Finding Aid for the Akira Togawa Papers, 1921-1980

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Finding Aid for the Akira Togawa Papers, 1921-1980

Collection number: 1711

UCLA Library, Department of Special Collections

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Akira Togawa Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1921-1980
Collection number: 1711
Creator: Togawa, Akira, 1903-
Extent: 55 boxes (27.5 linear ft.) 3 oversize boxes
Repository: University of California, Los Angeles. Library. Department of Special Collections.
Los Angeles, California 90095-1575
Abstract: Akira Togawa was born July 5, 1903. He came to the United States in 1923 and married his wife, Kimi, who was a kibei, in 1929, and they had five children. Before World War II, Togawa was employed by the M.S. Miura Company. During the war he was interned at Poston, Arizona, and after the war, he operated the Brooklyn & Ford Market in East Los Angeles. Active in various literary groups, including the Posuton Bungei, the Nanka Bungei, and the Sounsha he also wrote two poetry anthologies: Shishu (1932) and Mitsubachi no Uta (1962). He frequently contributed to local Japanese newspapers and poetry anthologies. The collection consists of diaries, correspondence, publications, which include a complete set of the Nanka Bungei, and newspaper clippings. Also includes copies of the works of other Japanese poets and writers. The entire collection is in Japanese.
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Language: English.

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Provenance/Source of Acquisition

Gift of Glenn Noboru Togawa, 1993.


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[Identification of item], Akira Togawa Papers (Collection 1711). Department of Special Collections, Charles E. Young Research Library, University of California, Los Angeles.

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UCLA Catalog Record ID: 3222544 


Akira Togawa was born July 5, 1903; he came to the United States in 1923; married his wife, Kimi, who was a kibei, in 1929, and they had five children; before World War II, Togawa was employed by the M.S. Miura Company; during the war, interned at Poston, Arizona; after the war, he operated the Brooklyn & Ford Market in East Los Angeles; he was active in various literary groups, including the Posuton Bungei, the Nanka Bungei, and the Sounsha; wrote two poetry anthologies: Shishu (1932) and Mitsubachi no Uta (1962); he frequently contributed to local Japanese newspapers and poetry anthologies; died in 1980.

Additional Biographical Narrative


[characters] indicates Japanese characters included in the print version of this online finding aid, available for consultation at the UCLA Library, Department of Special Collections.
Togawa Akira [characters]. 1903-1980. Issei poet and longtime resident of Los Angeles. Born July 5, 1903. Native, Yamanashi-ken, Minami Tsuru-gun, Funatsu-son, Aza Asakawa [characters]. Arrived in the United States in 1923. Father, Teiichi [characters]; mother, Shin [characters]. Father arrived alone in San Francisco, 1907. He returned to Japan in 1922, and came back to America with his son, Akira, the following year. In 1929 Akira married his wife, Kimi [characters], a Kibei woman. The couple had five children: daughter, Akiko [characters], 1930; son, Paul Susumu [characters], 1932; daughter, May Hiroko [characters], 1937; daughter, June Tomiko [characters], 1941; and son, Glenn Noboru [characters], 1946. Before the Second World War, Akira was employed by the M.S. Miura Company [characters], a Los Angeles wholesale produce company. Interned at Poston, Arizona during the war. Operated the Brooklyn & Ford Market in East Los Angeles in the postwar period.
Active in various Issei literary groups of Southern California before World War II, the Posuton Bungei [characters] during the war, and the Nanka Bungei [characters] after the war. Also member of the Sounsha [characters], a poetry society in Japan led by Ogiwara Seisensui [characters] who published the works of Issei poets. Also acquainted with many established Japanese poets and writers such as Oyama Sumita [characters], Uchijima Hokuro [characters], Yoshikawa Eiji [characters], and others. Author of two poetry anthologies: Shishu [characters], 1932, and Mitsubachi no Uta [characters], 1962 (for the latter, see the Japanese American Research Project Collection (Collection 2010), Box 364). Frequent contributor to local Japanese newspapers and poetry anthologies.
The Togawa Akira Papers include diaries, 1921-1978, 57 volumes; incoming correspondence file, 1962-1980; copies of prewar, wartime, and postwar Issei literary journals, including a complete set of the Nanka Bungei, poetry anthologies, novels and essays, autobiographies and biographies, and other books; copies of the works of Ogiwara Seisensui, Oyama Sumita, Uchijima Hokuro, Yoshikawa Eiji, and many other Japanese poets and writers; and 6 oversize scrapbooks of newspaper clippings on art and literature, 1952-1978. The collection of Issei poetry anthologies is outstanding.
by Yuji Ichioka and Makoto Arakaki

Scope and Content

Collection consists of diaries, correspondence, publications, and newspaper clippings related to the life of Akira Togawa. Diaries span 1921-78 in 57 volumes. Publications include pre-World War II, wartime, and postwar Issei literary journals, including a complete set of the Nanka Bungei. Also includes copies of the works of Ogiwara Seisensui, Oyama Sumita, Uchijima Hokuro, Yoshikawa Eiji, and other Japanese poets and writers. Oversize scrapbooks contain clippings related to art and literature, 1952-78.
The entire collection is in Japanese.

Organization and Arrangement

Arranged in the following series:
  1. Diaries and notebooks (Boxes 1-7).
  2. Incoming correspondence file, 1962-80 (Boxes 8-9).
  3. Prewar literary publications (Boxes 10-11).
  4. Wartime journals, essays, and anthologies (Boxes 12-13).
  5. Postwar publications (Boxes 14-32).
  6. Works of Japanese poets and writers (Boxes 33-55).
  7. Newspaper clippings albums, 1952-78 (Boxes 56-58).

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.
Togawa, Akira, 1903- --Archives.
Nanka bungei.
American literature--Japanese American authors--Archival resources.
Japanese American poetry--California--Los Angeles--Archival resources.
Japanese Americans--Evacuation and relocation, 1942-45--Archival resources.

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Title: Japanese American Research Project - Fading Footsteps of the Issei
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Container List

Box  [1-7]

Diaries, 1921-1978

Box 1, Folders 1-5


Box 2, Folders 1-5


Box 3, Folders 1-5


Box 4, Folders 1-4


Box 5, Folders 1-4


Box 6, Folders 1-4


Box 7, Folders 1-3


Box 7, Folder 4

Notebooks, 1921 & 1937.

Box  [8-9]

Incoming Correspondence File

Box 8, Folders 1-6


Box 9, Folders 1-5


Box  [10-11]

Prewar Literary Publications

Box 10, Folder 1

Agosutosha [characters], Taimatsu [characters], Tokyo: Sanshusha, 1933; Haganuma Mitsuru [characters], Shishu: Aoba Moyuru Kokyo [characters], Fukushima: Hoppo Shijinkai, 1934.

Box 10, Folder 2

Hayashida Morio [characters], Doko e Iku [characters], Tokyo: Taijisha, 1928; Iwanaga Tomoki [characters], Goshaku wo Idete [characters], Tokyo: Shimposha, 1936; Mita Heihachi [characters], Ashiato [characters], Los Angeles: Mita Heihachi, 1936.

Box 10, Folder 3

Nagaoka Shigure [characters], Shishu Saizaru [characters], Honolulu: Shogyo Jihosha, 1936; Nagaoka Shigure [characters], Shishu Furusato [characters], Honolulu: Shogyo Jihosha, 1937.

Box 10, Folder 4

Naneikai [characters], Kashu: Nanko [characters], Los Angeles: Naneikai, 1934; Naneikai [characters], Kashu: Seiun [characters], Los Angeles: Naneikai, 1930.

Box 10, Folder 5

Numata Rihei [characters], Shishu: Konna no Ga [characters], Tokyo: Koeisha, 1929; Okina Kyuin [characters], Michi Naki Michi [characters], Tokyo: Koshisha Shobo, 1928.

Box 11, Folder 1

Shimoyama Eitaro [characters], Kiribue [characters], n.p., n.d.; Shimoyama Eitaro [characters], Umi Hedate [characters], Morioka: Shimoyama Shiro, 1935 (see also the Japanese American Research Project Collection (Collection 2010), Box 366).

Box 11, Folder 2

Togawa Akira [characters], Shishu [characters], Los Angeles: Togawa Akira, 1932; Yamazaki Isshin [characters], editor, Amerika Bungakushu [characters], Tokyo: Keigansha, 1937.

Box 11, Folder 3

Yamazaki Isshin [characters], editor, Amerika Bungeishu [characters], Tokyo: Kawamoto Tetsuo, 1930; Yamazaki Isshin [characters], editor, Hokubei Bungei Senshu [characters], Tokyo: Bungei Hihyosha, 1926.

Box 11, Folder 4

Yamazaki Isshin [characters], editor, Horo no Shi [characters], Los Angeles: Horo no Shisha, 1925.

Box  [12-13]

Wartime Journals, Essays and Anthologies

Box 12, Folder 1

Doto [characters], no. 2 (1944).

Box 12, Folder 2

Kagawa Bunichi [characters], Zuihitsu: Waga Mishi Hoho [characters], Tule Lake: Tessakusha, 1945.

Box 12, Folders 3-6

Posuton Bungei [characters]: March, August & October 1943; February, April, July & September 1944; and January, February & May-September 1945.

Box 13, Folder 1

Posuton Kinseikai [characters], Kinseiryu Shiginshu [characters], Poston: Kuronikurusha, 1944, v. 1; Shusui [characters], Shomon wo Kazaru [characters], Poston, 1944.

Box 13, Folder 2

Sugita Kokuho [characters], editor, Kokufuryu Shiginsen [characters], Tule Lake: Kinyusha, 1945.

Box 13, Folder 3

Yao Yoshio [characters], Kashu: Kiganshu [characters], Tule Lake: Yao Yoshio, 1945.

Box  [14-32]

Postwar Publications

Box  [14-20]

A. Journals

Box 14, Folder 1

California Tanka [characters], 1:1 (1979); 12:2-4 (1990).

Box 14, Folders 2-3

Koronia Bungaku [characters], nos. 10-12 (1969-70) and nos. 14-15 (1971).

Box 14, Folders 4-6

Nanka Bungei [characters], nos. 1-3 (1965-66).

Box 15, Folders 1-6

Nanka Bungei [characters], nos. 4-9 (1967-69).

Box 16, Folders 1-7

Nanka Bungei [characters], nos. 10-16 (1970-73).

Box 17, Folders 1-7

Nanka Bungei [characters], nos. 17-23 (1973-76).

Box 18, Folders 1-7

Nanka Bungei [characters], nos. 24-30 (1977-80).

Box 19, Folders 1-4

Nanka Bungei [characters], nos. 31-34 (1981-84).

Box 19, Folders 5-6

Nichibei Tanka [characters]: January, March, May, July, September & November 1962; January, March, May, July, September & November 1963; January, March, May, June & July 1964; and January, March & Summer 1965.

Box 20, Folder 1

NY Bungei [characters], no. 9 (1965) (see also Japanese American Research Project Collection (Collection 2010), Box 355); Sakuhinsho [characters], nos. 4-5 (1977-78); Totem [characters], April 1928, Seattle.

Box 20, Folders 2-3

Tachibana [characters]: April 1960; January, April, July & October 1963; January, April, July & October 1964; April & July 1965; January & October 1968; January, April, July & October 1969; April & July 1970; and October 1974 (see also Japanese American Research Project Collection (Collection 2010), Box 356).

Box  [21-25]

B. Poetry Anthologies

Box 21, Folder 1

Akahori Masaru [characters], Gyosei: Nichieidoku Taiyaku [characters], Los Angeles: Town Crier, 1967; Ebihara Naoko [characters], Kashu: Orenji no Yokuya [characters], [Tokyo]: Shinsei Shobo, 1961.

Box 21, Folder 2

Furuya Kumatsugu [characters], Suikei Kushu: Ryuten [characters], Kamakura: Sounsha, 1958; Hagio Imosaku [characters], Imin no Uta [characters], Matsyama: Daikosha, 1961; Hashida Toyokaki [characters], Senninsho: Hayashida Toyoko Kushu [characters], [Kochi]: Kochi Nichibei Kyokai, 1960.

Box 21, Folder 3

Hattori Naoyuki [characters], Godo Kashu: Reimei [characters], Los Angeles: Rocky Tanka Kai, 1970; Hattori Naoyuki [characters], editor, Godo Kashu: Rokki Sankei [characters], Los Angeles: Rokki Tanka Kai, 1974; Hirata Kocho [characters], Aru Seinen no Shuki: Kocho Bungeishu Dai-Isshu [characters], Okayama: Senryu Okayamasha, 1970.

Box 21, Folder 4

Hirose Yoshi [characters], Mizu Mogusa [characters], Tokyo: Tanaka Shunji, 1963; Hokubei Haikushu Henshu Iin [characters], Hokubei Haikushu [characters], Los Angeles: Tachibana Ginsha, 1974; Hosaka Misao [characters], Yume no Hana [characters], Osaka: Kadono Atsuko, 1959.

Box 21, Folder 5

Iwami Hisashi [characters], Kushu: Ebi Kago [characters], Los Angeles: Amerika Jojoha no Kai, 1978; Iwata Masakazu [characters], Kashu: Shirobara [characters], Los Angeles. [1969?].

Box 22, Folder 1

Uwate Matao [characters], Watakushi no Sasayaki [characters], Los Angeles: Radio Little Tokyo, 1962; Kato Harue [characters], Taiko no Hibiki [characters], Tokyo: Shinsei Shobo, 1970; Kazato Toyo [characters], Kabunshu: Chigiregumo [characters], Tokyo: Nihon Bungeisha, 1965.

Box 22, Folder 2

Kunitsugu Shiro [characters], Zenbei Senryu Jisen Kushu [characters], Los Angeles: Kaku Senryu Ginsha, 1960; Matsue Hisashi [characters], Matsue Hisashi Uta Kareki [characters], Los Angeles: Amerika Jojoha no Kai, 1982; Matsumoto Tomiko and Matsumoto Ryokuyo [characters], Kashu: Mishigan Kohan [characters], n.p.: Shinsei Shobo, 1960.

Box 22, Folder 3

Miki Ken [characters], Hadoson no Sasayaki [characters], Tokyo: Nihon Bungeisha, 1964; Miki Ken [characters], Sasurai no Uta [characters], Tokyo: Nihon Bungeisha, 1960.

Box 22, Folder 4

Morita Minako [characters], Otto: Yoshitake wo Shinobi [characters], n.p., n.d.; Nagata Setsuko [characters], Matsubazue no Rojin [characters], Fukuoka: Yuri Kakai, 1949.

Box 22, Folder 5

Nanka Bungeisha [characters], Kagawa Bunichi Shishu [characters], Los Angeles: Nanka Bungeisha, 1982.

Box 23, Folder 1

Nishi Masago [characters], Dogguuddo no Hana [characters], Osaka: Hakujusha, 1974; Nishimura Masamoto [characters], Izumi no Uta: Nishimura Yoshimi Ikoshu [characters], Seaside: Nishimura Masamoto, 1971; Nixon, Lucille M. and Tana, Tomoe, Sounds from the Unknown, Denver: Alan Swallow, 1964.

Box 23, Folder 2

Nozawa Miyoko [characters], Suiren [characters], Matsuyama: Daikosha, 1962; Okada Hanako [characters], Hana ni Hana [characters], Kamakura: Sounsha, 1961; Otsuki Yoshisaburo [characters], Shimo no Hana [characters], Matsuyama: Oyama Sumita, 1979.

Box 23, Folder 3

Rafu Kinseikai [characters], Izumi [characters], Los Angeles: Rafu Kinseikai, 1947.

Box 23, Folder 4

Sakai Yoneo [characters], Sakai Yoneo Shishu [characters], Tokyo: Shichosha, 1966.

Box 24, Folder 1

Taira Kaibaseki [characters], Dai-Goju no Hoshi [characters], Kamakura: Sounsha, 1962; Takahashi Kyoko [characters], Kozan [characters], Kamakura: Sounsha, 1962.

Box 24, Folder 2

Takeda Roji [characters], Takeda Roji Kashu [characters], Tokyo: Shinsei Shobo, 1970; Tanaka Shurin [characters], Dancho Hyakuin [characters], [Denver]: Nakamura Baifu, 1952; Tokunaga Takeko [characters], Yukyo Sannen: Tokunaga Takeko Kushu [characters], Los Angeles: Jiryusha, 1948; Tomari Yoshihiko [characters], Kashu: Ryojin [characters], Kagoshima: Nichibei Tankasha, 1958.

Box 24, Folder 3

Totsukuni Tankakai [characters], Kashu: Ishokurin [characters], San Francisco: Totsukuni Tankakai, 1958; Tsumura Mokuyo [characters], Waga Hitotsu no Tomoshibi [characters], Oakland: Popii Ginsha, 1953; Tsuneishi Shisei [characters], Hokubei Hototogisu Nyusen Kushu [characters], Hollywood: Tachibana Ginsha, 1951.

Box 24, Folder 4

Tsuneishi Shisei [characters], Kushu: Kiku no Chiri [characters], Los Angeles: Tsuneishi Shisei, 1975; Usuda Yoko [characters], editor, Nire no Ochiba: Usuda Tenjoshi no Ikushu [characters], n.p.: Privately printed, 1957; Yagata Keizan [characters], Kushu: Agehacho [characters], Okayama: Senryu Okayamasha, 1972.

Box 25, Folder 1

Yakaranda no Kai [characters], Yakaranda no Kai: Dai-Ichi Jiyuritsu Kushu [characters], Los Angeles: Yakaranda no Kai, 1976.

Box 25, Folder 2

Yamaguchi Bokuson [characters], Kushu: Karihonia [characters], [Los Angeles]: Privately printed, 1966; Yamaguchi Chiyo and Yamaguchi Hideo [characters], Yashi no Hazure [characters], Tokyo: Shinsei Shobo, 1977.

Box 25, Folder 3

Yasuda Hakuhanshi [characters], editor, Hokubei Hototogisu Nyusen Dai-Ni Kushu [characters], Los Angeles: Tachibana Ginsha, 1958.

Box 25, Folder 4

Yonekura Hisae [characters], Hana to Kumo [characters], Kamakura: Sounsha, 1960; Yonekura Hisae [characters], Hanazukuri no Ku [characters], Tokyo: Daisenen, 1941; Yonekura Hisae [characters], Hayashi no Edamichi [characters], Kamakura: Sounsha, 1965.

Box 25, Folder 5

Yonekura Hisae [characters], Matsu no Ki to Tomo ni [characters], Kamakura: Sounsha, 1970; Yonekura Hisae [characters], Yonekura Hisae Dai-Go Kushu [characters], Kyoto: Sounsha, 1977.

Box  [26-27]

C. Novels and Essays

Box 26, Folder 1

Fujita Akira [characters], editor, Nanka Bungei Senshu, 1965-1980 [characters, 1965-1980], Los Angeles: Nanka Bungeisha, 1981; Fujita Akira [characters], Nochi no Kokei [characters], Tokyo: Renga Shobo Shinsha, 1982.

Box 26, Folder 2

Koronia Bungakukai [characters], Koronia Shosetsu Senshu [characters], Sao Paulo: Koronia Bungakukai, 1978; Matsushita Iwao [characters], Neko no Negoto [characters], Tokyo: Nihon Shuppan Boeki Kabushiki Kaisha, 1966; Nagata Setsuko [characters], Wagahai wa Inu de Aru [characters], Fukuoka: Yuri Kakai, 1952.

Box 26, Folder 3

Nanka Bungeisha [characters], Okidokei: Zuihitsushu [characters], Los Angeles: Nanka Bungeisha, 1983.

Box 26, Folder 4

Nomoto Ippei [characters], Shihen Danso [characters], Los Angeles: Privately printed, 1976; Okazaki Ginko [characters], Sarinasu no Tsuchi [characters], Tokyo: Chuo Koron Jigyo Shuppan, [1965?].

Box 26, Folder 5

Sakai Yoneo [characters], Nikkei Shimin Yuki [characters], Tokyo: Sankei Shimbunsha Shuppankyoku, 1969; Sekiguchi Nobara [characters], Koga no Mizu ga Kiyoku Naru Made [characters], Shimizu: Nihon Shingaku Remmei, 1965; Tsuchiya Chikano [characters], editor, Tsuioku Tokoro Dokoro: Suiho Tsuchiya Rinpei Iko [characters], Nara: Tenrikyo Shimposha, 1961.

Box 27, Folder 1

Yamashita Jonin [characters], Waga Yo no Haru [characters], Tokyo: Jitsugyo no Nipponsha Jigyo Shuppanbu, 1954; Yamazaki Seiichi [characters], Rafu Shimpo Mokuyobi Zuiso: Bijo to Bishu [characters], Los Angeles: Yamazaki Seiichi, 1975.

Box  [Box 27]

D. Internment Life Accounts

Box 27, Folder 2

Nakamura Kenta [characters], Kokansen [characters], Tokyo: Shinwasha, 1966; Noda Kasen [characters], Posuton Tenjuki [characters], Los Angeles: Nippon Shoten, 1968; Noda Nobuo [characters], Manzana no Arashi [characters], Los Angeles: Noda Nobuo, 1971; Sasaki Shuichi (Sasabune) [characters], Yokuryujo Seikatsuki [characters], Los Angeles: Rafu Shoten, 1950; Yamamoto Asako [characters], Ibara Aru Hakudo [characters], n.p.: Privately printed, 1952.

Box  [27-29]

E. Autobiographies and Biographies

Box 27, Folder 3

Akagi Teiji [characters], Tobei Gojunen no Ashiato [characters], Los Angeles: Privately printed, 1966; Asano Shichinosuke [characters], Zaibei Yonjunen [characters], Tokyo: Yuki Shobo, 1962; Ishida Tenkai [characters], Kijutsu Gojunen [characters], Tokyo: Asahi Shimbunsha, 1961.

Box 27, Folder 4

Japanese Community Pioneer Center, Ayumi no Ato [characters], nos. 1-2 (1973 & 1975).

Box 28, Folder 1

Kasai Hiroshi-O Yawa Kanko Iinkai, [characters], Kasai Hiroshi-O Yawa [characters], Yokohama: Kanko Iinkai, 1955; Kobayashi Fumio [characters], Shimoyama Isso no Shogai to Sono Geijutsu [characters], Kamakura: Sounsha, 1954; Masuoka Ryuei [characters], Omoi no Mama ni [characters], Kyoto: Shimizu Hideo, 1969.

Box 28, Folder 2

Mihara Tokinobu [characters], Shiroi Tsue ni Tayori Tsutsu [characters], San Francisco: Toyo Bunkasha, 1963; Mitoma Toshichi and Yoshie [characters], Zaibei Rokujunen no Kaiso [characters], Tokyo: Kirisuto Shimbunsha, 1970.

Box 28, Folder 3

Niisato Kanichi [characters], Yami ni Hirameku Koe Naki Koe [characters], Tokyo: Shimposha, 1934.

Box 28, Folder 4

Sasaki Shuichi (Sasabune) [characters], Amerika Seikatsu [characters], Los Angeles: Taishusha, 1937; Sasaki Shuichi (Sasabune) [characters], Hariuddo no Kijin: Tanaka Shurin [characters], Los Angeles: Taishusha, 1938.

Box 28, Folder 5

Sodei Rinjiro [characters], Yumeji Kashu Kyakuchu [characters], Tokyo: Shueisha, 1985; Takahashi Aiko [characters], Kaisen Kara no Nikki, 1941-1955 [characters, 1941-1955], Tokyo: Takahashi Aiko, 1955.

Box 29, Folder 1

Takahashi Aiko [characters], Meiji Hyakunen ni Omou [characters], Tokyo: Takahashi Aiko, 1972; Takahashi Aiko [characters], Saikai no Tabi [characters], Tokyo: Takahashi Aiko, 1965.

Box 29, Folder 2

Tomimoto Iwao [characters], Tohenboku [characters], Tokyo: Kokusai Heiwa Sangyokai, 1961; Yamada Nyose [characters], Wasuregusa [characters], Mitsugi: Miyoshi Gesshu, 1970.

Box  [Box 29]

F. Yamanashi Prefecture Materials

Box 29, Folder 3

Hirose Shurei [characters], Zaibei Koshujin Funto no Gojunenshi [characters], Los Angeles: Nanka Yamanashi Kaigai Kyokai, 1934; Hawai Yamanashi Kenjinkai Kaiho [characters], no. 20 (1951).

Box 29, Folder 4

Ito Kenkichi [characters], Kawaguchi Kohan Funatsu Konjaku Monogatari [characters], Funatsu: Ide Kozai, 1952; Nanka Yamanashi Kenjinkai [characters], Nanka Yamanashi Kenjinkai Jushoroku [characters], 1952, 1957 & 1961; Kayanuma Hideo [characters], Kawaguchi-Ko Choshi [characters], Kawaguchi-Ko Cho Yakuba, 1966; Yamanashi Kenjinkai Tobo: Kakushu Amachi Tenjusho Oyobi Kinko [characters], Granada Relocation Center, Amache, Colorado, 1945.

Box  [Box 30]

G. Religion

Box 30, Folder 1

Akahoshi Kimiko [characters], Iwanaga Emiko Sensei [characters], Los Angeles: Niji no Ie, 1954; Habato Nikoruson [characters], Yagi no Ojisan [characters], Tokyo: CLC Kurashi no Hikari Sha, 1974.

Box 30, Folder 2

Iijima Kanjitsu [characters], Ikita Bukkyo [characters], Tokyo: Tosei Shuppansha, 1953; Kondo Choei [characters], Kirisuto Monogatari [characters], Los Angeles: Kondo Shizuko, 1959; Kubose Gyomei [characters], Soto yori Uchi e: Shikago ni Ikiru Bukkyo [characters], Chicago: The Dharma House, 1972.

Box 30, Folder 3

Nozaki Reikai [characters], Kagiri Naki Inochi [characters], Los Angeles: Nozaki Reikai, 1955; Ono Jotetsu [characters], Kesso Kaio Monogatari [characters], Olive View: Ono Jotetsu, 1962.

Box 30, Folder 4

Sekiguchi Nobara [characters], Bungei to Shukyo [characters], Tokyo: Seishin Kagakusha, 1963; Sekiguchi Nobara [characters], Kagaku to Shukyo: Uchu to Ai e no Kito [characters], Tokyo: Seishin Kagakusha, 1962.

Box 30, Folder 5

Sekiguchi Nobara [characters], Nihon Shinto Shingaku [characters], Shimizu: Nihon Shingaku Remmei, 1955; Senzaki Nyogen [characters], Amerikajin no Bukkyo [characters], Tokyo: Okura Shuppan Kabushiki Kaisha, 1955; Sutanre Jonsu [characters], Kito no Hoho [characters], Los Angeles: Shinsei Kyokai Shuppanbu, 1946.

Box  [31-32]

H. Miscellaneous

Box 31, Folder 1

Abe Toyoji [characters], Toki no Kage [characters], San Francisco: Abe Yuka, 1968; Adachi Fudehiro [characters], Hawai Nikkeijinshi [characters], Tokyo: Ashi-no-Ha Shuppankai, 1977; Aoki Hisa [characters], Kanashimi wa Umi no Kanata ni: Amerika kara no Tegami [characters], Tokyo: Sumiyoshi Shoten, 1953; 442nd Veterans Association of Southern California, 100th - 442nd Directory, Los Angeles: 442nd Veterans Association of Southern California, 1967.

Box 31, Folder 2

Furuya Suikei [characters], Imin no Rakugaki [characters], Honolulu: Hawai Taimuzusha, 1968; Hasegawa Shinichiro [characters], Zaibei Hojin no Mitaru Beikoku to Beikokujin [characters], Tokyo: Jitsugyo no Nihonsha, 1937.

Box 31, Folder 3

Hashimoto Henri [characters], Sekai no Tabi Tsurezure [characters], Los Angeles: Ajia Ryokosha, 1971; Kondo Choei [characters], Kondo Choei Ikoshu [characters], Los Angeles: Kondo Shizuko, 1970.

Box 31, Folder 4

Makida Kozo [characters], Mukuteki [characters], Los Angeles: Rafu Shoten, 1961; Matsumoto Motomitsu [characters], Fukko Senjo ni Odoru Kikan Doho [characters], Los Angeles: Rafu Shoten, 1949.

Box 32, Folder 1

Nagumo Shoji [characters], Gadena Goroku [characters], Los Angeles: Nanka Teiengyo Remmei, 1959; Takeshita Tomasu [characters], Yamato Damashii to Seijoki [characters], Tokyo: Sanno Shobo, 1967; Uegurin Michiko [characters], Amerika Kyosei Shuyojo: Kutsujoku ni Taeta Nikkeijin [characters], Tokyo: Seiji Koho Senta, 1974.

Box 32, Folder 2

Yaguchi Sachie [characters], Neko to Futari [characters], Tokyo: Nihon Seikokai Shuppan Jigyobu, 1974; Yamada Kozo [characters], Issei Shageki [characters], Los Angeles: Rafu Shimposha, 1938; Yoneda Karu [characters], Zaibei Nihonjin Rodosha no Rekishi [characters], Tokyo: Shin Nihon Shinsho, 1967.

Box 32, Folders 3-4

Miscellaneous program copies.

Box  [33-55]

Works of Japanese Poets and Writers

Box  [33-40]

A. Ogiwara Seisensui [characters]

Box 33, Folder 1

Basho Fukei [characters], Tokyo: Shunjusha, 1955; Basho Junrei [characters], Tokyo: Shunjusha, 1955.

Box 33, Folder 2

Basho Meiku [characters], Tokyo: Shakai Shiso Kenkyukai, 1957; Basho Shunju [characters], Tokyo: Shunjusha, 1956.

Box 33, Folder 3

Basho wo Tazunete [characters], Tokyo: Shunjunsha, 1955; Basho wo Tazunete [characters], Kyoto: Gasendo, 1968.

Box 33, Folder 4

Basho Buson Shiki [characters], Tokyo: Gengensha, 1955; Basho Zuihitsu: Haru wa Akebono [characters], Tokyo: Usui Shobo, 1948.

Box 33, Folder 5

Choryu [characters], Kamakura: Sounsha, 1964.

Box 34, Folder 1

Daiko [characters], Kamakura: Sounsha, 1971.

Box 34, Folder 2

Gensen [characters], Kamakura: Sounsha, 1960.

Box 34, Folder 3

Haiku to Seinen [characters], Tokyo, Chobunkaku, 1943; Hawai Nikki [characters], Tokyo: Daisenen, 1937.

Box 34, Folder 4

Ichifuji [characters], Tokyo: Sakurai Shoten, 1943; Issa Meiku [characters], Tokyo: Shakai Shiso Kenkyukai, 1959.

Box 35, Folder 1

Jinsei Dokuhon [characters], Tokyo: Jitsugyo no Nihonsha, 1962; Jiyuritsu Haiku Hyoshaku [characters], Tokyo: Hibonkaku, 1938.

Box 35, Folder 2

Kaki to Momo [characters], Kyoto: Yashiro Shoten, 1946; Kenchinjiru [characters], Tokyo: Shinse Shobo, 1956.

Box 35, Folder 3

Nihon Saiji Kiko [characters], Tokyo: Shudosha, 1960; Oku no Hosomichi no Kokoro [characters], Tokyo: Shunjusha, 1956.

Box 35, Folder 4

Oku no Hosomichi no Michi [characters], Tokyo: Shunjusha, 1955; Oku no Hosomichi wo Tazunete [characters], Tokyo: Shinchosha, 1936.

Box 35, Folder 5

Editor, Ozora: Ozaki Hosai Shu [characters], Tokyo: Shunjusha, 1956; Seisensui Kushu [characters], Tokyo: Shinchosha, 1936; Senriko [characters], Tokyo: Kobunsha, 1946.

Box 36, Folder 1

Shikai [characters], Tokyo: Bunka Hyoron Shuppansha, 1976; Soko Nikki [characters], Tokyo: Daisenen, 1937.

Box 36, Folder 2

Editor, Soun [characters], January-December 1956.

Box 36, Folder 3

Soun [characters], January-December 1957.

Box 36, Folder 4

Soun [characters]: April-August & October-December 1964; and January-March 1965.

Box 36, Folder 5

Soun [characters], January-December 1966.

Box 36, Folder 6

Soun [characters], January-December 1967.

Box 37, Folder 1

Soun [characters], January-November 1968.

Box 37, Folder 2

Soun [characters]: February 1969; April 1970; September 1972; and May 1978.

Box 37, Folder 3

Soun Daijuni Kushu [characters], Tokyo: Sounsha, 1937; Soun Dainijuni Kushu [characters], Tokyo: Sounsha, 1951.

Box 37, Folder 4

Soun Dainijusan Kushu [characters], Tokyo: Sounsha, 1952; Soun Dainijugo Kushu [characters], Tokyo: Sounsha, 1955.

Box 37, Folder 5

Soun Dainijushichi Kushu [characters], Tokyo: Sounsha, 1957; Soun Dainijuhachi Kushu [characters], Tokyo: Sounsha, 1958.

Box 37, Folder 6

Soun Dainijuku Kushu [characters], Tokyo: Sounsha, 1959; Soun Daisanju Kushu [characters], Tokyo: Sounsha, 1960.

Box 37, Folder 7

Soun Daisanjuichi Kushu [characters], Tokyo: Sounsha, 1961; Soun Daisanjuni Kushu [characters], Tokyo: Sounsha, 1962.

Box 38, Folder 1

Soun Daisanjusan Kushu: Nikko Gekkoshu [characters], Kamakura: Daisenen, 1963; Soun Daisanjuyon Kushu [characters], Kamakura: Daisenen, 1964.

Box 38, Folder 2

Soun Daisanjugo Kushu [characters], Kamakura: Daisenen, 1965; Soun Daisanjuroku Kushu [characters], Kamakura: Daisenen, 1967.

Box 38, Folder 3

Soun Daisanjushichi Kushu [characters], Kamakura: Daisenen, 1969; Soun Daisanjuhachi Kushu [characters], Kamakura: Daisenen, 1971; Soun no Michi [characters], Kamakura: Sounsha, 1955.

Box 38, Folder 4

Soun Sakuhinsen Daiichi [characters], Kamakura: Sounsha, 1963.

Box 38, Folder 5

Soun Sakuhinsen Daini [characters], Kamakura: Sounsha, 1966.

Box 39, Folder 1

Tabibito Basho [characters], Tokyo: Shunjusha, 1955; Tozai Nanboku [characters], Tokyo: Sakurai Shoten, 1931.

Box 39, Folder 2

Watakushi no Tsuzurikata [characters], Tokyo: Kobunsha, 1946; Zoku Tabibito Basho [characters], Tokyo: Shunjusha, 1955.

Box 39, Folder 3

Editor, Zui [characters]: January-September & November-December 1959; February 1962; and January-December 1963.

Box 39, Folder 4

Zui [characters]: January-December 1964; and January-December 1965.

Box 39, Folder 5

Zui [characters]: January-December 1966; September 1967; January-September 1968; and September 1971.

Box 40, Folder 1

Inoue Mikio [characters], editor, Jiyuritsu Haiku no Michi: Ogiwara Seisensui to Sono Monkatachi [characters], n.p., 1966; Ogiwara Seisensui, Watanabe Koin, Taidan: Ichigo Ichie no Watashi wo Ikiru [characters], Shobo [characters], no. 5 (1974).

Box 40, Folder 2

Sounsha [characters], editor, Soun Ichinin Jukkushu Daini [characters], Kamakura: Sounsha, 1968.

Box 40, Folder 3

Sounsha [characters], editor, Soun Ichinin Jukkushu Daisan [characters], Kamakura: Sounsha, 1970.

Box 40, Folder 4

Sounsha [characters], Soun Techo [characters], Kamakura: Sounsha, 1955; Sounsha [characters], Soun Shayu Meibo [characters], Kamakura: Sounsha, 1963.

Box  [40-43]

B. Oyama Sumita [characters]

Box 40, Folder 5

Daichowa [characters], Tokyo: Aporonsha, 1960; Daigo no Hitobito [characters], Ehime: Daikosha, 1950.

Box 40, Folder 6

Editor, Daiko [characters]: November 1961; June 1963; December 1965; and March 1968.

Box 41, Folder 1

Daiko [characters]: September 1968; January & April-December 1970; and January-April 1971.

Box 41, Folder 2

Daiko [characters], May-June & August-November 1971.

Box 41, Folders 3-5

Editor, Gochu Nikki [characters], Tokyo: Aporonsha, 1958-64, vols. 1-5.

Box 41, Folder 6

Gojunen [characters], Ehime: Daikosha, 1975; Haijin Santoka no Shogai [characters], Tokyo: Aporonsha, 1957.

Box 41, Folder 7

Hannya Shingyo no Hanashi [characters], Kyoto: Higeen, 1967; editor, Hyohaku no Haijin: Santoka no Shuki [characters], Tokyo: Chobunsha, 1968.

Box 42, Folder 1

Jigazo: Santoka [characters], Ehime: Daikosha, 1966; Jinsei Hyakuso [characters], Ehime: Daikosha, 1969.

Box 42, Folder 2

Jinsei no Bi [characters], Ehime: Daikosha, 1961; Kannonkyo no Hanashi [characters], Kyoto: Higeen, 1962.

Box 42, Folder 3

Kannonkyo no Hanashi to Seigoku Junrei [characters], Tokyo: Higeen, 1971; Kono Michi [characters], Tokyo: Yoshikawa Shobo, 1975.

Box 42, Folder 4

Nekorobigusa [characters], Ehime: Daikosha, 1957; Nihon no Aji [characters], Ehime: Daikosha, 1967.

Box 42, Folder 5

Nihon no Tabi [characters], Tokyo: Aporonsha, 1960; Ohara Yugaku Monogatari [characters], Chiba: Beibon Toshokan, 1956.

Box 43, Folder 1

Ryokan Monogatari [characters], Tokyo: Aporonsha, 1966; Ryokuin ni Kataru Zen [characters], Tokyo: Yoshikawa Shobo, 1972.

Box 43, Folder 2

Editor, Sanson Nikki: Oka Rakuboku [characters], Ehime: Daikosha, 1969; With Takato Takema [characters], Santoka: Ku to Kotoba [characters], Tokyo: Shuyodo Shoten, 1974.

Box 43, Folder 3

Santoka no Shogai [characters], Ehime: Santoka Kenshokai, n.d.; Santoka no Yado: Soshite Sake to Mizu to [characters], Tokyo: Yayoi Shobo, 1976; editor, Santoka Zenshu [characters], Tokyo: Shuyodo, 1972, vol. 1.

Box 43, Folder 4

Editor, Sobokuto: Santoka [characters], Ehime: Daikosha, 1956; Sobokuto [characters], unpublished manuscript, 1940; Wasureenu Hitobito [characters], Ehime: Daikosha, 1954.

Box 43, Folder 5

Zazen Gojunen [characters], Tokyo: Yayoi Shobo, 1977; Zazen Nyumon [characters], Kyoto: Higeen, 1965.

Box  [44-45]

C. Uchijima Hokuro [characters]

Box 44, Folder 1

Aruya Nashiya [characters], Kamakura: Sounsha, 1966; Dochu Zakki [characters], Nagano: Uchijima Hokuro, 1949.

Box 44, Folder 2

Hokuro Sakuhin Kinenshu [characters], Kyoto: Uchijima Hokuro, 1971.

Box 44, Folder 3

Kochu Zuihitsu [characters], Kyoto: Uchijima Hokuro, 1954; Kumo to Doro [characters], Kamakura: Sounsha, 1962.

Box 44, Folder 4

Mimizu no Fun [characters], Kamakura: Sounsha, 1963; Rakuyaki: Tsukurikata, Ajiwaikata [characters], Osaka: Sogensha, 1958.

Box 45, Folder 1

Shippo [characters], Kamakura: Sounsha, 1969; Shunpu Shuu [characters], Kamakura: Sounsha, 1971.

Box 45, Folder 2

Tobo [characters], Kyoto: Kuwana Bunseido, 1942; Toko no Rakusho [characters], Tokyo: Shunjusha, 1966.

Box 45, Folder 3

Tsuchi wa Ikite Iru [characters], Kamakura: Sounsha, 1960.

Box  [45-47]

D. Yoshikawa Eiji [characters]

Box 45, Folder 4

Doka Musume wo Tanomimasu [characters], Tokyo: Rokko, 1969; Edo Chokonka [characters], Tokyo: Genrisha, 1948.

Box 46, Folder 1

Harusame Yubin [characters], Tokyo: Hayakawa Shobo, 1947; Kankanmushi wa Utau [characters], Tokyo: Hayakawa Shobo, 1947.

Box 46, Folder 2

Kuroda Nyosui [characters], Tokyo: Rokko Shuppansha, 1951; Oriori no Shirushi [characters], Tokyo: Rokko Shuppansha, 1953.

Box 46, Folder 3

Shin Taishu Bungaku Zenshu: Saijoki [characters], Tokyo: Hibonkaku, 1947, vol. 1; Wasurenokori no Ki: Shihan Jijoden [characters], Tokyo: Bungei Shinju Shinsha, 1957.

Box 46, Folder 4

Yoshikawa Eiji Taiwashu [characters], Tokyo: Kodansha, 1967; Yoshikawa Eiji Zenshu: Edojo Shinju Sakebu Raicho [characters], Tokyo: Kodansha, 1969, vol. 7.

Box 47, Folder 1

Zuihitsu Shin Heike [characters], Tokyo: Asahi Shimbunsha, 1958.

Box  [Box 47]

E. Works on Yoshikawa Eiji

Box 47, Folder 1

Kokumin Bunka Shinkokai [characters], Yoshikawa Eiji Ten [characters], Tokyo: Kodansha, 1967.

Box 47, Folder 2

Yoshikawa Eimei [characters], Chichi Yoshikawa Eiji [characters], Tokyo: Bunka Shuppankyoku, 1974; Watakushi no Yoshikawa Eiji Kanko Iinkai [characters], Watakushi no Yoshikawa Eiji: Sono Shokan to Tsuioku [characters], Tokyo: Bungei Shunju Shinsha, 1962.

Box  [Box 47]

F. Maeda Tetsunosuke [characters]

Box 47, Folder 3

Rogi Dai-Rokushu: Shiyosha Soritsu Yonjushunen Kinen Maeda Tetsunosuke Tokushu [characters], December 1963; editor, Shiyo [characters], no. 227 (June 1961).

Box 47, Folder 4

Shiyo [characters], no. 245 (April 1966), no. 262 (October 1970) & no. 264 (November 1971).

Box 47, Folder 5

Shiyo [characters], no. 265 (February 1972), no. 283 (August 1976) & no. 287 (October 1977); editor, Shiyo Shijin Senshu Dai-Nikan [characters], Tokyo: Shiyosha, 1954.

Box 47, Folder 6

Editor, Shiyo Shijin Senshu Dai-Sankan [characters], Tokyo: Shiyosha, 1967; Yama no Shishu [characters], Tokyo: Meibundo, 1959.

Box  [Box 48]

G. Yoshino Hideo [characters]

Box 48, Folder 1

Yoshino Hideo Kashu [characters], Tokyo: Yayoi Shobo, 1967; Yawaraka na Kokoro [characters], Tokyo: Kodansha, 1966.

Box  [Box 48]

H. Yoshino Tomiko [characters]

Box 48, Folder 2

Koto wa Shizuka ni [characters], Tokyo: Yayoi Shobo, 1976; Wagamune no Sokohi ni [characters], Tokyo: Yayoi Shobo, 1978.

Box  [48-49]

I. Yagi Jukichi [characters]

Box 48, Folder 3

Shikamado Norio [characters], Yagi Jukichi Shigatami Inori [characters], Tokyo: Hobunkan Shuppan, 1968; Tanaka Kiyomitsu [characters], Shijin Yagi Jukichi [characters], Tokyo: Mugi Shobo, 1969.

Box 48, Folder 4

Yagi Jukichi et al. [characters], Kokoro no Uta [characters], Tokyo: Doshinsha, 1967.

Box 48, Folder 5

Yagi Jukichi [characters], Yagi Jukichi Shishu [characters], Tokyo: Yayoi Shobo, 1958.

Box 49, Folder 1

Yoshino Tomiko and Tanaka Kiyomitsu [characters], editors, Yagi Jukichi Mihappyo Iko to Kaiso [characters], Tokyo: Mugi Shobo, 1971.

Box  [Box 49]

J. Takeuchi Teruko [characters]

Box 49, Folder 2

Hana to Menoko to [characters], Tokyo: Daini Shobo, 1958; Inochi Atarashi [characters], Tokyo: Shufu no Tomo Sha, 1952.

Box 49, Folder 3

Kizu no Naka no Seishun [characters], Tokyo: Jitsugyo no Nihonsha, 1957; Kono Namida wo Asu ni Nokoshite [characters], Tokyo: Bancho Shobo, 1966; Shizukanaru Ai [characters], Tokyo: Daiichi Shobo, 1939.

Box  [49-55]

K. Other Poets and Authors

Box 49, Folder 4

Akiyama Kodo [characters], Sumi no Uta [characters], Tokyo: Fuji Tankidai Shuppanbu, 1977.

Box 50, Folder 1

Akiyama Shukoryo [characters], Baika Mugen [characters], Tokyo: Soshunkukai, 1965; Akiyama Shukoryo [characters], Haiku Hyogenron [characters], Kanagawa: Sounsha, 1958.

Box 50, Folder 2

Bungeika Kyokai [characters], editor, Shi to Zuihitsu Shu [characters], Tokyo: Shinchosha, 1927 & 1928, vols. 1 & 2.

Box 50, Folder 3

Daito Jiro [characters], Gendai Shijin Sosho: Seio wo Iku [characters], Tokyo: Shinchosha, 1925, vol. 18; Enomoto Eiichi [characters], Gunjokai [characters], Osaka: Higashi Hongwanji Nanpa Betsuin, 1974.

Box 50, Folder 4

Fujioka Masaichi et al. [characters], editor, Hekigoto [characters], Matsuyama: Midori Godo no Kai, 1953; Fujishima Udai [characters], editor, Miyazawa Kenji Shishu [characters], Tokyo: Daiwa Shob, 1966; Fukao Sumako [characters], Gendai Shijin Sosho: Hanmyo [characters], Tokyo: Shinchosha, 1925, vol. 17.

Box 50, Folder 5

Fukuda Masao [characters], Kogen no Shojo [characters], Tokyo: Shinchosha, 1926; Hagiwara Sakutaro [characters], Gendai Shijin Sosho: Cho wo Yumemu [characters], Tokyo: Shinchosha, 1923, vol. 14.

Box 50, Folder 6

Hashida Tosei [characters], Masaoka Shiki Kashu [characters], Tokyo: Kogyokudo Shoten, 1924; Hinatsu Konosuke [characters], Gendai Shijin Sosho: Kofu na Tsuki [characters], Tokyo: Shinchosha, 1922, vol. 10.

Box 51, Folder 1

Ishihara Hirobumi [characters], Bohemian Purofiru [characters], Tokyo: Shijin Jidaisha, 1931; Itaguchi Tomiko [characters], Seiryu [characters], Tokyo: Miyazawa Kenji Kenkyukai, 1960.

Box 51, Folder 2

Ito Toichi [characters], editor, Gendai Tanka Kansho [characters], Tokyo: Daini Shobo, 1951, vol. 1; Kaneko Mitsuharu [characters], Gendai Shijin Sosho: Mizu no Ruro [characters], Tokyo: Shinchosha, 1926, vol. 20.

Box 51, Folder 3

Kawaji Ryuko [characters], Gendai Shijin Sosho: Yogen [characters], Tokyo: Shinchosha, 1922, vol. 3; Kimata Osamu [characters], editor, Hakushu no Uta [characters], Tokyo: Shakai Shisosha, 1966.

Box 51, Folder 4

Kitahara Hakushu [characters], Hakushu Doyoshu [characters], Tokyo: Arusu, 1924, vol. 1; Kitahara Hakushu [characters], Hakushu Shishu [characters], Tokyo: Arusu, 1920, vol. 1.

Box 51, Folder 5

Kitahara Hakushu [characters], Hakushu Shishu [characters], Tokyo: Arusu, 1920, vol. 2; Kitahara Hakushu [characters], Nihon Shijin Zenshu: Kitahara Hakushu [characters], Tokyo: Shinchosha, 1966, vol. 7.

Box 52, Folder 1

Kondo Yoshimi [characters], editor, Chugoku Kadan Senshu [characters], Hiroshima: Chugoku Shimbunsha Bunkakyoku Shuppanka, 1959; Kubota Utsubo [characters], Takujo no Tomoshibi [characters], Tokyo: Hasegawa Shobo, 1955.

Box 52, Folder 2

Kumagai Tetsutaro [characters], Hakumei no Kioku [characters], Tokyo: Heibonsha, 1960; Masatomi Oyo [characters], Gendai Shijin Sosho: Sekai no Minshu ni [characters], Tokyo: Shinchosha, 1925, vol. 16.

Box 52, Folder 3

Matsuoka Kazue [characters], Sato no Ko Nikki [characters], Tokyo: Matsuoka Kazue, 1973; Matsuoka Kazue [characters], Zakuroishi [characters], Tokyo: Matsuoka Kazue, 1972.

Box 52, Folder 4

Miyahara Shin [characters], Chikurin Raisan [characters], Takarazuka: Miyahara Masayo, 1972.

Box 52, Folder 5

Miyahara Shin [characters], Tetsujin Yamada Hokoku: Sono Hito to Shi [characters], Tokyo: Meitoku Shuppansha, 1976; Miyahara Shin [characters], Tetsujin Yamada Hokoku to Sono Shi [characters], Tokyo: Meitoku Shuppansha, 1978.

Box 53, Folder 1

Miyazaki Joji [characters], Miyazaki Joji Zen Shishu [characters], Tokyo: Furukawa Shobo, 1974; Momoda Soji [characters], Gendai Shijin Sosho: Kazaguruma [characters], Tokyo: Shinchosha, 1922, vol. 9; Momoda Soji [characters], Shizukanaru Toki [characters], Tokyo: Shinchosha, 1925.

Box 53, Folder 2

Nakagawa Soen [characters], Meihen [characters], Tokyo: Kokudosha, 1949; Nakamura Rokuro [characters], editor, Haijin Issa [characters], Tokyo: Kobunsha, 1933.

Box 53, Folder 3

Nakatsuka Ippekiro [characters], Ippekiro Kusho [characters], Tokyo: Privately printed, 1948; Noguchi Yonejiro [characters], Sanjo ni Tatsu [characters], Tokyo: Shinchosha, 1923.

Box 53, Folder 4

Noguchi Yonejiro [characters], Watakushi wa Gendai Fukei wo Kiru [characters], Tokyo: Shinchosha, 1927; Otsuki Miyoshi [characters], Hakuboku no Kona [characters], Tokyo: Kogyokudo Shoten, 1927.

Box 54, Folder 1

Saigusa Joban [characters], Kai no Sora [characters], Tokyo: Ichiro Kai, 1960; Sakamura Shinmin [characters], Haru no Izumi [characters], Ehime: Tanpopo no Kai, 1959.

Box 54, Folder 2

Sakamura Shinmin [characters], Ho [characters], Tokyo: Daito Shuppansha, 1971; Sato Sonosuke [characters], Gendai Shijin Sosho: Kisetsu no Basha [characters], Tokyo: Shinchosha, 1922, vol. 5.

Box 54, Folder 3

Senke Motomaro [characters], Gendai Shijin Sosho: Enten [characters], Tokyo: Shinchosha, 1923, vol. 7; Shimoda Korenao [characters], Mune yori Mune ni [characters], Tokyo: Koransha, 1923.

Box 54, Folder 4

Tada Fuji [characters], Gendai Shijin Sosho: Yoru no Ichibu [characters], Tokyo: Shinchosha, 1926, vol. 19; Takamura Kotaro [characters], Atorie Nite [characters], Tokyo: Shinchosha, 1956.

Box 54, Folder 5

Takamura Kotaro [characters], Chieko Sho [characters], Tokyo: Ryuseikaku, 1940; Takamura Kotaro [characters], Chieko Sho Sono Go [characters], Tokyo: Ryuseikaku, 1950.

Box 54, Folder 6

Taketomo Sofu [characters], Shishu [characters], Tokyo: Shinchosha, 1926; Togawa Tsuguo [characters], Gerutsuen to Roshia Shakai [characters], Tokyo: Ochanomizu Shobo, 1973.

Box 55, Folder 1

Togawa Tsuguo [characters], trans., Mukogishi Kara: Gerutsuen [characters], Tokyo: Gendai Shichosha, 1970; Togawa Tsuguo [characters], Sekai no Rekishi: Roshia to Sorenpo [characters], Tokyo: Kodansha, 1978, vol. 18.

Box 55, Folder 2

Togawa Tsuguo [characters], trans., Sekai wo Tsukutta Hitobito: Torusutoi: Jindoshugi ni Ikita Sekai no Bungo [characters], Tokyo: Heibonsha, 1978.

Box 55, Folder 3

Uriu Toshikazu [characters], Myoko Haijin Ryokuhei-san [characters], Tokyo: Shunyodo Shoten, 1973; Wada Akitoshi [characters], Dai Hachi Kushu Koun [characters], Tokyo: Privately printed, 1970.

Box 55, Folder 4

Watanabe Junzo [characters], Seikatsu wo Utau [characters], Tokyo: Kogyokudo Shoten, 1926; Watanabe Satoru [characters], Nenrin [characters], Tokyo: Watanabe Satoru, 1975.

Box 55, Folder 5

Yoshino Nobuo [characters], editor, Gendai Nihon Shishu [characters], Tokyo: Shijin Jidaisha, 1933; Yoshino Nobuo [characters], editor, Gendai Nihon Shishu [characters], Tokyo: Gendai Shobo, 1934.

Box  [Oversize Boxes 56-58]

Newspaper Clippings Albums, 1952-1978

Oversize Box 56

Scrapbook 1, 1953-62.

Oversize Box 56

Scrapbook 2, 1962-65.

Oversize Box 57

Scrapbook 3, 1965-66.

Oversize Box 57

Scrapbook 4, 1967-68.

Oversize Box 58

Scrapbook 5, 1971-72.

Oversize Box 58

Scrapbook 6, 1976-78.