Guide to the Frederick Smith Stratton papers, 1900-1917

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Guide to the Frederick Smith Stratton Papers, 1900-1917

Collection number: BANC MSS C-B 771

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Frederick Smith Stratton Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1900-1917
Collection Number: BANC MSS C-B 771
Creator: Stratton, Frederick Smith, 1859-1915
Extent: Number of containers: 23 boxes, 6 cartons & 1 oversize folder
Repository: The Bancroft Library.
Berkeley, California 94720-6000
Physical Location: For current information on the location of these materials, please consult the Library's online catalog.
Abstract: Includes correspondence, scrapbooks and miscellaneous papers concerning Stratton as Collector of the Port of San Francisco, 1900-1913; Republican party activities; and business interests in California and Oregon (including land holdings in Klamath County) Correspondents include many of the most prominent California political figures of Stratton's day, including U.S. Senators Thomas Bard, Frank Flint, George Perkins and John D. Works; Congressmen Julius Kahn and Joseph Russell Knowland; Presidents William McKinley and William Howard Taft; Governors George Pardee and James Gillette. Other correspondents include William H. Crocker, Charles Mills Gayley, John Hays Hammond, David Starr Jordan, Garret McEnerney and Benjamin Ide Wheeler.
Languages Represented: English

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Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

The collection was presented to the Bancroft Library in June 1958 by Stratton's nephew, Dr. James Malcolm Stratton, and Mrs. Stratton, of Berkeley. Papers of James T. Stratton, also presented at this time, have been separately catalogued as C-B 770.


Frederick Smith Stratton was born in Oakland in January 22, 1859, the son of James T. and Cornelia Smith Stratton. After attending Swett Grammar School and Oakland High School, he graduated from the University of California in 1881 and entered Hastings College of Law. Stratton entered into practice of law in the office of William W. Morrow, later Judge of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. He established his own law firm with W. W. Kaufman as partner, and later they were joined by Henry A. van C. Torchiana.
In 1896, Stratton was elected to the State Senate from Alameda County, and during his term of office he sponsored the legislation which established the primary election system in California. He also supported bills which raised the State University tax from one to two cents, and which exempted Stanford University from state taxation.
President McKinley appointed Stratton as Collector of the Port of San Francisco in 1900, and he served in this post under Presidents Roosevelt and Taft. He was twice offered, but declined, the position of Under Secretary of the Treasury in the cabinet of Theodore Roosevelt. During this period he was also appointed special attorney for the United States in the Alabama Claims Commission case.
Stratton's business interests included a directorship of the Owl Drug Company of San Francisco, as well as land holdings in Contra Costa County, California and Klamath County, Oregon. In 1909, he was appointed Receiver of the Ocean Shore Railway of San Francisco. His club memberships included the Bohemian and Union in San Francisco, and the Claremont Country and Athenian in Oakland. His home was at 1377 Harrison Street, Oakland.
Retiring in 1913 with the advent of the Wilson administration in Washington, Stratton announced his candidacy for Mayor of Oakland in 1915. A nervous breakdown in April of that year, however, forced him to withdraw from the race, and on November 30, 1915 he committed suicide at Pleasanton.
Stratton's first wife, Alice Lee of Oakland, died in 1896, leaving a daughter, Cornelia, who later became Mrs. Carleton H. Parker. In 1898, Stratton married Grace Gregory and they had two children, Ann and Frederick Jr.; the second Mrs. Stratton died in 1913.

Scope and Content

The Correspondence and Papers primarily cover the period 1900 to 1913, during which time he served as Collector of the Port of San Francisco. There are no papers for the earlier years of Stratton's career, and but a few letters and documents for the period after 1913. There are no letters for the Alabama Claims Commission.
The more than 5200 in-letters were originally hinged into binders by roughly chronological and alphabetical arrangement. These have now been removed and filed alphabetically in 23 boxes. There are several gaps in the alphabetical sequence occasioned by the fact that the Bancroft Library did not receive all of the binders of correspondence; it is presumed that these other binders were destroyed during the years following Stratton's death. No binders were found for the following: D, E, I, J, L, N, R and S. A few letters now filed under these initials were originally hinged into other alphabetical sequences.
Stratton's correspondents included many of the most prominent California political figures of the day, including U.S. Senators Thomas Bard, Frank Flint, George Perkins and John D. Works; Congressmen Julius Kahn and Joseph Russell Knowland; Presidents McKinley and Taft; Governors George Pardee and James Gillette. Other correspondents included William H. Crocker, Charles Mills Gayley, John Hays Hammond, David Starr Jordan, Garret McEnerney and Benjamin Ide Wheeler. The Knowland and Works letters are especially rich in commentary on the Republican Party split of 1912.
The 6000 out-letters, primarily letter-press copies in eleven volumes and one envelope, cover the period 1901 to 1915, with a few notable omissions: Mar. 1908-Dec. 1908, Dec. 1909-Sep. 1910, and Apr. 1911-Jul. 1913.
The eighteen scrapbooks of Stratton cover the years 1886 to 1914 and contain clippings from San Francisco and Oakland newspapers, including items about Stratton and his family as well as political happenings.
A few items relating to settlement of Stratton's estate, dated 1916-1917, are also included with these scrapbooks, as is a printed volume of "Appreciation" given to Stratton when he retired in 1913. Three scrapbooks kept by Frederick S. Stratton, Jr. and Ann Stratton are included.
The collection was presented to the Bancroft Library in June 1958 by Stratton's nephew, Dr. James Malcolm Stratton, and Mrs. Stratton, of Berkeley. Papers of James T. Stratton, also presented at this time, have been separately catalogued as C-B 770.

Key to Arrangement

Boxes 1-23

In-letters, filed alphabetically.

Box 1


Box 2


Box 3

C Misc.-Cl

Box 4


Box 5

F Misc.-Fi

Box 6


Box 7

G Misc.-Goo

Box 8


Box 9

H Misc.-Hat

Box 10

Hatton, George F.

Box 11


Box 12

J Misc.-Kau

Box 13


Box 14

L Misc.-McK

Box 15


Box 16

N-Ow (except Ocean Shore Railway)

Box 17

Ocean Shore Railway Receivership

Box 18

P Misc.-Pal

Box 19

Pam-Pul (except Perkins)

Box 20

Perkins, George C.

Box 21

R Misc.-Str

Box 22

T Misc.-U.S.

Box 23


Carton 1


volume v. 1:

Dec. 1901-Oct. 1903

volume v. 2:

Dec. 1903-Jun. 1904

volume v. 3:

Jun. 1904-Nov. 1904

volume v. 4:

Nov. 1904-Feb. 1905

volume v. 5:

Feb. 1905-Oct. 1905

volume v. 6:

Oct. 1905-May 1906

Carton 2


volume v. 7:

Nov. 1906-May 1907

volume v. 8:

May 1907-Feb. 1908

volume v. 9:

Jan. 1909-May 1909

volume v. 10:

May 1909-Nov. 1909

volume v. 11:

Oct. 1910-Mar. 1911

volume v. 12:

Aug. 1913-Jan. 1915

Carton 3


volume v. 13:


volume v. 14:

Sep. 1892-Jul. 1896

volume v. 15:

Jul. 1896-Feb. 1897

volume v. 16:

Feb. 1897-Oct. 1897

volume v. 17:

Nov. 1897-Dec. 1898

Carton 4


volume v. 18:

Dec. 1898-Mar. 1899

volume v. 19:

Mar. 1899-Feb. 1900

volume v. 20:

Dec. 1900-Dec. 1901

volume v. 21:

Dec. 1901-Sep. 1904

volume v. 22:

Apr. 1906-Mar. 1908

Carton 5


volume v. 23:

May 1908-Jan. 1909

volume v. 24:

Oct. 1908-Oct. 1909

volume v. 25:

Oct. 1909-Apr. 1910

volume v. 26:

Apr. 1910-Dec. 1910

volume v. 27:

Dec. 1910-Sep. 1911

Carton 6

Scrapbooks, etc.

volume v. 28:

Sep. 1911-May 1912

volume v. 29:

May 1912-Mar. 1913

volume v. 30:

Apr. 1913-Aug. 1914

volume v. 31:


volume v. 32:

...Estate of F. S. Stratton

volume v. 33:

2 miscellaneous notebooks

volume v. 34:

F. S. Stratton, Jr. Scrapbook

volume v. 35:

Ann Stratton Scrapbook

volume v. 36:

Miscellaneous Scrapbook

portfolio Portfolio:

3 Commissions as Collector of Customs, 1900-1909

List of Correspondents


Ailes, Milton Everett, 1867-1925


7 letters, 1902-1903. Written as Assistant Secretary of Treasury.


Anderson, Alden, 1867-1944


2 letters, 1901-1904.


Anderson, Frank Bartow, 1863-1935


2 letters, 1908.


Angellotti, Frank M., 1861-1932


6 letters, 1901-1902.


Applegate, O[liver] C[romwell], 1845-1938


4 letters, 1905-1909.


Armstrong, Robert Burns, 1873-1946


9 letters, 1903-1907. Several written as Assistant Secretary of Treasury.


Army and Navy Republican League, San Francisco


7 letters, 1902. Signed by G. W. Calderwood.


Ashley, A. H.


2 letters, 1900.


Associated Charities of Oakland


5 letters, 1908-1912. Several signed by Frances B. Lemon, secretary.


Associated Oil Company


8 letters, 1902-1910. With Annual Report, 1908.


Bard, Thomas Robert, 1841-1915


4 letters, 1901-1904. One signed by E. O. Gerberding, secretary.


Barnet, Frank, 1866-


4 letters, 1902-1903.


Barstow, Anson, 1831-


1 letter, 1902. Written as Mayor, Oakland.


Bates, Joseph Clement, 1836-


7 letters, 1903-1904.


Belgium. Consulat Général, San Francisco


1 letter, 1909.


Bell, Theodore Arlington, 1872-1922


1 letter, 1904.


Bellows, E. C.


1 letter, 1904. Written as U. S. Consul, Yokohama.


Belshaw, Charles Mortimer, 1861-


7 letters, 1900-1903.


Blinn, Charles Henry, 1843-


12 letters, 1902-1904.


Bowles, Phillip Ernest, 1859-1926


4 letters, 1901-1904.


Boys Retreat, Oakland


23 letters, 1904-1910. Signed by Frank K. Mott, President, and John P. Cook, Secretary.


Bragg, Edward Stuyvesant, 1827-1914


1 letter, 1904. As U. S. Consul, Hong Kong.


Britton, John Alexander, 1855-1923


7 letters, 1900-1902.


Brooks, C. S.


2 letters, 1900. Written as Mayor, Marysville.


Brown, Everett J., 1876-1947


2 letters, 1902-1903.


Brownlow, Walter Preston, d. 1910


2 letters, 1903.


Buck, Alfred Eliab, 1832-1902


1 letter, 1902. Tokyo. Written as U. S. Minister, Japan.


Burnett, Albert Glenn, 1856-


3 letters, 1902.


Butters, Charles, 1854-1933


1 letter, 1911. Written by his secretary.


Caldwell, Albert A., 1827-


3 letters, 1901-1902


Calhoun, William James, 1848-1916


5 letters, 1910-1912. Written as U. S. Minister, China.


California. Mining Bureau


3 letters, 1905. Signed by Lewis E. Aubury, state mineralogist.


California Weekly


10 letters, 1908-1911. Several signed by A[rthur] J[udson] Pillsbury, editor.


Campbell, Sterling A.


12 letters, 1901-1910.


Capers, John G., 1866-1919




Chickering, William Henry, 1849-1915


1 letter, 1902.


Chilton, Robert S., 1861-1947


1 letter, 1901.


China. Consulate, San Francisco


Letters, 1906-1908. Signed by Owyang King and Hsu Ping-Chen.


Chipman, Norton Parker, 1838-1924


1 letter, 1904.


Choate, Joseph Hodges, 1832-1917


1 letter, 1904.


Clapp, Edward Bull, 1856-1919


5 letters, 1903-1906.


Claremont Country Club, Oakland


5 letters, 1907-1911. Concerning club activities and signed by various officials.


Clark, George Archibald, 1864-


6 letters, 1902-1906. A few written as secretary, David Starr Jordan, President, Stanford University, pertaining to return of body of Mrs. Stanford from Hawaii to California.


Clinch, Charles Edward, 1858-


7 letters, 1901-1907. Written as Mayor, Grass Valley.


Coblentz, Edmond David, 1882-1959


1 letter, 1908.


Coghlan, Nathan Coombs, 1875-


1 letter, 1905.


Collins, D. Edward, 1850-


2 letters, 1900, 1906.


Colombia. Consulate, San Francisco


1 letter, 1902.


Conger, Edwin Hurd, 1843-1907


14 letters, 1902-1906.


Cook, John P., 1869-


3 letters, 1903-1910.


Coolidge, John Gardner, 1863-1936


1 letter, 1905. Written as Charge d'Affaires, U.S. Legation, Peking.


Coombs, Frank Leslie, 1853-1934


7 letters, 1900-1902.


Copus, Jay Nelson, 1868-


2 letters, 1903.


Corlett, Robert, 1858-


3 letters, 1901-1902.


Crocker, Henry J.


7 letters, 1901-1910.


Crocker, William Henry, 1861-1937


3 letters, 1907-1910.


Cullom, Shelby Moore, 1829-1914


1 letter, 1911.


Curry, Charles Forrest, 1858-1930


20 letters, 1901-1905. Written as Secretary of State, California.


Curtin, John Barry, 1867-


2 letters, 1901-1905.


Cutter, William M., 1836-


9 letters, 1900-1902.


Ecuador. Consulado, San Francisco.


1 letter, 1906.


Farley, Newton S.


24 letters, 1900-1908.


Farmer, Henry E.


45 letters, 1902-1912. Written as chief clerk, U.S. Customs House, San Francisco.


Farrand, Max, 1869-1945


1 letter, 1907.


Fee, Charles S., 1853-1923


7 letters, 1904-1911. Several written as Passenger Traffic Manager, Southern Pacific Railroad


Fisk, Arthur G.


10 letters, 1903-1913. Several written as Postmaster, San Francisco.


Fleishhacker, Herbert, 1872-


1 letter, 1911.


Fletcher, Henry P.


3 letters, 1907-1910. Written as U.S. Charge d'Affaires, Peking.


Flint, Frank Putnam, 1862-1929


43 letters, 1901-1911. Several written as U.S. Senator, California.


Flint, Thomas Jr., 1858-


8 letters, 1900-1904. Several written as California State Senator.


Folger, James Athearn, 1863-


43 letters, 1905-1912. Many undated.


Ford, Tirey Lafayette, b. 1857


18 letters, 1901-1909. Several written as Attorney General, California.


Foster, Newell K., 1849-


5 letters, 1902-1903. One written as California Assemblyman.


France. Consulat General, San Francisco


2 letters, 1910, 1912.


Frewen, Moreton, 1853-1924


1 letter, n.d.


Fuller, Stuart Jamieson, 1880-1941


3 letters, 1910. Written as U.S. Vice-Consul, Hong Kong.


Gates, R. Woodland


13 letters, 1901-1911. Several written as secretary to Senator Thomas R. Bard.


Gayley, Charles Mills, 1858-1932


1 letter, 1912.


Gilbert, William Ball, 1847-1931


2 letters, 1904-1905. Written as Judge, U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, San Francisco.


Gillett, James Norris, 1860-1937


16 letters, 1903-1909. Written as Governor of California and U.S. Congressman from California.


Good, Jeanne (Stratton)


42 letters, 1903-1910. Several undated; with these a few routine letters forwarded to her brother, Frederick S. Stratton.


Goodall, Arthur


3 letters, 1901-1912.


Goodall, Edwin, d. 1909


7 letters, 1902-1905.


Goodnow, John, 1858-1907


11 letters, 1903-1905. Several written as U.S. Consul, Shanghai.


Gracey, Samuel Levis, 1835-1911


1 letter, 1902. Written as U.S. Consul, Fuchau, China.


Grant, Ulysses S., Jr., 1852-1929


5 letters, 1900-1907.


Greene, Charles Samuel, 1856-1930


2 letters, 1904, 1911. Written as Librarian, Oakland Public Library.


Greenwell, Charles Bennett, 1864-


4 letters, 1900-1903. Written as California State Senator.


Gregory, Warren, 1864-1927


5 letters, 1907-1912.


Grim, A. K., 1830-


3 letters, 1900-1909. Written as Recorder, Alameda County.


Griscom, Lloyd Carpenter, 1872-


4 letters, 1904-1905. Written as U.S. Minister to Tokyo.


Hahn, Benjamin Winfield, 1868-


3 letters, 1903-1905.


Hall, S. P.


3 letters, 1905-1906.


Hamilton, William B.


55 letters, 1901-1912. Several undated.


Hammond, John Hays, 1855-1936


3 letters, 1909-1910.


Harriman, Edward Henry, 1848-1909


1 letter


Hatton, George F.


300 letters, 1903-1913. Including copies of letters written to others and letters received by Hatton.


Havens, Frank Colton, 1848-1917


15 letters, 1909-1912.


Hayes, Everis Anson, 1855-


59 letters, 1904-1913.


Held, William D. L., 1874-


3 letters, 1905.


Hellman, Isaias William, 1842-1920


1 letter, 1907.


Henshaw, Frederick W., 1858-


4 letters, 1901-1909.


Hepburn, William Peters, 1833-1916


1 letter, 1904.


Hermann, Binger, 1843-1926


1 letter, 1903.


Herrin, William Franklin, 1854-1927


9 letters, 1901-1912.


Hilles, Charles Dewey, 1867-1949


3 letters, 1911-1913. Written as Secretary, President Taft.


Hitchcock, Frank Harris, 1869-1935


3 letters, 1911.


Holder, Charles Frederick, 1851-1915


1 letter, 1909.


Hornick, Charles W., 1863-


6 letters, 1906-1912.


Humphrey, Charles Frederic, 1844-1926


1 letter, 1905.


Hunt, William Henry, 1857-1949


1 letter, 1910.


Japan. Consulate, San Francisco


(1 letters, 1901-1911. Several signed by Kisaburo Uyeno.


Jordan, David Starr, 1851-1931


1 letter, 1905.


Kahn, Julius, 1861-1924


135 letters, 1901-1912. Written mostly as U.S. Congressman, California.


Karmandy, Georgiana B. (Edwards) Cook


28 letters, 1905-1911. Some written as Georgiana B. E. Cook.


Kaufman, W. W.


100 letters, 1902-1913. Written as partner in law firm Stratton, Kaufman and Torchiana.


Keane, George Bernard, 1875-


1 letter, 1905.


King, Percy S., 1866-


2 letters, 1903.


Kingsbury, William Stephen, 1870-


3 letters, 1907-1909. Written as Surveyor-General, California.


Kittredge, Alfred Beard, 1861-1911


2 letters, 1905.


Knowland, Joseph Russell, 1873-


80 letters, 1900-1913. Several written as U.S. Congressman, California.


MacArthur, Arthur, 1845-1912


2 letters, 1904, 1906.


McCalla, Bowman Henry, 1844-1910


17 letters, 1904-1910. Several written as Commandant, Mare Island.


McCoy, Henry Bayard, 1866-1923


10 letters, 1909-1911. Written as U.S. Collector of Customs, Manila.


McEnerney, Garret William, 1865-1942


2 letters, 1905, 1910.


McKinlay, Duncan E., 1862-


8 letters, 1906-1913. Several written as U.S. Congressman, California.


McKinley, William, 1843-1901


1 letter, 1901. Signed by George Bruce Cortelyou, Secretary.


McKinley, William Brown, 1856-1926


5 letters, 1912. Written as U.S. Congressman, Illinois, and as Director, National Taft Bureau.


McLachlan, James, 1852-


2 letters, 1905, 1908. Written as U.S. Congressman, California.


McLean, John Knox, 1834-1914


2 letters, 1906, 1909. Written as President, Pacific Theological Seminary, Berkeley.


MacVeagh, Franklin, 1841?-1934


11 letters, 1909-1912. Written as U.S. Secretary of the Treasury.


Manson, Marsden, 1850-1931


3 letters, 1907-1911.


Marquis, Albert Nelson, d. 1943


3 letters, 1911.


Matson, William, 1849-1917


5 letters, 1908-1912.


Mattos, John Garcia de, 1864-


16 letters, 1904-1912. Several written as California Assemblyman and State Senator.


Melvin, Henry Alexander, 1865-1920


4 letters, 1905-1911. Several as Associate Justice, California Supreme Court.


Merchants Association of San Francisco


13 letters, 1901-1907.


Merchants Club, San Francisco


3 letters, 1907-1908.


Merchants Exchange of San Francisco


3 letters, 1907-1909.


Metcalf, Victor Howard, 1853-1936


20 letters, 1901-1912. Several as U.S. Secretary of Commerce and Labor.


Michael, William Henry, 1845-1916


1 letter, 1908. As U.S. Consul General, Calcutta.


Miller, Henry B., 1854-1921


7 letters, 1906-1909. Written as U.S. Consul, Yokohama.


Mills, Susan Lincoln, 1826-1912


4 letters, 1905. Written on Mills College stationery.


Mills College, Oakland


2 letters, 1912.


Morrow, William W., 1843-1929


6 letters, 1904-1910. Written as Judge, U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, San Francisco.


Moses, Bernard, 1846-1930


5 letters, 1904-1910.


Mott, Frank Kanning, 1866-


19 letters, 1905-1913. Several as Mayor, Oakland.


Muenter, August Edward, 1866-


3 letters, 1905-1906. Written as California State Senator.


Murray, Laurence O., 1864-1926


1 letter, 1904. Written as Assistant Secretary, U.S. Dept. of Commerce and Labor.


National Geographic Society


2 letters, 1905, 1912. Signed by O. P. Austin, secretary.


Navy League of the United States, Washington, D.C.


1 letter, 1909. Signed by Horace Porter, President.


Oakland, Calif. Chamber of Commerce


3 letters, 1907-1909.


Oakland, Calif. [Committes for receptions to U.S. Presidents]


6 letters, 1903-1909. Concerning arrangements for receptions to Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft.


Oakland Tribune


9 letters, 1906-1912.


O'Brien, Thomas James, 1842-1933


22 letters, 1908-1911. Written as U.S. Ambassador to Japan.


[Ocean Shore Railway Receivership]


254 letters, 1909-1911. Correspondence to Frederick S. Stratton as Receiver. Include letters from the following: Ocean Shore Railway Company (several signed by J. Downey Harvey, President); W. W. Kaufman, as attorney for Stratton; James Athearn Folger; Greek consulate, San Francisco; A. B. Nye (as California Controller) and others.


Older, Fremont, 1856-1935


1 letter, n.d.


Olmstead, Stephen Horatio, 1858-


2 letters, 1902-1903.


Olney, Warren, 1841-1921


7 letters, 1903-1910. One sent as Mayor, Oakland.


Olney, Warren, 1870-1939


3 letters, 1903-1906.


Otis, Harrison Gray, 1837-1917


1 letter, 1906.


Owl Drug Company, San Francisco


50 letters, 1904-1912. Concerning meetings of the Board of Directors of which Stratton was a member.


Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company, San Francisco


6 letters, 1907-1912.


Page, Fred H.


166 letters, 1906-1914. Concerning Stratton's land interests in Klamath County, Oregon.


Panama. Consulate, San Francisco


1 letter, 1907.


Pardee, George Cooper, 1857-1941


3 letters, 1902-1912. One as Governor, California.


Parker, Carleton Hubbell, 1879-1918


21 letters, 1907-1912.


Parker, Cornelia Stratton, 1885-


39 letters, 1907-1912.


Penrose, Boies, 1860-1921


2 letters, 1911. Written as U.S. Senator.


Perkins, George Clement, 1839-1923


217 letters, 1900-1913. Mainly as U.S. Senator. Copies of letters received by Perkins and forwarded to Stratton, as well as copies of Perkins' own letters to others, included.


Phelan, James Duval, 1861-1930


4 letters, 1906-1911.


Plehn, Carl Copping, 1867-1945


2 letters, 1908.


Porter, Warren Reynolds, 1861-


4 letters, 1908-1911. Three written as Lt. Governor, California.


Portugal, Consulate, San Francisco


1 letter, 1904.


Republican Party. California. Central Committee


3 letters, 1908. Signed by P. S. Teller, chairman.


Republican Party. California. Humboldt County


2 letters, 1906.


Russia. Consulate, San Francisco


3 letters, 1902. Signed by Paul Kosakevitch.


San Francisco. Chamber of Commerce


5 letters, 1908-1910. Signed by James McNab, President, and Chester W. Burks, Secretary.


San Francisco. Committees for receptions to Imperial Chinese Visitors, 1908-1910


3 letters, 1908-1910.


San Francisco. Panama-Pacific International Exposition


37 letters, 1909-1915. Signed by Charles de Young, Homer King, Charles C. Moore and Rudolph J. Taussig.


San Francisco. Portola Festival, 1909.


7 letters, 1909. Signed by James Rolph, Jr. and others.


San Francisco. Presidential Reception Committee


6 letters, 1909. Several signed by Harry G. McKannay, secretary, reception committee for President Taft.


[San Francisco Fleet Festival Papers]


54 items, April-May 1908. Correspondence and papers pertaining to entertainment and sight-seeing during visit of U.S. Fleet to San Francisco. Include regulations for launch transportation and letters from the following: Official Committee for Reception of the Fleet, signed by Frank J. Symes, chairman; Metcalf Banquet Committee, signed by F. H. Colburn, secretary; Francis M. Smith, San Francisco Bulletin; San Francisco Call; San Francisco Chronicle; San Francisco Examiner; and others.


Scidmore, George Hawthorne, 1854-1922


1 letter, 1908. Written as U.S. Consul, Nagasaki.


Shafter, William Rufus, 1835-


1 letter, 1905.


Silk Association of America


4 letters, 1904-1910.


Stephens, T. W.


Letters, 1911-1912. Klamath Falls, Ore.


Stratton, Robert Thompson, 1862-


3 letters, 1909-1911. Including two written to his sister, Jeanne Stratton Good.


Taft, William Howard, 1857-1930


3 letters, 1909-1910. Written in his behalf by secretaries; two signed by Fred W. Carpenter.


[Taft campaign material]


6 letters, 1912. Letters from the Taft Republicans of California (signed by Charles Mifflin Hammond and Marshall Hale) and from the Taft Club of Berkeley.


Taylor, Edward Robeson, 1838-1923


6 letters, 1907-1910. Many as Mayor, San Francisco.


Thayer, Rufus Hildreth, 1849-1917


7 letters, 1909-1911. Many as Judge, U.S. Court for China, Shanghai.


Tobin, Joseph S., 1869-


2 letters, 1905-1906.


Thompson, J. M.


4 letters, 1904-1906.


Torchiana, Henry Albert van Coenen, 1867-1940


2 letters, 1912-1913. As partner in law firm, Stratton, Kaufman, and Torchiana.


Travers, Harvey P.


1 letter, 1911.


Tuttle, Frederick Pierson, 1857-


1 letter, 1901.


Tyrell, John R., 1868-


8 letters, 1901-1902.


Walker, George S., 1874-


2 letters, 1910-1911.


Warner, William, 1840-1925


1 letter, 1909.


Wells Fargo and Company, San Francisco


15 letters, 1903-1912.


Wendling, George X.


21 letters, 1905-1913. Many written as President, Weed Lumber Company.


Wheeler, Benjamin Ide, 1854-1927


11 letters, 1907-1912. As President, University of California. Many signed for him by Farnham Griffiths, Secretary.


Wheeler, William Riley, 1860-1935


3 letters, 1908-1909. Written as U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Labor.


Wickson, Edward James, 1848-1923


1 letter, 1910.


Wilder, Amos Parker, 1862-1936


10 letters, 1908-1911. Some written as U.S. consul, Hong Kong and Shanghai.


Williams, Edward Thomas, 1854-1944


2 letters, 1909. Written as U.S. Consul, Tientsin.


Works, John Downey, 1847-1928


4 letters, 1912-1913. Written as U.S. Senator.


Wright, Luke E., 1846-1922


2 letters, 1906. Written as U.S. Ambassador, Japan.


Y.M.C.A., Oakland


6 letters, 1901-1910.


Y.M.C.A., San Francisco


5 letters, 1905-1910.