Register of the Jedediah Smith Society Collection, 1943-

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Register of the Jedediah Smith Society Collection, 1943-

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Title: Jedediah Smith Society Collection,
Date (inclusive): 1943-
Collection number: Mss18
Creator: Jedediah Smith Society
Extent: 6 linear ft.
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Personal Names

Smith, Jedediah Strong (1799-1831)
Smith family
Ashley, William Henry (1778-1838)
Henry, Andrew
Sublette, William L.
Jackson, David E.

Corporate Names

Rocky Mountain Fur Company
Jedediah Smith Society


Fur trade -West (U.S.)
Explorers -West (U.S.)
California -History -To 1846
Oregon -History -To 1859
West (U.S.) -History


Jedediah Strong Smith (1799-1831) was the first American citizen to enter California by an overland route. His travels (1821-1831) demonstrated feasible routes across the West to California. Smith trapped first along the Missouri River under William Ashley and Andrew Henry. He rediscovered South Pass, Wyo. (1824), a passageway from the High Plains into the Pacific Northwest. After forming a partnership to trap in the Pacific Coast region with David Jackson and William Sublette, Smith trapped and explored in Central California and Oregon (1827-1828). The partners sold out to the Rocky Mountain Fur Company in 1830 and turned to the Santa Fe trade. Smith was killed by Indians on the Southern Plains the following year.
The Jedediah Smith Society was formed (1957) to promote the reputation of Smith as an important historical figure. It holds regular meetings, publishes a newsletter and promotes publications devoted to the education of the public on this theme.

Scope and Content

The Jed Smith Society Collection contains two types of materials: Series 1 consisting of items pertaining to the life of Smith; and, series 2 containing items describing activities of the Society. In the first category are: manuscripts of writings on Jed Smith; biographical and genealogical materials; articles on Smith's explorations; and, correspondence between Society members regarding various aspects of Smith's life. In the second category are: Society minutes; programs; speeches; publications; and, business correspondence.

Container List






1.1: Alson J.Smith - "Men against the Mountains" (8 folders)


1.2: Peter Decker - "Beyond a Big Mountain" (4 folders)


1.3: Dr. John Niehardt - The Song of Jed Smith (3 folders)


1.4: Sally M. Miller (Ed.) – “Jedediah Smith: Explorers and Fir Traders


-David G. Malaher - Trappers and Mappers: Eight Men Who Marked the First Paths Across North America


-Mark William Kelly – John Dougherty: Fur Trader to the Waters of the Columbia


-James C. Auld – The Legend of Jedediah Smith 1799-1831 Fact and Fantasy


-Clay Lanry – Jed Smith’s Cache: A Study of the Trade Goods, Equiipment and Clothing


-Jim Hardee – Jedediah Smith’s Gold Discovery


-David J. Weber – Searching for Jedediah Smith in Mexico


-Nancy J. Taniguchi – Chain Reactions: The Long-Term Impacts of Jed Smith in California




BOX 2B: BIOGRAPHY AND EXPEDITIONS (see also boxes 4&5 for more biographies)


2.1.5: Smith, Ezra Delos [great grandnephew]: correspondence, Chronicles of the Family of J Smith and S S Smith (1918); The Life and Adventures of Jedediah S Smith A Knight of the West Path Finder of the Mountain Country (photocopy from Kansas Historical Society). In addition, 1 roll microfilm of Ezra Delos Smith Papers from the Bancroft Library with expanded version of manuscript.


2.2.1: GENERAL BIOGRAPHY: General Story on Jed; Hunt, Rockwell D.


2.2.2: GENERAL BIOGRAPHY: "Jedediah Strong Smith," unidentified author, "Jedediah Smith - Trailmaker Extraordinary" by Donald Peattie




a-"Jedediah Strong Smith's Overland Expedition to California in 1826," Hunt, Rockwell.


b-"Early Trapping Parties in California," [1826] Warner, J.J.




a-"The Story of Jedediah Smith Who Blazed the Overland Trail to California," Breed, Noel J. (1926)


b- "A Knight in Buckskin: Jedediah Strong Smith," California History Nugget (November 1937)


c-"Jedediah Smith in the Valley," Los Tulares, (December, 1968)


d-"A New Ashley Document," Morgan, Dale L., The Westerners, 1966.


e-"Reward: Find Where Old Jed Pitched Camp," Castro, Doris, Stockton, Record (July 20, 1969)


f-"San Lorenzo Named After Camping Spot," Sandoval, John, The Daily Review (September, 14, 1969)


g-"Trials of a Trapper," Jones, David R., Motor Land (February, 1931)




a-"Jedediah Strong Smith First Yankee in Kern," Bailey, Richard C.


b-"Old Jed Paved Way for Settlers of California," Mitchell, Gwin. Stockton Record (July 29, 1962)


c-"Trail Blazer Smith Had Some Rugged Days," Mitchell, Gwin, Stockton Record (July 29, 1962)


d-"The Methodist Who Won California," Garrison, Webb B., Christian Advocate (July 26, 1956)




a-Travels of Jed Smith, Sullivan, Maurice.


b-James Clyman, American Frontiersman: 1792-1881, Camp, Charles L., ed.


c-Jed Smith - Trail Maker and Methodist, Case, Leland D.,




a-"Jedediah Strong Smith - New Documentation" Rolle, Andrew


b-"Riddle of Jedediah Smith's First Visit to California"


c-"Jed Smith Memorial"


d- "Smith Family Bibles"


2.3.6: EXPEDITIONS #6: "Letter to the Oregon Herald, October 12, 1866 from Robert Newell."




a-"Jed Called Abraham?" Chase, Don [includes copies of articles concerning Smith's travels and copy of the Borges manuscript with translation]


b-"Peter Skene Ogden's Trapping Expedition to the Gulf of California, 1829-1830,"


c-"Jedediah Smith's Route Across the Sierra in 1827," Fletcher, F.N.


d-"First Crossing of the Sierra Nevada: Jed Smith's Trip from California to Salt Lake in 1827".




a-"Umpqua Massacre Site," Anderson, Verner


b-The Umpqua Trapper (1965-67)


2.3.9: EXPEDITIONS #9: "Maps," Morgan, Dale


2.3.10: EXPEDITIONS #10: "Marking Jed's Routes;" Udall, Stewart.


2.3.11: EXPEDITIONS #11


a-"Gold and Squaw Myths"


b-"Building the Heart of an Empire"


c-"Short History of Oregon"


2.3.12 : EXPEDITIONS: "Enigma at Piute Springs;" Harrison, James [photos included]


2.3.13: EXPEDITIONS: "Where Jed Died;" Walker, Henry








3.1.1: Howard, Robert West. "Jed-Methodist"


3.1.2: Smith Letter, October 22, 1827 (in French); Smith Letter, October 22, 1829


3.1.3: Hayes, Hugh. "Smith's guns"


3.1.4: Spencer, Horace. "Who left guns at French Camp?"


3.1.5: Belden, Burr to Reginald Stuart concerning Jed's route from Mohave village to San Gabriel Mission


3.1.6: Belden, Burr. "Why Mojaves Attacked"


3.1.7: Clinton P. Anderson corresp. [concerns Jed's Journal]


3.1.8: Case, Leland. "Jed's Journal"


3.1.9: Morgan, Helen Hunt. "Sullivan Journal"


3.1.10: Stuart, R.R. "Jed-Business Man".


3.1.11: Hays, Carl. "Relative of D. Jackson - Smith's business partner".


3.1.12: Wilkerson. "Where are Jed artifacts?"


3.1.13: Case, Leland. "Smith's Bible".


3.1.14: "Jed Smith Markers"


3.1.15: Camp, C.L. "Clyman, Black Hills".


3.1.16: Niehardt, John. "Discovering Jed Smith".


3.1.17: Wells, Merle. "Fort Vancouver".


3.1.18: Burns, R.E.. "History of the Jedediah Smith Society".


3.1.19: Correspondence, Miscellaneous.


3.1.20: Correspondence, Don Chase


3.1.21: Copies of Correspondence from Ezra Delos Smith (grandnephew of JSS) to Geo. W. Martin of the Kansas State Historical Society: 15 letters dating from Nov. 5, 1910 – Sept. 2, 1911


3.1.22: Copies of Misc. Correspondences: 9 letters, dating 1912, 1920-1930, including Geo. H. Hims, Geo. W. Martin, Binger Herman, C. Hart Merriam, Kansas State Historical Society, Charles Kelly, Connelly


3.1.23: Tuggle, Troy. Research & Related Materials on Smith Gun


RE: "Dick Dyer"


Castor C. Pistol "art", Dyer


Committee Reports, etc.


Gun Collectors, Antiques




Gun Article published in Far Westerner July 1977


Hugh Hayes/Castor/Photos


San Diego Police Dept.


Serra Museum


3.1.24: Tuggle, Troy. Research & Related Materials on Smith Gun


CI & I Sacramento 8/1978


Capt. Noonan


J.S. Kansas H.S., Snell, et al.


San Diego notes Aug. 3, 1977 & Aug. 1982


Printed References to the Pistol


Case, Leland D.; Tuscon Westerners


Pistol pictures, negs., etc.


Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms


Hepplemann- Messenger


F.B.I (Clarence Kelly) 8/16/1976


Tuggle, Troy. Research & Related Materials on Smith Gun and Watch


Gunsmiths, Stores, etc.


Hawken Rifle


Investigative Letters


Kramer, Fred (Watch)


Logan, Herschel corresp.


Martin, Greg


Pacific Center O'Bryan- '75, Murphy, etc. '81


Pilkenton, Mrs. Dorothea 1976


Pistol Posters


Security Pacific National Bank, Victor R. Plukas


Watch of J.S. (Krauf)


The J.S.S Watch




4.1.1: Wood, R. Coke. Stuart Gibbons


4.1.2: "Jedediah Smith Redwood Park," Drury, Newton


4.1.3: "Men Who Knew Jed"


4.1.4: "Biographies," Morgan, Dale [address given at 10th Anniversary Breakfast of Jedediah Smith Society]


4.1.5: "Biographies-Miscellaneous"


4.1.6: "Bibliography"


4.1.7: Eddie, Thomas Interview


4.1.8: "Miscellaneous printed and typescript papers"


4.1.9: "Miscellaneous printed newspaper articles concerning desert crossings."


4.1.10: Hudson's Bay Company materials


4.1.11: California Legislation Resolution May 1, 1976 and April 19, 1999


4.1.12: Photocopies of Jed Smith letters


4.1.13: Jed Smith articles in magazines


4.1.14: Dr. Clover certificate from Daughters of American Colonists, 2004


4.1.15: Photos


-Julian “Smitty” Smith Bacon Jr. with Jed Smith monuments


-Jed Smith Monuments


4.1.16: Jed Smith Rendezvous Songs


4.1.17: Don Chase Articles


4.1.18: "Taming of the West" film about Smith 2005


4.1.19: "Jedediah Strong Smith" by Robert West Howard


4.1.20: “In Search of the Demise Site of Jedediah Strong Smith” by Wayne A. Willkomm


4.1.21: Map: “Jedediah S. Smith’s Travels in the Central Valley in 1827 & 1828” drawn by Joe Molter, 2016 [see oversize]


4.1.22 Map: "The Travels of Jedediah Strong Smith, 1822-1832," by Jedediah Smith Society, 2018 [see oversize]






5.1-5.10: Various Correspondence between members (articles of incorporation, officers)


5.1.11: Jed Smith Trail


5.12-5.25: JSS Rendezvous 1957-2009, 2016 (60th Anniversary)


5.26-5.30: JSS Misc. 1973-2007


5.31: Young Historian Papers 1986-1990


5.32: JSS Book Reviews


5.33: Jedediah Smith Bibliographies (including 1991 Ernestine Smutney Virginia Struhsaker, and 2009 updates by Haworth A Clover)


5.34: Jedediah Smith Manuscript Jim Hardee 1997


5.35: Interview of Dr. Haworth “Al” Clover by Nancy Taniguchi, 2003 Burlingame, Ca [Discusses starting the Jed Smith Society, Rockwell Hunt, Tully Knoles, Reginald R. Stuart, Robert Burns, Coke Wood, History of Libraries’ at College of the Pacific/University of the Pacific, etc.]


5.36: : “Jedediah Smith and the First Crossing of the Sierra Nevada,” by Farquhar, 1990 reprint; “Jedediah Smith: First Crossing of the Sierra Nevada Hiked” by Eric Jung, 2010




6.1-2: Meeting Minutes, scattered 1966-1977, bulk 1981- 1997


6.3 – 6.7: Membership Records and rosters


6.8: draft agreement between JSS and UOP, c.1985


6.9: Photographs




7.1 – 7.3: Financial Records, 1994-1997


BOX 8A and and 8B: MONUMENTS


Jedediah Smith Monuments