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Guide to the Delmer Daves Papers, 1930-1965
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5/29/63 IOC-S Fred Ponendel oo DD re: same as no. 30.


8/1/62 IOC-DD to Max Bercutt re: publicity for Hammer novel. C.

Box 65, Folder 24

5/28/63 No. of guests for preview.

Physical Description: 3" × 5".

5/28/63 Special screening list for cast and crew. C.

Physical Description: 3 pgs.
Box 65, Folder 25

ND Official WB Guest Button-invitational Press Premier in Jackson Hole.


Folder 1

Box 65, Folder 26

6/21/62 Location information sheet. M.

Physical Description: 2 copies. 2 pgs.

6/21/62 Movement list. M.

Physical Description: 2 copies. 10 pgs.
Box 65, Folder 27

ND Locations and description of scenes in continuity. Original and carbon.

Physical Description: 5 pgs. each.
Box 65, Folder 28

ND Possible pre- and post-production work to be done. Original and C.

Physical Description: 4 pgs.
Box 65, Folder 29

6/13/62 Test scene for Minnie Cora. C.

Physical Description: 3 copies. 3 pgs.
Box 65, Folder 30

6/15/62 Men's Wardrobe plots. M.

Physical Description: 51 pgs.
Box 65, Folder 31

6/15/62 Women's Wardrobe plots. M.

Physical Description: 24 pgs.

Folder 2

Box 65, Folder 32

6/22/62 Staff and cast list with addresses and telephone numbers with FPpNAD.

Physical Description: 3 copies.m 4 pgs. each.

ND AN Catherine to HF re: correction of Frank to Fred Marlow.

Physical Description: 3" × 5".

6/26/62 Hoyt Bowers to Dept. Heads re: casting of Spencer's Mountain with correction.


7/9/62 Hoyt Bowers to Dept. heads re: names correction.

Physical Description: 8vo.
Box 65, Folder 33

ND Cast stop and start dates. M.


6/20/62 Screen tests for Spencer children parts. original and C.,

Physical Description: 2 pgs.

ND Cast suggestions list. C.

Physical Description: 10 pgs.
Box 65, Folder 34

6/11/62 Character descriptions.

Physical Description: 4 copies. M 3 pgs each.
Box 65, Folder 35

ND Production notes on Spencer's Mountain.

Physical Description: 2 copies, 5 pgs each.

ND Synopsis. M.

Physical Description: 3 pgs.

ND Biography of Henry Fonda. M

Physical Description: 3 pgs.

ND Biographies of Donald crsip, James MacArthur, Maureen O'Hara, Kathy Bennett, and Wally Cox.

Physical Description: 2 copies M. 29 pgs.
Box 66, Folder 1

5/30/63ç-5/21/63 Jackson Hole Premier notes.

Physical Description: 3" × 5".

5/21/63 IOC HF to Max Bercutt re: adding movies to list.

Physical Description: 2 copies. 8vo.

5/13/63 HF to Max Bercutt re: 2 showings of film.

Physical Description: 8vo.

5/20/63 TLC DD to Esther B. Allen re: screening for townspepple.

Physical Description: 2 copies.

4/12/63 Guest list. C.


8/14/62 Requests for guest passes. C. with PpNAD.


8/17/62 Guest tour schedule for Rausch family.

Physical Description: 8vo.

1/23/63 List of guests, addresses and telephone numbers of invited people to cast showing.

Physical Description: 2 pgs.

1/29/63 List of additional names.

Physical Description: 3" × 5".

1/30/62 List of cast and guests invited by DD. Original and C..

Physical Description: 2 pgs.

5/28/63 Guest list for crew.

Physical Description: 2 pgs.

5/28/63 Guest list from crew. Original.

Physical Description: 3 pgs.

5/28/63 IOC DD to Security guards. C.

Physical Description: 8vo.

5/27/63 IOC HF to E. L. de Pattie re: enclosing list of guests. C.

Physical Description: 8vo.

5/23/63 IOC Jack Froehlich to DD re: acceptances.


5/15/63 IOC HF to J. Froehlich re: screening.


5/14/63- 13 IOC HF to --- re: screening. C.

Physical Description: 8vo.

ND AND Budd Hanes to HF re: acceptance.

Physical Description: 4" × 6".

5/23/63 IOC-S Walter Glover to HR re: guests added.

Box 66, Folder 2

7/25/63 LA Herald re: review


7/25/63 2/19/63 Hollywood reporter review


Folder 3

Box 66, Folder 3

6/11/62-8/22/62 Daily production and progress reports. C.

Physical Description: Legal. 61 pgs.

Folder 4

Box 66, Folder 4

6/14/62 Index and breakdown of sequences. M.

Physical Description: 101 pgs.
Box 66, Folder 5

ND Shooting Schedules for Jackson Hole. M.

Physical Description: 67 pgs.
Box 66, Folder 6

6/23/63-8/21/63,5/31/63 Shooting schedules for all productions on WB sets.

Physical Description: 43 pgs. both sides.
Box 66, Folder 7

7/27/62-8/21/62 Call sheet. M.

Physical Description: 18 pgs.

Folder 5

Box 66, Folder 8

3/9/63 Detailed account of production costs. C.

Physical Description: 11 1/2" × 11". 4 pgs.

4/9/63-7/26/63 25 IOC re: general production business. C.

Physical Description: Regular size and 8vo.

6/29/62-8/31/62 6 IOC to DD in Wyo. and La Jolla. C.

Physical Description: 4to and 8vo.

2/12/62-9/21/62 5 requisition slips for supplies.


Folder 6

Box 66, Folder 9

8/27/62-3/31/63 Messages taken by HF in DD's absence.

Physical Description: ca. 40 pgs. both sides.
Box 66, Folder 10

7/10/62-8/23/62 Post production filming schedule, synchronization and dubbing. 10 IOC from george R. Groves.


Folder 7

Box 66, Folder 11

5/3/62 TLC DD to Earl Hammer, Jr. re: wants comments on 1st draft script.


5/9/62 TLC G. Shurlock to JLW re: censorship.


5/10/62 Hammer to DD re: some minor adaptations to script and compliments.


5/31/62 IOC HF to David Begelman re: changes in script.


5/17/62 TLS Hammer to DD re: character of Dean Beck.


6/7/62 DD to Right Rev. J. W. Hunter (Bishop of Wyo.) re: wants to use 2 church exteriors.

Physical Description: 2 copies. 2 pgs each.

6/8/62 TLS Bishop Hunter to DD with envelope re: permission granted.


6/8/62 TL copy of above no. 7a.


6/7/62 TLC DD to Hal Turner, re:using a guest ranch for filming and lodging.


6/12/62 TL copy Harold Turner to DD with pN re: answer to no. 8.


7/30/62 TLS Louise Turner to DD with envelope re: wants some pictures to use in ranch magazine.

Physical Description: Size X.

7/30/62 TL copy of no. 10.


8/9/62 TLC DD to Louise Turner re: enclosing pictures requested.


6/11/62 IOC Jack Lerner to Trilling-DD re: make-up and wardrobe tests for Henry Fonda.


Carbon of the above.

Box 66, Folder 12

6 letters of correspondence between DD and Harthon L. Bill (Supt. of Grand Teton National Park) re: production plans, problems and technical aspects, with thanks.


a. 6/12/62TLC DD to H. L. Bill i pgs both sides.


b. 6/15/62TLS H. L. Bill to DD with envelope.


c. 6/18/62 TLC DD to H. L. Bill


d. 8/1/62 TLC DD to H. L. Bill


e. 8/9/62 TLC DD to H. L. Bill


f. 8/15/62 TLC DD to H. L. Bill.

Physical Description: 8vo.


Box 66, Folder 13

9 letters between DD or HF to Barry ZeVan, KIDT-V, Idaho Falls, Iadho re: meeting DD in California.


a. IOC HF to DD 7/19/63.C.


b. 8/5/63TLC HF to B. ZeVan


c. 8/6/63TL copy, HF to B. ZeVan


d. 9/23/63TL copy B. ZeVan to DD.


e. TLC 9/24/63HF to B. Zevan.

Physical Description: 8vo.

f. 11/6/63Telegram message, B. Zevan to DD.


g. 11/6/63TLS with envelope, B. Zevan to HF


h. 11/11/63TLS HF to Zevan


i. 12/2/63 TNS B. ZeVan to HF

Physical Description: Size X.
Box 66, Folder 14

7/27/62 TLC DD to John Alexander re: thanks for cooperating in quarry scenes.


7/27/62 TLC DD to A. S. Rausch re: thanks for help in quarry scenes.


8/8/62 TLC HF to Morgan Mullins re: won't film at Claremont College and arrange tour for him.

Physical Description: 8vo.

1/31/63 TNS Martin Erie to DD re: congratulations on film.

Physical Description: Size X.

5/6/63 TLC HF to Joe Hyams re: silver plaque for DD.


6/20/63 TLC DD to Barney Glezer re: thanks for excellent publicity coverage.


7/31/63 TLS with envelope Della S. Williams to DD re: origin of Spencer's Mountain name.

Physical Description: 6" ×.8".

8/2/63 TLC HF to D. S. Williams re: answer to above.


8/2/63 TLC HF to D. S. Williams re: revised copy of above done by legal dept.


8/14/63 TLC Ben Shlyen to DD re: presentation of plaque from Box Office.


8/26/63 TL copy HF to B. Shlyen re: thanks for above and answer to no.23a.


8/9/62 TLC DD to Weldon T. Richardson re: enclosing pictures of local girls in film.


8/9/62 TLC DD to Bishop Van Bell re: sending stills of choir.


8/9/62 TLC DD to Hobart de Wolfe re: sending stills to church ladies.


8/27/62 TLC HF to Kimbert Larsen Sr. re: request for Spencer's Mountain script.

Physical Description: 8vo with additional note on top.

12/4/63 TLS A. S. Fink to DD re: received letter, recommendation that movie be shown overseas free.


2/7/64 TLS ph A. S. Fink to DD re: follow-up to no. 28a.

Box 66, Folder 15

ND Card-with the compliments of Carl Schaefer, WB Pictures...

Physical Description: 4" × 5".

ND List of people to receive publicity stills. C.


ND Order for 3 U.S. Geological Survey maps of Wyoming area.


Folder 8

Box 66, Folder 16

21 pieces of answered fan mail, ALS, TLS

Physical Description: 8vo and 4to with TC answers
Box 66, Folder 17

3 letters forwarded from Art Linkletter Show - answered.


Folder 9

Box 66, Folder 18

ND Cutting notes. p.

Physical Description: 2 pgs. 8vo.
Box 66, Folder 19

ND Blue print of imaginary map of Spencer's Mountain.

Physical Description: 12" × 17 1/2".

1962-1963 Youngbloode Hawke Pt. I (WB)

Box 66, Folder 20, Box 67, Folder 1,2

ND Youngbloode Hawke, original novel by Herman Wouk cut and pasted on paper with annotations and condensations by DD made in La Jolla 9/62.

Physical Description: Ca. 200 pgs. both sides.
Box 67, Folder 3

ND Synopsis of sequences and plot of collateral action. PN.

Physical Description: 9 pgs.
Box 67, Folder 4

1/22/62 Synopsis of story-continuity with FPpNAD. M.

Physical Description: 29 pgs.
Box 67, Folder 5

1/4/63 Estimating script by DD with OPpNAD. M.

Physical Description: 163 pgs.
Box 67, Folder 6

ND 1 line synopsis of sequences with revisions and PpNAD.

Physical Description: 14 pgs.

9/11/62 Rev. line synopsis.

Physical Description: 4 pgs.
Box 67, Folder 7

ND Summary.

Box 67, Folder 8

ND Cast in order of appearance. M.

Box 67, Folder 9

ND Notes. P.

Physical Description: 2 pgs. both sides.
Box 67, Folder 10

ND Temporary script breakdown, condensation and realignment of plot.

Physical Description: 7 pgs.
Box 67, Folder 11

ND Readers Digest outline.

Physical Description: 4 pgs.
Box 67, Folder 12

ND Notes. P.

Physical Description: 10 pgs. 8vo.
Box 67, Folder 13,14

ND 1st Rough draft SP by DD with scattered PN.

Physical Description: 200 pgs.


13 to p.99
14 p.100 on
Box 67, Folder 15

ND SP adaptation outline with PNAD.

Physical Description: 35 pgs.

Youngbloode Hawke

Box 68, Folder 1,2

2/15/63 Complet shooting script with diagrams and sketches(ca. 150 pgs., 8 per pg., 1 7/8" × 3 1/4"#) and staff and cast addresses. M.

Physical Description: 151 pgs. for script.


1 to p. 74
2 p. 75 on
Box 68, Folder 3

ND Cutting notes with PpNAD.

Physical Description: Legal. 13 pgs.
Box 68, Folder 4

2/15/63 Final Script. M.

Physical Description: 157 pgs.
Box 68, Folder 5

2/19/63 Index and breakdown of sequences.

Physical Description: 130 pgs. M.
Box 68, Folder 6

ND Pen notes with descriptions of chatacters, cities, producer, publisher, things, etc.

Box 68, Folder 7

1/31/63 Exterior and interior settings notes-with bluepr8nt sketches.

Physical Description: ca. 100 pgs.
Box 68, Folder 8

2/28/63 TL G. Shurlock to JLW re: censorship. Xerox.

Box 68, Folder 9

1/15/63 Description of NYC and Ky. Settings. C.

Physical Description: 7 pgs.

1/15/63 Description of interior settings. C.

Physical Description: 8 pgs.
Box 68, Folder 10

2/18/63 Locations survey.

Physical Description: 6 pgs.

2/18/63 Set requirements for movie. M.

Physical Description: 2 pgs

2/13/63 N.Y. locations.

Physical Description: 2 pgs.
Box 68, Folder 11

2/19/63 TLS T. Moffett ro DD re: can't allow DD to film at Kentucky mine site.


4/10/63 IOC-S HF to DD re: can't use premises of Bloomingdale's for filming.

Physical Description: 8vo.
Box 68, Folder 12

ND P list of NYC WB staff on back of pack of P sketches.

Box 69, Folder 1

1/14/63 Description of roles in order of appearance. M.

Physical Description: 3 pgs.
Box 69, Folder 2

3/15/63 Interview notes for actors.

Physical Description: 6 pgs.

ND Choice list.

Physical Description: 4 pgs.

1/21/63 Movie role possibilities. M.

Physical Description: 2 pgs.

ND Possibilities for roles.

Physical Description: 5 pgs. T and P.
Box 69, Folder 3

ND Final staff and cast list with addresses and telephone numbers. M.

Physical Description: 2 pgs.
Box 69, Folder 4

2/15/63 Working days out of days for cast.

Box 69, Folder 5

ND Check off list for completed scenes, with PN.

Physical Description: 2 pgs.
Box 69, Folder 6

Daily production and progress reports. C. Legal. for 4/24/63, 4/29/63, 4/30/63, 5/7/63, and 8/24/63.

Box 69, Folder 7

4/5/63 Production requisition. M.

Physical Description: Legal. both sides.
Box 69, Folder 8

4/5/63 Actors' call sheet. M.

Box 69, Folder 9

5/2/63 Shooting schedule with PN and doodles.

Box 69, Folder 10

12/11/62 IOC DD to Administrative Dept. re: description of montage in NYC filming.

Physical Description: 3 pgs. C.

4/5/63 IOC Harry Mayer to Russ Llewellyn re: enclosure list of props shipped. C.

Physical Description: 8vo.

4/4/63 List of props received from Sardi's. M.


4/23/63 IOC C. Greenlaw to all depts. re: budget meeting. M.

Physical Description: 8vo.

2/9/63 IOC George Groves to all depts. re: Post-synchronization retakes. C.

Physical Description: 8vo.
Box 69, Folder 11

ND Blue print floor plans for interior settings.

Physical Description: 37 pgs. Oversize.
Box 69, Folder 12

ND Locations survey for buildings.

Physical Description: 3 pgs.

Youngbloode Hawke

Box 69, Folder 13

3/28/63 Production budget- complete breakdown. M.

Physical Description: 10" × 13". 30 pgs.

Folder #1

Box 69, Folder 14

ND Cast and crew list with addresses, 2 copies, 1 with T additions.

Physical Description: 2 pgs.

4/15/63 IOC Final cast billing. M.


4/26/63 Rev. cast list with T additions. 3 copies. M.

Physical Description: 1 pg. each.

6/17/63 WB staff by dept. with addresses. T and 2 C copies, both sides,

Physical Description: 2 pgs. each.

2/22/63 Bit player list for small parts.

Box 69, Folder 15

ND p budget notes.

Box 69, Folder 16

ND Summary of interior scenes and NYC filming information.

Physical Description: 2 pgs.
Box 69, Folder 17

ND List of invitations to cast screening.


11/13/63 IOC HF to Pat Cardi re: invitation to screening. C.


11/22/63 Guest list. C.

Physical Description: 3 pgs.

ND Cast list of addresses and telephone numbers with PpNAD. both sides.


ND Notes for set party. p.


6/18/63 IOC-S HF to Mort Lichter re: copies of partypictures. original plus C.

Physical Description: 8vo.

6/11/63 IOC to Mort Lichter re: party pictures. C.


7/8/63 IOC HF to Bertha De Partie re: enclosing pictures of set party. C.


Folder #2

Box 69, Folder 18

11/4/64 Tearsheet- Variety- review of movie.

Box 69, Folder 19

1/22/62 Continuity adaptation of novel. M

Physical Description: 29 pgs.
Box 69, Folder 20

ND Synopsis of Youngblood Hawke. M.

Physical Description: 3 pgs.

ND Production notes on movie. M.

Physical Description: 3 pgs.
Box 69, Folder 21

12/3/62 TLC Harold Matson to DD re: sending objective criticism of script by Wouk.


1/22/63 TL G. Shurlock to JLW re: censorship comments with PN. Xerox.

Physical Description: 4 pgs.

3/14/63 TLS Milton Krasny to DD re: returning script.

Physical Description: Size X.

Folder #3

Box 69, Folder 22

ND Phone messages, appointments and notes.

Physical Description: 8" × 9".
Box 69, Folder 23

ND Research notes on acting histories of persons interview.

Physical Description: 3" × 5". PN.
Box 69, Folder 24

ND Biography of Tina Cole. M.

Physical Description: 2 pgs.
Box 69, Folder 25

ND Interview notes for 6/62 ( Spencer's Mountain cast).

Physical Description: 3 pgs.

ND Pen notes.

Physical Description: 6 pgs.
Box 69, Folder 26

ND Biography of James Franciscus. M

Physical Description: 4 pgs.
Box 69, Folder 27

ND Test seene for Youngblood Hawke.

Physical Description: 2 copies. 3 pgs. each.

Folder #4

Box 69, Folder 28

ND ALS Chad Evereet to DD re: wants part for Youngblood Hawke and encloses 4 poems. P.

Physical Description: 6" × 9". 10 pgs.

3/13/63 TLS Jody McCrea to DD re: wants part.


10/3/63 ALS Eva Gabor to HF re: sending pictures to Mrs. Daves.

Box 69, Folder 29

--- 19 letters, ALS and TLS, 8vo and 4° requesting roles, interviews.


Folder #5

Box 69, Folder 30

10/12/62-10/17/63 Miscellaneous notes, messages and appointments taken by HF typed.


Folder #6

Box 70, Folder 1

2/19/63 Index and breakdown of sequences. M.

Physical Description: ca. 200 pgs.
Box 70, Folder 2

2/22/63 Men's and women's wardrobe plots. M

Physical Description: 31 pgs.
Box 70, Folder 3

ND Notes for location scanning.

Physical Description: 3" × 5".
Box 70, Folder 4

1/18/63 IOC K. Kuter to Trilling-Greenlaw, Powers re: cast breakdown and notes in scheduling. C.

Physical Description: 7 pgs.
Box 70, Folder 5

1/16/63 IOC DD to Greenlaw-Kuter, Fleischer re: adding interior schnes. C.

Physical Description: 8vo.

1/15/63 Descriptions of interior settings. C.

Physical Description: 8 pgs.
Box 70, Folder 6

1/15/63 Descriptions of locations and exterior settings. C.

Physical Description: 7 pgs.

2/13/63 NYC locations. C.

Physical Description: 2 pgs.

Folder #7

Box 70, Folder 7

4/4/63-5/28/63 Call sheets for actors. M.

Physical Description: 37 pgs.
Box 70, Folder 8

3/25/63-9/11/63 Production schedule for all WB productions. M.

Physical Description: 31 pgs. both sides.

Folder #8

Box 70, Folder 9

1/3/62-7/17/63 IOC 14, general production business for movie.

Physical Description: 8vo and 4°. C.
Box 70, Folder 10

1963 Interview appointments.

Physical Description: 8vo. 2 pgs. both sides.
Box 70, Folder 11

4/30/63- 5 IOC DD to Mort Lichter re: blow ups of publicity stills. C.

Physical Description: 8vo.
Box 70, Folder 12

2/27/63 Transcript of phone conversation between DD and Warren Beatty re: not signing contract before due date. C.

Physical Description: 2 pgs. with T post-note.
Box 70, Folder 13

12/11/62 IOC DD to Trilling-Greenlaw-Lawton-Totten-Mayer re: outline of montage to be filmed in NYC. C.


1/18/63 IOC DD to Trilling-Greenlaw-Bowers-Kuter re breakdown of script and groupin g of scenes by actor. C.

Box 70, Folder 13

1/18/63 Cast breakdown and notes on scheduling. C.

Physical Description: 7 pgs.

Folder #9

Box 70, Folder 14

2/15/63-7/17/63 Daily production and progress reports. C.

Physical Description: 39 pgs. Legal.
Box 70, Folder 15

5/14/63-5/27/63 4 IOC G. R. Groves to All depts. re: post-synchronization retakes. C.

Physical Description: 8vo.

Folder #20

Box 70, Folder 16

--- Correspondence between U. of Kentucky Speech Dept. and DD re: taping natural Kentucky accents.


a. 1/24/63DD to Dean of Dept of English TLC.


b. 2/25/63DD to James Byrd TLC both sides.


c. 3/11/63James Byrd to DD TLS.


d. 3/21/63James James Byrd. TLC

Box 70, Folder 17

Correspondence between Ward Ritchie (Anderson Publishing Co.) and DD re: obtaining book dust covers and filming book making process.


a. 3/22/63DD to Ward Ritchie TLC both sides.


b. 4/4/63DD to Ward Ritchie TLC-S


c. NDPN artist who designed just jacket in movies.

Physical Description: Legal.

d. 3/18/63IOC-S Harry Mayer to DD re: sending book jackets for props.

Box 70, Folder 18

--- Correspondence between DD and Postmaster of Jenkins, Kentucky re: information on address of Jenkins Bethlehem Steel Mine.


a. 1/24/63DD to Postmaster. TLC.


b. 1/28/63George Morgan to DD TLS.


c. 1/30/63DD to George Morgan TNC.

Physical Description: 8vo.
Box 70, Folder 19

8/6/63 ANS Lee Bowman to HF re: personal business.

Physical Description: 6" × 8".

7/16/63 TLC HF to David Zegeeler re: regrets that DD can*t give tour of studio.


2/6/63 Notice of delivery of map of NYC from research dept.


1/18/63, 3/4/63 2 requisition slips from stores.

Physical Description: 8vo.

3/4/63 Harry Mayer to ST cable re: wants information on Daves crew arrival date.


1/28/63 TLC DD to Hal A[z]ine re: regrets unable to do TV program for ABC while in NYC.


Folder #11

Box 70, Folder 20

--- 6 air sheets from secondary school children in Ghana re: want photographs of stars, etc.

Box 70, Folder 21

--- 7 fan letters. ALS, some with TLC answers.


1964 The Battle of Villa Fiorita (WB)

Box 70, Folder 22

12/31/63 Memo DD to HF re: work for her.

Physical Description: Size X.

1/6/64 TN DD to HF re: enclosing SP.

Physical Description: 3" × 5".
Box 70, Folder 23

1/3/63 IOC DD to Steno Dept. re: estimating script ready for printing. C.

Box 70, Folder 24

3/24/64 Daily Variety tearsheet article on movie.

Box 70, Folder 25

10/14/63-4/3/64 Telephone messages taken by HF.

Physical Description: 8vo. 13 pgs. both sides.
Box 70, Folder 26

ND Production memos and tentative schedule

Physical Description: 8vo.

2/24/64 Telephone messages.

Physical Description: 3" × 5".

4/3/64 IOC HF to various parties re: advising of her layoff and work to be done before she leaves. C.

Box 70, Folder 27

4/3/64 TLC HF to Charles Lederer re: lay off.


3/24/64 TLC HF to DD re: general information and enclosure.

Physical Description: 2 pgs.

3/17/64 TLS DD to HF re: general information. 5 1/2" × 7".both sides plus envelope


3/6/64 TLC HF to DD and wife re: general information.


--- 2 3" × 5# postcards, ANS from DD.


2/17/64 TLC HF to DD re: general office information.


2/5/64 TLC HF to DD re: general production information.


3/31/64 IOC HF to Johnny O'Steen re: enclosing estimating script dated 1/7/64. C.

Box 70, Folder 28

4/2/64 PN interviews.

Physical Description: Legal.

4/2/64 Tentative cast decided upon at interviews.

Box 70, Folder 29

ND Synopsisi of movie.

Box 70, Folder 30

1/7/64 Cast in order of appearance-description of roles. M.

Physical Description: 3 pgs. 6 copies.
Box 70, Folder 31

Winter '63 Rough draft SP by DD with FPNAD.

Physical Description: 131 pgs.
Box 70, Folder 32

ND Continuity outline with opening sequence and PNAD.

Physical Description: ca. 40 pgs.
Box 71, Folder 1,2

ND Original novel by Rumer Godden cut and pasted on paper with extensive notes and revisions in pen.

Physical Description: ca. 220 pgs. both sides.
Box 71, Folder 3,4

1/7/64 Estimating script. 2 copies with PN. M.

Physical Description: 145 pgs. each.
Box 71, Folder 5,6

3.20/64 Complete shootin script with fancy lettered cover by DD, sketches

Physical Description: (41 pgs., 8 per pg., 1 1/2" × 3 3/4") diagrams and PpNAD.
Box 72

The Battle of Villa Fiorita. Part II.


2/4/64 TLS Gerry Blattner to DD re: personal b business.

Physical Description: 2 pgs.

2/5/64 TLS D. J. Martin (Translloyd Air Service Ltd.) to DD re: forwarding baggage.


2/6/64 TLS G. L. Blattner to DD re: working with Magio Tassara in filming.


2/7/64 TLS G. L. B. to DD re: contacting representatives of movie company.


2/7/64 Tele. Tony Centomini to DD re: meeting him in Milan.

Physical Description: 80

2/24/64 Tele. GLB to Greenlaw re: technical equipment reserving.


2/25/64 TLS GLB to DD re: enclosing copies of correspondence and minor production information.


2/26/64 Tele. Greenlaw to Blattner re: with explanatory note on equipment used.


2/26/64 TLS GLB to DD re: enclosing correspondence, production information, reservations.

Physical Description: 2 pgs.

2/27/64 TLC Victor Pack (Prod. Mgr.) to John Page re: listing needed electrical equipment.

Physical Description: 5 pgs.

3/2/64 WU Tele. DD to Warner re: progress reports.


3/11/64 TL Walter Klingle (Chapman Studio Equipment Co.) to Greenlaw re: equipment needed. verifax copy.


ND TNS Max Bercutt to DD attaching note.

Physical Description: 4×5.

3/24/64 IOC-S Joe Hyams to Max Bercutt re: using Alfredo Cuomo in production unit.

Physical Description: 8°.

4/21/64 TLS Walter MacEwen to DD re: production, casting business for VF, getting another in lieu of 17th Summer. Xerox


4/27/64 TLS Herman Starr (Music Publishers [UNK] Co. NYC) to DD re: premiere release song promotion.


5/2/64 WU Tele. Warner to DD, Maureen O'Hara, Rossano Brazzi re: regards.


5/6/64 TLS Warner to DD re: awaiting daily rushes, please send music as soon as written.

Physical Description: 7 1/4 × 10 1/2.
Box 72, Folder 1

5/6/64 IOC-T GLB to DD re: good rushes.

Physical Description: 8 1/2 × 8

5/13/64 TLS Warner to DD re: comments on first 5 reels.


5/13/64 IOC-CS. Orazio Tassara to GLB re: using Linati airport for scenes.


5/15/64 IOC-S GLB to Bill Hill re: noting #320. Varifax.


5/20/64 IOC-CS. Tassara to Hill re: technicalaspects of production.


5/21/64 TLS JLW to DD re: comments on production and personal.


5/22/64 TLS Walter MacEwen to DD re: comments on first reels, publicity trailers.

Physical Description: 2 pgs.

5/22/64 IOC-CS Bill Hill to Victor Peckr[e]e: scenes transferred to studio.


ND Message. Bill Hill to DD re: reminder to call.

Physical Description: 8°.
Box 72, Folder 2

3/31/64 TLS Walter MacEwen to DD re: submitting script to author with:


ND Xerox part of contract clause.

Physical Description: 8°.

ND Tele. Tony to DD. regards, with pen answered.


4/8/64 WUT. MacEwen to DD re: changing title.


4/10/64 TLC. G. L. Blattner to Rumer Godden re: title change & asking her to be present at press conference.

Physical Description: 1 carbon & 1 verifax.

4/14/64 TLC Rumer Godden to GLB re: declines invitation. Verifax.


ND TNS GLB to DD re: attaching 30 & 31.


4/14/64 TLS Rumer Godden to DD re: comments on script.

Physical Description: 7 × 9.

4/20/64 TLS Rumer Godden to DD re: comments on script--technical points. 7 × 9. with DD notes.


5/20/64 ALS RG to DD re: personal.

Physical Description: 6 × 8.

6/26/64 ALS RG to DD re: thanks for everything. 6 × 8. Correspondence received by DD from WB personnel re: production (TLS unless otherwise specified).

Box 72, Folder 3

4/2/64 4/3/64 Max Bercutt.

Physical Description: 3 pgs. & 3 pgs. carbon.

G. L. Blattner: 2/3/64 (2 pgs.), 2/5/64, 2/5/64 (1 & 2pg. carbon), 2/11/64, 3/11/64, 3/11/64 (2 pgs.), 7/13/64.


Hildegarde Finch: 2/5/64, 2/17/64, 3/24/64, (2 pgs.), 3/26/64.


Rudi Fehr: 3/30/64.


R. Goimbault (Gen. Mgr.): 2/3/64.


Walter MacEwen: 6/26 (3 pgs.), 7/31 (2 pgs.) with note by DD.


Jean Redon (Publicity Dir., Paris): 3/8/64.


Jack Warner: 6/27/64, 6 1/4 × 7 3/8, ALS,

Physical Description: 4 pgs.

1/21/64 TLC. G. Shurlock to JLW re: censor's comments. Xerox.


1/31/64 TLC Wolfe Cohn to Roger Goimbault re: DD film festival & reservation for DD & wife in Paris.


2/5/64 TLC. H. C. Coxall to DD re: shipment of equipment arrived. Mimeo with AN.


2/6/64 TL [draft?]. Unknown to DD re: enclosig list of assistant directors.


2/6/64 Typed list of directors.

Physical Description: 2 pgs.

2/7/64 TLC-S. CG to GLB re: production equipment business.

Physical Description: 2 pgs

3/2/64 TLC. GLB to CG re: business


3/5/64 TLS. Richard Bert (film editor) to DD re: requesting job and list of productions worked on.

Physical Description: 2 pgs.

3/6/64 TLC-S. CG to GLB re: lenses from Panavision and stills from A Summer Place.


3/9/64 TLC. Victor Peck to Ossie Morris re: technical equipment.

Physical Description: 2 pgs

3/9/64 TLC-S. V. Peck to Charles Evemy re: putting Wally Thompson as supervisor in charge of hand electricians.


3/10/64 TLC. Rudi Fehr to GLB re: A Summer Place stock film.


3/11/64 TLC. V. Peck to Orazio Tassara re: encl. list of British Unit and equipment.


3/26/64 TL. re: encl. 6 copies of final screenplay.

Physical Description: 6"×8".

4/1/64 TLC-S. CG to GLB re: sending Panavision equipment.


4/19/64 TLC. Catherine O'Brien to Max Bercutt re: publicity.

Physical Description: 2 pgs.

4/23/64 Telegram. Warner to DD re: production business.


5/1/64 TLC. Progress reports and things completed.

Physical Description: 2 copies, 6 pgs. each.

5/20/64 IOC-S. Bill Hill to V. Peck re: confirmation of shooting.


5/22/64 IOC-S. Bill Hill to V. Peck re: schedule changes.


5/22/64 IOC-S. Bill Hill to V. Peck re: equipment needed.


5/22/64 IOC-S. Bill Hill to V. Peck re: Maureen O'Hara's dressing room.


6/17/64 TLS-verifax. Peter Rogers to GLB. Enjoyed filming sequence in his theatre.


9/7/64 TLS. John W. Daran (Publicity dept., Assoc. British Picture Corp. Ltd.) to DD re: compliments on films.


10/19/64 TLC [DD] to Bert & Blattner re: premiere results in London & cuts.

Physical Description: 2 pgs
Box 72, Folder 4

ND ALS Martin [?] to DD. personal.

Physical Description: 5 1/2 × 7.

5/25/64 ALS. illegible. [Written in Italian]


ND ALS from Ruoly Mayr and [Hiky?] to DD. best wishes.


ND ALS to DD re: thanks for L10,000.

Physical Description: 6 × 8.

5/14/64 ALS Olivia [Hussey] to DD re: thanks for gift.

Physical Description: 6 × 8.

10/20/64 ALS Maureen [O'Hara] to DD re: best wishes for film.

Physical Description: 6 × 8.

ND ALS Olivia [Hussey] to DD re: thanks for money.

Physical Description: 1 page written on both sides.

ND Marguerete West to DD re: best wishes.

Physical Description: 5 1/4 × 7.

ND ALS Carmen [?] to DD re: thanks for crib.


ND Signed greetings, illegible [Poliansky?] seems to be Spolionsky


5/5/64 Tele. Bob Lennerol to DD - best wishes.


5/13/64 Tele. MacEwen and Jack [Warner] to DD - best wishes


5/19/64 Tele. Same as # 79.


ND Tele. Unit Crew and cast to DD - best wishes.


B. Production Worksheets.

Box 72, Folder 5

1/7/64 Cast in order of appearance with charactorizations. M.

Physical Description: 3 pgs.

1/28/64 IOC-C Hoyt Bowers to JLW re: list of cast suggestions with PNA.


ND T. list of suggestions with PNA.


ND T. acting biographies of European actors. 2 pgs. with PNA.


ND Directing and editing biography. of Douglas Robertson [Verifax] with PA - address.

Box 72, Folder 6

2/5/64-5/28/64 16 cables from Warner Bros. re: casting progress.

Box 72, Folder 7

2/5/64-4/21/64 5 letters from WB re: casting of actors, other production problems.

Box 72, Folder 8

3/9/64 4 letters from actors' agents seeking parts.


ND Casting List D.

Physical Description: 4 × 5 1/2.
Box 72, Folder 9

2/5/64-5/25/64 Technical correspondence 1 TLS, ALS, lists) to & from DD re: needed equipment & filming technique.

Physical Description: 20 pieces.
Box 72, Folder 10

ND List of equipment being used on location in Africa. Photocopy.

Box 72, Folder 11

ND Handwritten notes, scratch work, sketches, cutting notes. P.

Physical Description: 11 pgs. 7 × 9, 8 pgs. 8 × 11 1/2, 3 pgs. 8 × 11, 5 pgs. 8 × 14.

ND One temporary membership card 3 1/4 × 4 1/4 in Assoc of Cinematograph TV & Allied Technicians. A.


ND Leaflet for [Coombe] Hill Riding School.

Physical Description: 8°, M.

ND Note on costume. PN.

Physical Description: 7 × 9.

ND Diagrams and sketches.

Physical Description: 8 pgs. 8 × 11.
Box 72, Folder 12

4/9/64-7/9/64 [Call sheets], etc.

Physical Description: 59 pgs. 4° & 8 × 14. M.
Box 72, Folder 13

5/4/64-7/15/64 Progress reports on production completed.

Physical Description: 52 pgs. M.
Box 72, Folder 14

ND Production cross-plot from script of 1/7/64

Physical Description: 2 pgs. 26 1/2 × 17 3/4. p.

5/4/64 Production cross plot.

Physical Description: 27 × 23. Photocopy.
Box 72, Folder 15

ND List of available musicians with pN.


ND Music notes. S.


ND Romantico Amore lyrics.

Physical Description: 2 copies, 1 carbon.

ND Music for theme for piano & song by C. [Donida?].

Physical Description: 3 photostats.
Box 72, Folder 16

ND Rumer Godden's notes on Script.

Physical Description: 12 pgs. T 8 × 14 with PN by RG and DD.
Box 72, Folder 17

ND Italian accomodations & other pertinent information for cast & crew.

Physical Description: 4 pgs. C 8 × 14.
Box 72, Folder 18

ND Equipment for Italian location.

Physical Description: 7 pgs. mimeo 8 × 14.
Box 73, Folder 1

ND List of crew in British filming unit. and PN.

Physical Description: 8 × 14.
Box 73, Folder 2

ND Equipment & location shooting requirements.

Physical Description: 5 pgs. T 8 × 14.
Box 73, Folder 3

ND List of sets in Italy. T with OPN.

Physical Description: 11 pgs. 8 × 14.
Box 73, Folder 4

2/22/64 Useful locational info. M. signed DD in caps on top.

Physical Description: 3 pgs
Box 73, Folder 17

5-24-64 Travel Arrangements for Personnel not travelling on charter M.

Physical Description: Legal

5-25-64 Italian Movement schedule M.

Physical Description: Legal

5-25-64 Travel Arrangements M.

Physical Description: Legal

5-26-64 Movement order M.

Physical Description: Legal

NO Details of Transport M.

Physical Description: Legal

5-25-64 Milan Hotel Accomodations. M.

Physical Description: Legal

5-25-64 Milan Movement M.

Physical Description: Legal

5-28-64 Call Sheet M.

Physical Description: Legal

5-28-64 Movement Order (London) M.

Physical Description: Legal

5-29-64 Charter Flight personnel M.

Physical Description: Legal

6-4-64 UK Movement Order M.

Physical Description: 2pgs.


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Box 73, Folder 5

ND List of crew in Italian unit.

Physical Description: 1 pgs. C with OPN 8 × 14.
Box 73, Folder 6

ND Set preparations in Italy.

Physical Description: 22 pgs. 4° T.
Box 73, Folder 7

ND Warner Bros. travelling unit--cast & crew with list of addresses, etc.

Physical Description: 4 pgs. 8 × 14. M.
Box 73, Folder 8

ND Directory of internal telephones.

Physical Description: 7 pgs. 8 × 14 M.
Box 73, Folder 9

ND Unit hotel accomodations with room numbers.

Physical Description: 2 pgs. M
Box 73, Folder 10

ND Floor plan of Villa Fiorita. 18 1/2 × 23 1/2. Blueprint copy with copy of DD note on verso.

Box 73, Folder 11

ND 1 Set description--studio interiors.

Physical Description: 18 pgs. T small 4°.
Box 73, Folder 12

ND 10 BW photos of sketches of set interiors.

Physical Description: 8" × 10".
Box 73, Folder 13

ND British locations-exterior set descriptions.

Physical Description: 2 copies, T and C. Size X. 11pgs each.
Box 73, Folder 14

4/15/64 Travel itinerary for DD, London to Italy. C.

Box 73, Folder 15

4/27/64 Movement order #1 with general travel preparation information, signed by DD. M.

Physical Description: Legal.

ND Movement order for storm sequence. M.

Physical Description: Legal.
Box 73, Folder 16

5/1/64 Information for unit on arrival in Milan and Gardone, signed by DD. M.

Physical Description: Legal.

5/26/64 TLS Bill Hill to Orazio Tassara re: arrange for baggage movement and people meeting unit at airport. C.

Physical Description: Size X.

5/1/64 Car seating arrangements. M.

Physical Description: Legal.
Box 73, Folder 17

5/20/64 Travel arrangements to date. C.

Physical Description: Legal.


See previous page Many items here were never cataloged

7/7/64 Movement order M.Legal 14 pgs.


5/7/64 IOC-S Bill Hill to Orazio Tassara re: plane tickets and reservations for people. C.


5/7/64 IOC-S Bill Hill to Victor Peck re: travel details. C.

Box 73, Folder 18

ND Notes on Production plans for children's sequences. T.

Physical Description: 2 pgs.

5/22/64 1 week shooting schedule. M.


ND Check list of miscellaneous shots to be filmed, with FPNAD.

Physical Description: Legal.

5-18-64 Interior shots remaining Legal

Physical Description: 2 pgs

6/15/64 Shooting schedule. M.

Physical Description: Legal. 4 pgs.

5/22/64 Shooting schedule. M.

Physical Description: Legal.

5/9/64 Progressive schedule #2 with DD signature.

Physical Description: 3 pgs.

ND Progress schedule no. 2 (addition) M.


4/29/64 1st draft schedule with DD signature.

Physical Description: Legal. 4 pgs.

ND Miscellaneous shooting schedule. ph.

Physical Description: Legal. 4 pgs.

ND Location schedule to completion with OPNAD.

Physical Description: Legal.

ND Italy locations. C.

Physical Description: 2 pgs. Legal
Box 73, Folder 19

ND Verifax of test scenes for Michele and Debby.

Physical Description: Legal. 3 pgs.
Box 73, Folder 20

ND Script changes

Physical Description: (2 C. pgs., 3 T. pgs.) Legal. 5 pgs.
Box 73, Folder 21

6/29/64 Artists' billing. Verifax, with OPA.

Physical Description: 3 pgs.

8/13/64 Certificate of writing credits. Xerox.

Box 73, Folder 22

3/16/64 TCS C. Greenlaw to G. L. Blattner re: getting filming equipment.


5/11/64 IOC-S P. D. Knecht to DD re: enclosing copy of legal dubbing provisions for Maureen O'Hara.

Physical Description: 8vo.

ND Legal clause. Xerox.

Physical Description: 8 1/2" × 8 1/2".
Box 74, Folder 1

1/7/64 Estimating script.

Physical Description: 145 pgs.
Box 74, Folder 2

4/16/64 Breakdown of sequences, sets, props etc. M.

Physical Description: 87 pgs.
Box 74, Folder 3

2/6/64 Index and breakdown of sequences. C.

Physical Description: 141 pgs.

1965 A Covenant with Death (WB)

Box 74, Folder 4,5

ND Original story by Stephens Becker, cut and pasted on paper with TN and revisions and FPpNAD by DD.

Physical Description: ca. 250 pgs. both sides.
Box 74, Folder 6

ND Exploratory SP by DD revised with notes in addendum. FPpNAD.

Physical Description: 125 pgs.
Box 74, Folder 7

6/30/65 Foreword, Dilemma and analysis of book, with OPN.

Physical Description: 16 pgs.
Box 74, Folder 8

ND Comments, analysis and suggestions for development of SP from novel, with OPN.

Physical Description: 8 pgs.
Box 74, Folder 9

9/7/65 1st draft SP. M.

Physical Description: 154 pgs.
Box 75, Folder 1,2

10/8/65 Revised draft

Physical Description: (2 copies). M. 150 pgs. each.
Box 75, Folder 3

9/20/65 Cast selection list.

Physical Description: 4 pgs., 2 T and 2 M.

ND Cast list and description of roles.

Physical Description: 2 pgs.
Box 75, Folder 4

ND Mock up guide.

Physical Description: 2 pgs.
Box 75, Folder 5

ND Blocking, rough guide with FPNAD.

Physical Description: 2 pgs

ND Dialogue revisions.

Physical Description: 2 pgs.
Box 75, Folder 6

ND Key sequences-hand notes.

Physical Description: 4 pgs.
Box 75, Folder 7

ND Script changes and development.

Physical Description: 17 pgs.
Box 75, Folder 8

ND Production cross-plot (actors and scenes) P.

Physical Description: 3 pgs.
Box 75, Folder 9

3/65 Tearsheet- A Covenant with Death Pt II by Stephen Becker in Show Magazine.


1965 Jackson Hole (WB)

Box 75, Folder 10

ND Casting selection list with PNA.

Physical Description: 6 pgs.

4/19/65 Cast selection list with PNA.

Physical Description: 2 pgs.

ND Cast Selection list with PNA.

Physical Description: 4 pgs.
Box 75, Folder 10

ND Interview schedule and notes with OPNA.

Physical Description: 7 pgs.

ND Farmer parts. P.

Box 75, Folder 11

NDawings Drawings and maps of Jackson Hole.

Physical Description: 6 oversize (smaller than folio) sheets.

ND Locations research and drawings with notes. maps.

Physical Description: 7 pgs.
Box 75, Folder 12

ND Area map and diagram and sketches. P.

Physical Description: 12 pgs, 5 pgs on both sides.
Box 75, Folder 13

ND Narration part.


ND Exterior and interior setting with PNAD and T notes.

Physical Description: 5 pgs.
Box 75, Folder 14

ND Breakdown of scenes.

Physical Description: 3 pgs.
Box 75, Folder 15

ND Tentative pre- and post-production shooting schedule.

Box 75, Folder 16

6/4/65 Tentative working days out of days for cast and crew on location.

Physical Description: Legal.
Box 75, Folder 17

ND Diamond D Productions: series of Westerns by DD--promotional ad for Jackson Hole.

Physical Description: 3 copies T. 3 pgs.
Box 75, Folder 18

5/25/65 TLS H. H. Swanson (agency) to DD re: reissue of original book.

Box 75, Folder 19

ND Characterizations. M.

Physical Description: 11 copies. [UNK] pgs. each.
Box 75, Folder 20

6/1/65 Incomplete final script-SP by DD from novel by Giles A. Lutz- The Honyockers.

Physical Description: 145 pgs.
Box 75, Folder 21, 22

5/11/65 Estimating Draft

Physical Description: (2 copies). M. 146 pgs. each.
Box 76, Folder 1, 2, 3

3/29/65 SP by DD.

Physical Description: 3 copies, 1 T original and 2 M copies. 146 pgs. each.
Box 76, Folder 4

ND Production cross-plot - actors and scenes. P.

Physical Description: 3 pgs.
Box 76, Folder 5

ND BW photos of artists. 39 8" × 10" photo composites with 12 pictures on each, each picture 2" × 2".

Box 76, Folder 6

ND Invitation to Pink Garter Theater in Jackson Hole. Printed.

Physical Description: 4 " × 5".
Box 76, Folder 7

6/1/65 Index to Breakdown. Jackson Hole

Physical Description: 117 pgs.

The Wilding (unfinished)

Box 76, Folder 8

ND Exploratory draft and notes.

Physical Description: ca. 150 pgs.
Box 76, Folder 9

ND Breakdown and mockup of novel, with notes. in 3 ring binder

Box 77, Folder 1, 2, 3, 4

ND Original novel, ElsieVenner by Oliver Wendell Holmes cut and pasted on paper with FPpNAD and revisions by DD.

Physical Description: ca. 300 pgs. both sides.
Box 77, Folder 5

Delmer Daves: Dokumentation von Joachim Kveck Book re: Daves, in Gevman, April, 1972

Inventory to the Delmar Daves' Cartoon Collection






Artists and Models


Artists at Work


Art Dealers


Art Galleries


Art Students






Astronauts - Space Travel, Etc.




Private Planes


Air Travel






Dinosaurs - Museums


Pet Shops




Hospitals - Nurses, Internes






Chiropractor, Osteopath


Funerals, Epitaphs




Death-beds, Wills, and Legacies


Occulists, Optometrists


Accidents, Ambulences


Sick Room - Ailments


First Aid




Doctor's Office Waiting Room




Medical Research






Psychologists, Psychiatrists


Maternity Ward




Strictly American


Interesting Human Anecdotes




Boys Swimming and Fishing


Boys Playing Soldier


Boys Fighting


Boys Playing Baseball and Football


Children at Camp, Beach, Etc.


Children's Picnics, Circus Fairs, Theater


Baby Sitters


Children's Imagination




Girl and Boy Scouts and Brownies


Children Shopping


Little Lulu


Children - Miscellaneous Situations


Children around the House


Children - Miscellaneous Situations (Pocket 2)


Child Prodigies - Movie Children, Etc.


Children at Church - Sunday School


Children Romance


Children's Parties - Dancing School


Children and Christmas




Children Playing Indoors


Children Playing Outdoors


Children on the Farm


Getting them to eat and take medicine.


Children - Music Lessons, Public Appearances, Recitals


Bedtime, Story-telling, Etc.




Explorers - Mountaineering


Explorers - Arctic


Explorers - Jungles




Anywhere in the U.S.A. except the South


The South




Foreign Scents






Historic Americana


Archaelogists and Other Scientists in the Field and Museum




At Sea and Adrift


On an Island




At Sea - Officers, Crew


Travel Bureau - Information


At Sea - Life on the Deck, Staterooms


Excursions and Aboard Ship - Abroad


Private Yachts


In Harbor


Boat and Yacht Shows


Lighthouses, Etc.


Launching - Steamships, Battleships


Fishing Boats, Tugboats, Ferries, Houseboats, Etc.








Income Tax




Inventors & Scientists No. 1


Inventors & Scientists No. 2


Scientists - Space




Courtroom & Trials 1. Judges 2. Lawyers 3. Jury


Criminals. Captured - Patrol Wagon


Criminals - Third Degree


Criminals - Women




Across the Table


Friendly Exchanges Between Mr. adn Mrs.


Friendly Exchanges No. 2


Screwball Doings


Thurber Subtleties


Beautiful but Dumb Wives


Henpecked Husband


Company - Neighbors




Triangles - Jealousies


Before and after


Going Home to Mother


Rendezvous with Hubby






Parties, Dinner


Complaints of Neighbors


Birthday Parties


Parties - Luncheons, Bridge


Dances - Dancing


Teas - Bazaars












Brawls- Drunks - Duels - Riots - Man to Man
















Water Sports






Tennis - Badminton, Ping-Pong


Mountain Climbing




Indoor Sports - Bridge, Poker, Chess, Checkers, Gambling, Billiards, Pool, etc.


Auto Racing - Bicycle Races


Horse Racing


Dog Racing












Theatre - Amateur - Barn Theatres


Vaudeville (see: Hight Clubs)








Radio & TV: 1. At Broadcasting and TV Stations


Radio & TV: 2. On location


Radio & TV: 3. Audience


TV and Radio on Sets


Radio & Television Stores & Repairs




Theatre and Audiences


Actors, Actresses, Publicity Agents, Booking Agents


Studio - On Sets


Studio - Executives


On Location


Studio - Writers












Fairs - Carnivals & Entertainment Parks


The Perfect Squelch


Tales of Hoffman -- Index--Reader's Digest


Keeping Up With the World -- Bits of Knowledge


Personalities & Behavior -- Types Men & Women


United Nations -- Security Council


Character -- Bad --Arrogant people, etc.


Character -- Good - Benefactors, etc.


Items of the Reader's Digest Type


Famous Last Words


Tall Tales


Compendiums of various types of experiences by various people


Snappy Comebacks -- Retorts Courteous


Picturesque Speech & Patter


Witticisms - Philosophies


Bearing on the Communist Angle - Red-baiting, etc.




Hardware, etc. (see also Business: Furn. Stores)


Furniture Stores


Pawnbrokers - Antiques - Auctions


Lower Class Merchants


Shoe Stores


Shoe Repair - Cleaning and PRESSING




Department Store -- Information


Department Stores -- Elevators - Escalators


Complaint Dept. - Lost and Found


Milliners and Dressmakers


Drug Store






Armored Cars


Banks - Loan Offices


Corporations - Advertising & Publicity


Waiting Rooms - Receptionists




Agents, Sales Organizations, etc.


Corporations - Office Workers


Corporations - Executives


Directors' Meetings - Stockholders Meeting




Milkman - Breadman










Employment Agency


Applying for Job


Depression - Hard Times - Bread Lines - Relief


Picketing - Strikes - Union Meetings - Labor Boards


Help Wanted


Sandwich Men


Out of Work




Camp: K.P. Duty - Cooks - Mess


Army: Peace Time - Northwest Mounted, etc.






Guided Missiles


Army: Signal Corps - Carrier Pigeons, etc. - Camouflage


Army: On Leave - Requests for Leave


Camp: Visitors


Army: In Camp


War: Returning Home Heroes


Camp: Inspection


Mail From Home - Mail Censors


U.S.O. Parties, Dances, Entertainment


Camp: Sentries


Guard House


Yanks Abroad




Army: Training - Maneuvers


Inductees - Raw Recruits - Recruiting - Drafting - Draft Board Exam




Army: Hospitals, Nurses, Ambulances, etc.


Army: Troop Trains - Troop ships -- Leave Taking -- R.R. Stations


Army - Officers -- Navy - Officers


Army: Tank Corps


Spies: Military Secrets


Army - In Action






Britain at War


Foreign Legion




Army: Anti-Aircraft


Air Corps - In Action




Aviation Schools - Pilot Training


War - Washington - Desk Generals


Ground Crew


Parachutes - Paratroops




Navy: On Board Ship




On Leave - Requesting Leave


Battleship Launching






Women in Uniform


Miscellaneous - Civil War - quotations, etc.


Folks Back Home


Home Defense - Blackouts - Air Wardens, etc.


Defense Workers - Men -- Defense Projects




War Activities on Home Front: Red Cross - Blood Banks - Bundles for War Victims, etc.


Women in War Plants


Locations - Hawaii, Philippines, Alaska








Proposals - (a) Asking for Daughter's Hand


Flirtation - Boy Meets Girl


Engagements - Marriage License Bureaus


Ship Romances


Lady Killers




Love Making in Public Places


Love Making - A. Around the House


B. In the Car


C. In the Park


D. On the Water


E. Outdoors


On the Make


Parents of Lovers - Little Brothers and Sisters








Bobby Soxers


Cats and Gossips


Dizzy Dames




Theatre - Musical Comedies a. Chorus Girls


Twins - Normal Girls


MEN (Types)


Old Boys at the Club




Lazy Men


Rich Men


Irishmen, Scotchmen, Jews - Dislect Jokes








After Dinner Speakers


Kentucky Colonel


Fat Men


Milquetoasts (See also Married Life - Henpecked Husbands)


Egotists - Eccentrics




Hot Tempers


Pansies - Saps




Bachelor - Young Men


Bores - Snobs


Average Men




Bums, Hoboes, Panhandlers - (see Freight Trains)


Old Roues



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