carter, Oliver J.; Cristina, Vernon J.; Holen, Marvin L.; Luce, Gordon C.; O'Gara, Gerald J. ; Samuel, Bruce; Walton, Frank J.; Wollenberg, Albert C., Sr.
    Treasurer's Office Betts, Bert A.; Button, A. Ronald
    Urban policy Graves, Richard Perrin
    Vocational rehabilitation Lucas, Harry J.
    Warren, Earl - Alameda County District Attorney's Office Balaban, Edith; Bruce, John; Chamberlain, Richard H.; Coakley, J. Frank; Daly, E.A.; Hamlin, Oliver D.; Hederman, Albert E., Jr.; Heinrichs, Beverly; Jensen, Lowell; Jester, Lloyd; Mullins, John F.; Oakley, James H.; Severin, Clarence E.; Shaw, Mary; Shea, Willard W.; Sherry, Arthur H.; Spence, Homer R.; Warren, Earl
    Warren, Earl - Biography Albright, Horace; Ashe, Maryann; Breed, Arthur H., Jr.; Cavanaugh, Bartley; Cavins, Omar; Henderson, Betty Foot; Henley, Ruth Smith; Kreisler, Ralph; Lynn, Wallace; McConnell, Geraldine Bowers; McMillan, Ernest; Martin, Manford; Siems, Edward H.; Stassen, Harold E.; Steinhart, John H.; Stone, Irving; Stone, Jean; Swig, Benjamin H.; Vaughan, Francis
    Warren, Earl - Chief justice Brownell, Herbert; Finkelstein, Louis; Hagerty, James C.; Oliver, William; Richman, Martin F.; Small, Merrell Farnham; Warren, Earl
    Warren, Earl - Family Brien, Nina Warren; Warren, Earl, Jr.; Warren, James; Warren, Nina Palmquist; Warren, Robert
    Water - Pollution Bonderson, Paul R.; Stead, Frank M.
    Water resources development Adams, Winfred; Brody, Ralph M.; Brown, Edmund G., Sr.; Chatters, Ford A.; Cologne, Gordon; Dolwig, Richard J.; Gianelli, William; Goldberg, B. Abbott; Hotchkis, Preston, Sr.; Lanterman, Frank D.; Richards, Richard; Singer, Rita; Waldie, Jerome R.; Warne, William E.; Warren, Earl
    Women, Commission on the Status of Heine, Carolyn Cooper; Miller, Anita M.
    Women in politics
    see also Politicians' wives Bronson, Leisa G.; Burke, Yvonne Brathwaite; Mellon, Carlotta H.; Molina, Gloria; Nelson, Helen Ewing; Storrs, Eleanor Ring
    Youth Authority Barrett, Douglas; Beam, Kenneth S.; Breed, Allen F.; Holton, Karl; MacGregor, Helen R.; Scudder, Kenyon J.; Stark, Heman G.

    Transcript Price List

    March 1998
    The following transcripts are available for purchase. They are printed on acid-free paper and are hardbound. The price includes postage and handling. Please make checks payable to: Secretary of State and remit to: State Government Oral History Program, California State Archives, 1020 "O" Street, Sacramento, CA 95814.