Guide to the George Malcolm Stratton Papers, 1911-1956

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Guide to the George Malcolm Stratton Papers, 1911-1956

Collection number: BANC MSS C-B 1032

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University of California, Berkeley

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: George Malcolm Stratton Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1911-1956
Collection Number: BANC MSS C-B 1032
Creator: Stratton, George Malcolm, 1865-
Extent: Number of containers: 2 boxes, 8 cartons Linear ft.: 10.8
Repository: The Bancroft Library.
Berkeley, California 94720-6000
Physical Location: For current information on the location of these materials, please consult the Library's online catalog.
Abstract: Correspondence; clippings; notes; and manuscripts of books, lectures and articles, relating to his career as professor of psychology, University of California, Berkeley. Included are files of his students' recollections, in 1919, and of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire.
Languages Represented: English

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[Identification of item], George Malcolm Stratton papers, BANC MSS C-B 1032, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Scope and Content

George Malcolm Stratton, psychologist and university professor, was born in Oakland in 1865. He attended the University of California, studying philosophy under Professor Howison. During graduate work at Yale and at the University of Leipzig, Germany, he became interested in the new science of psychology. He retured to the University of California as instructor of psychology in 1896, becoming associate professor and director of the psychology laboratory in 1904. He then left to teach experimental psychology at Johns Hopkins for four years. When he came back to Berkeley in 1908, he was made a full professor, which rank he held until becoming emeritus in 1935. His professorial career was interrupted in the first world war, when he spent the year of 1917 as captain in Army aviation. He also headed the psychological section of the Medical Research Laboratory of Mineola, Long Island, in 1918. A member of various learned societies, he was president of the American Psychology Association in 1908. He authored many works on psychology and was particularly interested in psychology as applied to international affairs. He died in October 1957.
His papers, transferred to the Bancroft Library from Archives in March 1966, contain correspondence, clippings, notes, manuscripts of books and articles, relating mainly to his career as professor of psychology.

Box 1

Stratton, George Malcolm: Letters


Outgoing letters, 1911-1956.


Incoming letters. Single letters have been placed in an A-Z Miscellany. Two or more letters arranged alphabetically by author.



Box 2


Ctn. 1

Stratton, George Malcolm: Writings (except International Cooperation), arranged alphabetically by title, A-Z; includes fragments of writings, book reviews by Stratton, bibliography. Misc., personalia, including passport.

Ctn. 2

International Cooperation


Notes, outline, drafts

Ctn. 3

Plans for revision; revisions


Leppo, Marda: Some Techniques for an Investigation of Certain Aspects of Racial Psychology. Thesis and notes.


Notes, arranged by subject.

Ctn. 4

A-H: including files on accidents, the art of thinking, bibliographical material, communism, crime, education, emotions, history of psychology.

Ctn. 5

I - Religion: including files on intelligence tests, international relations, laboratory experiments, medicine, mental disturbances, mental hygiene, psychoanalysis, quotations, religion.

Ctn. 6

Religion - Z: including files on religion, San Francisco earthquake and fire of 1906 by Stratton's students, Scandinavia, students, vocational selection, war neuroses, etc.

Ctn. 7

California. University, Berkeley. Dept. of Psychology: Budgets, misc. re courses, examinations, reports, etc.


Clippings, roughly sorted by subject, including file of reviews of Stratton's books.

Ctn. 8

Printed material. Reprints and articles, arranged alphabetically by author, A-Z. Also included is a miscellaneous file of bulletins, etc.


A-Z Miscellany


American Psychological Association


Letter, Dec 2, 1955, by Michael Amrine


Angell, James Rowland, 1869-1949


Letter, Feb 11, 1932. Contains copies of letters of Arthur T. Hadley and G. H. Howison.


Barrows, David Prescott, 1873-1954


Letter, Dec 19, 1929.


Bellquist, Eric Cyril, 1904-


Letter, Oct 17, 1938.


Bernard, Luther Lee, 1881-


Letter, Apr 27, 1931.


Berry, Charles Scott, 1875-


Letter, Mar 22, 1922.


Biedenbach, Lulu C.


Letter, Mar 17, 1917 re Howison


Bolton, Thaddeus Lincoln, 1865-1948


Letter, June 3, 1903.


Brown, Charles, Reynolds, 1862-


Letter, Mar 10, 1923.


Brown, Elmer Ellsworth, 1891-


Letter, n.d. (Fragment only of letter to Mrs. Freeman)


California. University. Berkeley. Dept of Psychology


Letter, Oct 20, 1954. by Egon Brunswik


Calkins, Mary Whiton, 1863-1930


Letter, Mar 12, 1922.


Calkins, Robert De Blois, 1903-


Letter, Nov 7, 1939, enclosing copy of his talk, The Relation between International Trade and Peace


Campbell, William Wallace, 1862-1938


Letter, June 29, 1934.


Claparède, Edouard, 1873-


Letter, July 8, 1935.


Current Research


Letter, June 1, 1951, by Ware Cattell


Deutsch, Monroe Emanuel, 1879-1955


Letter, Aug 24, 1943.


Dunlap, Knight, 1875-1949


Letter, July 3, 1903.


Erismann, Theodor, 1883-


Letter, Oct 12, 1954.


Evans, Herbert McLean, 1882-


Letter, Jan 31, 1931.


Griffiths, Austin E.


Letter, June 6, 1941.


Harding, Denys Clement Wyatt, 1906-


Letter, May 13, 1953.


Henmon, Vivian Allen Charles, 1877-


Letter, Mar 13, 1922.


Hinckley, Frank Erastus, 1871-1950


Letter, May 1, 1932.


Hirschfield, Gerhard


Letter, June 7, 1954.


Hocking, William Ernest, 1873-


Letter, Aug 27, 1930.


Hoffman, Frederick Ludwig, 1865-


Letter, Apr 27, 1932.


Hsiao, Hsiao Hung, 1898-


Letter, Dec 15, 1937.


Iowa Law Review


Letter, Mar 21, 1932, by Paul L. Sayre


Jastrow, Joseph, 1863-1944


Letter, n.d.


Jones, Elmer Ellsworth, 1876-


Letter, Mar 13, 1922.


Jones, Harold Ellis, 1894-


Letter, Mar 19, 1928. Copy


Journal of Experimental Psychology


Letter, Nov 10, 1916, by H. C. Warren


Keeler, Charles Augustus, 1871-1937


Letter, June 12, 1934, containing recollections of Howison


Kerr, Clark, 1911-


Letter, Mar 21, 1955. Copy only.


King, James Ferguson, 1913-


Letter, Aug 3, 1948.


Külpe, Oswald, 1862-1915


Letter, Nov 25, 1901.


Landis, Carney, 1897-1962


Letter, Oct 12, 1925. Copy only.


Langfeld, Herbert Sidney, 1879-


Letter, May 30, 1922.


Lentz, Theordore Ferdinand, 1888-


Letter, Apr 7, 1953.


Lewis, Exum Percival, 1863-1926


Letter, Mar 11, 1924. Copy only.


Lovejoy, Authur Oncken, 1873-1962


Letter, n.d.


McCall, Oswald Walter Samuel, 1885-


Letter, June 17, 1935.


McDougall, William, 1971-1938


Letter, Oct 18, [1926].


McLaughlin, Emma (Moffat), 1880-


Letter, Dec 18, 1929.


McMurray, Orrin Kip, 1869-1945


Letter, Sept 10, 1931.


Meier, Norman Charles, 1893-


Letter, July 10, 1953.


Miles, Herbert Edwin, 1860-1939


Letter, Jan 27, 1937.


Moffitt, James Kennedy, 1866?-1955


Letter, July 9, 1934.


Moore, Ernest Carroll, 1871-


Letter, Apr 10, 1922.


Munsterberg, Hugo, 1863-1916


Letter, Feb 4, 1895.


Muirhead, John Henry, 1855-1940


Letter, May 2, 1928.


Nalder, Frank Fielding, 1876-1937


Letter, Feb 21, 1931.


National Research Council


Letter, Jan 3, 1919, by R. M. Yerkes


Ohio College Association


Letter, Mar 20, 1935, by H. A. Toops


Perry, Ralph Barton, 1876-1957


Letter, Sept 13, 1934.


Pettit, George Albert


Letter, Dec 17, 1929.


Pillsbury, Arthur Judson, 1854-1937


Letter, Nov 8, 1938.


Pillsbury, Walter Bowers, 1872-


Letter, Apr 14, 1922.


Pope, Arthur Upham, 1881-


Letter, May 15, 1917.


Prince, Morton, 1854-1929


Letter, May 25, 1922.


Reighard, Jacob Ellsworth, 1861-


Letter, Mar 18, 1924.


Ryder, Arthur William, 1877-1938


Letter, Nov 18, 1921.


Sanford, Edmund Clark, 1859-1924


Letter, June 17, 1903.


Saunders, Kenneth James, 1883-1937


Letter, Dec 23, 1929.


Seashore, Carl Emil, 1866-


Letter, June 22, 1903.


Sedgwick, Ellery, 1872-


Letter, May 15, 1928.


Shinn, Charles Howard, 1852-1924


Letter, May 5, 1923.


Shotwell, James Thomson, 1874-


Letter, Feb 1, 1930.


Stebbins, Lucy Ward, 1880-


Letter, July 1, 1934.


Stratton, Frederick Smith, 1859-1915


Letter, July 11, 1903.


Strughold, Hubertus, 1898-


Letter, Mar 22, 1951.


Stuart, Henry Waldgrave, 1870-


Letter, July 5, 1934.


Taylor, Alfred Edward, 1869-1945


Letter, Sept 21, 1917.


Thomas, Evan


Letter, [1934].


Ward, James, 1843-1925


Letter, May 7, 1922.


Washburn, Margaret Floy, 1871-


Letter, Oct 31, 1903.


Whitney, Henry Mitchell, 1843-1911


Letter, June 22, 1903.


Wilbur, Earl Morse, 1866-1956


Letter, Jan 18, 1931, re Howison


Wilkins, Ernest Hatch, 1880-


Letter, Apr 24, 1939.


Wilmer, William Holland, 1863-1936


Letter, June 10, 1924.


Wooley, Helen Brandford (Thompson), 1874-


Letter, Jan 12, 1930.


Aikins, Herbert Austin, 1867-


2 letters, 1903-1904.


Allen (George) & Unwin, Ltd.


58 letters, 1911-1946. Some letters by Stanley Unwin. Financial statements at end of folder.


Amrine, Michael

Additional Note

see American Psychological Association

Andrews, Benjamin Richard, 1877-


2 letters, 1936-1945.


Anesaki, Masaharu, 1873-1949


2 letters, 1926-1931.


Appleton (D) & Company


28 letters, 1929-1937, by Frank S. Hopkins and F. G. Wickward. Financial statements at end of folder.


Bakewell, Charles Montague, 1867-1957


3 letters, 1931-1935. Letter of May 1, 1931 contains reminiscences on Howison; letter of Nov 4, 1931, excerpts from letters by W. James to Thomas Davidson, re Howison.


Baty, Thomas, 1869-


2 letters, 1940-1941.


Bentley, Madison, 1870-


3 letters, 1922-1945.


Blaisdell, Allen Carrier, 1897-


2 letters, 1932.


Brewer, John Marks, 1877-


2 letters, 1920-1922.


Brunswik, Egon, 1903-

Additional Note

see California. University, Berkeley, Dept. of Psychology

Calhoun, George Miller, 1886-

Additional Note

see California. University. Press

California. University. President


3 letters, 1917-1934, by Newton B. Drury and R. G. Sproul


California. University. Press


2 letters, 1912-1926, by G. R. MacMinn and George Calhoun


California. University. Regents


4 letters, 1918-1919, by V. H. Henderson and Ralph P. Merritt


Cattell, Ware

Additional Note

see Current Research

Chamberlain, Arthur Henry, 1872-


2 letters, 1914.


Cook, Albert Stanburrough, 1853-1927


2 letters, 1888-1889.


Drury, Newton Bishop, 1889-

Additional Note

see California. University. President

Duggan, Stephen Pierce Hayden, 1870-


2 letters, 1932-1938.


Hadley, Arthur Twining, 1856-1930

Additional Note

see Angell, James Rowland

Harper's Magazine


2 letters, 1928, by Thomas B. Wells


Henderson, Victor H.

Additional Note

see California. University. Regents

Houghton Mifflin Company


28 letters, 1920-1935, by F. S. Hout and H. H. Webster. Financial statements and agreement at end of folder.


Howison, George Holmes, 1834-1916


79 letters, 1889-1910.

See also Angell, James Rowland


Hunter, Stanley Armstrong, 1888-


5 letters, 1932. Letters of introduction


James, William, 1842-1910


4 letters, 1894-1895.

See also Bakewell, Charles Montague


Joyce, James Avery


2 letters, 1938.


Judd, Charles Hubbard, 1873-1946


2 letters, 1929-1930.


Kerner, Robert Joseph, 1887-1956


2 letters, 1941.


Kroeber, Alfred Louis, 1876-1960


2 letters, 1920-1929.


Macmillan Company


26 letters, 1917-1944, by W. H. Murray, F. O. Lund, R. R. Smith, L. L. Fisher and James Putnam. Financial statements at end of folder.


Merriam, John Campbell, 1869-1945


3 letters, 1914-1922. 1914 letter written as chairman, University of California Editorial Committee.


Merritt, Ralph Palmer, 1883-

Additional Note

see California. University. Regents

Psychological Review


2 letters, 1914, by John B. Watson


Ritter, William Emerson, 1856-1944


2 letters, 1934.


Sayre, Paul Lombard, 1894-

Additional Note

see Iowa Law Review

Sproul, Robert Gordon, 1891-

Additional Note

see California. University. President

Starbuck, Edwin Diller, 1866-


2 letters, 1922.


Tolman, Edward Chace, 1886-1959


2 letters, 1921-1922.


Toops, Herbert Anderson, 1895-

Additional Note

see Ohio College Association

Unwin, sir Stanley, 1884-

Additional Note

see Allen (George) & Unwin, Ltd.

Warren, Howard Crosby, 1867-1934

Additional Note

see Journal of Experimental Psychology

Watson, John Broadus, 1878-

Additional Note

see Psychological Review

Wells, Thomas Sucklin, 1875-

Additional Note

see Harper's Magazine

Wickware, Francis Graham, 1883-1940

Additional Note

see Appleton (D) & Company

Yerkes, Robert Mearns, 1876-

Additional Note

see National Research Council